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  1. I have adapted to the 1.9 style of PvP quite well now, and I must say it is probably the most boring, sleeper, and trash system ever. Alongside the Vortex and Surge systems, I personally think 1.9 is absolutely not fit for this server.
  2. LAST NAME de Joannes FIRST NAME Owyn AGE 13 EXPERIENCE Won multiple tournaments, renowned bandit slayer. ((MC NAME EmeryOP)) ((DISCORD emery#9748))
  3. Name: Owyn de Joannes Race: Human Combat Experience: Bandit Slayer/Protector of the Augustine
  4. Owyn de Joannes signs with crayon.
  5. Owyn de Joannes flashes a toothy grin to his fellow goats, "The reign of the Pontiff has come to an end, now we celebrate."
  6. Name: Owyn de Joannes Residence: Little Ves Lane 2 ((MC Name)): EmeryOP ((Discord)): emery#9748 ((Timezone)): CST
  7. Your full name: Owyn be Joannes Your age: 18 Place of Address: Little Ves Lane 2 ((emery#9748)) ((EmeryOP))
  8. Your full name: Owyn de Joannes Your age: 10 Place of Address: Little Ves 2 ((Discord username and ID, ex: Discord#0000: )) emery#9748 ((Your MC Username: )) EmeryOP
  9. IGN: EmeryOP DISCORD: emery#9748 ------ NAME: Joseph Henry d'Emyth AGE: 12 CHOSEN BACHELOR'S DEGREE: Politics, Society and Law CHOSEN MAJOR/S: Criminal and Civil Law ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Selm Street 5 DO YOU REQUIRE A DORMITORY TO LIVE ON CAMPUS?: Yes DO YOU REQUIRE A SCHOLARSHIP? (Each case for subsidised tuition will be looked at independently): Yes
  10. Henrik grins widely, proud of his hard working comrades that day.
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