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  1. TreeSmoothie

    [Fuerte] Charter Application

    Darius Brookstone signs, smiling.
  2. TreeSmoothie

    ~ Royal Wedding Invites ~

    Flore nodded joyfully- She’d definitely be going.
  3. TreeSmoothie

    Brandybrook Writing Night!

    Flore Liatti nods after reading and lets it go back into the wind. She’d certainly be busy for the next few months!
  4. TreeSmoothie

    A invitation to All! for a potluck

    Flore smiled- An opportunity to visit her dearest friends! She nodded, fully sure she’d be going.
  5. TreeSmoothie

    Agh Waghnin

    Flore gazes at the poster and giggles, gazing at the art.
  6. TreeSmoothie

    ~Founding Festival~

    Flore read the announcement with a broad smile and adjusted her armor, nodding. Wonderful! I’ll try to attend, though... I’m not the best with coordinates.
  7. TreeSmoothie


    I like your character's backstory! Simple- but, in a really good way to where it’s not just “He was born, his parents died, and now he’s traveling” in one sentence, and it’s not a really complicated, book-length one either!
  8. TreeSmoothie


    Nice form!
  9. TreeSmoothie


    I hope this is good!
  10. TreeSmoothie


    Flore Liatti was born and raised in Reza with her father and her brother. Her mother had left to go tend to her sickly grandmother, and, supposedly stayed there and married another man- she never saw her again, besides thinking she saw her on the streets while running errands. Because of this, her father was rather sad, and never worked- they were evicted from their home and were forced to live on the streets. Though only 14, her brother took on a treacherous, illegal job of being an assassin to try and earn money for his family, and ended up getting sent to jail for life. Flore, being starved from living on the streets and devastated by the news, decided she’d try to work at 18. She became familiar with the task of farming and now lives in a home of her own in Reza- despite mastering farming, she wishes to join the Royal Army.