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  1. Well atleast there arent any cringy replies this time.
  2. Hello! I am so sorry to bug you but I posted an application about 20 hours ago and it has not been checked! I feel it may be because I commented on it to add an extra bit of information, which is no longer relevant. If you could delete said comment it would be amazing!


    Thank You in advance!

    1. frog


      The Community Team (people with pink name tags) are the folk who handle applications. You contacted a World Developer, and I’m afraid he can't do much.


      As for the comment, I’m sure the Community Team member overlooking you application wouldn’t mind it, so you have nothing to worry about.

    2. Anderssn


      @Bubblegum Try contacting someone from the Community Team

  3. “The independent Province of Rubern serves as a reminder to the Haenseni people of their failures of their past. Renatus was victorious til the end. Never have I come across any records of a realm or Empire that could compare to the victories of the Empire of Man.” – Prince Marius Stiboricz Alimar’s words written by Brutus Morr.
  4. THE RIVERLANDS BALL Issued and confirmed 5th of Wzuvar and Byvca, 1736. Due to the final construction of Rubern, the ‘Black Prince’ Rickard Barbanov-Alimar is hosting a celebratory feast to commemorate the continued prosperity that has allowed the Province of Rubern to flourish. The Ruberni are most known for their military prowess. To keep in line with this reputation, the Council has seen it fit to hold the banquet within the newly built Palace immediately following the battle that is to occur on (Saturday, 4:30pm EST), to celebrate the inevitable victory over the Orcish Alliance. TIMETABLE We would additionally like to extend specific invitations to each of our allies in the hopes that we could celebrate this momentous occasion amongst friends. Thus, the following are invited to partake of the joyous aura: > The Imperial House of de Sarkozy and the citizens of the Crownlands > The Royal House of Barbanov and the citizens of Reza > The Royal House of Devereux and the citizens of the Curon > The Royal House of Helvets and the citizens of Ves > The Ducal house of Ruric and the citizens of Morsgrad. > The Princely House of Suffolk and the citizens of Suffonia > The Diarchy of Haelun’or and the citizens of Lareh’thilln > The Church of Canon and the Pontiff Daniel VI, and his clergy IN DECREE OF THE KNYAZ VE RUBERN, HIS HIGHNESS, Prince Rickard Heinrik Barbanov-Alimar of House Alimar, Black Prince of Rubern & Sovereign Protector of the Ruber riverlands
  5. A Ruberni envoy of scouts are sent riding to the Orenian warcamps. They carried their black banners through the camps to the command tent where they dismounted their steeds and stomped the mud off their boots before entering the tent. With them they brought a missive from Rubern, a declaration of the Ruberni aid to the campaign on the orcs. Some week later the Black army would arrive at the warcamps, the Prince and his personal Retinue would hail the commanding officers of the Orenian and Morsgrad armies and made their formal declaration now in person at the command tent. The Black set their camp up, the Reiters fed their horses, the banner of the Ram sparred and sharpened their swords and pikes as the Roc Bannermen began to construct and prepare their siege weaponry.
  6. CONCORDANT OF MORSGRAD AND RUBERN Writ 1733 Both our nations stand out as anomalies in the current human affairs, steadfast in Our independence; thus it should only be natural Our people can come together to support and reinforce our individual beliefs, rights and independence. With this in mind, both signatories agree to adhere to the following terms: The signatories do adhere to a pact of non aggression.. The signatories do acknowledgement the sovereignty of both nations over their perspective lands, To reiterate the peninsula to the north of the neck in its entirety is acknowledged as the Northmarch, falling under the exclusive independent jurisdiction of the House Ruric by way of Edvardsson. The realm of Rubern, the land due north of the River Rubern and former lands of Leuven, falling under the exclusive independent jurisdiction of the House of Alimar. The signatories shall acknowledge the religious autonomy of the alternate signatory. With the state religion of either state being kept in their respective territories. No effort shall be made to impose either faith on one another. The signatories shall adhere to the basic principles of a defensive pact, each will come to the others aid during times when they are aggressed upon. While the signatories do not outright agree to an offensive alliance in this pact, it offers the option for both parties to ascend to one if both are in agreement to do such. This treaty shall remain in effect until either one of the two signatories passes away or until the terms of this pact are violated by either party - in this case, diplomatic efforts are expected to be made to rectify the violations. Signed Dutifully, Vladrick Alimar, Black Prince of Rubern Godric Edvardsson Ruric, Duke of Morsgrad
  7. (OOC Name: Anderssn) Name: Mr. Sniffles Age: Unknown Sex: A lot Experience: Battle of the Snot
  8. “Come come they’re all welcome.”
  9. @Corporatocracy Why did you cut out most of the fighting?
  10. Emperor of man, a title discriminated by men of false excellence and greed. These Emperors of sheep, presented before you one after another, chosen by no merit or testament of competence. Chosen by a supposed divine right to rule through an ancient name they claim their heritage to. Heritage of a bloodline so shrouded they cannot tell the difference of a dragon or sheep. This ancient name we associate with the unity of man, but a name which bare no weight or relevance in our modern society for there are no dragons left to rule them all. Now they dress sheep in wings and crown them to be presented before you as divine rulers and further disgrace their herd. The kings of the highlander realms, you’ve allowed these sheep to rule over you, although they have no army you should fear, or allies to strongarm you with, you’ve bent the knee to these false dragons who come with nothing but a ancient name before you. Your Royal Majesty, King Andrew III of Hanseti & Ruska, king of raev. You rule a proud people of highlander blood, of Tuvic descent you draw breath and your people you rule well, never should you bow to a heartland sheep. Your Royal Majesty, Adrian I of House Helveti, King of Kaedreni a highlander folk. You command the strongest army of men, men drawn their heritage from Rosen Warriors no less, never should you bow to a sheep with no army at all. Your Royal Majesty, Pierce I of House Devereux, king of Curonia. You rule a people who celebrate a rich highlander culture with elegance, of grandeur festives and songs with wine and cheerful nights, and the birthplace of my dearest, never should you bow to a sheep without a joyful soul. No man without merit should rule over your kingdoms as Emperor. You rule your people and your country and you own your right to sovereignty and independence. Unification of man should not be manufactured by weightless title or the ancient name of a shrouded blood, or forced to knees by influence of a pretentious hydra with many heads. Instead you may seek to an agreement of equal cooperation between your realms and let no man tell you which sheep, snake or rat they wish to be crowned Emperor over mankind. Brutus of Rubern Brutus signed each letter and read them over for any mistakes he might have made before handing them over to the couriers. The letters would be taken to each palace of the highlander realms.
  11. “Accepted, seek out a recruitment officer at Fort Krasna in Rubern.”
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