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  1. “I wonder when the Vavasour will return from his trip…” Renilde pondered, unaware that her Maresc has been brutally murdered - and without reason - in the forests surrounding the once-revel territory.
  2. A DECLARATION Issued and Confirmed by Her Grace, the Archduchess of the Petra, Renilde I 17th of Sigismund’s End, 1916 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, Today is a most heinous day not only to the Petran realm, but to the heartlands as a whole, and perhaps even humanity as a whole: on an evening where I formally planned to join the fight with our allies to the north, and their friends in the desert – to devote the Petrine cause to aiding a rightful duke being anointed with the Adrian Coronet – were we savagely attacked. Myself, three of my Round Table Councilors, Regent Sigismund Varoche, his son Charles Varoche, and an Adrian named Callahan were sat in the meeting chambers of the Estenpromé, discussing how Petra can help. We decided on the terms to be set in our ‘’Writ of Avoidance’, and laid the document out to be similar to that of the one His Eminence, Father Iosif released on Haense’s behalf. The terms were agreeable, but we also sought to add more stipulations before being interrupted. The people just kept pouring in - people I did not recognize armed with lethal weaponry. Quickly, did these invaders set about the room, roughing up my dear friend Sir Laurens Henri before binding his hands up. It was then that I heard the command - and from a much more familiar voice. When the woman who had tied my hands had moved out of my line of view, I saw them: Joseph Vasile and the anathema, Heinrik, himself. These two had once been loyal friends to the Petrans, ones that would show up when we were in need, ones that supported us during our own civil war. And this is how you treat that same friend now? With a raid in the dark, hoping no one would notice? No. It is now that we must take a side, as one of the few remaining Canonist Princedoms to declare a side during this ongoing conflict (if any). We ask King Georg I of Haense and King Alexander I of Balain to allow us a signature on their own alliance, ‘A Polar Concurrence’, for we stand for the same goal and wish to aid in any which way possible. O SAINTE RÈGNE PETRÉRE, Her Grace, Renilde I, By the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere
  3. "Damn he mad," Renilde uttered over the rim of her wine glass, struck by the conviction of the Aaunic King. "I must meet with this Regent of Adria and sign on with the 'Writ of Avoidance' like Haense. I wouldn't want to be caught up in Charlie's wrath." With a shudder, the Archduchess clinked her glass to her long-time drinking partner's own, sipping, then continuing. "Will you set that meeting up, Laurens? I will draft the writ in the meantime!" @Chorale__
  4. "I cannot fricken wait." The Archduchess held the Petran-Haeseni babies in her arms, only sometimes succumbing to their devoted father's pleas to cradle his 'little warriors'.
  5. “Oy vey…” The archduchess remarked, all too familiar with the stresses of an internal conflict. She prayed for all of her friends involved, on either side.
  6. what a day 😮💨 

  7. City Charter of Valfleur 1915 Penned by Ms. Edith Hope Born out of the remnants of the Harvest Confederacy, The Commonwealth of the Petra stands as the sole Knightly Republic in Almaris. In the brief history of the Commonwealth of Petra its citizens have been tried and tested many times by war, and difficult times. In the face of such adversity they have maintained their principles, it is with them in mind that we dedicate this document to the People of the Commonwealth of the Petra SECTION I The City Government of Valfleur I - The City Assembly I.I - The City Assembly shall be composed of three Assemblymen, two of whom shall be elected from among the general populace of Valfleur and one shall be appointed by the Archduchess of the Petra. II.II - The City Assembly shall have a term of six years, after which they must seek re-election in a popular vote election after which the top two candidates shall take office. The course of the election will be nominations that shall last a single month after which candidates shall be granted three months of campaigning, which shall include a debate organized by the Registrar of Valfleur, and then the Election shall take place. I.III - The City Assembly duties shall be the passage of laws pertaining to the City of Valfleur, approval of a municipal government that shall be created by the Lord Mayor, aiding the Lord Mayor in planning of festivities and serving on committees to aid the Citizenry of Valfleur. II - Lord Mayor of Valfleur II.I - In order to be elected to the Office of Lord Mayor one shall be nominated to the race. After nominations conclude there shall be a debate held between the Mayoral candidates in public, and finally the election shall be held. II.II - The Lord Mayor shall be elected by a popular vote from the populace. In the event that no candidate receives fifty percent of the vote a runoff election shall occur between the two winners of the last round. II.III - Tasks that are delegated to the Lord Mayor shall include festivities, delegation of committees to the Assembly, appointing a capable Deputy Lord Mayor who shall lead the City Assembly on behalf of the Lord Mayor and to create a municipal government to be approved by the City Assembly. I.IV - There shall be set term limits on the Office of Lord Mayor . Who shall serve no more than two terms in office totaling no more than twelve years. In the event the Deputy Mayor ascends to the office of Lord Mayor they will serve the remainder of the Lord Mayors term and have the choice to seek a single term of their own. III - The Registrar of Valfleur I.I - The Registrar is given the task of running the elections of the City Assembly, Lord Mayor Elections, moderating Campaign Debates, and calling the City Assembly to order for a session. The Registrar shall be appointed by the Archduchess of Petra to a life-term or until resignation. I.II - The duties assigned to the Registrar of Valfleur shall be purely neutral oversight of the City Government and its elections to ensure that the City of Valfleur remains incorruptible. I.III - As the de-facto Overseer of the City of Valfleur the Registrar shall take a seat within the Roundtable of the Petra to represent the City with a non-voting position. SECTION II Bylaws of the City Assembly I - The Order of a Session I.I - Once the City Assembly has convened and the Deputy Mayor has been introduced, they shall take the dais and declare a Point of Order for the session in which bills may be brought forth, and voted upon. I.II - A meeting shall be adjourned when an Assemblyman calls for the adjournment of the session in which the Deputy Mayor shall then allow the motion to come to an immediate vote. Issued and proclaimed, HER GRACE, Renilde I, By the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere, Marchioness of the East March, Hero of the Petra HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Laurens Henri “The Unwavering” Halcourt d’Artois, Chanzlé of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Marquis of Clermont and Warden of the West, Baron of Artois, Lieutenant-General of the Petrine Regiment, Knight of the Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel, Hero of the Petra Her EXCELLENCY, Ms. Edith Hope, Registrar of the City of Valfleur, Matriarch of House Hope
  8. “What is an alcheme anyway?” Renilde asked the River Court’s alchemist with a smug grin, hoping to get a rise out of Manon.
  9. The Archduchess, Renilde I, could be found spending hours upon hours in the vast library, learning about her ancestors and their mistakes, as well as their victories.
  10. "This looks quite familiar..." Renilde went over the release with her own Lady Chamberlain, Baroness Anne de Vilain. @ibiou
  11. REKINDLING OVER THE RIVER 11th of Owyn's Flame, 1913 ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The United Kingdom of Aaun and the Commonwealth of Petra, or henceforth ‘the signatories’, recognise each other’s sovereignty and the rule of their domains, and their respective monarchs. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The signatories pledge to each other to adhere to principles of peace between each other, they shall not wage war upon one another, nor shall they raise arms against one another, or try to bring harm to the integrity of one another’s sovereign nation. ARTICLE III - TRADE AGREEMENT The signatories are to exchange stalls free of rent in their respective capitals to foster outstanding economic ties. Any tariffs beforehand imposed are revoked, and the creation of new ones are forbidden. ARTICLE IV - RECOMPENSE The Commonwealth of the Petra restores the territories currently noted as the South March or previously known as the Cathalon Peninsula to the United Kingdom of Aaun in endeavour to foster greater relations and progress forward with their shared vision that ensures the prosperity of the Heartlands. The aforementioned land was in the jurisdiction of the Alstion Crown prior to the Treaty of Spilt Blood, wherein it was ceded in exchange for peace. ARTICLE V - DURATION This Agreement shall be in effect for a period of sixteen years, after which the realms shall convene once again for renegotiations. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Charles I Alstion, By the Grace of God, King of Aaun, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Corazon, Balamena, Protector of the Realm, and etcetera. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Eleanor of Provins, Queen-consort of Aaun, Princess-consort of Alstion, Duchess-consort of Corazon, Balamena, and etcetera. HER GRACE, Renilde I, By the Grace of God, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere, Marchioness of the East March
  12. "This is incredible!" Renilde shakes the paper of colleges with excitement.
  13. "Goodness, gracious! This is most excellent work, Anne; I cannot wait to see what we accomplish with these reforms. We'll be shaping the minds of the future!" The Archduchess latched onto the older woman's shoulder, and gave her an excited short of shake. "This is a nice change of pace from the stigma of traditional 'court'!"
  14. "This is quite peculiar." Renilde pulled a fresh piece of parchment from a stack, and began penning a letter to her friend Eleanor.
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