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  1. Building and being ET buds with you are still some of my fondest LoTC memories. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said, I only wish i had spent a little more time roleplaying with you before you left. You have always been a grounding pillar for LoTC and I hope we can read each other’s books one day. Chat me up sometimes, I’d welcome the interaction! ✌️
  2. Hit me up on discord sometime, bud! 🤙
  3. Yo orcs. Why hasn’t anyone made a clan of cyclops yet? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BrandNewKitten


      I can only play Goblins. 

    3. EndCallCaesar


      Gobbos are mad fun


    4. Corporatocracy



      u are so weird

  4. just roll for war

    1. Sorcerio


      Nah. rock paper scissors.

  5. Do you ever mass-murder everything and everyone while playing Skyrim only to stop and ask yourself: “Does this make me a psychopath?”



    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      i laugh when the npcs become ragdolls after i kill them on gta

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Only if you have the anime mod installed

  6. Some of you play antagonists IRL and it shows. 

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    2. rukio


      I’m just evil simple as 

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I watch anime so yes, I am very evil IRL. I play a halfling in order to atone my weaboo sins in-game.

    4. BrandNewKitten


      @NotEvilAtAll Chivalry is not dead, it seems. Such honor.

  7. Cloud Temple should be dynamic but not in a way that requires players to run it. It should be a hub for information including questgivers, NPCs teaching rules & chat systems, and things like notice boards for job listings. Maybe each nation gets a board for new players to look at. Maybe a bounty board is in a tavernlike cloud temple. Whatever it is just make it fresh. And with that being said... When one world meets its end our characters tend to find themselves to another world with yet another Cloud Temple. Isn’t it time the Story Team develop some story around that? Monks should be NPC and event based. Having players play a sect of monks is cool but they should exist separately. The tangibility of the monks should be the same for each character.
  8. ~ * ~ Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya ~ * ~

  10. I always stated Celestialism to be an “endgame” addition to Arcanism. However I believed that endgames should be about obtaining tools that allow the player to further facilitate roleplay rather than obtaining raw power. By the time someone reaches an endgame they should be fully engaged in how their magic works and how it specifically shapes their character. An endgame shouldn’t be about completing something and instead it should be an option to further roleplay in that specific magic. Basically endgames should offer tools that allow interested parties to solidify a thematic role without pumping power into them. I think I achieved this in Celestialism and had self-teaching been kept it may have faired better than it has (I dislike teaching rp/busy life =/= inability to stoke the rp). Endgames (including my own lore) can’t rely too heavily on one person. They need to be built to be accessible. That being said endgames have added a lot of dynamic elements to the server. I have a bias towards Archons since what I experienced from that lore was positive. A few years later I can see how lore like that, and maybe even my own, need another look to make sure the theme they offer is built around aesthetics instead of control. Does any of that make sense? I’m feeling tepid on this issue.
  11. I always saw the dragur library as a neutral entity any player could go to and gather info or meander around artefacts like a museum. I like that it is in CT because that means they can display crazy things without having to worry about them getting stolen (certain items are cool to look at but work be PG in the hands of players). If it wasn’t at CT & it was raidable then pvp hungry minions (among the rest of the treasure hunting players) would obliterate the atmosphere. Who cares if it is player run? There isn’t anything wrong with CT roleplay. I would rather see monks again but not everything needs to be raidable/killable/exploitable. It’s become a sort of staple and is neat to visit. Past maps definitely did better but I never minded it’s placement or CT safety barrier.
  12. Character deaths should be respected more. I agree that insta-kills are lame and counterintuitive to the goal of roleplay but that has more to do with how we treat roleplay after-death. The general lack of any consequence makes death a non-factor for a lot of players. I see high elves, among other races/factions, trying to stick to ideas to improve that aspect. I will say acid pits have been used incorrectly by the helves in the past but mistakes are always going to be made and people are always going to be mad at each other. What should be taken into consideration is that the current playerbase of high elves is demonstrating an a desire to be open & honest in how they go about execution RP. That is more respect than you’d receive from a large portion of this server. So long as it is kept singular in design and non-portable nothing will be affected in-game.
  13. High Elves base much of their RP on tradition. This is one of those things that will continue to be used regardless of the status of this lore because RP doesn’t belong to the ST. It belongs to the playerbase who have spent years cultivating and engaging in it. That being said; In my opinion the ways of old regarding the acid pits discovery & containment should be respected. It was developed in a giant lab, the lead scientist lost his hands to it, and one crucial part that I remember is that it needed ventilation & constant circulation otherwise its integrity crumbles. For the blood part: I always figured high elven blood might have a magegold infusion since that is what the pools worked around (along with some ancient ritual). There is no doubt that high elves at one point completely altered their racial appearances. Whatever lingering traits that are passed down somehow empower this acid for this lore. I can get behind that since acid is apart of the high elven aesthetic. It wouldn’t make sense for other races to copycat. Especially because at this point anyone wanting to use it would be bandwagoning and that is exactly what everyone is trying to avoid.
  14. Two child gnomes run over to their parent as they walk through the door. The gnome crumbles to the floor as they embrace their offspring. Today was a narrow escape. Later that month the gnome would adorn a new tattoo. One that would remind them of the benevolence of the Goodest King Boy. much good... 👑 🐶 Edit [Level UP > Level 2 Beastmaster]
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