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  1. AHHH! Finally got my skin all figured out and I'll be joining everyone with a good start in Vailor in the next couple days :D

  2. I sadly won't be able to get an actual good start until I can get some skin issues i am having worked out. Hopefully I'll be able to be on just about everyday shortly! 

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    2. Pixel_Wings


      I have a skin shop, if you'd like to make a request there. It does cost minas, but it's very cheap.

    3. Unitoctopus


      oh? how would i go about that?


    4. Pixel_Wings


      Just click on my name and you'll see a list of things I've posted. Scroll down and you'll find it. Or, you can search for Sari3l's skin shop in the upper right corner of the screen (you know, where it says Search). Then, read the post and decide if you want me to make you a skin!

  3. It's been almost 24 hours and I am still not whitelisted. Gah! I am so excited to be part of the server that I am growing impatient. Please let me be whitelisted soon~

    1. | ZipZapMan |

      | ZipZapMan |

      Don't you worry! Soon you will be able to join us on Vailor!

    2. Attic_Salt


      You should be whitelisted soon.