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  1. Do not weep for me, for I will soon be gone. My body may die, but my soul will live on. Perhaps up to heaven, maybe eternity, or be reborn as another, when I am set free. ===================================================== It wouldn’t be long now. He had managed to surpass even what was expected of him, living on even while the doctors said he would not. Cecil had been fighting an unwinnable battle for as long as he could remember. With each passing day, his body was set alight with a torturous flame, and still he refused to succumb to its release. On a cold day, letters would be delivered by an aging Vulture. Friends and family would easily recognize Anura as Cecil’s Ichorian companion. To Quillian To Hareven To Zolvan To Emerald To Lysanthir To Suika Cecil Lorenthus was dead.
  2. ✧ Rainbow Social Season Auction ✧ This is a mixed skin auction with different skinners and different types of skins. All skins are geared towards the Orenian Social Season with a Rainbow theme! There are Six Female skins and One Male skin. RULES ✧ Bids start at 100 mina ✧ Only Comment if bidding. No editing bids, please make a new comment if bidding again ✧ Minimum increase for bids is 50 ✧ No reposting/reselling skins purchased ✧ Minor Edits to the skin [Color, Jewelry, Shoulders] may be requested by winners ✧ Contact RUM#6069 if you have any questions Auction Ends 8/21/21 at 12AM BIDDING FORMAT ✧ Discord: ✧ IGN: ✧ Skin Title: ✧ Bid: The Red Lady - @Remyy Orange you Glad it’s Easterner? - @Remyy Lemon n’ Lace - @Cally Green with Envy - @Remyy Gentleman in Blue - @DoreeBear Lilac n’ Chill - @Maevlin The Black Widow- @Maevlin
  3. Oop, missed this. Thank you!
  4. o7 owo Honestly, that was a big concern when I was working on this. Admittedly, I wasn't around when the Izkuthii were active so I don't have a good mindset on how to not do what they did. Right now I've worked on this to be a mixture of Lighthearted goofs (e.x Electric Handshake, Illusionary Animal) so I made a fair few spells also have more drastic mind-fuckery (e.x Hideous Laughter, Eyes of the Watcher) where the actual conflict will rely heavily on how the victim RPs such effects. Should the lore be accepted, it's been a goal of mine to recruit a mixture of lighthearted and more conflict-oriented people. Thank you for the feedback!! Every bit helps :D
  5. Ͳհҽ Ɱҽʂʍҽɾʂ [Ambience] T E D I U M “Boredom and Power are a deadly combination.” The demise of the Izukthii has driven the Daemon of trickery into a droll boredom. Dawning a new guise to meddle in mortal matters would surely stir him from his boredom; however doing so would risk alerting other Celestials to his machinations. Rather than take such a risk, he concocted a different scheme to relieve him. Through the resurrection of a long dead school of magic, he introduced a new element to...enrich the lives of mortals. With this, the Mesmers were reborn. P E R D I T A “All history is lost eventually.” The Mesmers’ origin story is one with great variation. However, it is widely agreed upon that the first Mesmer was created in ancient Almaris. Only two facts remain constant in each retelling of its creation: a desperate man and a bored Llahir. The most common tale depicts a gambler who amassed a debt so great that an execution order was placed upon his head. In his desperation, he pleaded to the Celestials from his cell for a chance at redemption. Yet, his sorrowful pleas remained unanswered up to the day of his execution, when all hope was lost. Only then did Llahir appear before him. Having sensed an opportunity to sow chaos in the mortal realm, the being offered the man a deal. He would grant the man the gift of magic, a Maniette, and the means to escape; all in exchange for allowing the being to place a mark upon his body. The man gladly accepted the hand outstretched to him in his time of need...though in his glee, he remained totally unaware of the Daemon’s trick. The being’s Mesmarae, his magic, now coursed through his veins--allowing the Daemon access to his body whenever it so pleased. The gambler returned to his ways, which allowed the Daemon access to the seedy underworld of mortal society. His infamy grew more infamous with each passing day. His newfound status as a legendary figure drew the envy of his peers, but also allowed him to amass a rather sizable following. Thugs and thieves flocked to him in search of increasing their own lot in life. Even those driven to desperation fell in line, pledging loyalty to the trickster that had granted him such power. The Daemon allotted power to those he believed would further his cause: inciting chaos in the mortal realm. One by one, new Mesmers were marked and gained power. At first, their numbers were few, and it was rare for anyone to grow as powerful as the original Mesmer. However, as time progressed forward more Mesmers came to light, sowing the seeds of chaos in the lands they inhabited. N O V U S “The end is but another’s beginning.” Unfortunately, this period of prosperity did not last. The magic and history of the Mesmers faded into obscurity following the mysterious collapse of the Ancient Almaris. When the last Mesmer died, Llahir grew bored of his game and turned his attention to other matters; at least, until the Descendants landed on Almaris anew. He had long yearned for the time when there existed those worthy of wielding his chaotic power--but finding new hosts proved to be a rather difficult task. He lent his power to various individuals, only to toss them aside when they proved unworthy of this boon. That is, until he found a group of three tricksters to whom he bequeathed knowledge of the ancient practice. Modern Mesmers practice a less potent form of chaotic magic. While Llahir sought to empower them, he did not intend to make the path to greatness quite so easy. Instead, he sought to spur their imagination through placing limitations upon them. While he did not detail the method for doing so, tricking the system he had created was greatly encouraged. Much like the Mesmers’ magic, he underwent a kind of rebirth. The Daemon took on a new name and was then forth known as ‘the Watcher’. P E R S O N A “Are you ready to roll the dice?” Rolling the Dice [Magic Explanation] Mesmer’s draw their power from the link formed between themselves and the Watcher. This link sends waves of mana to a Focus, which is then redirected to the Mesmer. Without a focus, there can be no link--and thus the Mesmer is rendered incapable of using their gifts. This serves as a precaution meant to protect the Mesmer themself. Without a Focus, the surge of power would overwhelm the mortal caster and cause them grievous harm...or in the worst case, death. Spells must be taught, with the exception of the ‘base’ spells, which each Mesmer knows innately. All Spells come at the cost of charges, or mana bursts that are stored within the Focus. Rolling the Dice is the basis of all Mesmer casting. RPly, this effect happens when one uses the focus to make a random selection. [Ex. Pulling a card, Spinning a wheel, etc.] OOCly/Mechanically, this is done by using the rolling plug-in. All rolls are out of 20, though the flavor effect of high-tier spells may be exempted from this rule. All spells require a roll. This emphasizes the fact that each spell is a gamble for the Mesmer. The more powerful the spell, the more likely it is that the spell will backfire on the caster. Casting any Mesmer spell requires 3-4 emotes at the base level. However, other spells may have a higher or lower cost depending on the desired effect, Connection to Focus [T1-T2] → Connection to Focus → Rolling of Dice → Effect of the Spell. The Mesmer forms a Connection to Focus when they draw mana from within the focus and channel it in preparation for a spell. This task scales in difficulty according to the Mesmer’s tier. A higher ranked Mesmer may find this task easier than a lower ranked Mesmer would, for example. T1-T2 Mesmers require two emotes to connect to their focus. Most often the Mesmer becomes very relaxed upon connection or suddenly filled with energy. One of these must be emoted as a Mesmer’s tell. Rolling the dice requires the Mesmer to use their focus. At this point, the Mesmer should roll a D20 to determine the spell’s effect. Once these emotes have been completed, the Mesmer is then allowed to emote the effects of the spell. The Mesmer’s Mesmerac glows brighter than usual until the spell effect ends. Mesmers possess a greater soul in order to practice as a Mesmer. The Watcher is a possessive creature; for this reason, Mesmers are not allowed to engage in certain Magics. The Magics forbidden to active Mesmers are as follows: Paladinism, Azdrazi, Naztherak, Necromancy, and Mysticism. One who has been touched by the aforementioned Magics may not become Mesmers. Those who wish to become Mesmers may seek out a Master Mesmer. Master Mesmers have finished their studies and have access to all available Mesmer spells. These magicians must be Two-Slotted in order to put up a TA. Most Acolytes of the Mesmer path spend a period of one (1) to two (2) years in study acting as assistants to their teacher before beginning to practice magic themselves. Mesmer is a feat up until T3 whereupon they may Dedicate up to two slots. Slots taken must be noted on the MA after the Calling event. Redlines - Only creatures in possession of a Greater Soul are capable of becoming Mesmers. Constructs, Atronarchs, and all other creatures lacking a Greater Soul are incapable of becoming Mesmers. - Active members of the following orders are prohibited from becoming Mesmers: Paladins, Naztherak, Necromancers, Azdrazi, Druids, Shamans, and Mystics. - All magics not defined above may be mixed with Mesmer Magic. [Ex. Blood Magic, Voidal Magic, etc.] - Siliti, Epiphytes, and other beings of that nature may not become Mesmers. - Every spell a Mesmer casts requires the Player to roll a D20. If a Player is caught casting spells without adhering to this rule, they will be stripped of their magic and blacklisted. - If the Mesmer has a visible Mesmerac they must emote it flaring/glowing when they cast a spell. - The ‘Tell’ for the Mesmer must be emoted when they connect to their focus. - You must be a Two-Slotted T5 Mesmer to make a TA. Tier Progression Tier One: Newly initiated Mesmers’ have access to T1 spells. They cannot further their studies until one year [one (1) ooc week] has passed. This time is typically spent studying or researching their newfound magic. A Mesmer must make their Maniette while in this tier in order to progress to T2. Connection to Focus takes two (2) emotes. Tier Two: This stage takes place after the Mesmer has come to better understand their new power. While the Calling has not yet taken full effect, the Mesmer may begin to start displaying more chaotic behavior. This stage lasts three years [three (3) ooc weeks] minimum. During this time, the Mesmerac forms as a small tattoo on the Mesmer’s body. Connection to Focus takes two (2) emotes. Tier Three: When they enter T3, the Mesmer begins to hear the Call. This provides them with more spells they can use by allowing them to take up to two (2) slots of the magic. This stage lasts three years. [Three (3) weeks OOC] Tier Four: At this point, theMesmer’s Mesmerac grows larger and becomes more complex. The Mesmer’s magic becomes more unstable, sometimes lashing out when they are under duress (See ‘Wild Surge’ in Abilities) This tier lasts four years. [Four (4) years OOC] Tier Five: Few Mesmers ever reach this point in their studies. However, those that do gain access to T3 spells. Mesmers cannot advance past this tier. Mesmer Focuses A Mesmer’s power must be channeled through a Maniette, more commonly known as a Focus. Focuses are personalized for each Mesmer. For this reason, they can come in any number of shapes and sizes. Dice, cards, and mina coins are the most common forms for a Focus to take. When in their first stage of study Mesmers must either choose or make a focus. The T1 spell imbue focus can be used to bond with the object. After that, the object acts as a Focus and can be used to cast Mesmer spells. All Mesmer focuses must have two-sides or otherwise be capable of creating some kind of random result. A bear statuette, for example, would be incapable of being a focus. However, a spinning wheel would be a serviceable option. If a Focus has multiple pieces [ex. A deck of cards], all imbued pieces must be together in order for the Focus to function properly. If even a single card that was there during the imbuement is missing from the deck, then the deck cannot function as a Focus until that card is returned to the deck. To counteract the risks associated with losing part of a focus, Mesmers can choose to imbue select parts of their focus. For example, ½ of a deck or one of their dice. This allows the user to replace part of a focus without having to start from scratch with a new one. In order to cast spells the Focus must spend charges. The amount of charges available scales to the current tier and slot level the Mesmer is at. Each spell has a charge cost which must be spent in order for it to be cast. After the roll the dice emote the spent charges may recharge again after 1d4 hours. T1: 3 Charges T2: 6 Charges T3: 12 Charges T4: 15 Charges T5: 18 Charges One Slot Dedicated: Four Additional Charges Two Slot Dedicated: Four Additional Charges Focus’ can be manipulated in small and subtle ways, such as making a deck of cards hover over your hands, changing the color of one’s dice, etc. These are purely cosmetic and cannot be used as an advantage for the Mesmer. Hovering focus’ must still be within arm’s reach, you cannot manipulate dice to roll a certain number, etc. Redlines - If someone takes, or attempts to take part of a focus [Taking a card from a deck, taking one die, etc] players who imbued half of their focus MUST roll a d20 to see if part of the focus was taken. Evens mean the focus remains untouched, odds mean they took a focus part. - Maniette must be made through the T1 spell Imbue Focus. Focuses can only be remade if part of the focus is destroyed or lost. - An object can only be made into a focus if it can allow random selection. Wheels, Dice, Cards, etc. - Mesmers cannot cast spells without a Focus. The sole exception to this is the spell ‘Imbue Focus’ which may be cast without. - Focus’ must be ST signed. Mesmeracs When a Mesmer completes their first year of study, they will awaken to find a small glowing tattoo located somewhere on their body. This mark is a Mesmerac; a claim left upon the Mesmer by the watcher to warn off other Celestials. The Watcher is extremely possessive, and does not allow the claimed to perform certain Deity-gifted magics. When the Mesmer reaches T4, the Mesmerac grows in size and becomes harder to conceal via conventional means. It is said that the design of the Mesmerac reflects the Mesmers inner being; however, no one truly knows why Mesmeracs take a certain form. Even the method through which they appear on one’s body is currently unknown. Once the tattoo is formed, it can not be changed in any way. Tattoo ink, scars, and anything else that might obscure the lines of a Mesmerac fade within one narrative day of being inflicted. Mesmaracs start off small, in places easily concealable by the Mesmer practitioner. They cannot be multicolored. However, they do glow in the color of the Mesmer’s aura. The Mesmerac can only change color if the color of the Mesmer’s aura changes; though it is also possible for the mark to maintain the original coloration. Removing the Mesmerac is impossible. Even those who abandon the practice are incapable of removing it. If the flesh containing the tattoo is wounded in a way that would obscure the tattoo, the Mesmerac remains in place. The portion of the scar that would obscure the lining disappears within a day of being inflicted upon the Mesmer. If the limb containing the tattoo is removed, the tattoo will manifest on a different part of the body after a narrative day has passed. Unbeknownst to anyone, the Mesmerac has a hidden purpose. Upon completion of the mark being formed, it acts as a bridge between the Mesmer’s body and the will of the Watcher. After Mesmerac’s grows at T4, the Watcher is able to take control of the Mesmer’s physical body. Should this event happen, the Mesmer finds themselves trapped in their own subconscious. Redlines: - The Mesmerac’s design is determined by the player. They can depict animals, abstract images, and most other things. However, they can not depict words associated with any language. At most, they can depict a string of letters which amount to gibberish. - Their glow is faint. A Mesmerac can not provide enough light to illuminate an area. - The Watcher can take control of the Mesmer’s body at any point following the Memerac’s growth at T4. This MUST be a ST event. The Watcher will not cause direct physical harm to the Mesmer, but may cause some trouble while wearing their skin. - Mesmeracs can not be multi-colored. They match the color of the Mesmer’s aura. - A Mesmers’ corpse can only be identified by those who have been told ICly that the scorched remains of a Mesmerac identifies the body as a Mesmers’. - If a Mesmerac is visible, the Mesmer must emote it flaring brighter when casting a spell. The Calling Only after four (4) full years [four irl weeks] of practicing does a T3 Mesmer begin to hear the call. This means the Watcher has finally taken notice of the Mesmer, and has decided to give them the chance to gamble with it. Initially, the Calling begins with the Mesmer feeling a faint sensation of being watched. Ultimately, it culminates in a dream. In this dream a person with an ever-changing visage offers the Mesmer the chance to increase their power--all in exchange for a little gamble. If accepted, the Player dedicates one (1) slot to the Magic. The entity will then offer the Mesmer the chance to play another game which, if accepted, will end with similar results. The Player will dedicate another slot and gain access to higher level spells. Once the games have been completed, the entity will thank the Mesmer before vanishing from existence. The Calling will only happen once for a Mesmer. The entity that approaches the Player can take many forms; though it often chooses to take a form familiar to the Mesmer by mimicking a person they know. It is naturally skilled at every game, though it has a random chance of winning or losing each one. However, the Player still uses a slot to further advance their practice of the Magic regardless of the game’s outcome. It’s personality, much like its form, is ever-changing. Each Mesmer may perceive it as having a completely different personality than another might. It prefers to appear in a unique form each time. The only constants among all appearances of the Watcher is its playful and possessive nature. The dream will end if the Player is hostile towards the being in any way. The Mesmer can never experience the Calling again, even if they drop the magic and take it up once more at a later date. When the Calling occurs, the player must roll out of 20 to see what would happen should they choose to drop the magic. Odds mean that they retain their magic slot, but Evens mean that the Watcher consumes the slot. Redlines - The Calling must be RP’d by the Teacher of the Mesmer. They may not progress to T4 until they have completed the Calling. - The Watcher - or what may be claiming to be the Watcher - will never harm the Mesmer. It is not malicious. It seeks only to sow chaos for the sake of its own entertainment. - This event only ever occurs once. If the magic is dropped then relearned, it may not repeat, leaving the Mesmer stuck at a feat-only level. - The Watcher is extremely possessive of its Mesmers. For this reason, it may express jealousy if the Player has other magics. This is only ever expressed in an event. It has no bearing over what the Mesmer can or cannot do. Spells Mesmer spells harness the chaotic energy of their patron. Because of this, all effects are entirely reliant upon the luck of the caster. More powerful spells have bigger backlash associated with them, because more is gambled with the casting of such a spell. High risk, high reward. All Mesmer spells must be taught by a Teacher before they are able to be used. Base spells are the only exception to this rule. All spells require Charges to be spent in order for them to function. Without charges, no spells can be cast. Tier One Spells Dice’s Gambit [Non-Combative] [Base Spell] Cost: One Charge Mesmers are no strangers to cheating. However, sometimes loaded dice are not quite enough to beat the system. When that happens, the Dice’s Gambit is used as a low risk gamble to reap higher rewards. This spell allows the Mesmer to will the dice to roll a favorable number for whatever game they happen to be playing. When the user visualizes the dice, the spell will encourage the dice to land on the desired number. ROLL THE DICE 1: The Mesmer’s dice explode in a mist the color of their aura. Normal dice would explode upon use; however, if the dice is the Mesmer’s focus, they would only be stained this color for a narrative week. 2-3: The Dice would roll the opposite of the desired number, causing the Mesmer to lose the game. 4-10: The Dice are not influenced by magic. 11-20: The intended effect succeeds! The dice lands on the intended number as envisioned by the Mesmer. Card Vision [Non-Combative] Cost: One Charge Similar in purpose as the Dice’s Gambit, Card Vision allows the Mesmer to briefly see the other side of playing cards. This allows the Mesmer to change their decision-making based on the opponent’s cards, thus allowing them to win easier or lose gracefully. To cast this spell the Mesmer must have sight of the cards. ROLL THE DICE 1: The Mesmer’s eyes flash with their aura, much like a voidal mage. This renders them blinded for up to an OOC hour. 2-3: The cards visualized are different then the actual cards, making the Mesmer make choices on wrong assumptions. 4-10: Nothing Happens. 11-20: The Mesmer sees the other side of the card clearly. Electric Handshake [Non-Combative] Cost: One Charge Ever get whoopee cushioned? Electric Handshake is a more advanced way of giving someone a spook. The Mesmer generates a small electric shock in the palm of their hand, which allows them to give someone a little surprise. This is usually done during handshakes, but it can be cast anywhere on another person’s body so long as contact is being made. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: The spell backfires, causing a shock in the palm of the Mesmer’s hand. This jolt is twice the strength of the normal spell, which causes a stinging sensation. 6-10: The spell succeeds! The opponent gets a good shock. 11-20 The spell succeeds...however, it is more potent than intended. The recipient finds that their hair suddenly stands up as if it were rubbed aggressively by a balloon. Sparkling Lights [Combative] [Base Spell] Cost: Two Charges Every entertainer needs to dazzle a crowd, and that is precisely what this spell does. Dazzle. The Mesmer summons a wave of sparkling light from their fingertips. Unlike their other spells, the caster can choose what colors the sparks take on. This spell is often used to scare away bandits or other wrongdoers. Sparkling lights can be used as a sort of warning sign for others. The sparks vanish upon touching the ground unless it is otherwise specified by the rolled effect. ROLL THE DICE 1-3: The summoned sparks take on a pungent smell which lingers on the Mesmer’s clothing for an OOC hour. 4-15: The Spell goes off without a hitch, dazzling any who witness it. 16-19: The sparks do not vanish upon touching the ground; instead they turn into glitter. The sparks stun anyone within ten blocks for one round of emotes. 20: The sparks take on an explosive quality. They erupt like firecrackers as soon as they touch the ground. This causes sharp pain if they are touched, but they cause no permanent harm. One-Slot Misty Escape [Combative] [Base Spell] If [or when] a Mesmer finds themself in need of a quick escape, Misty Escape is the perfect spell. Summoning a thick mist that covers up to a ten block radius with the Mesmer at its center is the spell's intended effect. The mist takes on the color of the Mesmer’s aura, though it is a bit darker. This spell can be used as anything from a simple party trick to a way to obscure the area and make for any easy escape. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: The Mesmer lights up like a beacon. Their entire body illuminates in a near-blinding light. 6-10: The Spell’s effect acts as intended, causing a thick colored mist to surround the Mesmer up to a ten block radius. 11-20: The Mist is cast successfully.. but it seeps into the caster’s flesh. Their skin is temporarily stained the color of their aura for up to two (2) OOC days. Impromptu Shower [Combative] [Base Spell] Getting on the bad side of a Mesmer is never a good thing. The Impromptu Shower spell is one of the best examples of this fact. After it is cast, a small cloud will form above the victim’s head and a light shower of rain will begin to fall. The cloud has a visible expression which will change to match the victim’s. For example, if the victim smiles, the cloud will also smile. The worst effect this spell can cause is a slight cold. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: Instead of raining, the cloud showers the victim with illusionary mina. The mina looks and feels real, but disappears when the cloud vanishes. 6-15: The Cloud manifests as intended. It rains down upon the victim. 16-20: The rain instead manifests as a sudden downpour. Occasionally thunder can be heard from the cloud. Imbue Focus [Non-Combative] Cost: Ten Charges Imbue Focus is one of the most important spells in any Mesmer’s collection. However, only those who have gambled with the Watcher are capable of learning it. New initiates require another Mesmer to help them bind their gifts to a Focus. This is the only Mesmer spell which can be cast without a Focus. Those who know this spell may use it to create a new Focus to replace a missing/destroyed one. As mentioned prior, they may also use it to find a Focus to a Mesmer who does not have access to this spell. The Mesmer who casts this spell must be touching both the Focus and the person it is being bound to. A misty aura will spread from the core of the one being bound before encircling and melding into the core of the Focus. When the aura has faded, the object may then be used as their Focus. ROLL THE DICE [Note, it is suggested that the one being bounded roll for the spell] 1: The Spell fails, and must be redone. A cooldown of two (2) OOC hours is required before the spell can be reattempted. 2-20: The spell is completed, and the Focus is bound correctly. Two-Slot Minor Illusion [Non-Combative] [Base Spell] While the Mesmers are not quite as skilled as Voidal Illusionists, they are capable of creating small illusions. Illusions created using this spell can be nor larger than a foot in both width and height. They are also incapable of producing any kind of sound. Minor illusions cannot copy or create the image of a Mortal; however, animals and plants may be mimicked. Upon summoning the illusions, the Mesmer may manipulate it into doing certain actions. For example, they could make an illusory cat walk. The illusion is unable to affect the world around it. Since it is immaterial, anything that touches it will phase through. ROLL THE DICE 1-3: The Illusion is a truly warped mimicry of the intended object. 4-9: Something about the Illusion is off, but it is minor enough that it may go unnoticed. 10-15: The Spell goes off without difficulty. It works as intended. 16-19: The Spell is overloaded! The illusion is colored in the Mesmer’s aura and has glittery accents. 20: The Illusion temporarily behaves on it’s own. It may change form entirely, or choose to roam about the premises. Mimicry [Non-Combative] [Base Spell] When a Mesmer is able to cast T2 spells, they suddenly become capable of unmatched feats of mimicry. Once they learn this spell, the Mesmer is able to perfectly replicate any word or phrase that they have heard in the original speaker’s voice. They can not, however, create new sentences, speak at length, or copy phrases that they have not heard verbatim. ROLL THE DICE 1-3: The Mesmer’s voice does not replicate the intended target. Instead they emit the sound of nails raking down a chalkboard. They cannot speak in any language until the passage of fifteen (15) OOC minutes. 4-15: The Spell is has the intended effect. 16-20: The Spell is empowered. After the intended word or phrase is spoken, the Mesmer’s voice temporarily warps into a high or low pitched version of their normal speaking voice. This effect lasts thirty (30) OOC minutes. Tier Two Spells Gibberish Sight [Non-Combative] [Base Spell] It is unwise to get on a Mesmer’s bad side. This spell is but one of the many reasons why that phrase rings true. This spell can be cast on any person in their line of sight; and it causes that person to be rendered temporarily illiterate. When the victim looks at any sort of writing the lettering will appear to them as ancient indecipherable runes. The spell's duration can last anywhere from thiry (30) OOC minutes to one (1) OOC hour. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: The Spell fizzles. The target of the spell’s eyes flash in the caster’s aura. 6-10: The Spell has the intended effect. 11-15: The Victim’s eyes turn the color of the caster’s aura until the end of the duration. They suffer the effects of the spell regardless. 16-20: The effect of the spell rebounds onto the next person the Mesmer looks at, excluding the original target. Roll the Dice again. This is capped at three total victims. Illusionary Animal [Non-Combative] Cost: Five Charges Ever see a talking animal? Well now you have! This spell makes any who perceive the target of the spell as an animal of the Mesmer’s choosing. This is just an illusionary effect, and anyone who can see through illusions can immediately tell that the person is not truly an animal. The victim can continue to act as normal, speaking and moving without issue. Should someone touch the area the target stands, they feel behind the illusion and touch the target. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: The Spell misunderstands the directive, and instead of making an illusion of the animal.. It temporarily makes the target think they were the animal. This effect lasts three emoes after the initial effect emote. 6-10: The Mesmer suddenly appears to have an illusionary effect resembling the animal they attempted to make. This includes sporting a snout, ears, etc. This effect lasts three emotes after the initial effect emote. 11-20: The Spell casts as intended. One-Slot Hideous Laughter [Combative] Cost: 6 Charges Hearing voices is the fear of many men. Hideous Laughter causes a victim to hear a chorus of demonic voices in the confines of their own mind. Such an effect lasts for up to three emotes, but may be stopped earlier should the Mesmer wills it. The laughter may resemble the voices of loved ones or people the victim knows, or may sound like a horrible demonic laugh. ROLL THE DICE 1-2: The Spell backfires on the Mesmer, causing them to hear the laughter of the Watcher and suffer the effects for twice the length of the spell. 3-10: The spell acts as intended, stunning the victim. 11-15: The Laughter warps into utterings in a language long lost, causing the stunning effect to double. 16-20: The spell is too empowered, and the victim begins to laugh along until the spell ends. Additional effects may be rolled with OOC permission from the victim’s player. Two-Slot Memory Incantation [Combative] Cost: 9 Charges The mind is a cage, and this spell seeks to use that to the caster’s advantage. The Memory Incantation spell traps the victim within their own mind. While there they are forced to relive one of their memories from the following list: their Happiest Memory, their Saddest Memory, or their Most Traumatic Memory. This spell only lasts for 3-5 emotes--however, it feels as if an eternity passes for the victim targeted by this spell. The Spell effect can be stopped if the victim suffers physical pain or the Mesmer wills the spell to end sooner. It cannot be used in active combat. ROLL THE DICE 1-6: The spell entraps the caster within their own mind. Roll on the below table and RP the chosen memory. 7-12: The Memory begins to degrade and warp halfway through. It has the opposite of the desired effect. 13-19: The spell has the intended effect. 20: The spell has the intended effect, plus an additional effect. Roll for an additional effect on the table below. Tier Three Spells Third Eye [Non-Combative] [Base Spell] Cost: Seven Charges Opening one’s third eye is typically a rather difficult feat; however, as always, Mesmer’s have a trick up their sleeve that makes their lives just a little bit easier. When this spell is cast, a large eye protrudes from the Mesmer’s forehead. This Eye has the ability to see in the dark. Its iris is the color of the Mesmer’s aura. ROLL THE DICE 1-8: Instead of summoning a third eye, the Memer accidentally merges both of their eyes into one. This effect causes a sharp pain, and lasts about twelve (12) OOC hours before it returns to normal. 9-16: The Spell has the intended effect. 17-19: After the spell is cast, the eyes of the Mesmer temporarily become the color of their aura. 20: The spell works as intended. However, the Mesmer must roll on the table below for one additional effect. Fake Affliction [Combative] Cost: Seven Charges Fake Affliction creates an illusory effect upon a target that causes them to appear afflicted with a horrible disease. This can not actually give the target a disease. The illusion will only last for a period of five (5) emotes after the spell is initially cast. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: The illusionary effect backfires onto the caster. They also roll for an additional effect on the table below. 6-10: The spell is cast, but at a cost. Any time the caster of the spell speaks, pink bubbles escape their mouth. This lasts for the spell’s duration. 11-20: The spell has the intended effect. One-Slot Eyes of the Watcher [Combative] [Base Spell] Cost: Eight Charges The feeling of being watched is one of the worst sensations one can feel. The unfortunate soul targeted by this spell begins to see an innumerable amount of illusory eyes sprouting out of most physical surfaces, people, and flora. The eyes are permanently focused upon the victim, though they do blink occasionally This effect lasts for 1d6 rounds of emotes. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: Instead of summoning the illusion in the target’s mind, the Mesmer casts the spell upon themself. They are covered in hundreds of eyes for the next three (3) rounds of emotes. 6-10: The Spell is cast as intended. However, the Mesmer must roll for one (1) additional effect on the table below that also happens. 11-19: The Spell is cast as intended. 20: Mouths accompany the eyes, taking on the voices of the target’s loved ones. The voices beg the target to save them. They vanish once the spell ends. Imbue Object [Non-Combative] [Base Spell] Cost: Three Charges Imbue Object allows the Mesmer to touch an inanimate object and bestow upon it a small glow the color of their aura that lasts for 1d12 OOC hours. The object receives no other effects. Typically, this is used by Mesmers to sell mundane objects as rare magical items, or scare off enemies by imbuing their weapons. ROLL THE DICE 1-5: The Spell fizzles entirely, instead turning the Mesmer’s hair a vibrant shade of their least favorite color. 6-20: The Spell is cast as intended. Two-Slot Misdirection [Combative] Cost: Twenty-Two Charges The spell allows the Mesmer to catch a Voidal spell that is thrown at them, and throw it another direction. This is one of the most powerful in the Mesmers collection. Misdirection takes control of the mana within the voidal spell, allowing the user to temporarily redirect it as if it were their own spell. This effect takes a large amount of energy. Disguise Self [Non-Combative] [Base Spell] Cost: Eleven Charges The Disguise Self spell allows the Mesmer to make minor illusory changes to their appearance for twelve (12) OOC hours. They can make minor changes to their features; however, they can not make themselves unrecognizable. Hair color and eye can be changed at will at any point during the spell’s duration. Skin color, scars, and tattoos cannot be altered. The Mesmer may also make themselves appear more masculine or feminine; however they may not completely change their body type. They also cannot change their height. The Mesmer may drop the spell at will. ROLL THE DICE 1: The Spell fails, causing a horrible deformity to appear on the Mesmer until the duration of the spell ends. They are unable to cast this spell again until the duration is up. 2-9: The Spell’s duration is rounded down by half, with a minimum of one hour. 10-19: Disguise Self is cast without issue. 20: The Spell is empowered. Any of the changes made leave irritated skin after the duration of the spell ends, which may result in painful blisters. Abilities Wild Surge When a Mesmer of T4 or higher feels a sudden burst of intense, negative emotions their magic produces a ‘Wild Surge’. This summons a random effect that may influence them or their surroundings. The surge is always accidental, though it is controlled by the player in order to deliver the most fun and contribute to random roleplay. When a surge happens, the player must follow the same emotes as if they were casting a spell; however, it would always be accidental from a roleplay perspective. Roll from the table below to see which random effect occurs. 1: The Player turns into a potted plant for 1d4 emote rounds. If the pot is broken, they return to normal without any memory of becoming a plant. 2: The Mesmer’s shadow begins to relay the Mesmer’s inner thoughts. For example, it might cry if the Mesmer is sad, or gesture angrily if the Mesmer is angry. 3: The Mesmer loses the ability to cast spells for 1d4 emote rounds. 4: The next spell the Mesmer casts will result in an automatic 9 for the ‘roll the dice’. 5: The next person the Mesmer sees is filled with the emotion the Mesmer is currently feeling. 6: The Mesmer suddenly shoots steam from their ears. 7: The Mesmer turns into stone over the course of 1d4 rounds. After the fourth round, the statue shatters and the Mesmer returns to normal. Illusionary Sight T5 Mesmers with at least one (1) slot dedicated to the Magic are given a rare gift from the watcher as thanks for their dedication to him. This blessing allows Mesmers to see through illusions. This only affects mesmers who see with their physical eyes. It has no bearing on beings who see through other means, such as Seers. Red Lines - Mesmer spells must be taught by someone with a TA. The only exceptions to this are the ‘Base’ Spells, which are innate for all Mesmers. - Only beings with Greater Souls may practice the magic. Musin, Constructs, etc. are not capable of becoming Mesmers. - You cannot combine Mesmer Magic with the following: Paladinism, Naztherak, Necromancy, Azdrazi, Druid, Siliti, Mysticism. - Seers, Blood Magic, Afflicted, and other unlisted CA or Magic are permitted to combine with Mesmer. - All cast spells require a roll. This may be done in #w or in another channel. If a Mesmer is found to be fudging their rolls, they will be stripped of Mesmer and permanently blacklisted. - Mesmeracs cannot be identified as anything other than a tattoo unless explicitly told IRP. This includes identifying a body with a scorched mark. - Mesmeracs glow brighter when Mesmers cast spells. This must be emoted if the Mesmerac is visible. This is not required if the Mesmerac is hidden. - Llahir is not known to be the source of a Mesmer’s power. Mesmers believe the source of their power to be the being known as ‘The Watcher’. - Mesmers cannot cast spells without their Focus. - The Calling can only happen to a Mesmer once. Any further interaction with the Watcher is reserved for ST events. - A Mesmer may only ever have one Focus at a time. Purpose Credits @Remyy - Writer Quinn [OOC Friend] - Editor @verriberri - Artist, Brainstorming, Proofreader @JustGrim - Brainstorming, Proofreader
  6. Need some beta-readers for a big lore piece I'm working on. If anyone is interested, DM me on disc at RUM#6069

  7. Idk, I understand we're using more medieval terms, but seeing 'transsexual' makes me super uncomfy. Saying this as a trans person irl.

  8. ✠ Reconstruction of the Abbey ✠ A Nunnery United Sister Guilia looked on towards the small crowd that had assembled before what had been known as the Abbey of St. Robert. Men, Women, and Children had joined together in their Dedication of GOD to rebuild the Holy building. The Troll’s attack was devastating in damages, collapsing one of the buildings entirely and causing severe damages to the main hall; but not a single Cross had been destroyed in the incident. It took all of the Holy Women of the Order of ST. Catherine and numerous volunteers to rebuild. Most of the original building had been lost, but something new was made in its place. “Sisters, Brothers.” Sister Guilia would call towards the crowd. The final brick had been slotted into place, and with it, a new dawn arrived. “I-I would like to thank you all for the time and dedication given to fixing the Abbey.” She began, swallowing down her initial fear. “..Within just a month of working, we have b-built something stronger. United under GOD, and with his Blessings, I now declare the Abbey of ST. Catherine is open to all pilgrims and travelers. A new time is among us, my Sisters, for we live in an age of Sin and immorality. Together we stand against Sin and it’s call.. Together we can save others from suffering it’s lure. We are the Order of ST. Catherine, and united, we act on GOD’s will.”
  9. Sister Guilia smiles, perhaps a touch too wide after finishing her surgery upon the poor Sir Vukosav. Humming in content, she sets her sights upon Sir Edwin's injured form, preparing to do more healing WITHOUT the usage of pain medicine. "GOD will guide you through the pain.."
  10. IGN: ItsHauntedSkin: Winter WonderlandAmount: 6USD
  11. Letters delivered by a chubby Vulture are sent out to the applicants. Your application to the ASM has been received and accepted. Please send a bird to Cecil detailing when you would be free to meet. You will be learning under Cecil Lorenthus in Class A. If you need directions to the location of the School, feel free to ask in your letter. We look forward to beginning your lessons. ~Almaris School of Medicine
  12. Letters delivered by a chubby Vulture are sent out to the applicants. Your application to the ASM has been received and accepted. Please send a bird to Cecil detailing when you would be free to meet. You will be learning under Lotte Kvitravn in Class C. If you need directions to the location of the School, feel free to ask in your letter. We look forward to beginning your lessons. ~Almaris School of Medicine
  13. ASM Partnership Program Missives would be sent to notable medics across Almaris, delivered by a pudgy vulture. To whom it may concern, Upon the completion of our temporary location, the ASM (Almaris School of Medicine) has deemed it time to extend an offer to all established clinics and independent medical practitioners across Almaris. Herbs and medicines can be difficult to come by without the assistance of others. Bearing this in mind, the ASM is offering a partnership program to other clinics and medics who may not always have the time to collect or make what is necessary to keep their practice running. We will supply any medical herbs, supplies, or potions to any establishment who requests it with the understanding that the favor be returned should plague, or other massive medical emergency emerge. Additionally, medics from across the word may visit our library and teachers for advice and further education at no fee. Practitioners may also request to take the ASM exam for certification within the facilities, with the perks of such being access to our underground library and stock of potions. Signed, The Almaris School of Medicine
  14. Letters delivered by a chubby Vulture are sent out to the applicants. Your application to the ASM has been received and accepted. Please send a bird to Cecil detailing when you would be free to meet. You will be learning under Lotte Kvitravn in Class C. If you need directions to the location of the School, feel free to ask in your letter. We look forward to beginning your lessons. ~Almaris School of Medicine
  15. A letter is sent out to Aurora, delivered by a pudgy Vulture Your application has been recieved. When you have the opportunity sent Cecil a letter detailing when you would be free to conduct a short interview. ~Almaris School of Medicine [[I can't add your discord, add me at RUM#6069 or join the disc here https://discord.gg/A57bb56qsU ]]
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