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  1. Auriel_


    “Where was this national pride like thirty years ago.” He flailed his hands.
  2. "Hot single polish women looking for love in your area"

    alright alright



    yo why hasnt staff deleted pedos yet this is a minecraft server

    1. howard


      strange energy to post this amid a pedophilia freakout


      is pun a polish woman?

    2. Auriel_


      I felt a bit of bile form in the back of my throat. They tried to send some bahonkers to me in my dms and I was pretty revolted. 

  3. sweet **** that's a minefield the two should never mix Edit: howling
  4. “who” some dumb elf mercenary
  5. **** it yeah man server needs more variety
  6. yes very good server actually needs something like this in the sea of broken magics at the current moment to balance things out
  7. An old elf trails the winding pathways of a newer settlement, breathing for a moment before moving off again to find bread.
  8. “One of the last good ones.” The man remembers the individual only fondly, however full of sorrow.
  9. some dirty idiot elf “I leave for however many years and we have ratmen flooding the streets..”
  10. I wouldnt want anyone to remember me. Not much positive memories.
  11. Destiny or Terraria. become legendary ez
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