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  1. "No, no . . ." Woeful cries split the air as John clutched the letter. His son - the one meant to have been his heir - selfishly, his favorite - unfelled in battle, but killed by his own blood in the most literal sense. Success in their secret venture was soon to have been had, the greatness they sought nigh. "Why did no one save him?" the man barked, curled up in a pathetic ball within his room. He paused to look over at the animatii husk that loomed over in the other corner, and a terrible idea bloomed in his mind. A greedy one. "His story needn't be over ... over yet." Grabbing a wrench and an armful more of metal sheets, he began work on the thing again.
  2. A leal follower of the drakaar-turned-god roared into the air, pale flesh smudged with ash and soot. Bloodshot eyes gleaned at the heavens for its wisdom, the shining, red moon above, the pools of ichor remaining upon the volcanic stone from when it had rained. The stench of dragonsflame and the smog of virolah. The visions of dragons, and then the actual creatures in flight, intermingling in the reddened skies. "EUPHORIA," he cried.
  3. A decaying figure, spurred back awake for that short time, squinted at the missive. "Claiming one of four thrones for yourself . . . these Xionist youth know nothing. Only infighting will come," that Necrolyte spat, already beginning to wade back into their slumber.
  4. "Oh." John, tucked away beside his paramour in the early hours of the morning, was pecked awake by his bird. The man still got updates of his homeland on occasion, and the ones of death were suddenly much more frequent. Sybil, now Casimir. The aging Galbraith grimaced and waved the creature away, clutching onto the figure beside him closer lest he suddenly blink out of existence, too. "May ... may he rest in the Skies. At peace," he mumbled, too many thoughts to speak aloud. John wept.
  5. John stilled as he heard the news, tears welling in his eyes as he brushed ash from his skin. So much joy in the world - a victory to some, a loss to others. But this was, somehow, worse news than the Aengul of Order being rended into thin, golden ribbons. He'd always thought of her as a sister and her son, now the king, as his nephew. His son, little John, a great-nephew. There had been no letter waiting for him from the Novellen, only steetside gossip to inform him of her death. An ounce of bitterness to his weeping. The man went to bed sooner that night, clutching onto the figure beside him. @Lapidary
  6. Balian is a red wine, Hohkmat is the alcoholic version of the Battery Acid you see people make on tiktok For famous characters specifically, Gashadokuro is a fruity cocktail but when you drink it, the alcohol is 99% rubbing alcohol and you die. Azdromoth is a tamarind whiskey sour, Xan is a stella in a fancy glass
  7. "Art there not more pressing matters?" John gawked, staring through a looking glass at the undead war ravaging the south-western Aevos. Poor Sakuragakure had been reduced to ash and rubble.
  8. Msg Velkuzat on discord if you want to play an Automaton : ]

  9. Looking for Automaton players!

    1. Turbo_Dog


      Hey (with helpful intent)

  10. yo!! Im looking for players, msg me on disc- user is Velkuzat
  11. An aforementioned, ancient Orenian gave a lofty thumb's up to the missive. "Ave Orenia - may it one day return."
  12. TreeSmoothie

    TO WAR

    TO SERVE AND PROTECT – – WE MUST FIGHT – – TWO YEARS AGO, MY FAMILY WERE STOLEN. SLAIN. AND ROBBED OF THEIR PLACE IN THE SEVEN SKIES. TWO YEARS AGO, DIPLOMACY WAS ATTEMPTED. I have sat RESTLESS as these beasts pursued me – hunting me to wit’s end. I have borne my blade with pride: I have waited for you foul folk to, at last, kill me in battle. But there has been NOTHING. Sat idle in a place you thought unfindable, snickering behind the gate and wall. BUT WE HAVE FOUND YOU. To the Commander of the Pontifical Guard, Patriarch Villorik – to the Queen of Balian, Sybille I – to mi sobrino, Prince Xander – to mi sobrina, Princess Santana – to my friends, the brother Coyote & Dyonne – to my mentor and the greatest wizard to live, Sarah – and ALL OTHERS who seek GLORY, BATTLE, and WHAT-HAVE YOU: We must end the undead menace, once and for all. A united front: no more dis-jointed raids and threats backed only by quill and parchment. Before the beasts grow ever-stronger, we must strike. If not for the kin they have taken from us now, all the ones they have taken and will take in the future. Your mother. Your son, your daughter. Your husband, or wife. Hells, your dog. Let us not have a second Cloudbreaker – or a second Worm. Let us learn from our past mistakes. Ruthlessness is Mercy Upon Ourselves. Your humble servant, Justice-seeker, John Augustus Galbraith
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