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  1. (Incoming Long Post, sorry!) A young high elven woman with blonde hair and green eyes traveled to the grave site, holding with her freshly grown a bouquet of white tulips, blue orchids, and red roses. She held with her a grim look, one of great sadness as she finally reached her destination. She stood there for a long moment, looking around at the offerings that were placed nearby. Flowers of all sorts, brought here for the man who was lost, she knew. She took a deep breath, nearly choking up though as she seemed near close to crying, but held it in. She moved to a spot near the grave, and paused, staring at it. ‘She never knew him...’ She can imagine the thoughts of other mali’thill, strangers. ‘I don’t understand why...’ ‘She never even met him...rather odd of her I would say...’ A pause. ‘Why does she care?’ She can hear them in her head, somewhat, replaying like a record starting a song once again. But maybe they had a reason to question her. She never knew him, she never met him, she doesn’t know who he is. All she knew was the situation that had occurred. So why then? Why do this? Why care when she never knew the guy? Why cry for him? Why bother? But she had her reasoning. For this situation, she dusted the negative rumors and the questioning that made her unease. Then a single thought- no, a memory popped up in her head, a saying that she remembers from long ago. “Why do you pay respects to someone who is gone, Haelun?” A young mali’thill child asked, and the woman knew it was her as a kid. A pause, and then a small smile, no anger, but of kindness and compassion, the mother knew the child asked out of curiosity and confusion. It was one of the only memories she has of her mother. “Because...every man and woman lives, and dies...that is life, but...paying respects puts the soul at peace and makes them happy. That way they aren’t sad or angry. Some die...by their own hands...” She paused. “Why?” “Some do it because of the pain they suffered, or the pain they think or caused to others...it makes them sad...truly...” The child paused and then said. “Then...then we’ll make them happy, right? Won’t they get lonely?” “Not if you visit them often...it makes them happy too...” The mother then smiled and the memory fades to another, or perhaps a dream? The woman can’t remember which. Two children are playing, both girls, and they seemed happy and carefree. They were playing tag...the mali’thill child seemed to be smiling wide. “Can’t catch me!” The other child, older, with a burn scar on her face and the mali’thill woman recognized as her best friend from long ago, smirked as she chased her. “Oh yeah? Watch me, just you wait!” They run into the graveyard, and the older child paused at a grave site, she stopped and stared at it. It was the grave of another child, a stranger. The mali’thill child noticed this and ran back to see what caused her best friend to stop. “What is it? Is something wrong?” The other child did not answer, instead she walked around, where she picks a lonely red flower, almost looks like fire, and walks back to the grave, planting it where the grave was. The mali’thill watched in silence, frowning in confusion. The best friend then closed her eyes and held her head low, in respect, and the mali’thill tried her best to match what she was doing. After a long moment of silence, the older girl spoke. “...Death can be sad...y’know?” A pause. “Some die leaving loved ones behind, but some die alone...and it’s sad to think if they wanted to be alone or not...or wanted to have someone...” She took a deep breath. “No one should be alone...it’s their choice if they want to be but...that’s why I did this...to make this person not so lonely...” The girl then stood up and gave a smile, perhaps one of determination. “It also gives me a reminder, to live life! That’s what life is about, right? To live it?” The mali’thill stood in amazement, but she gave a smile back, nodding. “Y-Yeah!” “Keep that in mind, okay? Now...you might wanna start running...” The mali’thill paused. “Why?” “Before I tag you!” The best friend laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you a fifteen second head start, okay?” The older girl smirked and it all fades to reality. The mali’thill then shook her head, with her reasoning in mind. She came here so to give respects to the man who had died. Yes, she never knew him, or even may not have met him. But she didn’t care. She didn’t care if this wasn’t the social normal right now. She wanted the man to be happy, and even not be alone. She wanted him to rest in peace, so his soul can move in. She never really knew about an afterlife, but she hoped the man would still be happy. Even if she was a stranger. The mali’thill woman then began to plant the flowers carefully. Once that was done, she pulled out a note she had written. And set the note beside the flowers. The note read like this: “Pelilasdir Vontia’athem, To a man, who I may not know, yes, but even then, I still cry for the dead. I hope you live happy now, maybe beyond here...and that you are not alone...know that your loved ones will always love you, that they will never forget you, that you are someone who had loved and was loved. Don’t forget the good sides, the good memories, and I hope you rest in peace. To the loved ones of Pelilasdir Vontia’athem, I can only wish the best for you, I am sorry for the pain and the situation caused...I only pray he didn’t suffer badly in the end, and that he is happy. But don’t forget him. Remember all the happy memories, the laughs, the inspirations, the happiness that he gave and shared. With best wishes to heart. Sincerely, Ariselle [!] A poem was also added to the bottom of the note. It read: “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Even in or no crime. They still shine, But none brighter than you, Some may not have a clue, But you shined silver, tears that mark a tale, at least for a stranger.” Once the woman had set all her items down, she stood up, speaking softly. “Rest in peace, llir, I only hope you are happy.” And then the woman made her trail away, but not without finally crying.
  2. House Number: 13 Your Name: Ariselle Do you live alone? Yes/No Names of Additional Occupants (if applicable): N/A Your Relationship with the Occupants (if applicable, e.g. spouse, children, sibling): N/A
  3. I have a similar problem, actually. When I try to log in to rp on my alternate account, I can’t log in. It goes all the way to Joining World and then Loading Terrain. Soon after the game darkens, like one would when transferring to the Lobby or vise versa, and then I’m kicked out, saying “Disconnected”. I tried an alternate route by trying to log into the lobby server which I still had the IP on my computer, but it says something exactly like in the screenshot above in the first post of this thread. I logged off for a bit to eat, then I come back and run into this problem. I don’t believe I’m using VPN or Proxy, restarted my MC, restarted my laptop, switched wifi’s, I essentially did what I thought could help but didn’t. And my alternate account has been whitelisted for a while, and my main account has been whitelisted since 2015. If you guys can help to identify, fix, or tell of a solution, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  4. Name: Songleain Age: Eight Race: Half Dark-Elf, Half Snow Elf Gender: Female
  5. [[OOC]] IGN: EagleEyeKK Discord [Optional]: Yes (PM me for details) [[IC]] Name: Eldon Race: High Elf Age: 60 School(s) and Certifications applying to: School of Magic (Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane), The Institute of Progress (Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in General Craft and/or (whichever I am put in those two and whichever you all feel comfortable in putting me in!) Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in the Bestiary) Magics known prior: None (on this character at least) Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Definitely! (as long as you are okay with it!) Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes, definitely!
  6. I am also having the same connection issues for months now. Looking for a fix and resolution. I will keep an eye on this for any replies that would be helpful to me and the other players of this server that continue having problems with no resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm willing to shade some skins for you! Here is some examples of my shading: http://prntscr.com/j4lkqb http://prntscr.com/j4lkyc This is an old one. http://prntscr.com/j4ll5y Let me know if you want me to shade some skins for you, I'd be happy to help. If so, just tell me what skins you want me to shade.
  8. Hannah Cooper growls as she reads the note, when she finishes, she crumples the note in her hands, throwing it to the side. She then turns, walking off with anger and hatred in her eyes. Hannah mumbles quietly "What kind of being would kidnap and sell away an innocent child for minas? Or even make two innocents slaves?" She growls again, clenching her fists to the point where her knuckles turn a pale white as she continues walking.
  9. I honestly think this would make a great addition to the server. Whether it becomes a creature or a brand new race entirely, I believe it will provide very good rp. And honestly I'd really like it if this becomes accepted as either one. ET race only though? Not sure about that, that would make it very rare to find one of these in rp and they would become less in numbers. I honestly think it should be more playable, especially for those who are not an ET. But those are just my opinions. Personally I'd like to play as the creature race myself! This deserves a huge. . . +1 Really thought out, very detailed, and this post really explains a lot about this creature.
  10. McName: EagleEyeKK RpName: Hannah Cooper Skype:(Pm if you desire.) Don't have skype sorry Profession: Blacksmith, and Woodworker, working to become an Alchemist TeamSpeak:(Not required but highly encouraged.) Don't have that either, sorry Time-Zone: Pacific Desired Chapter to join: Any would be fine, but I would prefer to stay with Ethan's group of soldiers, I wish to continue to help them the best I can.
  11. Excuse me, I found weird cave and I was wondering if it belonged to you  Just wondering because a friend and I want to check out portal in there maybe do an event. Can you send a message back if you can? I'd appreciate it. Also there's this sign that said to msg you, I believe I found the right person, if not, please send a msg, thanks!

    1. Anisgar
    2. nepir


      I was there as well

  12. Ariselle Feltadal: Main Info: Name: Ariselle Feltadal Nicknames: Ari, Arise Gender: Female Race: High Elf Age: 64 Status: Alive Description: Ariselle is a young High Elven girl who grew up having a rough childhood. As a child, Ariselle was always shy, and tries to avoid others including her parents. But the only person she did trust was her older brother, Malion Feltadal. As children, they would always play together and they would go exploring around their home. She learned many things as a child, her brother taught her about the world, her mother taught her how to sing, and her father taught her how to read. As a child, Ariselle loves to read, and explore, but she loves to gaze out at oceans, watching the sunset or the sunrise. However, one day, Malion decided to head out to the Cloud Temple to do research. The trip was supposed to take less than four days. Three weeks have passed and there was still no sign of her brother. The High Elves began to search for Malion, and three days later, they found the cart. But when they searched it, all they found was his dagger. Ever since then, Ariselle kept the dagger close to her, hoping that her brother would one day return. But year after year, there was no sign of him. She had not made contact with anyone since Malion disappeared, not even her parents. It was then that Ariselle decided to look for her brother. With her brother’s dagger in hand, she left her home in search of her brother. She arrived at the Cloud Temple, only to find no sign of her brother. Only she found a young Wood Elf named Eryniel. They eventually became good friends, and later, they treated each other as if they were sisters. Ariselle always looked up to Eryniel as a hero, a strong girl who can tackle any challenge that came her way. Ariselle however, spent most of her life in Haelun’or. She was adopted by a High Elf named Valuum, who, however, disappeared many years ago. She was then adopted again by another High Elf named Ciri’lla. But Ariselle experienced many horrors as she lived in Haelun’or. One example being that she watched as a High Elf poisoned himself in front of her. Ever since then, Ariselle has felt responsible for his death. Ariselle grew up with many horrible memories of the past, but Ariselle also grew up having good memories too. She made great friends, had many adventures, and had the most fun of her life. And she hopes that there will be more adventures for her and her friends, soon to come. Weaponry: Ariselle is not very strong, so she prefers to be quick with her dagger, but is more skilled with a sword than a bow. · Her older brother’s dagger · A bow given to her by Eryniel Final OOC Statements: I hope you enjoyed reading this character profile! If there's any mistakes I've made, I'll fix them. Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my character!
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