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  1. It took Friedrich a few days to find out what had happened just as it had taken a few to find out that his sister was even the Lady Palatine. The man was busy with his job and kids and barely had a moment where he wasn’t working on something for the HRA or trying to teach his kids. What tipped him off to something not being normal was the absence of the daily small annoyances by his sister. He’d become accustomed to them as he’d endured them since he was five yet it was their sudden disappearance that after a few days tipped him off that something was off. At first, he welcomed the ce
  2. Friedrich Barclay lit up a cigarette as he heard the news "Wish ich could have smoked with him when ich had the chance." he'd say to nobody in particular.
  3. Friedrich Barclay didn't feel poorly at the moment of their acknowledgement having thought that his men would simply subdue the man. Such a things was not the case. He later sat in his office with his head in his hands after having talked to some of his family members. He took out a cigarette from his pack twirling it around as he thought about all that had happened. "Ich knew he would fight to the end. He never would have accepted surrender. ich just did nicht see it in that moment." He mumbled crushing the cigarette in between his fingers. "You will nicht be forgotten and your killer will ni
  4. Friedrich Barclay took a drag from his cigarette as he heard the news throwing it to the ground and stepping on it to put it out. he didn't give soldier that mentioned it to him a response besides that he was dismissed.
  5. Friedrich Barclay lit up a cigarette as he read over the paper. "Well, they did nicht get the theft story wrong, good reporting." He'd say to himself.
  6. Friedrich Barclay Looks over the missive he confiscated from one of the Cadets of St. Karl after a training. "What in the?" he asks himself from his office before going to pass it over to his fellow sergeant Joshua Sirsk. @InkGolem3k
  7. Astoro welcomed Viktoria upon seeing her in the seven skies holding out a drink for her with a smile "Your brothers and sisters in arms welcome you, our Warrior Queen."
  8. Friedrich Barclay cradled his daughter as he heard the news. "You're aunt's namesake has passed on now, little Emelia." Hearing babbling from Emelia, he set her down to rest. "Ich hope you find peace in the seven skies, Marcella." He signed the Lorraine as he sat by watching over his daughter.
  9. The Red Sun Sets The pain was unlike one the veteran had ever felt before. It had begun earlier with a sort of pain in his shoulder which was bearable but quickly was added onto by a feeling of lightheadedness as his breathing got shorter and more ragged. Astoro moved outside to try and get some fresh air, hoping that it would alleviate him. Much the opposite the pain worsened as he tried to alleviate his friend’s concern’s as they both sat down at a nearby table. As more and more time passed the pain grew and so did the concern from his friend Fyodor and
  10. "This, this ist beautiful." Friedrich would say to himself reading the document over with a grin.
  11. Listen, the bugs were half the fun.
  12. ColdestPepsi


    Astoro was born in Raevir to his mother Selise Jovanovsk and Marcon Jovanovsk and spent his early years on a farm. Astoro grew up hearing stories of adventure by brave heroes rescuing people. He followed his parent’s religion until he learned about the Great Schism. Disgusted by this he swore off affiliation to any church or group and instead decided to pray to whatever higher power he believed in. His life-changing moment came at 22 when helping out around his family’s farm he realized that he wanted something more than what he could get on the farm he grew up on. With the blessing of his par
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