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  1. Aegis vs Arcas map ending

    WhatsApp Image 2020-05-28 at 10.50.38 AM.jpeg

  2. Discord: Paulobig#2719 Skins / Bid: Fancy Boi 3k
  3. Discord: Paulobig#2719 Skins / Bid: Fancy Boi 2.25k
  4. Captain Alaric DeNurem of the Fourth sat in his office at the Novellen Barracks, a courier having delivered the missive to his desk. “Oren still stands, strong as ever. A parade might just be the solution to alleviate the minds of our citizens.” With that, he began preparations to attend
  5. Alaric DeNurem began arrangements to attend the festivies, noticing his wife, Bernadette DeNurem (@BimboBudgie), of the five day festival to come. “God bless Oren.” With that, he went on to pack their luggage to soon move back to Helena.
  6. SOLO REGISTRATION: Competitor’s Name: Alaric DeNurem Competitor’s Age: 32 Username: paulobig
  7. Red Women’s Coat – 2315 Red and White – 2255 Discord: Paulobig#2719
  8. Alaric DeNurem sharpened his sabre upon a whetstone within the Bastille as a courier delivered the missive, “Justice will be served to the Sutican citizens. We march soon, comrades.” He remarked, returning to his daily routine.
  9. Alaric DeNurem shakes his head. “Bribing and conspiring against our comrades, it is a shameful display.”
  10. Alaric DeNurem wept for the death of Sir Adrian, even by their sole meeting, the Baron Roussard had made his mark with his honorable tale in the young DeNurem’s path.
  11. The Parliamentarian DeNurem arranges the sitting’s document. HOUSE OF COMMONS SESSION TRANSCRIPT 15th of Owyn’s Flame, 1773 Sir Konrad Stafyr: “ORDER! This sitting of the Sixteenth Imperial House of Commons is now in session! The chair calls upon the Leader of the House to set the day's business for this sitting.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Good evening everyone. Due to many of our members being on leave, we will have a very light legislative day.” Karl Amador: “Hear hear.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “I also welcome Mister Barclay back to this Chamber. You picked a hell of a day to come back.” Conrad Barclay: “Thought I'd ease myself back in.” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “Now, today we shall be looking over and hopefully voting on Mister Wick's Legal Procedures bill. That clarifies definitions, and legislates the formal procedure for matters of the court, as well as the mechanisms by which lawmen conduct their business. And once that is settled, we shall be voting to approve the Dame Franziska Kotrevich for Minister of civil affairs. And with that, I yield to Mister Konstantin Wick.” Konstantin: “Thank you, Mr. Elendil.” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “The chair recognizes Mister Wick, and calls upon him to give his opening statement on the bill at hand.” Konstantin: “To save me writing our fifteen extra copies, I presume everyone has their original copy to hand? This bill is a bipartisan product, courtesy of the good Mr. Gray, and helps formalize much of the unwritten procedure and customs we had in the Court until now. It's quite hefty, as you'll note, but I'm confident it saying it's thorough. Are there any questions?” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “The floor is now open for ten minutes of unmoderated debate, although it needn't all be used.” Farooq Gray: “Ahh yes, I know we've spoken at length, but I also had the bill reviewed by one of my men. He pointed out a shortcoming that ought to me amended. Under 'Invoking a Criminal Trial' I would think it's best to clarify that Provincial Governments can only subpoena for crimes that occured within their jurisdiction.” Konstantin: “Mhm, an implied term, but one we should certainly include. Well-spotted.” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “The correction may be adopted as a friendly amendment, should the author of the bill wish to accept it.” Konstantin: “Accepted.” Farooq Gray: “Otherwise this is an excellent bill we've worked on, and I look foward to seeing courts have a clear, written system.” Konstantin: “Hear hear,” Konstantin said, rapping his knuckles on the counter. “Any other questions?” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “Is there a motion to move to a vote on this bill?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “So moved.” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “Is there a second?” Farooq Gray: “Seconded.” Karl Amador: “Seconded.” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “Since this bill is a somewhat uncontroversial and bipartisan one, we shall move to a verbal vote on the matter, unless there is any objection. All those in favor, please signify by saying aye.” LEGAL PROCEDURES BILL 15th of Owyn’s Flame, 1773 AYE Jonah Stahl-Elendil Konrad Stafyr Farooq Gray Juan de Ponce de Lyons Konstantin Angelika Bykov Karl Amador Conrad Barclay Sir Konrad Stafyr: “With eight ayes and zero nays at present, this bill has passed. The chair now calls upon the Chairman of the Interior Committee to present his report regarding the nomination of Dame Franziska to the position of Secretary of the Interior.” Konstantin: “Oh, ah, that's me again. Ahem. Everyone has perused the transcript of our hearing with Dame Kortrevich? And are there any questions?” Farooq Gray: “I've a quick question.” Konstantin: “Oh, ah - yes, Mr. Gray?” Farooq Gray: “What is your opinion on her, Mr. Wick?” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “The floor is now open for five minutes of unmoderated debate.” Konstantin: “The Committee was all impressed with her. For someone so young, Dame Kortrevich was adeptly knowledgeable about her department, had ambitions about the kind of issues she wished to tackle, and was amply experienced. I, and the rest of the Committee, were happy to endorse her.” Farooq Gray: “I've no further questions then.” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “Is there a motion to move to a vote on Dame Franziska's nomination then?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “So moved.” Karl Amador: “Aye.” Juan de Ponce de Lyons: “Seconded.” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “The motion has been heard and seconded. Unless there is any objection, we shall now move to a verbal vote on the nominee's confirmation. All those in favor, please signify by saying aye.” SECRETARY OF CIVIL AFFAIRS: DAME FRANZISKA KORTREVICH 15th of Owyn’s Flame, 1773 AYE Jonah Stahl-Elendil Konrad Stafyr Farooq Gray Juan de Ponce de Lyons Konstantin Karl Amador Conrad Barclay ABSTAIN Angelika Bykov UNDECIDED Amadeus d’Aryn Franz Sarkozy Oisin O’Rourke Winston Rothesay Abram Stalistena Sigmar Joren Baruch Lajos Sander Karoly Siguine var Ruthern Sir Konrad Stafyr: “The ayes are seven and the nays are none, with one abstention. Voting shall remain open on the matter for the next twenty four Saint's Hours on the matter of Dame Franziska's nomination. Has the Leader of the House any other business to present before this chamber for the legislative day?” Jonah Stahl-Elendil: “No, Mister President.” Sir Konrad Stafyr: “Then this sitting of the Sixteenth Imperial House of Commons is now adjourned,”
  12. Alaric DeNurem brushes his beard as he reads the missive, thinking “Perhaps such is the will of some, nei all. Anyhow, I like my beard – ‘Think I’ll keep it”
  13. Alwyn, once an apprentice War Cleric under Aila Avern, upon reading the missive, assembles his baggage at Sutica, moving to Aegothrond
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