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  1. Auriel_

    Dael'Ran Disguise Discrepancy

    “What- Oh, yeah.” The elf sighs, sipping from a silvered chalice upon a grouping of rocks.
  2. Auriel_

    The Passing Of Catherine

    "This sucks." Said some elf.
  3. Auriel_

    Dael'Ran Disguise Dissolution

    “Snitches get stitches.” Someone said in the backround, leaving the scene an ash-laden waste in the veridian merchants valley.
  4. Auriel_

    The Sutica Gank of April 2019

    Auriel did nothing wrong.
  5. Auriel_

    question for the lore people

    isn’t that the void could be wrong
  6. Auriel_


    The Archmage signs the document, eyes glossed with silver.
  7. Auriel_

    Ultimatum to the Mynebor Cultists

    At the summit of the Vale, a singular notion in essence to the dwedkin. “Yes, yes- enough of th’ pomp. End’em all if it’s a disgrace to your peace.”
  8. Auriel_

    [Magic Lore] - Virailum of Tahariae

    very good work, the rites and evokes that you have presented here are optimal and register with my neural network +1
  9. Auriel_

    = Vale, Eques Magnam =

    The inquisitor remembers watching half of the Adrian dissenters dying o.O.
  10. Auriel_

    A challenge for the Maheral

    "..I get hammered often, and I'm considered normal. Huh." Some elf.
  11. Auriel_

    The Marian Fair of 1711

    MCName: Auriel_ Name: Aethelvulf/Auriel Age: 171 Rank: Inquisitor.
  12. Auriel_

    Battle of the Bloody Bridge

    The mage still rests at the top of a hill after being slammed into by a Sky God, the sunlight dawned on him as a grape materialized next to him; bliss.
  13. Auriel_


    “The Void favors th’ Golden Throne.” It echoes, gesturing with an ace the entertainment of the palace itself.
  14. Auriel_


    "please dont use my peoples name in a long monologue we did nothing to you" said a mage while eating a sandwich his property made him
  15. Auriel_

    [Lazio] Charter Application

    A benefactor signs.