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  1. An ancient Orenian Dame took her first breath in many a moon, clawing up from the tomb she slept in. "DAMN HUMANS!"
  2. Depending on how large the flames are, golems shouldn't take 3 emotes to extinguish + it can be easily spammed (via mundane torches, matches, etc). Same /w reanimations For occuli, restricting them 2 solely hand-held objects is silly- ST have allowed worn objects so long as they're able to be torn off the same way (i.e. flimsy chain)- in many cases it's easier than trying to take something that's being grappled (and I also dont want 2 redo my cool glass jewelry). As long as necros accept the risk of ppl just being able to yank their occuli off it shuld be otherwise fine
  3. John scratched his head at the ballot that'd found its way into his mailbox, and scribbled down two names before sending it back. VOTE ONE: Queen Sybille VOTE TWO: Queen Sybille
  4. nah for blessed child u need a Naztherak to create it in the first place
  5. "Zo . . ." Nahtl murmured, lowering her horned head directly in front of the paper stapled to the board. "Wi flat Nor'azath next, yub? Zkah'in fayke zhomoz agh week bodiez," the orcess sneered, grasping the paper between her thumb and forefinger to tear down. "Nub hav kunnection tu zpiridz - agh latz mizznayme dem, tuu! Aztran is nub Ra! AZTRAN IZ NUB RA!" the, very zealous, Aztran worshipper cried.
  6. "How drab . . ." an old, rotting, Dame Viktoriya sneered -- eyes squinted at the flier that'd somehow drifted into the catacombs. "Knife-ears pretendin' to be canonists, kyakyakyahgh! They ain' even go to tha' seven skies!". With an ugly-sounding, gurgly cackle, she crumpled it and ate the paper, continuing on her merry way.
  7. John signs the parchment, smiling the sun's smile. "I love Hyspia!"
  8. Zarei are playable creatures in some role-playing games

  9. An old Mage-hunter hoists a blue-tinged blade, smoke filtering from their helm. Void Magi were a bane, anywho -- regardless if the report had been fabricated, or not. -- John pouted, scratching his chin. "What happened to their trial?"
  10. TO Unwillingly, if you are 8 years old, you cannot play on this server! GET OUT!! Actual question; What's been your fav experience? How do you think things have degraded or improved since then? Is lore headed in a good direction?
  11. "Elves," snorted an old rosy-haired Human, gnawing on the roach of his cigar. "Nonsense, this and that ... why, a trusty, iron blade would fell any of them the same! Ahk, ahk . . ."
  12. A young Fabian Weiss looks up at the man, gnawing on a piece of rock candy. "I saw vy kissing a man. Mankisser," the child hissed, before scampering off like a rat.
  13. John, at the end of his pilgrimage with Sybille, Cesar, and the many others, felt his eyes well with tears at the letter. The man bowed his head, refusing the smile that dared creep upon his face; as foul a man he was for marrying Lucia only as a guise, she was dead, now - and perhaps he could live happily. Tired and horribly fatigued, he came home to his beloved at the end of the day, offering out a flier. "So ... what ist teur ring size, pepinillo?" @teeylin
  14. "Cheapskates!" A man howled, glaring at the missive. "Only a hundred-n-fifty!"
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