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  1. As you can see, I pay artists on LOTC to draw my RP character. There is a lot of talent on this server. Vote for who is the best here. https://strawpoll.com/4h17yavaf
  2. If you wanted to re-watch the Helena Debate, I have livestreamed it and it will be played back on my channel. Enjoy!
  3. Spirit Amias smiles proudly at his men from the heavens.
  4. To preface this post, these Orcs were by no means harassing me. It is just a video title. They are actually a pretty cool sub community of LOTC. Please like and subscribe for a free hug <3.
  5. OOC ((MC Name: Mattallamune72)) ((Discord: Mattallamune72 #8338)) ((Timezone: CST)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Kibo Naracov Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? Since I was a child, I’ve had an extreme interest in studying the Arcane disciplines and how the void truly works. Now fully into adulthood, that fascination and admiration has not wavered. I do not wish use my potential abilities for any combative or pugnacious purposes. On the contrary, I wish to use to my knowledge of the void to help preserve the knowledge protected for centuries and assist others need. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? I currently practice no magic at the moment. However, I do know the fundamental properties of voidal magic due to reading about it in my leisure time. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2nHkMF4k6U Skip to 46 minutes to watch me attend the academy ceremony.
  7. You read the title! I’m sort of back doing YT videos on the server. For the time being, I’m doing mostly streams. I know there has been a level polarity with the content that I created in the past i.e being memey (hehe sorry). However, I love this server and love making content. So if you would please like, subscribe (or resub) and share. Thank you! Let me know of any interesting events or things going on in the server that you would like me to stream. Discord: Mattallamune72#8338 Or PM me on the Forums https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rXGkI3PCak5mnvwjj2wJA?view_as=subscriber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnDakZ7IFpA (Don’t have to fully rewatch streams but go ahead and like it.)
  8. That's one of the first things on the agenda for sure!! No doubt!
  9. This podcast touches on how two men built a nation from scratch. They've gone through big struggles trying bring a certain race back to prominence. Enjoy!
  10. Some behind the scenes LOTC conference talks. Always good to see the diplomatic side that stops these wars!! Subscribe for more!! Thanks for watching, my habibis!!!
  11. MC-Name: Mattallamune72 Character Name: Amias Carter Jonesaeus Age: 56 Race: Farfolk Hometown: Al-Damashq, Kadarsi Sultanate Possible Goals to achieve: Honestly to have more interesting RP with Amias in his journey to become a great mage. Good Content to Cover on the Server. Contribute to major server events (hopefully). Wanted Role/Job: Sailor Discord: Mattallamune72 #8338
  12. Oh for sure, my dude. Hit me up on discord. I'm always up for a good collab.
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