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    find the Harian skype chat you will find me.

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    HOME OF THE LED WATER! (flint)
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    Cheese,Haria,Qali,Falcons,Birds,Poetry,Farfolk,helping people,landscaping,gardening,baking,cooking, a lil bit of assassinations ;3 and guard work

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    Saeed Ibn Malek/Khalid Ibn mahmoud/ Abbas Ibn Aqeel
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    Always a farfolk Qali

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  1. [8:33:47 PM] wealthy: poll: which joe is best?

    calabreeni signed my auto graph.....He also cleaned my house <3
  2. Community Meeting

    Yeah tbh i noticed this as well....sadly.....
  3. Community Meeting

    is there any news on TECH LOCK!..... as well as the New antag.... can i ask if the new antag can come from or start off around haria?(thats kinda personal attempt to get rp going as well XD) can there be a suggestion box forum so people with ideas but dono if it will work or just thought of it put it into suggestion box and people just give a idea and staff an go thru it and see if they think its a good idea and maby suggest implement it to other staff.... Can staff make hidden areas with temples with maps at cords that lead to treasure chests and stuff....make it more common....this way rp as treasure hunting can happen a lil more? idk IDEA.... can i suggest a forum that gives rp convo of two or group of people with emotes so people can read them and get a idea on how to be more descriptive with their emotes....cuz i learned more on how to rp by watch people rp and tryed using their details they used in emotes and then started using them my self....for example (*goes takes his right hand and calmly sets it to his chest giving a warm smile and bowing his head tilting it a little to the right. "sire." he then rises lower his hand to his hilt puffing his chest out with pride in his uniform looking to the lord in his eyes awaiting a order*) somthing like that...but put it in a thread of a tital like "example of guard rp" or "example of common emotion in conversations" and might help rp....(also i wana learn to rp better myself XP) Sorry for spelling im very tired rn XP busy all day
  4. An Open Letter To The King of Savinia

    Hm." says a qali
  5. I guess I'll give it a try.

  6. Santegia Memes

    (insert Harian memes here)
  7. Magic powered waffle press

  8. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    saeed ibn malek hearing the news frowns "War is never the way, why cant people live in peace like we do in haria." he frowns getting back to work ----------- abbas ibn aqeel hears the news sharpening his dagger "seems like more mercenary work for me." he chuckles to himself now shining his qali dagger ((LMFAO one of my chars disaproves of war the other cants wait to get hired XD but sad to see war engulfing axios....
  9. [Plugin] How has this server lasted so long without this?!?

    hold my good rafiqi! i know how u can make thy waffels with out a waffle press! though it will not look the smae u can use honey combs to make the shape! GOD BE TO THE WAFFLES! GOD WAFFLES IT!
  10. [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    +1 good man good rp!
  11. -= War Has Changed. =-

    Abbas ibn aqeel hears news of the new forces thinking to himself then asking the one spreading the rumor "cant some one simply kill the one using the magic to stop the army...I do not understand magic and its property's but...seeing this army in combat will be...interesting....though i must sadly put my winning bets aggenst the new army...these new soldiers have not yet, proven their capability on the battle field as of yet, i will have my eyes upon these matters." he gives a grin having the man with the rumor give him anymore news of such new thing ((nice! good luck
  12. [Complete]Seeking a Skilled Lumberjack

    * a random group of men head over to the resource island and prepare to sing*
  13. Adelburg Chronicle - 1632

    Abbas would sit in a tavern before the break of Dawn, just finnishing his morning prayers he usley head to the tavern for a coffee and ma'moul, reading the paper he would take a warm smile washing down a bite of the ma'moul with some coffee "What nice news, Ill be sure to vist the theater, and possible check out the new school and library." he takes another bite of ma'moul and reads of john lane passing his job over and such with a smile taking a sip of coffee "inshallah his day goes easy." he goes to Finnish the rest of his coffee and ma'moul and read the paper awaiting his colleagues to start planing their next mercenary work
  14. Why not play farfoolk, es nice.

    <3 aw sorry but your not that special for a beheading video and thanks for think us of pvp gods that means alot we recently been ******* up on some pvp battles so that gave us a good confidence boost <3, but yeah with all seriousness, thanks for the feed back on it basicly low activity, we still working on it but hopefully it will get better with some things we gana try soon! Going to be working on that activity as well as we got a new regent in place recently and many other things, thank you VERY VERY VERY much for your comment , your legit helping so much!