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  1. Planning on how best to light half the sewers on fire without risking an explosion Friedrich spared a glance to the missive, having to check once more that it was real. Upon his own confirmation he pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a groan.
  2. [!] A letter is addressed from Friedrich to Fionn Castaway @FionnTWG "Dear Fionn, interesting to hear that the issues plaguing the HRA have followed you there, though I am interested in just what the troll and soup demons are like there, are they more organized, are they bigger, anything would help. Also a simple request would be to keep in mind any spots that might be more defensible than not. While you may be there on your mission the task will still be there in the end to bring it under more control. Wishing you well, Friedrich."
  3. Friedrich finally set his dead old brother in arms down on the table after fireman carrying him to the morgue from near Odistadt. He looked over the dead man as he waited for the Surgeon General to arrive. The stab wound of a claymore stuck out to him, something atypical for the weapon yet the strike landed and swiftly ended the man. Jackson's last request to find his kid stuck in Friedrich's head as mumbled to something to him as he waited. "Rest well Brother."
  4. Friedrich Barclay simply nods his head in approval at the news, happy that the church was not to be disturbed during the war.
  5. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE A MILITARY TRIBUNAL KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 12th Vzmey and Hyff, 361 ES by The Lord Marshal Friedrich Barclay, Compels a military tribunal to call upon Corbin Wick to appear before it and answer the following charge: Breaking the Othamanic Doctrine for an unjust reason, thus bringing dishonor on the Haense Royal Army Arisen from these circumstances: A small group of HRA soldiers departed from Karosgrad to Reinmar to deal with trolls. During which the acti
  6. Friedrich looks over the missive as he sat in his office smoking and thinking about the upcoming year of what seemed to be a never ending war against the trolls after the hectic day. "Well then, this is a welcome surprise." He said to himself with a grin as he went back to thinking. His mind lingered on his current strategy as he began to pen it out to debate with his engineers.
  7. Friedrich Barclay lit the letter on fire with the help of Zodd Calliban as he gave it a quick glance over. He then lit a cigarette and let what he had just read fade away out of his mind, uncaring as he had a war against the trolls to think about.
  8. ColdestPepsi


    It was a typical morning for Friedrich. He had a bit of an extra strut in his step from the day before when he had managed to make a deal with the rats in the sewers and their rat king. He was up earlier than most and was bring his sister some of his soup as he thought it would be a considerate treat. Friedrich was the first to happen upon his sister's body as he went to deliver it to her. He dropped the bowl and rushed to Marcella's side. What medical training Friedrich had would be for nothing, perhaps if he had been with her and had put aside his duty as Lord Marshal to take more time to he
  9. In the direct aftermath of the death of Brandt Friedrich had decided to bring his men and to charge the trolls which had cause his death. As he charged he felt numb. "Blood for Barclay!" He cried out as he continued to lead the charge. When the other men repeated "Krusae Zwy Kongzem, Blood for Barclay." He had known that Brandt had left his mark, that he would forever go down in history. Bido was later slain, likely the mastermind of the attack, yet Friedrich paid for it with his leg. Despite the high price he knew he had made the right decision.
  10. Friedrich Barclay heard the news as he was preparing to send people out on an Oath Hunt. A part of him broke but he quickly steeled himself at the news and continue on. He led the men out and sent them on his mission. Upon their return he went through the oath as he typically did. Though when it came to the end one line stuck in his mind. "But I shall not falter." The first one of the cadets, the kids that he had partially raised from a young age to be warriors had finally died. Mariya had died before he did, this was something he hadn't expected, she was young, determined, and ambitious. Desp
  11. Friedrich looked over the missive with a hum as he thought. With a nod to himself he decided to visit his brother in arms in the hospital so that he could talk to him about the current events. Shirren had peaked Friedrich's interest as person now, it was time to pick his brain.
  12. Friedrich Barclay had his typical look of melancholy for these days turn into one of excitement and joy. A bounty was placed, incentive for those to come forwards. He'd go to nail it up with the men's pay chests, they'd surely see it there.
  13. Friedrich Barclay frowned upon reading the statement from the NGS, though such an action could be understood from the events of the saint's day. For now though he simply scanned the piece and did his best to memorize it.
  14. Friedrich sat in his office after talking with his second; he adjusted his spectacles as he watched the fire rage on. The man felt nothing but self-disgust as the crackle of the fire continued. He quietly considered all he had in his life, everything that the man could lose. He hated what he had become to protect what he held dear. The man struggled greatly with the conflict of his morals and his duty. Yet his duty conflicted with itself; his oath and doctrine affirmed his loyalties to the crown, and it also told him never to surrender someone. "Never surrender yourself nor your brothers; brin
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