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  1. A certain blonde haired, green eyed elfess gazed upon the missive. Upon reading the missive, Ariselle gave a bright and wide smile. She was happy for Raziel and the Amethil talonnii and has seen firsthand how hard they were working. "Well done Raziel! I'm proud of you! I look forward to the future and the amazing things this talonnii will accomplish and the potential they will bring!" The elfess carefully folded the missive for safekeeping, then gazed outside her window quietly to enjoy the sunlight and clear skies.
  2. A certain mali'aheral had received the missive, having it arrive in her home in Celia'nor. Reading through the missive with pale green eyes on a small wooden desk in her room, a frown had crept upon her lips. Sulieronn was a friend of hers, and the elfess knew quite well that Sulieronn was a great mage and a formidable one at that. The two had fought side by side when they attempted to siege one of the fortresses of the feared Harrower. Sulieronn had done well in fighting off the minions of the monster, as well as protecting both herself and the rest of the group. She recalled distinctively there was at least 25 to 30 of those mindless minions, many heavily armored and attacked their group specifically by tens. Sulieronn was able to kill a significant number of them, even killed 4 of them at once. Did Razad realize that fact? Perhaps he didn't, or perhaps he did. Either way, even a fool knows better than to turn their back on Sulieronn or throw him away, when he was probably one of the strongest mages in that nation. The elfess gave a sigh, her voice portrayed a tone of concern. "Whatever good intentions he may have had, may be gone or perhaps corrupted. I only hope that 'King' doesn't lead his students or his men to an early grave with his greed and thirst for power." The elfess commented to herself.
  3. Word had spread to a blonde haired elfess. Inside her small room in Celia'nor, Ariselle stared at wooden ceiling above her as she laid down. Her eyes were red, her lips curled into a frown, and yet the shine that once occupied her eyes, that small glimmer of light had vanished. She had known the atrocities he had committed in his life, the mistakes he made. Yet with those dark memories came memories where Ariselle saw something more. A side to Lefkos where he was kind, protective, courageous, and selfless. One by one memories flashed in the elfess' mind. But one in particular stood out. A long distant memory now. Yet one that remains vivid in Ariselle's mind. All the memories she had of Lefkos, flashing one by one like slideshow. Each one were filled with happy memories and emotions, yet for Ariselle, they held pain, sorrow, and guilt. Strong guilt. One that eats away at her mind, bit by bit, consuming it with despair. 'Why didn't I stop him?', 'Why didn't I support him enough?', 'Why wasn't I there to prevent all this?' 'He hurt so many, innocents died.' 'But he did many good things too.' 'So why do I still feel for him?', 'Why do I still cry for him?' 'Why do I still...' And at that moment, the elfess sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks like a waterfall, no sound came from her lips as she sobbed into the night. For the first time in hundreds of years, since she was five years old, Ariselle felt truely ALONE. ALONE, and LEFT BEHIND once again. OOC:
  4. A lone elfess stood alone in a small room in the winery outside Celia'nor. Removing her silk gloves, her figure moved to a small mirror that she had placed on a small stand filled with jewels and make up. Looking into the mirror she could see the scars on her ears, wrapping around below the tips of her elven ears. Sticking her tongue out she could see the scar there too, a circular one closer to the back of her throat. These were scars of the limbs she had lost, ones she had thought she could never get back. But Sarrion had chosen to help her. Thanks to him, she could hear again, she could speak again. Sarrion...one of her closest friends and one of the last friends that remained of her past, her childhood. Most had long died. Sarrion was there to talk to Ariselle when she needed, to share conversations about the world and the many curiosities that came with it. She could only hope she provided the same support he provided her. As all the memories flashed in her mind, including her visit to Lurin where he had wished her a peaceful life and her to him, she turned to the wall, tears streaming down her face like a dam finally exploding. She slammed her fist into the wall with a screech, her legs giving out as she crumbled up into a mess of a figure, sobbing. "Goodbye, my friend. I hope you find peace...maybe one day, I will see you again. In another world, another life. One day."
  5. Ariselle had come to visit a small town nearby the ocean for a visit. Exiting the clinic, she glanced up to the sky as it seemed to split open. Her eyes widened and her face paled slightly. The only words that she could muster was "Oh, no..."
  6. Girl we were like friends 

  7. (WARNING: LOTS OF TEXT AND LONG POST IN SPOILERS! Sorry if it looks wacky ;-;) #1 (In spoiler is a gift I will be paying for someone ? ) #2 My Character Ariselle! #3 Alydril my Druid!
  8. RP Name:: Ariselle MC Username: FlyingEagleEye Discord: You have it! (Private) What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate? Why Do You Wish To Come?: I wish to discover the land prior to Vailor, I joined in Vailor and I want to see what Athera is, and I’m very excited to do so! What Skills Can You Bring?: Medical Knowledge, knows how to swing a sword and use a shield! RP Name:: Alydril Daemyr MC Username: EagleEyeKK Discord: You have it! (Private) What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: I wish to discover the land prior to Vailor, I joined in Vailor and I want to see what Athera is, and I’m very excited to do so! What Skills Can You Bring?: Druidism, knows how to fight!
  9. Hello, hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Or other holiday! ? ?

  10. Name: Songleain Age: Eight Race: Half Dark-Elf, Half Snow Elf Gender: Female
  11. [[OOC]] IGN: EagleEyeKK Discord [Optional]: Yes (PM me for details) [[IC]] Name: Eldon Race: High Elf Age: 60 School(s) and Certifications applying to: School of Magic (Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane), The Institute of Progress (Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in General Craft and/or (whichever I am put in those two and whichever you all feel comfortable in putting me in!) Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in the Bestiary) Magics known prior: None (on this character at least) Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Definitely! (as long as you are okay with it!) Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes, definitely!
  12. I'm willing to shade some skins for you! Here is some examples of my shading: http://prntscr.com/j4lkqb http://prntscr.com/j4lkyc This is an old one. http://prntscr.com/j4ll5y Let me know if you want me to shade some skins for you, I'd be happy to help. If so, just tell me what skins you want me to shade.
  13. Hannah Cooper growls as she reads the note, when she finishes, she crumples the note in her hands, throwing it to the side. She then turns, walking off with anger and hatred in her eyes. Hannah mumbles quietly "What kind of being would kidnap and sell away an innocent child for minas? Or even make two innocents slaves?" She growls again, clenching her fists to the point where her knuckles turn a pale white as she continues walking.
  14. McName: EagleEyeKK RpName: Hannah Cooper Skype:(Pm if you desire.) Don't have skype sorry Profession: Blacksmith, and Woodworker, working to become an Alchemist TeamSpeak:(Not required but highly encouraged.) Don't have that either, sorry Time-Zone: Pacific Desired Chapter to join: Any would be fine, but I would prefer to stay with Ethan's group of soldiers, I wish to continue to help them the best I can.
  15. Excuse me, I found weird cave and I was wondering if it belonged to you  Just wondering because a friend and I want to check out portal in there maybe do an event. Can you send a message back if you can? I'd appreciate it. Also there's this sign that said to msg you, I believe I found the right person, if not, please send a msg, thanks!

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