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  1. all the way where the tip of renatus is 4 me pls I swear I'm relevant I was an isa captain!!!!!
  2. I love this!! Will give a full read later. however, not allowing certain dark magics such as necro and Mysticism, seems like a weird choice - no other void magic does it, even voidstalking, and I personally think void should remain completely neutral, though I do get the intention!
  3. "HOZH!" a fe-uruk cries, nodding in reverence at the paper. "But, dey kuld realli benefit frum learnin wut a comma iz. Big run-on zentencez, bruddah ..."
  4. TreeSmoothie

    The Hunt

    Dame Viktoriya & her skygod look at the missive. Neither can read it.
  5. MAIN | STUDENT HANDBOOK | THE STARFELL CIRCLE | DISCORD (^ Links ^) Our Citadel has slumbered for too long: now, at last, its classes may begin! The Citadel of Hexenstadt will have its Grand Opening in one year, on the 12th of the Grand Harvest. Refreshments will be offered, and those who wish to attend the school may approach the teacher of each class to ask about joining. Tuition is free and we are non-discriminatory: unless you are banished from the State, you are welcome here. We will also be offering tours of the classrooms! At this time, one medical classroom has been blocked off due to the dissection cadavers stored within it rotting; do not enter lest you wish to smell like rot and have flies cling to thee. We'll have a cleaning team on it soon in order to show off the room to prospective students. OOC INFORMATION:
  6. Feels a bit op for a sword to be able to contain 3 enchantments, only require one person to make, and not really require rolls either. Makes Arcanium pointless besides for containing a t5 spell, no?
  7. Some enfeebled necrolyte, ranting to herself in the dark confines of a cave, muttered, "I simply killed my husbands if they were adulterers! ... All thirteen of 'em."
  8. "Hasn' she tried bedding a dwarf before, vhile married to the Archduke ...? And the Prince, n' surely other men?" some Knight snickered, scowling at the paper. "She ist only Archduchess of the Streets."
  9. "WHO ARE VY!?! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" she wailed.
  10. Hello, ORPHANS! (If you are not an oprhan, this letter does not apply to thee. Begone.) Should you be interested in finding parents, seek out the Serene State of Lurin. I and a few others seek to create an orphanage for the ungodly amount of children who have come to the State looking for help. In order to find the settlement, travel to South Hub and follow the left back to where Balian's camel and the short road to Un'satum (The Orcish village beside the hub). Across from the camel, you will find a blue cart: enter it and our Atronach horses will take you to the city. Ask for Dame Viktoriya or Mia Anarion upon arrival, or send Viktoriya (TreeSmoothie) a bird.
  11. A figure squinted at the missive, cackling like a witch under her breath. "Sounds like their graveyards are getting filled." @femurlord
  12. Dame Viktoriya, well known in Orenian days of yore for giving bombs to children, grimaced at the flier. "He vas harassing children? Aurik vas- OH. Atlian. Et says ... Atilan," she murmured, pushing the spectacles to her face. "Good! Don' know, don' care 'bout no 'Aahtealan'."
  13. [Please do not metagame any of the events below.] [Listening to the song in the spoiler is a must as you read! The white quotes are lyrics. Enjoy.] Act I The Climb ♫♩ "Some might say we're released, pushing daisies, deceased! But we all know the worms must be fed. There's just one lingering fear ... Oh my soul, is it here? Or is it rotting somewhere with my head?" ♫ A figure stalked into the chasm below as the earth gaped apart to coerce her forth, singed by flame and flattened by new footsteps - its rooms were all trashed and ransacked, and so it seemed, now abandoned by its past inhabitants. Yet not entirely. As she went further into the depths, a familiar figure welcomed the woman -- a newly risen Gashadokuro, lingering in the decrepit halls they'd all gathered in not a whole saint's day before. She was to claim her bounty for her zealotry and success in that battle. Yet, what the bounty was, was unknown to her. ♫♩ "Oh no soul, and no name, and no story, what a shame! Cruel existence was only a sham?" ♩♫♩ Her robes still marred from the Siege of the Shattered Skies, the memories of the slaughter fresh in her mind, she recounted the fateful day to the Lich as she clambered upon the slate as it'd asked her. She questioned not, even as she watched it pull a curved dagger from its pocket and ready it before her. AZAKRIVEL. VEVODROK. KHORHADTVITZ. Awful memories rose as she spotted the weapon. A phantasmal sword, spectral chains, the endless wastes of Ebrietaes. What bounty awaited her but death? Had her luck finally run dry? Was this revenge, for those hundreds of souls? ♫♩ "Oh Saint Peter, let me in! You must know where I've been ... Won't you tell me at last who I am?"♩ ♫ Pain erupted from every pore, every strand of muscle and fiber of her being. "AUUUGH! STOP! STOP!" And her consciousness plummeted, far, far, far below through a winding and writhing tunnel of black. Act II The Descent ♫♩ "And from the ground, beneath my feet I hear the anguish of the street: A CHOIR NEVER COMPLETE! And like an old, forgotten tune, a song that no one knows ..." ♫♩ The warring, warping world contorted as she fell, images scoring her mind of great deserts, pits of writhing undead, battlefields of endless conflict. The fear of death struck through her like a rod of lightning, and she felt her soul crack -- Charring, smoldering, burning, incinerating it as webs of sickly black tore it in twain. Where had she gone wrong? Why had she gone off her path of redemption? Like a feverdream, colors swam in her vision like a sea of colorful lights, eyes and skeletal claws watching and grasping at her falling figure. Hallucinations from the pain plagued her mind: upon her back sprouted broken and horribly crooked Owl's wings, and from her head sprouted halo-like horns now shattered. Act III The Reckoning ♫♩ "I’ve got no celebration, just this consolation! Time eats all his children in the end." ♫♩ "I can't die yet! It isn't my time!" Silence. And then all at once, screams erupted around her and cold wing billowed her hair, brushing the soot from her garbs and stinging those fresh wounds of her's. Ichor smeared across her skin. ♫♩ "Another sad, forgotten tune, another song that no one knows! No one to sing, no one to sigh, a melody floats through the air - When silence falls, does no one care?" ♩ ♫♩ Someone once so convinced they were immortal now felt their first wound of centuries, and the first bleed of many moons. Yet her first death lay still unclaimed. ♫♩ "Like John I’ll be eternally a forgotten name, some lost refrain ... Just 'Jane Doe'." ♫♩
  14. [Please do not metagame!] Balian's Day of Reckoning, Told From the Other Perspective "Now ... Kick their ass!" Before the throne of the Archliches, Gashadokuro and Alkhayin, a white-robe-clad figure knelt beside their comrades. The time of Dúr-fán-agurth was nigh. Trudging through the swampwater, those maleficar clambered up the talons of that great beast and rode upon its back, soaring through the sky and slicing the clouds. The Dragon's roars shook the earth and tossed its riders wildly around upon it until they reached that grand city: then, the party departed to begin looping around to find an entrance. As they crested the hill, they came upon the Druids and their beloved Koko Mama. Bolts sailed through the air and flame spat through the grass, catching Ents aflame and burning them to their cores. Alas, amidst their fight, the tree had sparked to life and swept them all from the canyon and into the grasslands below. They tumbled and tumbled until they hit the bottom, others not as fortunate as they were crushed to death by the animated plant. Not far from their landing, draconic silhouettes could be seen battling against a throng of undead, mechanical steeds gnawing at bone and tearing sinew from their weak frames. The Darkstalkers were the first to attack, followed by their Homunculi, a Wolf-man, and two Descendants. A Crowdrake reared into the air and dive-bombed Azdromoth's chosen as they battled the party, the former coming out victorious in the end. The Crowdrake had been trapped by Morur'ei's whip and the Leper, it's summoner, & the wolf-man were tailed closely by another Dragon Knight, Kassian. The only two survivors from the fray fled to better grounds and then parted ways in order to witness the Lich-Dragons destruction. And as the Leper watched Dúr-fán-agurth fall in a firey blaze, they celebrated their comrades and their success. "The weak are meat, and the strong do eat." . . . "My ******* BACK. The damned livin' tree must'a been Awaiti getting back at me fer ..." They glanced back at Koko Mama, now seemingly torn in half and charred wonderfully. "Well. If it's so, she's dead twice, then. Stay dead, Druid."
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