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  1. 77 Balian Annum [1944], 1st of Godfrey’s Triumph The Grand Intent The Foreign Office has existed for several hundred years, originating from the Holy Orenian Empire and its many pillars of government. With aid of these old records, the Foreign Office shall once again be re-established, utilizing a similar structure and chain of command segnor Dante Falcone invented centuries ago. In the wake of unrest across Aevos, the Foreign Office shall serve to keep the Kingdom of Balian free from political unrest, serve as the realm’s diplomatic core, and enact the monarch’s will on a national scale. Corpus Diplomatica His Royal Majesty’s Diplomatic Service, otherwise dubbed the ‘Diplomatic Corps’, is an assembly of all diplomats, ambassadors, and envoys beneath the Secretary of Foreign Affairs & the Crown. They enjoy certain privileges, have certain responsibilities, and must follow certain rules as a result of their employment. Below is the chain of command of these corps, from highest to lowest. Royal Legate, John Galbraith – Circa. 1944 The head of the Foreign Office, also called the Royal Legate, who handles all employment within the Corps from envoys to their Ambassador Extraordinaries. The Secretary alone represents the will and testament of the Crown. There shall be an Ambassador Extraordinary for each region Aevos has been divided into by the Foreign Office. The Ambassador Extraordinaries serve as heads for the respective region they’re in charge of, monitoring regular Ambassadors and Envoys beneath them, alongside renewing treaties & tending to higher diplomatic needs for that region should the Secretary be unable. Their primary goal is to establish Embassies, which regular Ambassadors shall head. Ambassador Extraordinary de Crownlands: This role oversees diplomatic work within the crownlands and the lands surrounding it, including Haelun’or, Nevaehlen, Amathine, and Krugmar, alongside any other nations which may appear within their proximity [region 1]. Ambassador Extraordinary de Floodplains: This role oversees diplomatic work within the Floodplains and the lands surrounding it, including Lurin, Vortice, Norland, and Dun’farthing, alongside any other nations which may appear within their proximity [region 2]. Ambassador Extraordinary de Heartlands: This role oversees diplomatic work within the Heartlands and the lands surrounding it, including Aunn, Petra, Adria, and Haense, alongside any other nations which may appear within their proximity [region 3]. Ambassador Extraordinary de International: This role oversees diplomatic work within the nations that don’t necessarily fit into one distinct area or category, including Haense, Urguan, Talar’nor, Nor’asath, and Numendil, alongside any other nations which may appear within their proximity [region 4]. Ambassadors work beneath the Ambassador Extraordinary they’re assigned to, taking care of whichever Embassy they’ve been assigned to as its head. Ambassadors should be well versed in the culture(s) of the nation they have their embassy in, and at the embassy often. They represent their upper home government (the Segnoria), but not the Crown. Envoys are beneath their respective Ambassador & Ambassador Extraordinary, sometimes also posted at an embassy. They may lead minor diplomatic missions, and while they represent their home government (i.e. the Citizen’s Commune), they cannot represent their realm’s Crown. This role makes up the bulk of the Diplomatic Corps. They aid Envoys, Ambassadors, and their Ambassador Extraordinary in missions but cannot lead or represent Balian officially. Their most common duty is traveling to other nations in order to transport official documents. Balian Ambassadors being received in Petra – Circa. 1930 Diplomatic Immunity & Other Privileges As written by Dante Falcone. I. The diplomat in question shall not be persecuted or prosecuted while on a diplomatic mission, kept safe from the sting of foreign law to avoid diplomatic incidents. II. The diplomat shall not be harmed while on a diplomatic mission, a show of good faith to return them in adequate health – ‘lest they suffer during their work abroad. III. The diplomat shall not be detained while on a diplomatic mission, not be held or kept from leaving at summons demanding immediate return to the Kingdom, as would be respectful – anything else would be seen as a DEPLORABLE insult. IV. The host nation at any time can declare a member of the diplomatic staff a persona non grata and revoke their diplomatic immunity given a reasonable amount of time to remove themselves from the host nation, though this scant mercy will NEVER extend to traitors of the crown; thusly being revoked or granted after careful deliberation by the Foreign Office personnel. V. Actions not covered under diplomatic immunity are those outside of the diplomat’s official functions, therefore their safety cannot be ensured by the greater Office should they breach these terms, and stray outside of their purposes whilst traveling abroad on their behalf. VI. The family members of those on a diplomatic mission shall enjoy the same protections while abroad in the diplomat's assigned nation for as long as the diplomat is employed, and registered with an exclusively purposed pass. Safe Passage & Inviolability I. Diplomats moving throughout foreign nations in which official diplomatic relations are established are to ensure safe passage of all diplomatic persons. II. Dangers on the roads are to be dealt with in a timely manner by each host nation with established diplomatic relations, those being brigands, marauders, and out-of-place wildlife. I. The premises of a diplomatic mission, such as an embassy, are inviolable and must not be entered by the host country except by the permission of the head of the diplomatic mission. Furthermore, a host country must protect the mission from intrusion or damage. The host country must never search the premises, nor seize its documents or property, unless there is a serious need. II. The archives and documents of a diplomatic mission are inviolable. The receiving country shall not seize or open such documents. III. The host country must permit and protect free communication between diplomats of the mission and their home country without fear of the host nation’s Intelligence Services. Enrollment If you are interested in enrolling within the Corps, locate the headquarters of the Office within Portoregne, or, send a bird to the Secretary for an interview. [Discord: treesmoothie] Signed His Excellency, John Augustus Galbraith, Baron of Castelorena, Patriarch of Galbraith, Ward to the King, Secretary of the Foreign Office, Royal Legate.
  2. Everyone needs their own special realm 😔😔 kids these days

  3. islamadon took the nation gov spam posts as a CHALLENGE



  4. Hello, chat!!!! I'm DMing a large group irl, and they were particularly interested in playing on Arcas for a long-term campaign. I'll likely be using the Infernal War map end eventline, since I'm most familiar with it/was an ST helping run it. If you had a character during this time that you'd like to volunteer for me to put into the campaign as an NPC, comment below! Or, any certain events (perhaps Llyria's fall, the big void tears, or something else). If your character worked with the Inferi, I'm definitely looking for mini-bosses to throw in. If your character was a primary force against the Inferi (like the goblin who threw the spear of Brev, leader of Paladins who massacred a cart of children, etc) that'd be handy as well! Ty :]
  5. A seafaring Baron, eager to return to his motherland, daydreamed of roasting marshmallows over the flames of a ruined Pompourelia. Alas -- he was still a way's away. Perhaps if he thought hard enough, the manor would simply self-combust ... "What do teu call a sleeping Sarkozic?" the man mused to the pelican roosting beside him. "A pig in a blanket!"
  6. An old Captain looked over the flier with glee - only for her smile to fade. Gnarled hands lightly set the paper down, and with a quiet cough, swept it off her desk. "We've been forgotten, haven't we?" Viktoriya crowed, looking the other way. It was in the Barony of Nuremburg they lived -- she, Alaric, their children. "Perhaps things have changed since Alren. Perhaps we ought to shed the name." The elderly woman wept, stomping the leaflet with her boot. "These new generations are crooked."
  7. It's a very neat idea, but unfortunately skele's are already done by necromancy lore via Darkstalkers, Dragur, & Liches -- the planty vibe can be achieved with that, if you're in search of that rp!
  8. A bottle washes ashore on the Balian coast, a cork tightly packed into it bearing the seal of Galbraith. Once found, it was copied and passed around within the Baron’s immediate circle; friends, family, the like. The letter inside of it read… “Ave! In case my letters do not reach the mainland, I’ve decided to take a pilgrimage across Aevos and its isles. It was ST. ADRIAN OF LEUVAARDEN that inspired this very voyage, for the Saint himself has seemingly visited me in my dreams – it was written in a massive tome I held that I must strive to better myself. To become a proper statesman, as he was. To walk in the shoes of those in the Duana before me, I must do some introspection. And so, I shall! Know that I’ll be home, soon. John Augustus Galbraith, Baron of Castelorna, Royal Legate.” . . . In other news, a big ole' wooden sign had appeared in front of the Royal Legate's office: it said,
  9. A newly-appointed Legate sailed the seven seas, hair blowing in the wind, the smell of salt heavy in the air, the -- a letter smacks the man in the face with a wet 'plap'. He scowled, reeling back to read the paper as he wiped saltwater from his eyes. "Folk littering these days, making the ocean unbearable to ... The Sarkozics!?" A silence follows, before he mumbled, "Well, I've never actually seen any in Balian, ever. This isn't a very big loss," John shrugged, throwing the flier back into the wind.
  10. That aforementioned Baron was woken by a peck on the head by his bird, having the paper dropped beside him at the desk he'd fallen asleep at. He squinted at it, assuming bad news - only to let out a loud cheer as he read further down. The young man rushed up the steps of the tower to the room where Rhys slept, prodding him to see if he was awake. "Tesoro! Tesoro, look!" @Nilyeet [Can't format text on phone😭]
  11. Absolutely not, will only were to further OOC politics -1
  12. There definitely is a big difference in how characters of diff genders are approached, at least from what I've seen. I've recently (within the last few months) taken up 2 Noble human characters: one is John, one is Emelia. - John has been approached a lot and has very quickly made friends, alongside aquiring multiple positions, while: - Emelia, who I rped on much more at that time, was almost always ignored (and even was the victim of harassment by adults, at ages 8-10) The idea that "monke brain makes me not want to interact with women" is ... strange at best. And does sound more like misogyny than anything else (whether it's because "girls are so much drama teehee", the "all they do is court rp" steryotypes, etc).
  13. "Kin," rang the cheery voice of one beast, "It's Elysiumite huntin' season. We must cleanse Aevos!". Dead shuddered and reached forth, shrieking with laughter as they were cast into the flames of life. @RotiniTortini
  14. John peered over the personal invite that'd been sent, a wide grin stretched across his face. He began to pen a short RSVP, sending it back to their residence via crow. ---- "To the Honorable, George after Brasca, and her Ladyship, Victoria Ivanovich, Thank you for the invite! I worry I might not be able to make the ceremony, but I'll do my best to attend. Have a blessed month, The Honorable, John Augustus Galbraith."
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