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  1. After signing her name, Viktoriya beamed at the missive and road off to inform her nephew of the new academie.
  2. Viktoriya caught wind of the reformation in Velen after finishing a daily ride along the paths outside the town. "Couldn't hurt to apply.." She thought aloud. "Might be useful." Quickly a letter was drafted and sent off to the Academy; discord; Itz_Cookie#0287 :)
  3. Viktoriya grinned seeing that her marriage made the Honorable Mentions list.
  4. "How urgent could she need him.?" Questioned aloud Amirah, ripping up the flyer. "I hope "Pestilence" kills him.. or someone kills him before she can get to him." She said stepping onward, her cape dragging the shreaded page for a few steps before leaving it to bury under falling snow.
  5. "What a mind this writer has." Viktoriya commented reading a copy of the Hearsay during her daily ride around Reinmar. However she couldn't help but laugh at the unfortunate comments made of her family, especially those of the Ser and late Baron.
  6. Name: Viktoriya Barclay Age: almost 40 I think Culture: Haeseni Reason for Enlistment: An active purpose for medical training Experience(if any): not much outside lessons ((MC name)): Itz_Cookie123 ((Discord tag)): Itz_Cookie#0287
  7. "I wonder if I could be a lady-in-waiting for Princess Augustina-?!" Hummed the excited Cecelia de Ravensburg after taking the intiative to finally read the court overview.
  8. Plucked from the sky, Amirah stripped the bird of its letter and giddily read the information. Dashing away to prepare a new outfit for the occasion!
  9. "Yay!" Simply cheered young Babybone, whacking the flyer with the backs of her fingers. Rushing off afterward to find someone to actually read it to her.
  10. Viktoriya vas Ruthern prepares to help her friends have an extraordinary wedding day.
  11. Forever waiting at the golden gates of the skies, Iduna’s head lifted to see her daughter. Dashing over she pulled Theodosia into a long overdue embrace.
  12. “Oh, Auden. Sweet Auden..” Thought Iduna as she waited per usual by the golden gates of the seven skies. “You suffer too much.”
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