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  1. sorta related, good video i think
  2. corgi great dane
  3. Wtf dudes I thought the staff were biased and unfair? Kicking random people off teams for NO REASON!! and being mean! Why are we all so sad and supportive to see part of that SCUMMY group leave? But, for real That sucks. Idk if you could've found a better cheer leader for Ever the admin than me. So that sucks. But, knowing you for these years (and hopefully for continuing years!!!), it's kinda... I don't know cringey to say but inspiring. Like, from where you were to where you are. You're sorta a role model to me I guess, even if that probably makes you laugh a lil. I love you buddy, even if you enjoy a game of chance too much, bash on the greatest competitive game to ever exist, have no idea how to properly run a server, have horrible taste in video games, etc etc.
  4. Wow, Finalhazard! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you.
  5. samurai jack is the ****
  6. 1v3'd like israel in the arab-israeli war
  7. yeah we only have to worry about trying to fix broken systems in our country, not a ban that targets a religion sorry
  8. we don't know clearly if he has the support of the majority of the country, but we know the liberals ran on this campaign promise, and they won the election, so obviously people cared fpp is a terrible system and not as representative as other systems. i.e.
  9. Even though it 100% won't matter, I sorta had this weird thought today where I'm a voting adult. And that made me care a bit more about my own countries politics. So, if you're a Canadian, taking a minute to sign this petition would be cool, so maybe the Liberals will see that Canadians do care about electoral reform. Context: A promise of the liberal party was electoral reform, i.e. something to first past the post, which sucks ****. They've slowly backed out of this, then recently just said it's off the agenda. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/trudeau-abandons-pledge-to-change-voting-system-before-2019-election/article33855925/ long live the queen
  10. well i had to work until 9:15 and have to get up at 5:00am so i can only get like 7 hours of sleep at most so that sucks and i work for like 6 days in a row that sucks and i've gotta get up early every day basically ****
  11. @Fordo the idea of a safe space is alright it's just abused and done to sjw levels so it's dumb
  12. whoah wtf
  13. i'm sure it's really cool and a lot of people will care signs the charter