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  1. Would be more interesting if it was wood elves worshipping desert mani & living in a desert forest ecosystem. High elves don’t have brown hair.
  2. What would benefit people would be receiving an update with bullet points on each submission. Those rewriting magics aren’t the only ones using them so giving 1-2 sentence updates per piece would allow the community to see where everything is. There is no transparency. Just a very long process with no sign of completion. Give them a progress report.
  3. I realize this post is a joke but he’s a pedophile, he contributed to the destruction of lives, and your post sucks. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. The community and staff know there is an expiration date (even if it hasn’t been selected) for the current map. This causes the efforts of everyone to be concentrated into things like towns, wars, and inner-dynamic roleplay. Why invest in something that won’t last? Build team/world dev needs more members who go around and change/develop the map. Put small-scale map events on rotation. On another note: This voidal event is cool and all but seems like another world ender. That would be a bit cliche.
  5. Just play a halfling or a goblin with a red hat? Feels more like a culture that you don’t need lore for. Or as stated above just play a goblin-halfling halfbreed. Half-orcs exist so.... Just write up a culture post and see if it gains traction IG. The lore itself is too vague where it needs information (language/accent and squirrel powers need defining).
  6. Tbh I am pretty upset with your team. The subjective tossing of lore over the years by biased leaders is annoying. Each new leader has this “grand vision” in their head but it never involves how it will actually function in game or how players will be affected. There is this “deal with it” attitude but from my experience on the team a lot of your team probably doesn’t even roleplay. My main gripes are about magic lore. I was told ¾ of a year ago that a mass rewrite was coming. Here we are today. We haven’t even started and it isn’t even the ******* lore team doing the damn writing. What is the point other than to distract and sedate us while your team procrastinates. It’s been disappointing. Basically either stop giving your team so much power when it is the players doing the work or reorganize and reevaluate your team structure. It’s annoying looking at these messages about the lore games from the ST like “oh just wait and see... mystery... oooaaa.” It’s BS at this point. Sit down with us and get it started already. ALSO work on bringing back **** like Necromancy, Muun magic, and fi. If lore is clear and being used by even one individual then why scrap it? Why? It boggles my mind. If you scrap it you scrap possible roleplay. If something is dead label it and wait for someone to revive it but scrapping all this magic lore in particular is lame. Some ST are very nice people and enjoy conversing. This doesn’t mean they should be on ST. Basically I want to see what each member is contributing. Do we have an active team? I figure it is my responsibility to be blunt with you. Nothing against any of you. It’s just a mess.
  7. You know you want to be a brewer. Is the ultimate whiskey out of reach or is the secret formula in that demented head of yours?
  8. Are you okay? Who set you on fire?

    1. PyroKitten



      I enjoy de flames ❤

    2. BrandNewKitten


      IMG_6342.GIF.5f7b3a41a0c0981dac88f95b3e1d785b.GIFOh good. Yes. Let the flame consume you. Consume all. 🔥 

  9. I think it is a shame that we disallowing our female characters to have prosthetic prostates.
  10. Yo Flam. Get this lore show on the road plz. I need to know what direction we are headed so I can adjust and/or start over. 

  11. Your mechanics are just further descriptions of how they work. Maybe he wants emote counts, reactionary consequences, specific effects on opposing targets?
  12. Who hurt him? Who would do this? My only big issue after my re-read is Astral Conduit. How does one successfully roleplay this feat without invoking the wrath of all who rp with them? Also I didn’t see it so it may be a good idea to put a link to the original lore post.
  13. Stepping on toes of celestialism & my crystal aesthetic cuz... **** it? The ideas look pleasing but there comes a point when one asks “what even is ascended magic and what is it meant to be doing?” It seems to do a total flip every couple of years. This is an addition but it confused me. I’ll try to write some specifics in a bit.
  14. The sky near and distant to the voidal tear was growing ever filled with gloom as a rage of arcanic energy torrented into the surrounding areas. Band after band of adventurers, soldiers, and magic users marched into the abyssal landscape but each were routed. Within the coming weeks the Celestial Order organized their own raiding party. Members of countless backgrounds were drafted including a mixture of adventurers, those in the Celestial Order, the people of Llyria, the Sillumir, the Vira’ker, the Ascended, and at the time of the rallying call over thirty brave souls stepped forth to weather the abyssal tide. In front of the allied forces, there blew an eerie breeze from the desert landscape and beyond the scarred anomaly. It had been warped by the seeping rot of the abyss, a putrid scent lingering in the air. The towering tendril of thick voidal energy loomed over them as Ithrendas lead the strategy meeting and Iatrilemar settled the forces into their groupings. Together they paced the group towards the voidal tear taking careful consideration that their forces were enacting the set plan; The mages would move together in a central column, to either side a flank of elite fighters, and a team of support medics, engineers, and rangers at the rearguard. Upon reaching the tear all the mages would need to accomplish is a successfully cast abjuration brought about by a circle of mages. As the magi drew close to the seething tendril jutting out of the scorched landscape, it began emitting a sickening energy. The bands of warriors at their flanks faced a host of odious voidal horrors, each growing larger and more tenacious as one their brethren fell to the cold iron steel that met their unnatural flesh. One by one the servants of whatever twisted master that conjured them into existence faced the ire of a single-minded and determined force, though seemingly with each push another descendant met their unfortunate demise. Berserkers of a twisted amalgamation of parts met blades without any given thought, the hacking and slashing of their twisted forms only serving to send them into a deeper blood-boiling frenzy. Shadowed wolves with gaping maws tore into flesh, eventually only being subdued by sheer numbers and willpower, allowing the band of magi to make their steady approach. Together they traversed the center of the sloping ravine, flanked by stout and driven warriors covering their ascent, aberrant lightning rained down upon them and wreaked havoc among their ranks. But the descendants had a supernatural creature of their own; an ethereal she-wolf of noble gait padded alongside the Oracle of the Celestial Order, streaks of energy coursing through the antlers crowning her celestial head, feeding a mass encircling itself at the epicenter of her horns. A glassy and translucent arcanic shield of multicolored hues sprouted forth from the antlers, protecting the center column during their climb while the shield was battered and violently shaken from the attacks raining from the abyssal-hued sky, bolstered by the greater melding of several driven arcanists. The group continued forward, inspired by their ability to block the destructive calldown, but were blind to the trap set beneath them. In a sudden wave of crashing energy and the upheaval of earth, the central column of casters was scattered in each direction. From the ground rose a sickly, flesh-melded abomination which gave no mercy as it quickly disposed of the nearest master mage, sending a divided spear into the abdomen of Eliza. Ithrendas, and his personal guard, having been knocked forward and within range of the rift, began casting his mass abjuration. However, his power alone was not great enough despite the voidal empowerment felt from the land. He needed more. With carnage, glancing blows, and devastating blasts of energy splitting up the core group of mages, Iatrilemar called out to them; he tethered to them and one by one recollected their willpower and pools of mana towards the abjuration. Ceaseless in their objective the Celestialists control of melding helped to weave a mana web able to empower the spell to unleash devastating results without rendering its main caster, Ithrendas, incapacitated. The flanking sides rushed to the aid of the melding casters and initiated on the abomination. The battered, close-combat fighters struck down each beast allowing the circle of mages to pour even more concentration into the heightened abjuration. Many of them had studied this very field of work, and through their collective work in rifts, tears, and hollows, let alone the knowledge stored in those Celestialists, the reversal of the tear would at least prove possible. The group moved forward towards the tendril sprouting up from the epicenter. The rift began to emit unsustainable groans while being forcibly shackled back together, plumes of energy crackling and smoking before being sealed and sent back into the ever expanse of the void. As hope kindled in the descendants hearts, a new shadow was cast down upon their illuminated spirits; an incorporeal creature silhouetted in a clouding black mist standing vigilant guard of the outstretching tendril. The sound of reverberating thunder and rolling gusts of gale wind accompanied his appearance, the terror cackling ominously at the assembled guardians before a brave and reckless soul, heedless of his own life, bull rushed with his axe drawn. It was at this exact moment the forcible tethering of voidal tear became too much for the landscape to bear. As the rift began to pull itself closed, the rocketing explosion caused from the thunderous wake of the Voidal Terror tore into the surrounding landscape, sending ash, dirt, and stone flying into the air. Shrapnel from the blast scattered and littered the mobilized group of weary guardians. The shockwave from the explosion sent gusts of air and arcane essence out against the stalwart defenders, billowing and rocketing them back far away from the tainted land. Some stragglers landed safely upon the cool and smooth sand of the Korvassa beaches, while others collided with the ocean’s unforgiving waves. For those unlucky enough to tumble into the frigid depths of the Korvassa sea, fortune favoured their boldness before as medics and professionals arrived upon the tainted site to aid and patch the weary travelers. Those who washed beneath the sea were dragged from the depths, administered medical attention, and nursed back to health. The group, weary and weak, traveled together towards one another to reconvene as a strange, wizened old man appeared upon the shore. A strange gentlemen we later came to announce as Styxius the Wizard wandered across the coastline towards the recovering defenders. He offered healing aid and floating upon the earth as a petal, his feet never really touching sand. He seemed acutely aware of the voidal anomaly and when asked gave many answers to the possible inner workings of this tear. He congratulated the descendents gathered there and vanished in the same deep purple haze of smoke that he arrived from. Despite the efforts of the Celestial Order and their allies, the landscape was decimated and the tear was blown back open. However, what they achieved was still a considerable victory for no longer did the abyssal tendril stretch itself into the mortal realm, blighting the heavenly sky. The land drew quiet in its phantasmal form, the heightened power the Magi felt dwindling to little more than a memory as no more voidal horrors rose to defend their putrid mantle. The group agreed that they had to regroup and come back to finish what they started before the tear could amass its full power once more. The Order had warded away the corruption of the void and stamped down on its breach through the veil. Guttural pride reverberated through the group’s final rally cry, yet it would take more energy, more mana, more power to close the colossal rift in finality. [!] The following letter is found posted in Cloud Temple: With wound and loss we have successfully dealt a vital blow to the voidal tear present in the Korvassa. The Celestial Order led an assorted band of adventurers, some thirty bodies strong, to fight against the abyssal abominations. The land has taken a blow and the tear’s power has greatly diminished. Now is the time for a secondary party to strike forth. You need abjurationists that have dealt with voidal tears, rifts, hollows before and you need fighters protecting them. Druids to heal the lands after if possible, clerics, healers, and archers to support. Watch your back and the ground below you, spread out when you see something charging, and cover the hills to prevent flanks. Be graced by the light, fellow descendents, for the void shall not take our dear Arcas. Signed, Arcane Mage Iatrilemar Elervathar Oracle Saeldur Asul’Ailer Empyrion Ithrendas of Llyria
  15. Props to Mystery and Dingo! I think we were all impressed with the delivery of that voidal tear event! Thank you!

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      All props legitimately go to @Tha_Mystery_Man . I don’t deserve any praise for it, just helped a member out when he didn’t realise how much he bit off.



    2. Tha_Mystery_Man


      ty ty ❤️

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