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  1. “Ich got ein invite!“ Declared Isavella, proudly receiving hers. Running off to show her friends and prepare an appropriately warm outfit for the Northern occasion.
  2. Aelita bowed her head and muttered a small prayer after hearing the news of her father.
  3. Seated behind the ivory walls of a once noble keep, sat Iduna and Matilda, past wives of the deceased man. They gossiped and talked of their marriages with him; comapairing them, but as the news of the mans death began to murmur behind the golden gates of the seven skies the two women couldn't help but pour out a drink and hold eachother in mourning for their lover. "What is dead may never die." Muttered Iduna who knew his service to Xan would go on. "Tell Revas I said hello, and I'm sorry.." A woman sworn by the cold stood in an ice sarcophagus, unaware of the death, but even then her frozen features bore a frown for the loss of a man she loathed for so long; his death put off for so long it was finally stolen from her grasp. Dead to the world, Viktoriya leaned against the balcony edge of her home with a bottle of Carrion firm in her hand. She couldn't help but curl her lips to a soft smile hearing of Elias's death. "You weren't a good man, but you had character." She sighed and took a gulp herself. "Odys will be taken care of, if he wants to stay, that was the only good thing you ever brought me."
  4. “JAAAA!” Shouts a von Theonus upon reading the invite, dashing off to prepare a dress for her five minutes of fame; flower girl.
  5. Isavella von Theonus prepares a drawing to be hung up in the new estate upon its completion.
  6. Who’s your most progressed character, and why? And have or did you enjoy their story/development?
  7. A woman far off from Haense pinched the bridge of her nose. "Garlic!?" She uttered before tossing the decree in a fire. "Ha! Jokes on them, I love garlic bread." A laugh echoed within her home before she set off to pick some garlic to prepare such a snack!
  8. Aelita, somewhere picking flowers, thumbs up her sister’s missive.
  9. Somewhere, a woman cries for the loss of her daughter.
  10. Mari murmured something to herself after reading the missive - gaining a newfound understanding. She road off to her family keep, and drafted a few letters with a trustworthy red crayon.
  11. "Delectamentum! Ego miror si conabitur." Remarks the author's wife, Estelle, with a grin. She then went off to bake the dessert!
  12. "Verheeh homofobic.." Remarks a young Colborn girl!
  13. “Based.. as the kids say.” Remarked an ancient Othaman woman with a grin. “Mrm.. I wonder how many of them still live.“ She looked up then, and flipped off her long-deceased Othaman husband.
  14. Mari “Rebel” Colborn pat her friend on the shoulder after signing her name. “We will be the best Koenas’s, ‘Nika.“ Then, she went to finish up her own announcements!
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