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  1. The abjuration fixes seem more strict. Perhaps an explanation regarding what these changes would fix?
  2. so basically, we agree on most things, but the format of this guide needs work. Your points are valid but let’s get some people together to make some user-friendly magic RP guides that cut out the BS.
  3. This isn’t a guide. It’s a rant. “People aren’t doing things the way I want. They suck. Do what I want instead.” -> Is the impression I get from reading this. I agree with some of what is being stated here like how magic lore should be open enough to leave the concept of light & dark out of the majority of its OOC context. The idea that magic should be motive driven is right on point as well. “I want the power” shouldn’t be an acceptable motive either. This is very much not reading as a guide though. If the original use and intent of the void was to serve
  4. Magic starting/restarting and growing from a feat seems like a good way to introduce/reintroduce magic. +1
  5. Where are all threads with nice Almaris shader pics?

  6. I’ve been out of a working laptop as of last July & man this got me all sorts of frazzled that I can’t explore this map. I’ve been trying to explain to my friend IRL that I don’t play minecraft, I play LoTC. It’s the reason I got the game. Now I have an exciting video to explain it to them for me! You are the best!! edit: also for years and years we have seen our own community members dissing our entire community cuz “hurdur mineman rp nerds still play this?” so the positivity is very uplifting. We work with a medium just like others use DnD but we do it better because we do
  7. This rendition of chi and the duality between the paths is a nice read.
  8. Not sure why you are acting like I **** in your coffee but dude... cold. Do you have one though? Asking for a friend. It’s the one thing on LoTC I have a connection to & I’d like to input my opinion to something I was passionate about. Of course it’s all you will see from me. I’m a magic goblin, you see? Also I’m not whining about being harassed. I’m whining about people taking every opportunity to criticize something that worked during that older iteration of LoTC magic (i.e. when everything was vague). It’s outdated & from a simpler time. It was obvious that it
  9. Before I give feedback I’d like to state something; I did not create Arcanism with any intention of it having an edge of other magi. I created a magic based on aesthetic and the freedom to choose what you did with it. It was largely used in events and the system of magic simply outgrew its standards. The only blatant thing about it is its diversity. It is upsetting to see so many people who used my lore slandering me and my years of work just so they can pander to the current ST. I loved my magic, I was a master of its artistic uses, and I understood why it had to go. I
  10. Mobile forums are still not working. Clicking anything just reroutes you to home page

    1. Mordhaund


      The ads are also ******* insane. At least make them smaller.

    2. Tigergiri


      I would make a bug report so people/ and tech can come back and look at exactly is going wrong, along with pictures from your screen.  it helps everyone out in the long run versus the one forum status that may get lost in a few hours

  11. Hello Arcanism & Celestialism remix. Why didn’t anyone ping me this is cool. edit: if it passes lore trial let me GF when I return ^_^
  12. Mobile forums seem to be bonked again. Cannot access the main forums, login, or access the side menu on mobile currently.

  13. @firespirit44 one of my favorite people on here. Sorry that we have spent so little time RPing & catching up over the years. Go get that bread.
  14. This is the lore we were looking for.
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