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  1. "With how much she's done? Oh I can't wait to hear the redemption story." Echoed a crowned elfess seated at Numendil's throne, the hall empty besides her and a serpent. "Pathetic, really.." Offered her devilish companion.
  2. She missed her children and prayed their father had given them a better childhood than the world had given them all those years ago... She missed her husband, and prayed the world had been kinder in her absence... __ She would never know if those prayers had been answered, but when her eyes met those of the man she loved and cherished from childhood till death, she knew. "...Mein Liebling?" The words crawled up her throat, disbelief in her eyes, but it was him. Her hands graced his face, holding her world in the palm of her hands once more. "I've missed you..." The world had torn them apart before - but never again.
  3. "Oh? OH!" Sabine, the eldest sister of the groom cheered within the streets of Petra upon hearing the news. "RYKARD, RYKARD MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED!" She shouted, running in search of her partner to tell him the news.
  4. "A.. Avid- what?" Sounded a confused Hellish Prince... "...'Avid British Columbian'? Someone has to proofread these, right?" She asked an equally confused, two headed serpent.
  5. ((no cause that song EATS... W strongpost per usual bestie :)
  6. "FUU-UU-UUCK" Sounded from a very displeased Arch-Prince... One whose title likely spawned from the hells...
  7. "It's beyond me why she trusted them so much..." Uttered an elven woman, staring out to vast ocean ahead. "Even after their blessings, she was still foolish enough to take them in." She slouched back, and enjoyed a cup of tea as she remained out of the spotlight still.
  8. Seated with daughter, and son - or grandson, whatever they'd decided to pose as now... An elven woman's gaze drifted beyond to the never-ending ocean view. A clawed finger trailing around the rim of a teacup, dull expression similar to the others. "Do you hate them yet, boy?" - "They despise you, they always will, until their dying breaths." - "They lie worse than we do; claiming they once cared... at least we don't offer such pity." She rose then, swaying to the kitchen with her daughter. Raising the young girl to sit on the counter as she offered the kettle, the wise words of; "Careful," offered as she watched the child refill the cup...
  9. Meanwhile... There had been only glee... Talons slowly crawled over the mourning bard's shoulders, squeezing them gently as she leaned down to his ear, her gaze steadfast ahead. "She wanted you dead, boy." Was uttered from smiling lips. No comfort, no remorse. "Age would've taken her, if not you."
  10. Though she didn't make it to retire along with her husband, Isavella Jazlowiecki celebrated the Count's retirement from the skies. And she awaited the day they'd be reunited again...
  11. "Interesting.." Remarks an elven woman as she holds conversation with the fiery-tongued Princess of Númenost.
  12. A former friend poured a drink for the newly deceased. "I'm sorry to have disappointed you, Karl. I know damn well I did.." She huffed a quiet sigh, a weight of guilt on her shoulders. Leaving the glass on the ledge before heading to her chambers. ______ His daughter, on the other hand, was overjoyed to once again see her father. "Vater! Oh, vater..- I've missed you." It'd been too long since they'd last seen each other...
  13. I completely agree with these rankings. ESPECIALLY spoopyduck’s… lowkey? hate that guy….
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