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  1. Destiny or Terraria. become legendary ez
  2. this is a really good thing that you’ve done here and you stuck to the books in terms of the law ty dude, server needs this.
  3. (now don’t let ethots ruin gorundyr again) Auriel breathes as he remembers fondly these axe-wielding berserkers.
  4. "Ahhh.." some elf in the backround
  5. some elf probably weeps
  6. so you want to play LOTC
  7. “I really do hate elves!” The elf proclaimed, the irony in his voice dripping with mirth as he sips the succored red wine.
  8. Some elf in the middle of nowhere was scarred by the mental image; having read the mind of one of his compatriots.
  9. Names on wanted posters or banishment rosters should not be a thing. PSA of the day.

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    2. Auriel_


      4 hours ago, Archbishop said:

      isn’t there a list of wanted players with names in legion discord?


      “iSnT tHeRe a” shut up

      i disavow that and have for months now.


      the issue is metagaming and all that sort of business.

    3. Whiplash


      wdym bro real men copy and paste peoples’ namemc profiles and call them “Artists renditions”
      it’s rp bro !!!!



    4. SquakHawk


      agree with the player renditions, agree with ooc names, rp names should be allowed, and a description “brown hair blue eyes short folk”

  10. first act as a gm is flying in the middle of a city and moving around like a mad man interrupting rp


    1. Destroyer_Bravo


      did he /disguise ender_dragon?


      and name himself Drogon too?

  11. Auriel_

    The Swamp

    Some mage swims amidst scrolls of damning evidence, painfully incoherent cult-writing and runic nonsense, going mad as he flails his gauntleted arms about. Wailing! “DISEASE!”
  12. “****” some elf in the distance
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