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  1. “You’ve been removed from your post long ago, my cousin speaks true.” – The Prince of Rubern
  2. THE BATTLE OF ADRIA Or The pathetic loss that Oren suffered whilst out numbering their enemy. Oh, what a jovial moment to lay eyes upon the bloody roads that lay betwixt the Orenian heartlands littered with the limp bodies of Our enemy. This altercation started earlier this very ‘eve, with Sir Adrian and his personal retinue arriving upon the jewel of Rubern with courage beyond their own doubts. Or, that was the facade they exerted upon those around - a ploy, a lie to trick them in to believing that they were in fact soldiers; unfortunately, the truth was far from this. As Doctor Daniel trepased amongst the scene, wielding an actual courage that stood out amongst the crowd - he pointed his blade at the retinue, a small smile creeping onto his facade. A fight, at last. Yet, that smile soon twisted into a deep frown - to his disbelief, the soldiers tucked tail and ran; it seemed Sir Adrian, such a boastful Knight, did not feel comfortable taking on Doctor Daniel within the confines of Rubern. “Bah!” spat out Doctor Daniel, it seemed if he could acquire himself a fight then he would have to force one himself. He quickly rang the bells with a fervor unseen for many months. The men of the AIS and Ruberni Huszars were rallied, with Doctor Daniel and Hetman Radu in the lead they would dart along the roads slaughtering Orenians after Orenian with little rebuke. That was until they came across a large Orenian party, rallied and at the head of it? Sir Adrian - he had rallied a force to stop Doctor Daniel and his nefarious deeds. About 200 versus 350, it seemed that Sir Adrian - a boastful soldier - would only take on fights where he would outnumber his opponents by large amounts. Well, he had finally got what he wanted; Daniel would not take on the Orenian mentality and flee fights they did not hold numerical advantage in. There was no flight, no retreat and no mercy extended to these Orenian soldiers. Both of the forces crashed, the Sheihk Ibraheem of Al-Faiz leading the flank, Daniel down the middle and Hadvard controlling the cavalry. Each to their own merit, helped an exceptional victory come to play. Despite the number disparity being in the favour of the Orenian scourge, the skill disparity was easily within the favour of the A.I.S; it was shown. The Orenians had lost once again.
  3. HOUSE OF STIBOR Written by Princess Anabel, and confirmed by the Prince Marius I of Rubern, 1751 Since its conception, the House of Alimar -- the once Royal House of Rubern -- has been riddled with strife, political division, and treachery. Whilst half of its dynasts left the Haeseni realm, others remained, remaining subservient to the Barbanovs. The Alimars of yore, and their valor and courage, are seen in the foundations of Rubern. Yet, our cousins who remain in the Haeseni court have seemingly renounced those ideals in favor of cowardice and meekness. The first matriarch, HSH Aleksandra of Antioch, held Ruric blood in her by way of her mother, and through her, so do her descendants. The children of her second son HRH Prince Richard the First bear the blood of Devereux, a once righteous lineage lost to blind allegiance to the undead King of Helena. Our relation to the feeble Barbanovs is faint, if not obscure entirely. As decreed on the year 1751, the legitimate issue of HRH Prince Richard the First of Rubern and his former consort, HRH Princess Ester of Curon, hereby renounce their birth house of Alimar, their cousins who still bear the besmirched name, and Lady Aleksandra Mariya of Reza, the youngest daughter of HRH who has abandoned her direct kin on numerous occasions. They will assume the name of Stibor instead, as will their issue-to-come, in perpetuity. SIGNED His Royal Highness, the Prince of Rubern, Marius I Stibor Her Highness, Princess Anabel Stibor His Highness, Prince Kazimar Stibor His Highness, Prince Dimitri Stibor-Muldavi
  4. THE PRINCIPALITY OF RUBERN “Heirs to the Highlands, Princes to none but ourselves.” EST. 1724 TABLE OF CONTENTS GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE BRANCHES AND THEIR PURPOSES NOBILITY AND STYLES GOVERNMENT The executive government of Rubern functions as an administrative hereditary monarchy with the Sovereign, unless having had appointed a regent, acting in precedence, bolstered by their councilors. REIGNING PRINCE HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, MARIUS I STIBORICZ, PRINCE OF RUBERN, DUKE OF KRASNA, LORD OF THE RUBERLANDS R. 1740-Present INCUMBENT GOVERNOR HER HIGHNESS, PRINCESS ANABEL ALEKSANDRA, PRINCESS-REGENT OF RUBERN T. 1750-Present THE PROVINCIAL COUNCIL THE PRINCE - Marius I, Prinze ov Rubern The Sovereign ruler of Rubern, the Prince holds absolute authority over his lands; his word is supreme, and his wisdom is unquestioned. To ease the burden of managing his realm, the Prince may grant councilors and other individuals the ability to enforce his laws and act as his representative in both domestic and foreign affairs. THE GOVERNOR - Prinzesa Anabel ov Rubern The Governor of Rubern holds executive authority over administration and governing duties of the Province, as bestowed upon them by the Prince. In the absence or inability of the Prince to perform his duties, the Governor will act as regent and head-of-state in the Prince’s stead. THE MINISTER SENESCHAL - Prinze Karl ov Alstion In all matters stewardy, diplomacy, and trade, the Minister Seneschal acts as the Prince’s chief majordomo. The Minister Seneschal is responsible for overseeing the economy of Rubern, arranging treaties with foreign powers, and administering the men and women in the service of the Prince. THE FIELD MARSHAL - Hetman Radu Vilac The Hetman of Rubern is the second in command in Military affairs, answering only directly to the Prince. The Hetman is charged with the logistics and organization of the Ruberni armies, keeping the lands of the Prince safe and advising the Prince on matters of warfare and security. In line with Rubern’s history of military professionalization, the Hetman is also the field commander of the 1st Huszar Banner; an elite force of the finest soldiers in all of Rubern. THE MINISTER JUSTICIAR - Lucaks ov Vrakai The Minister Justiciar ensures that the Prince’s law and authority is upheld within his own lands. Aside from acting as the Prince’s chief justice, the Minister Justiciar is also responsible for the education and training of Rubern’s youth so that they may serve their Prince and people well and proudly. EXECUTIVE BRANCHES AND THEIR PURPOSES SENESCHAL’S DEMESNE The Office of the Senechal shall Stewardry Diplomacy Trade Installation of a Mayor Bailiff MARSHAL’S DEMESNE Commanding the armies of Rubern 1st Huszar Banner of Rubern JUSTICIAR’S DEMESNE Federal law and its execution Academics NOBILITY AND STYLES At the highest rung of Ruberni society is its royalty and nobility. It is through them that Rubern is governed and administered, and it is from them that the brightest, strongest, and most capable shall emerge. PRINCELY ROYALTY The House of Alimar has ancient roots that can be traced back to the days of the great Carrion kings. Despite its proud lineage, the House of Alimar began as a simple cadet house of the royal Barbanovs of Haense. The family’s founder, Prince Edward-Audemar Barbanov, was a dutiful and loyal seneschal to his brother, Sigmar I of Haense; however, it would be his grandson, Vladrick Hieromar, later Richard I, who would bring acclaim and status to his family. After the War of the Two Emperors, Vladrick would be granted the lands of Leuven by Emperor Godfrey II, thereby creating the Province of Rubern. THE HOUSE OF ALIMAR His Royal Highness, the Prinze ov Rubern, Marius I Stiboricz Her Highness, the Prinzesa Anabel Aleksandra, heiress-presumptive His Highness, the Prinze Kazimar Pierce His Highness, the Prinze Richard I of Rubern Her Highness, Prinzesa Anastasya Theresa SZLACHTA STRATA Leal servants to the Alimar’s, the vassals of Rubern are the highest, most esteemed subjects of the Prince. They assist the Prince in stately matters, and are granted certain privileges as a result of their status. The Szlachta includes the most priviledged Magnates, followed by Voivodes and Barons. In return for their service to the Prince, the Szlachta Strata are granted titles, the right to heraldic coat of arms and land to the most privileged. THE HOUSE OF VALLBERG His Illustrious Lordship, Cato II Vallberg, Count of Vrakai Lord Cassian Vallberg Lady Clementine Vallberg Lady Ivelina Jrent nee Vallberg OTHER MAGNATES Lord Radu of House Vilac
  5. Anderssn


    “Not a single child has been harmed by Ruberni men, at least not under my watch. I ensured the Imperial Princess was not harmed, and I ensured the Prince of Kaedrin was not harmed either when captured, even had some decent chatter with him. I’d say he seemed like a decent lad.” Marius Stiboricz shook his head. “Like mother like daughter I suppose.”
  6. THE EMPRESS’ TRIAL The melancholic birds of war tweeted mercilessly that night, their serenic noises piercing through the still cold-air of the Haeseni borders; despite this, their sound was soon drowned out by the rough stampeding of hoof against cobble. A horde of horsemen barged down the road leading up to New Reza, surrounding their target - the daughter of Peter III, Lorena Antonia. The rest was customary, as any capture went, she was brought back to the Province of Rubern to be held there until the soldiers awaited further news. The soldiers had sent birds to the Orenian diplomats to barter a ransom, or trade for the prisoner; this was to no avail for they ignored such offers - perhaps the Emperor did not care for his own blood? He cared not for his people, so it was at least believable. However, news had quickly reached a kinder and more considerate soul in the Empress - she mourned at first, mourned the capture of her daughter fearing that her own child's life shall be taken during her adolescence. Seized by the negligence of her compatriots, Empress Lorena discerned that there was no other course of action. She bounded out of the palace doors wrapped in the veil of disguise and made way in haste towards Rubern, where her daughter was held captive. Upon her arrival, she was quickly greeted by the dozens of Ruberni retainers, ushering her in to the palace with little delay. Beyond that, a deal was eventually reached where she shall exchange herself for her daughters freedom, hesitation a truant of her face - her daughter was then promptly escorted back to the safety of Helena. Following her daughter’s exit, Lorena perched herself below a tree, breaths weary and ragged as she looked out to the assembled ruberni horde. Her mind was working in gears, transfixed between various ideas, doubts and a single realization- the realization that for the first time in over two decades, she suddenly felt fear. The bells toll and criers fan out about the AIS territories, making sure all in presence hear of the trial that shall take place within the confines of Rubern upon the coming saints months, all are welcome to witness such an affair that shall be centered within the grandiose palace of the province. It is then explained that all signatories of the AIS are encouraged to attend and act as judges, for the AIS is an entity of many - not one; as such they should all receive say in such a trial! PLACE: The Rubern Palace [-200, -1700] TIME: 4pm EST, (9pm GMT) DATE: 23rd November, Saturday. Note: This is a serious RP event, so troll RP is not welcome and shall be dealt with by moderators!
  7. A Ransom for a Price & More The depiction of a caged monkey, sobbing in the corner. There was a quick victory encompassed moments prior after the rescue of a Prince; furthermore there were multiple more fights on the roads that were won! Hurrah! And the prisoners started to funnel in, for one Senator of Haense was captured and placed within the confines of a cold cage for all to see. Currently he remains sobbing and crying in the corner of it, begging for mercy. There was no respite for Oren, they had no control of their roads and they cannot even defend their own. The depiction of a pathetic Prince of Ves. We would also find ourselves in the possession of a Prince reigning from Ves - Leopold, he shall also be offered up for ransom lest he be slain. But let this be on display for all to see, a mockery to Oren & its subsequent vassals, if you wish for this man free - there is only a fee to pay for either; come to Rubern. If no ransom is paid, your men shall be killed - we will capture more and we will kill more in the meantime. The number of cages shall grow.
  8. Well atleast there arent any cringy replies this time.
  9. Hello! I am so sorry to bug you but I posted an application about 20 hours ago and it has not been checked! I feel it may be because I commented on it to add an extra bit of information, which is no longer relevant. If you could delete said comment it would be amazing!


    Thank You in advance!

    1. _Wonk


      The Community Team (people with pink name tags) are the folk who handle applications. You contacted a World Developer, and I’m afraid he can't do much.


      As for the comment, I’m sure the Community Team member overlooking you application wouldn’t mind it, so you have nothing to worry about.

    2. Anderssn


      @Bubblegum Try contacting someone from the Community Team

  10. “The independent Province of Rubern serves as a reminder to the Haenseni people of their failures of their past. Renatus was victorious til the end. Never have I come across any records of a realm or Empire that could compare to the victories of the Empire of Man.” – Prince Marius Stiboricz Alimar’s words written by Brutus Morr.
  11. THE RIVERLANDS BALL Issued and confirmed 5th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 1736. Due to the final construction of Rubern, the ‘Black Prince’ Rickard Barbanov-Alimar is hosting a celebratory feast to commemorate the continued prosperity that has allowed the Province of Rubern to flourish. The Ruberni are most known for their military prowess. To keep in line with this reputation, the Council has seen it fit to hold the banquet within the newly built Palace immediately following the battle that is to occur on (Saturday, 4:30pm EST), to celebrate the inevitable victory over the Orcish Alliance. TIMETABLE We would additionally like to extend specific invitations to each of our allies in the hopes that we could celebrate this momentous occasion amongst friends. Thus, the following are invited to partake of the joyous aura: > The Imperial House of de Sarkozy and the citizens of the Crownlands > The Royal House of Barbanov and the citizens of Reza > The Royal House of Devereux and the citizens of the Curon > The Royal House of Helvets and the citizens of Ves > The Ducal house of Ruric and the citizens of Morsgrad. > The Princely House of Suffolk and the citizens of Suffonia > The Diarchy of Haelun’or and the citizens of Lareh’thilln > The Church of Canon and the Pontiff Daniel VI, and his clergy IN DECREE OF THE KNYAZ VE RUBERN, HIS HIGHNESS, Prince Rickard Heinrik Barbanov-Alimar of House Alimar, Black Prince of Rubern & Sovereign Protector of the Ruber riverlands
  12. Anderssn


    A Ruberni envoy of scouts are sent riding to the Orenian warcamps. They carried their black banners through the camps to the command tent where they dismounted their steeds and stomped the mud off their boots before entering the tent. With them they brought a missive from Rubern, a declaration of the Ruberni aid to the campaign on the orcs. Some week later the Black army would arrive at the warcamps, the Prince and his personal Retinue would hail the commanding officers of the Orenian and Morsgrad armies and made their formal declaration now in person at the command tent. The Black set their camp up, the Reiters fed their horses, the banner of the Ram sparred and sharpened their swords and pikes as the Roc Bannermen began to construct and prepare their siege weaponry.
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