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  1. [Sprite] [CA] Luella

    MC name: FlyingEagleEye Character's Name: Luella (Luel for short) Character's Age: 5 Character's Original Race: N/A Character's Transformed Race: Purple Sprite Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Sprites are a type of fae creature whom come from Acerfolia flower, the birthplace of all sprites. Since Sprites are a type of Fae, they are asexual, and can look either feminine or masculine, despite this they do not have a gender. They have a pair of wings which they use to fly, however they cannot fly three blocks (the size of Olog). After that they need to land. The Acerfolia flower can be found in warm forests near streams, and it takes about six weeks for the bud to flourish and a Sprite to be born. They come in different colors, each color representing their personalities and the toxin they possess. Purple Sprites, for example, having mindsets of both the Red Sprite and the Blue Sprite, are supposedly the wisest and level-headed of the Sprites. The toxin of the Purple Sprite is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which when touched with flesh and over a long period time, will cause the person who has the chemical to act extremely high, and would begin to feel drowsy, dazed, and abnormally tranquil. The person would, however, appear completely normal with none of the normal side effects of THC present. Sprites, being a fae creature, could commune with nature such as plants and animals. They can understand common; however, they cannot speak it. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app No
  2. [Denied]WhiteKnight Applies for first staff position

    After talking with him and getting to know him more, WhiteKnight shows to be one of the kindest people I know! He's also very calm in handling out problems and has helped me get back into LOTC. But I also wish to see him try as a GM and see how he does! I hope you will give him a chance! Go WhiteKnight! Also, +1 From me!
  3. The Atmorice Bloodline

    The Atmorice Bloodline (Symbol of the Atmorice Bloodline, the Snake) “We would rather die for our nation, our freedoms, and our Snow Elven kind before we bow or become slaves to those who despise us.” History The Atmorices were one of the founding bloodlines within the Mali’fenn. It all began with Siol Atmorice, the first woman of the bloodline. She was one of the original Snow Elves, one who went through the world altar and Wyrvun’s Blessing. As she was blessed, Siol is rumored to have seen Wyrvun, whereby the Aengul gave Siol some instructions of her own. Wyrvun told her to ensure that the Mali’fenn do not stray from Wyrvun’s blessing, and to keep a watchful eye on them. To let them stray to the path of darkness, will be the fall of the Snow Elves. Siol agreed to this and soon after she was blessed, Siol became the first High Priestess of the Mali’fenn. That was, until her death. They say she died of illness, but they remember her last words. “Let me not be remembered as a coward, but for the courage and rights we have all fought for.” Since then, the Atmorices have held high expectations to become priests and priestesses, with most becoming high in the ranking. That was their tradition. The rest of the Atmorice History, however, has been kept secret from public eye, for how long no one knows. Common Physical Appearance The Atmorices range in height from 5’8” to 6’0” in feet, often considered to be in the middle when comparing heights of the Snow Elves. They have some athletic builds to them, but not a whole lot of muscle - although they are known for their rigid statures. The common color for an Atmorice’s hair is pure white to silver, and their eye color comes in silver, blue, and rarely, purple. Disposition A common Atmorice is usually discovered to be dignified, eloquent, cultured, well educated, and respectful towards their snow elven kind, putting their main focus into their work and to see and ensure the success of the Snow Elves. The Atmorices consider family to be one of the most important things in their lifestyle, often showing to be very protective of their family members. They are also protective of their Snow Elven kin and would often put their life on the line to ensure their safety. The Atmorices often consider accomplishments to be apart of their lifestyle, taking their work into serious consideration. Towards other races, however, they are untrusting, even hostile, in particular, to the other elves. The reason for this being that the Atmorice bloodline are make up and focus on one of the main aspects to the Mali’fenn culture, religion. This religion being the one in which follows Wyrvun. Furthermore, centuries of warfare against the Mali’mira have led to hostility towards such outsiders. You can usually find an Atmorice studying or working hard to accomplish their goals. The Atmorices are rather honorable as well, despite looking rather cold towards others. They especially honor their previous ancestors, taking what experiences they have had and learning from it. Specialties One of the key specialities of an Atmorice is that they are very knowledgeable about the world around them and can often put up good arguments. This makes them skillful politicians. As part of their religious fervor, they are often adept at motivating the Ivae’fenn for battle. For some who know the Atmorices, they consider the bloodline to be “snakes”. The reason for this is due to their strict views and masterful political prowess. Professions The Atmorices are often found to be the priests of the Snow Elven society, acting to give blessings and ceremonies to their fellow snow elven kind. Their service in the ranks of the Wyrvun’fiyem is profound, and they often occupy the position of High Priest/Priestess. However, they are not strictly to become priests. The Atmorices are also the ones who often put on and plan ceremonies and festivals, as well as other festivities, for their Snow Elven people. About half of the festivities are dedicated to Wyrvun, while the rest are for things such as celebrations and memorials. Style of Combat The Atmorice Bloodline mainly choose to wield lances, spears, and bows, although swordsmanship is common as well. The Atmorices who hold swords are often the strongest of their bloodline. During battles and wars, though, Atmorice would often be found acting as the cavalry of the Ivae’fenn, riding heavily armored horses into battle - making them skilled horse riders as well. These skillful horsemen wield lance and shield, launching thunderous heavy cavalry charges to decisively shatter points in their opponent’s lines. Ceremonies The Birth of a New Member- When a new Atmorice is born, a small ceremony is hosted in their honor. The ceremony is hosted not just for their honor, but to be blessed by the Priest and to wash away any sins that may have been brought. The Priest may also determine a good or bad future for the Atmorice. After the ceremony the Atmorices have a large feast to celebrate the blessing of those born and blessed. Coming of Age- At the age of 16, the Atmorice would hold a coming of the age ceremony to have the Atmorice who turned that age prove their worth. To do this, the Atmorice set up a fighting tournament to see who will come out on top, for all of the Mali’fenn. The same goes for when they reach adulthood at the age of 50. Passing Memorial- Whenever an Atmorice passes away, the bloodline will host a ceremony in their honor. They often dress in black to honor them, and usually give offerings for those who had died to ensure a safe passage into the afterlife. Ancestral Belongings -The Sword of Serenity- Description: The weapon wielded by the first Atmorice of the bloodline. It has since survived the wars and battles it has been exposed to, and it still seems to be in good condition, despite being a very ancient weapon. This sword symbolizes the strength of the Atmorice and the will to fight for what they believe is right for their people. -The Staff of Deceiving- Description: The staff wielded by the first priest within the Atmorice bloodline. Like the Sword of Serenity, it has survived many wars and battles, and it too, is a very ancient and sacred weapon to the Atmorice. However, this staff serves as a reminder of the horrible deeds done to the Mali’fenn, and that no one is as they seem. Despite this, this staff is often used in rituals and ceremonies regarding the Priest and the religion. (Contact EagleEyeKK to apply for an Atmorice!)
  4. MC Name: EagleEyeKK Character's Name: Alydril Daemyr Character's Age: 145 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Dark Elf Transformed form: Feral Creator's MC Name: WhiteKnight_19 Creator's RP Name: Eryn Serene Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Ferals are Lupine creatures that cursed or gifted depending on a person’s perspective and exactly how they were turned. In their descendant form, they will have a golden hue to their eyes, and have sharp and longer lower canine teeth, when they show their teeth. In wolf form they have a natural ability to smell blood or other scents up to twenty blocks away. The feral’s eyesight is improved as well as allowing the feral to see much more clearly. However, a feral must be very careful of this, as a sudden light can easily blind them. This includes holding a flame right next to the eye of the feral causing them to be blinded, or an electrical evocationist using their magic in the dark causing a feral to go blind for a few minutes. Ferals are completely venerable for attacks during their transformation into wolf form, and this means they cannot attack nor escape. The transformation takes four emotes from the feral. During their transformation, a feral would often grow a foot taller then when they are in their descendant form. A feral gets more strength when they are in their wolf form. If the feral in wolf form were to swipe at a piece of metal armor several times, it would eventually break due to the force caused by the feral. Ferals can also snap bones with their teeth when they bite down. They can't, however, break through metal with these teeth, but they can put a dent in it so the feral can latch onto it more effectively. Ferals often have the agility of a deer and are much quicker in wolf form. As such, they can move quickly and gracefully around the area they are in. A feral's fur will take on the color of the descendant’s hair color depending on what it is. For example, if the hair is black, then the fur in wolf form will be black. A feral has a heightened sense of hearing, but this can also cause harm. They would often be startled and hurt by any sudden sharp or loud noises. A feral is, however, susceptible to holy magic, they can be hurt quite horribly by it as well as gold. This often causes them intense pain. Silver is also a weakness, as it causes the blood to boil, it hurts not only the physical body of the feral but the soul of it as well and appears as a bright glowing object. This usually causes the ferals to want nothing to do with it. Any form of injury or blemish that a feral get while in wolf form carries over to a feral’s descendant form and can be greater in descendant form. For example, a scratch in battle as a feral while in wolf form will transfer over as a larger cut on their descendant form. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes, of course Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: Yes, I understand Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yep Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  5. [MA] [Self-Taught] EagleEyeKK

    MC name: EagleEyeKK Character's name and age: Alydril Daemyr, 50 Character’s Race: Dark Elf What magic/s did you learn?: Mental Magic Who/how did you learn magic/s?: Alydril learned this magic through an event made by ClergyManDan, where a white bokolo gave Alydril this magic during the time of a plague going on in the Warhawke village. (If you have questions, please contact me and ClergyManDan.) Offer an explanation of said magic/s you learned: Mental Magic is the interaction of two minds using a Voidal connection which is required to use this magic. This magic was said to begin in Asulon in the Wretched Grove, where there, lies a tree known as the Tree of Minds. Those who showed wisdom, intelligence, curiosity, or knowledge were gained entrance to the grove, while those who got too close were sent violent hallucinations into the minds of anyone who dared get too close. The chosen individuals were given the same powers and they became the first mental mages to exist. Mental magic has many abilities, a few of which are Reaching, Mind Melding, Mental Barriers, Mental Illusions, and Memory Restoration. Each of these spells have red lines, such as needing to know where the target is to form a connection, which usually requires visual aid. Another red line is that the mind mage cannot read through someone’s memories like a book and as such cannot force someone to think of a memory so the mind mage can read it. Provide evidence you’ve garnered to said subtype: Ask ClergyManDan and I also have two screenshots if needed. Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: No I do not, as this is my first magic application.
  6. [✗] Gypceros's Ban Appeal [Flam]

    Let me start with this, why would two people give consent to do that? And I want to really know if that did happen. While that was a good apology, I want to know more of what happened on your side of the story. More specifically the two people giving consent. I want to hear both sides, I already know my side, I've stated it to you, but now it's time for you to state your side. I'm willing to forgive you, but I still want to hear that part first, if it's possible. Blue told me that you were sorry, and I am willing to accept that apology, but I just want to know that part if possible. Know that I am an honest person, and I try to listen to both sides of the story. I already told you my side from my point of you. Now, it's your turn. Sorry if I keep repeating things, I just want to get my point across. Also, if a staff member says to wait longer, I want you to also understand that as well. If you have more questions on my side of the story, please contact me. I won't hesitate to answer.
  7. [Complete](Selling) Slave Young Girl For Sale

    Hannah Cooper growls as she reads the note, when she finishes, she crumples the note in her hands, throwing it to the side. She then turns, walking off with anger and hatred in her eyes. Hannah mumbles quietly "What kind of being would kidnap and sell away an innocent child for minas? Or even make two innocents slaves?" She growls again, clenching her fists to the point where her knuckles turn a pale white as she continues walking.
  8. [Creature] Lore Re-Submission [Axolotyn]

    I honestly think this would make a great addition to the server. Whether it becomes a creature or a brand new race entirely, I believe it will provide very good rp. And honestly I'd really like it if this becomes accepted as either one. ET race only though? Not sure about that, that would make it very rare to find one of these in rp and they would become less in numbers. I honestly think it should be more playable, especially for those who are not an ET. But those are just my opinions. Personally I'd like to play as the creature race myself! This deserves a huge. . . +1 Really thought out, very detailed, and this post really explains a lot about this creature.
  9. The Ashguard Reformation

    McName: EagleEyeKK RpName: Hannah Cooper Skype:(Pm if you desire.) Don't have skype sorry Profession: Blacksmith, and Woodworker, working to become an Alchemist TeamSpeak:(Not required but highly encouraged.) Don't have that either, sorry Time-Zone: Pacific Desired Chapter to join: Any would be fine, but I would prefer to stay with Ethan's group of soldiers, I wish to continue to help them the best I can.
  10. Excuse me, I found weird cave and I was wondering if it belonged to you  Just wondering because a friend and I want to check out portal in there maybe do an event. Can you send a message back if you can? I'd appreciate it. Also there's this sign that said to msg you, I believe I found the right person, if not, please send a msg, thanks!

  11. [MA] [Arcane] [Electric evocation]

    +1 I honestly would like to see how his character would progress. One of my characters knows his character in roleplay, and I think he is a good roleplayer, but that's just my opinion. Mostly because my character has had to go through a lot of problems when it came to keeping her relationship between her friends to stay in line. He really gets my character to think, and try to figure out a way out of situations. I'd like to see how this will effect later on in the future roleplay to come.
  12. Charter

    I sign this.
  13. Ariselle Feltadal: Main Info: Name: Ariselle Feltadal Nicknames: Ari, Arise Gender: Female Race: High Elf Age: 64 Status: Alive Description: Ariselle is a young High Elven girl who grew up having a rough childhood. As a child, Ariselle was always shy, and tries to avoid others including her parents. But the only person she did trust was her older brother, Malion Feltadal. As children, they would always play together and they would go exploring around their home. She learned many things as a child, her brother taught her about the world, her mother taught her how to sing, and her father taught her how to read. As a child, Ariselle loves to read, and explore, but she loves to gaze out at oceans, watching the sunset or the sunrise. However, one day, Malion decided to head out to the Cloud Temple to do research. The trip was supposed to take less than four days. Three weeks have passed and there was still no sign of her brother. The High Elves began to search for Malion, and three days later, they found the cart. But when they searched it, all they found was his dagger. Ever since then, Ariselle kept the dagger close to her, hoping that her brother would one day return. But year after year, there was no sign of him. She had not made contact with anyone since Malion disappeared, not even her parents. It was then that Ariselle decided to look for her brother. With her brother’s dagger in hand, she left her home in search of her brother. She arrived at the Cloud Temple, only to find no sign of her brother. Only she found a young Wood Elf named Eryniel. They eventually became good friends, and later, they treated each other as if they were sisters. Ariselle always looked up to Eryniel as a hero, a strong girl who can tackle any challenge that came her way. Ariselle however, spent most of her life in Haelun’or. She was adopted by a High Elf named Valuum, who, however, disappeared many years ago. She was then adopted again by another High Elf named Ciri’lla. But Ariselle experienced many horrors as she lived in Haelun’or. One example being that she watched as a High Elf poisoned himself in front of her. Ever since then, Ariselle has felt responsible for his death. Ariselle grew up with many horrible memories of the past, but Ariselle also grew up having good memories too. She made great friends, had many adventures, and had the most fun of her life. And she hopes that there will be more adventures for her and her friends, soon to come. Weaponry: Ariselle is not very strong, so she prefers to be quick with her dagger, but is more skilled with a sword than a bow. · Her older brother’s dagger · A bow given to her by Eryniel Final OOC Statements: I hope you enjoyed reading this character profile! If there's any mistakes I've made, I'll fix them. Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my character!