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  1. Paulobig

    A Mother's Plea

    Marius DeNurem came into the Imperial Capital, walking by the notice board as he did daily. He examined each paper, all the same as the days before until this notice caught his attention. As the letter instructed, he took a piece of parchment, his pen, and a small ink bottle, writing the following: “It is a great pleasure to aid those innocent and in need, therefore I would wish to take in this child of yours and take care of it. My residence is located in Caius Circle 3. May God be with you. Signed, Marius DeNurem, Hochmeister of the Steel Company 2-11, Overseer of the DeNurem Inc.” He folded the parchment, put it inside an envelope and sealed it with wax, attaching it to the notice. A black cross could be seen upon the seal.
  2. Paulobig

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Marius browsed the available goods Name: Marius DeNurem Username: paulobig Giveaway Item #1: Storm’s Call, Hammer of the Thunderlord Giveaway Item #2: Orgadhad Stone Giveaway Item #3: Nora’s Sword
  3. Paulobig

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Student application IGN: paulobig RP Name: Marius DeNurem Discord: paulobig#2719 First Option: Imperial Governance Second Option: Language
  4. Paulobig

    House DeNurem

    The House of DeNurem “𝔄𝔩𝔴𝔞𝔶𝔰 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔱𝔥𝔣𝔲𝔩, 𝔞𝔩𝔴𝔞𝔶𝔰 𝔩𝔬𝔶𝔞𝔩.” “It is my time now. Do as thou wilt, DeNurem” The Lion roared one last time, before ascending to the Seven Skies, to Godfrey. The once Royal House was now but an ash of the past, only its legendary tales remained. A landless lord and a crownless king, Marius DeNurem, the last of his House, wandered the land in search of the past. Current STATUS: Landed, Principality of Hanseti-Judah under the Empire of Man. Former STATUS: Landed, Principality under the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna. Landed, Royal House of Godfrey the first and Horen the fifths Holy Oren Empires. Current Enemies of this House: Any who wish to rebel against, mistreat or betray another imperial will find no place in our hall. Lieges this House has sworn to: The Holy Emperor of Mankind, Godfrey I. The Holy Draconian Emperor, Horen V. The Holy Promethean Emperor, John III. The King, Aurelius I. The Emperor, Augustus I. Those who have sworn allegiance to this House: The Teutonic Order (This faction has been retired) The Wolverines (Traitors; vanquished by our steel and fire) The Steel Company 2-11 Notable Historical Allies: The Azog Clan Mogroka Gorkil The Aegean Coalition. Emperor Godfrey I Throdo Therving Clan Orvar The Kingdom of Aesterwald Synopsis of House DeNurem: Country of Origins: The Realm of Hanseti Ethnicity: Hansetian House Colors: Black and Orange House Symbol: Black Cross House Motto: Always Faithful, Always Loyal Founder: Mirtok DeNurem Currently For a time, there was no longer a House DeNurem, it was but a tale in old imperial archives. Until Ser Darius, reemerged from darkness swearing an oath to The Holy Emperor John III, and receiving the barony of Mordskov. After the fall of Axios, The Lion vanished for years, only to be found by Marius in an ancient ruin near the domains of the Wood Elves. The young DeNurem became a follower of his ancestor, learning much from the wise Teuton. He saw the ancient Knight as a father and a mentor, until he departed in his own journey. After a decade, Marius came across The Lion once last time and saw his ascension, by luck or destiny. Now the House is returning from the abyss, its last known member, Marius DeNurem traveling the realm in search of his crown. Brief History The actual history of the Hansetian House of DeNurem is greatly overshadowed and entwined with the history of the Teutonic Order which historians may research in any Imperial library. (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/115864-the-teutonic-order/#comment-1107889). However, under the surface House DeNurem is what tied the entire Kingdom of Hanseti together under King Mirtok’s leadership. In practice, the House started with the reunification of brothers Mirtok and Darius at the Northern March in Aegis. Together they made up the ranks of the Teutonic Order and with steady morning-scoops of nationalism came to focus and devote all their name to the maintenance of The Order. After The Order succeeded in taking the Crown of Oren, a nation was born, Hanseti, which is where history begins to blend the two concepts of Kingdom and Teutonic into one. A Nation and a Military Order inhabiting the same chain of command. For a brief moment, Gaius was King of all of humanity before deciding to recognize Renatus as Kingdom as well for their help in taking the crown. After turmoil nearing the end of Aegis, the famed founding Hochmeister of The Order, Gaius Marius had died of old age and DeNurem begrudgingly followed the new Hochmeister into Asulon. . . The interests of the Emperor align flush with the interests of DeNurem. Truly loyal Imperials throughout the Empire will be located, assessed and quickly cataloged. Beliae doe Emperor. Members in order of Appearance: Mirtok DeNurem MIA ((Bizmark)) Darius DeNurem ascended to the Seven Skies ((LatheBiosas)) Lazarus DeNurem MIA ((Fyaaheart)) Elizabeth DeNurem MIA ((Eliza_DeNurem)) Winter DeNurem, dead, ((LilTim)) *Booker DeNurem, MIA ((Uncertain)) *Grimwald DeNurem, MIA ((Bizmark)) *Legatus DeNurem, MIA ((LatheBiosas)) Grizzly DeNurem, MIA ((GrizzlyWes)) Alisaera DeNurem, MIA ((Shorty794)) Rolim DeNurem MIA ((3VN)) Alyshara DeNurem MIA((Numirya)) Sileath DeNurem, MIA ((19ConCon98)) Delluvia DeNurem, MIA ((Luvli)) Marius DeNurem, alive ((paulobig)) * Denotes that this member may not be a unique player/or was played at all Other Historical Alternative House Mottos: The King in the South! Blood for science! Our Honour is Loyalty Beliae doe moedor lent! (Hansetian for; For the Mother Land! A reference to Asulon's Hanseti) Expanded House History: Former House Artifacts Mirtok’s Warhammer Still in the possession of the Hochmeister himself, this fearsome tool was forged from the metal in the zweihander belonging to Hochmeister-King, Gaius Marius and was wrapped using leather from Hochmeister-King Samuel Bealcrest’s warbow. It saw the destruction and execution of Teutonic enemies from the the era of Asulon until the era of Athera. The Hochmeister’s Helmet Also in Mirtok’s possession, this helmet was forged from three crowns of Oren Kings claimed during the Aegis-saga of the Teutonic Order. Possessing it is the only true way to pass on the succession of leadership within the Teutonic Order. Without the original helmet, a Hochmeister is a false one. Gaius Marius, Samuel Bealcrest, Jack and Mirtok are the only legitimized Hochmeisters. Digg-A-Tron Lost upon Darius’s death. A prominent war hero during the Anthosian battles against Setherian. This mechanical invention saw most of its use digging up artifacts from around the world, but was later modified to combat the Setherian and rival the power of any overly powered doom creature that was set on the Unified World Alliance by the forces of Iblees. Darius’ automaton was seemingly powered by magic that gave it simple life. Not to be confused with its cousin Sell-A-Tron, the merchant automaton. 3rd Generation Teutonic Anti-Contagion Suit Lost upon Darius’s death. A suit of thick plate steel sealed by glue and leather with a modified TAC mask to fit into the helmet. This overly weighted design was orcish in size and could be operated by activating enchanted stones produced by the Wizard Ambros that could significantly lighten the weight of the suit. Often foolishly mistaken for a tank-like set of armor for Teutonic Knights, TAC suits were actually for labourers to use in the deadly pink mist. Although enchanted, the suit was still much too sluggish and even life-endangering to be considered useful in combat situations save a few random incidents involving small groups. Luckily the enchanted stones stayed in-place each time it saw combat and eventually became too costly to consider sending into lands foreign for this reason as only a handful existed. All but one suit is destroyed. Darius’ Helmet Lost upon Darius’s death. Once lost for decades after the exodus of the Empire, it was relocated and reforged into the current possession adorning the head of the 17th Imperial Knight today. An object that brought horror to the memory of many peasants and nobles alike. If you’re a loyal imperial, merchant or foreign diplomat and would like to contact House DeNurem, send a letter to Antonius Place 2, Helena, Renatus. ((Post here or forum message this account.)) Credits to @The Lion for the original post
  5. Paulobig

    Marius DeNurem

    𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖚𝖘 𝕯𝖊𝕹𝖚𝖗𝖊𝖒 ”Blood for Science. Death Before Dishonor." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information Full Name: Marius DeNurem Titles: Prince of Hanseti-Judah, Lion ov Judah, Hochmeister of the Steel Company 2-11, Director of the DeNurem Inc. Nickname/Aliases: None Important Information Age: Late-Forties Gender: Male Race: Human Sexuality: Heterosexual Languages Spoken: Common, Marian, and Flexio Physical Disabilities: None Jewelry/Accessories: DeNurem Ornate Circlet. Physical Attributes Body Type: Soldier physique Height: 6’6” Weight: 208 lbs Hair: Short silver-white hair Skin: Fair Eyes: Green Markings/Tattoos: Black cross tattoo on the back of the neck General Appearance: Marius appears older than he actually is, as his hair color resembles that of an elder. He often wore a neutral expression. Current-Attire: Regularly wears a full plated armor and a white cape over chainmail, the Black Cross of the Teutonic Order displayed on his tabard. Hygiene: An above-average sense of hygiene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Present Current Location: Caius Circle 3, Carolustadt, Empire Of Man Religion: Canonist Personality: Formidable and wise when it comes to military actions, stern and quiet most of the time but capable of booming commands when the event calls for it. Battle-hardened and seasoned veteran of many wars, a realist and more acceptive towards reason and logic in his decision-making process. Occupation: Hochmesiter of the Steel Company 2-11 and Director of the DeNurem Inc. Moral Alignment: Lawful-Neutral
  6. Paulobig


    Full Name: Marius DeNurem Year of Birth: 1640 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt MC Name: paulobig
  7. Paulobig

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    I lost nearly everything, save some few lucky items I had in my other house and my inventory. What I remember were my houses design materials and some chest items. (And I don't take random screenshots of my chests, sorry.) List: Around 30-40 iron ingots, 2 stacks of spruce logs, around 20-30 dark oak logs, 1 diamond axe, 2 stacks and around 20 blocks of hay bale, around 30 banners of various colors, mostly black, grey, yellow and purple and 40-50 wool of the previous colors. Everything else I can get myself.
  8. Paulobig

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    -Application- ((OOC)) Username: paulobig Discord: Paulobig#2719 RP Full Name: Ser Aldrick Wulff Age: 42 Race: Human Major subject: Political Science and Government Additional classes this semester (Write N/A if none): Alchemy and Smithing & Metallurgy
  9. IGN(s): paulobig Age 17 Timezone GMT-3 Discord: Paulobig#2719 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 3-5 Hrs Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I've been moderator on various server in the past, though one who stands out was when I held the rank for about one year in a minecraft roleplaying server, the role of a moderator in that server was very similar to that of Lotc's GMs. During my time as a moderator I've had to deal with player issues, as my experience grew I came to deal with such issues fairly and nearly unbiased. In real life, I've been part of my schools "student staff team" for two years. In said job I act as a mediator between the student and teacher, I work out deals and sometimes judge students actions/concerns, its were most of my experience in being a moderator come from. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Since I joined Lotc I've been wanting to get into one of the staff teams to help out in the development of the server, though I didn't know which to choose. After sometime I left that idea and went on to simply play the server, only now, after a short break I had from the server I sought out further info of each team. When I came to learn of the GM team I finally discovered the one staff team which I bonded most with, one which I helped players, and now that I saw it required more members I didn't wait one second to make this app. In games or in real life, I've always sought out to help others, now I wish to help Lotc and its players around. I believe that I, as a new GM could bring new experience, new ideas, new ways to solve issues and most of all, treat each player and issues the most equally possible. Sometimes I wander around the map, not knowing what to do; as a GM, I would be instead taking on modreqs and helping players around. Also, as a player, I see a lot of hate towards GMs, I see that players look at GMs as enemies, as simply "ban-hammers" and not as players whom give their time to help the server; I want to change that. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?:
  10. Paulobig


    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Ser Aldrick Wulff Age: 41 Knighted By: King Otto III Moniker: N/A Liege Lord: King Sigmar I Lands: N/A Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Yes Coat of Arms: Hanseti
  11. Paulobig

    Brotherhood of Saint Karl

     NAME: Aldrick Wulff NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): Y AGE: 40 DATE OF BIRTH (if known): N/A PLACE OF BIRTH (if known): N/A RACE: Human ETHNICITY (Haeseni, Adrian, etc.): Haenseni PAST MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE: Former Haense soldier PAST LABOUR EXPERIENCE: Farming SIGNED NAME: Aldrick Wulff
  12. Paulobig

    The Enclave of Scholars

    [Scholar Application] MC Name: paulobig RP Name: Talion Aldwin Wulff Reason for wanting to join: I want to guide those who lack the knowledge and experience of the Art of War, and I want to preserve the knowledge that has been bestowed upon me and further improve my knowledge in the Art of War. Field of Mastery: The Art of War Years of Practice (IRP) ((Take a guess if you don't know)): 22 Link me a picture of a Cat/Dog/Your preferred cute animal: