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  1. so the thing of this culture of the black people and police voilence stems from irish culture not whites or cops. There is a simply event that happened, an area of black people were enslaved and sold off, the one group went with teh americans who at the time were holding onto irish culture (sheep herders waring) and the other group went with a group from the east indie's or somehwere in asia but they were taken by another black group. The ones who went to america took on the irish culture, they dont care about lives, only there own rekt, they like to fight and war but not use words, rekt, they push the blame and not admit whta they have done (soical justice) rekt, thus this means they lost there culture and cant fix it themselves. Now there is rules to this IE people who want to seek knowledge have risen up to see we have to fix ourselves before anyone can help fix whats broken with us. So lets go back to this other group, they were taken by a group of black people, this group an another culture type, they were smart, not waring, they had nice cities, not that they were made whole by the slaves. The slaves tho took on the culture there, they became smart, they knew how to use words over hands and talk, they earned there freedom or broke away from slavery and were able to work within the township because they adpopted the culture. Culture is the problem, if people cant see this then ya go on andmake some **** posts SJW/snowflake, winter is not comming for a few months, hold on

    1. Archipelego


      i had to read that four times

    2. *Space*


      i had to read that like 5 times and still don't understand it

  2. maybe fighting shouldn't be your main way of roleplaying :thinking:
  3. except one roleplays and the other doesn't :^)
  4. ur lazy sundays are drawing **** smh i don't shower until 5 o'clock in sundays >:L
  5. omae wa mou shinderui
  6. haha any attempt at humour is cringey haha -mlady-
  7. could we please get a condemnation of the alt-left by the admin team ty

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    2. *Space*




      haha it's totally equivalent one extreme is represented in the white house and half the senate and the other is a few colllege campuses mhm yes equivalency mhmmmm

    3. magical girl max

      magical girl max

      lets be real guys i mean both sides r equally bad............. i mean sure that alt right dude drove a car into a bunch of protesters but those protesters were mean.......... very mean.............. muh statues......................

    4. *Space*
  8. how tf do people fail anatomy exams you have a body right there ?

  9. aeran throws up a few gang signs 'didn't they like tell the shadow people to **** up right around the time i was almost KILLED' he then shakes my head.
  10. fgxId6W.png



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    2. *Space*


      ACTUALLY it's LITERALLY social media :^)

    3. Aeldrin


      yeah, pertaining to lotc. do you even play lotc anymore? all you do is flood status updates with edgy political rants and opinions.

    4. *Space*