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  1. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    There honestly worse computers out there. And people have to play on them.
  2. Which Race Should I Play for Season 2?

    xD OMG the amount of people who actually voted is crazy.
  3. Which Race Should I Play for Season 2?

    Update: It is a close fight between Halfling, High Elf, Dwarf and Hooman. It looks like RIP Amias.
  4. Here's the strawpoll for the next Season! I'm excited to see what you choose. Poll -
  5. The Place of Racial Unity?!?

    After stumbling upon Arcadia, I meet a new friend from Norlands who was seeking out the place of his origins I will be making a poll on one of my next video on what I should play next map. Will Amias be around for Season 2 or will be one of the other many races? Join the Discord fam for more LOTC memes -
  6. [MST - Editor] Mattallamune72

    This is being edited I'm sorry something in my computer glitched.
  7. [MST - Editor] Mattallamune72

    Current Username: Mattallamune72Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Mattallamune72 #8338Timezone(s) you mainly play: 4 - 9 PSTWhat group/nation do you consider to be your main? I'm apart of the Norlands.Have you held a staff position before? NoDo you currently hold a staff position? NoDo you plan on applying for other staff positions? Maybe in the future down the line but not at the moment.Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? I was temp banned for making a Korean missile joke. It only lasted for about 4 hours. What kind of media formats would you like to work on the most? iMovie for editing and Audacity for voiceovers. List three factors/tips you feel are important to work in the fields of PR and expand on them. Creativity: You must have a creative flow to your work. Creativity is more than being original. It's your art but, at the same time, it has to have a certain amount of relativity to what's going on. I feel like I'm a little more creative with the way, I use voice-overs to describe what's going on in a video in an RP fashion rather than just upload a random video. Creativity can open a whole dimension of new, unseen content on this server. Time Management: Well since I'm not on my own time and may have to reach deadlines. Time Management in your life will really do wonders with the consistency of content on this server. Spacing out homework, sports and making LOTC content will be something, I will organize for this to work and for me to be able to reach a deadline. Connections: You must learn to connect with the player base OOCly. You want to know what's going on. From an Orcish skirmish to a simple Orenian bar fight. Of course, we will know about the large-scale server events like the transfer to Atlas. But the little things getting to know the players and the other cultures will create better connections. This will be a conduit for better Lord of the Craft content. I have been keeping contact with the Halflings, Orc and the Sutica people. I would have never been affiliated with them if it weren't for the connections I made with my content. It also provided me with great videos with certain races as well like the Halflings because of it. Provide three examples of your previous work (Either three portfolios with different themed screenshots, three different videos or three different news posts): This was an earlier video that I made. It's kind of bad but, it was something never seen so it was very well received by the community. Why do you wish to become an MST-Editor Member? I have a passion for making LOTC content and I want to be able to join a team of like-minded individuals who want to promote the server just like me. My videos are pretty well liked by the community and my LOTC videos really jump-started my channel growth. What strengths would you bring to the team? I'm a strong editor and I'm really versatile. I can voice act, I'm body act and I bring experience. I have been in a lot of mineman roleplay series and I know to make an interesting storyline. I already have one cooking up if I am invited to the Media Team. What are your weaknesses? I'm not a very strong RPer in-game but I wish to work on it. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? I can't really tell. If I'm accepted, I will make more content and this server for sure.
  8. The World of Atlas

    lol Thanks.
  9. The World of Atlas

    Just another cringy LOTC video. Message some pictures of your 6.0 cities and landscapes. I plan to make a compilation before 6.0 comes out! I hope you enjoy. I already know I'm late on this but I don't want to here I will turn this car around.
  10. Back in the Norlands (Episode 10)

    Do you know when the end of the map event is happening?
  11. What should I be for Season 2 of Lord of the Craft? I hope you enjoy this new episode. My personal discord is Mattallamune72 #8338. If you enjoy my content tell me about certain events I can document. With that said, have a Neat Day!

    Nice to see another perspective from the Siege.
  13. The Oren Siege (RP rendition) Ep. 9

    I did happen a while ago. But I didn't get around to editing it because I didn't like it but, I wanted to make more LOTC content.
  14. Also Why iz Malg so mean? I am almost at 100 subs. I don't usually beg for subs but... *gets on knees* I need it. I hope you enjoy. This is more of a "cinematic" RP version of it. Shoutout to Humanistic for letting me use his footage. Suscribe to him NOW I hope you enjoy. There will be more LOTC content soon. If you want me to showcase your village or record an event. Msg me on my discord Mattallamune72 #8338 I will be happy to. Have a Neat Day!
  15. Norlandic Warclaim (LOTC Series)

    ye I didn't really know what the title should be. I didn't wnt to name it war cause I know I will post more on the channel... The long ass WEEE WOOO gets me every time.