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  1. Jerome Jonsaeus

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    MC-Name: Mattallamune72 Character Name: Amias Carter Jonesaeus Age: 56 Race: Farfolk Hometown: Al-Damashq, Kadarsi Sultanate Possible Goals to achieve: Honestly to have more interesting RP with Amias in his journey to become a great mage. Good Content to Cover on the Server. Contribute to major server events (hopefully). Wanted Role/Job: Sailor Discord: Mattallamune72 #8338
  2. Jerome Jonsaeus

    Lotc Live: Meeting father!

    Oh for sure, my dude. Hit me up on discord. I'm always up for a good collab.
  3. Jerome Jonsaeus

    Lotc Live: Meeting father!

    Thanks for the motivation. And Welcome to the Server! @Braigar . I'm Amias. It's good to meet you and see that they're is new coverage on this server. Good luck! I hope to see more from you. 🙂
  4. Jerome Jonsaeus

    [Character] Bom Tombadil

    Interesting my boy!! Good to see you starting new! I'm going to have to learn with Amias that Madeline is dead. He will be devasted but he will have good ole Bom to cheer him up.
  5. Jerome Jonsaeus

    The Battle of Shifting Sands

    "Sadly, you must look at this through an objective context. We are the clear victors on this war but they continued to make it difficult for us in the peace talks. We ask for permanent peace but they constantly refuse, rebuttal and attempt to redo the terms. If they surrender, we feel as they are persistent and will gain the numbers and strength to attack us again. That's why we ask for that. Please understand, this war was pushed passed the extent of just a regular peace treaty, we needed security and co-operativeness. I mean, we are the clear victors in this correct? We make the terms and in all honesty, you are willfully taking it out of context. As stated and proven, Jummanne is stubborn and will watch his people die before he will give in." Amias would shrug. "This war will continue until someone surrenders or simply is wiped from this Earth. We've never claimed to be better than anybody else but, we will always remain the sons of Allah through thick and thin." he'd place his hands on his chest. (( habibi this is fun. I like the bicker! ))
  6. Jerome Jonsaeus

    The Battle of Shifting Sands

    "They constantly harrassed our people. We didn't want war at all. We wanted peace, habibi. You must understand they have killed, stolen, and threatened our people and the Sultan for long enough. We are the chosen Farfolk tribe, these men are imposters who don't even believe in 'Allah'. They started it and we will finish it." he'd say in a long-winded response to the man. "We warned them multiple times. There destiny is there fault, not ours, rafiqi. Now let's not make comments on **** you don't even understand." Amias would say with a polite smile.
  7. Jerome Jonsaeus

    The Red-Men

    Du'drek would heavily consider joining.
  8. Jerome Jonsaeus

    Boomboxdoom23's Wiki Team Application

    Honestly, I'm saying this objectively. He's a good friend of mine but even if he wasn't I would still +1. He has a good amount of knowledge on the server and is an awesome dude that will work well with others. Very deserving!
  9. Jerome Jonsaeus

    Event Team June Thing

    Thanks for the shout out my man. @Xarkly
  10. Jerome Jonsaeus

    The Battle of Assads

    "ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!" he'd yell out with his brothers.
  11. Jerome Jonsaeus

    Mage Training Animation

    Thanks for the support, though I didn't make the animation.
  12. Jerome Jonsaeus

    Mage Training Animation

    Like the video and subscribe if you liked it!
  13. Jerome Jonsaeus

    Ultimatum to the Chieftancy of Ghanyuh

    (( remember that he quit and shouldn't care about LOTC rp posts.
  14. Jerome Jonsaeus

    The Battle Of Damashq

    ((Now that's just petty. You know damn well he is just using RP. No reason to report him for something that is not intentional. You could just privately DM him and informed him that it can be taken offensively to some others.))
  15. Jerome Jonsaeus

    The Battle Of Damashq

    After the long battle, would return to his home placing his sword near his bed and turns to back to look to the city he just defended "Allah is Great!" he'd say softly before turning and laying on his bed.