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    find the Harian skype chat you will find me.

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    HOME OF THE LED WATER! (flint)
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    Cheese,Haria,Qali,Falcons,Birds,Poetry,Violin,Farfolk,helping people,landscaping,gardening,baking,cooking

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    Saeed Ibn Malek/Khalid Ibn mahmoud
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    Always a farfolk Qali

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  1. owo My baby
  2. cheese, if you love cheese give this a rep...Cheese is amazing

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      Asking for rep doesn't work 

  3. elder scrolls

    Application * is Required Skype:ibraheem[Conquered by Islam] *Selected Tile :Elnhir *Leader(s) Name:Ibraheem Al-Assad Race:Redguard Leader(s) Details:brown eyes and dark browned haired young with a young person beard *Faction: (Name and History)name:Al-Sham/ history: the local populace suffered after the fall of the world's leaders, brothers fought brothers to become leader and recreate the country but after a few years of bloodshed they decided to have the oldest among them to pick someone with respectable values and honnur who did not fight or try to get claim for leader ship and they must be at a young active man from their community, from which they picked Adam Al-Assad which brought some peace to there are and then passed away, but with the love of the Al-Assad family for bring peace they made them the monarchy choses from the people whom now their heir was ibraheem al-assad which is now leader(do keep in mind this is my first time in attempting to join something like this so any kind of suggestions would be appreciated) Faction Flag: *Racial Composition: (Does your factions consist of Dunmer, Altmer, Bosmer, and Orsimer? Argonians and Imperials? Nords, Bretons, and Redguards?)(has mainly redguards and very little amount of others 99% redguards and 1% other (Please contact me on skype of you have questions or need me to explain things or give me advice because im new to this)
  4. +1 I would love to see a army camp or ship siting down eating theses and talking about their food and work! Great idea
  5. You can name the white on "al-sharif assad" Assad means lion and sharif means these things (honorable, noble, upstanding, reputable, of noble origin, proper) so ito some up his name it would be The noble Lion and the black one you can name "Al-Noor" Meaning the light
  6. Khalid Ibn Mahmoud sharpens his shamshir also in hatred for the Suticans for hill his grand father and praying one day he can avenge his grandfather and avenge his fellow Harians who have died at the hands of the filthy sutican scum
  7. +1
  8. A guard in haria looks at the flyer and chuckles in amusement "What did they do exactly?" he says thinking on it shrugging his shoulders tearing the flyer down "flyer with out a permit." he muses to himself in a joking manner walking off stoping a moment in thought "why is this flyer even in Haria?" he walks off with a smile "thu i have to admit the librarian has guts" he says admiring the bravery of the bookworm(( nice post ))
  9. "SALAAM MY RAFIQI! What fine shirt you desided to wear today, It claims such piety, Mashallah brother, Mashallah." a random qali says to another random qali who so happens to be wearing a white shirt(MALE VERSION) ----------------- "SALAAM MY SISTER! What a wonderful Hijab you are wearing today! It looks Like Allah placed a Oasis of Nur(light) upon your face and your dress holds the beauty of the dessert rose." a random Qali man says to a fellow Qali women who is dressed nicely
  10. I like this idea and i give you a +1 the only problem is i dont have any slots to play one :) ill keep a close watch this this post, if this becomes a thing i am gana cunsider a slot
  11. sounds fun ill be keeping a close eye on this thread
  12. ((OOC)) MC Name :ibraheemc2000 Teamspeak (Optional, Say yes for IP):Yes Discord (Optional):yes(bit i dislike it) Skype (PM if wanted):you have it boss Timezone: EST ((RP)) Name :Khalid Ibn Mahmoud Age: 29 Gender: male Race: farfolk (qali) Additional information (Optional): I have served in the Mubarizun sense i was young, I am currently a Janissary, I have fought in many battles with my fellow Mubarizun and I Am a slave to my sultan and his family, I have served long with my twin brother Ashur Ibn Mahmoud, inshallah one day i will have the honur of dieing for the protection of Haria, its people, its royal family and faiths and become a martyr for my country INSHALLAH! Long live haria, Long Live the Kharadeens!
  13. i wish we can sell wool and not just wool we can have wool of differnt colors you can also sell lapiz you can also sell and forgive me but can we sell dirite for like 0.1 minas? also can we sell sandstone (these are all ideas so dont flip) ((the wool was to suport the local goat/sheep herders)
  15. Take time and appreciate everyone you have and give them a smile, Make them feel like the world :)