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  1. https://www.destinypedia.com/Festival_of_the_Lost some void elf screeches
  2. sweet **** that's a minefield the two should never mix Edit: howling
  3. “They do hold host to blood magi – please remove them.” Some dumb elf.
  4. “who” some dumb elf mercenary
  5. “you are insolent and dull” -some dumb elf
  6. An old elf trails the winding pathways of a newer settlement, breathing for a moment before moving off again to find bread.
  7. “One of the last good ones.” The man remembers the individual only fondly, however full of sorrow.
  8. some dirty idiot elf “I leave for however many years and we have ratmen flooding the streets..”
  9. "Now the only good ones past." -some dirty elf
  10. I wouldnt want anyone to remember me. Not much positive memories.
  11. Peace.

    1. Rave_Cave_marb


      Don't leave me 😞

  12. Destiny or Terraria. become legendary ez
  13. (now don’t let ethots ruin gorundyr again) Auriel breathes as he remembers fondly these axe-wielding berserkers.
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