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  1. An old man sits upon a snowy stump, pondering the events of the past decade with an expression most dour. He watches over Gorundyr and Gallic survivors alike as they work together to erect a new camp, yet even as they live to see another day some events refuse to leave him. Though the war is over, his heart still knows no rest. So, with much of the council missing, the old Elder prepares to make his first declaration alone. A decree that many may hate him for, one that some others will lift their mugs to. DECREE OF FALLEN CROW To all remaining men and women of the Ettindom, For as long as I may live and remain at the head of the Triclan in whatever form it may take, let it be known that Karyssmov Faroe, should indeed he still live, is to be stripped of his position as Elder and Councilman of our people and henceforth exiled from any holding we may have in the future. After thoroughly investigating rumors levied against the man, it has been revealed to me that he is indeed a practitioner of the dark arts, and for years has hidden this truth from our people. I have allowed myself to be blinded by my love for him as my Uncle, a man who helped raise me, but I can no longer stand by him knowing he is capable of such heinous acts. That we share the same blood means it is my duty to put an end to the shadow he has cast over us. The punishment of exile is a personal mercy afforded by his past service before succumbing to Maratsu’s influence, however should he return he will receive the full verdict of the Elder Council. In light of this development, let there be two new laws carved into place, in order to ensure the talons of the Fallen One never sink into the flesh of our backs again; Any person or entity found to be in practice of dark magic, whether within the Ettindom’s land or beyond, is to be considered at a minimum exiled from the Ettindom of Aurvengr’s defined territory without question. If a citizen of the Ettindom of Aurvengr is found to be a conspirator of the discovered darkmage, they will be subject to investigation and potentially face the same treatment. In the void that this edict creates upon the Elder Council, in lighter news I shall be elevating the Orvar Clan to elder status to fill the place the Faroes will leave, to be taken into effect as soon as their people choose a representative to send to us. It is my hope that these two decrees combined will help bring us back into the graces of our ancestors and help to stem the deluge of Maratsu’s corruption. Signed, Gwion, Chief of the Gallics, Grand Elder of the Ettindom of Aurvengr
  2. Gallic

    [✓]Vows Broken, Debts to Be Repaid.

    Sorry for taking so long, was asleep for a while. Anyway. We’ve decided Gallic#9894 and Karebear#5153 should be the two representatives, since we have to pick.
  3. Gallic

    [✓]Vows Broken, Debts to Be Repaid.

    Since a GM is taking a minute to get around to this, just to make it easier the Arberrang leadership’s collective discords are: Gallic#9894 – Grand Elder ( NL ) Karebear#5153 – Elder Wulfery#0433 – Council PosidonX7#5724 – Council MajesticOwyn#9240 – Council we’d like it if we were all there, since I consider it beyond my right to make decisions without my council so I’d have to relay back to them anyway
  4. yo I think there’s too much negativity around here


    I think the empire’s pretty cool even if I’m a rebel, you guys create a pretty good foundation for a lot of RP to happen that 15 different petty kingdoms couldn’t accomplish as well, however there’s a real problem with imperials munching on smaller communities that just want to be alone, like Arberrang, and that’s why we got swept up in a rebellion


    the fact that this whole thing is turning into a mess of people OOC’ly throwing salt around is upsetting to me

  5. Gallic

    A Call for Sensibility

    “From what I hear, there were two kids, a citizen, an’ me, except I was already in a great, unshakeable torpor.” Gwion retorts, “Oh an’ a bunch of raiders, too. I guess they’d count as souls if, say, the Skygods gazed upon us as a lump sum of all activity.”
  6. Gallic

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Ye had tha gall to say this while Haense’s men were burnin’ our homes an’ killing our children while our soldiers were out defendin’ Nordengrad?” Gwion, the ‘leadership’ mentioned, scoffs in comment.
  7. “Oh yeah. Training exercise. Ahuh.” Gwion, Arberrang’s chief old man, sarcastically grumbles.
  8. Gallic

    Pact of Blood and Salt

    With a grim demeanor, Gwion signs the document.
  9. Gallic

    Pact of Steel and Salt

    With a thoughtful frown, Gwion signs the document.
  10. Gallic

    Pact of Lost Brother

    With a dour expression, Gwion signs the document.
  11. Gallic

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “I don’t really understand th’correlation between Karyssmov, th’Faroes an’ this weird hole.” Gwion comments after reading the suprisingly well-written dossier. “...Also pretty sure Karyssmov’s a closeted elf, no’ an immortal demon.”
  12. NEW PLAYERS WELCOME Hey, we’ve had these kid characters sitting around for ages and have been waiting for the Gallics to have a stable home and steady activity before we started asking for players for them, and I think it’s about time I did that. There are currently a total of FOUR kids without players in the Gallic Clan. If you don’t know who we are, we used to move around between human cities living on the edges of their society. We had fun fighting mean crusaders who didn’t like our pagan rockpiles, tried to stay light-hearted even though someone died every other day, and made pals with lots of fae creatures. We’re often compared to halflings and are considered pretty chill dudes as far as human playerbases go. We’ve got our own culture that stays pretty isolated from everything else, but we’ve been opening up lately and accepting new members openly. Robin, male, eldest son of Gwion and Gussie, Blythe, female, eldest daughter of Gwion and Gussie, Ashton, female, twin ( legitimately rolled 100 ) #1 ( no skin yet, nobody’s ever been interested in playing them ) Jack, male, twin ( legitimately rolled 100 ) #2 ( no skin yet, nobody’s ever been interested in playing them ) You’ll probably notice that there’s no ages listed. That’s because we have no idea how old these kids are, and it’ll be open to discussion. Depending on the preferences of the people who answer this ad, we’ll decide their ages. Blythe is two years younger than Robin, and the twins are two years younger than Blythe. That’s it. Anyway, leave your name here or shoot me a message on discord ( Gallic#9894 ) if you’re interested. ( also if you want to play a gallic in general not these specific characters, you’re also free to PM one of us )
  13. Gallic

    Kha'Pantera seeking work

    Old man Gwion writes a reply to the Kharajyr’s job listings as he passes through [POSTER LOCATION]. “Dear Derne, Seek Gwion Gallic in Arberrang if you are unable to find suitable work. I am an old man with several children to look after in lieu of their parents, and often find myself too busy to do many things. You are welcome to stay in Gallic hall. I am willing to pay you if you stay in my service for more than a few days. - Gwion, Chief of the Gallics”
  14. Gallic

    [Community Review] Forum Rules Draft

    why would you forbid writing in capital letters this sounds entirely subjective and would open the door to a deluge of abuse
  15. Gallic

    Arberrang Fair: Auction!

    – Item for sale: Zeugl Skin ( screenshot ) Description: ( optional ) Seller: Gallic Clan Starting price: 1,000 minas – Item for sale: Green of the World Cactus ( screenshot ) Description: ( optional ) Seller: Gallic Clan Starting price: 5,000 minas – Item for sale: Petal of a Draoi’s Enchanted Flower ( screenshot ) Description: ( optional ) Seller: Gallic Clan Starting price: 1,000 minas – Item for sale: Enchanted Lyre ( screenshot ) Description: ( optional ) Seller: Gallic Clan Starting price: 2,000 minas