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  1. Following me!? FOLLOWING ME?!?

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    2. Reeg_


      That's exactly what I did with my first character. Great minds think alike, ya? 

    3. Thantrios


      @NoSpoonNeo That's what I've been told my whole life ;)

    4. Kim


      Yeah!! Late to the convo but long story short all races are decendant of four brothers which hopefully means they could interbreed if it isnt synonymous to lije evolution in the real world with monkeys and **** like that (any race outside of the four aren't phsycially alowed to breed for said reason. No neko kha/human children allowed!!) and the only thing that impacts most differences between them (ugliness of orcs, short and greediness of dwarves, short lifespan of humans, infertility of elves) is iblees' curses, which i believe wouldny primarily impact genes, but definitely trump phenotypes in the end result. 


      In the end it is just a fantasy mc server so there wont be too many details on the reproductive process or genes for each specific race so theres unlikely a chance youd ever get called out for something. :') hope that helped a little bit!

  2. I think this is a cool and original race (Or playable creature whatever you would like to call it), and all the abilities described can be achieved in vanilla Minecraft with a little effort.
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