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  1. Denied.
  2. Nation Leaders can no longer be GMs.
  3. Denied.
  4. Nation Leaders can no longer be GMs.
  5. This is a meme app, make a legitimate one and you'll be considered.
  6. Nation the tile will be affiliated with: Number of tiles the nation owns: Tile you're applying for: Tile adjacent to the tile you've applied for: What will the land be used for?:
  7. After the GM vote and discussion we've decided that your ban will be extended by 2 weeks due to lying about your alt account to the staff. You can appeal again in 20 days.
  8. Unfortunately after the GM discussion we've decided you will remain banned at this time. You feigned ignorance in the first ban appeal and that didn't fly so you've attempted to make a second owning up to the issue which is good, however it should have been done the first time around. You can appeal again in 2 months.
  9. After the GM discussion on your ban we've decided that we won't be unbanning you. Your attitude was more than lackluster throughout these interactions. You may appeal once again in 4 days.
  10. Hey there. You've served your time and you will be unbanned. However, know that if you exhibit similar behavior in the future the consequences will be much more severe. Welcome back.
  11. After the GM team discussed your appeal we've decided that you will remain banned. Your story doesn't seem to be adding up and the excuses you've put forward are hindered by the actions you took afterwards. (See logging in to change skin). Your actions are questionable and conversations you have had with others are misconstrued to uphold your case. You may appeal once again in 3 weeks.
  12. This has been added to the round of ban appeal votes. Expect a reply on the 27th.
  13. This has been added to the round of ban appeal votes. Expect a reply on the 27th.
  14. This has been added to the round of ban appeal votes. Expect a reply on the 27th.