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  1. Gallic

    Terra Pravum | Ambient Events

    hey this is exactly what I wanted to do but I ended up getting anxious and erasing my ET app
  2. Gallic

    The Kal'Bogrin Offensive

    A little fae thing by the name of Faei coughs up a torn slip of paper munched from a publication of an old decree, which by sheer coincidence details the dwarven intent not just to kill September, but to fight all of nature.
  3. Gallic

    The Dunshire Police Golem

    A sprite that vacations in dunshire feels targeted, and thus develops an even more adamant sense of mischief and mirth.
  4. Gallic

    September Prince, Feedback!

    I guess I'm biased, since I hang around on the september side when it comes to conflict RP, but I've had a lot of fun in this event line. I can't really say anything from the perspective of the victims here, but from the persepctive of a little fairy guy doing bad guy stuff it's been entertaining. Granted, I'm beginning to feel fatigue from how long it's been going on, but it'll be pretty good memories and a decent baseline for a character to be built from. if you mean the september side, I'm pretty alright with the gifts we get: if you do a really good job, you get nice RP-- the boons aren't really why I'm in it, though if you mean the other side, I think it'd be pretty neat to have an opposing faction to give out rewards-- like the how the water elementals gave out quests relating to ragnaros and his associated raids back in WoW's early days
  5. Gallic

    [✓] [Server] Hyena Ban Appeal

    I actually have no way of proving that what I recall is true now that I've looked into it, so I'll concede to your better-written account. Also, you never tried to force me to flag, if anyone's trying to say that, and I don't need my stuff back, don't worry about it. I made a modreq pretty much as soon as I died, though, saying something like "someone norp'd me can I get tp'd back to where I died," but the only person who can correlate that is probably the GM who responded to it.
  6. Gallic

    [✓] [Server] Hyena Ban Appeal

    Yo you didn't hit me to get my attention you chased me up a ladder with a sword and refused to revive me. I didn't continue to message you instead of getting a GM, I modreq'd immediately to try to get revived. That's why a GM spoke to you, and you ended up getting banned. for the record I never tried to get anyone banned I just wanted to get put back into the event
  7. Gallic

    A Combined Effort for Nature

    A little fairy guy blows raspberries onto leaves then shoves them into the mailboxes of people who say mean things about the cool wall of important-looking text with the pretty red handprint on it.
  8. Gallic

    The Path of Paths

    An old spirit's interest is piqued by another publication from an intriguing mortal.
  9. Gallic

    Daeland's Warning

    "Ye WOT?" Yells Gwion, his jimmies rustled. "I spent the prime years 'o my life tryin te keep Daeland alive an' ye abandoned us the fek you TALKIN' ABOUT ALISTAIR? FALSE DAELAND GALLICS?" The dude, now old, wheezes. "By tha time we left, we were th'only ones there. We stuck around te try to make Daeland work. You didn't. Keep our names out yer mouth."
  10. Gallic


    "Oi wait Ceru was never under attack by undead, I was there!" Gwion comments despite everyone else arguing about other things. "It was giant animals and bad druids!"
  11. Gallic

    Nazark's Head

    "Oi last time the Orcs renamed themselves ta the Iron Uzg didn't they unleash the spirit o' disease onto the mortal plane?" Asks Gwion to anybody as he witnesses posters on one of his visits to his old ( probably inactive or dead honestly ) orc pals.
  12. A little fairy guy hoots excitedly for her favorite superhero's next adventure.
  13. but I liked roleplaying on my ghoul I didn't join for lichdom :c

  14. Gallic

    [Event Team] Management Update, Event Zones

    So wait, just... Habitats again?
  15. Gallic

    [Community Review] Raids

    Wait, an hour in advance? For just normal raids? I'm not even a raid guy but that sounds like hot trash for people who like to go screw with settlements. I like the idea of raids needing a base to start from, but I'd think the time to get from that base to the place you're going should be all the advance needed. I also like the idea of raiders needing IC allegiance, I think it's a decent compromise for people who feel as though a lot of pvp-ish factions are OOC groups. The head thing, though, is not cool. Heads or npcs being taken have been used extensively in the past as IC justification to harrass people a group OOC'ly dislikes, and it's something I've seen happen to multiple friends of mine. They were coerced into giving their heads to people, and the idea that you can just skip the whole consent part wholesale would make this problem even worse. This change also proposes that chests can be, without a roll, broken into and looted by goon guys. Settlements can potentially be raided every TWO DAYS with INFINITE GOONS with this change. This will probably culminate in people routinely stuffing their valuables into high-security vaults deep underground. Also, what's the point of heists if raids allow you to loot chests without even rolling? Another change I like is allowing villains to come in groups of at most three without counting as a raid. That's nice. I wrote that all as I was reading through it, so to put the points I care about down more legibly: + IC allegiance required, + Villains allowed to cause trouble, - Non-consensual head taking, - Free-reign chest looting, - Raiders need to wait an hour before they can actually raid,