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  1. Yen

    [Feat] Dark Shamanism

    Make Naztherak be forced to PK on CRP death too, and then become inferi like this, if that’s how it’s gonna go. Cus rn this is just “Let’s **** and kill off all dark shamans just make them inferi and bind them.”
  2. Yen

    [Feat] Dark Shamanism

    No one else with the actual magic was consulted before this and Mordu hasnt had it for months
  3. Yen

    [Feat] Dark Shamanism

    -If killed a dark shaman can not be revived by the monks if killed via roleplay combat and is subject to PK with the exception of approved lore resurrections (such as utilising kloning, machine spirits, undeath etc). Once killed they will narratively become an Inferis over the course of a full month but will not be made playable without a relevant CA and Naztherak creator. NO, make naztherak be forced to pk on death too for the same logic, then it’s fair.
  4. Yen

    Racial Buffs Discussion

    The thing is those buffs you listed are just minor and not necessary. Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Goblins, in the end, are similar physically, to the point the differences are somewhat neglectable and thus we don’t need to overcomplicate things (a human can run as fast as an elf, or about nigh the same speed). Beyond that most the server are those races, so it’d stay relatively the same unless people began to migrate to others that gained those buffs. Alongside that, some things like elves gaining a bow buff are quite weird, as it’s not like genetically you’d be superior in archery. easy warn and change card warn again and change card warn one last time and change card temp ban.
  5. Yen

    Racial Buffs Discussion

    Yeah, the main issue with this system in the end would be the Uruks. We could make them just have a pretty slight buff, or just make them equal to the other core races, albeit IRP being stronger. Or we’d figure some con for their small health boost, just like Ologs got more HP but are slower and the Halflings the other way around. And we’d, in the end, have to report and set according punishment for those who exploit the racial buff system, like by setting their persona card race as ‘Uruk’ despite being clearly human. The community itself should just report people for this, as anyone should get annoyed by such kind of illicit advantage.
  6. So, to put it simply I’m posting this in order to start this discussion and display my opinions on the matter of racial buffs. To me, they should be readded to the server, but in a simpler manner, without having all those specifications for subraces and creatures such as ghouls and whatever. Their only purpose should be to add a degree of immersion to PvP in order to avoid sincerely absurd situations from occurring (such as a halfling calling pvp on an olog and beating the behemoth to death). The thing is that PvP as it is now, without racial buffs, draws people away from RP, as in my example above, logically a halfling would be aghast of having to fend off against an olog, but due to this equality, as long as the player is aware they can click on their mouses fast enough, there is no fear at all, and the situation ends in a dull resolution that makes about no sense in the end. Thus favouring goons and many times just motivating people to choose PvP almost always over CRP, in total disregard to their foes’ race, magic and the threat they should IRP represent to their characters. You can be a fully accomplished mage or have extraordinarily crafted magical items you’ve achieved through the course of months, but all of this falls short and doesn't matter at all due to PvP’s supremacy and the fact it neutralizes all those things (race, magic, etc). =>Proposal on how Racial Buffs could be reintroduced<= -Halflings: Diminished Health, Faster Movement Speed → as seem in the hobbit race from Tolkien: they are smaller and weaker, but swift on their feet, this makes sense as logically that’d be what’d allow them to survive. A halfling should logically run and avoid combat, not try to be a brawler. -Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins: Stay normal, they are the average, no changes → Why are the three of them listed together? The majority of the server is composed by those three races, so maintaining them the same way would keep things equal and balanced yet still. They aren’t much different in terms of physique in the end: elves are slightly weaker and slightly more agile than humans, and dwarves slightly stronger and slower (stubby legs). Same for goblins more less being on the human level. So this difference between them should be neglectable on this system, the true problem lies on the two extremes of this, the halflings and the uruks and ologs. -Uruks: Give them slightly more health than Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Goblins → This would make them more of a threat and a challenge, as orcs are factually stronger than the other descendent races by a good degree. The only issue I could see is that this could again motivate some goons to flock and RP as Orcs again, but thanks to Krugmar’s newly found focus on RP due to change in leadership and some banishments that have been rightfully handed, that may not be much of the case. [[Small Edit: as we’d need to possibly look out for a con to the Uruks’ extra health, as they originally on this had none, I’ve heard people speak of how before they’d need more food, their hunger/stanima bar lowered down faster. This could work due to how stanima/food is used to heal your health, meaning that despite the uruks having more HP, they’d need to eat more, thus healing at a slower rate]] -Ologs (and other large creature CAs such as Golems): Even further health than the Uruks, but with a decrease in speed → Their large cumbersome bodies and hefty weights oughta make their movement lesser as it is in most cases, balancing things and allowing others the opportunity to escape those creatures in PvP if it comes down to that. Originally make Orc players and such would set their races as “Olog” just to get the PVP Buffs and just RPed as normal Uruks, but now this can not happen any longer, due to Ologs lately have been redefined as a CA Race. ***In the end, this just removes the unnecessary and superfluous buffs the old system had and focus solely in bringing more immersion to PvP. Staff should keep their eyes over people’s persona cards and warn and punish those to exploit them. But due to how this has been set up in this new system, it’ll be hard to get away with it, as elves humans dwarves and goblins are the same, halflings are just weaker, uruks are very distinct so you can’t really lie about your character to anyone, and ologs are now a CA. Now there’s another discussion on magic, but that’s for other time. Share your opinions and views on this.
  7. Yen

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

    Seeing a bunch of ungrateful and inconsiderate people who play on the server so much, yet enjoy being so “rebellious” and constantly mock it and complain, but never realize how much good work and effort is put behind the server, and how it truly is a good place for RP, with its lore, organization and mechanics – well, at least leagues above many others. It’s sincerely fun to watch their drama and teen angst.
  8. Yen

    [✗] Hurthflur Vaskr [Magic]

    Pretty inventive lore with different mechanics and a pantheon of peculiar deities, alongside tying nicely to a culture that has great potential for RP, and seemingly adjusted with proper balance. +1
  9. Not to appear as if conceited, nor to offend anyone who has worked on this lore, or even try to transpire as a connoisseur of the lore/magic, each, in fact, I myself have never plunged into; but it seems definitively rushed, for one there's few to no variations on what each liturgy of the art can do, an example being Vivification, where there's one specific "spell" that feels overall meagre (srsly, summoning a dead bloke, asking 3 questions and that's it? That's just dull). In the end, comparatively to the third generation of necromancy lore, it feels like more of a rehash, without all that much inventiveness - one, such as a friend of mine, may even come to say its purpose is to merely strengthen the magic (and that may be fair), instead of truly going to enrichen, deepen and thus garner more intrigue of the overall peoples towards the magic (each is what truly saves any lore such as this from being killed/shelved). In my opinion what'd just been perfect was to follow the footsteps of Zarsies's rewrite (each might have been denied due to unusual reasons), it gave a generous portion of abilities for each liturgy, with good examples and potential for differentiated roleplay, endowed by a great ounce of creativeness, thus allowing for necromancy to become something slightly different whilst still retaining its roots. Yeh, sure, it had Mysticism liturgies on the mix... just take them off, add some other things, and imo it's perfect. My favourite part in that rewrite proposal was, in fact, the number of abilities that could proportion more diversified RP, especially the ones centred more about utility than combat (direct or indirect), and it being able to have wielders of it, be more than just the generic necromancer (or close to such) which is gotten stale, and might need to change with the magic overall (ex: you could play a gipsy p neatly with it). Overall, when I looked at that rewrite I was like "oh holy... necromancy is actually dope af!!" then when I see this it's more like "Yah.. it's cool.. just not much? Welp". Sry if that comes off as demeaning to any of you who had an input in this. #For_More_A_Ton_Of_Cool_Shit_And_Abilities_Per_Liturgy/Subtype
  10. Yen

    Krug's Will

    "Ith wuz abouth tik kommun zeimzse agh Krug'z will availed deh mindz uv all Urkz, thu bind onze again, tugettur." The Axan Warchiefess muses to herself with a low whispering hum emitting from within her still lips, as she hoist up a feather sunk into sable ink, scribbling her signature into the document, with a sense of accomplishment.
  11. Yen

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    Did you rly even have to ask that? ======================================= Did you and Kary date for all these questions involving him? O -o Will you play Big (or any size really) Orc Momma? If you had the power of an Omnipotent Goddess but could only do a single thing with them, what would it be? What would you propose for the peers of a community, or LOTC as a whole, to do in order to help at least dwindle the ounces of toxicity and such tarnishing the server?
  12. Yen

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    Well, y'all going 'round complaining about the absurd strength they can express BUT the post specifically states that for an Olog to lift 1600lbs they'd need to be at their MAX. For this they'd need to be trained and militaristic instead of just greedy and endlessly hungry, each if roleplayed correctly, is quite hard of a change for the character to pursue due to how inherently their minds are simply more akin to these concepts, as much if not more in relation to klomping/fighting - after all, they'd be more beast-like, and beasts/animals generally just fight for survival (especially food). Now furthermore they'd have to have the top height for their race, each would imply a lot of quite severe downsides, such as just a shriveled mind. AAAAAAND for them to reach this top strength of 1600lbs I'd at least suppose they'd need to be in their state of Bloodlust.
  13. Who's the best brazilian you know? Apex or no Apex? (shush about it for now tho) Would you rather date Bluee or Knox? Why? How do you feel after shamefully broadcasting an emote of yours mid an event? Who's your main inspiration as a person overall (IRL person or whatever) and as a GM (presumedly someone else from server staff)?