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    find the Harian skype chat you will find me.

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    HOME OF THE LED WATER! (flint)
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    Cheese,Haria,Qali,Falcons,Birds,Poetry,Farfolk,helping people,landscaping,gardening,baking,cooking, a lil bit of assassinations ;3 and guard work

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    Saeed Ibn Malek/Ibraheem Aladeen/ Abbas Ibn Aqeel
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    Always a farfolk Qali

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  1. [✗] [Plugin Suggestion] Player Tangibility

    I like this! I see one problem but can be fixed with a simple punch....People afking XD BUT this sounds AMAZING!!! +1 Dude why do you always have such great ideas....BECOME A ADMIN FOR THE SAKE OF THE SERVER!
  2. Looking for Feedback, from halflings and non-halflings alike!

    but you halflings are so cute and no one can declare war on you or coup you....Its like....Trying to murder puppies and kittens that smoke weed and give you dank food
  3. Looking for Feedback, from halflings and non-halflings alike!

    halfings should fund wars, strive to show their way of life as peaceful...Also play around in politics...Maybe get some warrior halfings XD you the cute halfings that they always been, But basicly Become the next oren and take over the world damn it! i want a halfing king ruling everyone on lotc
  4. Hello, before i place my foot in the door

    haria is basically gone...farfolks and past harians are joining the Kadarsi tribe, Rp is great! But uh lots of bandits on the road....Pvp gear is easy to get gone...Preatty gooooood.....make a farfolk or anything and join the Kadarsi tribe wink wink nudge nudge XD but yeah, we got marna and the church and some crusader group thats name is to long called Osl and well...yeah...OH we got freebuild! in certain areas OH we also got the Game Of throne wall! and the map is beautiful
  5. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    My friends, And fellow Players, This idea is good in theory, But I want to point out what makes us all love this idea, And what we dislike. I shall start with the dislikes Dislikes Pking a char you spent Forever to train and make The complete destruction of a group Ooc hatred for each other trash chars Being made harder for groups to form Likes Wars are not easily made! Tactics might become a thing! Creates a Good rl atmosphere(I mean come one, I don't see soldiers kissing their wives goodbye before they go and **** themselves, and people terrified of the coming fight) Common sense is put into play! Meaning...I don't send my soldiers to mass murder you because you insulted my polka-dotted crown, or your guard killed my guard gives random People a chance to get players into their groups possibly prevent more raids cuz it could outbreak into a war Now, I HATE the idea of having to pk, BUT it makes sense, Now Maybe JUST MAYBE! we can still get all these good things Like Living in a nation you know can protect you and extra, Now, I have NO idea how the hell we can make these good things happen, But what I think, MIGHT and idk MAYBE work, Is whoever declares war, Risks the pk, BUT If it has to be Extremely justifiable for example uh...The assassination of a king or a raid or well something That Makes sense....not over, your guard killed my guard or, your people insulted me and stuff like that...It has To be extremely justifiable By rp standers you sending people off to die, So there Should be a risk it should be something where nations irl Have gone to war over...But not these retarded rl wars....Like troy and the Spartan wife shitXD. As I said, There is a problem, We should make wars and raids EXTREMELY hard, And Well...Make it where people will riot to prevent a war, And extra Where some soldiers, Will be scared shitless to go to battle, Where soldiers believe in something, And soldiers Brave But love family Quietly sit with family before going of And make plans if he doesn't make it back, Soldiers can but shouldn't be the soldiers we see now on lotc..."HAHA let us DESTROY THOSE BASTARDS AND RAPE THEIR BODYS!" Sure thats normal for a soldier to be like that....that's a war cry and a rally of men...But....they shouldn't be not afraid or brave Do you get what I mean? There should be some Normal soldiers, you know, Young old carpenter's country is declared war upon, He has a wife and child and Desides to Join the army to defend his country and family(cuz there should be a risk dono what yet) He wears his uniform and goes through some training, its the morning the soldiers march out, He stands infront of his door gives his wife a letter and kisses her and the baby tells them he will be home soon and the night before the descussed what was gana happen if he dont make it back, Wife could be pissed he joined the army Cuz she loves him yada yada YOU GET THE DAMN POINT people should cry and be worried not "Oh he will be back, monks are good people." Point is THERE SHOULD BE THESE THINGS! 100% We can all agree on this! I hope we can Get this A possibility We can enjoy it! LETS DESCUSS HOW WE CAN MAKE THESE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN! I got no idea but im all ears!
  6. The Crime Prevention and Enforcement Act, 1646

    "**** hide the Cactus Green! Fast!" a Drug dealer would say going into a ally way to go sell more cactus green "You cant stop me from the green..."
  7. The Thotty Crusades

  8. Remembrance of an Old friend, "Oh Habibi"

    Ibraheem Aladeen would Enjoy listening to the Song, Remember hearing it back in Haria, a tear roll down his check noding
  9. I never rpied with you have I? Akhi, I must Give you good Qalasheen Food and 20 sheep XD

  10. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    its simple, make a rule saying you cant leave the gate closed unmanned for 30 mins Sometimes guards gada charge out and arrest someone or something, Like idk 30 sounds good BUT we all know ooc and all those problems happen which makes it last longer So maybe, Make a rule saying a guard gada be near the gate, and if the guard isnt near the gate then 30 mins, then you gada open the gate, via gm and extra, Though idk how this can be enforced..... TBH people just need to learn to have common sense on lotc, Which is hard to find...Also have people chill...and relax...and make everyone's life easier and enjoyable, Anyways, This is a problem that should be addressed, And either not via staff rules maybe at least have it encouraged to teach guards to be a guard....and not the guard which lotc Sees most guards as Thanks for bringing it up though! I support any kind of Way to fix this kind of problem!
  11. [Actor] Icarnus

    +1 10/10
  12. nothing says your a syrian then gettingsome ghee, put a choped onion in it, heat that up on the stove crack some eggs sprinkle some slat and syrian spice, and throw it all into a pita and call it a breakfast shamarma 

    1. AGiantPie


      never even heard of ghee looks good tho

    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      god do i love some slated shamarma

  13. Santegian Festival At 4:30 pm Est!

  14. Grand Opening - The Library Of Dragur

    "How Great! I can't wait to go!" Ibraheem Aladeen Begins packing his bags for the trip! ---------------- Saeed Ibn Malek Hears Ibraheem Is Going to the Great Library And Sends with him a Copy of the Holy Book To be Gifted! ((Welcome Back My favorite Library!))
  15. Village Meeting!

    a halfing who has been missing for years appears and looks to a random elf "Do u no De Wey?"