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  1. Hyper Light Drifter is on sale on steam, you should buy it, it's a great game.


  2. thoughts?
  3. I've stumbled onto a major server conspiracy, lotc This server is being bled like a stuck pig and I've got a paper trail to PROVE it- check this out TAKE A LOOK AT THIS That right there is the proof now lets talk about the proof can we talk about the proof I'VE BEEN DYIN TO TALK ABOUT THE PROOF ALL DAY
  4. tfw it's better to be a racist than an sjw @GrimReaper98

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Space


      like 'i don't like aboriginal people because they are born aboriginal' racist


      ACTUALLY racist

    3. zaezae


      Well at least we know the difference.

    4. Archipelego


      i literally dont care why did i read this

  5. obviously older you are less age gap makes a difference and yeah it's weird as **** but his explanations are pretty sound, these are all missing context. stop the witch hunt
  6. maybe you've never interacted with a woman before but when you are friends with girls you are allowed to joke about this sort of stuff a lot of the time it is flirty but i'm pretty sure 'mildly flirty' is a far stretch from 'grooming' and 'stahp you're making me blush' is far closer to a ******* joke response than 'stop i do not give consent stop' like jesus christ guys
  7. #fakenews
  8. ok i will alter my statement after seeing the other 2 it's kinda eeeeeeeeh. I think there is some reaching here- I don't think he's intentionally grooming anyone or anything, just being flirty with someone who is pretty close to his age.
  9. i saw 3 screenshots, idk where the other 2 are, if someone wanted to send them to me on skype or some **** that'd be good but to me it just seems like some cringey **** between two friends. not someone grooming
  10. this is ******* you dislike him so you're stretching the smallest **** to try to cause trouble it's stupid
  11. Has shown he shouldn't be a staff member on LotC like 20 times,
  12. next up on space debates: is bdsm feminist?

    1. James2k


      it's degenerate. is feminism degenerate?