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  1. Zaerie


    TO MY HOMELAND As issued and confirmed by HER HIGHNESS, Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, and scribed by private courtiers To the Ruberni people, Are you proud of yourselves? I’m certain you are. It is evidently such a feat of strength, to kill a nine year old girl. To the men and women who fight alongside the Morsgradi in their cause, I am certain you must feel accomplished in your prowess against children. As a Princess of Rubern, as someone who once stood at your side, I am revolted. I am disgusted by the side that my brother, Prince Marius, has chosen. You consider yourselves to be fighting for good, to be good, when I have witnessed nothing of the likes. To an eleven year old girl, you threatened to hang her - Louisa Antonia of Pruvia, if her ransom was not paid for. What does a child of eleven have anything to do with war other than being another innocent bystander of the horrors? And to the Duke Godric, what ‘great sin’ have these children committed? It seems you to be two-faced rather, unable to answer to your own crimes and covering them with falsehood statements. How hypocritical these statements have become. There is only so much blatant aggression, so many lies and abuses, so many innocent lives taken any righteous man could tolerate. You, the Ruberni, and thus including the AIS, would willingly string up an eleven year old to hang for no wrongdoing. If Prince Leopold of Kaedrin’s ransom was not paid, a child as well, you would have slaughtered him. If the Empress, Lorena Christina, had not so valiantly traded herself for her child, what hesitation would you have had against taking a knife to the Imperial Princess - a five year old? There would certainly be none, as you had none against the slaughter of the nine year old, Princess of Haense, Alexandria Cecilya Barbanov. The Morsgradi and Ruberni people, those who stand with them, aligned with AIS, are a shame to all walks of life. How dare you call your war for the good, for the right purposes. You are disgusting, shameful. You, my people who I was raised alongside, slit the throats of bound and defenseless men after taunting them of their demise and stabbed a young girl of only nine to death. You, my people, hold people in displayed cages, prodding them with hot irons, throwing seeds at them for ‘food’. You, my people, are no people I shall ever be proud of. I will never be proud to know I was born alongside you, with you, as a princess of Rubern. The actions of cowards, willing to take pride in stabbing young girls, will come back upon you all. Come the reaping day, we shall be among you. MAY PRINCESS ALEXANDRIA REST IN PEACE. Signed, HER HIGHNESS, Aleksandra Mariya Barbanov-Alimar, Princess of Rubern
  2. I’m glad that I came back to the server in time to meet you, and even get to know you at least a bit. Be well, and farewell my dude.
  3. Zaerie


    Born in Markev, Haense, Artemisia grew up used to harsher, and colder climates. She was born into a rather small family, though decently well off for living outside of the city, in a small farm and tailor combined. She learnt sewing from her mother over the years, and aimed to open a tailors within the city one day, or even move to Carolustadt one day, to make a name for herself in the world of clothing there. As she grew up, she began to strive to see more and more of the world, and set her sights on her larger goal, move and live in Carolustadt.
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