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  1. A dynamically fuller world > lore bloat Idk how I feel about it but the lore bloat argument is garbage. Lotc changes, grows and circumvents stagnation. It isn’t lore bloat. It is finding new & fresh ways to RP around what we already have.
  2. BrandNewKitten

    Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

    I am not a fan of them having “human conversation” with celestials. In very special circumstances sure but the idea that they walk around creating dialouge with them is too strange to me.
  3. BrandNewKitten

    Lore Breaking/Bending Undocumented

    I mean so long as what they are making stays contained within their event or has clear uses outside of I see little harm.
  4. BrandNewKitten

    Maybe free character art???

    You could draw a comic of Iatrilemar finally meeting his daughter; *tears* “D-dad? Is that you pa-pa?” *hugs* ”Ehhhhh-No...?” *slips out of hug* *walks away* *more tears*
  5. BrandNewKitten

    September Prince, Feedback!

    Your idea of a good event is to have an invulnerable demigod wipe cities out without any chance of doing the slightest bit of harm to them? The part about SP that I like is that there is at least some sort of damage scale. How is it a power creep that dozens of mages are casting their biggest spells to damage him? The collective effort bringing down his health is how any good DM should run an event. Different characters have different roles in this event. You have seige engineers and mages dealing artillery dmg while warriors and knights are the front lines essentially.
  6. BrandNewKitten

    September Prince, Feedback!

    I don’t mind the idea of a god-entity having the power to wipe out cities. It is just that this entity was programmed to be defeatable and seems to be being treated like an end-boss anime antagonist where their abilities and powers ramp up exponentially anytime they are on the losing track. I know events can be frantic with large groups but it doesn’t excuse not following the rules the event lead set for themselves. Devise a system that works and works every time. My main issue is that with all the power the SP had they used a “mana obelisk” to blow up the city. That obelisk had its own event line that could have been RPed out but now it seems like it was always meant to be a kill-switch for the helves. So whoever wrote the lore for that is equally guilty in my eyes.
  7. BrandNewKitten

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    1.) A settlement that is built slowly to match the needs and numbers of the new community. Keep things simple. Let people experiment with their homes more. One of my favorite moments of Asulon was getting to fully build and customize my Normandor home. 2.) Stop relying on old members to lead. You can still look to them for feedback and stored info. 3.) Rally behind a new idea. There have always been a myriad of different ideals & where to go with helves. They have been isolationists. Purity mongerers. Even conquerers. What if they go back to their roots? 3a.) The elven blessing is that forests are their haven so a new helf culture based on intertwining with nature could be more fresh. Build more trees, gardens, natural things. Revel in the beauty of how perfect and pure you can make nature. Nature is purity. 4.) Vote on the RP you liked and what you didn’t. 5.) In athera helves were kicked off their plot. They regouped. They can do it again if you find players and a leader who is good at blowjng the rally horn.
  8. BrandNewKitten

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    The shield spell is overpowered.
  9. BrandNewKitten

    Mani: Demi-Gods of the Wilds Clarifications

    Encouraging players to RP in order to influence the outcomes of events! I like the concept, the effects, and the boon it could bring to RP! Bravo Dem. This was a lovely read.
  10. BrandNewKitten


    Players need to be less salty. Staff and LT in particular need to take their iron grip of the playerbase and lore’s balls. We want good lore but loosen up? Let there be fun. That is the summary of this whole shibang.
  11. BrandNewKitten

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    Mani Summoning reminds me of the Vikings having huge sacrifical prties for their Nordic gods. Since LOTC already has the precendent of godly interaction it makes sense that you can attempt to contact them (not even “gods”). This is player driven story content & it is what we should be investing our energy instead of waiting for ET world events to tell us what to do. Players need tools to interact with and change the world they rp in. Idk why there is so much hate here. It is just a post clarifying how a culture, religion, and aspectal realm (which were all built up and slowy defined ACTUALLY IG) may be carried out. It is giving another tool to the ET & LT that play them. This is LOTC where magical things occur. Get out of here with your messy medieval hyper realism roleplay. This has nothing to do with the orcs and isn’t some buff for war. Just so much salt.
  12. Let it be known that on the 15th of the Deep Cold, 1678, the Order of Magic has been formed. It was a tepid day in Haelunor as the delegates of the three magical guilds of Atlas, The Enchantry, The Mages Guild, and the Celestial Order, arrived at a plum capped guild hall in the care of the Enchantry. Once gathered, the leaders found themselves sitting in a large chamber of alabaster and mortar with towering windows of green, blue, and white as their host addressed them and made clear the purpose of their meeting. They were to collaborate and form a magical order with the singular goal of defeating the September Prince. Each delegate began posing questions and some even gave terms, but by the end of the meeting it was clear that the Order of Magic would be created, and its ranks were to be filled with master mages wishing to work together to defeat this monstrous evil. Let it be known henceforth that throughout the lands of Atlas the Order of Magic has been formed, and we shall take in and train any and all void mages wishing to combat the September Prince in an effective, organized fashion. The people of Atlas should not live in fear and suffer such a threat, and it is our intention to help ensure that the Prince is vanquished as quickly as possible through unity and assisting besieged nations. Additionally, upon the triumphant defeat of the Prince, the Order will be disbanded. If you wish to join this initiative, report to the Enchantry’s guild hall within Haelunor or send a bird to one of the three Triarchs listed below -Order’s Triarchy- The Triarchy comprises the three leaders of the Order of Magic, each the leader of one of the great magical guilds that took part in the Order’s creation. They manage the Order, come up with strategies, organize training of mages, and otherwise ensure the smooth running and success of the organization. The current Triarchy consists of: Triarch Sarrion Zytiaear of the Enchantry Triarch Eliza of the Mages Guild Triarch Iatrilemar Elervathar of the Celestial Order -Magus- A magus of the Order of Magic is any mage who has mastered at least one voidal magic. They are the backbone of the Order, and it is they who typically make up the front lines against the Prince. They also help to instruct the novices on how to better their own magics. -Novice- A novice of the Order of Magic is any mage who knows magic, sometimes multiple, but is not a master of any of them. These mages make up the reserves of the Order, and they are commonly asked to help circle and assist the Magus’s. -Vanguard- The Vanguard are a special non-magical component to the Order. Their job is to protect the mages of the Order while they cast, and they are specially equipped with enchanted weapons created by the Order’s mages. -Artificer- This is a special rank for those who are skilled in Transfiguration and wish assist the Order in creating weapons and devices to be used against the Prince. Dark mages and creatures are strictly prohibited =Application= MC Name: RP Name: Discord: Highest Magic Tier (If applicable): Magic Guild (if any): Do you have any experience in a military?:
  13. BrandNewKitten

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    I had to make sure that I posted a picture with the same crew from my last post. Been a bit tired lately. Sorry that I am a *****. Sleepy eyes. Limitless mind. p.s. find me a husband p.p.s. how to rock dark under-eye circles 101
  14. BrandNewKitten

    [✗] More Kha Types

    Just do it
  15. BrandNewKitten

    [✗] Voidal Domains [Cognatism Addition] [Voidal Feat]

    Pocket dimensions aren’t really a thing we should be doing on LoTC. It is too complicated & requires too much assistance. Might be cool as an idea for an event though. You are also adding a powerful spell that costs the cognat absolutely nothing in return while crossing into other magics. Not to mention the spell itself is PG. Mental links require consent ICly or if they refuse ICly then OOC consent with extreme focus. This is essentially a circling spell that doesn’t do any of that. So I disaprove.