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  1. Saeed Ibn Malik Would weep and choke on his tears, He could not bear it, his heart acked with all pains. "Allah help this man, ALLAH I BESEECH YOU!" Saeed would sit in the room with the grand man, He pulls out a damp cloth and clean the old man's forehead, grabbing a comb and combing his beard for him. He could no bear to see the man alone, He would sit By his bed and Read the holy book of Imam rashiddun for him, He could not help but choke with tears when he comes to a part about seven skies and how the mans face would smile greater "Ya habibi, My first caliph, Stay strong." he would weep hanging his head down cleaning his tears with his turban cloth and then pull out his qali violin to play a smothing tone for him, tears running down his face, hsi heart trembled un-bearbly ---------------------------------------- Khalid Ibn Mahmoud stands in the palace on guard duty guarding the door of the first caliphs room, He could not help but feel weak, tears and sorrow over came him, tears would roll down the cheeks of his face, his heart felt as if it was to burst as if a glass cup was thrown from the walls to a street. He could not breath normally, his hands trembled in fear and sarrow, he would take a minute to close his eyes, He could not bear to see the great man in such a state ----------------------------------- Ibraheem Ibn Maher and Adam Ibn Maher would wait in seven skies to greet the man who loved them and showed them the lands of haria and remembering the first words he spoke to them "come, come Jihad ,jihad..." ((I cant even begin to say how much this hurts...faiz kharadeen was the one who got me hooked on haria, He was the very first person me and adam rped with in our lives, he showed us the Beauty of haria and the wonders of friend ship, I think i can speak for everyone on the server that now that this char died...lotc will never be the same....He was the SALAH AL DIN OF LOTC! of haria, WHo couldnt feel sadden over losing him!? :( )
  2. do you like haria? Do you like cheese? do you like the al-nur spring bakery in haria?
  3. NICE! cant use it but nice! When will they fix banners so we can put designs on them again
  4. Al-Sham Sorry still very busy so i cant put any rp into the post XP))((WE SLAYED THE DRAGON!)) -------------- (1AP) send 30 men to the BlackCasters and Inform them that if they wish to build a Mage order That I will give them a place in the capital and help them build their order if they are willing to join under the nation, and possibly in the army, also inform them that you wished to use fang lair’s dwemer ruins for a project of great importance, also host a feast and invite them to the capital to celebrate their victory and our new friends.(to sum it up, give them a base in the capital and help them also tried to get them to join the army cuz i need mages cuz i was a idiot that didn't get mages in the beginning of the game XD) (3ap) Get 1000 More soldiers and equipt and train them to be the best (1Ap) send 500 men to gather the dragon’s resources to make armor and such (OAP) Find out the soldiers who did not lose their nerve and kept marching and gather them in front of the sultan have them all believe they are in a large trouble, Then suprise them with the promotion of the Sultan's Personal Royal guard and given the name and rank of "Janissary"
  6. Developer team on nexus i mean whaaaa i have no clue! ;)
  7. He puts this well said and agree very much on what this man says... I for one enjoy rp fighting, i think if we wish to do more rp fighting that the loser does not have to d40....this way power gaming to save your pixles all the time isn't often and this way people can win the fight or lose it with out losing their precious pixels...But i know there is prob some people who will want to rp/pvp fight for pixels SOULY. to this i say If you win a fight rply, they get something but nothing that is pixel related...maby 3 items only and 1 item for pvp default....if the staff fix the nexus problem which makes pixels so special then maby we could do something better but i think we all know that staff dont want to remove nexus.. so best thing is to make it were hardly no one loses their pixles to the extent of rage and salt......In the summing of this, Make a rule were losing your pixels isn't gana happen all the time and make it limited, have staff watch closely in the battles to prevent power gaming...or we can just make or add new rules to encourage rp fighting but make it were no one will want to win all the time to prevent power gaming(in order to do this you have to find out why they want to power game and work with that ie. pixels...) Dont get me wrong I love a good pvp once and a while, but i do enjoy attempting a good rp fight and i have had some with little power gaming do to both sides agreeing no pixels will be lost...I hope I maby contributed to this talk in our wonderful community and i am on no sides of this pvp or rp talk...i just gave a possible solution and opinion (OH i also forgot to add that raids should prob stay just pvp do to taking a long time, also if rp fighting is really bad in details then i suggest making a forum post on several good rp fights to give the new folks a idea on how to rp fight, pretty much like they read it and see how fights go down with details but make it simple yet detailed at the same time so we dont discourage them :) )
  8. You are 100% in my prayers meanking, i dont have any cash to fund you or do i live close by, I believe you can make it with the help of our wounder full community, ill see if there is more i can do. inshallah things get better for you :(
  9. +1
  10. The two Janissarys Khalid Ibn Mahmoud Would Hum the Janissarys funeral march and salute him as they raising the Harian flag half way down for him "He donated to our army in the times of need against the undead armys, he helped us in defense of raids, he help us catch bandits and criminals, he help our harian citizens, he took care of his aunt who lived here, he was our friend, and a Harian by heart, May ALLAH Grant him peace, May ALLAH grant him the highest of ranking and let him drink upon drinks and may his face shine nur upon nur, MAY ALLAH THE MOST FORGIVING, THE MOST COMPASSIONATE, Grant this man seven skys! AMEN YA RABI AMEN YA RABI ALLAH WE BESEECH YOU TO GRANT THIS MAN SEVEN SKYS!" tears would fall from their cheeks for the great man and friend Heinrik Otto ---------------- Saeed ibn Malek Would weep for Heinrik, he was a good friend to saeed and saeed could not help but cry for the brave and kind hearted man. He would make a dua for his friend, he could do nothing else but give his condolences to his family ---------------- Abbas cheeks were soaked his heart aked for the man we was hired for, deep down he was a good friend and felt as if Heinrik Otto was his brother, he would stay in his home for 6 days for the respect for him
  11. 50 minas." a random qali would say "she ant worth that much." he says with a huff."
  12. Al-Sham VERY BUSSY CAN NOT PUT A RP IN BUT I CAN PUT MY AP! SORRY ------------------------ (1ap) finnish the walls completely (4ap) send 1000 Men to the magic people camp and have them discuss a plan of attack against the dragon, they have permission to assault it once the plan has been made with magic people
  13. Khalid find the end of the trail "He must be alive, I know it!" he says as he raises himself upon his horse to go inform Rafial's family that their is still a great hope and that he will never abandon this search and will search even upon his death!
  14. gg good fight!