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  1. Hear me out LoTC... next map... DINOSAURS 🦕 🦖 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alpheus


      T-Rex attack? Yes please!

    3. Dakirennis


      Lizardman race, it’s needed.

    4. BrandNewKitten


      No. Just Dinosaurs. We can only do one thing at a time.

  2. What I miss seeing and hearing about are the micromanaged flavour event zones and setting props that breathe life into LoTC. The map needs new developments as time goes on. And don’t get me started on Lore Games. We should have been looking at 1 magic at a time. This all has been a mess.
  3. Lore games so slow ;-;

  4. They own your account, BRM. They always have....
  5. I miss world building. I enjoy it more than RPing. Sign me up when my computer is fixed!
  6. Fair points. I think we can all agree that a brewery plugin would be a good step. Maybe that’s what we need again. Plugin testing? We went through a lot of plugins in Anthos. Would be cool to revisit some of them.
  7. MCName: BrandNewKitten CATEGORY: Artwork CONTENT: “Gern’s Wondrous Candleshop & the undead sales associate thrall.” <IMGUR IMAGE LINK> (Sorry for image quality. It’s a snap of my draw journal. I have no computer atm.)
  8. Actually, it’s just a bunch of your fellow playerbase didn’t like it and they didn’t enjoy that version of Lotc. What was annoying about nexus to me? Here are a few things: The menus that organized everything but also made it difficult to find anything. If you weren’t grinding you couldn’t do anything with it. It promoted grind over rp. There was an economy but it made people stockpile items for no reason. Tons and tons of chests of useless **** that stayed useless until it was phased out of the map. There was a clear line between RP & Nexus. It never felt fully integrated but instead it felt like a wall. Wanna play a blacksmith? If you didn’t grind 200 hours (or more like 2000) then what is the point? Your crafted items suck in comparison to the average player. Any casual player got left in the dust with little incentive to return. I remember many a time returning to LoTC after a break, logging in, and logging out 10 minutes later after not wanting to figure out the system again. You can’t do any MC thing without figuring out Nexus and the learning curve was too high. Pro: Once you learned to do something with it and spent the time getting the resources you could revel a bit in your semi-customized pixels. Just because some of us didn’t enjoy it doesn’t make us whiners or invalidate our opinions. It is the server we play on too so respect the differing opinion a little bit more. Also the polls were always rigged and in general, LoTC polls are never accurate. Yet we used them in so many situations that it’s weird that the Nexus poll, sparking it’s removal, is controversial.
  9. News Flash: The playerbase weren’t into Nexus and were the ones that pushed for its removal. We just lost most of the dev team too so... gl?
  10. Anyone else playing Outer Worlds?

    1. _Hexe_


      was considering it

    2. punished_calabreeni
    3. BrandNewKitten


      Yeah! It is a lot of fun so far!

      one quirk I have noticed so far is that nothing respawns. I think once you kill something it remains dead and if you put something in a container it just stays there...

      Yeah! It is a lot of fun so far!

      one quirk I have noticed so far is that nothing respawns. I think once you kill something it remains dead and if you put something in a container it just stays there

  11. Hey 👋 Anyone know any good art commissioners? I have a few past DnD characters I would like art for. 

    1. _NotChris



      He does some awesome stuff, artwork and skins. Hit him up 

    2. Arkelos


      Numirya#5929, shes AMAZING.

    3. Korvic


      Blue Budgie#9655 Does great semi-realistic/concept style artwork.

  12. A quеег character that is respected OOCly and ICly.... Edit: I also want free reign and unlimited use of the elytra......
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