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  1. π’žπ‘’π’Έπ’Ύπ“ πΏπ‘œπ“‡π‘’π“ƒπ“‰π’½π“Šπ“ˆ Basic Information Full Name: Cecil Lorenthus Real Name: Anna Elverhilin Alias(s): Soothsayer of Elvenesse Name Meaning: Blind Age: Appears Early-Thirties, 270’s Birthdate: Unknown Gender: Male (AFAB) Pronouns: He/Him Race: Elf Ethnicity: Wood Elf/High Elf Nationality: N/A Profession: Fortune Teller, Dedicant Religion: Aspectist, Ichorianism Physical Height: 4’10 - 147.32 cm Weight: 90ft - 40.8 cm Hair: Long, Pull
  2. Discord: Kry#7857Skin Title: Robes (Epistle)Bid(s): 5$
  3. Despite the wrapping situated around his eyes, Cecil would hold the latest edition of the romance novel up to his face as he read over it intensely. Sagging against his seat upon completing the chapter, he'd murmur to himself. "What a twist! I wonder what will happen in the next chapter.."
  4. 𝔽𝕠𝕣π•₯π•¦π•Ÿπ•– & 𝔽𝕒π•₯𝕖 "The Cards tell all." Are you in a position where your future is uncertain? Is there a question that lingers on your mind that you have no answer to? Perhaps there is an inner conflict that you do not know how to resolve. Regardless, perhaps the Fates have something to tell you. Beseech the Cards for any answers you may have, and allow the energies surrounding your person to resolve whatever ails you. Spreads Three Card Spread - This Technique has been passed down for numerous generations and serves to detect the Past, Pre
  5. IGN: KryTheRatCharacter name: CecilWhich game(s) are you signing up for: (There is no limit!) Precision
  6. The Fate Cards The Deck of Fate is a deck of cards used by Seers and Diviners to connect with the energies of their surroundings and answer questions, see the future, and connect with energies around them. Of course, the legitimacy of the cards are entirely up for debate - but that does not stop those that use them. The deck is made up of 78 cards, each representing something both in the upright and in the reverse. Major Arcana The Fool - 1 Meaning: Upright: innocence, new beginnings, free spirit, Reversed: recklessness, taken advantage of, inconsiderat
  7. Need a char played, if anyone would be interested - they're Adunian. Hmu for details!

  8. Cloverwood Family [Totally not Drug Dealers!] History Never the biggest, brightest, or oldest, the Cloverwood family was born when it’s founder, a man known only as Mr. Cloverwood, was estranged from his family. After this estrangement he found himself quick to marry a Proper Halfling woman who lived on her family’s farm. Ms. Cloverwood was a skilled farmer, harvesting their goods and allowing Mr. Cloverwood to turn it into a variety of drinks, jams, soaps, and so on. They were a formidable pair, and were sickeningly in love. Together they have numerous children. S
  9. Yong Ping Vacation Spots Available! Are you growing bored by day to day life? Do you have so much paperwork it’s starting to all blur together? Well, it sounds like it’s time for a vacation! Luckily for you, the Yong Ping Agency of Procurance has just the thing! Rent out a vacation home in the heart of Oyashima and Li-Ren culture. Enjoy having all your needs tended to while you stay, from prepared meals to entertainment. Take a break, and allow us to take the weight off of your shoulders. Packages The Basic Package inc
  10. Β 

    Need to buy something? Let us do it for you! (now hiring!)

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