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  1. Title Hariq Fi Kays حريق في كيس A Fire In A Bag Origin/Backstory Long ago back in Axios the Hariq Fi Kays was an improvised weapon the Amr Al-Saqur used in its many wars against the larger groups of the time. Often set into roads, near buildings, this weapon caused the deaths of many of whom ever was in its blast. Often used to fight larger groups, more well renown when the times of the Empire, a Convoy of Imperial troops were hit by a blast of Hariq Fi Kays, killing three and wounding four others, in which a ambush then was set upon those who were hit by the blast, in which military supplies were stolen. This weapon often held a great force to it, causing much harm, especially the shrapnel of the weapon, if many ladened a building, it could do much damage to it, even destroying it, as this weapon was also used in a retaliation attack in Norland, in the times of Axios, in which a building swiftly fell due to the blast, though no wounded came of it. Description A large sack of any form, filled with black powder with a fuse running from the middle to the top of the sack, which the top is tied to avoid any spills often with rope with a fuse sticking out of it. Once the fuse is lit, it will then make its way to the black powder inside the sack which would cause the blast. Making process: A large sack would be needed, as well as a hefty amount of Blackpowder, and a fuse, making it is a simple process, poor the black powder into the sack half way, set a fuse within the powder and then fill to the top, and then tie the top of the sack securely to avoid any spills. Seeing the Simplicity, once could also put random bits of sharp rocks or metals within the bag around, mainly up to the maker of such Capabilities Once the fuse is lit, it would then light the blackpowder, which would cause a massive heavy flame like explosion, causing injury to any near it, capable of removing limbs and causing slight blindness from the smoke, which also caused difficulty breathing due to the black powder in itself being toxic. The explosion itself is loud and can cause ringing in the ears. If metals or sharp rocks were put into the sack as well, these rocks and metals or sharp objects would fling around indiscriminately around the original blast, working as a form of shrapnel which would imbed itself into flesh or cause sharp cuts, and could be fatal depending on where it hits. The explosion in itself would be able to destroy earth and stone with relative ease often leaving a small crater like hole. Siege Information/How to use it There are many creative ways to use this weapon, one of the main ways, was to dig a hole and place the sack within it, carefully setting up the fuse above the ground, one would then use a pressure plate, made of wood or a stone or whatever they may wish, a flint and steel would be under such, next to such fuse, one would then Carefully cover up the pressure plate with either sand, grass, or twigs to cover the sack and pressure plate, once the plate is stepped on, it would light the fuse, in which then cause the sack to explode, harming anyone near or on it with powerful force. Another way was to light the fuse through any normal method and throw it upon a certain target, which would also cause similar effects, depending on how the sack was made. (If throwing the sack, you must emote a total of 3 times) 1st. Prepare the sack by lifting the fuse for a lighting process 2nd. Light the fuse 3rd. Aim and throw (If you wish to dig a hole and pressure plate the the sack, You must do a total of 5-7 of Emotes) 1. Dig hole 2. Place sack in hole and lift fuse above ground 3. Make a pressure plate or take pre made pressure plate and prepare it 4. Tie fuse to the pressure plate to ready the weapon and set it down. 5.Carefuly cover the pressure plate to not ignite the fuse 6. One must step upon the plate causing the spark and lighting the bag 7. Explosion Red Lines/Restrictions -Making such a weapon is dangerous as the black powder is toxic if inhaled - Is indiscriminate, it can hurt any one within its blast radius. -Blast radius is of 5 blocks INCLUDING the block it is on - heavy plated victims would suffer less from shrapnel from this weapon. - If the powder is wet, it may not blow up Purpose (OOC) To begin the effect of guerrilla warfare and creative ways of war or attack, allowing anyone to be creative enough to make, set, and cause some damage. It does not often mean one has to use this, but the simplicity of adaptation which is cause and effect. If a said group or person is under attack by a superior force and can not face them head to head, a way of adaptation is creativity to find a way to solve your problem. Citation Spoiler https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192401-%E2%9C%93-regent-blackpowder/
  2. Saeed sharpens his shamshir "******* bring it, lets show them what our steel tastes, even if we lose the city we will not stop, we will not surrender, and we will not end. Allahu akbar!"
  3. Saeed Ibn Hamzah shed a tear for fatima's beautiful words, taking a oath to keep her dreams thriving, inshallah.
  4. Wonk Slayer breathed heavily as he looked to the frognail, confused raising the Wonk bonker looking to farmer Fred for permission.
  5. A True Brother Remembers The men of the sultanate dug in, their heart’s roared like the flames from a volcano, erupting in pride, faith, loyalty and dedication that would break the hardest of stones, they dug in indeed. After being informed that their city would be defended by only themselves, their allies abandoning Al-Faiz to save their own cities, they had forgotten the times the Farfolk people rose up to the call to aid them against the world’s threat. Just like the Sultanate of Haria in Axios, it stood firm, then to hold back the undead armies of Akangi, now the demonic armies of the Inferni. To the world it has been proven time and time again, that a farfolk is not just a man or a women, they are the heroes of their people, Forever plagued by small numbers, they had always held great heroes AND these Mujahideen, these men who held spear, shamshir, crossbow, bow, ballista, shovel, and axe knew their history well. They know their promise that ALLAH the one and only god has given unto them, to sacrifice their lives and strength and efforts in defending their faith, lands and people and world would be rewarded with JANNAH, Seven skies. So they dug in. These men knew of their history, of the Janissaries Khalid Ibn Mahmoud And Ashur ibn Mahmoud and their deaths in protecting Santegia against the sea assault of beasts. Of the brave Jihadis of the Amr Al-Saqr who waged a just Jihad against those that murdered the pregnant women in cold blood. Of the mighty first Caliph Faiz Kharadeen, and his jihads against the kaffir and undead. Of the Sultan Fakhri Kharadeen and his Jihads against the Armies of Akangi. Of the Mighty Al-Mahdi Auda Kharadeen and his Jihads against the Farfolk oppression. Of the Caliph Murad Kharadeen and his jihad against the September prince! Of the martyred janissaries Zubayr and Batool against the voidal horrors and their sacrifice! These stories, their countless history of bravery and heroism, in defiance of tyranny and in support of justice and right pounded in their hearts like the drums that rang and destroyed the walls of Ghanyah. With the blessings of Allah they continue to dig in, WITH OR WITHOUT the world! For they know that their swords shall ring, and their shields splitter, and the blood shall stain the sands, but not until many of these demons laid in the sand for the dune wolves. Like the Knights of Khalid Al-Nabeel and his knights of the White Wolf, And Fahad Al-Nabeel and his brave Saqr Regiment, They will stand firm, and united. Cunning like Perditus and his Anti-Terrorism efforts and unfoiling of the plot of the traitors. Cold like ‘Al-Barrid’ Bernhardt, they will be ruthless against the demon horde. Allah has blessed them with Mujahideen from around Arcas, Secret followers living within the nations, who heard the call of jihad and answered with open heart, they had left their families, their women and children for the just cause. With the small swell in ranks moral lifted, and just like the Al-Mahdi Auda Kharadeen raised jihad along side STONEWALL OTTO to fight the undead armies that besieged Haense in Atlas, they remembered and the song the men of Jihad sang as they marched, the air filling the same tune, but change of words so that they may relate and honor the heroes. ♪We will campaign to Korvassa, anybody can come to our province, but only come if you are brave, only if you pass the bloody Dune. We will campaign to Inferni, anybody can come to our province, but only come if you are brave, only if you pass the bloody Dune, but only come if you are brave, only if you pass the bloody Dune. Listen to the words of the brave men, let us get down to the sands, come only if you can wear the shirt of death, come only if you can wear the shirt of death Listen to the words of the brave men, I pander to my beauty’s whims, the real daughter of Korvassa, come if you can take her away, the real daughter of Korvassa, come if you can take her away. Blood flowing through the sword, come if you can face it♪ Though soon after a rider came within the town, baring news. Their brothers, the men of Haense, made a march to aid in the defense, they remembered, and so will Al-Faiz, Haense coming to give aid and support against this plague of demonic hordes, just as the Sultanate did in the past. True brothers never forget, and will never abandon one another. Together they will struggle side by side, as the world watches. These men, these heroes will make their stand proudly, In defiance of cowardice, they will stand firm, Haense is the first, who shall follow suit next? ((Much love to our Haensetic brothers btw for their efforts and bravery o7 We shall remember always <3))
  6. Wanabe crusader or jihadist as well. The friends with everyone got friends in high places guy I got twenty mods in my pocket guy
  7. Damn Nozoa, friendly fire on your boy here XD Love those post though, I enjoyed
  8. صقر النهاش Saqr Al-Nahash “Falcon Snapper” History & The Necessity The Korvassan dunes often held many prey despite its desolate and harsh environment, holding a number of different animals, commonly as Desert hares, Impalas, Lions, dune wolves, desert foxes. All holding a great deal in common, Speed and camouflage, For long hunting in Korvassa was dangerous and most time fruitless, to get into range of most prey, one would have to get decently close, Have a good aim, and not be seen. Though these animals held greater advantages to stay alive and survive in this harsh desert where it was a matter of life and death, not only from descendants that ventured forth but for the local animals who had to hunt to survive, Desert hares, Lizards, Birds and others faced Dune Wolves, Desert Foxes, Falcons and Hawks, while Impalas, Oryx, Camels, Elephants faced larger predators such as Desert Lions, Cheetahs, Dune Wolves and more, let alone the great beasts such as Sand worms and many rare and exotic creatures that live in the world. To survive in such a harsh climate they adapted to having a great eye sight, camouflaged furs and skins, great speed, and fighting capabilities. The Qalasheen that settled within the dunes often hunted, being skilled in walking the sands, raised upon it, their eyesight as well was sharp, but they were humans, they did not have fast speeds like most desert animals, For Camouflage they used a variety of things, having to learn and adapt fast, as the desert’s dunes changed, storms were often, and water sources covered and lost. Another thing that went against them was their crossbows and bows, though they can go long distances like most ranged weapons, it did not have enough kick to kill larger, more acceptable and worthwhile prey. Not only did this pose an issue, the Qalasheen always had difficulty with numbers, living in such harsh environments, opposing tribes or foreign powers always stood as a threat to them, which called for a need for a weapon that could guarantee a better fighting chance, range, and multi use. This was soon to come to pass, as a veteran in the Sultanate of Korvassa, Saeed Ibn Hamzah Faheem, would begin the works of the following weapon. Being conscripted into the army during the Rubern war, also known as the eighteen years war at age nine, he had been forced to adapt to the understanding of wars, being exposed to the many weapons of the northern cultures, their crossbows and such, he also learned that in war thinking outside the box and creative ways of fighting often and always have gave the upper hand, traps, weapons and such always needed to be made and used to adapt. When the war was over, he continued his career in the military, to keep sharp and fit, he and his fellow men trained but most often hunted, and fought against banditry that often tried to prey upon the Caravans that kept the sultanate aware and afloat. Though now with the Inferni invasion upon Arcas, right outside the Sultanate’s Capital the call for new forms of warfare and weapons were at its peak, and like all things of adaptation it was to kill or be killed. Saeed Son of Hamzah Faheem, of the Faheem family came from a family born and raised in wars, always prepared to create new innovative ways to defend the farfolk people and in the cause of Jihad. Took to his ancestors' past and began creating this new weapon. He would name it “Saqr Al-Nahash” in honor of his family’s history. How it works & made Taking the resemblance of a Crossbow and similar function of one, the “Saqr Al-Nahash” would hold a few noticeable differences than its relative. It would hold not only one bow but a smaller reinforcing bow for strength and support, as well as two bows atop one another, to provide extra power and range being slightly reinforced with Qalasheen Steel. Though with such a powerful draw, the weapon was difficult to pull the drawstring back, so like all adaptation, a crank was added, making it easier to pull the the draw spring back, once the string was ready, it would lock into the trigger’s hold, so when firing the crank did not spin or injure the user. At the front of the bow, the stirrup had two strange sharp points where normally there would not be any, reasoning behind this was mainly cultural and environmental, difficult to use the stirrup in the sands, the sharp ends held it in the dunes firmly, though with the adding of a crank, one could pull the drawstring without the stirrup, so why was it added? It was added for a source of close quarters combat but only as a last resource. Another thing added was a carved hole, with a carved sight to help aim and give aid in accuracy. Overall it works like a normal crossbow, but requires an experienced carpenter to make it. Another thing of note like the crossbow, it used bolts, and depending on what you were hunting or fighting, depended on the caliber of bolt you used.
  9. Saeed Ibn Hamzah hears of the following events, making a Oath to Avenge Jago
  10. Saeed would raise his shamshir high “ALLLAHU AKBAR! TO JIHAD!”
  11. [!] A letter would reach to Amelia by that of a Qalasheen Falcon, on which's back held a bambo container the letter would read the following: "Peace be to you, Amelia, I and a few of my men, are willing to investigate this situation and hopefully resolve it. We are well trained and equipt to handle most things. If you are interested in our services, send a letter to myself, Saeed Ibn Hamza. I pray that your situation will better, bu the grace of Allah."
  12. Saeed Ibn Hamzah would look up at the sky, his eyes widen as he watched in the eclipse take place. He would call out toward the house “My moon, Come out here, look at the sky.” @APurrfectNobody He would hold his shepherd’s staff, the young veteran leaned against it as he watched it with awe. “Maybe this, is my destiny.. Something is calling, and i must seek it... I just need a sign...anything...” he muttered quietly to himself in a silent prayer as he offered a sigh, his longing for a adventure of the unknown and purpose still quietly roared in his heart. ((Yo, plz hit me up, I want a adventure, this sounds fun, wana interact with this so if a event is going down lemi know this is my discord ibraheemcninja#8537
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