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  1. The Emerald Blades The Emerald Blades are an independent army/mercenary group. We focus mostly on heavy infantry. Each kind of warrior costs a different amount of money according to their rank. The uniform of the guild stays similar throughout the ranks, with the main differences being colored arm bands and shoulder pads representing each rank. When they are fighting another's war, they fly the Emerald Blade's banner with pride, represent them, and always remember who they are ultimately part of. We prefer Humans, but some Elves are okay. "Teneri nihil a nemine vinceretur, praelio vocanti respondere." Bound by nothing, conquered by none, when battle calls, we answer. Hiring Costs (Entire Group) When the entire group is hired, 35% goes to the group treasury, 25% is evenly distributed between the Knights, 20% is distributed between the Veterans, and 20% is evenly distributed between the Footmen and Recruits. Wars: 3500 mina Our group can be hired to participate in wars throughout the world. The 3500 mina is a one time fee, and we will fight for the duration of the war. We can also be hired to fight in only skirmishes or sieges, the prices for which are below. Skirmishes: 800 mina Sieges: 2000 mina Raids: 600 mina Our group will attack and plunder a city of your choosing. Difficulty can modify the price, but 600 mina is the base. If the raid seems impossible, the chances of success are very slim, or we risk the lives of most of our members, we may deny the request for our participation in the raid. Security/Personal Reasons: 350 mina Our group can be purchased to defend a city, building, business, house, or even an individual. The fee is paid every 2 hours our service is used. Prices are negotiable if you would like to pay less for a shorter term, or only pay a larger, one time fee for an extended one. Ranks and Hiring Costs (Individuals) You can also hire individual soldiers for any of the above categories. The prices vary depending on the rank of the soldier. The soldier keeps 70% of the hiring price, and 30% goes to the Emerald Blades treasury. Recruit: The lowest rank, achieved when one joins (If they have no military experience) . They wear a green arm band. 20 mina initial fee, 10 each additional hour after the first. Footman: Basic warrior. This rank can be achieved if the member is new to the army but has previous military experience. They wear a blue arm band. 30 mina initial fee, 15 each additional hour after the first. Veteran: A better, more experienced swordsman who has been fighting for a while. They wear a red arm band. 40 mina initial fee, 20 each additional hour after the first. Knight: One of the best warriors that can be purchased. Highly trained. They wear a purple arm band. 50 mina initial fee, 25 each additional hour after the first. Officer Ranks Officers are individuals who command groups of a certain rank. Officers are identified by a yellow stripe down the middle of their armband, the color of which depends on the rank they command. They receive the same pay as the rank they command. Sergeant: Commands detachments of Recruits. Identified by a yellow stripe down a green armband. Lieutenant: Commands detachments of Footmen. Identified by a yellow stripe down a blue armband. Captain: Commands detachments of Veterans. Identified by a yellow stripe down a red armband. Grand Knight: Commands detachments of Knights. Identified by a yellow stripe down a purple armband. Specialty Ranks Treasurer: Manages the guild's money and funds. Gets 60% of the money given to the treasury when the group is hired, 15% to keep and 45% to place in the Emerald Blades treasury. Wears an orange arm band. Commander: The founder of the guild. Makes important decisions for the Emerald Blades, but takes feedback and advice from his senior and high ranking members. Rank cannot be achieved unless the current leader steps down and appoints a new one. Gets 40% of the money given to the treasury when the group is hired. Wears a yellow arm band. If you wish to join the Emerald Blades, please send a letter ((Comment)) or visit our location in Ravensburg. Name: Race: Age: Reason for joining: Military experience: Are you applying to be an officer?: Are you applying for treasurer? If so, list the reasons you want it and the experience you have with handling money:
  2. I need a phoenix!

  3. ((Yeah its still a thing, but I'm not denying what DarkElfs said. I'm not going to lie, I know I haven't been active and I apologize.))
  4. *Cedric opens the letter. "We could use a blacksmith, and we don't have an assassin yet..." ACCEPTED! Welcome to the Emerald Blades as an assassin!
  5. Cool, we're always looking for new members
  6. Cedric sifts through the mailbox excitedly, hoping for a new arrival. "Hey, a leader needs to be enthusiastic. Warriors follow their leader into battle. Excited, energetic leader equals excited, energetic warriors," he'd say, peering into the empty box.
  7. *Posters are found around all major cities in Axios* Looking for a blade! Price: No more than 250 mina Requirements: Durability, very sharp Extras: If possible, a small emerald in the pommel Send a bird to Cedric Callum if interested!
  8. *Cedric opens the letter. "Well, we could take him on as a recruit and teach him." ACCEPTED! Welcome to the Emerald Blades as a recruit!
  9. *Cedric opens the letter. "Good! We need a dealer!" ACCEPTED! Welcome to the Emerald Blades as a dealer!
  10. *Cedric Callum opens the letter. "If he has this much experience, I think he'd make a good treasurer!" ACCEPTED! Welcome to the Emerald Blades as a treasurer!
  11. *Cedric Callum opens the letter, trying to decide which rank he should start out as. "We could start him off as a specialist, and see what he's best at. He can then pick a rank from there." ACCEPTED! Welcome to the Emerald Blades as a specialist!
  12. *Cedric Callum opens letter. "He was in the army, so I'm thinking... footman." ACCEPTED! Welcome to the Emerald Blades as a footman!
  13. *Cedric Callum opens letter,"If he's an ex-mercenary, he must be pretty good...and he has a lot of military experience..." ACCEPTED! Welcome to the Emerald Blades as a knight!
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