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  1. Llenn Songbird frowns heavily as she reads news of a nation who offered shelter for refugees fleeing the war now going to war itself.
  2. Despite the sensationalist distortion of the story’s facts, Llenn Songbird still gets mad. “HE CALLED HIMSELF AN HONORARY SONGBIRD!” She yells in protest, even if nobody cares. Swept up in the moment, she sets down to write a ballad for the dead Kha with a great number of historical innacuracies.
  3. Gallic

    [PK] Ascanius

    Faei waits in the homeland of her people for her partner in crime, unbeknownst to her that he wasn’t a real druid and won’t be joining her in the same afterlife.
  4. Llenn Songbird, Timothee’s number one fan and understudy, is disappointed that she didn’t receive a personal invitation, and thus boycotts the Hibou.
  5. “One time when I was a child the Library of Dragur facilitated my kidnapping and torture, when I was trying to do my homework.” Comments Lithren, a bird person.
  6. can you please stop automatically putting people in ooc when they join the lobby

  7. Lithren writes a grumpy letter to a grumpy high elf. “Dear Dimaethor, I have been and always will be a vehement opponent to the dark arts and have never once stepped foot in Llyria let alone lived there. Your information is incomplete; Please remove my name from your list of dark mages. There are literally written accounts of me providing the church with what information I could about those who practice dark magic. - Lithren”
  8. Gallic

    The Rexdom of Krugmar

    Upon reading the news, Fiil is glad she apologized for being a smartass to Nazark.
  9. Lithren writes a grumpy letter. “Dear Antony; Please correct your listing claiming I am no longer loyal. I retired. After thirty years of constant service to Adria and the city of Ves. - Lithren”
  10. [OOC] MC Username: Gallic Discord Tag (optional): Gallic#9894 [RP] Name: Llenn Songbird Act: Performing an original song. Lots of backup talents if there’s too many musical performances.
  11. Llenn Songbird, performer of twenty-four years, squints territorially at someone trying to take her clique’s niche.
  12. “Wow you remind me of a pious man I once knew named Zachery.” Comments Lith back. “Or this farmer guy who had the very same personality. Strange how many people say and do the exact same things in the exact same tone and way.”
  13. Llenn Songbird only just now notices the posters, and smiles as their audience seems excited to see them, for once. Haven’t had that since Ves. “Wait, but what play are we doing?”
  14. “These guys locked me inside their building and refused to open the door after I went inside to retrieve an injured child.” Reports Lithren, who is still salty about it. “I had to kick open the door to get her medical attention.”
  15. Lithren, a bird-woman of Adria, writes to the travel advisory. “I’d say Adria’s more of a neutral, we’ve had plenty of Kha’ obtain citizenship in Ves, but we’ve also had plenty of attempted lynchings of Kha’ in Ves.”
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