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  1. Auriel_


  2. Auriel_

    An Indictment For Indolence

    From an Adieri, Auriel received such a notice; and while he were likely anathema to those of Haelunor, he were concerned for atleast someones safety.
  3. Auriel_


  4. Auriel_

    Say You'll Remember Me

    in no way shape or form did you ever compromise, and frankly that’s what I liked most about you beyond your blatant honesty with your views or opinions. I simply wished I knew you at a better time. stay safe and live well in life.
  5. Auriel_

    [Playable CA Race Lore] - [Eastern Dragons]

    The... “furry” aspect of the artwork, concerned me. Otherwise I don’t care enough about this IC or not.
  6. Auriel_

    On Charters

  7. Auriel_

    On Charters

    hello friendly neighborhood generally-throughout-the-community-disdained-individual here back with another random un-asked-for-post that I hope is informative who knows or cares rlly Hi, yes. I understand any misconceptions that the base of this thread has to do with Your View, but most of this may seem either 1. Irrelevant. Or 2. Just too small or miniscule to be placed on there. This is moreso for the sake of what players are buying into when they agree on sizes of Charters, what you can realistically do in building with them, so on and so forth. I’ve done minimal testing, attempted to force villages or towns in some of these, to great success and was rather, happy. I’d like to share my findings with you folks, this is something you could easily do by opening up Creative and using Fast A-Sync or some *chicken noise* like that. Anyway, here are a couple things. How I’ve interpreted plot system and all of the antics that follow. Amidst my peers I came up with the following: Tier 1 is 50x50. Hamlet/Cutesy Land Tier Charter. Tier 2 is 100x100. Village/Town Tier Charter. Tier 3 is 150x150. City/Nation Tier Charter. Tier 4 is 200x200. (N/A) Deposed Nation or Special Circumstance Tier. I’ve actually mapped them out- I apologize for the *birdnoise* job on the linework here, all the things considered. One of the tests that I made sure stayed on the plots was at the very least, a mill. This’ll allow for a base idea of how much these plots could hold. Toying with the build style messy-medieval earlier in the day, I was able to make a cute village in the, ..well, hamlet, plot. Yes. But ultimately, you’ll start seeing size differences. The Exclamation Points are all boosted by one block after the next, with redstone being the smallest at 2x2 and Emerald being 5x5. #1. #2. #3. #4. The unapplicable for normal circumstances tile. Anyway, yeah. Here you guys go, talk about your concerns about the sizes too I guess. Personally I don’t mind, I look forward to the build project I’d have. I don’t know. I’m me. good night ig auriel#2728 if u need to talk
  8. Auriel_

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    This is something that’d be pretty aight for a small amount of the people who are tryna go and raise a charter next map, would like to know @World Developer/ @SeventhCircle what you folks believe.
  9. Auriel_

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

    senseless amount of folly and ah Burgershop Roleplay. @ScreamingDingo
  10. Auriel_

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    Becoming separate from that which they’re separate to, or if conquest results in them simply being overtaken, blah-blah. Stuff like that is alittle important.
  11. Auriel_

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    This looks perfect. No issue here! Only concern is on the subject of Dependants being released as their own domain.
  12. Auriel_

    Persona Database Cleanse

    make them default elves at this rate while snow elves are seen as a dumb-dumb cultural subrace deal if you’re gonna remove one, remove em all and make them just ‘elves’ like they should be anyway. the dumb differentiations exist because old factions wanted to be special snowflakes regardless.
  13. Auriel_

    The Gentleman's War of 1700

    “Agreed. This time do not allow them to purchase mercenary like craven scum.” He echoed, remembering the Eternal War act in hindsight.