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    LATZ NAME, ORK: Rokag'Gorkil BLAH MI LATZ AGE: Dubtee UKEE, LATZ KLAN, OR DA KLAN DAT INTEREST LAT: Lat didnub heer? Klan Gorkil.
  3. Rokag shook his head as Krugmar's proud legion turned and marched away from White Peak's walls; their challenge unanswered. "Da cowardiz ov da zhara iz alwaiz zartan," he muttered as he shot one last glare at the scoundrels hollering above.
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    Though born under the banners of the War Nation, Rokag has not remained behind orcish walls for long. Most of his youth has been spent in the desolate lands that isolate the orcs from the other descendants; drifting across the dunes with his family, pursuing desert beasts and driving out those few who would encroach upon orc territory. From many lessons, taught by both his kin and the desert itself, Rokag has come to thrive within the wilderness. He has grown restless of late, however, and yearns to find a place for himself among the ranks of the War Nation. He heads now to San'Kala to lend what skills he has to Krugmar's cause.