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    find the Harian skype chat you will find me.

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    HOME OF THE LED WATER! (flint)
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    Cheese,Haria,Qali,Falcons,Birds,Poetry,Farfolk,helping people,landscaping,gardening,baking,cooking, a lil bit of assassinations ;3 and guard work

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    Saeed Ibn Malek/Ibraheem Aladeen/ Abbas Ibn Aqeel
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    Always a farfolk Qali

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  1. The Kadarsi Tribe!

    [Application] McName: ibraheemc2000 RpName: Ibraheem Aladeen Char age:31 Char Goals: Help Remake the Caliphate and Bring Glory to Allah. Disord(if private pm me on forum): You got it Rp Race(we are leaning for more farfolk, Qalasheen but we accept all):Farfolk: Qalasheen Details(about your char): Was Raised In Haria From a young age as a slave soldier to become a janisary...when haria merged with santegia he was freed at age 20 becoming a Janissary Captain For the Tribe And Is so far Known in the tribe as "Al'Asad" Meaning "the Lion" For his Bravery and how he fights. Any info you want to give or questions(please refrain from any toxic or trollish questions, thank you): Why Do we have so many people so far ;-;
  2. Kadarsi tribe recruitment!

    Not Jihadi if it wasnt apart of a jihad Hehe
  3. Kadarsi tribe recruitment!

  4. MyLittleUnicorn's AT Application

    +1 Helpful person, Always trying to help new players, No doubt In my mind they will make a great AT, ALSO they got the mindset of a good AT
  5. Tiger Janissary Corps

    Accepted, Meet with The Janissary Captain For Orders! You God Damn Beautiful Jihady.
  6. Pontifical Writ of 1655

    The Old grand Imam prays for peace. He goes to sleep and remembers Mother Judith trying to beat him and torture him to convert, but luckily with Allah's help he remained firm, and she left him alone, but still has nightmares of her terrifying and might Unibrow!
  7. [Denied] Kav's Re-Dev Team App

    +1 10/10 guy,
  8. [Denied]MYLittleUnicorn's GM Application

    +1 nice and always ready to help people
  9. [Denied]put me in coach

    +1 Smart man, competent, knows what he is doing, as always has a cool head on his shoulders, Will ALWAYS ALWAYS stand up for whats right....even if he gada go against his friends. Good role model as well! Make the man a GM!
  10. [Trial]Kav's Beating The Dead Horse GM Application

  11. Butterfly Boy (Rough Draft )

    Ibraheem Aladeen Remembers the boy, Sadden he could not change the boy from his way of crime
  12. [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] HurferDurfer

    Hurf Is one of the Best rpiers I know, He is EXTREMELY smart and creative, I NEVER ONCE did not have a good rp experience with him, He said he may be rude but it is in a brotherly nature kind, He is smart with lotc and is always willing to help players out. I heard him before in discord a while back talking about events, we got onto the topic of events and what is fun, In which He told me event ideas which blew my MIND never EVER have I rpied in an event that was like the ones he gave examples of, which made me go out of my way to pm ets to find out if any events were gonna happen! I rpiedIn events of xarkly and I ALWAYS NEVER ONCE did I not enjoy it, And Hurf Taking some ideas from him THIS MAN WOULD BE LIGIT UPON NO DOUBT IN MY MIND OR SOUL! would not be a good ET. Hurf, is among the best, top-notch rp, creative guys I know, In which I say...MAKE HIM A ET! FOR THE SAKE OF OUR SERVER! We would basically be punished if you don't make him et. Good Luck Hurf! +1
  13. Awaken, My Champions

    ((2fIbraheem Aladeen puts his hand to his lightly bearded chin as he reads the book "I need to translate September." he says to himself flipping through the books "Hmm...Where do I begin to even understand such." The young Qalasheen Man read the books "The Nature of the world is indeed in need...." he keeps flipping through the books "September, September... Hm...He might be the clue...But what does it say?" he says thinking of his dream of the Far Glade "I think...hm...I'm going on a trip..." he says grabbing his satchel setting the books within, all except the book of September, he kept that within his hand "I Must understand..." he mutters still scanning it "I know 'he' told me not to awaken September...And the last book...What does it mean 'You' Almost anyone could have read this... If only I could just talk to someone who knew more!" (( @Final Is it actually possible to decode the text for September???If so PLZ PLZ I BEG YA AKHI give a hint...of what it might be...a language....a secret code...;-; or did you just smack your keyboard XD
  14. Attempted Assassination of the Chairman [BOUNTY]

    "Holy ****!" says Ibraheem Seeing the attacker not so long ago!
  15. Shiny Official LOTC Meme page

    look in my disc with memes! Thats my so far meme list!