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  1. THE KUSORAEV GARDEN PARTY OF 1775 Vzmey and Hynk 327 ES [First Seed, 1775] The Royal family cordially invites the nobility of Haense to the gardens of the Ekaterinburg Palace for an especially momentous garden party, where the House of Barbanov will introduce the Grand Prince of Kusoraev, Josef Sigismund, to the peers and citizens of Hanseti-Ruska. Traditional haeseni dishes will be served to the guests in attendance. Some of these dishes prepared for the evening will include: Pigs tails, Spit-roasted Venison and more traditional Haeseni recipes from the work "The Northern Kitchen: A study on the cuisine of Haense." The main course of the garden revelry will be the roasting of a great boar, hunted and brought down by the HRA on the outskirts of the Wickwald. Placed upon a weighted spit over a ferocious and open bonfire, this prize and symbol of the triumphant tradition of Haeseni hunting will be salted and glazed to provide for all an enticing flavor. Traditional Haeseni activities will be available for all attendees to take part in, with the pastimes of both Haeseni Chess and Lafsk being readily available for all avid competitors who attend the greater gathering. A monetary prize will be provided to the winner of the chess match upon it’s conclusion. At the conclusion of the garden affair, a special dedication ceremony for the public garden will be conducted, in memory of the late Princess of Hanseti-Ruska, Amelya Valeriya Barbanov. Signed, HER MAJESTY, Viktoria Sofiya Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska, Countess of Metterden, Baroness of Rostig HER GRACE, Sofiya Aleksandra Baruch, Duchess-Consort of Valwyck, Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska KML HER LADYSHIP, Henriette Marna de Rafal, Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska OOC Friday July 3rd at 3pm EST at the public gardens in New Reza
  2. KOENAS CURATION The Second Edition A Bi-Yearly Report by Queen Viktoria on the happenings of the Royals, Court, and the Culture in Hanseti-Ruska A report from 324-325 ES [1773-1774] Table of Contents I. Important Announcements II. The Scyfling Invasion III. Royal and Court Announcements IV. Military Updates, Honours, and Activities V. Recently, In literature VI. Special Mentions & Honoured Figures I. Important Announcements Leuvens Return Thanks to the Late Princess of Rubern, Helane Stiboricz, the area that used to be named Rubern, has been returned to the hands of the Empire, and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. It is a joyous occasion as the final hostile state from the AIS and the everlasting war has been returned to its rightful place, and peace has come at last. II. The Scyfling Invasion The Death of Princess Amelya During an ambush by the Scyflings in 326 ES [1773], the Princess Amelya Barbanov was fatally wounded before she fell into the river, and her body floated to rest in the Lake Milena. The Late Princess was a bright and fiery woman, with much promise to her life, and she will be mourned by many. May she rest in peace in the seven skies. The Death of Prince Godfric Alimar Within the same ambush of 326 ES [1773], The Red Prince of Muldav, Godfric Alimar, came face to face with Bralt himself, where he and Sir Lauritz Christiansen battled the Scyfling War Leader. The Red Prince was defeated by Bralt, and is now succeeded by his son, Prince Josef Audemar. May he rest in peace in the seven skies. Death of Count Konstantin II Ruthern The Late Count of Metterden, Konstantin II, went searching for his stolen son, Aleksandr Leopold var Ruthern. He never found his son, however. My father's life ended in a tragic way as he was stabbed in the back by the scyflings, and left for dead in an abandoned camp, in 326 ES [1773]. The late count of Metterden leaves behind three daughters, myself, Elizaveta, and Irene vas Ruthern. May he rest in peace in the seven skies. III. Royal and Court Announcements Birth of the Royal Twins 326 ES, the 9th and 10th of Joma and Umund [1993, The Deep Cold/Sigismunds End], Stefan Wilfriche, and Aleksandr Hieromar, were born, the former near end of the night of the 9th, and Aleksandr soon after on the 10th, sharing a birthday with his father, King Sigismund II. The two Princes being the third and fourth royal child, are currently in good health and growing quickly. Betrothal of a Ruthern My youngest sister, Irene Cecilia vas Ruthern, has hereby been betrothed to the Imperial Prince, John Charles Novellen, eldest son to HIH Princess Imperial Anne Augusta, and HIH, Joseph Clement. The wedding has been scheduled for Tov and Yermey, 329 ES [Suns Smile, 1776]. The wedding will be preceded by a festival, ball, and tournament in the months prior, and succeeded by a tour of the Empire, and a Feast within Hanseti-Ruska on Msitza and Dargund, 329 ES [The Amber Cold, 1776]. IV. Military Updates, and Activities The Mammoth Hunt Led by Sir Demetrius var Ruthern, the HRA went out to investigate a missing expedition from a northern village. The groups went out onto the ocean ice where they found those missing, along with multiple gigantic mammoths. The creatures, attacking the villagers, were vanquished by the HRA, coming home victorious. War Games with the ISA Once again having a practive skirmish and war games with the Imperial State Army, the HRA went to a field outside of Kaedrin to test their strength against the ISA. The games overall were considered a success to aid in the training of newer HRA soldiers. Published Honours and Medals https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/193077-honours-and-medals-of-hanseti-ruska/?tab=comments#comment-1783433 A missive has gone out about the current available, and past medals of Hanseti-Ruska that both soldier and citizen can receive. At the end of the Scyfling Conflict, a medal and honours ceremony shall be held, where the documented medals shall be given out to those who deserve, and honorarily given to those passed that would also qualify for the medals. It is with great pride that I myself, headed and created the ‘Queens Cross’, for those who step out from safety to save the life of another, despite their own best interests. We hope to see all attend once the missive for the event is planned and posted, to honour those fallen, and receive or congratulate their comrades who have shown exceptional service to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Oaths and Promotions Those Oathed into the Haense Royal Army and Promoted in 326 and 327 ES The Oaths Ozark Amelot Edward Lawson II The Promotions Zoe Zuilla to Armsman Ser Demetrius Ruthern to Captain Ionian Mackensen to Lieutenant Boris var Ruthern to Armsman Astoro Jovanovski to Armsman Vorion Baruch to Armsman Lamik Fillestar to Armsman Daniel Mackensen to Armiger Darien Frostfire to Armsman V. Recently, In Literature Studies, and literature based on and around, or written by the Haeseni Bralts Folly Written by Josef Alimar, The Red Prince of Muldav https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192787-bralts-folly/ Written in the days after the death of the Late Red Prince of Muldav, Godfric Alimar, his son and successor, Josef Alimar, Red Prince of Muldav, sent out a public letter to Bralt the Disgraceful. The letter promises the death of all Scyflings that side with Bralt, the man who ignored their sacred day of ‘Moonfire’, a holiday for peace and forgiveness, a day-long ceasefire. The letter itself is an extremely moving piece of literature woven through pain and mourning, we shall all remember Godric Alimars sacrifice in an attempt to end the threat that is Bralt the Dishonourable. “Priveskiy” Our Oath Written by Sir Dietrich van Jungingen https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192899-priveskiy-our-oath/ A beautiful poem and song written by Sir Dietrich van Jungingen, ‘Priveskiy’, is a poem about the Jeremic rights we hold as Haeseni, and our liberty and honour we hold to our Kingdom. It tells a story through its stanzas, that every Haeseni child should learn and hold dear. Haeseni Women: A history of of Vassalage Written by Henriette Marna de Rafal https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192995-haenseni-women-a-history-of-vassalage/ A well written historical study on the women of Hanseti-Ruska, those that have held vassalage under the Kingdom. It has happened very few times throughout our history, though it may now become more frequent as succession laws within the Kingdom change to allow women to inherit. It notes the times that a woman should, or has been the heir to the kingdom as well, marking my daughter, Princess Royal Nataliya Reza as the most recent, until her younger brother was born. It brings an interesting topic to light on the indignities and unfairness of the past laws in Hanseti-Ruska, and how they are changing for the better. VI. Special Mentions & Honoured Figures Celestine and the Northern Geographical Society I would like to personally congratulate and applaud Celestine and the Northern Geographical Society on their continued work in bettering our knowledge of the world, and spreading literature and history throughout the Empire. The NGS has now expanded to the city of Helena, and its New Reza branch continues to expand and evolve, welcoming more knowledge from all walks of Arcas to expand that available to their patrons. I implore them for their hard work, and urge everyone to go see both their New Reza branch, and their Helena branch. The road to knowledge begins with the turn of a page.
  3. Honours and Medals of HANSETI-RUSKA Written and published by HRM Viktoria Sofiya of Metterden, Queen Consort of Hanseti-Ruska Msitza and Dargund 327 ES THE HIGHEST HONOURS THE GOLDEN CROW OF VALOR Symbolized by a golden crow on a black field, the Golden Crow of Valor is the highest medal available in the Haense Royal Army. It is given to those that performed far beyond what is expected, a miracle through god to Haense. The medal given and pinned by the King Himself. THE QUEENS CROSS The golden medal itself made up of a crown encircling a sword, the Queens Cross is given to those brave enough to step out despite their own best interest, and to save another. The medal of Valor is given out by the Queen Herself, to both Soldiers and Citizenry that show great valor and courage to save the life of another. MEDALS OF HONOUR AND ACTION THE CROSS OF ST.KARL A golden cross with the initials K.B. inscribed into it, the Cross of St.Karl is only given out posthumously. Not simply to those who die in battle, but those that die in battle as a martyr in service of the Kingdom. The Cross is named after St. Karl Barbanov, the progenitor of the Haeseni State THE CROSS OF WOLDZMIR A golden Hussariyan Cross on a circular white background, the Cross of Woldzmir is a medal given to those who have defended their brothers in faith against tremendous odds while facing those of opposing religion. The Cross is named after the famed warrior-woman Saint Emma Vladov and her strategic powers during the Schismatic wars of 1490. THE SPARROWS VALOR A black flying sparrow across a yellow shield, the Sparrows Valor is given to those who have proven capable of leading men. It is named after Saint Thomas of Gaekrin, the once Crown Prince of Kaedrin who led countless victories in conquering the Elven State of Malinor, and defending against the invading Dwarven Armies of the First Human-Dwarf war. THE VYDRIAN BANNER A red gryphon on a black banner, ordained in gold, the Vydrian Banner is awarded to the men who rally and defeat a greater force against all odds. It is named after the Late Orenian King Andrik Vydra, who took a broken Akovian people and led them to victory against the violent hordes of Schismatic Heretics, Orcish screamers, and Dwarven legionaries. A nearly impossible accommodation to achieve, but a great honour. THE BULWARK OF TOBIAS A red and black tower overlaying a grey shield background, the Bulwark of Tobias is awkward to those who have shown great acts of valor during a defensive siege. It is named after the famous defense of Mount Augustus led by Tobias ‘Rosebud’ Carrion during the Orenian Civil War of 1456. BATTLE SPECIFIC MEDALS THE TWO EMPERORS STAR Two golden crowns, one rightside up and one under it, upside down, on a silver star. The medal was given to veterans that participated in the War of Two Emperors. THE SIEGE OF REZA MEDAL A golden medal with the image of the City of New Reza with a victorious Brotherhood Soldier standing over it, carrying a Golden Crow. The medal was awarded to any who fought in the defense of New Reza, Haense, against the Alliance of Independent States. The siege was considered a success as the city never fell to the AIS. THE HANGMANS BRIDGE STAR A golden star with the silhouette of Hangmans Bridge. A medal of service during the AIS war, for a victorious field battle at Hangmans Bridge outside of New Reza, given to the soldiers that participated in the battle. THE VASILAND STAR A star with a golden serpent wrapping through it, the Vasiland Star was given to those that fought to regain the taken keep of Vasiland in 1771. The seat of House Vanir was initially overtaken by the Scyfling Invaders, before multiple attempts and a year-long siege was enacted to retake the keep. NON-COMBATIVE DECORATIONS LABOR ACHIEVEMENT RIBBON A ribbon given to those who have worked tirelessly for the maintenance of functionality. ARMY RECRUITMENT RIBBON A ribbon given to those who actively recruit for the HRA. RESOLVE SERVICE RIBBON A ribbon given to those who have served a minimum of 8 years within the Army.
  4. Viktoria offers a nod of approval as she reads over the missive, happy at the attempt of deescalation.
  5. KOENAS CURATION First Edition A Bi-Yearly Report by Queen Viktoria on the happenings of the Royals, Court, and the Culture in Hanseti-Ruska A report from 324-325 ES [1771-1772] Table of Contents I. Royal and Court Announcements II. The Scyfling Invasion III. Military Updates, Honours, and Activities IV. Recently, In literature V. Summary of City Events VI. Special Mentions & Honoured Figures I. Royal and Court Announcements The Birth of the Crown Prince King Sigismund and I’s first son, Josef Sigismund Barbanov, was born on the 8th of Vzmey and Hynk, 325 ES [First Seed, 1772]. The new Prince shares the hair colour of his forefathers, though takes a Ruthern colour of eye. The infant prince thus far shows interest in the outdoors, and animals. Reform of the Aulic Council < Link > Written and published by His Grace, Petyr Baruch, Palatine of Haeseni-Ruska, this new document outlines the positions, titles, and powers of each member of the Aulic Council. An informative and much needed reform about the leadership of Hanseti-Ruska, and how far the positions go in power. II. The Scyfling Invasion Siege of Vasiland A year long Siege, beginning in 323 ES [1770], and the Haeseni finally being victorious in 324 ES [1771], due to the use of siege ladders after the initial bombardment of the keep failed. The keep itself is now in quite sore of a state, and the House of Vanir has taken many losses, but with this victory, the Scyflings lose a foothold close to our Capital, New Reza. Assault of Metterden A defense organized by myself, the second attack on the Ruthern Keep took place in 324 ES [1771], where the Scyfling invaders used overturned boats as shields and ladders in an attempt to gain access to our walls. The use of ballista on the gatehouse of Metterden took down one of the two ship shields, while the other was able to create a ramp up onto our wall, where Siguine var Ruthern gave his life in defense of his home. The bombardment was eventually pushed back, but not before many were injured. - The Scyfling Invasion remains a difficult fought war, and I hope dearly that it is coming to a close. With more victories we come ever closer to preserving our way of life and our Kingdom. I thank all of the medics that continue to attend these battles, and without them, myself and my newborn son may not have survived this war. We would have Perished had we not Persisted. III. Military Updates, and Activities Skirmish with the Imperial State Army On Tov and Yermey, 324 ES [Suns Smile, 1771], the Haense Royal Army set out for a field near Kaedrin, to meet the Imperial State Army for training skirmishes. The two armies took turns starting the battles, at sides of advantage and disadvantage, and the score overall was a tie, at Four for the Haeseni, and Four for the Imperial Army. The Medics Training With the Scyfling battle continuing on, and the number of wounded rising each altercation, the HRA has seen fit to set up training for soldiers within the army to learn basic field medicine. The training is considered to be a large success, as fourteen soldiers attended, and have all been deemed fit to use the knowledge as needed in and after battle. Oaths and Promotions Those Oathed into the Haense Royal Army and Promoted in 324 and 325 ES The Oaths Boris var Ruthern Gabriel Merce Ardryll Gostaith Sacul Risha Robus Blaspel The Promotions Demetrius Ruthern to Lieutenant Ser Ivan to Lieutenant Manfred Barclay to Lieutenant Sir Osvald Barclay to Sergeant Llewelyn to Armiger IV. Recently, In Literature Studies, and literature based on and around, or written by the Haeseni A Study of Herbs vol. 1 Written by her Highness, Princess Alexandria Karina Barbanov < Link > Written and studied by our very own Princess Alexandria Barbanov, this study on herbs outlines a multitude of Haeseni, and Crownland herbs and their uses. Many of the studied herbs have different medicinal purposes, which Princess Alexandria noted as well, alongside how they are commonly prepared for such a use. Persistence: A Preamble Written by John Walker < Link > An extremely well written short story on the resilience and prowess of the Haeseni, based around the common Haeseni phrase ‘I would have perished had I not persisted’. The story is based around a group of people from multiple of the different Empire’s Provinces, going off on an adventure into the woods with the Emperor, until they come across a bear. Find out the conclusion of this story by reading the attached document. V. Summary of Recent Events The Royal Fair Held in the square of New Reza on Gronna and Droba 325 ES [Sun’s Smile, 1772], the Royal Fair held a multitude of different festivities, mostly based around children's games. The square itself was donned in banners, different tables, a petting zoo, a small children's coaster, and lights and flowers. The event brought many, and lasted for some time before a larger obstacle course event took place, being won by our very own Bishop. The Soldiers Ball On Tov and Yermey 325 ES [The Grand Harvest 1772] the Soldiers Ball took place, a month after the Royal Fair. Honouring the HRA, alongside any that have fought in the Scyfling Invasion, and the Medics who continue to show up and tend to the wounded of the battles. VI. Special Mentions & Honoured Figures ERWIN BARCLAY Duke of Reinmar, and Lord Marshal of the Haense Royal Army, Erwin Barclay, has a mountain of amazing work behind his name. The Lord Marshal has strengthened our Military greatly, and led us in successful battles against the Scyflings a number of times since the Invasion began. BUCK DIRTGRUB While commonly known for his goofy demeanour and odd actions, Buck Dirtgrub has turned into a true Haeseni warrior, who is as brave as any I have seen. In the second attack on Metterden, Buck himself raced in to save my second cousin, Tatyana vas Ruthern, from certain death at the hands of the Scyflings, with only a stick.
  6. Queen Viktoria, for once, would be shocked. “They desecrated her grave?!” she’d look over Sigismund’s shoulder, as she read it. “Disgusting! How shameful. The woman defended me, our people, and our lands, and they’d rather come and dig up a rotting corpse and dishonour her resting place for some fancy skravi event?” She would look from the paper, wiping her face, “Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.”
  7. The Royal Fair 1772 | 325 A fair, in celebration of the growing Royal Family and the birth of Prince Josef Sigismund, will take place in the coming saint’s days. The festivities will include a multitude of games and activities around the town square, candied foods, and other attractions around the city center of New Reza. THE GAMES DUNK THE PALATINE A game of luck and dexterity, you must hit the target in order to dunk the palatine into the tank beneath! Line up in order to take your shot, but if you miss, you’ll have to line up again! THE LAFSK TABLE The game of Lafsk is a Haeseni classic, created by the Baruch’s in the Duchy of Valwyck. THE BALL TOSS A game of aim and strength, throw the ball towards the bin, and try to get it in for a small prize! THE ACTIVITIES THE PETTING ZOO A small area of fluffy creatures from all over, come and see the friendly creatures of Arcas! THE KIDS COASTER A small cart system for younger children to enjoy, going around the square, the gravity-pushed coaster whirls around for the thrill and enjoyment of children of the Empire! THE OBSTACLE COURSE A grand obstacle course for any to join, a race of dexterity and speed to reach the end and win the grand prize! THE EMPIRE AND FRIENDS OF HANSETI-RUSKA ARE WELCOME Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Viktoria Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti Ruska HER GRACE, Sofiya Baruch, Duchess-Consort of Valwyck, Grand Lady of the Royal Court of Hanseti-Ruska HIS LORDSHIP, Boris var Ruthern, Royal Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Tatyana vas Ruthern, Royal Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska - OOC - 4pm EST on Saturday the 13th
  8. The Soldier’s Ball 1772 | 325 The Soldiers' Ball of 1772 will be held in the grand hall of Ekaterinburg Palace, New Reza. The ball itself will be celebrating the bravery and continued work of the Haense Royal Army, and the multiple other factions acting within the current war effort against the Scyfling Invaders. There will be a brief address from the King and Queen during the event, before a few small games take place. It is asked that all of the HRA wear their uniforms to the ball, and the citizens of Haense wear black and yellow to represent our unity in this trying time. Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Viktoria Barbanov, Queen-Consort of Hanseti Ruska HER GRACE, Sofiya Baruch, Duchess-Consort of Valwyck, Grand Lady of the Royal Court of Hanseti-Ruska HIS LORDSHIP, Boris var Ruthern, Royal Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska HER LADYSHIP, Tatyana vas Ruthern, Royal Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska - OOC - Sunday the 14th, 3pm EST
  9. Viktoria would sit across from her husband, as she slowly began to chuckle, “Actually, Sig. I think I had more say in it than you did.” she’d take the paper back for a moment glancing over it, “My father at least asked me before he agreed to anything, I think your mother just told you it was happening.” she’d shrug, setting the paper down, “It can be a problem for both sides, if both are children or in their earlier adulthood, even the man can simply be forced into it. Absolutely ridiculous in either situation.” She’d glance down to her tea for a moment, “Time for some changes, I won’t put up with anyone asking me to do the same to Nattie.” and with that, she’d continue with her tea with a small smirk on her face as she watched her husband grumble as he wrote things down on the situation, seeing what he could do.
  10. To Lady Lorena Annabelle Helvets, Thank your coming to New Reza, it was a pleasure to host everyone. I look forwards to having all of you back again, or even visiting Helena more often myself. We have many more games here in Haense to teach, and I hope that we’ll have many more sessions in the future to learn and play them. Sincerely, Queen Consort Viktoria Barbanov
  11. Viktoria would walk back to Fort Buck alone, still wearing her armor from the battle after her quick conversation with her father. She’d arrive at the Fort, which was quite empty at the moment aside from the general required guards to keep it from being taken again. The Queen would take off her main plate, and begin to climb up into the tree in the middle of the Fort. She would lean against the trunk as she sat herself on one of the branches, looking out into the sky, over the ocean where they had fought mere hours before. She would sit on the branch in the tree, breathing carefully and calmly, with periodic hitches in her breath. She would sit alone above the Fort until the hitches turned into gulps and gasps, which melted into tears. Viktoria would watch the sun rise over the ocean, as a new day arose, a day without a member of her Queens Council, without one of the people she had marched to war with. And so Queen Viktoria sat in a tree, until she felt her sadness turn into anger, and her anger turn into a promise, a vow. You will not die for nothing, You will not simply disappear, You will not be forgotten, and you shall be avenged. - VY PLANEGIZK OXTZEN WIR HAENSE –
  12. Viktoria Sofiya Barbanov would sit along the wall with a piece of charcoal in hand, slowly scribbling on a few pieces of parchment, tossing multiple iterations into the fire next to her. Once she had a version of the writing that made her smirk like a cat, she shoved the writing instruments into her satchel, but kept her hand on the paper as she walked through the camp, “Arianne! Demetrius!” she called to the older Helvets, and her cousin, both of which who had been watching out for her through the battles thus far. “Come with me, I have something to drop off.” With that, the trio would make haste down towards the small burnt village, where Bralt had left his prophecy. Viktoria would look to the scratched up side of the cross, which was now destroyed to remove the prophecy from it, and she would walk to the other side, drawing an old, rusted dagger. She put the paper against the wood, stabbing the paper into the cross, before walking back up towards Fort Buck, leaving behind a prophecy of her own for Bralt. “Kill the King Crow, and the winds will blow, Your ships into the cliffs. Kill the King Crow, and it shall snow, Freeze your ships to never reembark. Kill the King Crow, and Scyfling blood shall flow It ends never just at one. Kill the King Crow and from the world go your soldiers will die in these lands. Kill the King Crow, and only sorrow shall sow Leave our lands and find your peace. Camp Rock has Fallen, But we have not. Killing you will be an easy shot. Leave my husband, Leave my lands. or you shall die By Haeseni Hands.”
  13. Zaerie

    Haenseni Shores

    Viktoria Sofiya Barbanov leaned against the balcony rail of her and Sig’s room in Ekaterinburg Palace. She had heard the chatter of those coming, sat next to her husband as they had been warned, and watched as her people prepared. She, too, had prepared. Her armor was fixed after the Battle of Boomhill, and refitted from the few years' growth since. Viktoria had felt oddly sick recently, though she was convinced it was nerves from the loom the sea gave nowadays, so she pushed it aside as she turned, and strode through the palace halls. The Queen would hope to go to battle with her people, for her husband, the King Crow, and for her Kingdom of Crows.
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