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  1. Saeed ibn Hamzah offered a large smile as he read the letter "Ey wallah! Ill be there for you my akhi!" The young farfolk glanced around his new home with a soft sigh as he thought of what gift he could present.
  2. A New Sheikh “The Sheikhdom has long lived strong under the rule of mine, Together with my peoples help we built this great sheikhdom, a proud sheikhdom, a peaceful one, I announce with a joyous heart that I Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen, After my many years of service place leadership of you, my people into the secure and firm hands of Sheikh Ameen Al-Nabeel, May Allah give him a long and powerful reign, and watch over this sheikhdom and its people, As for I, will watch and keep to my prayers that have long been overdue. You all knew Ameen as a strong Grand Wazir, And Know him a man of the people. I announce that the Nabeel Family of Bani Yusuf, are now the Royal family, and that the Kharadeen Family, is a respected Noble house within the sheikhdom. Ever since the times of Haria, and the many generations of the farfolks history the Nabeels and Kharadeens stood firm as brothers in arms, and MAY THEY FOREVER CONTINUE TO DO SO! We Kharadeens stand firm by the side of the Nabeels. Allah Protect the Sheikhdom, Allah protect our Ummah, Allah Protect Sheikh Ameen Al-Nabeel” Signed, Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen Signed SAYYID, Ameen Al-Nabeel, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Imam Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Defender and Protector of the Farfolk people, Sheikh of the Fursaan Al-Saqr.
  3. https://youtu.be/P9m_O1t-2KY A New Patriarch “As Head of the mighty House Kharadeen, I Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen, Hand over Ownership of this great house to my uncle Osman Ibn Abdullah Kharadeen and His son Abdullah Kharadeen. Let it be known for their hard work and service to the family has not gone unnoticed and that I and the members of the house Kharadeen Support his ruling, If any dare to claim he is not the new patriarch, they have caused open rebellion and Allah will curse them to Jahanam.” Signed SAYYID, Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Imam Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Defender and Protector of the Farfolk people, Sheikh of the Fursaan Al-Saqr. Signed SAYYID, Osman Ibn Abdullah Kharadeen, Head and true Patriarch of House Kharadeen.
  4. Sheikh Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen, Signs the agreement offering a nod to the Grand Wazir
  5. Sheikh Ibraheem would lift his head from salah, finishing his prayer a messenger came to him with a warm smile "diplomatic efforts are a success, my Sayyid." With this done the sheikhdom should now prosper. ((Feel i kinda need to respect the guy who actually made the song in this post. His name is actually Zain Bhikha Here is song for those who are curious. No disrespect to Michael Jackson, it is just disrespectful to Zain that this man gets credit for his work 😄
  6. Sheikh Ibraheem laughes loudly "when was this a thing?"
  7. "May Allah help our farfolk brothers under the empire, inshallah things become easier upon them. Let it be known if the burden becomes to harsh, your brothers and sisters of al faiz hold a blanket at the ready to wrap you in and take you in as our own, for how ever long they may wish to stay, no matter your race, faith or culture. Allah is indeed the most wise, and most powerful. Send this information out." Sheikh Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen ordered a man near the door, soon sending word off into the empire's elvish and farfolks peoples if they do require aid. @PapiZapii
  8. “Da ****?” Sheikh Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen read the missive at his table glancing to the guard at his door before reading “Da ****?”
  9. Me like, Me want, Me needs, Me must haves its, Me wants it, Me aproves of its, Me plus ones it, ME LOVES ITZ! +1
  10. Situational Report “To the Amir Khalid Al-Nabeel, Date: 22nd of The Amber Cold, 1757, Around sunset. Witnesses: Alwafid Saeed Ibn Hamza, Grand Wazir Ameen Al-Nabeel. Report topic: Desecrated Grave, missing body parts. Evidence or related Material: Shovel, Tracks of a Male human, Adult. Report: I Saeed Ibn Hamza, rank Alwafid, was escorting Grand Wazir Ameen Al-Nabeel around the city, where I noticed the grave of Perditus Kaltblütig was touched/ Dug up and reburied. With such We investigated, Finding tracks from the grave that would belong to a Adult, Male, Human. Leading around the corner leaving a shovel. The soil of the grave was very loose, meaning whoever dug it up, did not have time to properly cover their trail, which means there may be someone who may have witnessed the scene, Though the dirt was dried well, and layed there stiff yet not firm, so this event had taken place around two weeks ago. After this fact, I was ordered to re-open the grave in which we found the kasket damaged and opened, with the thigh bones missing from the body, but seemingly nothing else taken. I was ordered to take the shovel into evidence after we returned the soil to the grave and offered our dua upon the soul. With the Increase of civilians and traders, there are many possible suspects for such a crime. I personally have taken notes of a few Shady characters that have entered our sheikhdom, Inshallah, the suspect will be apprehended.” Signed, Alwafid Saeed Ibn Malek
  11. "The legends are true!" A young 15 year old would exclaim! "The hero is returning! The friend of the farfolks and big brother is returning!"
  12. How long has this war been going on?

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      @Gusanothe current Oren vs AIS war

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  13. Childhood Reunion(part 1) The wing glazed through the brown Qalasheen Falcon’s feathers as it glided to the young boy on the steps of Rubern, his gray turban was covered in dust, as his regimental colors rested in the turban’s folds, His uniform patchy and dusted with small bits of dried mud upon the bottom, the colors of his regiment wrapped around him like a belt of pride, that was lightly dusted from the dirt roads he often patrolled, the Rubernian soldiers sitting around together, some cleaning their weapons, some reading mail, as some took dried meat and chewed upon it. His Qalasheen crossbow rested in between his legs, it would be cleaned and well kept, a bolt resting inside it as it was loaded. The falcon flew and landed onto the boy’s shoulder, he slowly turned to the falcon, reaching his semi rough hand to pet the silky soft feathers of the Qalasheen falcon. As he reached his hand to take the letter from the falcon’s bamboo carrier. Upon reading the letter the young 15 year old would sit confused yet a soft smile on his face, until a voice spoke up “What is the letter about Saeed?” A officer in the same clothing as the boy looked down upon him, Saeed stood up and saluted the commanding officer, placing a fist to his chest and a dip of the head, keeping his head lowered until a signal of the hand “So what's the news?” the farfolk man looked to him a brow raised, Saeed would look at the letter and begin to read; “To Officer Hamza and proud regiment of Al-Faiz, You are ordered to return home, As a reward for your six years on the frontline fighting for the sake of Allah and for our sheikhdom, Enjoy your time home, for you will be sent back to the front in due time, once resupplying the needed materials to our allies.” As the young Qalasheen read out the orders the men took off their turbans, which was wrapped around a firm cap to keep them in shape and place, and threw them in the air with cheers of joy and happiness, it had been a gruesome six long years as they stayed on the front line, they prepared themselves to march to home, months passed as the soldiers arrived to the gates of their beloved sheikhdom. The soldiers began to disperse into the crowd of welcoming citizens and loved ones. But not Saeed, letters streamed in to a friend of his whom’s wife talked of a girl who was tasked with working the bakery, Elena, he recalled, he remembered a long ago friend of his which went by that name, he made his way to the bakery in hopes to see them once more. His unloaded crossbow held by the center as he walked down the busy street going down the steps to the bakery he once knew. A warm smell of baklava was coming from the bakery as he approached, inside a soft song was emitted from inside the bakery from a girl, Saeed would open the door, his Qalasheen Crossbow clicking and clacking as he stepped, the girl turned raising a large freshly cleaned frying pan to hit the intruder but upon seeing saeed their eyes widened as they stumbled back with the pan in the air “S-saeed?” The thirteen year old girl spoke in shock as she fell on the floor. Saeed simply took a bundle of grapes from his satchel as he offered it to her “I promised i’d bring you some Orenian grapes, Did you know that kaffirs make these grapes into wine?” he rolled his nose back in disgust as he mentioned it “I got them for you after we patoled past a orenian vineyard.” he said as he set the lush large green grapes onto the table as he went around to the edge of the table and reached his hand to help her up. “How have you been Elena? Is Sahir Alright? How's Ameen? We have so much to catch up on” he said with a warm smile. With that Elena took his hand and arose to her feet offering a happy chubby cheek smile “Things are going well, I now run the bakery as ordered by Ameen whenever ever i'm not doing my servant duties.”. Saeed would reach into his satchel as he took out a small chain, that’s centerpiece was of a arrow head, dulled and blunted to make it safe, as he offered it to her a warm smile on his face, in which she took and looked at it closely, the chain itself after closer inspection was made of different pieces of iron, one could assume old weapons that broke, made into a iron chain, that looked normal to the eye if not inspected. Her eyes widened and sparkled “It's so pretty! Did you make it?” she asked with a warm smile, as saeed gave a soft nod “The centerpiece has a story, but that's for another time, come let's go to the square.” he smiled making his way out the door, he stood there for a while as he waited, for only Elena to come out with a soft warm smile and a tint of red on her cheeks as she offered him some freshly brewed Qalasheen chamomile tea, in which he reached to take with a soft warm smile as he brought it to his lips and took it all down in one go, before setting it on the table, taking her by the wrist to rush to the square “Come on, Lets go!” he’d shout “slow down Saeed!” as she gave off a soft giggle as the two made way to the square. (based of current rp events, This is part 1, Stayed tuned for part 2 soon!)
  14. where do you see map downloads by chance?
  15. [!] A letter to the family of Károly [!] A White and Proud Qalasheen Falcon, baring a letter arrives to the Head of Karoly, other letters that seem to be public are found around cloud temple and Most nations regardless of their stance. “As-salamu alaykum, Peace and blessings be upon you, Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim, In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, I begin this letter. I understand your wish to take control of the old Karamanoglu’s business, in which we respect. For our holy book, the Kitab Al Salam says in chapter forty one, tells us the importance of hard work, and to be active in your communities as it says; “We Command You to be active in your Communities! Work And Help the Old, And Be the First to volunteer for the hardest or shameful Jobs, Work at a Young age! When young men Become of Age(puberty) Begin Working, Help your enders, Help build a New Home for the Orphans, WORK! Be active in your community, do not sit around doing nothing all day. When you Be active in your community do it with a smile, do it with pride, There WILL be those who come to you and make fun of you but take it as a badge of honour from Allah, Young Men must work hard and become strong, and smart, do not run away from doing work, RUN TO IT! Do not scoff or treat your peers or those under you with disrespect, Have a Smile Even when they make fun of you, Keep your head high and help your community for Allah grants those the highest spot in seven skies!” May Allah grant you peace and stability so you may recite the zikr of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala upon your lips as you work in his pleasure. In order to begin such a business you will need to come to our Sheikhdom and we will make a new agreement amongst us, and Inshallah, if Allah wills, we will work together in efforts for the ultimate reward. The pleasure of Allah, INSHALLAH. Signed SAYYID, Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen, Sheikh of Al-Faiz, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Defender and follower of Al’Imam Rashidun, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, Defender and Protector of the Farfolk people, Sheikh of the Fursaan Al-Saqr.”
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