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  1. I am never too proud to admit when I am wrong nor am I too stubborn to apologize. And that is what I must do here. To the Bren family, at large I humbly apologize for any undo scandal and slander that has arisen from this unseemly affair. Through the actions of others, allegations and slander rained heavily upon them and I am to shoulder the blame for this, as I did nothing to dissuade these troubling remarks about a family as steep in honor as the Brens. Those that have spoken out of turn and that have spewed such vile rhetoric have been chastised and admonished by my own hand and any that continue to do so are no friends of mine. To Edmund Bren, my honorable opponent and the Mayor of Kaedrin that all future Mayors must rise to match the bar he set; I first wish to extend my deepest thanks, from my sister I have heard of your stalwart defense of her and Kaedrin at large from bandit attacks. Without your aid I shudder to imagine what may have befallen her. For that I wish to give unto you a stallion as a token of my appreciation for your heroics. Secondly I wish to convey my deepest apologies for the slander and scandal that so plague the election and its direct aftermath. Things had been said and done that unjustifiably undermined your honor, this fault lies firmly on my own shoulders and with that in regard I humbly ask for your forgiveness in that matter. As a means of compensation a sum of 7000 Imperial Marks will be delivered unto Mr. Edmund Bren. Sincerely, Padriag Patricio.
  2. A Dream for Kaedrin Written by Padraig O’Rourke Published by the O’Rourke Printing Press My fellow Kaedrini, I have a hope, a hope for our beautiful Commonwealth, a hope of a prosperous Kaedrin, of a harmous Kaedrin, a Kaedrin free from those that seek to defile our sacred Commonwealth. I will not make promises of work to come or extoll work that I have done for the Commonwealth, nor will I plead with you to vote for I. Instead I encourage my fellow Kaedrini to look into both of the candidates and pick the best for our Commonwealth and our People. Pick the candidate who will respect the sanctity of our institutions and work for you. Listen to our words at the debate and make your own informed decision. Furthermore do not let party politics be a factor in your vote, vote for a man based on his own character, not on the character of the party he claims. I will leave you with this thought to ponder, should Kaedrin not be for its People? Your Humble Servant, Padraig “Paddy” O’Rourke
  3. Padraig Padrick Seamus Kelly Michel David Donovan Tyrone William Patrick Sean Pious O’Rourke frowned deeply as he read the slanderous material, setting the paper down he moved his O’Rourke™ cigar to the other side of his mouth before he spoke. “T’is is sum feckun bullshite as sure as sure. W’ait tull ah gut de boys to’ether.” He chuckled
  4. Padraig Padrick Seamus Kelly Michel David Donovan Tyrone William Patrick Sean Pious O’Rourke reads over the invitation before he nodded “Aye de O’Rourkes s’all be t’ere.”
  5. A burly Kaedrini man sits at the tavern and reads the missive over, before he nodded to himself. “Oi lads ah reckon de need ah O’Rourke to do de job eh lads?” NAME: Padraig Padrick Seamus Kelly Michel David Donovan Tyrone William Patrick Sean Pious O’Rourke AGE: 24 ADDRESS: Pruvia District #3 PARTY AFFILIATION: Josephite ELECTION SLOGAN: “Paddy for the People!”
  6. Padraig Padrick Seamus Kelly Michel David Donovan Tyrone William Patrick Sean Pious O’Rourke’s chest swells with pride at seeing another one of his cousins making a business.
  7. Username: Mandoleader Character name: Amon Divu’sulli Age:285 Race: Aheral Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: Yes Discord: Valkist#7856
  8. The Death of the Doctor 18th of Snow’s Maiden, 1762 “You will be avenged llir.” Sepp said as he gazed down at the corpse that was at one point Aelor, Mar’diraar of the Mali’anniler. He gave a sigh as the flames from the body of his brother reflected in his pale eyes. Turning sharply he picked up his mask and helm as he reflected on the life he had lived. Images of his youth passed before his eyes as he donned his helm, of his first daughter Illyria….and her demise. Sepp shook his head in an attempt to banish the thoughts from his mind but still they crept back like insidious tendrils clawing at his sanity. As he hooked his mask over his face, he reflected back to his joining of the Sons of Malin and his entry into Helena, the city that he had given so much to. With a final shake of his head the thoughts were banished for a time as he lifted the bastard sword Miruel’maln, hooking the trusted blade to his belt. Stepping out of his chambers, the aheral was greeted by the sight of his comrades awaiting. They did not speak as they saddled their horses, each knew what had to be done. This was for one thing, vengeance a tally had to be taken from the enemies of the mali to atone for Aelor’s death. The wind wracked against Sepp’s face as they rode into the darkness and he could not help to allow himself to think of his family. Of his daughters Elenia and Asamel, of his wife Embyr and how he missed them dearly. “Is it worth it?” Sepp mused to himself before his eyes caught sight of the shadows in the distance. Three Riders left the high walls of Helena, but only two returned. Being dragged behind his comrade's horse was a makeshift stretcher upon which it lay the final rider, Sepp. The former doctor lay serene upon the stretcher, his arms folded over his chest. Upon their return to Helena, his body was brought into the embassy to lay in state until his funeral. Sepp is survived by two daughters, Elenia Elverhilin and Asamel Athoth; one son, Storm Reusvuln and his wife Fae, as well as two grandchildren, Cirrus and Luscina Reusvuln. His personal belongings will be given out to his friends and family by the executor of his will, Amon Divu’sulli. The remainder of his possession will be donated to the upkeep of the Mali orphans within Helena and Aldemar. The State Funeral will begin with the funeral procession from the Sons of Malin Embassy in Helena to his resting place in Aldemar at 4:30 saints time on 4/5/2020
  9. A mysterious dark robed figure looks up from a eviscerated cadaver as he is read the report by a waiting assistant. A cruel smirk pulled across his blood stained face as he glanced to a series of jars sitting atop a shelf. One was wrapped in what looked to be a priest’s vestments that had been discolored by flames, in it floated a aged lung. The second jar was empty for now and a cackle escaped the figure’s mouth as he spoke. “Soon, soon we shall see if his lungs are just as large.” Elsewhere, Sepp glanced at the missive as he finished sewing up the side of a wounded child, stricken by AIS raiders and he sighed deeply. “Must this man continue to defame my name and my character? Have I not strove to aid the people of this city?” He shook his head before returning to his humanitarian work.
  10. Sepp scowled as he was given word of this. ”Just another attempt to slander my good name, But I will fight these charges from these rats!” Sepp said before taking another pill from a vial on his belt a look of madness crossing his features for a faint moment.
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