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  1. don't transition until next summer rp doesn't change much between maps
  2. can anyone justify eating meat to me honestly think i need to be a vegan my dudes :(

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    2. Space


      But around capable of the same level of consciousness as animals? I don't really think so.


      But I agree with what you're getting at-- Where is the boundary? Are insects ok to kill and eat? I don't think so, but I don't know for certain where the boundary is. I do know for certain that a cow is above the boundary of deserving good treatment

    3. Ford


      drop that head of lettuce you murderer..................


      also couldnt you flip around the reasoning for their being no meaningful distinction for a pig and a severely autistic person who cant contribute to society and just say that instead of treating the pig with the same amount of respect as the autist, you could just slaughter/euthanise them both for more functional individuals' gains

    4. Space


      Yes, that's the only way to be a meat eater I think. You have to have some sort of 'humanity' indicator that allows you to make the distinction. You can't have a line that doesn't include any humans while also including animals.


      And you'd also have to accept that animals have no rights at all and are possessions and we should be able to do what we want with them, including torturing or killing them.

  3. this is the type of positive humour i think we can all get behind https://twitter.com/dirtywaternymph/status/839911866746998785


    1. Space


      fun fact- i got a t-shirt from that band and a few months later it was revealed that one member was a sexual abuser and the other member hid it

  4. OuO
  5. @iMattyz resident sargon fan is he trolling about the harassment **** or is he being serious i can't tell https://youtu.be/hsZgkTZZiCk

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    2. Space


      zae literally treats me like a child and questions the definition of half the words i use it's very triggering

    3. Ford




      top 10 rivalries, then

    4. iMattyz
  6. people say that reverse racism doesn't exist yet every 2017 XXL Freshman is black. Explain?

    1. mitto


      im salty lil peep isnt on there is arguable larger than half of them. like pnb rock who? what the hell

    2. Space



  7. holy **** don't read your cringey fucks This has been a thread I've wanted to create since I hit the 5k post mark, but I didn't have much actual desire to until now. Usually to make these types of things it needs to be late and I need to be listening to sad music, two things that are fulfilled at the moment, so I might aswell, right? I've thought of it, and while I acknowledge that there are a lot of other large things that have effected me, I think Lord of the Craft is genuinely something that impacted me massively. And I don't think that's unique-- Lots of people have made that statement, and share the semantic. Which is cool. I'm glad so many people have found such an impactful thing. I genuinely love this server, and everything about it. And I think it will still be a part of my life as long as LotC exists. Which I am happy with. I don't see how my love of the server is going to disappear, even if my active interest in the server dissipates. Over the past like, year, I've looked at the happenings of the server sorta distantly. Whereas a few years ago I would probably make some long winded post or reply about some certain issue or why I think someone is wrong, that doesn't really interest me. I'll start typing and do something different. And maybe you'll think 'yeah he's maturing' or something, but I disagree. I give a **** about different things nowadays, I've not gained some sort of apathy to my surroundings. Not to say I haven't matured, but, I'll cover that. It's an odd feeling. I guess what prompted this is this doom-saying about things, overreaction, pretentiousnes, etc. A lot of **** that I just see and really don't understand. Like, maybe this is an issue with everything, but why is all of the talk about the issues of the server, and never solutions? Why are any 'solutions' just 'put this person i think is better.' But let me completely contradict this by... Like **** dude, I know there are so many issues with LotC. And I know I would ideally want it ran a different way, I would want the culture a different way, but I can't really see a scenario that the server moves in that direction. And I don't have any confidence that my solutions are the best ones. Or that anyone else is. There's no authority at running a minecraft roleplaying server. There's no expert at running online communities. And I look at LotC, and see all the various forms that different aspects of the server have taken, where none of them seemed to be 'good' (i.e. map size, default, various villain rules, magic rules etc), and I get a bit more certain that there isn't a solution or anything like that, and we have to accept that to a degree. We should strive for a 'perfect' system, but come the **** on, this isn't possible. I guess I never really had the words to describe it, but I think I can now: My dislike for the direction into a 'company.' The main reason that this seems to be supported is people want the server to make money so it can continue to function, and they want it to become more popular, and I don't necessarily agree with either of those? I mean obviously I think that the server should make money so it should be able to function, but I also don't agree with compromising a lot of morals that I would want the server to be ran on for that goal. As for becoming popular... Why? So it can continue to function? To get new donators? To get new people to RP with? Those are good things, but should that be a goal? I don't know. Shouldn't we be striving to have the server the best for the people on it, not making some big effort to propel the server forward, which hasn't worked for almost the entire existence of the server? The playerbase pretty much stayed same, with declines at certain parts of the year and increases at others. So why not focus on the current players as well as advertising for new players? Sure, that's a good solution I think, but I don't know if it's realistic. There's some sort of fetishization with becoming a massive server, when... Would it make LotC more enjoyable? I don't really think so. No matter what the population is, the density of roleplay seems to be just about the same. There seems to be other things that effect how much RP happens, with pop as a factor, but not as large as these other things. So I guess this leads me to a few questions that I have to think on, that don't have clear answers. That the admins and the people who run the server have to answer, with their decision making. What is the focus on LotC? Why does it exist? Why should it exist? How long should it exist? What are we willing to compromise in pursuit of some goal? I find myself thinking of some end of LotC. And I know it's not going to be satisfactory to anyone- When LotC dies, it will be with kicking and screaming. Which is fine, I understand, but... Isn't that undignified? I don't know. I'll be around for it, if I'm not banned, so I'll see. Makes me uneasy to think about. Not because I think LotC should never die, but rather because I want a happy death, y'know? I want it to be shut down with some celebration of the years of shared history. I guess I hope my future has a definitive 'end' to the lotc part of it, but I don't know how accurate that's going to be. AND ANOTHER THING. I've had a decent amount of conversation with pretty much every level of staff member, and I don't think I've really found someone who was bad. I reject that, infact. I don't think there is relaly anyone who seeks position of authority out of purely selfish desires. There's much easier things to do than get staff on LotC. So the only thing left is that these are good people, period. Which I do thoroughly believe-- No 'bad' people. There's people who are misguided, or have bad ideas on how things should be enjoyable, but there's no hateful person who ******* just wants to **** this **** up. WHICH SEEMS TO BE THE IMPLICATION A LOT. Going off that, it really disappoints me how ineffectual EVERY STAFF MEMBER SEEMS TO BE. From Ever to ******* Luv (idk that's like the axis of good to **** from what I've heard, never interacted with Luv sorry if it's random **** talk), they all had ideas that were never pushed on. I know I'm speaking as someone who has never actually been on any staff team, so I know that I am certainly not aware of how difficult things can be, and probably am not being fair, but... Come on. Like, Tahmas, you are probably like top 3 most 'powerful' people on LotC, and you make a post 10 days after leaving the admins that point out issues with literally everyone. WHY DIDN'T YOU DO ANYTHING TO FIX THIS. WHY IS THE BUCK BEING PASSED SO HARD. WHY ARE YOU JUST CREATING THIS DRAMA WHEN YOU HAD MONTHS TO ACTIVELY FIX THESE PROBLEMS IN AN INFLUENTIAL ROLE. WHY? WHY ARE YOU CONTRIBUTING TO THE RUINATION OF THE SERVER YOU LOVED ENOUGH TO PUT THIS TIME INTO? It makes absolutely on sense to me. But that's not a criticism I just have on Tahmas, that's like every admin who leaves the team and talks about how hard and **** things are. Even my love Ever. So ******* what dude. Do what you can. Don't have 20 unfinished projects. Be vocal. Be public. Don't be a ******* coward. But onto a more self loathing topic: My interactions on the server. I remember when I was 'permabanned' the last time, I wrote this big ass cringey post about my regrets on LotC. I don't think many remember it, even though it got a few pages of replies. Glad. Looking back at reading it... Nothing changed. I still acted that way after I was unbanned. I mean, didn't do AS mcuh, but I sitll was so combative an shitty to people for no reason. Still to this day. And I don't get it. I wish it wasn't like that. I don't know. A big too cringey for me to delve deeper into, so meh. So I guess I will loop back to my love of LotC. I genuinely think it's different from anyone else. I've fanboyed LotC so hard. I've defended LotC from so much criticism, I've tried to show my passion as much as I can. I know that if I really had this passion I should try to reach a position that could actually change LotC, but I've destroyed every chance I have at any staff. I can't evne get ET. 5 years and they won't even let me on the event team, lmfao. So what, I'll just sit here and *****? I don't know. tl;dr don't read it you ******* losers
  8. tuturu!!!
  9. where's the solutions you spineless hack
  10. 'hey guys here's problems with literally everyone except for me even thoguh i was one of the most powerful people on the server also i won't offer any solutions because i am literally a human butt hahahaha'


    give me a break...

  11. sargon 'conservative will win by 100 seats'  of akkad

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    2. iMattyz


      You never criticised one of my opinions you criticised a YouTuber @_@

    3. Space


      your opinion on sargon ' Nah he's fine.'


      'Lmao. You say all that with fury in your eyes but what actual evidence do you have

      Besides "I don't agree"'


      why are you trying to gaslight so hard?

    4. iMattyz


      Because I'm lazy, out hiking in the woods and it's funny


      Probably more of the former