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  1. End of map loot hoards

    don't snitch
  2. Thirteen Nations

    ok but then all these far more active groups get shafted and it becomes really weird there's no easy solution
  3. Thirteen Nations

    unga bunga pvp bois
  4. Thirteen Nations

    yes you can
  5. Thirteen Nations

    if the only way you can think of to have unique nation rp is ic prejudices i think you aren't thinking hard enough!!!!
  6. Thirteen Nations

    can we send this thread to the library of congress sutica was half destroyed yesterday and is still more active than almost anywhere :thinking:
  7. Thirteen Nations

    if we are basing who gets nation status off activity, sutica is pretty clearly #1 in that metric.......................................
  8. i feel like 13 entities getting land in the next map at start is a bit much

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Freebuild is good, kudos to the staff for having freebuild in 6.0

    3. Narthok


      @Skylez1 Admins made a call that no nation could lose their nation status at the end of the map so the empire was only allowed to pillage their capital rather than conquest it

    4. Skylez1
  9. spamaceofaids

    hmu i mean no, but has true capitalism been tried? like some anarcho-capitalist thing?
  10. spamaceofaids

    i am proudly an sjw i am wearing a BLM shirt rn even you are banned for harassment and doxing why would the opinion of some idiot over the internet matter i don't know i don't think i'm a communist. if anything i'd be leaning towards anarchism but i need to do more reading!! no
  11. spamaceofaids

    i was inspired for the title and wanted to make one! some people think i'm a troll or something or joke about that so ask me and i'll justify the things i say better!
  12. AMAnatee

    hey this isn't an spamaceofaids this is amanatee but i am a bit heavy handed i agree but i think i saw some status update or something you said once that frustrated me!! i apologize if it seems like i'm being rude!!! i don't really have anything to ask........ what movie should i watch?