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  1. BrandNewKitten

    [Playable CA Race Lore] - [Eastern Dragons]

    Heya! Because this is sort of close close to the D&D race “Dragonkin” I recommend reading up on all that lore. THEN I recommend choosing some key attributes to move away from to make them unique. THEN you need to ask yourself “What is their role on LoTC? What niche can they fill that is not already covered? What abilities can they offer a team of adventurers? What weaknesses make it so they want to roleplay with others to fill them? Etc...” You want to write something that will stand up against the test of time and draw in interest. I recommend using linterest to gather an assembly of artwork that inspires you and shouts “DRAGONKIN” at you. Build your lore with the idea that aesthetics matter because they do & players notice when something is aesthetically pleasing. Good luck!
  2. I forgot that when you comment on someone’s profile page it shows up in this chat box... sorry for the spam, friends. Happy weekend to you! 😁

    1. MamaBearJade


      Dont apologize. I liked seeing my BNK back ❤️

    2. BrandNewKitten


      Aw, thank you friend! My laptop is finally fixed. I am just working on some stuff OOCly before I hop back onto the server. I may join in for the transfer event or just wait until next map release. 

  3. Hi, you are still my favorite druid. 🐿 I hope life is being kind ☀️ 

    1. Birdwhisperer


      Aw, thanks. I’m doing well! Teaching middle school full-time, working on a master’s degree, doing some creative writing. I hope you’re doing great!

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  4. Hey 👋 dibs again this year for valday. K, ttyl, babe. 

  5. Hey friend! Hope all is well!!

  6. On another note: Snow Elves should likely be listed as a sub-race. The alterations received from the altar & a daemon (I believe those are the correct causes, at least...) are similar to the alterations each other subrace recieved. 


    That being said I have never seen a snow elf RP as visibly different than high elves and when I was active was often met with characters who were snow elves but they played as and lived in helfland. This could have changed dramatically in the last year though. I know Wood Elves went a similar transition as a subrace as the years have gone on.


     So y’all need to quit biting each other. There is a reasonable solution here, my friends. Snow elves were hated on for way too long. Just leave them alone & let them be. And you snow elven leaders need to turn down the dial on the drama. Make sure you are rep-ing your peeps in the best light possible. Be the better pals, pals. 

  7. You all need to chill & stop taking all this so seriously. 

    1. BrandNewKitten


      Like stretch a little, drink some water, pray to Putin, eat some fruit/vegies.... C’mon guys. Why is it fun to be mad at each other? Can’t we collectively decide to **** on something else instead of on our own bed? 

  8. BrandNewKitten

    What Pokemon would your character have?

    For my character, Iatrilemar Elervathar
  9. A dynamically fuller world > lore bloat Idk how I feel about it but the lore bloat argument is garbage. Lotc changes, grows and circumvents stagnation. It isn’t lore bloat. It is finding new & fresh ways to RP around what we already have.
  10. BrandNewKitten

    [✗] Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

    I am not a fan of them having “human conversation” with celestials. In very special circumstances sure but the idea that they walk around creating dialouge with them is too strange to me.
  11. BrandNewKitten

    Lore Breaking/Bending Undocumented

    I mean so long as what they are making stays contained within their event or has clear uses outside of I see little harm.
  12. BrandNewKitten

    Maybe free character art???

    You could draw a comic of Iatrilemar finally meeting his daughter; *tears* “D-dad? Is that you pa-pa?” *hugs* ”Ehhhhh-No...?” *slips out of hug* *walks away* *more tears*
  13. BrandNewKitten

    September Prince, Feedback!

    Your idea of a good event is to have an invulnerable demigod wipe cities out without any chance of doing the slightest bit of harm to them? The part about SP that I like is that there is at least some sort of damage scale. How is it a power creep that dozens of mages are casting their biggest spells to damage him? The collective effort bringing down his health is how any good DM should run an event. Different characters have different roles in this event. You have seige engineers and mages dealing artillery dmg while warriors and knights are the front lines essentially.
  14. BrandNewKitten

    September Prince, Feedback!

    I don’t mind the idea of a god-entity having the power to wipe out cities. It is just that this entity was programmed to be defeatable and seems to be being treated like an end-boss anime antagonist where their abilities and powers ramp up exponentially anytime they are on the losing track. I know events can be frantic with large groups but it doesn’t excuse not following the rules the event lead set for themselves. Devise a system that works and works every time. My main issue is that with all the power the SP had they used a “mana obelisk” to blow up the city. That obelisk had its own event line that could have been RPed out but now it seems like it was always meant to be a kill-switch for the helves. So whoever wrote the lore for that is equally guilty in my eyes.
  15. BrandNewKitten

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    1.) A settlement that is built slowly to match the needs and numbers of the new community. Keep things simple. Let people experiment with their homes more. One of my favorite moments of Asulon was getting to fully build and customize my Normandor home. 2.) Stop relying on old members to lead. You can still look to them for feedback and stored info. 3.) Rally behind a new idea. There have always been a myriad of different ideals & where to go with helves. They have been isolationists. Purity mongerers. Even conquerers. What if they go back to their roots? 3a.) The elven blessing is that forests are their haven so a new helf culture based on intertwining with nature could be more fresh. Build more trees, gardens, natural things. Revel in the beauty of how perfect and pure you can make nature. Nature is purity. 4.) Vote on the RP you liked and what you didn’t. 5.) In athera helves were kicked off their plot. They regouped. They can do it again if you find players and a leader who is good at blowjng the rally horn.