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  1. "Got what he deserved. ." scouled a woman, subsequently to reciving the unsuprising knowlgede of her husbands death. "May the seven skys decline your entrance for you have caused far more pain than you recived that night, Sergei Othaman! You deserve to have died a slow and painful death for all the chaos you have caused whithin the Othaman household!" She hissed out quickly, anger laced words echoing out through her new home. A crash came soon after as Elizabeth slid her arms across the extecive table before her. Feeling a mix of anger and joy the woman continued to slam each pearl colored pl
  2. “your loyalty was strong but everything must come to an end at some point, I hope our paths cross again in the future my dear friend.” A voice echoed in a raspy tone at the hearing of the Woman’s departure from the nation, a grin cracking across her countenance prior to crumbling the note and going about the day.
  3. Valentina D’Airelle began to read over the letter, whilst an excited grin pulled across her countenance, paired with rose cheeks as she rushed to fix up the dress she used specifically for events like this one! Upon finishing she dashed off to tell her new friend and family about the party.
  4. username: cookie_innit discord: Itz_Cookie#6883 skin: Pretty as a Peach bid: 60mina previous bidder: n/a
  5. RP name: Elizabeth Othaman MC name: cookie_innit Voted: Yes!
  6. The d’Amato gasped at the invitation “Val!” She returned the grin, gaze flickering over her friend “hm, I’ll’a make sure it’s done by your special’a day!” With that the girl dashed off to begin work on Valerias dress!
  7. How do you like lotc so far? And where do you see yourself later on with new characters, new environments, ect.!
  8. Elizabeth Othman reads over the invitation with a subtle grimace as she sips her tea. Moments later the woman sets her glass down, moving across the room to add the final touches to her daughters dress; a small smile finally pulling at her lips as she tops the mannequin with the lace veil.
  9. Character Name: Rosetta d’Damato Age: 5 Username: 321Eikooc_Zti Discord: Itz_Cookie#6883 Part you want: Candyland Dancer
  10. Full name: Elizabeth Azaeral Winter Age of Candidate: 20 Address: Anapalais 8
  11. The Decision and Letters: [!] Lillith Grace Moore let out a soft sigh as she looked down to the items in front of her. She lifted her right hand up to the table as her fingers gently grazed over the delicately separated pages of parchment, although her hand quickly came to a stop upon reaching the small dagger that rested beside them. Lillith quickly shook her head as she picked up a pen and began writing. “To whoever finds this letter, I write this in heartbreaking pain, but in this you will find the declaration of my final goodbye. I
  12. Itz_Cookie


    Lillyanna was born in 1568, in Laurelin. She travled to Lin’sulan with her mother and father. She was an only child but a lot like her father. On the way back to Laurelin her father became very ill and died of an unknown disease forcing Lillyanna and her mother to travel back to Laurelin alone. Through the years where she was fatherless she practiced every thing her father taught her, which was how to hunt and make her own equipment. She has persevered through her tough times and is now traveling alone around atlas.
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