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  1. EagleEyeKK

    Does Blah put you off?

    Yes I agree, I very much agree. It kinda makes me sad because the orcs have so much potential, such as cultural, roleplay, and magical aspects, but it makes me sad because it's not usually put to good use, or even listened to for that matter. That's why I made suggestions in hopes to improve orc roleplay for everyone (well, almost everyone).
  2. EagleEyeKK

    Does Blah put you off?

    Honestly I think this poll is a good idea, good job Smaw! Personally I play a few orcs (2-3) but honestly being an orc doesn't seem as fun as it seemed to be when I first played. It's still fun, but there are a few things I think that can improve orc roleplay as a whole. Personally I am kinda iffy on Blah. While it's interesting, it can be rather hard to learn for those who are unfamiliar with it. But at the same time I don't think Blah is necessarily the issue. To me, the orcs appear more moronic, cultivates memery, which in turn prevents serious roleplayers from joining. I think it's personally how people control their orcs and how they mainly focus on memery and the funny aspect of orcs, (as well as the grrrrr I'm gonna kill you grrrr aspect) which personally I don't think that's what orcs are all about. It's not that I have a big problem with memes and funny/joke roleplay, but honestly having too much of it (say everyday) takes away the fun, serious, cultural aspect of the orcs. I did meet some who are rather nice. But most are. . .kinda making me uncomfortable in some ways. I believe the orcs have a lot of potential in their culture and their beliefs, but I don't think memery and joke roleplay are the whole way to go. I understand orcs are supposed to be brutal, but is it really necessary to have joke roleplay as you do it? And I've also heard complaints about there being too much pvp, and hardly focusing on the roleplay aspect of the orcs, which I can somewhat agree with, but that's not entirely the cause. I also have had complaints that slavery isn't good roleplay as it used to be. They just make you work, mechanically, and don't even focus on the roleplay aspect, so they say. Back in Vailor, I noticed that when the orcs roleplay, they tried to make it so it's fun for others. For example, one orc who kidnapped my first character, asked for OOC permission if I can be a slave (in a nice way), which was a nice thing to do. They also tried to make my roleplay as active and fun as possible while I was a slave, we had cool interactions which I thought was really fun. That's what inspired me to roleplay my orcs the way I roleplay them. When I try and capture slaves, I ask for OOC permission. And the players who I captured or asked if that was a good idea, loved the idea and thought it was a good idea! Almost all of them! To sum it up, I think in order to improve orc roleplay, focus on the roleplay aspects more. Roleplay Aspects to focus on: Slavery (This is one of the BIG, main things I want people to focus on) - Make it fun for others (EX: providing roleplay, this can include good roleplay interactions, making sure they are having fun) - Ask for OOC consent Cultural (Another big thing that needs to be focused on) - Teach new orcs about the spirits - Try and create an orc society full of lore and in depth roleplay - Teach Shamanism but make sure that others are interested and want to focus on it - Teach new orcs how to be orcs! (Teaching Blah is an example, though I am still iffy if Blah should even be in orcs) - Try and have orcs explore the history and learn about it, (Events can help!) -Try and pick leaders who will try and keep the orc nation and orc roleplay in general interesting! DO NOT: - Don't make slaves work mechanically all the time - Don't make orcs focus on meme roleplay - Don't kill people all the time - Don't mix jokes and memes into roleplay - Don't simply capture slaves out of random without consent - DON'T do memes and jokes that make people uncomfortable Don't meme all the time (memeing a few times is okay, but not everyday, take a break on that), don't be "grrr I'mma kill you grrrrr" (yes orcs are brutal but let them have more honor), don't mix memes or jokes with roleplay, less pvp (keep pvp but don't do it too much), and make sure that the other players have fun! It's important for other players to have fun that way we can create a more friendly community! @Smaw Honestly I would love to discuss more of this with you! Please pm me if you want to talk more, I'd be happy to talk 🙂 plus I have a few ideas I want to discuss. @Dizzy771 Yes I definitely agree with you on that part. @Tox and @Norvina Yes I definitely agree with you two, perhaps we can discuss this more in pms? I have a few ideas I wanted to discuss.
  3. EagleEyeKK

    Four Month Long Connection Problems

    I am also having the same connection issues for months now. Looking for a fix and resolution. I will keep an eye on this for any replies that would be helpful to me and the other players of this server that continue having problems with no resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. EagleEyeKK

    [req] looking for a skin shader. . .

    I'm willing to shade some skins for you! Here is some examples of my shading: http://prntscr.com/j4lkqb http://prntscr.com/j4lkyc This is an old one. http://prntscr.com/j4ll5y Let me know if you want me to shade some skins for you, I'd be happy to help. If so, just tell me what skins you want me to shade.
  5. EagleEyeKK

    [Denied]WhiteKnight Applies for first staff position

    After talking with him and getting to know him more, WhiteKnight shows to be one of the kindest people I know! He's also very calm in handling out problems and has helped me get back into LOTC. But I also wish to see him try as a GM and see how he does! I hope you will give him a chance! Go WhiteKnight! Also, +1 From me!
  6. EagleEyeKK

    [âś—] Gypceros's Ban Appeal [Flam]

    Let me start with this, why would two people give consent to do that? And I want to really know if that did happen. While that was a good apology, I want to know more of what happened on your side of the story. More specifically the two people giving consent. I want to hear both sides, I already know my side, I've stated it to you, but now it's time for you to state your side. I'm willing to forgive you, but I still want to hear that part first, if it's possible. Blue told me that you were sorry, and I am willing to accept that apology, but I just want to know that part if possible. Know that I am an honest person, and I try to listen to both sides of the story. I already told you my side from my point of you. Now, it's your turn. Sorry if I keep repeating things, I just want to get my point across. Also, if a staff member says to wait longer, I want you to also understand that as well. If you have more questions on my side of the story, please contact me. I won't hesitate to answer.
  7. EagleEyeKK

    [Complete](Selling) Slave Young Girl For Sale

    Hannah Cooper growls as she reads the note, when she finishes, she crumples the note in her hands, throwing it to the side. She then turns, walking off with anger and hatred in her eyes. Hannah mumbles quietly "What kind of being would kidnap and sell away an innocent child for minas? Or even make two innocents slaves?" She growls again, clenching her fists to the point where her knuckles turn a pale white as she continues walking.
  8. I honestly think this would make a great addition to the server. Whether it becomes a creature or a brand new race entirely, I believe it will provide very good rp. And honestly I'd really like it if this becomes accepted as either one. ET race only though? Not sure about that, that would make it very rare to find one of these in rp and they would become less in numbers. I honestly think it should be more playable, especially for those who are not an ET. But those are just my opinions. Personally I'd like to play as the creature race myself! This deserves a huge. . . +1 Really thought out, very detailed, and this post really explains a lot about this creature.
  9. EagleEyeKK

    The Ashguard Reformation

    McName: EagleEyeKK RpName: Hannah Cooper Skype:(Pm if you desire.) Don't have skype sorry Profession: Blacksmith, and Woodworker, working to become an Alchemist TeamSpeak:(Not required but highly encouraged.) Don't have that either, sorry Time-Zone: Pacific Desired Chapter to join: Any would be fine, but I would prefer to stay with Ethan's group of soldiers, I wish to continue to help them the best I can.
  10. Excuse me, I found weird cave and I was wondering if it belonged to you  Just wondering because a friend and I want to check out portal in there maybe do an event. Can you send a message back if you can? I'd appreciate it. Also there's this sign that said to msg you, I believe I found the right person, if not, please send a msg, thanks!

    1. Anisgar
    2. nepir


      I was there as well

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    I sign this.
  12. Ariselle Feltadal: Main Info: Name: Ariselle Feltadal Nicknames: Ari, Arise Gender: Female Race: High Elf Age: 64 Status: Alive Description: Ariselle is a young High Elven girl who grew up having a rough childhood. As a child, Ariselle was always shy, and tries to avoid others including her parents. But the only person she did trust was her older brother, Malion Feltadal. As children, they would always play together and they would go exploring around their home. She learned many things as a child, her brother taught her about the world, her mother taught her how to sing, and her father taught her how to read. As a child, Ariselle loves to read, and explore, but she loves to gaze out at oceans, watching the sunset or the sunrise. However, one day, Malion decided to head out to the Cloud Temple to do research. The trip was supposed to take less than four days. Three weeks have passed and there was still no sign of her brother. The High Elves began to search for Malion, and three days later, they found the cart. But when they searched it, all they found was his dagger. Ever since then, Ariselle kept the dagger close to her, hoping that her brother would one day return. But year after year, there was no sign of him. She had not made contact with anyone since Malion disappeared, not even her parents. It was then that Ariselle decided to look for her brother. With her brother’s dagger in hand, she left her home in search of her brother. She arrived at the Cloud Temple, only to find no sign of her brother. Only she found a young Wood Elf named Eryniel. They eventually became good friends, and later, they treated each other as if they were sisters. Ariselle always looked up to Eryniel as a hero, a strong girl who can tackle any challenge that came her way. Ariselle however, spent most of her life in Haelun’or. She was adopted by a High Elf named Valuum, who, however, disappeared many years ago. She was then adopted again by another High Elf named Ciri’lla. But Ariselle experienced many horrors as she lived in Haelun’or. One example being that she watched as a High Elf poisoned himself in front of her. Ever since then, Ariselle has felt responsible for his death. Ariselle grew up with many horrible memories of the past, but Ariselle also grew up having good memories too. She made great friends, had many adventures, and had the most fun of her life. And she hopes that there will be more adventures for her and her friends, soon to come. Weaponry: Ariselle is not very strong, so she prefers to be quick with her dagger, but is more skilled with a sword than a bow. · Her older brother’s dagger · A bow given to her by Eryniel Final OOC Statements: I hope you enjoyed reading this character profile! If there's any mistakes I've made, I'll fix them. Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my character!