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    find the Harian skype chat you will find me.

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    HOME OF THE LED WATER! (flint)
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    Cheese,Haria,Qali,Falcons,Birds,Poetry,Violin,Farfolk,helping people,landscaping,gardening,baking,cooking
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    Saeed Ibn Malek/Khalid Ibn mahmoud

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  1. om +1 cuz you did pretty good and the bravery to send it, So that is a plus for you good sir/or ma'am(idk)
  2. am i the best brother?
  3. *Harian soliders of allah get ready sharpening their Smamshirs and righting their bows "It is time to fight for HARIA!" they march to victory, to jihad, to allah
  4. The Dunes Of Time
    Thru the sands I walk, the dunes always the same yet always different
    My heart seeks but always turns to the gust of sand that sprays my face and wounding my eyes
    I yearn for the warmth of one I could trust upon my cheek Yet the sun Burns me when the thought arises
    Lost I am in thoughts that burn my every being! Tell me, is there a end of this sorrow?
    Will the sky of mine give me a cloud of rain to wash my grief? 
    or am I to drift deeper into the sands of sorrow becoming lost to my own desolation!
    Tell me! why have the thoughts of happiness hurt me!
    Tell me! When will you utter a word and then leave me to my own destruction!
    oh why does my mind persecute my heart's yearn and turn everything to the sand that loses me to time!
    Tell me...Will I be lost in the dunes of time never to be rescued? 


                                                                                   -Saeed Ibn Malek(made by me ibraheem)

    1. _Jandy_


      I like the Prince of Persia also

    2. ibraheemc2000
  5. farfolk fill the street waving flags and cheering on the brave farfolk men and women defending the country shouting the FARFOLK anthem and the poetry of saeed ibn malek LONG LIVE FARFOLK!
  7. I prefure my people's happyness and safety
  8. Saeed Chops some lamp meat and wraps it up, giving it to a kind old lady! She turns around forgetting to asking if he could cut them into some pieces and season them for her. With a smile Saeed does so and hands the frail old lady the now diced meat with seasoning. Later that day the kind old lady return with some nice lamp pieces for him as a thanks and trys to hand him a tip, Taking the food but refusing the tip saying Allah provides enough for him and then goes back to his work once she leaves. Saeed is now the Butcher,the violin Musician, the poet,The bird Tamer, The merchant,The servant,the kind, and The Peaceful "Alhumdillah Allah Is enough for me." he says proudly as he goes out side giving some seed to his birds, As his baby white Qali bird flys onto his shoulder rubing his cheek with his head " Allah bring this kind of peace to the world, Ameen ya rabb." he says softly returning to his daily dutys.
  9. When life gives you lemons, Throw it back and make cheese instead of what you can make with lemons cuz cheese is the best....Im losing my humanity.......THANKS GUYS!!! XD

  10. Saeed hears this and shutters (sorry had to put a emote or ill get a warning ANNNYWAYS nice post and spooky legit gave me Goosebumps! Im interested to learn more about what is happening and going on. Also is this a meme[just asking cuz im noom to memes] XD)
  11. ^ can we vote?
  12. Yeah right! Haria belongs to the farfolk! AND saalih al-Nabeel is the mufti so damn nord terrorists! JIHAD THEM ALL! XD
  13. Khalid with his brother tried to kill the one who would kill all good in the land but failed in the attempt, "How could they not help me and Ashur defeat the one who wants to destroy the good?!" he says angerly sharpening his weapon ordering men about to prepare on the hunt for the vile creature "We all opened that tomb together, And now it is up to me and Ashur and the People of Haria to defeat it." he says clenching his fist looking to his brother a nod and a smile as they were on the walls "It seems if this mummy wants to destroy the good." he says looking at the qali sunset "Then Our Jihad for everything has began, And Allah as my witness, WE WILL defeat this threat of the world, Or die in martyrdom..." Ashur hearing this puts his hand on his twin's shoulder relieving a sigh pating it replying "Martyrdom or victory.... Martyrdom or victory..."
  14. Khalid and Ashur ride up to the door, Both glancing at each other with a nod(WE HAVE FOUND IT!
  15. Khalid and Ashur pack up and gets ready to set off on the hunt! FOR HARIA!