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  1. TreeSmoothie

    Shop of Wonders

    ooh, yes!! Where’s it at?
  2. So; We gotta pay a charter’s price to fly just for one day, There’s the possibility that lockpicks and raid ladders will become more expensive (guessing within the 200-300 range instead of around 100), And then there’s the possibility that people will have to pay a hefty sum just to get a raid started, and then pay for anyone who wants to take part in it. Will we have to pay for each block we place soon, or pay for each step we take in someone’s kingdom? Not meaning to be disrespectful about this, but, it seems like those pushing out these suggestions and updates want to make LOTC become a play-to-win sort of game.
  3. Floré Draskovits reads the flyer over and nods with a gleeful smile, not having to note it down to attend because she lived right next door, a few feet away in Oldenburg.
  4. Floré Draskovits sadly nodded, noting down to attend.
  5. Floré Draskovits nodded, scanning over the letter. “...Ave Curonia.”
  6. I love the new form! I definitely support because it’d most likely drive away the less serious/less experienced/etc. from trying to join. I’ve seen some people get declined every time because of something related to IRP issues (i.e. trying to create a mary sue, saying they lived in the Atlas when they’re only 20 today, etc), or, OOC things (like being underage [and acting it], or once being super whiny about being declined).
  7. Flore Liatti nodded, still unsure of who to root for...
  8. Flore nodded joyfully- She’d definitely be going.
  9. Flore Liatti nods after reading and lets it go back into the wind. She’d certainly be busy for the next few months!
  10. Flore smiled- An opportunity to visit her dearest friends! She nodded, fully sure she’d be going.
  11. Flore gazes at the poster and giggles, gazing at the art.
  12. TreeSmoothie


    I like your character's backstory! Simple- but, in a really good way to where it’s not just “He was born, his parents died, and now he’s traveling” in one sentence, and it’s not a really complicated, book-length one either!
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