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  1. Lithren, who is still alive, notes her missing invitation.
  2. who's that guy who makes the really good newspaper articles? with the frog section? that guy, he's the main character
  3. "An interesting take, let's see if it works out." Comments Fiil'Yar, still relegated to her mountain hermit abode.
  4. "I wonder if they'll try to call this cruel and unusual when they skin orcs and take elven ears." Fiil'Yar asks as a casual observer of the de-bearding.
  5. Fiil'Yar utters simple political commentary from her hermit hut. "Shame on lat, Levian'tol."
  6. this is cool, but aren't there reagents that grow near voidal heaths and have weird void-y effects to them even when picked?
  7. -------------------- IGN - Gallic Discord - Gallic#9894 -------------------- RP Name - Fiil'Yar Race - Honorary Age - 123 Shaman or want to be one? - Already a teacher
  8. Fiil'Yar creates a small, temporary shrine before which she tells tales of Ugrad's dedication to his lifemate and his desire to improve his people, deliberately leaving out tales that brought her woe in an effort to bring his spirit a peaceful existence in the Stargûsh.
  9. hi I've been orc for a while, made a few orc characters and been exclusively playing in krugmar for the past two years or so 1. internally, the nation has a propensity to attract really toxic, hostile people who go out of their way to make others upset 2. internally, the culture and the people who aren't like that are beyond compare and are the reason I still play lotc 3. I really, really think what we need is a leader that lasts more than a few months, and one that's willing to stick to improving the community - at this point I don't even care if I agree with their changes or not, I just want a leader that doesn't leave or get deposed
  10. "We're really gonna capture a diplomat? Even if they're fake?" Fiil'Yar complains.
  11. "Awh why'd lat have to put him in a cage though? I was proud of him." Fiil'Yar asks in disappointment.
  12. Fiil'Yar makes note of the day regardless of international conflicts.
  13. oh no, I'm a magic centrist
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