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  1. I don’t play Azdrazi. Y’all are getting way too defensive about your horns. This is a public lore thread on the forums. Expect people to critique with the intention of helpIng rather than just giving you attitude on your lore because they feel like it. Azdrazi are playing a role in the server events right now so it isn’t weird that I brought them up here. You will get mistaken as them but Malaise isn’t worried about it so that is that. No big dealio.
  2. mali’fenn ARE mali’aheral. It’s a culture plus cosmetic changes. That doesn’t need a thread nor is it relevant to this discussion. Don’t mistake my critique as me saying orcs shouldn’t have horns. I am well aware that they have existed for years. Orc Horns are cool. You are right though. It’s really a discussion between Azdrazi and this piece. @Malaise thoughts?
  3. I figured azdrazi horns were scaly & draconic looking. The first picture in this lore looks less like goat horns and more like draconic horns so I thought adding in some way to differentiate from Azdrazi horns would be necessary. I guess the vagueness of what qualifies as draconic type horns is a problem as well.
  4. it’s a legit critique. If you have orcs with the same type of horns as azdrazi it’s weird.
  5. Considering how stingy our ST can be on spells & their capabilities it is strange that only 1 person is discussing how imbalanced this spell set seems to be. Especially the minionmancy part. (but the concept is fire. Your writing is fun to read)
  6. sure but not draconian looking horns.
  7. It steps on the Azdrazi aesthetic a bit. Maybe clarify that dragon-azdrazi type horns are a no-no?
  8. Why isn’t anyone talking about the other realms; ios, Oos, Uos, or Yos????

  9. Now that arcanism is shelved can I make legend lore on the shepherd of arcanism?



    1. Magicpastry


      you’ll always be a legend to me bnk

    2. BrandNewKitten



  10. BNK here. You are my Queen. I kneel to your elegance and class. 

    1. Wretched


      This totally looks like I hacked your account

    2. BrandNewKitten


      You would never do that

      (somebody help me) 

  11. i love comic sans. Thank you for changing it. I’ll read and edit this comment with actual feedback after I sleep!
  12. Can’t read any of this font on mobile devices.
  13. Unsound mages are linked to Voidal Horrors. Celestialists are linked to Celestials. Celestials & Horrors are Prey & Predator so the too should not be compatible.
  14. I think we both red those redlines. It seems inadequate. What are the actual effects? It seems too vague for that ability to be accepted.
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