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  1. "Is this what its like to be in prison-?" Elain whispered to herself, moving to go take a nap.
  2. Viktoriya vas Ruthern prepared to pickpocket her father to buy a Carrington Couture hat for herself..
  3. Elain Amethil, although not having done much during the fight displayed a toothy grin as she read her elder brothers missive. "Aye!" She hollared, waving the page skyward with mighty pride. "Once I have a weapon of my own this freak and its sibling are to be damned! I swear to Xan!" Matilda gripped the letter with such vigor her fingernails nearly tore the page then her palm. Her teeth gritted back and forth as she paced the mans bedroom at Halstaig. "He leaves me to go fight the damn thing that tore his eye once again!" She was not only angry but also disapointed in for his actions. "Why- oh.. I'm a fool to be with you, Elias. A fool to love you.." The maid thought aloud, pinching the bridge of her nose with a sigh. The second letter documenting this daring hunt arrived at the desk of one Lady Winter. She'd tossed it aside at first but come back to it mere moments later. Humming she scanned it with an icy gaze full of intrigue, then cackled. "Your writings will never cease to amuse me, child. First a war with me and now one with these creatures?" Elizabeth uttered into the Northern skies. "Oh how the trees cry in agony to be morphed to paper for such silly documents written by the hand of a fool." Within the seven skies, a Countess of Halstaig and wife of the Asul'onn-Amethil sat with her head hung low. She knew she was the begining of this battle, a personal war between the Freak and Elias. "I regret the acceptance of that trip as each day passes, my love." Iduna sighed, a careful eye stuck to her husbands every movement from then on. "If only we had lived the lives of different choices back then.."
  4. Viktoriya vas Ruthern plans to not only attend the event but also ask if she too can be a grand prinzenas.
  5. "Didnt he die years ago-?" Lady Winter questioned to her eldest, glaring skyward. "Nevermind, I dont care. Never do."
  6. Viktoriya vas Ruthern idly walked the halls of Vidaus with penelope on her shoulder. Listening to her mother, Marie, as she mourned the late Baron. "Penelope.." The somber child whispered towards the ivory rat. "Vhy is mamej saying that? Ist.." The girl looked fearfully down to her hands, thinking back to the many rats she'd strangled. Not having comprehended the concept of death and only partially doing so now. "'E vill come back! Right, Penelope?!"
  7. A Countess of Halstaig approached the gates of the seven skies to greet her nephew. Pulling him into a hug as she uttered; "I always did love your writings, Michael."
  8. Matilda came across a spare letter in the library of Halstaig, brows knotting as she read it over time and time again. Perplexed, the old maid went in search to confront the Count-Dowager on his writing. Meanwhile, an ancient friend of the man’s found a copy on a bulletin board amidst travel from the North or South. “Hm.. so he can write.” Elizabeth jested to herself, tossing the missive away as she walked.
  9. C L O S E D will dm all the winners thanks for bidding <3
  10. Cookie’s Skin Auction [steve and alex] ══════════════ ೋღ ღೋ ══════════════ From [12/23/21 at 6cst] to [12/27/21 at 6cst] I grinded out mineman clothing to make money so enjoy R U L E S Bidding starts at $10 USD or 180 mina Must increase by $1 or 50 mina You MUST be able to pay for the skin when the auction ends (via paypal) Do not edit your bid, make a new comment if you are out-bid and tag the previous bidder Please don't comment unless you're bidding If bids start or switch to USD they cannot switch to mina! NO RESELLING SKINS Feel free to send me a message at Itz_Cookie#0287 on discord if any questions arise! B I D D I N G F O R M A T Skin: Bid: Discord: Previous Bidder: ══════════════ ೋღ ღೋ ══════════════ A L E X S K I N S eBay Not an Azdrazi Noir The Tudor S T E V E S K I N S Princely Attire Oh Look a Man Bear Fur Coat
  11. The second Countess of Halstaig watched the gates to the seven skies fly open as the de Rosius walked through, giving a wave as she spent time with her ancestors.
  12. haha yes! I think back when I briefly played your daughter and climbed into ur chars lap who proceded to brush out the tangled mess of bleach blonde locks - mother/daughter rp always plays my heart like a guitar
  13. Favorite quote from @Melpomenne Favorite character; as much as yall are gona hate me for this- Arwen, I played her back on Arcas Can we? Hell yeah, why not just create our own! Movie night? we just had one! see my responce to strong^ Weirdest Character; probably Eliza, shes kinda cray cray man Wackiest event; I dont do many events but there was one time I had 4 nations and some rlly whacky dude hightailing the asses of me and my friends for maybe 4 months before we all pked :) Started maybe a month or two into first joining the server https://media.tenor.co/videos/2bfd16e0941d785dcec05abd4a2bd1b2/mp4
  14. Favorite thing has gotta be the people I've met along the way because everyone ive met has put up with my baffoonery I would change losing touch with alot of people because they make my highlight reel of excitement on here - also interacting with some people I've interacted with, they didnt turn out the best Best memory is gotta be hanging out in a vc with two rediculous baffoons and exploring the Arcas Sutican lighthouse at 3 in the morning :)
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