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  1. Honestly, I didn't read any of the stuff about the conflict, I only read the sections about this conversation specifically. I think that's all that was needed. The additional stuff about the conflict itself is unneeded, all you need to see is the timeframe of the messages, and how unprovoked Trenchist was. There was no need to ask Joker where he was from, where he lived now, no need to send the picture of a rifle, no need to mention the conflict or any of those things. He went for a wiki account, and went after Joker for his nationality without any cause. That's where I think it's justified to
  2. Marcella Karolina Barclay scoffed from her wheelchair at the missive. "Anyone with any sense can see that this is shallow redemption based on getting caught, nicht actual remorse. I'll be surprised if he's not back to threatening and strangling people he holds power over by the end of a year. What a joke." she'd set down the paper on the desk again as she wheeled herself off, mumbling under her breath. "Show some actual change instead of writing a fancy missive. Ich thought Haeseni were people of action, nicht this recent foolery of writing notes and expecting a change of wardrobe to be enough
  3. Bidding has now closed, if you were one of the winning bids, please dm me on discord at Zaerie#8574 ! (The unbid on skins will be put up free to use on my pmc, https://www.planetminecraft.com/collection/97273/zaerie-s-free-to-use-skins/!)
  4. it's (just about) 7pm EST! So (just about) 1 hour left!
  5. ZAERIE DOES ANOTHER AUCTION WOWIE Hello! I’ve been collecting some skins to put up, I like doing batches of at least 10, so I reached that number today! This will be going for 24 hours, and since I don’t really use mina, this will be in USD, but the start price and minimum increase will be relatively low. I am sorry about this, and if you like my skins but cannot afford USD, I do have a free to use folder on my PMC of 40+ (and counting) skins you can use! I AM SORRY THERE IS ONLY ONE MALE SKIN IN THIS, I AM TRYING TO GET BETTER AT THEM OK The rules:
  6. Viktoria the Warrior stood looking down, her face adorning a deep, painful frown. Her eyes lit like fire and a snarl on her lips, watching as her eldest daughter's blood drips. “This future I fought for, their peace brought by me, Is not one I ever wished to see. May your moniker reflect you, grandson of mine, Your actions forever immortalized in time. King of downfall, King of death, King of Crows betraying my final breath. I was not great, graceful or grand, But my Haense was one that could withstand. This ca
  7. So, a while back there was a poll about the removal of NPC’s due to lag; it was stated that if they were removed it’d be for at least 2-3 weeks while they were fixed, but we’ve heard nothing since the poll was closed. They were disabled on the 2nd of February, so it has now been over 6 weeks. I was hoping we could possibly get an update on this situation and an estimated timeframe? NPC’s are an amazing thing to have, and I’m sad to see that they’ve been gone for so long without any word on the end of it. We’ve lost irp/in game tailors and more immersive statues, I miss them. If the
  8. Marcella had only been out of Karosgrad for about a week, she had wandered down the side of Lake Viktoria from Reinmar, and followed along the banks of the Augusta River. The camp she set up there on the edge of the forest and river bank was small. It contained a small fire, a hammock, a cooking pot, and a little log she sat on. She had avoided the roads to this point, she had a goal for the first part of her adventure. To be alone. Why did she want to be alone on an adventure? Well, Marcella had something she wanted to experience that wasn’t quite for herself yet. She wanted to se
  9. [THIS IS NOT A PK POST] HE WHO RESTS, RUSTS. BUT HE WHO NEVER RESTS, BREAKS Marcella walked through the halls of the Nikirala Prikaz, in Karosgrad. She sighed as she carried her bag towards her office, fumbling with her keys in a shaking hand and opening the door to her office. Setting down the bag, she fumbled through her papers and spread them across her desk. She realized then, that these papers meant nothing. So what if she could map the Kingdom? So what if she could convince the King of one out of five things she had wanted to do today? She
  10. A painting of a younger Marcella in Reinmar THE PROMISE OF A PALATINE 361 ES ON THIS DAY, I begin my tenure in the position of Palatine from a long dynasty of the great leadership of Konstantin Wick, the longest palatine in the kingdom’s history. Since the passing of Koeng Sigismund II, Konstantin has been at the head of our government; beginning as Lord Regent for Koeng Josef, where he dealt skillfully with the great divide that was struck through the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. He has had a great hand in education within the Kingdom, and recognizing great de
  11. Marcella Barclay had been alongside Konstantin for some time now, and had gotten used to his eccentric behaviour, even bagan to enjoy them perhaps. She wondered for some time when he'd finally be done his work, and she realized as she heard the news, that she'd actually miss him and his antics.
  12. The First Krawn Competition Results and Submissions Every four years, a competition of arts shall be held to further bolster and promote the cultures within Hanseti-Ruska. The first competition was on the subject of Ruskan Fashion and Dress, judged by Lord Palatine Konstantin Wick, Lady Speaker Irene de Sarkozy, and Prinzenas Katerina Barbanov. We had twelve submissions in the first competition. We thank all that participated in this competition, there were many wonderful submissions! First Prize; [Ivorey] - 150 mina (per), and a comission from Barclay Waffen Going
  13. GENERAL ELECTIONS of HANSETI-RUSKA KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM VA BIRODEO HERZENAV E EDLERVIK, By the will of his Majesty, Koeng Heinrik II, the elections shall go through the vote of the people of Hanseti-Ruska, as it is set out in the Haurul Caezk. The period of voting shall last for 24 saints hours, and be announced publicly within a saints hour of the polls being closed. Good luck to all candidates, and a sincere thank you for running and putting your names forwards for the Royal Duma. May GODAN guide your work and aspi
  14. The Krawn Competition The First Quadrennial Cultural Competition of Hanseti-Ruska Every four years, a competition of arts shall be held to further bolster and promote the cultures within Hanseti-Ruska. They will be judged by a few selected members of the Royal Family, Aulic Council, and Queens Council, after the two weeks given to create and submit entries. The first competition shall be one of textiles, and these outfits will be judged on three areas; accuracy to culture, creativity, and execution. Once judged, all submitted outfits shall be displayed in the gallery of the Ni
  15. [All art by me] The years that Viktoria was a part of, and the world she knew, it was surrounded by women that had no idea they’d make the world shake. They didn’t know that they’d change the world, and they all did it completely by accident. None had grand plans, schemes for power, or even yearned for influence. Growing up in these women's influence, in the wake of their actions, there was a large choice to be made by Viktoria. Watch from the sidelines and only be a mother, a prize, or to stand up and make ripples in the world of her own. Viktoria never found out why Q
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