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  1. "Jackson," an old alchemist muttered, staring down at the tome with blurry eyes. Her thumb graced the paper, grazing atop a few droplets that'd fallen upon it. "Ye' weren't supposed to die. Never got to catch up with you, after . . . After I had to go off n' deal with those bandits. Why did you have to die?" Viktoriya whimpered, the giantess falling into her wooden seat with a THUD. "Godan, damn it all. Ye' were one of my only friends left."
  2. IMPERIAL STATE ARMY His Imperial Majesty’s Fifth Brigade - The Imperial State Engineering, Medical, & Arcane Corps “Integrity & Initiative!” Penned by Captain Dame Viktoriya DeNurem KL PREAMBLE: Out of all, once four, Imperial brigades; Infantry, Recruitment, Cavalry, & the Royal Guard, not one gave a true home nor base to rarer niches like field medics, mages, nor engineers. The origins of the 5th brigade were steeped in a shaky foundation, difficult first assignment, and premature activation to solve a problem
  3. DIAMONDS . .. prithee I want to make ITEMS WITH DIAMONDS Dont even make them useable otherwise I just like the aesthetic
  4. Viktoriya sniffed, frowning some at the appearance of a brigade; two purposes, snagged & stolen from other brigades, sewn into one. She shook her head and went back to brooding.
  5. Some 'armored figure' wailed, slamming its fists upon the hollowed husk of a tree. Around it sat a field burnt to crisp, set aflame in some rage; smoke and smog damning the sky, and beyond. "You told me you weren't going to die!" It shook its head, wiping its red face of the soot that'd painted it. "I don't know what devil killed him. But I'll find them, I'll . . . I'll burn down all of this cursed city myself!" White flames licked at its heels, consuming the field just before Providence. A corpse hung at its fore; Sergei Othaman, though depri
  6. Dame Viktoriya grimaced, reading over the pamphlet with a visible distaste. "How do they know my name, what in the world?" she hissed, hiding her face with a hand. That woman turned to glance at the hulking figure by her side, husked by black steel; only staring. "Let's solve problems as we always do, die Begleitung. Beat t'faechk out of whoever's te'worm that wrote this mess."
  7. Captain Viktoriya frowned, glancing between both documents. She sighed, settling back with one in-hand. "It seems we've gone back to war. Lest the dwarves wish to retract their demands . . ." that woman shook her head. "Oh well. I'll do what I need to protect my kin."
  8. Viathan Othaman grimaced at the flier, smoothing one edge with his thumb as he spoke to a debutee. He folded it and set it away, shaking the thought off with a pout. "Hurtful vords, but at least they didn't critique me. Though, I do niet recall speaking to a Natalie, and . . . Hey! She spelled my name wrong! Now, I'm offended at that!"
  9. o all prospective bachelors and bachelorettes, I extend an invitation to you to join my kinsmen at the County of Valles; the ruby of Northern Oren, to dine and speak over the candlelight! Before the Princess Imperial names one lucky lady the Ruby of the Season, I find it fit to meet and make acquaintances with our fellow debutees! t this small feast, we’ll dine on local game and discuss our hopes and goals for this season. Are you a Dame that strives to capture the Imperials’ mighty eye? Or a Sir, that seeks a lady’s company? Make yourself known here, and scope out either party to
  10. Skin: Curtains Bid: 160 TreeSmoothie#2018
  11. A Plate-Clad Figure scowled down at the missive, putting it aside as it shoved a slew of potions; working, and archaic, into a leather duffle bag. It shoved the bag's belt over one pauldron and heaved it onto its back with a muffled groan, making a start onto the road. "Ostromir, you fool, don't die yet. You've saved my life thrice - it's too early for you," that descendant mumbled, pinching its eyes shut as light filtered through its visor. "Besides, those hooligans in the Seven Skies aren't as good as mortal company. I hear you only get to make half-witted remarks at your family every
  12. MC Name: TreeSmoothie Current Tier: none Desired Tier: A Reason to be Moved: I am Orlanth's bestest friend for life, I deserve good tier.... REVISION: I've also beaten legendary pvp god MICKAEL in pvp... @aiden0023I demand a good tier
  13. IGN: TreeSmoothie Character Name: Dame Viktoriya Magical Ability(s): Inquire in DMs (people like to ask for magic OOCly) + t3 (max) alchemy Discord: TreeSmoothie#2018
  14. ot long after the Mali's letter had been distributed, he'd have found a short missive sent back in response, delivered by a large, rather conversational crow adorned in tacky jewelry and dozens of expensive-looking, hanging chains. A scroll sat tucked 'twixt its two talons clad in gold, unfurling when taken to reveal; "Minuvas Melphestaus, You seem well rounded for an elven kinsman I've never quite seen in the empire. I'm Viktoriya; and, while I likely cannot fulfill the position of a tutor, I'd be interested to meet another Imperial 'thill. I know my fair share, I'm an
  15. "Malan ito Adrine," Viktoriya bobbed her head. "Ti."
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