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  1. He targeted a staff member out of spite by sharing their picture in skype chats without their permission. Oh, and did I mention he did this exact thing twice?
  2. You really shouldn't believe number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. 


    1. Hero_


      just take the L man you've lost thomas has left and your clique is shattered lol

    2. UnBaed


      "Your clique is shattered lol" lmao haha oh man

    3. InfamousGerman


      yesmen go home

  3. I won't give specific specifics simply to avoid any issues with the players involved arising but he was going around and spreading a rumor in OOC chat on the server, in Skype chats, etc that one player was selling another player's nudes. That on top of an extremely toxic attitude throughout the whole thing and the hacking lead to his indefinite ban.
  4. That is a wonderful question there Mr. A Moongazer! Lets throw it back to Bob who is on site with Kowaman to see what he has to say on the issue, Bob: Bob: "Thank you, Cablam. I'm here on the scene of Cancer Station 2017, also known as LotC, with the Lead Developer and long time nepotistic abuser, Kowaman! So Kowaman, what do you have to say to these claims?" Kowaman: Bob: "Right... Well, looks like that's all from us here, back to you Cablam!" *squints Edit: I'd like to add on to this that wolfkite was banned for far more than hacking. Kowaman asked that the hacking part of his ban be removed though.
  5. Wow I expected you to at least put as much effort into your response as you did your pitiful attempt at fixing bookshelves. If your only response to that is "That's a lot of lies and salt" without any proof to back your claim up that's just sad.
  6. As you can see in the screenshot, the GM team proposed and passed this rule among themselves on March 9th faaaaaaaar before you came anywhere near the issue. Once we put up that rule change though you threw a hissy fit because skill swaps make the server so much money. Also yes people, that is why changes were barred from being made to these things. But what ended up happening was the rule was removed and the GMs were yelled at by the admins, or more specifically 501, but then you go around a month or two later and make the change because "Oh yeah that's broken". Listen to the people who work with this **** day in and day out. On top of the previous fact you, months ago, attempted to fix bookshelves deleting books and absolutely fucked them with your first patch. It took you over a day to then try another fix which left bookshelves in a worse state than they were originally! I've told you this time and time again for the past few months and even made another bug report, https://gitlab.lordofthecraft.net/lotc-public/LotC-Tracker/issues/176, but you've yet to even go within 10 feet of the issue that you made worse. People's books are literally being deleted and you don't give a ****. The only reason you were being 'attacked' was because when we brought these concerns forwards to you all we got in response was "We don't need approval" and "We did nothing wrong". As a reference, here is the chat logs Thomas shared previously from out report to Tythus on 501 and Kowaman, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D_N1HcVLARIM1HcLm3HI3Cv7QqcFzrws5xfWqiTeY8k/edit. Pay close attention for the imgur album shared in the logs. That's why you pulled me into a discord voice chat, key word voice because you didn't have the gall to tell it to me over text chat, asking for the claims on wolfkite hacking to be lifted despite him blatantly fly hacking to get into the Orenian palace to proceed to troll. Funny how that works isn't it? Speaking of which, Wolfkite was recently unbanned despite what he did warranting a very long ban because of what I can only presume was 501 and Beast's spite for all of us leaving the staff teams. This unbanning went directly against protocol as well since Wolfkite didn't make an appeal to anyone but the admins who then voted on it among themselves rather than taking it to the GM team. Funny how that works isn't it? As far as I can remember the last time you notified the GM team of your meetings was at least a month or two ago. This is a flat out lie. GMs cannot search through the inventories of these accounts, something we've brought up many times already. Did I also mention the fact that Devs have been whitelisting alt accounts numerous times without even making a whitelist application? This poses a serious problem for GMs when moderating situations with them involved, something I can say from firsthand experience. That's why in order for the GMs to get /? again you bargained for the Devs to be added back to the GM chats. This isn't really related to the admin issue you brought up but you have on many occasions over stepped your bounds with your permissions. There have been 2 occasions in which you've done investigating in terms of meta gaming, something that is supposed to be left to GMs, and you and your character were directly involved in both situations. Did someone say bias? On top of that you have gone off at me in Teamspeak for leaving floating wool borders on regions when they haven't built yet, removed a fast travel because "It wasn't possible" despite there literally being land connecting the two places and most recently you decided to waltz up to the Library of Dragur and worldedit out our giraffe. Stay classy, Kowaman. P.S, the tall yellow animal has returned.
  7. Please respond.


  8. aa588f0150995b10c52ebfb2b01dca9a.png




    Good to know this guy is going to represent the server as manager on a staff team. Not like seeing someone's IP is pex anyways am I right?


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    2. cablam


      Point still stands. He isn't fit to be on any staff with any sort of tag in the slightest. The blacklist literally says no position with pex, why is he able to see IPs then? That isn't something an average player can do, therefore pex.

    3. Dreek


      The process was talked about with an admin and was not blocked, if there is abuse then action will be taken as with any staff member.

    4. cablam


      Pex is pex and to ignore the blacklist simply because he is your friend is the definition of nepotism. Which admin did you go to anyways? Because if they're going around and ignoring said blacklists why don't we just make Mog an admin again am I right?

  9. You know when you first stepped down from staff and went on your forum rampage I asked myself, "Why is he doing this?"


    I now have that answer.

  10. c3d6b7de9456c2c18666cb9dddfa5f75.png


    Hmmmmm, really makes ya think

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    2. TeaLulu


      @Gazardiael its ok ur still my fav aengul thing even if i cant ever spell ur name right lmfao (heart) (heart)

    3. aerialkebab


      @TeaLulu we were good et managers too

    4. Hero_


      @Vaynth "Squak, yes they did. Squak, did someone say parrots?"

  11. @my emotional boyfriend how are you not even banned yet like wtf you must be a wizard
  12. I mean this really isn't the entirety of the reason lol
  13. hello my canadian friend

    1. cablam


      Hello my Taiwanese friend