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  1. Ramadan Kareem As normally I got you with the click bait, man, I have been doing this for years now, but regardless I will be writing about this great event as I do every year. To all my fellow EPIC MINEMAN AND LOTC PLAYERS who are not aware exactly what this post is and what is going on! Every year I, yours truly, write ‘THE RAMADAN POST’ in which I express what Ramadan is, The values of Ramadan, and of course THE LOTC RAMADAN CHALLENGE(more on this later). I always post 3 ramadan posts in Ramadan, The first one(This one) The last 10 days, And then the EID post. Needless to say, I am very happy to have arrived at this point in life with all of you again, where I can see my friends and community thrive, and beat each other with good vibes, and do their best to try and promote goodness and kindness, so in this regard, Happy Ramadan everyone, from the bottom of my heart. To those that are un-aware there is QUITE a large Muslim community on LOTC, and many of us participate in Ramadan, and many of us LEAVE LOTC for the month! What is Ramadan SO What is RAMADAN!? And why are there billions of people so excited for it! Well Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic Calendar, now I know, I know, ‘Ibraheem, What is so special about a 9th month out of all things?’ Well I'd say RELAX I GOT YOU! It is so special because this month, Ramadan, Is when the Quran, The Islamic Holy text and word was first sent down. In this month, Muslims from all around the world fast from sunrise till sunset. This is to remind ourselves of the blessings we have, and to also humble us to remember those less fortunate who do not have food, so that we may become closer to our fellow human beings. That means not consuming anything, Including food and water, and also not partaking in the birds and the bees. Now I already hear you saying ‘But Ibraheem, You absolute hulking chad of a Man, Why is that so significant? And is that it?’ Well don't you worry you mineman block roleplayer, Brother Ibraheem is here yet again to answer your questions! In Ramadan, we muslims Call this month a Month of MERCY, you see, we believe that Shaytan otherwise known as Ibless or Satan or THE DEVIL, Is locked up! In this month with the devil locked up you are able to much easier to drop bad habits, promote and grow new good ones, and become both a better person both physically and spiritually! What are the values of Ramadan Now there is a lot of aspects about Ramadan, But in this month we try to better ourselves by doing good deeds and begin actively doing a large increase of good actions this month to reap all the rewards it provides, So… What are some of these actions I speak about, Well, This is often literally everything that is good but the most common is feeding the hungry, Giving charity, helping around the community it being cleaning up, or helping old lady jenkins down the road install her new tv that she still calls a gimmick. But why? I hear you ask. Well In Ramadan we believe that YOUR GOOD DEEDS are multiplied by 70! Yes you heard me, 70 times you get the good deeds of doing one, now that's a steal, Especially because even a Smile is charity, and that's a good deed! Not only in this blessed month, We believe on the last TEN nights, God goes down to the lowest heavens and listens to the Dua(requests) from us and answers them or gives us something TEN TIMES BETTER FOR US! There is SO much benefits to Ramadan, that if I stayed here typing, you all would have left from exhaustion of reading SO, Ill finish this off with the PHYSICAL benefits of fasting What are the PHYSICAL Benefits of Ramadan Not only this, Fasting in this certain way is actually SUPER healthy for you!(Do note, you are exempt from fasting if you poor, on your time of the month(women stuff), medical needs such as medicine or emergencies, and if you vomit and extra, please consult with your local imam for more details or look online, TDLR Fast if you are able, and do not fast if you cannot medically) Fasting actually super healthy for you, a matter of fact in Ramadan, you are not supposed to have giant feasts, but small healthy dinners, and not overeat, a common mistake which takes place when fasting, because people fast all day and when they can break their fast, they go all in with a huge plate, instead they should eat small portions and healthy foods, this is heavily encouraged. Now what does fasting do to the body if done properly? I'm glad you asked! This will make you self care people very happy, and those chads who like to go to the gym and get fit! When you fast in this way, it actually detoxes the body. Now here is the breakdown of each stage of the thirty days of fasting! Stage 1, during the first couple of days of fasting both blood sugar level and blood pressure level drops, and the body begins the cleansing process, the first few days are the hardest as they are usually accompanied with headaches, dizziness, nausea and intense hunger. Stage 2, during the second stage, the body becomes accustomed to the fasting schedule, and the digestive system is able to rest. The Digestive system’s energy now focuses on cleansing the body and healing the cells as the white blood cells start to become more active. During this stage the organs start their repair process as well. Stage 3, by the third stage energy levels will have increased, your mind is able to concentrate better, and a overall feeling of wellness, During fasting the body’s healing process becomes more efficient, and so the body repairs any damaged cells during this stage, during this stage the colon, liver, kidney, lungs and skin are detoxing by eliminating toxins. Stage 4, during the last ten days of fasting, the body has become accustomed to the fasting process, your body becomes more energetic and you experience of improved memory and concentration, at this stage the organs are finishing up their healing process and once all toxics are removed the body is able to function at it’s maximum capacity. These are just SOME of the physical benefits of fasting that will take place in the body. But your good deeds you do this month will feel FAR better than anything you do this month! THE RAMADAN CHALLENGE! Now for those who are unaware, Every Ramadan, I give a Challenge to all the non Muslims and the Muslims during Ramadan, Last year was completely insane, More people partook than I had seen before. BUT I believe we can crush last year and absolutely destroy this years challenge. This year, I want you to 1. Comment and ping someone and express your appreciation to them 2. Comment ONE THING you appreciate about lotc, be it the community, the friends you made or even lessons. The more you ping or the more your comment, the better! Remember even a SMILE is charity so is a good comment, So reap your first 70 times good deeds now! FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO PARTAKE THIS RAMADAN Now This Ramadan, The Ramadan Discord will be held in the Qalasheen Discord, later tonight we will be finishing the Subsection of the Ramadan channel, in which muslims from LOTC or those who wish to learn or partake in the fasting will support one another and learn! Here every year we host events, and study groups and work together in increasing our knowledge and encouraging one another to keep doing the best they can! Even if your not muslim your welcome to come and learn from us! This will include Islamic Videos, movies, Shows, and extra to help bring forth the knowledge Inshallah. https://discord.gg/SBCJ22n6g7 AND NOW YOUR RAMADAN MEMES
  2. I don't agree with hostility oocly, But I disagree on banning such roleplay wise. Just because they roleplay somthing does not mean that is what they believe IRL. I have had many people play my kids, and they were oocly gay, and were full heartly fine with any anti gay rp. Banning it will not solve anything for roleplay. Roleplay should encourage conflict, and I do understand there is harassment oocly and thats fucked up, and I am sorry if you go through that, though we should not ban any type of roleplay, Besides ERP.
  3. The Menu of The Oasis Rooster Drinks Qahwa —————————————————— 1 Mina A rich and aromatic traditional Qalasheen brewed to perfection for a delightful and invigorating experience. Assab Juice —————————————————— 1 Mina Pure, natural sweetness extracted from fresh sugarcane, offering a revitalizing and hydrating beverage with a hint of tropical delight Mint Tea —————————————————— 1 Mina A soothing infusion of aromatic mint leaves, delivering a refreshing and invigorating herbal experience with every comforting sip. Qirfa Tea —————————————————— 1 Mina A warm and comforting infusion of aromatic cinnamon bark, creating a cozy beverage with a touch of spice for a soul-soothing experience. Dandelion Tea ————————————————— 1 Mina A delicate herbal infusion featuring the subtle notes of dandelion, offering a unique and cleansing experience. Black Tea —————————————————— 1 Mina A classic and robust blend, delivering a bold and rich flavor profile, perfect for tea enthusiasts seeking a timeless beverage. Melissa Tea —————————————————— 1 Mina A fragrant and soothing herbal tea crafted from Melissa leaves, providing a calming and citrusy infusion for a delightful sip. Damashq Rose Tea ———————————————— 1 Mina A romantic blend of Damask rose petals, creating an exquisite floral tea that captivates the senses with its aromatic elegance. Laban —————————————————— 1 Mina A cool and creamy yogurt-based beverage, presenting a refreshing and tangy taste for a delightful and nourishing treat. Appetizers Hummus —————————————————— 3 Mina A velvety blend of chickpeas, tahini, and aromatic spices, offering a creamy and flavorful dip for a delectable appetizer. Falafel —————————————————— 2 Mina Crispy and golden-brown chickpea patties, seasoned to perfection and served with a side of tahini sauce, providing a satisfying and savory dish. Manakish —————————————————— 2 Mina Freshly baked flatbread topped with a savory blend of herbs, spices, and olive oil, creating a delicious and aromatic Qalasheen bread. Qalasheen Pita Bread ————————————— 1 Mina Soft and pillowy pita bread, expertly crafted for a delightful and versatile accompaniment to complement a variety of dishes. Qalasheen Lentil Soup ————————————— 3 Mina A nourishing and hearty soup made from lentils, vegetables, and aromatic spices, offering a comforting and flavorsome bowl of warmth. Salads Fattoush —————————————————— 2 Mina A vibrant and refreshing salad featuring crisp vegetables, mixed greens, and crunchy pita chips, tossed in a zesty sumac dressing for a delightful Qalasheen culinary experience. Tabouli —————————————————— 2 Mina A traditional Qalasheen salad bursting with the freshness of finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, mint, and bulgur, dressed in a tangy blend of olive oil and lemon juice, providing a light and herbaceous side dish. Entrees Lamb Mandi —————————————————— 3 Mina Tender lamb slow-cooked to perfection, infused with aromatic spices and served atop fragrant rice, creating a flavorful and traditional Qalasheen delight. Chicken Mandi ————————————————— 4 Mina Succulent chicken, slow-cooked and seasoned with Qalasheen spices, served on a bed of aromatic rice for a savory and aromatic experience. Kabsa —————————————————— 4 Mina A flavorful Arabian rice dish featuring spiced meat, fragrant basmati rice, and a medley of aromatic spices, offering a hearty and satisfying main course. Kibda —————————————————— 3 Mina A savory delicacy of seasoned and grilled liver, providing a rich and distinctive flavor for those seeking a unique culinary experience. Thareed —————————————————— 4 Mina A wholesome and comforting stew, featuring slow-cooked meat, vegetables, and thin strips of flatbread, creating a delicious and hearty Qalasheed dish. Sambosa —————————————————— 2 Mina Crispy and golden pastries filled with a delectable mixture of spiced meat or vegetables, offering a delightful and savory appetizer or snack. Maqluba —————————————————— 3 Mina A layered casserole of spiced meat, rice, and vegetables, inverted after cooking to reveal a visually stunning and flavorful dish. Ouzi —————————————————— 3 Mina A festive dish featuring spiced rice, mixed nuts, and succulent meat, wrapped in phyllo pastry and baked to perfection for a delightful Qalasheen celebration. | Shakshuka —————————————————— 3 Mina Poached eggs in a flavorful and spicy tomato and bell pepper sauce, creating a hearty and satisfying dish for breakfast or brunch. Koosa Mahshi ———————————————— 3 Mina Zucchini stuffed with a flavorful mixture of spiced rice and ground meat, providing a delicious and wholesome vegetable-based main course. Lamb Shawarma ——————————————— 3 Mina Thinly sliced and marinated lamb, grilled to perfection and served with a variety of accompaniments, offering a savory and satisfying Qalasheen wrap. Chicken Shawarma —————————————— 4 Mina Marinated and grilled chicken, thinly sliced and served with a medley of fresh toppings and sauces, creating a flavorful and satisfying Qalasheen wrap. Beef Shawarma ———————————————— 3 Mina Seasoned and grilled beef, thinly sliced and served with a selection of fresh toppings and sauces, offering a savory and hearty Qalasheen wrap. Desserts Basbousa —————————————————— 4 Mina A delectable semolina cake soaked in fragrant rosewater or orange blossom syrup, providing a sweet and moist dessert with a hint of floral essence. Muhallabia —————————————————— 2 Mina A creamy and luscious Qalasheen milk pudding, delicately flavored with rose or orange blossom water, offering a silky and refreshing dessert. Ma'moul —————————————————— 2 Mina Delicately spiced shortbread cookies filled with dates or nuts, presenting a melt-in-your-mouth experience with a hint of aromatic sweetness. Qalasheen Banana Buza ———————————— 3 Mina Artisanal ice cream flavors by Qalasheen, featuring the rich and creamy goodness of Banana. Qalasheen Carmel Buza ———————————— 3 Mina Artisanal ice cream flavors by Qalasheen, featuring the rich and creamy goodness of Caramel. Qalasheen Vanilla Buza ———————————— 3 Mina Artisanal ice cream flavors by Qalasheen, featuring the rich and creamy goodness of Vanilla. Fakhfakhina —————————————————— 3 Mina A refreshing medley of seasonal fruits, delicately tossed and drizzled with honey or citrus dressing, creating a vibrant and wholesome salad. Baklava —————————————————— 2 Mina Layers of flaky phyllo pastry filled with a sweet mixture of chopped nuts and honey, providing a rich and indulgent dessert with a satisfying crunch. Qatayef —————————————————— 2 Mina Sweet stuffed dumplings, often filled with a mixture of nuts or sweet cheese, and served during special occasions for a delightful and festive treat. Qalasheen Delights ——————————————— 2 Mina Chewy and sweet confections, infused with a variety of flavors such as rosewater or citrus, offering a delightful and indulgent treat with a touch of exotic flair. Luqaimat —————————————————— 3 Mina Deep-fried dumplings drizzled with honey or date syrup, presenting a sweet and addictive traditional Qalasheen dessert. Kunafa —————————————————— 4 Mina Layers of shredded phyllo pastry filled with sweetened cheese or nuts, baked to golden perfection and soaked in fragrant syrup, offering a decadent and satisfying dessert. ((OOC MY MENU! <3 Spent 4 weeks making the items and menu, I will do my best to serve the best items to my capability, Allah grant baraka to you <3
  4. ((Does only cannonist receive this or can Iman Rashidun followers as well?
  5. A said Rashidun Jihadist is confused by any incursions into the dark Forrest or area they live but fully supports the big epic Samurai from absolute conquest, and makes dua to aid them in their battles to come! +1
  6. "Subhan Allah, Glory be to Allah, lord of the worlds. Alhumdillah I am a Mumineen, and Alhumdillah, All praise be to Allah, for the blessings I have received." Said Shamil as a girl read the poem to him as he lifted a net from the river in which fish flopped wildly onto his boat, turning to offer a warm smile to her as she stood on the desert shore, he could not see her face due to her beautiful hijab and veil, a testament to her modesty before Allah. "Shukran, Thank you Zahwah, Debb's words bring good remembrance of Allah." He then took his small dagger from his woolen cloth like belt around his waste and began to kill the fish, his boat rocked side to side from the waves and the strength of the fish upon the river. He was excited to try new recipes with the fish, Humbled before Allah not as a great king, or grand Advisor, but a simple fishing boy and aspiring cook listening to Zahwah strum her oud and sing Qalasheen folk songs. "Alhumdillah, Thank you my lord." he said to himself once more. @APurrfectPossum
  7. Shamil stood atop his black horse as it circled and made clouds of dust as a pillar fell, his heart embrightened and enslaved with passion as they removed the insult to his tribe by the audacity of the invader for placing such a thing in their claimed land. His heart now at ease after its removal he shouted glorification to his lord, and can now rest happy having it removed from the land.
  8. Shamil mounted his horses as he took a sheild from his friend on foot, as he looked to the Masjid he unsheathed his sword as his black steed reared his sword danced with the morning sunlight "ALLAHU AKBAR! They dishonor the Southern summit's agreement of land! AND SO WE SHALL FIGHT FOR IT! THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD! AND MAY THEIR SHRINES CRUMBLE! ALLLLLAAAAAHHH HU AKBARR!!"
  9. Shamil read the missive, and for a moment looked confused, before reading it again, and then once more, and then a final time. "Cannonists do love to change how their faith is." He then made his way back to the camp as he simply just shrugged "Alhumdillah, I keep firm to my Deen, Like a strong tree in a storm, not bending or breaking to the whims of Shaytan and ibless, Allah keep the Rashidun safe. Well... At least they won't show public indecency...I hope... Though at this rate, Cannonists may approve of such soon.. Eh, Not my problem." ---------------- Somewhere there is a Musin of Iman Rashidun speaking to a group of Musin in the mountains "BY ALLAH, you may see the Kuffar change their own book, Varily how they behave is that of Shaytan! YA MUSIN MUJAHIDEEN! Beware first they legalize SAME GENDER MARRIAGE! NEXT THEY WILL LEGALIZE STEALING OF CHEESE! Prepare to Defend the Mountain for jihad! for soon they will swarm like the lustful demons that they are!"
  10. +1 sounds epic as all heart's stuff normally is
  11. Shamil's smile warmed at seeing Debb approach for Salaah waving a hand to his brother in faith as the two prepared the area for prayer to the One and Almighty Lord, whom they declare worthy of worship and servitude to. "Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel, Allah is enough for me and he is the best disposer of my affairs." He stated as he continued to recite the dhikr upon his tongue with the comfort of Allah being enough for him as he learned from his brothers and sisters, indeed Iman Rashidun was a rightly guided faith.
  12. Shamil struggled to read before finishing before looking slowly to Abdur "Well thats... Thats sad.. is it time to pray yet... I have new appreciations for being amongst the Mumineen."
  13. Lord of the Craft? More like LORD OF THE CRASH HAHAHAHAHA WHY AM I STILL HERE!

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  14. "Mashallah." Said young Shamil as someone read the letter nearby
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