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  1. +1
  2. Yelfir grins his gaze looking at the sea of roses and thorns "A good ploy and a beautiful and fitting end for us leaveing but not as big as I hoped but better then nothing I would guess" He chuckles blowing white wisps of smoke into the air
  3. Yelfir folds his arms with an arch of his brow "I though you lot didn't take children as slaves my good Urks or has that changed or dose the words of an old Honorary not speak the truth?"
  4. Yelfir the Panther Druid signs it
  5. I probs should join in the fun and games
  6. "Her child's dead I think Toren" Yelfir murmurs behind him his gaze locked at the sky. his hand resting against the tree as his nose twitches "Something seems to off Traska" He sighs looking down towards Traska the Panther whom looked up upon her friend a soft mewl and growl erupts from her lips as her amber eyes stare around the area there in. "I do think something is dreadfully of but cant find what is off" the druii looks at his hand with a small furrow of his brow while the other hand grasps the long iron wood pipe. white wisps of smoke spindle from his nose and lips as he exhales it out from the pipe. The druid turns on his heels and walks away humming to himself as he descends into the forest "Lets go home Traska"
  7. Yelfir eyes the flyer and sighs shuffling away
  8. +1 Indeed, preach it my dood
  9. Dusk Leopard (Picture was taken by Wayne Wetherbee. and picture can be found here) Habitat: Jungle, Lush Forests Size: 5 ft but when on hind legs 7 feet Diet: mostly a meat based diet Temperament: effectuate but very difficult and suborn. and take for ever to cool down when angry Brief summary of the creature Characteristic: (Behaviour, Reproduction, Gathering food) The Dusk leopard is very weary when approaching new things that are in there habitat while they enjoy fast chases when hunting, they do have a temperament for grooming each other showing there affection, they have a quick temper when it comes to being angered or threaten, there litters remain small from one to two cubs but sometimes only one, they gather food by hunting down prey mostly wild game Origin: One was first discoverer by a druid and a hunter when it was sun down they only catching quick glimps upon what it was but what struck them for odd was that there left eye had an odd color hue which mixed in between the red and orange scale as well as fleck's of gold and black there is not much documentation on about them but there are a few sighting's and accounts to coming face to face with one. Weaknesses: eyes are very sensitive to light , partially blind on there left side aswell as give off a soft glow when its the dusk hours which give other animals a heads up where they are. can anger easily LM Approval Required: n/a side note: this race of leopard are super rare and won't breed in captivity and will mostly kill each other if you tryed breeding them in captivity.
  10. Yessss!, good work Kry :)
  11. A great guy to talk to Oocly and I think he will be suitable for the job +1
  12. Princess Resurrection Dead man wonderland Berserk
  13. MC Name: _Owen Character's Name: Yelfir Everna Character's Age:203 Character's Race: Wood Elf Link to your accepted MA: here you are What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Natures Control/Communion Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Natures Communion is the main thing a druid uses to communion with nature. It allows them to hear and feel nature around them when the meditate, but a newly attuned druid won't be able to decipher the words the overwhelm their mind. But with time and meditation they can. Natures Control is the gift that the druid can use in their mind metal which they can move/bend roots vines and grow flowers, as well as energy pool. It is very draining to a new druid making them tired. It takes many years to where they can do it without the feeling that they're going to fall over/faint. The most experienced Druii can do this but grow tired but not feel drain over extended usage Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Yelfir moves a hand to place it on top of the newly attuned student of his offering him a quick smile before leading him into a populated area of forest fauna. He would sit down while he crosses his legs looking upon his students “listen closely” he murmurs keeping his voice in a soft one “I want your mind to drift off, but I need you to be able to hear, keep your mind empty, with little to no thought passing through your mind” he druid would explain keeping his breathing at a slow state while he continues to talk “now begin to meditate, I’ll be here to guide you through the necessary steps” he nods slowly helping the student through the meditation state he needs. He nods looking upon the student with a grin “I want you to listen for the soft sound of one plant or animal if there is one in the nearest area of here. Follow the sound, let your mind trace the steps to it” he nods “I want you to keep doing this when you feel up to it and do it until you can single out the plant and tell me where it is” For the control part Yelfir sits himself down in front of a tall sunflower he looks towards the student “do come and sit” He smiles motioning for them to come over towards him. He looks towards the student with a nod “I want you to do the same excursive that we did before with finding the plant but don't fined the plant I want your mind to stop open with little to no though passing through” he slowly leans back against the back of his arms looking towards his student waiting for them to do the small steps to get into a almost meditative state “Now I want you to talk to this sunflower openly, it may seem really odd at first but it will help” he looks at the student with a nod listening as he says some words towards the plant “Now I want you to bend the flower’s small little leafy parts near the spine of it” he watches waiting for the student to roll the leaf up with the mental connection of asking it to as well as him saying it out loud. He would continue doing this till he gets tired for the next goal/lesson he would take it would be him trying to make the sunflower face him after doing this goal was done he would another day teach them how to slowly grow a plant from a simple seed till they would become tired/weary but keep at the goal till they're proficient in doing so Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: nope
  14. +1 great guy he was good at his job when he was a Gm back in the day and he's a nice guy