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  2. Elénwe sheds a single tear for her fallen comrade, saluting him one last time.
  3. “It’s about time.” Elénwe Nria said with a smile.
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    Ventys Prisgoth Ventys received a snow-elf name due to being raised in snow-elf culture after she was given up by her biological parents. /// Appearance Ventys was born as a wood-elf and raised by snow-elves. Her appearance matches that of a wood-elf with her darker brown hair that reaches past her shoulders with curls that intertwine with one another as the strands extend downwards. Her hair is parted to the left of her head and covers some of her left ear, while her right is entirely exposed and is framed by a curled strand of side-bangs. Ventys has the traditional elven ears that have a sharpened point at the tips. Most of her expressions are shown through her eyes and lips- her eyes being a dull amber color that exemplify a look of care and curiosity that are accompanied by a set of long eyelashes; her lips are a rosy red color and are generally plump. Beneath her eyes can be seen a few freckles across her rosy cheeks. Being from the shortest race of elves, Ventys stands towards the top of the wood-elf height spectrum at 5’4, or 163cm, with an hourglass figure that is kept clothed by clothing consisting of grays and blues. Her tunics are a soft gray that extend half way down her thighs, where she normally wears lighter gray leggings that reach down to her ankles; these leggings are partially covered by a pair of elegant laced boots that nearly meet the lowest portion of her knees. Her long sleeved tunic is also accompanied by a long flowing robe of a dark blue color that has hints of baby-blue patterns across it. The robe has no sleeves and extends down to the top of the laces of her boots. Ventys weighs in around 135lbs, or 61kg. /// Personality Charismatic + Ventys is very easy to get along with and has a way with words that allow her to charm or befriend people in short periods of time. Curious ~ Ventys has a strong sense of curiosity that leads her travels and need for knowledge. Her curiosity can lead her to great findings or discoveries but can also make her seem a little invasive of others privacy. Caring + Ventys cares deeply for anyone who’s treated her well and usually seeks out a way to repay them. This also makes her a great friend or companion because she’s willing to help out in almost any situation. Determined + To stay focused on her travels, Ventys has a strong sense of determination and will always try her best in reaching her goals of learning more about different cultures. Childish ~ This trait is an accumulation of being petty, creative, and at times, a little immature. This trait is more negative than not, but does show a sensitive and useful side of Ventys when you dig through some of the negatives. Irritable - When things don’t go Ventys’ way or there’s something bugging her she can get a bit snappy to those around her. People who know and are friends with Ventys sometimes try to make her like this and tease her for it just to mess with her which usually leads to her calming down. Defensive - Ventys doesn’t like to talk much about herself or what she’s learned. This trait goes with her irritability as she tends to argue when she’s irritated. /// Goal(s) Being born into one culture and being raised in another has led Ventys on a path of making herself feel more ‘complete.’ She is honored that her snow-elf family has taken care of her all of her life, but she wants to learn more about the culture she was born into. Another one of her major goals is to gain a group of close friends or family that have contrasting goals or views to grow as a person and to bring people together. /// Biography Ventys’ biological parents, Allioth Elmgrove and Phyte Applemire, traveled through the snowy mountains to meet back with the religious brigand they were travelling with for protection. Phyte had given birth prior to meeting back up with the group and the new mother and father had different views of what should happen to the baby. Neither of the two thought they were ready, but Allioth wanted to care for the child and give it a home. The two ‘agreed’ on keeping the baby, but by the next morning the brigand began their way back to the capital with the teo. When Allioth met up with Phyte just after departure, he learned his scummy companion had up and left the baby to die in the cold snow. Allioth ran back to the tents as fast as he could and when he got there, he found where the baby had been left by Phyte and began to mourn when she wasn’t there. Ventys’ new family, Vyrring Prisgoth and Elbora Prisgoth had stumbled upon the baby just after the brigand had left. The two were both infertile due to the Curse of the Elves and were incapable of having children of their own.. this was their chance to do something about that. They took in the wood-elf and raised her as their own, giving her the name Ventys to solidify her place in their culture. The family resided in the Citadel of Acael. As Ventys grew, she demonstrated excellent crafting capability due to her wood-elf lineage. As a huge part of snow-elf culture is the military and fighting for their cause, Vyrring and Elbora encouraged Ventys to at least try out the military when she turned 15; because of this, Ventys decided to try it out due to its free entry and quickly lost interest in the military but remained there until she could learn to properly protect herself. She used more unorthodox ways of fighting and using the bow compared to the others. She used her speed and agility to preserve her time on the field during training and quickly learned how to use the bow, again, due to her wood-elf lineage. After being in the military for about two years at this point, Ventys finally questioned her parents as to why she looked so different to everyone else. This should’ve been obvious to her but she grew up not knowing that she was left by Phyte in the snow. Her parents explained the situation and circumstances to how they found her and how they couldn’t have their own kids. Ventys grew to appreciate her parents more after what they did for her, but she had a newfound curiosity for what wood-elves were like. Later on, Ventys abandoned her place in the military and went travelling around to learn more about other cultures, mainly that of the wood-elves though. Along the way, she practiced medicine to tend to her own injuries along her travels and began using it to tend to those in need in the towns and cities she stayed in for days at a time. She wasn’t able to perform major surgeries or anything, but she was able to give needed medication to those she was able to tend to, which leads to present day.
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