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  1. Mandalore1

    Paddy for the People

    Padrick shall remember this honor and find a way for a hospital/monastery to be built. Padrick has read the platform of the Autarkic Worker’s Party and is curious about several ideas and will plan meeting with Leonid in the near future.
  2. Mandalore1

    Paddy for the People

    Paddy For The People Padrick stood giving a faint smile to his wife Millie and he called the crowded tavern to silence with a resounding shout as he stood atop a table. “Oi, ai be ‘bout to speak!” He glanced at the written speech he had in his hand before chuckling as he balled it up and threw it at his feet as his gaze went from person to person meeting each person’s gaze as he started to speak in a rising rumble. “Brothers un Sisters of t’is fair Belvitz lend mah ye ears………. Many of ye lot know me, but for t’ose of ye w’o don’t ai be Padrick O’Rourke. But many of ye folk call me by Paddy. Ai ain’t no’un special ai’m not t’e best fighter or t’e best statesman, but ai be a common folk like t’e rest of ye lot. Ai come today not to speak pretty words to ye or speak ‘bout t’ings ai nay understand. Ai be ‘ere to speak ‘bout us. Whun ai look out unto ye faces, ai do nay see strangers, Humans, or Elves ai see a family! A family, ah family t’at ai’ve worked and bled alongside. Ai’ve worked the tavern here for 3 years and in mah time in Belvitz ai have fought ‘longside our valiant defenders in the ADR time and time again as we faced t’ose t’at would seek to destroy our home. But as the days grow colder our enemy is no longer just foreign… but he is now domestic…..” Padrick paused at letting that thought sit in the minds of audience, before he began again his tone growing to a fiery rumble. “Aye we have not only be under t’reat of bandits and raiders but t’e corruption that seeps into our city, t’e mindless slaughter and brutalization of our people by the witches and heretics. All w’ile t’e elite w’o dare say this town is t’ere’s is sat on t’eir fat arses w’ile we suffer! Did t’e Marshal or other nobles lift a finger w’en at the trial a band of murdurish Imperial t’ugs drew arms against our beloved Duke Ratibor. Nay t’e did not do a damned t’ing it was us, we common folk who leapt to defend our Duke and our laws!” He paused taking a deep breath and a sip of his whiskey. Before casting his eyes around the bar, so it would seem like he was speaking to everyone. “Then w’en the same common criminal t’at ‘ad plagued our town took arms against t’e Duke, the nobles except Ser Pandir and Count Ostrobor didn’t lift ah feckun finger, it was us t’ree who c’ased down the murderous brute and ai w’o slit ‘is fat gullet! Ai am nay running for Maer to line me pockets or make the nobles any richer. Ai be runnin to protect our family, our city from threat! Ai am runnin to ensure t’at our way of life is not destroyed! T’ey may spin a fancy speech ‘bout how t’is is t’eir town.” He spat into the roaring fire behind him. The fire’s reflection visible in his dark green eyes as he turns back, and red face with emotion; his booted foot stomped on the table. “But t’is be our town! Ah town of the people under un God! Ah God t’at smiles down on his children w’o ‘old his laws dear. So mah brothers and sisters ai ask ye all to vote for mah. Vote for Paddy, vote to protect our town, and our families!” Padrick finished with a roar and raised his glass to the sky in salute as he glanced around the bar. “For Belvitz, for Family, and for God!” He threw back his drink with the rest of the tavern and tossed a large sack of mina on the bar to pay for the nights drinks as he stepped off the table, a grin across his face.
  3. Mandalore1

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Register as a candidate below: Candidate: Name: Padrick O’Rourke Age:29 Address:5 Beesbury Byway
  4. Mandalore1

    The Adrian Citizen Party

    Padrick throws back another whiskey and nods to himself looking at Bruce from behind the bar “Oi oi loike dis man's idea.”