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  1. what games other than minecraft are you player

    1. TheCritsyBear


      right now I play SS13 (RP), Paladins, TF2, NWN (RP), Cataclysm DDA, League of Legends, D&D (RP) and Warcraft III


      wayyyyyy too many to list if you mean all ever games I player

  2. i find it kinda crazy when you fucks can accept transexual people but not transgender people (look at me using the proper terminology now)

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    2. Kinslayer


      space is deluisional, its only forum memers that hate trans ppl :( 


      trans ppl are cool

    3. Archipelego


      everyone is cool, except for dictators

    4. Kinslayer



  3. you 👏 can't 👏 name 👏 a 👏 better 👏 mixtape 👏 https://soundcloud.com/trapgodtrips/sets/magic-plugin-mixtape

  4. looking for someone to make a gosh darn skin, will buy you like a 10-15 dollar steam game or paypal you the money or whatever would be a warhawke delf

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    2. EternalSaturn💫


      Any particular eye/hair color?


    3. Space


      not edgy normal i guess

    4. ShmadCat


      I've got an old one that I don't believe is used anymore, you can have it for free if you want. Any minor edits are okay.



  5. 10 tips on how to promote nazi beliefs while simultaneously denying any connection to nazism!!!! must read!

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    2. zaezae


      Don't feel like looking for it. I don't even remember the conversation. 

    3. Space


      then don't talk smack yo

    4. Gypsy


      I feel like your a member of BAMN

  6. who tf changed my username how can i change it back I have a cooldown

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    2. Vaynth


      I didn't change it.

      Haven't even been home for the past few hours.

    3. MysticalStranger
    4. Space
  7. 'All genders are made-up genders, but some are made up by more people than others.' - @Contrapoints but probably some tumblrina or something

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    2. Space


      Well yeah and there are people that I've seen that say that, if society didn't have such roles imposed on certain genders, they probably would identify with the gender-***** or gender-fluid movement. If men could wear dresses and makeup and this was an acceptable thing to everyone there wouldn't really be the need for that label for that particular person. But others still would want something to rally behind.


      Plus we are nowhere near that, so we kinda have to exist now, deal with the reality of life rn, and eventually get to the ideal. y'know?

    3. mitto


      I can get behind that

    4. Space


      I mean I agree that there are extremes- Should we really expect people to learn 20 new pronouns that you made up for your own gender identity? I'd be much more in favour of trying to popularize some sort of gender-neutral pronouns (and this isn't even in an issue in some languages which don't use gendered pronouns) instead of adding zir and xir and tir and kir and ***** and cuntette n ****.


      But yeah I mean I don't think these are really big issues. It's personal identity and affording the same rights to everyone. Just people react really strongly for no reason.


      but hey see how easy it is to like come to some sort of consensus when people are just willing to agree with a few basic things and have some good faith in the others ability to form a thought really makes you think doesn't it? hmm.

  8. I'm not saying you don't have a right to discuss these issues. I just think you need to take it out of the platform for MINECRAFT roleplay

  9. i find it pretty hilarious how /r/marchagainsttrump just became the exact same as /r/The_Donald but just incredbly anti-Trump instead of ncredibly for Trump

    1. Kinslayer


      space is RED PILLED now

    2. Dreek


      i dont see how its funny

    3. Space
  10. Could an FM please lock this? I feel like all valuable discussion has happened, and now we're just going to be reading the same things over and over again. Good talk everyone.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Enlightenment


    This is what you are. A neo-reactionary.

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    2. Space


      the problem is he genuinely believes in 'white genocide'....

    3. Oodles


      is mineman roleplayer a valid political ideology

    4. Hunwald


      please exit my profile, mineman is one of the most forced words lotc has ever seen

  12. @Vaynth I am uncomfortable, please act.