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  1. Auriel_

    The last acts of the Lord of Mynebor

    “He had the stones that Agnarum soully lacked.” He scoffed, sure, Balrog was an idiot, at least in his eyes, but that was a dwarf. A real dwarf.
  2. Auriel_

    On running and rulechanges

    Pretty much.
  3. Auriel_

    Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    clear bias from both sides as someone who had plenty of work done by him in the past with no favors owed he did his things in a clear and timely passion with great efficiency +1
  4. Auriel_

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    “He has more balls than Agnarum, gotta give it to him.” He remarked, tossing this parchment into the fire.
  5. Auriel_

    Please Ban Me Vol.2 [Art]

    sometimes I feel odd being an artist this along with all of my days is one of them
  6. Auriel_

    RancidHound's Game Moderator Application

    i spy on people as an FM too although without shilling, remove experience as admin of tyrenale that’s not a good precedence. otherwise you’ve an ‘okhand’ head on your shoulders and think you can do it but the recent br might stunt you, idk I wish you luck. + you value traditional manner of RP
  7. Auriel_

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    An elven man finds a place to speak at which these same words spoken, will be written. So the dwarven Kingslayer continued, frowning as he assumedly read this over and had it spoken again and again until he heard it correctly. “In defense of the Lowlander King of Dwed, the allegations laid against him, those of Agnarum had not taken up the call to battle whereas those of Mynebor, had, they- in their transgressions, ought to be forgiven, for these dwedkin had the stone pair that a dwarf needs: Unlike these. If the accusations proven to be correct on the grounds of the Elves and Humans are found to be in fruition, these words will be redacted.”
  8. Auriel_

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Not only was the LT underminded here, players were led on to think this would be able to happen. Upon doing the same thing, and going to both LT and ET, this same thing was explained as unable to happen. Boomsteel is not another option, as there are no deposits on this map. Thanhium, same thing, all mines that claim to have it, (Thania too) have had their Thanhium mines retconned. Now, not only did this almost ruin a nation tile (granted it was close to another nation that had zero idea of it).
  9. Auriel_

    A Red Sun Rises

    “Very good.” He smiled momentarily as he then turned away, clasping one gauntlet over the other as he swept his cloak away.
  10. Auriel_

    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    ^ +1
  11. Auriel_

    [✗] [Admin] GhazrialAppeal Ban Appeal

    Anyone not involved or really anyone at all aside of admins/GMs shouldn’t be posting here.
  12. Auriel_

    Deer__'s Lore Moderator Application

    right uh this guy is already insanely well versed on lore and stuff surrounding it. naturally uh +1? yeah.
  13. Auriel_

    Mass Bans and You

    I don’t know if you think I disagree with you, but I don’t.
  14. Auriel_

    Mass Bans and You

    While agreeable, if users are obviously malevolent in the following and are against the directive laid out by the GM, continue w/ the banning or atleast temping for a night or something.