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  1. Over many years, anyone who’d ever thought of him would come to the conclusion that Aeran was dead. Most knew he lived the end of his life in poverty and madness, mind ultimately destroyed by his unattunement. He could’ve been any number of bodies of the poor found in cities, or perhaps never found, scavenged on by animals and rotted until bone, as he would’ve wanted. There is no definitive moment that anyone knew, but enough time has passed that anyone who cares is certain that he is gone. rip far too much time and caring. lotc bad
  2. Nug

    hi friend!!!!!

  3. I see you’re lingering 

  4. Sopranos had the best ending of any television show ever.

  5. i will not be silenced steve is just ex-alex alex is trans this is canon minecraft lore

    1. Textarea



      Edited by Omar Grimmer'Lak
      video preview is busted
  6. is there gonna be another creative cafe sucks that once i finally have something creative to do everyone decides they are too cool for it

    1. Zacho


      Next weekend. Currently we are planning for it the next weekend as the warclaim is this weekend, hopefully next weekend we can get a good time.

    2. Space


      oh **** i didn’t see neat now i need to get unbanned from discord thanks ?

    3. Zacho


      Yeah there hasn’t been a post about it yet, but next weekend is the idea.

  7. thSYOMk.png

    1. Textarea


      it doesn’t suck. it’s cool :)

  8. just heard about high elves.damn that **** sucks

    1. Ankan


      what happened bud

    2. Textarea


      “Wi high twiggiez are bub’hozh! Mi thynk nub’thyng happuned.” sayz lat momo.

  9. my cosplay wife left me

    1. Kaelan
    2. StarGazzer


      did she take the kids?


    3. howard


      my elf wife is blocked

  10. trying to get a funny status update out, nothing is coming up. sorry. deeply sorry

  11. again, forming lord of the craft alt-reborn doll facebook group plz pm for invite thank you ?

    1. ScreamingDingo


      this is alot to deconstruct

  12. Space


  13. 3 more failed coup attempts and guaido gets 1 (one) free coffee

  14. if reactionaries actually read marxist literature i’m sure they’d be surprised about how much of it is dry as **** 19th century economic data and thinly veiled insults at contemporary intellectuals


    and that’s the tea for today

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