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  1. “Our cause is in favor of the descendents. Too long have our realms been conquered by an abyssal tide with realm after realm falling to corruption. If small groups of individuals form together with the purpose of stemming this tide and educating those magi of the void on proper use of magic perhaps this land of wonder may be spared.” States the Arcane Mage OOC: ( BrandNewKitten Here. I am back & working on a complete compendium for Arcanism & Celestialism with a focus on giving both magic users and non-magic users a clear idea on how they should be RPed. Magic is fun & doesn’t have to cause issues & I believe more concise text will help us avoid & call out powergamers. Cheers to Princeton for his patience. Send a bird his way if you wish to participate in this adventuring order! )
  2. Maybe the attackers could have held the throne room but they didn’t. They chose a tactical move of marching forward and they lost. It was a good fight despite that early lag. There were mistakes on both sides but this results in an entire playerbase (hundreds of your players) having a city to RP in vs. it getting totally removed. Even with everything going on the defenders were still outnumbered. Four left. Four defenders left. Your redo is bs. Don’t do it. Just move on.

    1. TheCrowChronicles


      Except it wasn’t a tactical move. We were told by staff that we had to take their bunker or we’d lose once time ran out, so we were forced to charge it. It wasn’t until after the charge was underway that the staff decided to tell us that we didn’t need to charge but by that point it was lost. Did you read fireheart’s post? He clearly said this in the second paragraph.

    2. BrandNewKitten


      Honestly no one is ever happy on the server with any decision or outcome so for staff to intervene like this they are really just making sure to piss off even more players. That being said the warclaim was fun. A second time around could be fun as well

  3. Magic question! I have an artefact that I still need to get created (I haven’t been on since last map). Do I modreq? Who can help me? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BrandNewKitten


      mc item

      its an accepted mart

    3. Heero


      I think the MAT/LT/Whatever’s left does that for documentation purposes

    4. Jenny_Bobbs


      Create an '/sreq' and give details, when the member claims the request give them a link to your MArt and theyll return the item.

  4. The Mk.V Aheral Infantry awoke in the ruined city with a crippling pain on his temples. His life, spared. His hands, bloody. The capital, defended. He had done his part in this mortal war. Now it was time to help clean the rot from the land.
  5. First warclaim in like 5 years...

  6. “The world raised it’s wisdom in you, Iaria.” Iatrilemar sheds a poetic tear
  7. I have been on several staff teams including magic and lore and I know that it takes for ******* ever to reach verdicts sometimes because volunteers just don’t read what they vote on. This magic rework has taken way too long but I am confident that it could be beneficial. I suggest doing away with the “lore games” and instead follow the “May Magic Update Plan” Week 1&2: Solidify what infomation a magic needs in order to be viable and release it to the community. Week 3: Release which magics need the most work in a tier based system and then start a your view for each magic. Community should get a final say before teams are formed to tackle each lore piece WITH the assistance of the staff. Weeks 4+: Submit drafts to community. Let them have a say. Not sure why this “lore games” are happening and why player lore is being held hostage when the team that was supposed to deal with it have been saying “soon” since last year. I personally have asked monthly about updates, magic information, release dates, feedback, and while I have gotten a few answers I haven’t been given anything that would suggest I can actually proceed eith a rewrite. I know I am personally not going to rewrite my magic lore just to have to re-rewrite it after the information is finally released to us. TLDR; Quit stalling and give the writers the information they need. No need for games. Just the concise new ruleset.
  8. On my phone so idk how to get the rest but each section has either a 45/55 or a 55/45 split.
  9. Can an LT or Story (whoever actually handles lore now) point me to the info I need in order to reorganize/rewrite Arcanism/Celestialism? Have been waiting on all these voidal changes for 3 or so months now. I may not be active but I have been around for this. Just not sure what I should be doing to fit the system. (I’d like the magic I spent like 6-7 years on to live a healthy life so it is fun for me to return every now and again.) 

    1. Areon


      I’d offer to help if they contact you.

    2. Auriel_


      ^ here to send copious amounts of moral support 

    3. Princeton
  10. Heya! Because this is sort of close close to the D&D race “Dragonkin” I recommend reading up on all that lore. THEN I recommend choosing some key attributes to move away from to make them unique. THEN you need to ask yourself “What is their role on LoTC? What niche can they fill that is not already covered? What abilities can they offer a team of adventurers? What weaknesses make it so they want to roleplay with others to fill them? Etc...” You want to write something that will stand up against the test of time and draw in interest. I recommend using linterest to gather an assembly of artwork that inspires you and shouts “DRAGONKIN” at you. Build your lore with the idea that aesthetics matter because they do & players notice when something is aesthetically pleasing. Good luck!
  11. I forgot that when you comment on someone’s profile page it shows up in this chat box... sorry for the spam, friends. Happy weekend to you! 😁

    1. MamaBearJade


      Dont apologize. I liked seeing my BNK back ❤️

    2. BrandNewKitten


      Aw, thank you friend! My laptop is finally fixed. I am just working on some stuff OOCly before I hop back onto the server. I may join in for the transfer event or just wait until next map release. 

  12. Hi, you are still my favorite druid. 🐿 I hope life is being kind ☀️ 

    1. Birdwhisperer


      Aw, thanks. I’m doing well! Teaching middle school full-time, working on a master’s degree, doing some creative writing. I hope you’re doing great!

      Edited by Birdwhisperer
  13. Hey 👋 dibs again this year for valday. K, ttyl, babe. 

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