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  1. Auriel_

    Graia's Lore Master Application

    a fairly good writer I've seen many of his pieces in the past and a fence leaner on allowing guns IC +1
  2. Auriel_

    The War for Oblivion

    Unlocked. Refrain from toxicity in the future and be sure to read into why that may be occurring.
  3. Auriel_

    The War for Oblivion

    Locked for half an hour. DragonsRoost, please take time to read up on these. Rest of you people in the community, retain a civil note on yourselves tonight.
  4. “You’ve dug your grave, made your bed, now you must lay in it.” Ponders the likely end of petty squabbles and a united, holy realm.
  5. Auriel_

    - Blackwood Legion (Mercenary company) -

    “Pursue your dreams, kid.” He idly perused the notice and moved off, simply having other things to tend to.
  6. “Do not act as if the conduct between you and the Demon’s is an unfunded accusation. You’re as scum as they get.” He clatters in disparage, clicking his gauntlet against his chestplate. “I bet I won’t even see you on t’battlefield, craven scum. It is the only baptization you will ever see until your dying days, demon.” “And you, one might have thought that being extorted by Reivers would have been enough to stop you and your kith and kin from making pacts with things greater or evil than oneself, aligning to orcs? What foolishness must you be driven to, war? War that- you could be dragged into?” Brushing his duster, sighing and drew off his hood as he began to leave the area at which this were occurring.
  7. Auriel_

    Mournstone Writ of Disownment, 1689

    “M’Lord-! May I buy some bread?” He called, looking upon the glory of one of his compatriots.
  8. Auriel_

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    “Were they this silent amidst that throne room while your lord honorably bent the knee?” A man idly ponders, resting one gauntlet over the other.
  9. Auriel_

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    “I’d personally love to see it. Though you must be honest with yourselves, joining alongside the orcs? Bold move, Dwarf.”
  10. Auriel_

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    “Fight them for their mis-givings, dwed.”
  11. Auriel_

    Ruibrium, Valinen's Event Team Actor application

    Proceed. It’s a wonderful idea and he’s got potential! +1
  12. In the future, when writing these, refrain from using wacky fonts and attempt to clean up the structure of what you’re saying, it’s been edited.
  13. Auriel_

    The First King of Agnarum's Speech.

    “Atleast you’re not killing off your race like Kaz’ulrah.”
  14. Auriel_

    Elven Dossier #2

    (Credit to SolarSouth on DA) The Elven Dossier, as written and documented by Flagella Du’Kaine Second Encounter: Sullied Wastes, 15th of The Grand Harvest. 16th of The Grand Harvest, 1689 From Gladewynn, three groups of Elven Avchirran are dispatched, each with different sets of instructions and direction. The Exterminatus Flagellum is tasked with the venturing forward and, in the cover of the treeline closest to the river launch siege volley from the sands, scan the ridgelines of the desert plains and treeline to the greater west to defend their bannerless comrades from ambush and search for any caves or caverns which may be nearby. Any and all members sighted from the second and first must retreat to the main Avchirran force to maintain safe passage. Once within the sands, they will conceal themselves with clay, leaves, and anything else they happen to require in order to blend in and to hide their scent. From their position they will observe the enemy’s forces and activity near the East, as well as monitor how many exit and enter- an attempt to gather an official count. A small siege group is dispatched from the Autarch, carrying a small detachment of siege weapons, ballista, and grapple launchers, overland. The insanely small naval team will be putting in to the north of this citadel after a dispatch from the greater east. Any and all members sighted from the second and first must retreat to the main Avchirran force to maintain safe passage. No member of this group knows any information beyond what they are informed to collect. Expendable, sure, but they were Avchirran nonetheless. Anything worth of note is to be jotted down, and confrontation with any enemy forces is kept to a minimum, a multitude of elven scorchers rode through the city with fire reigning from chains that came from behind- three times, each time taking down a couple while the Autarch himself approached to honorably fight one of these Warboss Uruks. We did them a favor, after all. Spoils: Tons of arms and armor found as-well as a massive number of artifacts. The group possessed a following of a heretic pantheon of spirits, a shrine found around their borders and within the major fortress. These shrines were thusly burned. A clean world is a Non-Heretical world.
  15. Auriel_

    Gladewynn vs Orcs

    you got turned on after being on a horse and got down to 1 heart try 1v1 at our gates buddy