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  1. "From Allah we come, and to him we shall return, may Allah grant her jannah, Ameen." Stated Saeed ibn Hamzah frowning upon the news
  2. Title Hariq Fi Kays حريق في كيس A Fire In A Bag Origin/Backstory Long ago back in Axios the Hariq Fi Kays was an improvised weapon the Amr Al-Saqur used in its many wars against the larger groups of the time. Often set into roads, near buildings, this weapon caused the deaths of many of whom ever was in its blast. Often used to fight larger groups, more well renown when the times of the Empire, a Convoy of Imperial troops were hit by a blast of Hariq Fi Kays, killing three and wounding four others, in which a ambush then was set upon those who were hit by
  3. Saeed sharpens his shamshir "******* bring it, lets show them what our steel tastes, even if we lose the city we will not stop, we will not surrender, and we will not end. Allahu akbar!"
  4. Saeed Ibn Hamzah shed a tear for fatima's beautiful words, taking a oath to keep her dreams thriving, inshallah.
  5. Wonk Slayer breathed heavily as he looked to the frognail, confused raising the Wonk bonker looking to farmer Fred for permission.
  6. A True Brother Remembers The men of the sultanate dug in, their heart’s roared like the flames from a volcano, erupting in pride, faith, loyalty and dedication that would break the hardest of stones, they dug in indeed. After being informed that their city would be defended by only themselves, their allies abandoning Al-Faiz to save their own cities, they had forgotten the times the Farfolk people rose up to the call to aid them against the world’s threat. Just like the Sultanate of Haria in Axios, it stood firm, then to hold back the undead armies of Akangi, now the d
  7. Wanabe crusader or jihadist as well. The friends with everyone got friends in high places guy I got twenty mods in my pocket guy
  8. Damn Nozoa, friendly fire on your boy here XD Love those post though, I enjoyed
  9. صقر النهاش Saqr Al-Nahash “Falcon Snapper” History & The Necessity The Korvassan dunes often held many prey despite its desolate and harsh environment, holding a number of different animals, commonly as Desert hares, Impalas, Lions, dune wolves, desert foxes. All holding a great deal in common, Speed and camouflage, For long hunting in Korvassa was dangerous and most time fruitless, to get into range of most prey, one would have to get decently close, Have a good aim, and not be seen. Though these animals held greater ad
  10. Saeed Ibn Hamzah hears of the following events, making a Oath to Avenge Jago
  11. Saeed would raise his shamshir high “ALLLAHU AKBAR! TO JIHAD!”
  12. [!] A letter would reach to Amelia by that of a Qalasheen Falcon, on which's back held a bambo container the letter would read the following: "Peace be to you, Amelia, I and a few of my men, are willing to investigate this situation and hopefully resolve it. We are well trained and equipt to handle most things. If you are interested in our services, send a letter to myself, Saeed Ibn Hamza. I pray that your situation will better, bu the grace of Allah."
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