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  1. Fiil'Yar groans and hides away in her hermit hut. "As long as nobody's trying to genocide my people, maybe I can just avoid this situation."
  2. Fiil'Yar prepares to crash an elf's birthday with Turge, swearing they will rue the day they invited both her and her student at the same time to the same place.
  3. "The Spirit World isn't like that." Says a Shaman, Fiil'Yar; one who walks the planes, as she takes the time to read one of the prophet's ramblings.
  4. Rhuk, the gate-hobgoblin, sends a heartfelt letter to Durorn.
  5. “I find it insulting that this man who didn’t deserve to be a snaga let alone an honorary is claiming to be at all similar to Phaedrus. Conceited as always, his writing bears the obvious signs of somebody who thinks they’re much more intelligent than they really are.” Fiil’Yar grumbles from a place that isn’t even relevent to the political scene. ”Someday he will realize that these actions can’t lead anywhere but ruin and he’s lost all chance he’ll ever have of manipulating his way into being recognized as one of us. But I bet he’ll still brag about being a wise shaman to twigs.”
  6. “This person is a liar.” Says Fiil’Yar, a witness of the scene, upon reading.
  7. Fiil’Yar fears for Buck’s life upon finding her voodoo-powered medicine missing, but nonetheless is appreciative to see his works again.
  8. “Ghosts are natural entities and don’t pass on when you purge them. Kor would probably prefer you help them move on by aiding in the plight that binds them here, not forcefully demanifesting them. You’ll just create angry ghosts who have more reasons to stay that way.” Fiil’Yar responds to the missive.
  9. why is there a plugin that will block messages from being delivered at all? do we not see how that can be problematic?



    1. Nug


      i used hooker and wh*re and it wasn’t even delivered like sure they’re not nice words but they’re a far stretch from actual discriminatory slurs and are just kinda mean name-calling words

      13 year olds say much worse like wtf

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      I liked it better when it was just a warning so when you accidentally trigger the filter it’s not such a big deal.

  10. I’ve never understood why kha are so drawn to and effected by sugar if cats literally can’t even taste sugar
  11. Fiil’Yar sends Nelgauth a package of a dozen cactus cookies as a show of support and approval for her friend, but doesn’t send a letter as presumably they’ll hang out eventually.
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