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    1. Hopesky123


      who did da?


    2. Remyy


      my pal Ahyo^^ She’s on fiverr!

  2. Got a couple neat things coming up! Just got the sprites back for the YT Channel. I plan on doing a Character Spotlight series, and a Lore Series – if y’all have a character in mind, or a race that you want to see first, shoot me a message!

    1. Nug


      just no new elven or elvish or whatever it was


  3. Mali’tos The Desert Elves Introduction History First Empire Middle Empire Last Empire Appearance Culture Gender Roles Language Social hierarchy Valasin - Blood Writing Racial Knowledge Taboos Traditions Deaths & The Afterlife Soul Mates Courti
  4. Holy ****! I didn’t realize you still played. Don’t really have a question, but I remember when we were kids – we ******* hated each other and both said some veryy messed up ****. I’m glad to see you’re doing well! I’d love to chat more, my disc is on my profile.

    she back, and with better formatting!

  6. New Elven New Elven is based off of Ancient Elven but has been developed and spoken shortly after the fall of Aegis. The Language was used almost exclusively by the Tos’Mali, and has only recently come to mix in with the language as the Tos’Mali move from their home to Arcas. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! And will be updated frequently. If you have a word, either from the old post or one that’s not here - comment it and I’ll add it! Note: C & Z words are not in this modified Elven ELVEN SUFFIXES Plural / Superlative / More / Intensity -aan suf. man
  7. Looking to nab a few people for a long-term project of mine! Lmk if u have a free slot. I’ll be doing art of all the chars 😄

  8. The Vallak Introduction Appearance Culture Traditions Red Lines Introduction The Vallak Tribe is a unit of Fe-Uruks who follow Spirits in accord with the phases of the moon. Each phase is a different Spirit, and said Spirit allegedly becomes more powerful during that period of time. Vallaks are descended from Orcs and Dark Elves, and have strong features that belong to their specific bloodline. Appearance Blood Vallaks tend to be Half-Breeds with Dark Elven and Orcish ancestry. They ran
  9. Hailing from the East, the Vachellia are an organization made up of all races that follow the Vachellian Creed. Their homeland was destroyed by aVolcano turning active, decemating their once Great Empire in a matter of days. Taking to their ships they have spent the past three months in search of a new home, finally landing on the shores of the realm called Arcas. Evening Gang! I’m looking to grab a few people for a project I’ve been working on. The general premise is that the culture is a heavy mix between Ancient Egypt, Tevinter(Dragon Age), with a healthy mix of Jewish in
  10. Remyy

    Ivankov CO.

    Ivankov Company Foundation Cosmetics Alcohol Tobacco Other Services The Ivankov Company was founded in 1754 by Alexi Ivankov. The Company started out by first selling Tobacco based products and shoe-shining, later flourishing into the quickly expanding company it is today. Alexi began work out in the streets shining the shoes of various noblemen and merchants. Soon after he began speaking to a client, who happened to be a tobacco farmer looking to sell his products. Alexi leaped on
  11. Is there a place with the entire history of the beginning? Like, including the Aengul’s and Daemons that were involved

  12. Okay, real response time. The fact you have come to this conclusion without even attempting to talk to the leadership/player base is awful. You didn’t even give them a chance to fix this, I don’t even play a Snelf and I’m upset for them. The Snow Elves have been more active in the past week after having been cucked over by their former leader, and instead of offering help y’all just wasted years of work. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them left because of this.
  13. Gonna be prepping to launch a LOTC-YT Channel! If anyone has req’s for banners nstuff, lemme know!

  14. If anyone wants to play some D&D (1PM EST) shoot me a message here or at Kry#8104. Newbies welcome!

    1. Remyy


      Forgot to mention, on Saturdays

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