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  1. Character Name: Rosetta d’Damato Age: 5 Username: 321Eikooc_Zti Discord: Itz_Cookie#6883 Part you want: Candyland Dancer
  2. *A letter addressed to an Evan Komnenos* Dear Evan, I had high hopes for you since you were an infant. I raised you the best I could and I encouraged you to strive in life. I did not know how dark you would fall. Assaulting your sister, friends and people you proclaim as “Women of the Night”, none of it is acceptable. I gave upon you my last name, my father's name and his fathers before that. This name, Komnenos, has existed since the Empire of Man and it personally pains me to see how great it has fallen since your birth. It is for the reason I, Alexios Komnenos, chose to disown you. No longer shall you, or any of your children, bear the right to hold the Komnenos name or any names akin. I wish you good fortune in the years to come, Evan. Signed, Patriarch of the Komnenos Family, Alexios Komnenos Ooc: posted on behalf of MailC3p Discord: 𝓜𝓪𝓲𝓵#2767
  3. Full name: Elizabeth Azaeral Winter Age of Candidate: 20 Address: Anapalais 8
  4. The Decision and Letters: [!] Lillith Grace Moore let out a soft sigh as she looked down to the items in front of her. She lifted her right hand up to the table as her fingers gently grazed over the delicately separated pages of parchment, although her hand quickly came to a stop upon reaching the small dagger that rested beside them. Lillith quickly shook her head as she picked up a pen and began writing. “To whoever finds this letter, I write this in heartbreaking pain, but in this you will find the declaration of my final goodbye. I’m leaving Helena and the Orenian Empire, the chances of me returning are slim to none. I hate to leave this letter but I cannot handle it anymore. Attached to this are envelopes addressed to my dear family and closest friends, I trust that they get delivered to the correct persons they are addressed to. Finally, the book that has kept my story written for all this time must be closed.. -signed, Lillith Grace Elmpool-Moore, 1783” Lilith Grace quickly copied the letter onto six other pages. Upon finishing she attached each personally addressed letter to the copies, handing the original to a silhouette. The silhouette nodded with a soft “goodbye” and a faint smile would be exchanged from both of them. The two swiftly turned their backs on eachother going their own ways to bring and deliver sadness to the city of Helena [!] A letter addressed to Flynn Moore, as you open the envelope you would see a folded piece of parchment along with a diamond engagement ring and golden wedding ring. “My dear husband, Flynn Moore. It was love at first sight when I met you all those years ago. You captured my heart and never let it go. You promised you would never leave me and I promised the same, but now the time has come for me to leave you.. not only that but in a heartbreaking way.. I apologize for leaving you like this but promise me you will not let our daughter remember her mother as someone who gave up on her. I trust that you will take care of her and give her more love than I ever could.. -signed Lillith Grace Moore” [!] A letter addressed to Payton Rose Moore, as you look down at the envelope you would see it was attached to a leather sketchbook. Upon opening the envelope you’ll see a neatly folded piece of parchment along with a childlike drawing, similar to drawings you would’ve made with your mother. “My beautiful daughter, Payton Rose Moore. It was such an honor to bring you into this world. You always had such a desired passion to capture things you sought were beautiful when no one else thought it was. You’re a talented, bright young girl and I trust your father will not have you remember me in such a heartbreaking memory. Please know that I love you with all my heart. -signed, Lillith Grace Moore, your loving mother” [!] A letter addressed to Casper Hyde Elmpool, as you open the envelope you would find a neatly folded piece of parchment along with a drawing of you, Thomas and Lillith. “My dear brother, Casper Hyde. You were one of my greatest friends and biggest supporters. I love and cherish you with all my heart, but I’m afraid I cannot go on living with all the guilt that’s built up over the years after William left. I cherish our memories that we made as we grew up together side by side, inseparable. -signed, Lillith Grace Moore” [!] A letter addressed to Thomas Aquinas Elmpool, as you open the envelope you would find a neatly folded piece of parchment along with a drawing of you, Casper and Lillith. “My dear brother, Thomas Aquinas. One of my greatest friends, biggest inspiration and one of my biggest supporters. I love and cherish you with all my heart, inseparable from me and Casper through our childhood. We made amazing memories together and you loved me more than anyone I’ve ever met. -signed Lillith Grace Moore” [!] A letter addressed to Miss Annabelle Alvena Kelmenour, as you look down at the envelope you would notice a bridal circlet attached to the edge and as you open the envelope you would find a neatly folded piece of parchment. “My greatest friend, Annabelle Alvena Kelmenour. Annabelle, you were one of my first friends upon moving to the Orenian Empire. You helped me during the best and worst times of my life, and I hope I did the same for you. I cherish the memories we made together during the time we knew each other. Take care of yourself my friend, and may we meet again. -signed, Lillith Grace Moore” [!] A letter addressed to Mister Darius Dy’Squith. As you open the envelope you would find a neatly folded piece of parchment. “My dear friend, Darius Dy’Squith. Our first impressions of eachother were not the best,but from then on our friendship grew stronger. I helped you through a rough time in your life and you did the same for me. I will forever cherish you for being such an amazing friend to me even if your relations with my brothers may have not been the best. It is with a heavy heart that I say I will forever miss your company. -signed, Lillith Grace Moore” Into the Woods: [!] Lillith Grace, dagger in hand, let out a sigh as she marched into the woods. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied back as she wore the same red dress she entered the empire in, the one she would leave it in. Upon making her way deep into the woods, Lillith paused, looking down at the dagger that was resting in her hands. She grazed her right index finger down the blade as her left hand gripped the handle tightly. After a few moments, she closed her eyes as her rosy cheeks were greeted with tears. A faint whisper could be heard, stating “Goodbye... May you look up to the sky to see me guarding you with the power of the moon and stars” As Lillith fell to the ground, a bloodied dagger held loosely in the palm of her left hand as her right hand rested across the wound above her heart. And with that, The Final Goodbye of Lillith Grace Elmpool-Moore
  5. Itz_Cookie


    Lillyanna was born in 1568, in Laurelin. She travled to Lin’sulan with her mother and father. She was an only child but a lot like her father. On the way back to Laurelin her father became very ill and died of an unknown disease forcing Lillyanna and her mother to travel back to Laurelin alone. Through the years where she was fatherless she practiced every thing her father taught her, which was how to hunt and make her own equipment. She has persevered through her tough times and is now traveling alone around atlas.
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