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  1. You cant play as a villain in LOTC through dark magic, any semblance of villainy you invoke upon someone else is replied with “PvP Default”, so the only functional villains in LOTC are the bandits, who appear to be more of a threat and more powerful due to being able to click with a mouse faster, meanwhile all effort and time your character has spent learning of occultism and things that in theory, if we had actual Dynamic RP, would make them far superior to their peers, gets thrown aside as their whole progress is ignored and not put to use, as they become another blocky character that is taken out by ANYONE, with absolute ease, after a few hits. >Ultra Powerful Dark Mage attacks Halfling Toddler >Toddler has great pvp skill OOC although they never touched a weapon IRP, calls pvp default, beats Dark Mage without a problem If the server is meant to be a RP one, and not factions, more care should be put to solve things like this, else we just get more and more goons who are interested in pvp than rp.
  2. Make Naztherak be forced to PK on CRP death too, and then become inferi like this, if that’s how it’s gonna go. Cus rn this is just “Let’s **** and kill off all dark shamans just make them inferi and bind them.”
  3. No one else with the actual magic was consulted before this and Mordu hasnt had it for months
  4. -If killed a dark shaman can not be revived by the monks if killed via roleplay combat and is subject to PK with the exception of approved lore resurrections (such as utilising kloning, machine spirits, undeath etc). Once killed they will narratively become an Inferis over the course of a full month but will not be made playable without a relevant CA and Naztherak creator. NO, make naztherak be forced to pk on death too for the same logic, then it’s fair.
  5. Pretty inventive lore with different mechanics and a pantheon of peculiar deities, alongside tying nicely to a culture that has great potential for RP, and seemingly adjusted with proper balance. +1
  6. "Ith wuz abouth tik kommun zeimzse agh Krug'z will availed deh mindz uv all Urkz, thu bind onze again, tugettur." The Axan Warchiefess muses to herself with a low whispering hum emitting from within her still lips, as she hoist up a feather sunk into sable ink, scribbling her signature into the document, with a sense of accomplishment.
  7. Well, y'all going 'round complaining about the absurd strength they can express BUT the post specifically states that for an Olog to lift 1600lbs they'd need to be at their MAX. For this they'd need to be trained and militaristic instead of just greedy and endlessly hungry, each if roleplayed correctly, is quite hard of a change for the character to pursue due to how inherently their minds are simply more akin to these concepts, as much if not more in relation to klomping/fighting - after all, they'd be more beast-like, and beasts/animals generally just fight for survival (especially food). Now furthermore they'd have to have the top height for their race, each would imply a lot of quite severe downsides, such as just a shriveled mind. AAAAAAND for them to reach this top strength of 1600lbs I'd at least suppose they'd need to be in their state of Bloodlust.
  8. Funny enough I've legit told this guy some days ago how I'd write a troll lore myself with a far more intricate context, so then he does this to **** with me - dare I say such is a display of toxic and, to an extent, childish behavior. So if anything I'd like, if I may, to ask for my version to be submitted before this is either accepted or denied, so the best project may be accepted (or both denied). Imo this lore is simply just too much like Ologs, so why not play one instead? If anything it seems like they'd not be able to generate a roleplay style categorized as unique enough or different, especially taking into consideration how recently the Lore Team has been working on shelving many pieces of lore due to their bloat. I'm not trying to outright propagate my own version of lore related to trolls but spoilers aside I must say I've worked a way to make them differ severely from Ologs and other hulking creatures of that kind, alongside with not being just driven towards combat so people could abuse their strength and etc. So I believe that waiting for a fair competition would be the more beneficial to the server, especially with TheNanMan2000 posting this rushedly with the intent of provoking and taunting me (got evidence for confirmation <==== Got Proof). Now it's obvious he'd try to slander my lore as I've told him some of it, but truly it's the final product that matters. Really it'd just be a great shame to have everything I had imagined thrown away without even giving it a chance to be reviewed. The reason I haven't worked so vehemently at it up to now is due to me having my finals at school before a month's vacation on July (Brazilian school calendar). I'd just want about enough time to be able to give it a shot, as I will to insert as much detail as I can, aiming to make them functional on the server and mayhaps, dare I say, with more of a meaning. Anyways thanks for the consideration.
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