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  1. Viktoriya sneered, lifting a gnarled hand to hide the grin that'd broken out across her face. The woman shook her head, tossing the paper into the pyre she sat beside to mull over the announcement. "Sergei Othaman, te' manwhore. Sergei Othaman, the scorn to the Othaman name. A man most hated by his comrades, and by humanity - may he rest in the scalding fires of Hell where he belongs," that behemoth spat. She lit aflame the end of her cigar, snaking her hands through her hair as she muttered unto herself. Without a regret, Viktoriya went on to spew insults at the burning page
  2. Tseczar Tailors Skin Auction Rules 1. Please do not buy a skin and then ask for a refund. After you've received the file, no Mina will be given back to prevent theft. 2. Payment must be given before the file is sent. 3. Bids start at 60 Mina, and increase by 10 Mina intervals. 4. I can only accept Mina as payment, since I'm a minor and can't have a paypal/etc. 4.1 In-game items are negotiable, please send a message before trying to bid with one! 5. Bidding will close in 3 days [2/18/2021] at 2:30 PM EST. Format Username:
  3. Name: Dame Viktoriya Tseczar DeNurem Age: Thirty . . . Fourty-fifty something. Street Address: Henry's Wharf 1
  4. Viathan Othaman signs in wide, messy letters using chalk. Viathan Othaman
  5. Viktoriya DeNurem lazily blinked, taking the missive within her wretched grasp as she tinkered with a bronzen construct. She'd brush it aside, lifting the paper into the dim candlelight above her to read. That woman grumbled, crumpling it and tossing it away as she'd reach the bottom. "Lies," she uttered simply. "It's so easy to tell how very fabricated this is. I hope Tanith is thrown to hellfire. D'Azor, Ostromir, Kovachev? She should've known better, none of them even interact with each other. Or, at least, weren't interacting at that time. Otto isn't a fool, either - he wouldn't comm
  6. Full Name: Viktoriya Mariya DeNurem Age of the Alderman Candidate: 35 Street Address: Henry's Wharf 1 & the Imperial Army Bastion
  7. Some place deep within the twisting crypts and catacombs of the Imperial Bastion, a single, guttural shriek rung throughout the sodden halls. A sickening crack thundered from from the hall's torture chamber, within it, a deranged woman. Blood strung across her flesh like a sickly web, coagulating and drying after she'd fallen limp to the several blows - only to wake hours later and be reminded of her predicament. In the chair opposite of her, laid a corpse, sat up as though to appear living. Though that brunette's eyes had long rolled back into her skull; her muscles had long with
  8. ✠ Report on the Fifth Brigade’s Progress ✠ 1st of Horen's Calling, 1804 Penned by Lieutenant-Chaplain Viktoriya DeNurem As it stands, the Fifth Brigade contains one soldier. However, with a sanction from the General, we may now begin our recruitment process! Are you an aspiring alchemist, or, perhaps a novice magi? Join the Fifth Brigade. https://forms.gle/ZKfV41x4QwbQCnZH8 The Fifth Brigade has started its resource index. Only select Officers (Majors, and above) & Fifth Brigade members will have access to this document to ensure safety o
  9. Viktoriya Mariya DeNurem lofted a hand to hide her lips as she'd yawn, lazily kicking back on her office chair. She'd set the paper toward the side, snickering beneath her breath as she stole a swig from her Hanseti vodka. "Silly nobility," the Lady murmured. "Wonder how those rumors spread, though . . . Oh well! I have nothing to lose, at least."
  10. I'd volunteer to voice girls but I read stuff like a robot WtP is my new favorite TV show
  11. A white-tufted Hei-zhu took the parchment within its giant grasp, setting it aside to read with a narrowed, red gaze. "Hou . . . Join empire? Seems . . . Untraditional. Fenghou is afraid of our distant cousins," she'd mutter, tossing it aside with a shake of her head.
  12. Lieutenant-Chaplain Viktoriya DeNurem let out a snort, lifting the missive she'd found into the air to read amidst her evening patrol. "How cruel, I and the Assistant Solicitor General were left out of the tale! We're just extras, I suppose," the dastardly woman snickered beneath her breath, continuing upon her merry way to go harass a random passerby.
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