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  1. Get rid of birds but then give the couriers elytra.
  2. Your vision of the red realm really isn’t that far off from what is actually was. Also This concept is pretty neat and I agree with the idea of event/dlc expansion content.
  3. “The Red Realm” is already a location that refers to the plane that the corrupted draakar, Setherien, ruled over. This was during Anthos. Edit: Check the spoilers you have at the bottom.
  4. Haha it’s all I care about. I simp for arcanism.
  5. Ah i stand corrected then or rather the topic is so vague it’s really up to the interpretation of whoever is current Lore team
  6. Your understanding of the veil seems a bit off. The veil & void are not one and the same. The Veil keeps the void out. “Voidal Horrors” exist in the void.
  7. I’m 26. 27 in August. I attempted to change my name from BrandNewKitten a while back since I am in fact, not brand new, or a kitten…. But that failed. Romantic roleplay in general kinda weirds me out. Did it once like 10 years ago & never again.
  8. Next question; If the winning screenshot is of something I built, do I get a constellation prize?
  9. Are the fringe & red realm maps available?
  10. All this time and my render of “Saiko, the dediest warior” is still being used. Brings a tear to my eye
  11. Rewards are a bit lackluster. Shouldn’t the reward represent the time and energy put necessary for those winning pieces? 100 mina? A pixel item? Seems stingy.
  12. Not that it really matters but you have the same art credited to 2 different peeps.
  13. Necromancy should have stronger interactions with the world and more of them. Balance combat spells but make rituals and the like overpowered. There should be heavy incentive to be an active necromancer that actually does things. It can take a long time to build a plot so finding ways to incentivize or speed up that process would be my go to with a rewrite.
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