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  5. Gray hues of Elizabeth Winter began to flicker about the page, open palm resting on the back The Palmers chair. "And you say you're slow to think of memorable things." The woman stated with a chuckle while patting her dear friend atop the shoulder.
  6. A serpenine grin crosses the countenance of an ominous Lady Dowager as the schedual found itself atop her desk. A small sigh escaping the womans lips as she looked to a leather journal across the room.
  7. Meg’s heals pressed against the wooden floors at the calling of her name “Can I believe what, ma fleur?” The flaxen haired woman question whilst taking a seat. Returning a horrified gasp “All men are cowards, I refuse to believe other wise!” Thereafter with a huff, the woman pushed the paper away with disgust, going about her day.
  8. A young heiress looked up from a plate of cookies as the invitation reached her gaze within the County of Halstaig. An excited smile apearing on the girls face while vaugely reading over it. "I bet mama will let me and Auden go! Especially since its for grandpapa! " Lady Iduna chimed to herself prior to continuing to enjoy her treat!
  9. [!] Somewhere within the lands of Almaris an aging 'aheral began to smile at the missive she recived moments before. Her pale eyes scanned over the seemingly perfect condition of the letter whilst preparing to write a letter to her daughter. With a quil dipped in dark inc, Leah Kelmenour began to write - the cursive flowed within the shaky hand of the elfess - however it was still rather beautiful and unique. "My dearest Annabelle, The slowless of life is that where most find joy, however it comes to be boring from time to time. Im glad to have recived a letter from you but feeli
  10. "Lady Flastaff seemed to have her mind wrapped around other things when we ran into her, wouldnt you say? Im not one to judge a family by one of its memebers but i belive its safe to do so in this case, ma fleur" Megan arched a brow whilst scofting, sipping at the wineglass she held between her digits
  11. Lillith Grace greeted her brother with a caring smile as he approached the gates of the Seven Skies. A single tear rolling down her cheek whilst a much younger girl, Payton Rose, dashed forth to pull him into a hug.
  12. "Got what he deserved. ." scouled a woman, subsequently to reciving the unsuprising knowlgede of her husbands death. "May the seven skys decline your entrance for you have caused far more pain than you recived that night, Sergei Othaman! You deserve to have died a slow and painful death for all the chaos you have caused whithin the Othaman household!" She hissed out quickly, anger laced words echoing out through her new home. A crash came soon after as Elizabeth slid her arms across the extecive table before her. Feeling a mix of anger and joy the woman continued to slam each pearl colored pl
  13. “your loyalty was strong but everything must come to an end at some point, I hope our paths cross again in the future my dear friend.” A voice echoed in a raspy tone at the hearing of the Woman’s departure from the nation, a grin cracking across her countenance prior to crumbling the note and going about the day.
  14. Valentina D’Airelle began to read over the letter, whilst an excited grin pulled across her countenance, paired with rose cheeks as she rushed to fix up the dress she used specifically for events like this one! Upon finishing she dashed off to tell her new friend and family about the party.
  15. username: cookie_innit discord: Itz_Cookie#6883 skin: Pretty as a Peach bid: 60mina previous bidder: n/a
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