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  1. +1 love to go back to clerical duty once again ^^ great lore
  2. Yelfir folds his arms with an arch of his brow "I though you lot didn't take children as slaves my good Urks or has that changed or dose the words of an old Honorary not speak the truth?"
  3. Dusk Leopard (Picture was taken by Wayne Wetherbee. and picture can be found here) Habitat: Jungle, Lush Forests Size: 5 ft but when on hind legs 7 feet Diet: mostly a meat based diet Temperament: effectuate but very difficult and suborn. and take for ever to cool down when angry Brief summary of the creature Characteristic: (Behaviour, Reproduction, Gathering food) The Dusk leopard is very weary when approaching new things that are in there habitat while they enjoy fast chases when hunting, they do have a temperament for grooming each other showing there affection, they have a quick temper when it comes to being angered or threaten, there litters remain small from one to two cubs but sometimes only one, they gather food by hunting down prey mostly wild game Origin: One was first discoverer by a druid and a hunter when it was sun down they only catching quick glimps upon what it was but what struck them for odd was that there left eye had an odd color hue which mixed in between the red and orange scale as well as fleck's of gold and black there is not much documentation on about them but there are a few sighting's and accounts to coming face to face with one. Weaknesses: eyes are very sensitive to light , partially blind on there left side aswell as give off a soft glow when its the dusk hours which give other animals a heads up where they are. can anger easily LM Approval Required: n/a side note: this race of leopard are super rare and won't breed in captivity and will mostly kill each other if you tryed breeding them in captivity.
  4. _Owen

    [Culture] The Smoeni

    Welp I give up, And you can call a human and ape yes. and there is litte to no point in trying to argue who is right from wronge here, sooooooooooo yea I'ma just leave it at that and let people deside if they like the lore or not and not fill it up with arguments
  5. _Owen

    [Culture] The Smoeni

    There in the family of Panthera and black panthers are only a thing because Genes and there just a type of jaguare and Leopard plus they only have that name because scientists
  6. _Owen

    [Culture] The Smoeni

    ((+1 the would so get mad at my Druid XD ((just because they have the same skin color of Farfolk dont mean there farfolk :P, and this is something new
  7. And the person looking over the page is rarely active on it I think?
  8. Tupoa Bears Habitat: Lush forests like Wood elfs, and lower parts of mountains Description: The Tupoa typically grow to a size of 7 feet or one rare occasions 8 feet. founded and spotted by a local hunter to Lhinaria with the same normal trait as there normal bear counselings but with a few odd things that normal bears wouldn't have, there whole body has bits or horn like objects coming out from the main sources of calcium on the bones with the on the hips. on there back lines a long fine like support of a protective horn layer going all the way from the tip of the spine from the head down to there tail bone. This beast has larger paws but tough pads for the rocky terrain it walks upone. there front and back legs are long and muscular which allows them to spring into the rivers to get there catch of fish. There front fangs are long as 5 inches but 6 inches is not uncomen either. The documentation of them was only captured after the hunter found out about the bear but the type of bear it is is rare. with it being very well hidden and tends to stay away from human life as much as possible ,taming has bin done but is very vage on how to tame one taking the cubs at a younger age is the best bet for the Tupoa have bin know for there rage and there protection of there territory Author: _Owen LM Approval Required: No
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