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  1. IN MEMORIAM OF QUEEN MAYA OF MULDAV A memorial pyre will be burnt in honour of Queen Maya of Muldav and shall be hosted on the next saint’s day, in the courtyard of the Ekaterinburg Palace. All are welcome to attend this event to pay their respect to a fallen Queen of Haense. Several saint’s days after the memorial pyre, a luncheon shall be hosted in the public gardens of New Reza for all that knew the late Queen Maya to come, and celebrate the accomplishments and life of a spectacular figure in Haense. It is asked that this event remain that only those that knew the late Queen themselves, out of respect for their mourning and relationships. A state of mourning is being announced by the Royal Family. It is asked that those in attendance show respect to their losses, alongside wearing the mourning colour of black. Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Sigismund II of Hanseti-Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Bihar, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Rhysburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Nikolas Stefan Barbanov, Grand Prince of Kusoraev, Duke of Alban HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Analiesa Reza Barnabov, Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Alexandria Karina Barbanov, Princess of Hanseti-Ruska HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Amelya Valeriya Barbanov, Princess of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Viktoria Sofiya vas Ruthern [OOC] The Memorial Pyre 4PM EST, SUNDAY Memorial Luncheon 5PM EST, WEDNESDAY
  2. Zaerie


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryhgSTis7lI Viktoria held a pile of papers- notes written on the Queens of Haense, their courts, and how they ruled. Prepared for the Queen Mother, Maya, to look over and correct if necessary. She had been schooled for the position, unknowing to herself until the betrothal was set only a few saints days ago. She held her hand up to the door of the Queen Mother, bending her finger into a curl, lifting up to knock on the door in a small rhythm. Waiting a moment with no answer, Viktoria sighed and went to open the door, if Maya wasn’t here, she’d simply leave the papers on her desk for now. As the door swung open, Viktoria’s eyes went wide, and she screamed. In front of her, Viktoria saw two bodies with blood pooled around them. She sunk to her knees in sobs, the papers scattering around her- forgotten. She crawled on the floor towards Maya, pressing her fingers to Maya’s neck to check for any life- though only found a cold echo of the Queen. Her knee’s soaked in the pool, she hung her head as she continued her weeping, long locks of her hair wicking blood off of the floor. She knelt in the blood as she cried, holding her hand out to try to shake Maya awake, “Your Majesty! Your Majesty! You aren’t done yet- I’m not ready without you!” she’d wail, until a servant finally walked in and helped pick the girl up off of the floor. Viktoria would wipe a tear from her cheek, though only replaced it with a smear of the blood. Viktoria stayed in her room for days after, wrapping her blankets around herself. A dress stained with her mentors blood in a pile, until tossed into the fire. “Maya- I’ll do it. I’ll do you proud.” Aleksandra would sit in her red chair, cradling a book in her lap as she sips her tea. She caressed the page before flipping it, filling the room with the only sound, a light ‘thwip’. Before she could get to the next paragraph on the page, the knob would rattle a half second, then the door swung open. She looked over to the entryway, a gasping smile taking over her facade. “It’s been a long time.” Aleksandra stood abruptly, tossing the book to the ground with a loud thump as she closed the space between the two, wrapping her arms around her friend as if no time had passed at all, but also an eternity. She stepped back from her cousin then, kneeling to retrieve her book from the floor, and hide it in a nearby shelf, the story on it’s pages forgotten over Maya’s arrival. She gestured for Maya to sit down and joined her in the pairing armchair. The two would stay for an age, speaking, drinking, jesting, and watching over the loved ones left below, and visiting the ones that had already appeared. A peace long earned.
  3. My submission to the battle of the arts! Zaerie, Skinning, and here it is! https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/battle-of-the-arts-spring-lotc/
  4. Viktoria Sofiya Ruthern smiles as she reads the post, looking to prepare a dress to wear to the rare and extravagant event. She would cheer for the announcement as the regency of Haense was nearly over, and be hopeful for a new golden age of Haense under a new King!
  5. HAESENI JOUST AND CELEBRATION -=- A JOUST AND CELEBRATION OF BETTER TIMES shall be hosted outside of New Reza, and then a party within the Ekaterinburg Palace’s great hall. The joust will feature a prize of one thousand mina, and a set of horse barding. The festivities will then move into the Ekaterinburg Palace for a celebratory party, featuring games, food, drink, and dancing. All are welcome to come to the festivities in two saints days. Joust [4pm EST, Wednesday the 25th] Prize of 1k Mina, Bronze Horse Barding After Party [5pm EST, Wednesday the 25th] Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen-Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch HER LADYSHIP, Viktoria Sofiya vas Ruthern HIS LORDSHIP, Demetrius var Ruthern
  6. THE STEPS I TOOK Exiting the town hall in the dark, Aleksandra sighed, she flung the satchel over her shoulder and clung the stack of papers against her chest. She let the heavy door shut behind her with a thump, walking to the left of the town hall, through Rosebud Square, and through the underpass of the Stafyr manor. She wondered if she would ever get used to walking into it, instead of passing it to the Alimar manor, to Maya, a kitchen making pies, and the one place she felt truly welcome, no matter her past. She glanced around at the other side of the tunnel briefly, spotting a figure, though ignoring it to dig into a satchel pocket for her keys. The man did not ignore her. The figure went into step behind her, barely out of the passage. He took a quick pace to catch up to her as he nearly tripped over her skirt, though he wrapped his arm around her head, cupping his hand over her mouth. Aleksandra’s eyes would go wide, her papers dropping and scattering in a cold breeze, the carefully scribed papers scraping dirt and puddles– ruined. His other hand reached around, sinking the length of his knife into her midriff and pulling Aleksandra closer to him. She flailed desperately to push him away as he removed the dagger, only to embed it into her again and again. The figure recoiled quickly, leaving his knife in Aleksandra’s stomach; a light heading down Kingsway road. He ducked down the tunnel, disappearing onto the Reza docks, and into the night. The light picked up its pace as Maya heard Aleksandra’s gasps and cries, sinking to the ground as she clutched her own stomach. “Ma- Maya!” she gasped out, “Hektor, Viktoria, what if they see–” “Shh,” Maya muttered to her as she fell to her knees all the same, her hands shaking as she grasped her friend and tugged her up onto her lap. She rested her head there, attempting at the slightest bit of composure as she brushed away strands of Aleksandra’s onyx locks from her forehead. “Look at me, look at me.” There were tears welling within her eyes but she blinked quick enough to try and keep them at bay. And as Aleksandra’s gaze started to wander down at her fatal wounds, Maya reached a hand to bring her chin up, “I’d reminiscence on childhood memories, but I don’t believe we’ve had the best of luck with those.” Aleksandra would grow a labored, but faint smile, glancing down once again periodically but then attempted her best to look to Maya. “Niet, we really haven’t.” she’d grimace as a wave of pain hit her again, seizing up but trying to smile for her cousin. “I’d say that it’s been the opposite of lucky.” “But,” Maya could no longer keep back the tears she had been trying to withhold, “You always were so strong throughout all of it. Even as a little girl, you had a fire in you that no one could stomp out.” She reached out her gloved hand to wipe away Aleksandra’s tears, letting her own stream down her cheeks. “You still have that fire in you now, you know.” “I should probably confess, May-” she would grimace again taking a shaky breath, struggling to get out the words, “It’s been a lie. How could either of us know what to do? We never had anyone to teach us.” “We had each other, Aleks’,” Maya replied as the corners of her lips slighted upwards. She readjusted her hold upon Aleksandra, lifting her head a little to where she could see just above all the architecture of the city and settle her gaze on the stars. But Aleksandra turned to look at her friend instead. Words became too difficult to work out properly anymore as she slowly succumbed to the wounds. “You have been my friend, my sister, my confidant. But you have also been through hell, and you deserve peace, Aleks’. No one deserves it more than you.” The sky would be a soft pink and orange, with puffy, yet calming clouds painted with delicate colours. Aleksandra would stand within the clean room, clutching her arms to herself as she paced back and forth. She’d pause for a moment, at the window out looking that perfect sunset, but more so at the evergreen forest that moved peacefully in the calm breeze. She swung out the window, allowing that breeze to engulf her for a moment. She turned on her heel, beginning to rearrange the furniture, and put a pot of water on to boil. Before her, were two red armchairs with embroidered pillows sitting next to each other, with a wooden table inbetween, facing out that open window. Aleksandra would sit in the left chair, setting down her teacup next to her, its pair sitting next to the empty chair with an unopened bottle of Carrion Black. She wrapped a soft blanket around her shoulders and opened a book in her lap. Princess Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr nee Alimar would sit in that red armchair, sipping her tea and reading books, watching over her family and friends, with a seat and cup ready for the day she would see her cousin, Maya, again. ALEKSANDRA MARIYA STAFYR 4TH OF SIGISMUNDS END, 1735 - 9TH OF AMBER COLD, 1760
  7. GAME OF ‘WEO OVARE?’ BY COUNTESS ALEKSANDRA STAFYR Instructions penned by QUEEN MAYA OF MULDAV Weo Ovare?, or Who is it? in the common tongue, is a Haeseni guessing game that can only be played with two players. The game was originally created for the Royal Academy of Saint Catherine to assist students in historical studies, but is open to anyone. A deck of 12 cards with Kings, Queens, and Palatines is used between both game participants. The game is meant to not only be for enjoyment, but to assist in the learning of Haeseni notable figures and history. Whoever guesses the person / card their opponent has first, wins! Weo Ovare? | Who is it? - How to Play To begin playing Weo Ovare?, take the deck of 12 cards and lay them directly in front of you, but where your opponent cannot see. The cards will be labelled with numbers 1-12, all with different names and descriptions of Kings, Queens, and Palatines of Haense. Both players will then pick one card from the deck. The card that you choose will be who your person is, and your opponent will do the same. Set your card aside from the other 11 cards. Be certain to read the description on your card. You and the other player will both take turns asking questions to narrow down which card the opposer has. Once you believe you have figured out who the other person is, you are welcome to try and guess when it's your turn. If you are wrong, your turn is skipped and you do not get to ask another question. If you are right, you win. EXAMPLE: In this example, PLAYER 1 has Palatine Robert Sigismund and PLAYER 2 has Reza of Turov. Player 1 - Was your person ruling in the 1600s? Player 2 - No. Player 1 - (removes all cards of people who were not ruling in the 1600s and sets them aside) Player 2 - Is your person a man? Player 1 - Yes. Player 2 - (removes all female cards from their deck and sets them aside) The game continues on from there, with questions getting more specific and particular as the game progresses. Players will continue this cycle of taking turns and asking questions up until a player guesses their opposer’s card correctly. Rules of the Game ♦ Do not look at the other player’s cards. ♦ Only ask yes or no questions. ♦ Avoid asking if the other player’s card is a Queen, King, or Palatine (all other yes or no questions are fine). ♦ Take turns between you and the other player. ♦ Do not ask for outside help when playing. QUESTION EXAMPLES: ♦ Was your person part of a war? ♦ Did your person die peacefully? ♦ Was your person a male? ♦ Did your person have less than 4 children? ♦ Did your person rule in the 1600s? Deck of Cards Card 1 - KING PETER THE FIRST Reigning from the 14th of Tobias' Bounty, 1578, to the 4th of Sigismund's End, 1582, Peter I was first king of Haense, and was crowned at the age of 56. He began the Barbanov dynasty, and had 5 children. Under his rule, Haense grew to become one of the empire's largest military forces, before his death at age 60. Card 2 - KING ANDRIK THE THIRD Reigning from the 12th of Owyn's Light, 1719, to 9th of Harren's Folley, 1746, Andrik III is the longest reigning king, at 26 years. King Andrik III was coronated at the age of 14, and had 4 children. He ruled through the War of Two Emperors, The Three Months War, the Lorrainian Revolt, and the beginning of the Rubern War. He died at 36 in the midst of a hunting event, and was unable to recover from his wounds he obtained from a boar. Card 3 - KING OTTO THE SECOND Reigning from the 12th of Harren's Folley, 1627, to the 9th of Tobias' Bounty, 1644, Otto II came to power after the sudden death of his uncle, Stephen I, and the abdication of his father, Otto I. King Otto II was coronated at the age of 26, and had 3 children. He was mainly known for his crusade on Norland, as well as establishing Markev on Atlas and its rise to becoming one of the most successful settlements. He died at the age of 43. Card 4 - KING STEPHEN THE FIRST Reigning from the 7th of Owyn's Light, 1611, to the 6th of Harren's Folley, 1624, King Stephen I ruled for 13 years. King Stephen I had only 2 children, both female, which led to his Uncle, Otto I, taking the throne. His wife, Elizabeth of Courland, was presumed murdered by Petyr Barrow. It is said that his meddling in Imperial affairs had part in the death of Emperor John V, and labeled him a “Deviant to the Imperial State and a foe to all humanity.” King Stephen I later died at the age of 28. Card 5 - KING ANDRIK THE SECOND Reigning from the 4th of Sigismund's End, 1582, to the 3rd of Sun's Smile, 1586, and was the second King of Haense. The young King had 3 children with his wife, Reza of Turov. Though, he only ruled for four years, as King Andrik the Second suddenly assassinated Emperor John IV. He was forced to abdicate to his infant son, Marius I, before being captured and executed by Emperor Philip, who boiled him in milk at the age of 21. Card 6 - QUEEN REZA OF TUROV Reigning as the consort to King Andrik II from the 4th of Sigismund's End, 1582, to the 3rd of Sun's Smile, 1586, and was the first Queen of Haense. She had 3 children with her husband– Marius, Katherine, and Otto. She spent the majority of her life as the Queen-Mother of Haense, and was known for her extravagant dresses, jewelry, and prowess in Haeseni court. Queen Reza was of House Kovachev. Card 7 - QUEEN SOPHIA OF CASTOR Reigning as the consort to King Sigmar I from the 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1670, to the 6th of Sigismund’s End, 1682, and was the eighth Queen of Haense. She had 7 children with her husband– Otto, Robert, Andrik, Theodosiya, Petyr, Thomas, and Elizaveta. 5 of her 7 children died before the age of 12. She was a bastard of the House Chivay, and later legitimized. Her moniker is ‘The Fair’ as she is known to be loved by the people, despite being a foreigner. Queen Sophia was of House Chivay. Card 8 - QUEEN INGRID OF ULGAARD Reigning as the consort to King Otto III from the 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1644, to the 13th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1655, and was the sixth Queen of Haense. She had 3 children with her husband– Otto, Amalie, and Karl. She was the first Haeseni noblewoman to hold the duties of a princely vassal and royal consort, as she was the Princess of Ulgaard. She was known for her many events and revelries, and was monikered as ‘The Good’. Queen Ingrid was of House Sarkozic. Card 9 - QUEEN MAYA OF MULDAV Reigning as the consort to King Andrik IV from the 9th of Harren’s Folley, 1746, to the 22nd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1753, and was the twelfth Queen of Haense. She had 5 children with her husband– Otto, Analiesa, Alexandria, Amelya, and Nikolas. She established new powers and increased the duties of the consort during her short reign. She was known for her brazen disposition, as she executed and beheaded numerous enemies of the state. Queen Maya was of House Alimar. Card 10 - QUEEN MILENA OF ADRIA Reigning as the consort to King Andrik III from the 10th of Tobias’s Bounty, 1726, to the 14th of Harren’s Folley, 1742, and was the eleventh Queen of Haense. She had 4 children with her husband– Andrik, Antonia, Otto, and Alexandria. She had very imperialistic views and revitalized the royal court. She was known for improving the courts of Haense, but also her untimely and gruesome death as she was stabbed and thrown off the side of the Ekaterinburg palace by an unknown assailant. Card 11 - ROBERT SIGISMUND BIHAR Prince Robert Bihar was Lord Palatine from 1642, beginning the position for King Otto II, and held the position through King Otto III. After the death of King Otto III in 1655, Prince Robert left for 25 years, though returned to the position of Lord Palatine for his son, King Sigmar I in 1677. During his tenure under his son, the elderly palatine was greatly known for explosive and sudden bowel movements, even during important meetings. After his son, King Sigmar I’s death, he continued as Lord Palatine for his grandson, King Robert I, until giving up the position in 1688 due to health decline. He passed away in 1701 due to measles. Card 12 - RICKARD BARROW Rickard Barrow was the first Lord Palatine of the newly created Kingdom of Haense. Gaining the position in 1578, he served King Peter I, and was known for his great involvement with both the military, and the state. It is said that Rickard Barrow was immensely popular among the soldiers and nobility alike, and commanded the Haeseni forces directly for the newborn realm. He continued to serve as Lord Palatine two years into the reign of King Andrik II until 1584. Though he remained highly influential and directly opposed the new King in his attempt at rebellion against the Holy Orenian Empire.
  8. FOR AMBITION AND ACTION VOTE ALEKSANDRA STAFYR FOR MAER WITH MY FIRST TERM AS MAER COMING TO AN END– I, Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr hereby will be running for a second term as Maer. I pride myself on both my great ambition, and my action and drive which makes me able to complete my promises. This first term, we have come far in my changes to Reza, most of my originally promised plans were complete within the first two saints weeks of my appointment to my position, before I set my sights even higher for the city of New Reza. These past four years, I started small, then grew from there. Beginning with my sponsorship, planning, and implementation of the refurbishment of the dilapidated sector of New Reza, so that those in the area would no longer walk through mud, and over fallen wall stones. With the first project quickly completed, we moved onto the rest of the city, which was hastily planned and completed, bringing a more open square, renovated and repaired buildings, more shops, and a more clear main road. Though the physical changes to the city were not yet done, as I looked at the housing ledger. In which it showed a completely filled city, with no purchasable homes. Soon, and further than my original promise for Maer, I planned and had implemented, the expansion of New Reza, boasting 18 new properties, and a much needed chapel to the city. Event and activity wise, the city has begun to grow more full, with the festival of Spring taking place about halfway through my term, which hosted many varying events during the time many were away to Athera. A new tavern manager has been appointed, who shows much promise, and whom I will be helping get the tavern restarted. So where do I go from here? Well, I wish to build where I only touched on briefly these last four years, which is events and activities around New Reza. We shall strive for anual, and common events, attempting to move towards more traditional Haeseni pastimes, including more hunts, jousts, fighting pit melee, and other regularly ran tavern games. We shall host at least one or two large scale events, advertised across the Empire. These will include upped activity within the city, opportunities for vendors to sell their wares, and other activities all around the royal city. Further restoration, or expansion efforts will be looked into as necessary, with the question of more large homes, stables, and other buildings to be possibly included, citing the demand and necessity of each new addition or change. Outside of the general city changes, I shall be planning and funding a new training ground for the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, as well as looking into the possibility of a barracks rework or renovation. The town hall will be equipped with a suggestion box, and annual Maer meetings shall be held in the town square to promote the involvement of the community in these changes and activities. Regularly scheduled events, such as tavern games, hunts, fighting pit melee, jousts, etc. One to two large scaled events, advertised across the empire. Revival of the Tavern, helping newly appointed tavern manager, Vorion Sturmholm Opportunities for vendors to sell their wares at these large events. Further restoration or expansion as necessary A new training yard for the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, funded and implemented by myself. The continuation, or implementation of a new or improved Brotherhood barracks. A suggestion box outside of the Town Hall Annual meetings with the Maer in the town hall, alongside the suggestion box, to promote community involvement and communication. I, Aleksandra Stafyr, am a person for the people, and for Haense. I may not have everything you wish written in a single post, but I vow that I am open to your suggestions, needs, and ideas. I am a person of great ambition for our Kingdom, and a person that greatly believes in taking action, and initiative. Vote for me, and I shall continue to build a better New Reza for all citizens. Signed, HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska
  9. IGN: Zaerie Character Name: Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr Age: 24 Place of Residence / Street Address: Kingsway 3/Nenzing Position: Maer
  10. THE NEW REZA EXPANSION INITIATIVE 309 ES -=- WITH THE NEAR COMPLETION OF THE CITY RENOVATIONS– We must begin to address the other issues within New Reza. The first of which being a lack of acceptable and available housing for the populous of our royal city. A large area to the left of the city shall be walled off to protect both the workers and our cities defensive integrity, then the inner wall brought down, before the area becomes a large and active construction zone. Within this area, we shall introduce 14 unclaimed homes, as well as 4 reserved for those directly affected by the expansion efforts. The district will also bring forth a chapel, and a side facing gate for the ease of access to the Basilica. We ask for the full cooperation of all affected by the construction, and ask for any interested in assisting in the construction itself, or the procurement of materials to send word to either the office of the Lady Maer, Aleksandra Stafyr, or to the Lord Regent, Prince Otto Alimar. Planned, Designed, and Ordered by, HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska Approved and Sponsored by, HIS EXCELLENCY, Grand Prince Otto Alimar, Lord Regent of Hanseti-Ruska, Grand Prince of Muldav HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen-Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch
  11. GRAND FESTIVAL OF MORRIVI 309 ES -=- WITH THE WEATHER WARMING, AND THE EMERGENCE OF SPRING– a grand festival shall be hosted in just over a saints week, to celebrate and welcome the new season of Morrivi, or ‘Spring’ in common. This grand festival will last three saints days, bring numerous events to Haense, and include activities for the majority of the groups of our royal city. It is with high hopes that we welcome all to attend and take part in these activities, as well as the lesser activities that will not be yet listed, that will take place around New Reza. Day One [Friday, February 28th] THE GRAND HUNT [3 PM EST] Anyone but those under the age of ten may accompany the group for the first hunt of spring, with aims to bring back the main courses for the feast on the final day of the festival. People are encouraged to participate, and are urged to wear properly-suited clothing as well as bring a variety of hunting weapons. FIGHTING PIT MELEE [4:30 PM EST] Underneath the Crows Hearth Tavern and Inn, architects of Reza have recently finished fighting pits open to the public at all times. Any and all are welcomed to come and try their luck at hand to hand combat with this exhilarating tournament of strength. There will be a prize of 200 mina, as sponsored by the Queen Mother. Those not wishing to participate are welcomed to watch from the sides as spectators. TAVERN GAMES AND DRINKING NIGHT [6 PM EST] Tavern and drinking games will be hosted in the tavern above the fighting pits directly after the melee. Arm wrestling, and a drinking content are welcomed for all to give a shot at. These events are to be open for the rest of the night until tavernkeeps close or there are no more attendees. Prizes will vary depending on the games. Day Two [Saturday, February 29th] THE GRAND JOUST [4 PM EST] On the outskirts of the royal city of New Reza, a grand joust shall be hosted. Applicants will be taken in saint hour before the event, or directly at the start of the joust. Betting on the winner of the joust is encouraged for spectators. All those wishing to participate in the joust must contact the Lady Maer, Aleksandra Stafyr. Whoever prevails and wins the joust shall receive a prize of 200 mina and a newly-made Haeseni sword. DANCE OF THE FLOWERS [5 PM EST] The first Haeseni ball of spring, or Morrivi in New Marian. All attendees are encouraged, and highly recommended, to donn pastel and light colors for the dance. Dark and dull colors are to be avoided. The dance will take place within the town square, which will be decorated particularly for the occasion and festival of Morrivi. Fresh and blooming flowers, and other forms of nature, will be throughout the square. Day Three [Sunday, March 1st] MORRIVI FEAST [4 PM EST] To commence the third and final day of the Grand Festival of Morrivi, varying new cuisines and meals are to be presented to all those in attendance of the feast. While there will be the appearance of traditional Haeseni cuisines such as iskov and restineol, the royal chef and his crew have been assigned to bring menus with a fresh, new taste. Desserts planned are mainly fruit-based in honor of spring. HAESENI BOAT AND PIG RACE [5 PM EST] With the conclusion of the opening feast, a boat race is set to commence after all wishing to participate or watch are escorted to the beginning lines. Participants are going to be racing across Lake Milena, with the track only to be revealed on the day of the race. Once the winner is announced for the boat race, the start of the pig race will be found by following the Lady Maer to the location. There will be a clearer track with markings along the way for the pig race. CONCLUDING CEREMONY [6 PM EST] In the main square of New Reza, the festival of Morrivi shall be concluded with a final event. The Lady Maer, Queen Mother, and other royal courtiers in attendance will give out flowers that are at the ready to be planted. Those with the flowers can keep them to be potted, or follow the Lady Maer in planting them outside the walls. Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Reza
  12. THE CREATION OF THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF NEW REZA 308 ES -=- TO PROMOTE BETTER COMMUNICATION, AND INVOLVEMENT WITHIN THE CITY OF NEW REZA– A Municipal Council has been formed in New Reza, with the main four positions of Maer, Head Steward, Tavern Manager, and Chamberlain. The Municipal Council will discuss future projects, events, initiatives, needs of the people, and other things brought up by the public. Before the meeting every saints week, a Maer’s Address will be held in the town hall, or city square where the public may freely speak to the elected Maer and bring forth topics for the Municipal Council meeting. In part with this, further positions may be added or removed as seen fit, and it is noted that the public may seek out the Maer at times outside of the yearly address. It is with great hopes that the Municipal Council is created, and the current Lady Maer of New Reza, Aleksandra Stafyr, asks that the public brings suggestions, requests, and quarrels to her at the town hall. Signed, HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska
  13. RESTORATION OF NEW REZA INITIATIVE 308 ES -=- AS PROMISED BY MAER ALEKSANDRA STAFYR– two phases of renovation within Reza shall begin shortly. The first, funded by Aleksandra herself, will focus on the dilapidated first left quarter of the city. It is announced that none of the owned homes in the quarter will be directly effected or majorly altered by these renovations, aside from general repairs to the buildings. Alongside my sponsorship of the first phase, I have paired up with the Crown to host a city-wide restoration project, which will begin immediately and most likely last much longer than phase one, due to the size and spread of the project. In this section of the renovations, larger changes will be made, and all extremely affected will be contacted, and worked with to make this process as painless as possible. Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen-Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska
  14. CHRONICLES OF A RUBERNI PRINCESS - Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, is the third child of Vladrick Hieromar Alimar, and Ester Rose Alimar née Devereux. She was born in 1735, along with her twin brother, Kazimar Pierce Alimar. Born a Princess of Rubern, Aleksandra and her family lived in Rubern for four years after her birth, until moving to Haense when the war began. From there, the family began to split, with Ester becoming the Regent to Curon, Marius becoming the Grand Prince of Rubern, and their cousins in Haense. During the war, Aleksandra, her older sister Anabel, and her twin brother, Kazimar, had an advantage that many did not, they were on both sides. Aleksandra went through the war wandering between them and got to truly see the sides of the AIS, and the Empire. Chapter One Blood on Ruberni Steps - The air in Rubern was crisp, as fall was in full swing. I sat at a table outside the small Ruberni tavern, watching the grass sway in the wind. I’ve done this quite often, walked the short distance from Reza, and sat in an open area in my father's Princedom. Even with the start of the war, it was oddly peaceful- when none of the soldiers were about. I have found that some of them were quite nice to me, others, like Aelius, I detest. The soldier, if that’s what he was, had lied to me, been rude, and simply seemed like an all around horrible person. At first the man wouldn’t even tell me his name, calling himself Jason. He was insane, he called his horse a dog, and fibbed every chance he got. Aelius, while not making himself particularly noticeable, was accompanied by Flemius. I don’t know what to think of Flemius, at times he was alright, and others he was simply cruel. Today, it seemed, was a cruel day. Flemius, Aelius and some unremarkable men dragged a man through the streets, bound. With curiosity taking grasp of me, I stood from my spot, and followed loosely behind the bunch. They heaved the Haeseni man out the gates, I chose a place to watch on the wall of Rubern, next to one of my few favorite A.I.S. soldiers, Tankred. They watched and listened to the group speak, threatening the man. “These, Haeseni, are the same steps that I stomped the Emperors head on.” Flemius declared, the group questioning the man on his allegiances, and why he followed the empire. He declared that he would never desert the empire, that he was loyal, and their threats would not change his mind. I watched in abject horror as they sat the man upright, seemingly done with the conversation at hand. Curling their fingers to tug at his hair, retching his head back. My eyes and mouth gaped as the soldier turned their dagger in their palm, sliding it across the throat of a bound, and helpless man. The blade sinking into his throat as if warm butter, blood permeating from his throat, and washing down the front steps of the Princedom. I embraced Tankred for a moment, looking for any comfort. Yet there, I found none, I simply found a motionless suit of armor. Once I released him, Tankred left, and I, at 6 was left to find my own way back to my room, to emulate the memory of the gurgling of a man choking on his own blood, until I cried herself to restless sleep. Chapter Two Your Jewels or Your Head - “Maya, let’s go to the gardens. We can play Haeseni Chess!” I projected an antic grin that spread across my face, ear to ear. “Da, let’s go, Aleks.” Maya replied, taking my small hand in her own, as she began to lead me through the city of Reza. We walked from the bustling city square that faded behind us and to the courtyard of the Ekaterinburg. I skipped gleefully down the road next to my cousin, the sun on our shoulders, with the shade striping overtop our skin underneath different branches as we made their way through the leering gate to the palace courtyard. From either side where shadows loomed heavy, two men approached us with swords drawn. The grins on their faces were sick, with Maya being eleven and me as six. As we began to back further into the courtyard, one of the two rushed in front of me and I couldn’t see Maya anymore. I tried to look around or move to the side but the one grabbed me and held me back. ”Please let her go,” Maya’s voice was shaky as she spoke, but not impossible to understand. I still couldn’t see her, “She’s just a child. I’ll give you whatever you want. Just let her go.” “Give us all you have, or the child dies,” I thrashed about and tried to free myself, but it did little to nothing– save giving me the chance to see Maya again. She was shaking as she brought both hands behind her neck to remove a necklace, and any other jewelry that was upon her. The moment the collection of items were within one of the men’s hands, I was thrown to the side and sent stumbling. “Get out of here, stupid girl,” they spat as one lunged for Maya and revealed a glint of metal. A knife was to her throat and one of their arms wrapped about hers as she was held back. I went running faster than ever before, with one foot after the other leading me through the streets of Reza. “Help!” I yelled out, “They’re going to kill my cousin!” I halted within the square with eyes darting about for anyone that could help. Several of the people wandering about had turned to me and come forth. It all felt like a blur as I spoke with them as quick as I could and pointed down the road to where she was. Upon my return, and to my abject horror, Maya’s head was lowered and she was knelt upon the dirt road as the two men seemed to be readying themselves to behead her, despite being a child herself. Those with me drew their swords and the two men turned away from Maya– with our cousin, Godfric, soon coming out from the inside of the palace to begin the fight. With Maya released, I rushed for her and we both ran for the nearest door that would seal us within the palace walls. My hand reached up to take hers as we stood there, heaving breaths and trying to comprehend the reality of what had occurred. Queen Milena ushered us further inside while the two men were slain for their actions. As we were aided, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. Maya’s throat had been lightly cut, a slim line of crimson clashing on her skin. Chapter Three Cages and Decapitation - The road to Rubern felt longer than usual, as I slowly began to decipher my true allegiances. Walking to the Princedom became a chore I had assigned herself. The dirt beneath my shoes was petrified in the frost, crunching under my unexpected step. As I neared Rubern, my heart began to sink, seeing a group of men in the distance, along the steps that I still saw pooled with fresh blood. As I neared, I saw my older brother, Marius, with his men. Behind them, human sized cages. I hesitated to continue towards the scene, peering into the three cages, two grown men, one Haensetti, one that I didn’t recognise, and a young boy. A cloaked man periodically flung pinches of seeds into the cages, and would poke the grown men with sticks. As Marius noticed me peering towards the scene, he strode towards me, proud of his accomplishment of capturing the men. Placing a hand steadily behind my shoulder, he pointed to the prisons, “Spit on the bad men, Aleksi!” he gleamed, though I stood still, and sternly shook my head, “Niem, That is rude. I don’t want to.” Marius glared at me fervently, “They’re bad men, Aleksi, they deserve it.” slowly, I took a step back from Marius, moving out of his hold. “Niem, It’s rude. They’re people.” He turned fully to look at me, a fiery expression growing on his face. “You’re too much like Amja. Too soft.” he spat his words, before turning back to the Prisoners. To the prisoners, and to the people surrounding them, throwing seeds into their cages, poking one with a red hot iron through the bars. I winced as my ears echoed with the mans shout. The posters of ransom prices haphazardly skewed to the wood at the bottom of the cage. I looked at the boy caged in the back, though dared not approach, fearing being too suspicious. I watched as he was named as Leopold, Prince of Kaedrin. As my brother spoke to the boy through the bars, asking if he had been searched, and going to boorishly search the prince himself, tossing his sword, arrows, and bow out of the cage. Soon enough, the Kaedrin Prince was paid for, and returned home, though the relief of one less prisoner didn’t stand long on my heart. The echo of hooves, and unyielding steps, as Empire soldiers began to gather, facing off towards the large group of Ruberni. The two groups clashed like lightning, arrows impelling across the low clearing. I watched in horror from the gate of the Princedom, as I watched the Empire men fall, one by one. Ruberni gathered a number of surviving men, from a few peasant foot soldiers, to Duke Tobias Merentel of Curon. I sat near the square, contemplating what I had seen, and taking in what I began to hear would be done. A collection of men grouped around the slouched over Curonian Duke. Prince Marius wrote a letter to his mother, Ester of Curon, inquiring about a price for the Duke. While impatient for a reply, the Prince had his men bring the most expendable captured, who were to be hung. Given relatively quick deaths, I watched as the soldiers escorted prisoner after prisoner up, declaring them traitors that must hang. Eventually, my brother gave up waiting for our mothers reply. Duke Tobias was dragged up to the platform, where a Ruberni man removed his head in a single, adamant strike. Crimson blood gushed, splattering down the wood, and staining the dirt beneath, dripping consistently, the splash muted by the steps of Marius, heaving the head in his hands, and smashing it with his fathers mace. Gasping, I covered my mouth as Marius looked towards me, “Sister! Fetch me a box, or a sack!” nodding in nervous reluctance, I carried over an old potato sack, to where I watched my brother transfer pieces of Tobias Merentel’s head. “Come, we must deliver a message to Amja, Sister.” he said, motioning for a guard to escort us towards Curon, and along to Morsgrad for a small, yet peaceful visit. Chapter Four The Lady in the Hightower - I had wandered the halls of my old home, seeing only hatred haunting its walls through posters, paintings, and banners. I hadn't been able to sleep, my ears consumed by the sound of a man choking on his own blood, the echo of his throat being slit on the steps of Rubern. So I went to the garden. I was not afraid of the war, neither side had hurt me, and both had let me wander to my own will. Grasping the knobs of the doors and swinging them quietly, I stepped out of the large room, into the small garden. My silk slippers causing the frost laden grass to crunch beneath my feet- but that was not the only noise in the garden. I looked up, and my heart skipped as I beheld the scene in front of me. A small collection of uniformed men, climbing up into the broken windows of the tower. Darius, a darker haired man, paused as he looked at me in shock, obviously not prepared for such a visitor at this time. I knew what they were there for, who they were there for, and I was glad. I had dreaded the thought of being in Rubern when the Empresses head was bound to roll, and I had hoped to get the young Imperial Princess out of the palace before all this- yet had failed, as they wouldn’t let the two of us anywhere out of sight. I worried that the men would use me against my brother, Marius, to get the Empress out, if all else failed. I worried, but also knew that I would offer, if it came to it. To my surprise, they let me follow them and told me that I could leave if I wished. I tried her keys, tried to open doors for the men, but it seemed the locks had been changed, most likely to prevent this very attempt. “It’s alright, you tried. Thank You.” Darius had said to me as I inspected my keys, frustrated that they no longer worked as they had weeks before. Climbing up into the tower, we reached the last door. The men paced as one attempted to unlock the door, but their attempts had failed again, and they found themselves wandering out to grab more supplies. Though I stated by the door, something told me that perhaps just knowing that someone else was here would help the trapped Empress. While they were out, the doors were slammed shut around me, by unusual gusts of wind from the shattered windows. Determined to get the Empress at least a small amount of freedom, the men slid lockpicks under the doors, and through the cracks to me, as I tried the door for the first time. “You can do it!” they cooed, trying to explain to me, at eight, how to lockpick a door. I heard the click, apprehensive that it was my ears tormenting me again. As I tried the knob, the door swung open to reveal her Imperial Majesty, Empress Lorena, standing on the other side. The Empress, slightly unkempt, though alive, rushed through the threshold, gasping as if she could finally take a breath. Soon the men had the other door unlocked, and the group rushed out, and towards Helena. Empress Lorena, reunited with her husband, turned to face me, “Milady, What is your name?” she asked, the group turning to where the Empress had looked to me. Bashful, I paused, contemplating my words, and the allegiances that my titles suggested, though I took the risk of announcing my full person, “Princess Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, Princess of Rubern.” “You betrayed your people to aid the imperial effort, we’re ever thankful for you, little Aleksandra.” The Empress replied, though corrected by her husband, Emperor Peter III, “It is no betrayal to come to the defense of man. Many Ruberni have been blinded by the lure of chaos - you have resisted and demonstrated immaculate virtue. I am in your debt” The emperor gave a slight bow towards me, seeming unfazed by my shock. The Emperor began to depart with his family, though Lorena stepped forwards, going to embrace me, and pressing a kiss on my forehead. I returned the hug for a quick moment, “Welcome home.” I said to the Empress, before heading to my own home - Haense, not Rubern, shortly after. Chapter Five To My Homeland - An Assumed Recreation of the Murder of Princess Alexandria, based off of reports, and journal entries from Princess Alexandria ~ Following only a year after the escape of Empress Lorena from Rubern, Princess Alexanria Cecilya Barbanov ran through the streets of Reza, heading through the gate, into the snow cloaked forest beyond. She walked further than she should’ve, she knew. Through the snow further out was cleaner, stickier, it must be worth the walk, she thought. Leaving Andrik and Maya behind, her determined eyes cast out across the old Adrian plains. She had wished to get the best and most abundant snow for their forts, as she and some others were playing in the Ekaterinburg courtyard. She mulled over a question asked prior. To enter their forts, Maya had proposed that each girl or boy must embody a prior King or Queen of Haense. Given, little Alexandria had only lived to see one Queen- her mother, passing shortly after her sixth birthday. What made a Queen good? Whomst was the best one? How could she ever know? Certain thoughts ruminated in her mind. She knelt down, scooping the snow into her small satchel. Each fresh patch led her further from Reza. Yet, she soon found she’d no more space to hold this snow. Satisfied, her trek back to Haense began. As soon as the girl of nine reached the road, Ruberni men were upon her. They held the young girl by her collar, dragging her shrieking towards the gates of Rubern, where they would toss her into a cage sitting on the steps leading up to the town. The young princess cowered in the corner, her small body compressing against the stinging cold iron bars. She knew no one of the crowds who surrounded her. Men clad in armour of different colours, different places. However one man rang out in recognition to the child- the doctor whomst she’d met prior. He sat with her, telling her of his research, his findings. Alexandria found small comfort in reading his reports- for she too dreamed of the day she might be a doctor herself. The group surrounding the girl spoke of a ransom, teasing the weeping girl of a horrible fate, as a public missive was sent for her safety, though they failed to send the letters directly to the most important recipient; the child's own family. The men counted down the saints hour, taunting the young princess as they did, until finally they were satisfied with the time passed. They stalked towards the cage, leering at the little girl inside. Retching open the iron, they took grasp of her and hauled the light girl out. As she feebly held up her satchel to protect herself from the oncoming attack, the men drew their weapon, her fate sealed. They stabbed the nine year old princess repetitively, as she cried out in pain, begging and weeping to be saved, to be spared. Her satchel would fall to the ground, the piles upon piles of snow littering the cell floor. And, the doctor would avert his eyes. ~ I had heard the news quickly, the words sucking the air from my lungs as if a great blow. The twin of my best friend, Rupert, had been murdered outside the front gate of my homeland. Alexandria’s family wept tears of sorrow as they mourned her loss, a girl of nine murdered for gathering snow outside her home city, to build a snow fort with her siblings and friends. Walking from the Ekaterinburg Palace, I sat in my room and cried for my friends loss, though I soon became angry, then absolutely enraged. Pulling parchment from a shelf, I wrote what I could, though I was not yet as well versed as needed. Pouring out my feelings, I wrote pages of barely decipherable notes. Storming back through the doors of Ekaterinburg, and walking to my cousin, I heaved the papers onto the table. “I want to do something. Help me do it, Maya. For Rupert, and for Alexandria.” Maya nodded solemnly, as we went to her study, where she helped me draft the final version of my notes. We soon sent out a poster titled “To my Homeland” which was spread across both Oren, and the AIS. I was ridiculed for it by some, and praised by many. Though I knew what my words had meant, and I knew that it determined the state of my relationship with my siblings, nonexistent. Chapter Six I Pray They Rest in Peace - I was four years old when war was declared upon the empire and its inhabitants. My grievances of war are like so many others with untold stories, who were raised in terror and saw their family slaughtered or ripped apart because of others being consumed by hatred. Children have been tortured and butchered without second thought, and innocent bystanders have become victim to the cruelty of this ever-war. The enemy has no motive other than hatred and blood thirst. None of those affected by this war will come out the same, but we will do so together. We stand for unity and the strength that comes from it. I pray that memories of happiness will replace those of horror, and for those who are no longer able to obtain such– I pray they rest in peace. Signed, Aleksandra
  15. ALEKSANDRA MARIYA STAFYR RUNS FOR MAER 307 ES WITH HOPES FOR ASSISTING HAENSE AND WORKING TOWARDS HER OVERALL BETTERMENT– I have decided to pick up the mantle from Alaric, my husband, and run to begin plans to help the city of Reza continue thriving. The war has been hard on us all, as we are nearly fifteen years at war. Our city’s structures suffer from long overdue refurbishment. We’ve begun to grow complacent in boring day to day lives, doing what is necessary to survive and ignoring how crucial celebration is. Our people have faced death, time and time again, both now and through history. We are a strong Kingdom, and we shall continue to stand together. To better the lives of many citizens within New Reza, I vow that as Maer, I shall order, oversee, and fund a restoration and renewal of our dilapidated urban area to the left of the main road upon the entrance of the city. It is a long overdue essential to the city that shall both up the look of the city, and the quality of life of the residents in the area. Alongside this, I shall work with my cousin, Her Royal Majesty, Queen-Mother Maya Barbanov, and the crown to plan and employ the renovation of the rest of the city of Reza, for the betterment of the city. We shall renovate to better the main square of Reza, alter the main road, and give the city a mild new look, and to bring new life into our great royal city. With the renovations and restorations in progress and planning, I vow as Maer to bring forth a series of events within New Reza, including a possible Festival and Tournament. Both have been long overdue, with issues regarding the war efforts, and morale of the citizenry of New Reza. I shall welcome merchants from all over the Empire and throughout Haense to sell their artistry at said events, as well as promote smaller, more frequent events in between the larger festivities. Bringing light back to New Reza, I wish to form a small Municipal Council within the city of Reza, that seats the Elected Maer at its head, with the current Tavern Manager, the High Steward, and Chamberlain. This is to promote communication between those who run the different sections of New Reza, and bring forth further possibilities for projects among more sectors of New Reza. If elected for the seat of Maer, I vow that I shall not twiddle my thumbs, but work with both city and crown to better our Kingdom, with lasting, and visible changes. Signed, HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr, Countess Consort of Nenzing
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