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  1. this Idea along with the effects of oiling weapons should be redlined & removed. It doesn’t seem balanced.
  2. @Ryloth not to mention the challenge of playing a non-human race.
  3. ((I will read in a bit but the art is so moving I could die...))
  4. I checked with some peeps and we are pretty sure that only proper nouns are capitalized. Even the start of sentences are not capitalized.
  5. (( it isn’t english grammar )) Mani are so cool. I want more. Do Mani travel from map to map with us?
  6. Your spells that deal with manipulating other characters souls will need an emote or two more for balancing reasons, I believe.
  7. I am working on a piece that provides a logical evolution for Arcanism in the hopes of addressing the need to balance spells as well as providing a the next chapter to the story of the magic. 

    The thing I want to make clear is that I want each and every current Arcanism user to have access. Are there any current users who absolutely need their feedback heard? I understand. PM me. 

  8. People hoard mina. Voting is the only way casuals like myself will ever get any.
  9. I can’t tell why the ST seem to enjoy trash-talking my lore (and me, I guess?). It was good enough to be used for almost 8 years. It’s not that the lore is bad. It’s that the current ST regime wants things in a specific format. A format that is impossible to know how to balance. Especially when everything used to be balanced by just talking it out with the other players you are roleplaying with aka collaborative storytelling. Not to mention that in the guide I tried to give as many examples & emote sequences as I could muster (but I realize now that I never finished for arcanism.) What I can say is this; - We are tired of seeing ST post pretentious messages on Lore Threads. This server doesn’t belong to you. - I have gone through multiple iterations of my own rewrite since lore games started. I’m a busy boy IRL and put my rewrite down for long periods of time because I am only semi-active. I have at least a dozen different starts of a lore doc but it’s a lot of ******* work. - We ALL had to wait nearly a year for the ST to give the necessary information to begin writing anything. So attacking people for taking a year is hypocritical. - I got burnt out on all the new regulations and how shitty It was dealing with the ST so I gladly passed the torch on to anyone willing to write their version & continue to support/offer commentary for those that have been doing so. - The ST lore game discord was a toxic place & many of the ST promoted **** talking in there just like you are doing here. -Of course people are angry about a potential wipe & it isn’t the duty of everyone using the magic to participate in the writing process. Especially not when we have had some form of rewrite up since Autumn 2019. ______ I don’t really care if your message is directly pointed at me or just other arcanists posting here. It’s not an attitude any of us want to deal with from the ST. And Arcanism IS a helf cultural magic. It’s often used much like shamans might use their magic in orc culture. It’s understandable for them to be upset about a wipe. Especially when it can take half an IRL year to get into a magic. Though those helves should rest assured that should a wipe happen I would begin teaching again to help them out. As for the intentions of Kalehart with this piece. I don’t have anything to comment other than that Kalehart approached me before posting. That warrants some level of respect from me to this piece, despite not agreeing with the aesthetic direction. Namely taking it from a crystal aesthetic ans turning it into a void-scarred-unsound type of vibe.
  10. Don’t boss me around, bucko! criticize**
  11. “As the original lore creator I have differing views on the aesthetic & mechanics of this lore piece. However Kalehart approached me & I respect the work they have put in to craft this reimagining of the lore. I will eventually release my version of the updated lore, but this at least offers us a fresh take, and was done so respectfully. ✊ “
  12. You didn’t try to contact me about Celestialism (but I get it), insulted my lore, called me circlejerky when I have openly given and tried to give the magic away to grow it (literally vouched for self-teaching Celestialism), and are now trying to remove everyone’s MAs & TAs that they have had for years? It was a magic about freedom & storytelling. It doesn’t need an MA or TA wipe. I’m pretty upset about that. EDIT: I will say this rewrite is trying to be faithful, I appreciate that you don’t want it shelved, & if the LT try and shelf Arcanism it isn’t going to work. This server isn’t for the LT. It’s for the thousands of people who are continued to be apart of the community and tell a collective story. Arcanism is woven deeply into that story. Your job is to assist in balancing. Not dictate what people do for fun on the server. ya just didn’t have to drag me... Is this REALLY our Story team?
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