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  1. me watching liches, azdrazi, and wights do slice of life rp while disguised as elves:
  2. Somewhere, atop a shrine of Aglazek, the spirit of gnomes, a small clay effigy is set.
  3. [!] A flier is stuck to every hub's board, alongside some of the larger settlements; it seems whoever circulated these missives must have truly been desperate. As you glance down the page, sections of masterful printmaking art and calligraphy grace your eyes, somewhat differing between each page. "你好, friends of Almaris; my name is Jiàn, and I send this letter out in great desperation. Long ago, I ventured off into the endless woods in search of purpose. I was confused, and terrified after descendant-kind was forced to flee the Arcas; and I realize, now, what I've done was a great dishonor to my kin. What you all may know as the Hou-zi are much more than wandering Ronin or frightful beasts -- we once ruled over Axios, and in the glory of my kind's Immortal King Hou-Shen did they bask. However, just as our old Empire was corrupted and sent into ruin by the Doombringer, Metzli, it seems he has once again come to bear his ugly fangs; and with a deft swipe, sent us back into scarcity. As I sit here writing this, my anger boils in my veins and woe claws at my heart. Should any of my Hou brethren exist, or those of the lost city Yong Ping, I beg of you all to write back; to show me I am not truly the last one left. I've secured a long-abandoned home on the outskirts of the forgotten bastion, and though it's certainly ... Rife with rats and pests, I'd be happy to house others here as well. 愿我们再次统治!为了侯神! Huang Jiàn."
  4. "The Hounds," murmured a wandering Haruspex. "I like the name."
  5. A crazed old woman catches the paper as it whisks through the air, reading over the surname Darkwood with a tired grin. "Proclamation of vyr mum. Now stop haunting me, Velhrun."
  6. Jaguar Labrador Hawk Cockroach (kidding, shorthair cat) Turkish angora
  7. An old, decrepit ISA Captain; perhaps even the very last of her brethren, clutches the letter in her two taloned hands. "The ... The FALL?! It can't have been t'at long ago ... Nie, nie! I'm niet history yet! THE EMPIRE LIVES! ... ARRGH!" Papers scattered across her desk, and as she blinked, the scenery around her faded back into her new abode; a cavern, chains, blood-stained walls. "TE' EMPIRE LIVES, DAMN-ET!"
  8. R a c o on Pallis Cat Polar bear Kraken Swan
  9. Rattlesnake Polarbear Salmon Crow German shepard Black bear Coral snake Hummingbird Schnauzer dog Komodo dragon
  10. Snowy owl Finch Blue footed booby Kangaroo Timber wolf Gray fox
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