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  1. Isavella Jazloviecki smiled and went off to find her husband, showing him the invitation they'd received. "Look, we should go, or at the very least send a congratulatory gift."
  2. A huff escaped the lips of Sergeant Isavella Jazloviecki as her personal writing space was flooded quicker and quicker with missives about the malicious nuns!
  3. Isavella Jazloviecki wonders why there was an extreme number of metaphors being used.
  4. Naoise O'Rourke caught wind of the "anti-bever brigade" while picking raspberries in the fields outside Númendil, to which she stared baffled at the news the missive carried. "And I thought I just had fairies and leprechauns to worry about... I got'a tell mama about this!"
  5. Andrezj Ivanovich, oldest of now four siblings, greeted the new additions to their family curiously. Brushing off his clothes while repeating quietly what his father had said, "They will look up to Y soon. Y will be a good brosa."
  6. Within the confines of her room, cradling her newborn son close, Isavella thought of the many people she would need to thank for her rescue.. Alphonse especially, as she nearly crushed the poor man after her unfortunate tumble through the trees.
  7. The Birth of a Son Issued by the COMITAL HOUSE OF JAZLOVIECKI On this day Godfrey's Triumph, 1937 After the recent events that transpired outside the city of Whitespire, resulting in the kidnapping and rescue for the Countess-Consort of Warsovia the house of Jazloviecki would like to inform the Aaunic citizens that her rescue was successful and the noble party that ventured to her rescue returned mostly unscathed. The Countess, upon being returned to the city and treated for her injuries, gave birth to a third child, a son who was bestowed the name; Leon Aleksander Jazlovieki. Given the child’s birth was earlier than expected, likely due to stress from the previous incidents, the couple has decided their son will be kept from the public eye until his fifth name day to keep him out of harm's way. Though, they are pleased to announce no complications arose during the labor for neither the mother nor son. Gott mit uns, HIS LORDSHIP, Waclaw of House Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia, Margrave of Grodno and Lvinsk, Count of Krakovia, Baron of Jazloviec, Warden of the Arentanian Alps, Defender of the Lechian People and Grand Hetman of the Eagle’s Watch HER LADYSHIP, Isavella of House Theonus, Countess of Warsovia, Sergeant of the Merryweather Rangers
  8. "I thought it was 'Krug', K-R-U-G.." Inquired Isavella Jazloviecki to her husband with furrowed brows. "Isn't it 'Krug', dear?"
  9. Swiftly the Countess of Warsovia departed from the Archduchy of Petra back to the City of Whitespire, eager to reply to her sister-in-law's missive and letter! "Court Secretary will certainly put my free time to some use." She remarked to no one as the carriage rocked along the road.
  10. "Goodness!" Echoed Isavella as she heard the news, thinking back to the previously witnessed scene within the Aaunic capital. "Claimed?! The stab wound in poor Dietrich's chest would say otherwise, I bet!"
  11. After a long day in the forge, the Countess and Wachtmeister, Isavella Jazloviecki, brushed off a new set of armor "I have longed to rise to the defense of my people for some time." She uttered to no one in particular with a smile.
  12. Isavella Jazloviecki bowed her head upon hearing the news of yet another loss. "..Poor Edith." She whispered, signing the lorraine.
  13. A woman passing through the market stalls of Númendil caught wind of the new banishment on dairy products. "Well, that's a new one.." She remarked to no one and continued her shopping with a glass of milk to refresh herself!
  14. The daughter of the new Baron cheers loudly for the promotion. "LETS GO, VATER!" She screamed loudly into the streets of Petra before her departure.
  15. The Countess-Consort of Warsovia stared at the missive, though her mind was elsewhere.. Perhaps wondering what it'd be like if she wasn't Countess, or followed suit in departing from Aaun like the rest of her family. It'd been some time since she knew peace.. motherhood, and now this.
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