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  1. Didn't read the post but I agree.
  2. Unbanned. Talked it over skype and there was a misunderstanding. Enjoy your time on the server!
  3. All the info can be found here: To get a mine make a modreq in game and a GM will set it up for you!
  4. Just put away the shovel man, the coffin doesn't have to be 50 ft underground.
  5. See here for info on how to connect to the server. Specifically:
  6. Faiz sent me nudes and Guck didn't, easiest decision I've ever made.
  7. This charter application has been approved.
  8. You had one job @Lyonharted™!
  9. This charter application has been denied.
  10. This charter has been denied due to a seeming lack of interest. If you feel this was a mistake please send me a message.
  11. oWo what's this?
  12. o7
  13. Greetings everyone! Just a heads up that all the outstanding LC tickets from before Ever made the change to the way LC works have been cleared, see here for info on the LC changes: Therefore, if your plot had LC on the previous system you are no longer able to receive LC. However, you are still able to request for LC under the new system. The second portion of the payment system (block count) will not be carried out due to overly complicated logistics and there being no real way for us to determine the blocks placed by LC vs by hand over the course of multiple weeks, the duration some of the tickets have been active. If you wish to move to the new system please make a modreq and a GM will get it setup for you.
  14. I thought the same until I did a modreq for 40 heads
  15. Hey that's pretty good!