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  1. Savoyard

    Messy Medieval Workers' Union

    I basically created Neo-Waldenian in MM, an example of this being Senntisten. Anything is possible with this build ideology Also true, sometimes
  2. Savoyard

    [Denied]Josh's GM App

    looks like he didn't have to after all
  3. Savoyard

    Alex the Charming.

  4. Savoyard

    [Denied] Nalatac's Trial Application

    Undoubtedly the best candidate for GM right now. I mean c'monnnnnn.... +1
  5. Savoyard

    [Accepted] [Actor] Good Guy Shady's ET App (Now PG13)

    He would actually do events, he's got my vote! +1
  6. Savoyard

    [Denied]Shekeler's Global Moderation Application

    He would win bigly +1
  7. A little impulsive for my taste, but a perfect fit none the less +1
  8. Savoyard

    The Order of the Willowsguard [RECRUITING]

    Wilmot let out a haggard grunt as he finally reached his pile of letters, he sifted through them until reaching Bryce's in particular. He seemed rather pleased by this, stamping it immediately with the sigil of the Order, accepted. Report to Mor'ton with due haste and seek out Wilmot in person. Once again a letter seemed to drift to the bottom of the pile, and once again Wilmot dug it up, he read over it with a small sense of shock, though he stamped it with acceptance, on the condition that he would take up another role within the order with almost no combat or danger. The boy was to report to Wilmot personally in Mor'ton, just as Bryce.
  9. Savoyard

    [Denied]GM application

    He's got a good head on his shoulders and completely capable of unbiased moderation. Full support.
  10. Savoyard

    [✗] [Event Creature] Mor'tish Ent

    I can't speak for Talavok but I'd also suspect one of it's purposes is to give the Blackwald, or more specifically the lands in Savoy known as Mor'ton more depth and substance. IRP the Marsh's we live in are renown for their attraction to various evils and malicious beasts.
  11. Savoyard

    [✗] [Event Creature] Mor'tish Ent

    Very impressive, Tala. I'm looking forward to have you have planned for the future
  12. Savoyard

    [RECRUITING] The Chambery Marine Corps

    i wish to expel the barbarians!!