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  1. You really shouldn't believe number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. 


    1. Ad_Victorium


      just take the L man you've lost thomas has left and your clique is shattered lol

    2. UnBaed


      "Your clique is shattered lol" lmao haha oh man

    3. InfamousGerman


      yesmen go home

  2. Please respond.


  3. aa588f0150995b10c52ebfb2b01dca9a.png



    Good to know this guy is going to represent the server as manager on a staff team. Not like seeing someone's IP is pex anyways am I right?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cablam


      Point still stands. He isn't fit to be on any staff with any sort of tag in the slightest. The blacklist literally says no position with pex, why is he able to see IPs then? That isn't something an average player can do, therefore pex.

    3. Dreek


      The process was talked about with an admin and was not blocked, if there is abuse then action will be taken as with any staff member.

    4. cablam


      Pex is pex and to ignore the blacklist simply because he is your friend is the definition of nepotism. Which admin did you go to anyways? Because if they're going around and ignoring said blacklists why don't we just make Mog an admin again am I right?

  4. You know when you first stepped down from staff and went on your forum rampage I asked myself, "Why is he doing this?"


    I now have that answer.

  5. c3d6b7de9456c2c18666cb9dddfa5f75.png


    Hmmmmm, really makes ya think

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    2. TeaLulu


      @Gazardiael its ok ur still my fav aengul thing even if i cant ever spell ur name right lmfao (heart) (heart)

    3. Heathenry


      @TeaLulu we were good et managers too

    4. Ad_Victorium


      @Vaynth "Squak, yes they did. Squak, did someone say parrots?"

  6. hello my canadian friend

    1. cablam


      Hello my Taiwanese friend

  7. [✓] Malgonious [4th appeal]

    After the GM vote on your appeal it has been decided that you'll be unbanned. However, I cannot stress enough now Malg that if you don't change up your act and fall back into the same patterns as you've been punished for many times in the past there will be no tolerance given. Reread the rules to ensure you're up to date on any changes.
  8. [✓] MidnightParty299's Ban Appeal

    After the GM vote on your appeal it has been decided that you'll be unbanned. Welcome back to the server and ensure that nothing of the like happens again or it will be met with much harsher consequences.
  9. [✗] Appeal - JadePetal

    After the GM vote on your appeal its been decided that you won't be unbanned at this time. However, it was also decided that you will no longer have to appeal your ban and you will only have to serve 1 more month, at which point you will automatically be unbanned.
  10. your picture depicts exactly what u are

  11. [✓] MidnightParty299's Ban Appeal

    This appeal has been added to this round of the GM voting, expect a response on the 21st.
  12. [✓] Malgonious [4th appeal]

    This appeal has been added to this round of the GM voting, expect a response on the 21st.
  13. [✗] Appeal - JadePetal

    This appeal has been added to this round of the GM voting, expect a response on the 21st.