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  1. [!] Posters were strung up anywhere allowed, including major cities and small towns alike. CONDUIT FOR SALE! An activated conduit. Conduit for sale! I’ve been hoping to get these two conduits off of my hands for a while- I have no use for them, and I only risk losing them with each day I keep these awfully expensive relics. Now, you may be wondering: What even IS a Conduit? Well, my friend, a Conduit will be very useful for you if you like to swim. Somehow, it allows you to breathe infinitely when underneath water, and it also gives you night vision and easier movement when near. Conduits are 10,000 mina in the Shop of Wonders, but I’m accepting much lower offers! If you wish to buy one, send a letter to me- Celia Avilum- and I’ll get back to you. Upon sending a price I like for the relic, we will meet at Neutral Ground (Cloud Temple) and complete the transaction.
  2. Celia gazed at the parchment as it flew by, instinctively grabbing it. ”Really? Who’d steal presents right before Krugmas? I’ll help! I... Just need to figure out where this was sent from, hrm...” (OOC: Where’s it at?)
  3. IGN (MC Username): TreeSmoothie Discord: TreeSmoothie#9844 Likes: long walks on the beach, nice guys, stable relationships Long books (20+ pages- I really like reading :’), Ferrum or Slayersteel swords, Runed items, Cool glowy items, Monk ornaments (I’m not sure if it means what I think it means) Dislikes: Short books, Food items, Random blocks/unnamed items (i.e. you give me a regular minecraft poppy. Sweet and nice, but not exactly what I’m looking for), Medical items, Things that’re supposed to be placed (i.e. a painting with a description, a cutlery wrack, etc.)
  4. Celia Avilum glanced around in confusion as she approached the city on boat, her hair waving like a banner in the wind behind her as she docked. ”Eugh... Disgusting, who leaves their city like this?”
  5. Celia Avilum sighed, gazing ot to the ocean. She was still stuck on Arcadia, the long-forgotten ancient city. "Will we make it in time?" she mumbled to herself.
  6. A young Mali’thill, Celia Avilum, glanced at the drawing in wonder. Flipping the parchment over, she read and absorbed the information of the text and let out an excited squeal. ”A chance to discover an old city? I must know more!” (OOC: My username is TreeSmoothie, and my char’s name is Celia Avilum. This event sounds super cool, so I’m hoping to tag along and join! If it’s anything like the mermaid event you hosted in the Grotto, this’ll be awesome.)
  7. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’eha,” Celia murmured, remembering last month’s events- of listening to the man’s crimes, and then, watching him punished. Glancing to the parchment, she realized she had been included in the last picture and beamed. What an honor!
  8. Walking past the dead bodies of the bandits she’d helped track, Celia spat on the corpses, the anger beginning to die down in her gaze- they had made the mistake to tell her where to go, holding her sister in their clutches and expecting a fantastic payout for the toddler when the rally turned the corner. “Chris Hanson would be proud.”
  9. Louella would never remember a Talon’s princess named Dixie, nor her friend- the queen, Ania- popping her out of the womb.
  10. Louella de Leubast Harkness’ breath became shallow as she saw Morsgrad’s sigil upon the parchment, her skin paling to a ghostly white as she approached a copy of the document nailed upon the announcement board of the Grotto. Expecting the worst, she coaxed her children away from the board and read the letter from afar. Letting out a feeble breath of relief, she began to trot towards their manner to see what iron they had to help in the efforts of the alliance.
  11. Louella gazed at the document and shook her head with a sigh. ”Didn’ they see Arthur’s letter? We’ve been planning to get tha’ damn cows n’ tha’ mina to ‘em, just not enough time to. We may be like Oren, sucking tha’ orcs toes, but Oren still won the war,” she’d mumble to herself and settled down onto the divan with her tots to feed them.
  12. Togork pounds his chest, amused by the white elves’ defeat.
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