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  1. Girl we were like friends 

  2. (WARNING: LOTS OF TEXT AND LONG POST IN SPOILERS! Sorry if it looks wacky ;-;) #1 (In spoiler is a gift I will be paying for someone ? ) #2 My Character Ariselle! #3 Alydril my Druid!
  3. RP Name:: Ariselle MC Username: FlyingEagleEye Discord: You have it! (Private) What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate? Why Do You Wish To Come?: I wish to discover the land prior to Vailor, I joined in Vailor and I want to see what Athera is, and I’m very excited to do so! What Skills Can You Bring?: Medical Knowledge, knows how to swing a sword and use a shield! RP Name:: Alydril Daemyr MC Username: EagleEyeKK Discord: You have it! (Private) What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: I wish to discover
  4. Hello, hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Or other holiday! ? ?

  5. A dark elf druidess sat on a branch of the Mother Grove tree, the blindfold wrapped around her right wrist as she stared outward with grey red eyes. Her pitch black hair blew in the wind, though she immediately turned towards the sound of a mali’ame druid shouting. A single pause and she looked at her right hand, within it were two sets of red, white, and blue Warhawke beads. “So it’s finally time huh...?” She murmured and clenched her right hand, clasping the Warhawke beads. “The time to fight for the Balance and Arcas as a whole has come...” Alydril frowned lightly. “Corryn, Novan, Cetta...T
  6. (Incoming Long Post, sorry!) A young high elven woman with blonde hair and green eyes traveled to the grave site, holding with her freshly grown a bouquet of white tulips, blue orchids, and red roses. She held with her a grim look, one of great sadness as she finally reached her destination. She stood there for a long moment, looking around at the offerings that were placed nearby. Flowers of all sorts, brought here for the man who was lost, she knew. She took a deep breath, nearly choking up though as she seemed near close to crying, but held it in. She moved to a spot near the gr
  7. House Number: 13 Your Name: Ariselle Do you live alone? Yes/No Names of Additional Occupants (if applicable): N/A Your Relationship with the Occupants (if applicable, e.g. spouse, children, sibling): N/A
  8. Name: Songleain Age: Eight Race: Half Dark-Elf, Half Snow Elf Gender: Female
  9. [[OOC]] IGN: EagleEyeKK Discord [Optional]: Yes (PM me for details) [[IC]] Name: Eldon Race: High Elf Age: 60 School(s) and Certifications applying to: School of Magic (Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane), The Institute of Progress (Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in General Craft and/or (whichever I am put in those two and whichever you all feel comfortable in putting me in!) Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in the Bestiary) Magics known prior: None (on this character at least) Are you interested in teaching, shou
  10. I'm willing to shade some skins for you! Here is some examples of my shading: http://prntscr.com/j4lkqb http://prntscr.com/j4lkyc This is an old one. http://prntscr.com/j4ll5y Let me know if you want me to shade some skins for you, I'd be happy to help. If so, just tell me what skins you want me to shade.
  11. Hannah Cooper growls as she reads the note, when she finishes, she crumples the note in her hands, throwing it to the side. She then turns, walking off with anger and hatred in her eyes. Hannah mumbles quietly "What kind of being would kidnap and sell away an innocent child for minas? Or even make two innocents slaves?" She growls again, clenching her fists to the point where her knuckles turn a pale white as she continues walking.
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