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  1. Within the confines of her basement, Daerine sat upon her bed, staring into the wall as she thought. Her infant daughter stirred in the next room, though her father quickly tended to her. Daerine held a simple white mask with a bejeweled crown molded into it within her grasp. She thought about how she had turned to Terr'hi Uialben in her time of need. He had likely saved her life by taking another, then he had allowed her to pose as her illegitimate child for a time. He had helped her raise her son, make a home, and even gain a job within the city of Sutica. He was not allowed to be dead, after everything he'd been through! No Lord of Chains or insane aunt could bring him down, because he had faced far worse. Her thoughts shifted from her deceased father to her unfortunate aunt. Daerine had found out only mere months before the trip to Athera that Mia Asclepius was her mother's sister, making her Daerine's blood relative. Then, on that fateful trip, Mia showed her true colors. She refused their help so many times, and now Daerine's cousin would pay for it. Did she even think about Anya or the effect this could have on her? Or perhaps the children in her care? Or Rhaelanthur? The Mia she knew died the day she took Hiren's daughter, Evelyn. When the girl was found, she was starving. How could the caring Mia who had taught Dae how to properly clip herbs when she was a girl have allowed an innocent malii to starve? Maybe Dimaethor wasn't always incorrect.
  2. “The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation. It is associated with sudden unforeseen change.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Agz8AQhfHZI The night was perfect; the rain had gone away and there was not a cloud in sight. A mali’fenn with pure white hair and violet eyes sat in the window of her room within her family’s manor, stroking the head of her tan owl. Her daughter, the tanned skin half-’ame girl of only seven, was curled up on her mother’s bed sleeping soundly. Katia watched her daughter with eyes filled with pride as she sealed her letter and sent it out. She was requesting her lari’onn’s presence in the Fennic tavern later that evening to witness the private union between herself and her fiancé, an ‘ame named Theris. She moved over to the bed and tucked her daughter in for the last time, pressing a soft kiss to her temple. The girl stirred but did not wake. Katia turned to Theris, who had been standing near the door of their room, with a large smile. The thing they had postponed so many times, waited years for, was finally happening. She slipped her hand into his and they slowly moved out of the room. The two of them stood in the tavern an hour later. They were still waiting on Erin to arrive and had become impatient. Eventually, Katia suggested they start without her. They exchanged vows, but as Theris pulled his beloved’s ring from his pocket a mali with a bandana pulled up to cover the bottom half of his face stepped out from behind a pillar within the tavern. He had his bow drawn back and released an arrow. It lodged into Katia’s neck with ease and the woman slowly began to sink to the ground. The man began to speak of purity as he slowly made his way towards the young couple. He discarded his bow in favor of drawing his longsword, stopping in front of Theris. Erin, the woman who shared Katia’s blood and had been her closest friend since they were born, arrived at this moment to see her twin with an arrow in her neck and lying on the ground. Theris clutched Katia’s hand as he sobbed over her body. His ears were ringing and he couldn’t make out what the mali’thill was saying to him. His wife was dead. The mother of his daughter was dead. In her dying moments, Katia was able to mouth two things to her new husband: I love you. Protect Briala. Erin grasped her Fennic spear with determination. Before she could make her way to the group, Theris was struck by the pommel of the mali’thill’s sword, causing him to be flung into the back of the couch. He clutched Katia’s hand as the ‘thill plunged his sword into her skull. Once, twice, three times. He mangled the once beautiful ‘fenn beyond recognition before turning his attention to the late woman’s stomach. “Family,” The ‘thill’s voice resonated throughout the tavern. “Family is a lie. Watch as your precious love leaves you.” And watch he did. He watched as the ‘thill brought his blade down into Katia’s stomach. He watched as the man practically gutted the woman he had fallen in love with. He watched as the man finally took a step back to admire his work- The ‘thill’s moment of glory was cut short by Erin Atmorice’s spear plunging deep into his throat. She dropped the spear the moment she stabbed him, her eyes going wide. She stared at him as he fell to the floor, the blood of the ‘thill mixing with the blood of her sister. She forced her eyes onto the body of her twin with utter horror. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the gruesome sight. In a moment of desperation to just get away from the scene, she tugged her dagger from it’s sheath. Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks as she dragged the blade across her throat. Theris watched as his sister-in-law dropped to the floor. He watched as blood seeped from her, Katia, and the ‘thill. He looked down at his wife, now beyond recognition, and began to sob once more. He remembered his daughter in their manor, sound asleep with no idea as to what had just happened. Many hours later, the mali’ame pushed himself up and dragged himself out of the tavern. He began to wander the barren city, hoping to find someone. [[I have had a wonderful time playing Katia, but it is time to turn over a new leaf. Lots of love to all of the wonderful people I have met in Fenn. This also serves as the pk post for Commander_Jester’s character, Erin Atmorice.]]
  3. bro you spoiled the movie for me
  4. ḥ̶̛̖̲̺̳ȩ̵̙͇̤͍̟̝̀̀̄̌̏̂͂ ̷̧̗̻͕͓̪̣̂͑h̸̢̗͈̰̎͌͒̕ͅą̸̨͓͇̱͔͈̣̦̳̄̏͠s̶̼͚̜̤͆́̎ ̴̱̼̮͚͖̽̿͝a̴̼̜̘͇͙̝̣̻̽̐͝ͅr̵̢̤̠̬̯̼̣͖̭̐̾̀̏̽̓̄̎̔͠r̸̨̖͙̖̞͎̉̄͒͒̌͛̑̉̀͜i̴̦͕̺̱̪͂v̵͓̠̜͙̞̻̒͝e̶͎̻̮̜͉̗̎̈́̌̽̐͂̑̕͝d̷̼̒̆̉̽͒͂̽
  5. MC Username: WhiteDahlia Character name: Christopher Barrow Discord name: Vic#6784 ----------- Mina or USD: Mina Accessories: (Extra accessories will cost an extra 1-5 USD depending on complexity, or 500-1000 mina) A mop in his right hand (Price will be paid before file is given) ---------- Skin – Frontal view and side views (DO NOT send the skin file) References of hair – Any preferred pose – (Please remember this is a chibi, short arms, and will not show anything above the chest.) Holding his mop up like a sword. Any Details I need to know? – His hair is quite messy, but everything else about him is very neat. Expression – (Please note I do not draw eyes, they are cute little beans or other styles, this is mainly for the mouth) Slightly annoyed Cup Type: Tea cup Liquid: Yes Do you want anything on the mug: A rose, if possible ------- Do you understand that I do this as a hobby and will do yours in order, by saying yes you agree to not rush me. When I get to it, I get to it, okay? : Of course!
  6. RP Name:: Christopher MC Username: WhiteDahlia Discord: Vic#6784 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: I want to aid the Paladins. What Skills Can You Bring?: Some fighting skills, mostly cooking and helping out along the journey.
  7. The same woman as before smiled down at the letter before offering a nod to her father. “Well put, maln. This was all a big shitshow anyway.” With that, the ginger elfess handed the missive to her son to practice his origami.
  8. A red haired elfess took one of the missives gingerly in her slender fingers. “Hm..” She read it over before shaking her head, crumpling the missive up, and tossing it over her shoulder. “If my lari’onn has any sense, she will ignore this. Those they call ‘ata fill every corner of this city and contribute most of what we have. If we handed over every ‘ata, we would go broke!”
  9. A red-haired elfess read a missive she found on the ground, raising a brow. ”What have they gotten themselves into now..?” She murmured to herself before tossing it over her shoulder with a shrug. ”I’ll have to tell father about this when we finally find him.”
  10. A missive made its way out of Laureh'thilln and across Arcas, eventually landing in the hands of one short elfess with a hood pulled over her bright red hair. She read the missive carefully and turned to her brother, handing it to him. She raised a brow and spoke in a quiet tone, despite the two being in their family's parlor, "Jimmy, have you ever been to a feast?" She asked as she poured them each a cup of tea.
  11. Daerine took the missive down to her room to give her karin another lecture. ”The paladins have done next to nothing wrong, you know. They were open to taking a banishment and Haelun'or refused to accept it. Why would paladin house someone who is ‘demonic’? That goes against their very beliefs. I really do not understand this city sometimes, Asul. You and Polly are the only constants.”
  12. Daerine simply shrugged as she read the pamphlet, turning to look at her karin. ”I’ve been a part of the Uhieran since I was thirteen and I still only have one badge. Are they planning on organizing events to make the children engaged in their lessons on purity? Probably not.” She remarked to the feline, shaking her head before tossing the paper into the wastebasket beside her desk.
  13. [OOC] Discord: victoria6747#6784 Preferred time of interview: Preferably in the morning, I am in PST Example RP: Daerine bounced up to the counter with a bright smile on her face. She brushed off her apron and looked to the patron across the counter. ”Karin’ayla, what can I get for you, llir?” [ROLEPLAY] Name: Daerine Elibar’acal Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: High Elf, yes Preferred position: Bartender/waitress Why should you get this position?: I enjoy speaking with people and I’ve always liked making drinks.
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