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  1. Gallic

    The Prince's Wheel

    In the autumn, the Prince ascends from his dream. His light as vibrant fires, stretched over the sky. A beauty, seen only by those who grow from the Aspects' true footsteps. A calling. I awoke to his song. In the winter, the world of steel came to cut him down. His vibrance, sullied by their smog. Their fires scorch the trees. Deniers of the season's turning; They fear rebirth. I saw the draoii work to undo him. In the spring, he came to cut them down. With one touch, their world of steel and stone crumbled, rusted. The Aspects' children retake the land. Life flourishes. It is made whole. His purpose, it's intoxicating. In the summer, he returned to sleep. Like rodents, they crawled out, humbled. But they still hadn't learned: Lost, from the day they made iron from stone... September will make Atlas whole. Again.
  2. Gallic

    Sprite Rewrite

    hi I RP an orange sprite and deliberately avoid roleplaying in the dominion, with Druids, and with other fae and the RP I have is more meaningful because of it you are wrong
  3. I've received the advice that in order for sprites ( literal fairies, if you're unfamiliar ) to be viable, they need something to drive them to RP and interact with the server; An active purpose that they must fulfill or suffer some drawback from neglecting it.


    What do you think you would like to see little fairy guys be obligated to do?

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    1. LaffenOutLoud


      Instead of the pretty, cutesy version of my rewrite..

      Make little flying demons. Torturing and causing chaos to any who harm the balance or Nature.





  4. Gallic

    The Grand Merchants Guild of Atlas

    Name: Gwion Gallic Allegiance: The Gallic Clan Profession/Skills: Ex-Merchant What do you hope to gain from joining the Merchants Guild?: Nothing, I'd just like to sell my massive backlog of merchandise to others who can turn a profit easier than this old man. ((MC Name)): Gallic ((Discord)): Gallic#9894
  5. Gallic

    [I] Sky's GM App

    It's probably no secret that Sky and I don't get along very well, but I like to think we're cool now. I think if he's considered for GM there should be a discussion about what happened in the past, but I'm not abjectly rooting against him.
  6. IC magic already has ammo, and if you use it up you literally pass out mid-encounter or straight-up die depending on the severity. People just don't RP it honestly. I've never been a mage or anything so I don't have any first-hand experience in that regard, but as a lower-rung veteran Druid I've seen a lot of novice druids just cast tons of hippie spells and walk off like it was no big deal. Adding something like runes would work for like, mechanical magic, yeah, but for IC magic they'd be just as abused as mana is, I'd imagine. And freebuild I guess has its problems, yeah, but I don't think it should be removed completely. I think a compromise would be best in that regard. Something like... Nations controlling the build perms of their entire tile, players needing to request permission to build there, and them having the authority to patrol their area for trash and make their own rules about it. I don't know how it'd work for empty regions. I feel that fronteir villages and hermit shacks aren't a negative thing at all-- It's when we have 20 empty settlements for every 1 populated area and all the RP groups are split into crews of 10 across the map that I feel we have a problem. I'm still of the overall opinion that people who are determined to avoid nations should have the oppertunity to do so.
  7. Gallic

    The September Prince: General Help and Item Listing

    As far as I know, Satyr, Cervitaur, Sprites and Spriggans are all soft shelved, so players who have apps for them can still play them.
  8. If whoever this is about is going on LotC to find these kids and the administration knows about it, that's like a guy going to a boys and girls club, taking kids home, and the owner knowing about it yet doing nothing to stop it, not even reporting it. The owner would be an accessory, even if nothing happens to the kids on his property.
  9. Gallic

    This Server is Dying

    We don't need meganations manifest destiny-ing small groups they OOC'ly hate. You know it'd happen.
  10. Gallic

    Domesticated Magic

    Alright alright, this is good and all, but one thing; As far as I know, household magic is still current, accepted lore, right? So, is this just more spells for it, or a resubmission of it?
  11. Hey! There are a lot of people who dislike a lot of fae things for a lot of reasons. If you'd like to voice any of these reasons, I'd like to hear them!


    Not in an argumentative way; I'd like opinions so I know where things stand and what needs to improve.


    I'd prefer constructive criticism but if you want to say something like "player fae was a mistake" I won't get mad.

  12. why was every sprite rewrite denied


    "we do not feel that is enough of a purpose."


    what do you mean "not enough of a purpose" they're fairies there's literally nothing else on the server that is similar and the lore that was proposed added additional features to that to make them more interesting to interact with in addition to that



  13. Gallic

    Aspectism - The Seasonal Solstices

    "Actin' like Aspectists invented the turnin' of the wheel. Hogwash." Gwion grumbles, though still refuses to admit any connection to paganism when faced with accusations of heathenry.
  14. cernunnos and cerridwen are pronounced with a hard C, this isn't an opinion it is an etymological fact

  15. Gallic

    Remove or Nerf Freebuild

    Hi, I really enjoy freebuild and it supports RP for people who don't want to be around big nations and would rather hang out amongst themselves. If these people don't want to be centralized, why would you seek to force them into something they clearly don't want? The solution for nations isn't "remove freebuild" it's "appeal better to people who don't want to be with you", like Sutica's old NL did by trying to bias the entire event team to making events for them or something, leading to their blacklisting. As someone who mostly hangs out in freebuild, freebuild has been mostly a blessing, with the worst feature being the medium it provides for people with absolutely terrible building skills to pop up. I think if you brought back plots, there should at least be an easier way for people who are determined to not hang around in nations they dislike to get them.