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  1. Appreciate the work the ST put in, really enjoyed everything you guys did. You guys have a solid team +1
  2. You have no idea how badly my character needs this.
  3. A wandering ‘ame crosses paths with one of the chained slaves. Upon hearing the news, a grimace forms on his lips as his hand rests upon the pommel of his sword. Giving a grunt, the ‘ame strides homeward to defend the city of Aegrothond.
  4. Taal will never forget what he really was.
  5. Taal, former warrior of the Ivea’fenn glances over the letters between the two Mali’fenn that had somehow came into his possession. A grimace touches his lips as he finishes reading the final letter. The ‘ame raises his head from the paper, glancing out the window of his home and fixing a gull flying over the ocean waves in his gaze. ”How the young forget the sacrifices of those before them, their burdens and achievements. Aesilnoth had his faults but i believe they were born from the the path he carved with his sword to help make the Mali’fenn what they were in their success not long past. Th
  6. “Your father has passed little one but his memory will stay with us forever. A rarity among his kin. To me, the very best of them.” Taal would speak softly to Benedict’s child, cradled in his arms. ”He rests now but will never be forgotten.”
  7. Appreciate you Korvic. You’re a real one.
  8. RP Name: Taal MC Username: Auswolf Discord: Auswolf#2722 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: Rp opportunities, a fan of your previous events and to support others. What Skills Can You Bring?: former military leader, strategic and observant mind, able to support a crew in anything we might tackle.
  9. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  10. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  11. Taal receives the message from Curon. Sitting in his new office, the newly risen Grand Marshal of Fenn would write the following reply “Fenn will aid their neighbours.”
  12. Username: Auswolf Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Varies. 12+ hours Discord: Auswolf#2722 Timezone: Aussie [RP] Name: Taal Place of residence: Fenn Race/Subrace/Culture: Mali’ame Do you swear to follow the laws of fenn while in fennic land?: ?
  13. Taal remembers all those he has met that have been taken by the cult. Their skin branded, held captive and tortured. He remembers storming their den in Urguan, rescuing the prisoners that had survived long enough to be freed, driving the cultists out with his Ivea’fenn brothers and sisters. He’d grin at the news. “Finally. Let’s end this before more loved ones are taken from their homes.”
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