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  1. This charter application has been denied.
  2. You may as well tackle both in the appeal at the same time in case anyone has issues with one or the other although your primary focus should be on your attitude. As for the voting time, the next round of voting starts tomorrow/today (depends on where you live, but the 27th), so if you have it done by the end of the day you'll be in that round of voting.
  3. Just to clarify, you will need Discord to be on the GM team as the chats are in it and you will need it to do your interview so if you're interested in the position you better get an account.
  4. Fair, but I just want to drive home the fact that doing that stuff makes it more difficult for things to be done about issues instead of just having a constructive conversation. I'll get in contact with Beast and figure out what's up with it and let you know when I figure anything out. When the initial ban happened the only logs that were even brought up were the ones from earlier that day. The logs from anything before that incident had no contribution or sway in the actual ban decision itself outside of noting that your past behavior has been poor. I'll just take this moment to stress once again that if you'd like to discuss this in a more productive manner you can add me on skype, Cablam64, or better yet make a ban appeal.
  5. Sorry about the delayed response Nathan, busy day. So to start off it was not my intention to lie about the ticket, I was misinformed and made the assumption. That one’s on me. In terms of the logs that Kipples pulled he didn’t sift through logs, he searched for a word in the last ‘x’ amount of days and that’s what he found. As I said earlier, these were not used in the initial ban and he only pulled them afterwards when you asked for proof of repeated bad behavior. Were these logs taken horribly out of context? For sure, as I said in my prior post. If I am ill informed then please explain further to me. Moving onto the blacklist, the link to it can be found here: As seen in the post you were blacklisted for “Continuous trolling, and trolly rp through raids”, not returning to your death point. As far as I remember returning to death was apart of the reasoning for this blacklist but it was not the sole reason. Have you even appealed this blacklist yet? I’m asking from a purely curious standpoint as the blacklist is still in the villain blacklist subforum. As for warnings for your behavior, you were placed on 9 warning points on the forums for poor attitude and conduct on Wednesday. Outside of this you’ve had many posts hidden because of their content which should serve as warnings enough. The logs that Kipples pulled after the ban itself were not added to the server ban and were not taken into account when discussing this ban. I cannot stress that enough. Additionally, you and your friends taking to the forums and constantly posting passive aggressive status updates and digs at staff members doesn’t help your case at all and is not becoming of you. If you want to refute this ban properly you should have come to one of the GM Managers yourself instead of having Pyro and Co do it for you. Alternatively, you can just post a ban appeal and have the entire GM team vote on it. You keep claiming that a group of 5 GMs in Teamspeak is a shadow council who target banned you so I don’t see why we can’t open it up to all 21 GMs to vote on instead. However, that first step is your’s to take and continually screaming on the forums won’t get either of us anywhere.
  6. Just a heads up, the GM apps have been cleared out in a cleaning sense. If your app was denied but you're still interested you can just post another.

  7. Denied.
  8. Denied.
  9. Denied.
  10. Denied.