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  1. Yen

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    Well, y'all going 'round complaining about the absurd strength they can express BUT the post specifically states that for an Olog to lift 1600lbs they'd need to be at their MAX. For this they'd need to be trained and militaristic instead of just greedy and endlessly hungry, each if roleplayed correctly, is quite hard of a change for the character to pursue due to how inherently their minds are simply more akin to these concepts, as much if not more in relation to klomping/fighting - after all, they'd be more beast-like, and beasts/animals generally just fight for survival (especially food). Now furthermore they'd have to have the top height for their race, each would imply a lot of quite severe downsides, such as just a shriveled mind. AAAAAAND for them to reach this top strength of 1600lbs I'd at least suppose they'd need to be in their state of Bloodlust.
  2. Who's the best brazilian you know? Apex or no Apex? (shush about it for now tho) Would you rather date Bluee or Knox? Why? How do you feel after shamefully broadcasting an emote of yours mid an event? Who's your main inspiration as a person overall (IRL person or whatever) and as a GM (presumedly someone else from server staff)?
  3. Yen

    Torkoal_Tom's Event Team Actor application

    So far throughout my interactions on LOTC with Torky I've been astounded by her capacity to exert a commanding role, being able to plan organize and fulfill a myriad of tasks, each, to me, is something required for making up a good ET too. Furthermore, her scope of primacy in regards to roleplay, lore and even groups and associations from what I've seen would be responsible for granting her a vast ounce of garnered knowledge about such, each she should be able to apply on events, alongside aiding her in utmost sound relations with varied portions of the community, albeit indeed some may bear a sense of negativity towards her, but so is that for most staff members really, and I'd see her seamlessly be able to work around these or even end them in exchange for a better relation in case these players would give her a chance. +1
  4. Yen

    Troll Re-Write

    Funny enough I've legit told this guy some days ago how I'd write a troll lore myself with a far more intricate context, so then he does this to **** with me - dare I say such is a display of toxic and, to an extent, childish behavior. So if anything I'd like, if I may, to ask for my version to be submitted before this is either accepted or denied, so the best project may be accepted (or both denied). Imo this lore is simply just too much like Ologs, so why not play one instead? If anything it seems like they'd not be able to generate a roleplay style categorized as unique enough or different, especially taking into consideration how recently the Lore Team has been working on shelving many pieces of lore due to their bloat. I'm not trying to outright propagate my own version of lore related to trolls but spoilers aside I must say I've worked a way to make them differ severely from Ologs and other hulking creatures of that kind, alongside with not being just driven towards combat so people could abuse their strength and etc. So I believe that waiting for a fair competition would be the more beneficial to the server, especially with TheNanMan2000 posting this rushedly with the intent of provoking and taunting me (got evidence for confirmation <==== Got Proof). Now it's obvious he'd try to slander my lore as I've told him some of it, but truly it's the final product that matters. Really it'd just be a great shame to have everything I had imagined thrown away without even giving it a chance to be reviewed. The reason I haven't worked so vehemently at it up to now is due to me having my finals at school before a month's vacation on July (Brazilian school calendar). I'd just want about enough time to be able to give it a shot, as I will to insert as much detail as I can, aiming to make them functional on the server and mayhaps, dare I say, with more of a meaning. Anyways thanks for the consideration.
  5. Yen

    sick eyes only! ama

    If I eat myself will I appear twice as big or disappear completely?
  6. IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are whitelisted on LotC.): Yennefer_Levine Ban Reason: (Provide a screenshot of your server ban message.): https://imgur.com/a/4hqAI Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.): Me... and no idea who was the other guy who reported - it was a mess, as always, cuz warzone. Details: (Explain what happened, and why you should be unbanned.): Basically, I just got into this random warzone, someone recorded me, reported for hacks and got me banned before I could even view the thread. The reason is quite dumb but honest; to me, LOTC, by that time, felt almost dull, it sparkled more stress over fun, to the point I just carelessly, driven by almost my subconscious, just took this initiative to do such things in this certain warclaim (each meant absolutely nothing to me). I knew I myself would not make any difference whatsoever amidst it, due to lack of proper gear and just numbers being the true factor behind victory, I just almost felt as in going to it blindly, not really caring if i'd get banned. At the end, after it, this indeed did happen, but I didn't really feel like it mattered and thus embraced the ban to take my time away from the server and focus on other things; yet lately I've been slowly drifting back to it, alongside these lessons, so I may enjoy it once again, according to the rules. Just to note: the main things that made me throw away the server were the several unbalance on both forms of combat (pvp/rp) and defender default always being inclined to pvp over rp combat, thus making it easy for people to be dwarfed and harassed, either by pvp goons, or people who focused on grinding and opness over RP itself. In fact, I'd like to, and have, made suggestions regarding those issues. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.)
  7. Yen

    [Denied]GM App Dragonayr :)

    Eh.. I didn't backstab... at all? Wah? Really man, you doing that? *sigh* I wasn't even talking about myself only there... but anyways... And sure, you can come to prove yourself to everyone, somehow, but right now every single word you type, that I read, sounds fishy, and I severely doubt that good will was what motivated you to this.
  8. Yen

    [Denied]GM App Dragonayr :)

    -1 Although Dragonayr has shown to be able to regulate and moderate small guilds/groups he has taken care of, he has also displayed utter disregard to those very same people who belonged to his group, convinced to be superior and essential to them, and, at the end, not giving a crap about their welfare, easily discarding them without a second thought as, for him, they seemed to be expandable and only material. Due to such knowledge of him, I sincerely don't see him as someone applying for actual benevolent will, but rather to gain privileges and benefits, "power". Now I see many people supporting him due to ties of supposed friendship, among others, but deep down it's a ruse - he may just want their votes, rather than the rest. This sentiment he arouses of mischief, of manipulation, deems him to me, alongside others with this degree of perception, him to be a bad candidate for this burden. That coyful " :) / smiley face" on the Post's title is quite... a pathetic appeal... and somewhat furthers my cynicism over him. PS: Note that I've been part of his guild in the past, been on it for months.
  9. Forum Name: Yen https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/93040-yen/ IGN: Yennefer_Levine Ban Reason: Basically, I played this game with this dude (Dragonayr) and did so wrongly due to him not explaining its rules clearly to me. I argued, wanting to have the rewards, but finally accepted it - by then tho he had begun outright disrespecting me like he had done for months (from the time when I was part of his guild). I downed him, in order to have him cease the offenses and disrespect, tho he continued further and further, rambling about how I was **** and required him all the time on the times of the guild (lie). On this he accidentally poofed, as he kept me on distracted, rather than just tell me to revive him - he kept me busy with this turmoil, allowing himself to fade away (which was not my intention). I picked the items and offered to retrieve them, but he simply denied. Then eventually banned me for "pugsy", and told me to wait until he was online for the opportunity to talk this out and diminish the time of the ban. Why should I be unbanned: Thing is many people down each other on the server, it's extremely common, the difference is that they solve these problems at the time, and if someone poofs, the items are retrieved by the killer alongside with an apologize - a simple solution. Heck, Dragonayr himself had downed me before I downed him, and I only did not poof because I persisted to get him to revive me, whereas he wanted to let himself die. Next time instead of just trying to force the offender to stop by acting on my own (by downing the person or other means), I'll just scruffle to a GM, escalating the situation into heights uncalled for, like he did, so the punishment may be actually severe. Note that this is the first time this happened, therefore I'm not someone who applies such measures frequently.