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  1. God, this is pretty cool. I want it 👁👁
  2. IGN (MC Username) TreeSmoothie Discord: TreeSmoothie#2018Likes: Skins (in need of !!), neat little trinkets, surprise me! Maybe vip, wink winkDislikes: IDM anything!
  3. Viktoriya stood amongst the remains of the great Bastion - her footsteps thundering against the stone in the abandoned ruins, her surroundings silent - save for the ever present crackling of flames, and rumbling of stone. A placid grin sat atop her twisted visage, as she limped toward the throne room of the the Novellen Palace. "A time to be alive . . ." the woman mumbled, as she pried open the boarded entrance. The woman crept along the displaced rubble, her brows knit in a look of thought. She ascended the stairs to the dias, pacing atop it.
  4. Viktoriya peered down at the document, grinning. "Nice."
  5. Lieutenant Viktoriya DeNurem grimaced, bowing her head. "A shame . . . Ve vill get t'es child back - Nei matter vhat."
  6. Hey!! Thanks for the chance! Won't let me display this as a link, eek
  7. Viktoriya DeNurem blinked, watching as a man was driven from the Captain's office, a lengthy Legislation parchment in his hand. "Da faechk t'ey're doing over t'ere?" she mumbled, soon returning to her work.
  8. Viktoriya DeNurem gave a firm nod, squinting down at the document. "Tae Red Stripes? Loike . . . Tae ones next teh Esbec? Ah'll 'ave teh keep an eye out," the woman mumbled, soon returning to her work within the Fifth Brigade. Turning toward the Captain-to-be, she'd hand the Pruvia-Provins a stack of documents and vials, slinking back toward her desk after a brief conversation.
  9. [!] A letter is delivered to the Wandering Bazaar, carried by a vulture. The parchment betwixt its talons, would read: "Greetings, Brother Aaliyah! I would love to accompany you upon your journey - And, if you'd like, I may be able to send a few soldiers along with us for your cause. Awaiting your response, Viktoriya DeNurem, of Helena."
  10. A woman peers at the leaflet, scratching her chin in thought. Soon, she sends a bird, "Good day, my friend! I write this in hopes of securing a time with you wonderful lot. When will your caravan be arriving, with in the Crownlands of Oren, might you think? Have a fantastic evening, Viktoriya DeNurem, Deputy-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."
  11. ISA FALL GAMES - SIGN UP SHEET _______________________________________ Ensign Viktoriya DeNurem Spooky Scavenger Hunt, Pig Racing, & the Costume Contest [OOC: Saw a new option on the forums to use background images, wanted to test it out with this, lol. IGN is TreeSmoothie]
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