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  1. Mmm, copper.

    1. Laeonathan
    2. Gaja


      a fine cargierd to you, sir

  2. My favourite build was the Westerlands stuff. Well, that's obvious. Met a lot of great people, like Benbo, Tehlulu, Murdervish, Geoboy or Freema. Belt and shoes. My most meaningful roleplay interaction was the Westerlands eventline. I don't sadly. Good question. Maybe mods that improve aesthetics or features like food and survival. Go home.
  3. amazing Hello, I build and spook people since 2015 Where's the blanket? Obviously you
  4. azoinks human history 1. Search Google: "lotr server" 2. My favourite character was Ben's harbinger, Orithu and my favourite piece of lore was ghoul lore. 3. Always. 4.
  5. I do miss Kozilek and the first Synod, Ghamul too. Do you ever think about the character and the past? And how the spooks were back then? After all these damnable years, why do you still remain? When do I get my Wraiths back? Mordring time?
  6. "Richard Goldsmith one blue paltock of defence (fabric torso defence), my son and heir John one basinet with one aventail one pair of plate gauntlets one paltock of defence two pisans one silvered axe and one sword with cutting edge, John Dundrawe my silver baselard, John Austyn one pair of plates." - Will of Robert Goldsmyth, Goldsmith of Carlisle, Cumberland, 31 January 1379 

  7. "One little prente with silver leaves with one fountele of silk (decorations) for one basinet, one haubergeon called ‘Bouillon’ (i.e. belonged to Godfrey of Bouillon), and one pair of plates covered with green velvet, four swords one (decorated) with the Earl’s (heraldic) arms, one of Saint George, the third of the (type used by the) Saracens, the fourth for war, two basinets one covered with leather the other burnished (polished steel), one pair of buttoned cordwain (high-quality Spanish leather) huces (shield covers), one iron corset, one cover for one horse of the (heraldic) arms of Hereford." - Inventory of the Goods of Humphrey, Earl of Hereford and Essex, probably Pleshey Castle, Essex, 1322 

  8. "Jean Wallet, the younger his good haubergeon of Chambly nailing (i.e. all-riveted links made at Chambly), Thomas Pilate a haubergeon of half nailing (i.e. not all links are riveted) which belonged to the Bastard Pilatte his cousin." - Testament of Nicaise de Mons, Widow of Jacques Pilatte, Burgess of Douai, County of Flanders, 12 December 1381 

  9. "Then they seized a certain item of clothing (the costliest) – which we call a ‘jack’ – and hoisted it up on a lance as a target at which to shoot their arrows. And when they only did a little damage shooting forcefully at it, they pulled it down and rent it with axes and swords." - A Chronicler’s Account of the Revolting Peasants’ Destruction of John of Gaunt’s Savoy Palace, Near the City of London, June 1381 

  10. Ghamul, Son of Mordring, The Bane of Man, Herald of the Black Sun squints its beady green orbs.
  11. QiiRt3X.jpg

    It's been 4 years

    1. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      best memories on the server. 


      hope you're well, king. 

    2. Angmarzku


      I am, time to spook again on the server

  12. Third time's the charm I guess, or not. I don't think there's a point to a third vampiric creature.
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