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  1. Alas, Fiil’Yar’s protest ‘nub’ was not counted among the rest of the council. Such is fair; Librarians aren’t -goths. She sighs and begins etching prayers for the decent people she’s met who may be harmed during this conflict. “I tried my best...”
  2. Fiil’Yar gives an appreciative nod of respect to the attempt at quelling the tensions before literally every nation on the map is at war. “Hozh. Doubt it’ll work, but hozh.” Fiil, the only orcish pacifist, begins praying for peace.
  3. Fiil’Yar, who has been hunting the swamp-dwelling bûrz’zhomos for years, winces. “Should I tell them they’re gone already...?” She decides against it, since wrecking a citadel of darkness and purifying the land is a healthy and honorable way to satisfy the orcish curse, even if the number of spooks there is diminished.
  4. Fiil’Yar spies the declaration as she waits for the gates to open so she can visit her good and trusted friend Nelgauth. Fiil’Yar awkwardly backs away to over-analyze all the odd quirks she witnessed in the time she knew the man. In the end, Fiil remains an optimist. “A misunderstanding...” She assures herself, as to do otherwise would be heartbreaking.
  5. RP Name: Fiil’Yar MC Username: Gallic Discord: Gallic#9894 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Krugmar Why Do You Wish To Come?: To help any of my brothers that go, to recover old books, and to study forgotten places. Especially old Krugmar. What Skills Can You Bring?: Healing, extensive LORE knowledge, mediocre fighting skills, speaking Old Blah, bard.
  6. can this be used in combat?
  7. “But how do we acquire a passport if it isn’t safe to traverse the land to find you without one?” Asks Llenn Songbird, a nomadic bard who just wants to sing songs internationally.
  8. Fiil’Yar dons her orcish postergirl outfit once again as she prepares to grind resources for the Rex, hoping to inspire others to do so as well. She does this with pride; Industry working toward peaceful ends is a wonderful thing.
  9. for real though I do want years that are just SLIGHTLY longer even if it changes our easy-to-remember week=year system I’m sorry for making a serious response on a silly thread
  10. It can’t be reverted to 1.13 and they’re already working on updating it to 1.15.
  11. Fiil’Yar smiles with pride at a resolution that could almost be considered diplomatic. Maybe next time there will be fewer fist fights- One step at a time. This is a good omen. She spends some time doting over the injured Rex, as one of the few healers in Krugmar.
  12. pretty sure they already know about this, don’t worry
  13. Gallic

    On Telemari

    Llenn, Chieftess of the Songbirds, who’s tribe has lived in wagons and traveled for generations now and have a history dating back to the first people, feels moderately insulted by the publication and shows it to her travelling folk for a nice group grumbling.
  14. Fiil’Yar shakes her head in disappointment at those who somehow find reasons to judge two regular ol’ non-mixbreed orcs having an entirely mundane heterosexual relationship. “Guess we just don’t like love at all, huh?”
  15. Llenn Songbird frowns as she recalls she retired from heroism. Man, too bad this wasn’t around when she was an Adventuring Songbird.
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