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  1. Ghamul, Son of Mordring, The Bane of Man, Herald of the Black Sun squints its beady green orbs.
  2. QiiRt3X.jpg

    It's been 4 years

    1. space warlord organ trader

      space warlord organ trader

      best memories on the server. 


      hope you're well, king. 

    2. Angmarzku


      I am, time to spook again on the server

  3. Third time's the charm I guess, or not. I don't think there's a point to a third vampiric creature.
  4. that's a chad kit you've got on your pfp

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    2. Angmarzku


      I plan to eventually build one based on the second half of the 14th century examples.

    3. MisaiAki


      i'll probably be getting a bascinet soon, although i don't really trust serbian smiths that much. one of them wanted to sell me non tempered steel lmao

    4. Angmarzku


      I wouldn't necessarily call it a scam since historic artifacts have been found to lack tempering or any special hardening, but it all depends on what you're looking for. I for one think the Polish and English are currently the best smiths and craftsmen for this domain. I'll add you on Discord to give you some examples.

  5. As a Romanian, this is a weird mesh of cultures, don't know how to feel about it
  6. More flesh for the grinder
  7. Ghamul, Hand of Mordring
  8. You trust people too much, Zars
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