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    – BATS NOT BIRDS – Issued and averred by Her Majesty RENILDE THE FIRST Atstana de Regne Petrère 89 REGARDING THE TURMOIL BETWEEN THE TWO BRANCHES OF THE LOYAL HOUSE OF HALCOURT, The crown and Baron George af Brasca have met to settle this matter between the two branches. For the best interest of both vassals, the Crown has hereby decided to take the situation into its own hands and resolve this, and multiple other concerns with the current house of Halcourt. Therefore, it has been decided that; The Line of d’Artois, and Brasca shall henceforth be split officially. The Brascan line has chosen to relinquish their claim to the Halcourt name, and will be hereafter known as the House af Brasca. Should any of the d’Artois line wish to take up this name and relinquish their Halcourt claims, then they may speak with the Baron to decide such. Should any Brascans wish to remain within the Halcourts and relinquish their claims to Brasca, then they likewise shall be allowed to seek out the d’Artois. The newly built Keep of Beaumont shall be the lands of the Line of Brasca, due to the architecture and construction of the keep being primarily their hard work. The line of d’Artois shall return to their original landholding above Chambery or be tried with trespassing should the Baron deem it fit. The Margravate of Clermont shall also be dissolved, to better represent the current size and standing of House Halcourt under the previous Margrave's lead. The titleholder of the Barony of d’Artois shall be decided through either a meeting with both the current Baroness, and the former Margrave, or a letter declaring such signed and confirmed by both parties. BY MY CROWN AND FOR MY PEOPLE, Her Royal Majesty, RENILDE I, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra The Honorable, 𝔊𝔢𝔬𝔯𝔤𝔢 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔠 𝔞𝔣 𝔅𝔯𝔞𝔰𝔠𝔞, Baron of Brasca, Lord of Beaumont
  2. “… That’s not how that works.” The Queen of the Commonwealth spoke to le Orateur after the release of such a missive, deeply concerned by her friend’s proclamation against his hardworking kin.
  3. “Why do they put weird V’s everywhere? I never understood…” Renilde said in her own mother tongue of the Petran people to her own grandchild, who too was becoming proficient in the language.
  4. "I wonder then, what it is that this ambitious-to-a-fault ninny is prince of, exactly." Renilde shook her head and tsked her tongue, penning a letter to the Emperor of Snoren for them to investigate this wrongdoing.
  5. “Awwww sukki sukki now…” Renilde deployed her intelligencers to keep an eye on the brewing war…
  6. “Oh shit on a shingle!” Renilde’s eyes were wide as saucer plates as she skimmed the missive herself, she being a Novellen, though it never was part of the reason that she came to rule the Commonwealth. She was quick to share this news with her counselors, and urged them to abide by this new set of circumstances.
  7. “Why is it bloody, I wonder…” Renilde added the event to her schedule.
  8. Renilde was engrossed with the retelling of her younger life’s history, wrapped up in the narrative by the young lady who’d interviewed her a few years prior. “This is my favorite retelling thus far. This will be added to the archives, av.” Later that evening, the Queen of the Petra could have been seen sitting with her granddaughter Catriona and her son Paul, rereading the exposé to them with practiced theatrics. They seemed to be enjoying their time together, those three generations huddled closely against one another on a sofa in a parlor. Renilde, despite all she had lost from then and now, was finally, in that singular moment, satisfied.
  9. Renilde gulped, now being the sole guardian to the young Catriona of the Petra. She prepared to tell the news to her granddaughter, that her one remaining parent, too, had met their end and that they loved her more than life itself.
  10. – WRIT of INHERITANCE, 1942 – Issued and averred by Her Majesty RENILDE THE FIRST Atstana de Regne Petrère 87 TO THE PEOPLE OF THE PETRA, Under Article IV, Chapter I of our Commonwealth’s constitution, the succession to the Throne of Garmont is selective by nature. Each reigning Sovereign is to legally designate their successor, and it is through this instrument that I seek to do so. With the passing of my beloved daughter and previous heir, the Archduchess of Vallagne, Winifred Adalia, I must now officially declare who shall take the mantle when the time comes for my own reign’s conclusion. Within the Constitution of the Commonwealth, the Salvian Inheritance directs that the heir may be chosen by the reigning Sovereign and that it shall be their duty to designate their successor from amongst the direct bloodline of Paul Salvian. Originally having chosen my daughter, Princess Winifred, I have decided that it is only appropriate for the inheritance of my father’s land and titles to follow down the line that our former Archduchess of Vallagne had left behind. Therefore, I hereby declare that Princess Catherine Arabella of the Petra [@Zaerie], my granddaughter, be officially named as the heir to the Commonwealth of the Petra. Her mother’s title, that of the title to the heir of the Throne of Garmont, the Archduchy of Vallagne, shall also thus be bestowed upon her. May the young Princess grow under the guidance of myself, the River Council, the Church, and those of the Petra. BY MY CROWN AND FOR MY PEOPLE, Her Majesty, RENILDE I Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra
  11. crazy that things like this have to be said again and again :(
  12. – THE HEARTLANDER ACCORD – 6th of Sigismund’s End, 1941 For too long, the Heartlands have been a divided people all working toward the single minded goal that is survival of one’s realm. War has plagued the Heartlands for decades, and it is only now, as we’ve finally settled into our new homeland of Aevos, that we have come together as a singular consciousness to protect our respective territories and cultures that reside within the Heartlands. As the Heartlandic Canonist realms of the Commonwealth of the Petra, the League of Veletz, the United Kingdom of Aaun, and the Kingdom of Numendil agree to the establishment of efficacious relations with one another with the intention of protecting their sovereign lands from external interference. ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Commonwealth of the Petra, the League of Veletz, the Kingdom of Aaun and the Kingdom of Numendil, henceforth referred to as ‘the signatories,’ recognize each other’s realms as independent lands ruled by their respective leaders, and will make no attempt to subvert those authorities governing them. ARTICLE II - TERRITORIAL BOUNDARIES The signatories agree to acknowledge their declared borders and to not encroach on the land claims of the others within the Heartlander Accord. Maps of territorial claims included in individual pacts between realms. ARTICLE III - DEFENSE The signatories shall adhere to a strict pact of non-aggression with each other, and will not incite conflict between the signatories. No signatory of this accord will provide military or economic aid to powers hostile to any of the other signatories. Lastly, each signatory vows to help one another during times of war where they are being aggressed upon by external entities. The signatories shall strive to organize joint military exercises to train their respective armies. The frequency of this shall be, or at least once every calendar year. The aim of this is to foster a spirit of comradery between the respective signatories, and to allow for ease of cooperation in the event of war. ARTICLE IV - PASSAGE The signatories shall allow free passage to each other’s civilians to be able to travel between their respective territories, under the law of all signatories. Additionally, the signatories pledge not to allow the armies or warbands of third party belligerents to move across the territories which they have settled to attack the other. When entering a settlement of another signatory, it is at the discretion of the respective settlement whether or not to confiscate the arms of the travelers from one or more of the other signatories. However, if such occurs, the settlement in question must take special care to take note of this and ensure that all weapons confiscated are returned to their respective owners upon exiting. Those members of a signatory unwilling to hand over their weapons in such a scenario are to be allowed to leave the territory of said signatory. Should they be willing to hand over their arms for entry, or return unarmed, they may be permitted entry to the settlement they were first unwilling to disarm for to gain entry within. ARTICLE V - VIOLATIONS In a case where any signatory should be found by the others to be in violation of this pact, all articles shall remain in effect for the next year while the signatories search for a diplomatic resolution. ARTICLE VI - DURATION The articles treaty shall remain in effect between the signatories for a duration of ten years, after which time the parties may choose to either renew it with each other’s mutual consent or otherwise renegotiate its provisions. SIGNED, O SAINTE RÈGNE PETRÉRE HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Renilde I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of the Petra, Marquise de Val d’Estenou, Countess of Temesch and Moere, Baroness of Garmont, Valfleur, Vallagne-en-Petra, and of the Phoenixspire, Protector of the Meadows, Defender of Liberty HIS GRACE, Germanicus of the House van Aert, Captain-General of the League of Veletz, Duke of Middelan, First Citizen, Protector of Midlanders, Defender of Dumacracy In the name of His Majesty, Edmund II of Aaun, HIS HIGHNESS, Heinrich II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgrave of Alstreim, Baron of Corwinsburg, Lord of Blackwater, Lord Vandalore HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë of the House Arthalionath, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of the Númenedain, Princess of Númenost and Minas Amath, Protector of the Adunians, Master of the Sharadûn, Templar of the Archangel Michael, Knight of the Realm
  13. “Wow she actually did it… hope it all works out for you, good Tar. I'm here for it!” Renilde grimaced, putting the missive aside to refer back to it later.
  14. – CONDEMNING BOUNTIES on NUNS – Issued and averred by Her Majesty RENILDE THE FIRST in the year of our Lord 1939 BY THE ORDER OF HER MAJESTY, RENILDE I OF THE PETRA, The recent bounties on all nuns of the land is hereby condemned. Any within the Petra that acts on such bounties shall be treated as a criminal acting against the church. These bounties are not to stand, and hold no legal authority within the Commonwealth, nor were they ordered by the Crown or the Petran Government. It seems that I must remind those of Aevos of our duty to the Church, and the standing that they hold. While these reports of poisonings are concerning, there is no reason to blame the whole of the Sisters of Canondom, condemn them all to death, or accuse every nun of assault on innocents. These concerns should be brought directly to the Church, or the governments where the incidents occur so that their respective leaders may confer with the Church to investigate the incidents and decide on a course of action together. This will be investigated and dealt with through proper channels, Petra shall not sit idly while our citizens are poisoned and attacked, but vagabonds being sent to slaughter all nuns is not a just course of action. Bounty hunters beware, this bounty is hereby condemned. All that kill a nun in reaction to this bounty will be tried for MURDER. BY MY CROWN AND FOR MY PEOPLE, Her Majesty, RENILDE I Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra
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