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  1. You ARE the lord of the craft. We'll all miss you bro
  2. "Are you sure you have enough citizens to even fill these roles?" wondered a confused Knight.
  3. "Who really cares for the 3000 mina? I'd gladly kill these treasonous bastards for free!" exclaimed Sir Edmond of the Blackwald.
  4. "You'll regret these actions when Andrezj returns..." mutters an aged Knight.
  5. @BudaqI thought better of you man really uncool what you did....

    1. Nord



  6. "Goo goo ga ga (translates to **** u)" babbles the young prince.
  7. "If I had a kid, they would certainly be enrolled." Stated Sir Edmond of the Blackwald.
  8. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: EmeryOP DISCORD: EMERY#3768 TIMEZONE: CST ={ RP }= NAME: Sir Edmond of the Blackwald AGE: 53 RACE: Human
  9. Sir Edmond of the Blackwald waxed the string of his crossbow in preparation for the event.
  10. RP name: Edmond de Rouen MC name: EmeryOP What events do you wish to join?: Melee Are you willing to pay the entrance fee of 10 Mina?: Yes
  11. "Oh well, not like I care anyway." He scoffed, returning to his Captain duties.
  12. MC NAME : EmeryOP RP NAME : Edmond de Rouen AGE : 45 Are you an Orenian Citizen or Ally : Citizen/Ally Are you a Knight of the Empire: No (unfortunately) If you are from a Noble House, which one : de Rouen
  13. "We're the only ones that want to help, and you treat us like this?" Said a young Ishimoto.
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