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  1. Sniffles will make commission when he makes more monies
  2. You should’ve at least shown the new CT circle on the Your View thread of Charters.

    1. Hiebe


      Tiles werent even done till the night before release. 

  3. Aha aha yeah Server needs to progress, we’re in the 18th century now.
  4. Mr. Sniffles day dreamed of the homeland of the Reiters.
  5. dynmap please

  6. @SeventhCircle add a map with tiles and already existing nations pls
  7. @Treshure Shaders make anything look cool
  8. @NotEvilAtAll @Man of Respect Economy, professions and grinding. For Lotc I don’t think it’s possible to make a fluid system that makes sense in terms of roleplay, logic and realism and at the same time works for everyone on Lotc. There are two types of players; Grinders and non-grinders. While it would make sense to have a need for grinding and gathering, the server should not punish those who don’t grind, whether it’s because they don’t want to or have less time online. It has to be optional. Economy should be based by supply and demand, professions should be realistic but also engaging and grinding should be optional. But with the resources of the server and the game combining these as they should be is probably impossible, not to mention all the complications that come with bending the mechanics of minecraft. Personally the first place to start would be custom recipes and balancing the use and gathering (supply and demand) of resources. → Making mail armour common and easy, iron armour more expensive etc.
  9. Vrakai is not a part of Adria nor the Empire, so if you could fix that thanks. Good looking map tho.
  10. Happy thoughts boys and girls xx

  11. @Dreek In-Game Name: Anderssn Request: Move Vrakai Subforum from Renatus to Human/Independant section. And change title from Republic of Vrakai to State of Vrakai. The republic of Vrakai was split in half, Belvitz and the southern side was given to Adria who are vassals of Renatus while the Northern side of Vrakai remained independent as a mercenary state. Link to relevant forum sections: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/852-republic-of-vrakai/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/18-humans/
  12. Might wanna raise your bitrate for next time for better quality.
  13. THE CONTRACT OF GOLD AND ONYX, 8th of Amber Cold, 1667 Information spread quick, the Reivers subjugating underneath the Kingdom of Courland. It did not take long after this before Charles issued a meeting with the Reivers long-term feuding enemies - The Reiters. Upon the meeting, a contract was quickly reached between the two parties. With that, the Reiters would join the coalition against the proclaimed Kingdom of Courland. The Terms, agreed upon by both nations, are as followed: The Reiter Company agree to the basic terms of a form of alliance between the two groups. They shall fight side-by-side against the common foes. The Reiter Company and the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna and the subsequent soldiers, citizens and mercenaries underneath each group will not commence in conflict or any actions of aggression towards one another for the duration of the contract. The Reiter Company will sully their forces forth for sieges, skirmishes and raids if called upon during the war against the A.R.A. The Kingdom of Renatus-Marna shall provide a sum of mina in exchange for the assistance of the Reiters after each major encounter. Signed, Benghis
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