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  1. Okay, real response time. The fact you have come to this conclusion without even attempting to talk to the leadership/player base is awful. You didn’t even give them a chance to fix this, I don’t even play a Snelf and I’m upset for them. The Snow Elves have been more active in the past week after having been cucked over by their former leader, and instead of offering help y’all just wasted years of work. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them left because of this.
  2. Gonna be prepping to launch a LOTC-YT Channel! If anyone has req’s for banners nstuff, lemme know!

  3. If anyone wants to play some D&D (1PM EST) shoot me a message here or at Kry#8104. Newbies welcome!

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      Forgot to mention, on Saturdays

  4. Remyy

    Calethia's Gale

    Active Member Listing Steel Zani Lovet Titanium Aumia Iron Adrian Gold Quigo Red Copper Aidevo Ezekiel Gibbit
  5. got a merc with nothing to do? wanna make a new char? check out my guild! 


  6. Remyy

    Calethia's Gale

    Calethia’s Gale TLDR The Gale & It’s History Gale Law & Vows Rank System Membership The Banished Request Form Calethia’s Gale was founded in The Grand Harvest of 1786 in response to the sudden rise of monsters, both man and beast in Arcas. The name dates back to the Kingdom of Calethia, which was once ruled by the Gale’s founder two-hundred years in the past. Despite its focus on battling monsters and protecting the residents of Arcas it also puts a large focus on learning more about their foes, both in medicine, alchemy, and combat. It has an archive and set of labs in it’s Guild Hall, all who have taken the Gale’s vows have access to. The Gale & It’s History Calethia’s Gale was originally a group of rag-tag Hunters in Vailor, which banded together on occasion to complete big contracts. This group was located in the small Kingdom of Calethia and gathered the attention of the current ruler. The Hunters finally banded together to make an official Guild and founded themselves in the Kingdom. They assumed the name Calethia’s Gale and were swift to take up arms against raiders and bandits. After the fall of Vailor, the group disbanded. Most of its members died during the transition or on the boats travelling to Atlas. The Guild fell into something of the past, only recorded in the Calethian Library which was lost. When the Inferi invaded Arcas, a warrior strode forth after recognizing the threat they left. She gathered together a few companions, and together, they refounded the lost Order. Swiftly building themselves up, they travelled and eventually came across a settlement called Overgrown. Here they would lay down their roots and prepare to deal with any threat they came across. While they focus primarily on dealing with monsters, they also do research on them. Taking the parts gathered after Hunts and studying it’s properties both Alchemical and Medical. Hunters who also seek to aid in this endeavor are given access to a lab beneath it’s Guild Hall and allowed a stipend of minae to continue their work. Gale Law & Vows Calethia’s Gale follows five tenets which have been passed down since the conception of the Guild. These are referred to as Hunter’s Law by guild members. If a tenet is broken by a Gale member, they are given a punishment based on the severity of the crime. Harm not your Brethren unless given adequate reason to. This has been elaborated on over the century, and given a more defined explanation. Cause no harm to other Guild Members, with exceptions for Duels, Trials, and Sparring. You are only to cause harm to a Sibling in arms if they are hostile to you or your property. Petty theft will not be tolerated of a Gale. Theft, as a whole, is not allowed. If caught thieving from anyone, including your Siblings in arms, you will suffer a punishment adequate to the crime, with the highest actions taken being having the individual turned over to the injured party and exile. Do not Tamper with the Studies of your fellows Tampering with projects of those that dwell in the labs will result in immediate expulsion for the guild, and a fine that scales appropriately to the damage dealt. Bring no Dishonour to the Guild, and act with a code of conduct. When outside of the Hall, you are to conduct yourself as if you were an official emissary. You represent the Guild, and the Gale does not tolerate poor conduct. This extends to hunts, do not claim glory you have not earned. Abide by the Laws of the Nations you Visit Rank System The Gale’s Ranking system is simple, with each based off of a type of metal. When given a rank members also get a pin made of the same material as their rank. It is encouraged they wear these pins, but it is not required. Sovereign Steel Those inside this Rank lead the Guild. During its original foundation it is said that the founder wore a Steel ring plated in gold, and as such this has become the piece that proves the Leader’s Position. Instead of a pin, they wear a Steel Ring. They are tasked to find targets and coordinate with bounty dealers. Titan Titanium Titans are the researchers of the Guild and are allowed special quarters with both an attached Lab and an underground lab for the more volatile experiments. They are trusted with a majority of monster bits and rare herbs, and supply the Guild with these mixtures. Iron Blades Those of the Blades have soared through the ranks of the Gale and have become trusted advisors. When the Sovereign(s) can not be found, they assume their duties. They wear Iron Pins, or an emblem which can be carved into their armor/weapons. Golden Warriors The Golden Warriors are the main rank of the Guild, and comprises those who have just graduated from Copper. They wear Golden pins to denote their rank. Copper Recruits The recruits of the Gale who have not yet done their trials. They are required to wear Copper Pins. Membership Joining the Gale is simple, and requires having to send a Bird to the acting leader, Zani Lovet (SapphicStarlight or Kry#8104). This letter should contain the following information. Name: Age: Experience in Battle: Expertise: Current Location: Once the letter is sent, a letter will be returned with the coordinates of the Guild Hall. If you wish to bypass this process you may instead travel directly to the Hall and request a meeting with the Guild Leader. Once they have been accepted, they will schedule a time for them to undergo the trials. There are three in total, and are different from Hunter to Hunter. Once these trials are complete they advance to Gold. The Banished These are those who have committed crimes against the Gale, or have been barred from joining entirely. If these individuals attempt to harm the Gale after their exile, a Bounty may be placed upon their head. N/A Request Form In order to put a personal Bounty on a person or creature, they are to request this form and send it to the current Leader. Once approved the Bounty will be placed on the Board in the main Hall. The Bounty’s worth is to be given half upfront, and the other half given after completion. Name or Alias: Reason Behind Bounty: Dead or Alive? Part Harvested? If Alive, location of drop off: Price for Bounty: The Gale reserves the right to refuse any requested Bounty, and will not take on assassinations. If the Client refuses to pay, they will be subject to the same law as the Gale.
  7. Zani gather her blades and wit, taking a parchment to a clearing and preparing to call upon the Widow.
  8. Yo! If your character would be interested in a bounty/monster hunter shoot me a DM

  9. What’s currently required to Self-Teach Alchemy? 👀

    1. Zacho


      Rather you have to find self-teach ST approved books (which dont exist as far as im aware) or get a teacher to oocly oversee your teaching. Otherwise, find a teacher normally.

  10. A woman pauses, squinting for several moments. “Weren’t those the little shites that tried to push me off a bridge?”
  11. How does one go about harvesting herbs?

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      Uhhh I think it’s a stick, an iron ingot, a gold ingot, and an iron bar?
      The exact recipe is shown in the CT or something.

    3. Remyy
    4. Tyrone1
  12. Zani Lovet Basic Information Full Name: Zani Denny Lovet Name Meaning: “Gift from God” Nickname(s): Zuzu Titles: N/A Former Titles: Former Baroness of Northmarch “Queen” of Calethia Steward of Norland Age: Two-Hundred Appears: Mid Thirties Race: Elf Subrace: Mixed, Unknown Parents Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her Relationship Status: Single Alignment: Chaotic Good Family Mother(s): Cheshire Lovet † Eloen Lovet † Father: Unknown Siblings: Marleen Lovet † Robinette Lovet † Spouse: Percival Mauntel † Children: Garra Mauntel (Adopted) † Eona Mauntel (Adopted) † Laurance Mauntel † Aerin Mauntel † Background Birth & Adoption Zani was born to a wealthy merchant and his mistress in the city of Felsen. Her mother mutilated the child’s ears and attempted to pass her off as a Human, so that she could then try to claim her as a bastard of a local noble. This attempt failed, and caused her to leave the child to die in an alley. Some of the seedier citizens of the city took pity on Zani, and helped her to survive till she was able to fend for herself. Most of those that cared for her passed from overdoses, or were caught by the guard for a variety of crimes committed. At Twelve, Zani stole a purse from an Adunian woman. The woman gave chase, but saw that the thief was a child, and gave Zani a choice. Leave with her and be welcomed into the Lovet family, or be brought before the church and made to stay there. Without hesitation Zani answered with the former and was brought into the family with her two mothers, Eloen and Cheshire Lovet. Early Life [12-18] The Courting [19-24] Married Life [25-42] Calethia Era [43-64] Family Discovery [65-86] A family in Decline [87-130] Seclusion [131-164] Monster Hunter [Ongoing]
  13. Howdy! Even though the end of the map is fast approaching, I figured I’d open these up just to have some interesting characters to use as subjects as I improve my pixel art. I’ve done digital art for several years, and I’m looking to break into the pixel side of things. I’m comfortable doing small pixels, and medium sized pixels, though anything bigger than 300 x 300 will have to be dealt with more in-depth. I can make Sprites! I can animate said sprites Portraits are also fine! Just send me a DM here or at Kry#8104 with your offer and we can get you sorted! [I am also willing to do environments/landscapes, though I have not specifically practiced those] Rules: Must offer something you think of value to the work, be it mina, items, etc. Be patient, I’ll try to get all work done within a week Art Trades are fine! Just send a sample of your stuff and we can chat more Slots:
  14. Was actually thinking about it! Just don’t know where to start.
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