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  1. ^ The kind of people LGBTQ players have to deal with on LoTC.
  2. I have been in enough voice chats to know RP isn’t just RP. There is always OOC feelings mixed in. Not saying it should be done away with. I’m saying we should keep a closer eye on just how far we allow people to take it. In the end it is giving space to homophobes who find LoTC and the LGBTQ community are the ones paying the price.
  3. Homophobic Roleplay on LoTC is way too normalized and it ******* sucks.


    Can’t wait for the next installment where we discuss how fun rape and genocide can be to RP! smh. I’m out.

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    2. Jentos


      I can agree with how hard it is to achieve historical accuracy, but without wanting to go too far from the topic at hand, “grim dark” can be much more than peasants spitting, and has to do with much more than language. Obviously this depends on the hand which wields it, and we all have different opinions and tastes, though some such as homophobia might be deemed unacceptable, and limiting its use might create further controversy in a roleplay community that already has staff deeply involved in most conflicts. 

    3. AlphaMoist


      Okay but to be fair it’s kind of lotc’s own fault for making homophobia extremely likely among elves. A mostly infertile race would be extremely unwelcoming to those who refuse to try and increase their population. It just makes sense for them to be less welcoming to gays. If people want to explore that aspect of rp, it’s fine. As long as they don’t take it oocly, I don’t see a problem. 

    4. BrandNewKitten


      Genuinely appreciate the thoughts and opinions shared on my status. As a gay male I have advocated for using homophobia less and less since joining LoTC. It makes me uncomfortable & I don’t think is necessary for roleplay. 

      And I also advocate for less extreme uses of racism & sexism as well. A snow elven prejudice built from story scenarios seems okay but homophobia  started as an OOC religious concept that is forced down ***** throats time and time again. We come here to exist in a fantasy universe. It’s just shitty that people replicate the most traumatic parts.

      I understand that the issue isn’t an easy fix but I’d rather be vicious in my reaction to it so you know how angry it makes me than to let it continue to silently fester. 

  4. Apply critical thinking skills to your work on the ST. Don’t be afraid to call out other ST and make sure the players voice is represented in their chats. You are a doll though.
  5. Apparently Sea Elves are a thing now

  6. I see you have taken all the good bits out of celestialism lore
  7. fashion is pain. Okay but for real. I love my gray-spotted leopard kha. When I Am able to come back I want to be able to RP my kha the way I always had. Malv was my third kharajyr that I decided to play. It was during a time in Vailor were Kha weren’t exactly present on the map. The three of us founded the idea of Kharajyr going against the blessings & teachings of Metzli. Feeling that she abandoned them, each of them had different personality signifiers, and Malv’s was an egotistical outlook about himself based on creating his own kharajyr tribe. Whitening his fur with dyes (at the time we were under mechanical default so bonemeal dye worked just fine) was a way to separate himself from traditional culture and create his own thing. They were nomads. This lore has a heavy emphasis on 2 things: - Kha should be normadic instead of focused on building their own nation. - There is a dedicated faction of Kha that do not feel represented by the faith of Metzli. Whitening fur may cause RP issues but those issues existed 4-5 maps ago and some of us used it to build a narrative about our specific characters. It became a strong character fault for my own character. When you write lore about how the kha have become nomadic & how there is a faction of kha that go against the grain but then retcon characters like mine you are shutting down a potential line of activity. I picked kharajyr up and was planning to again because I have a very specific vision & history for a character. You need to start with freedom and gradually grow more specific. See what is popular and what works for the players and rally in-game behind those things. Freedom to roleplay. Freedom to choose. Let go of a few things and see if they help. Restrictions only bottleneck your potential RPers & as you have seen here there are a few of us who are drawn to this aesthetic.
  8. What if you skin a white furred-animal and glued that fur to your kha?
  9. as someone who also plays a white-dyed fur kha I agree. It doesn’t seem like something you can ban someone for so why make it a red line? Naturally white kha are gone & this lore states there is a faction that forbid metzli worship & she is gone so it makes sense that some kha would try to replicate that white fur for their own weird reasons.
  10. This lore states that they originate from Humans but the sugar thing makes them seem tied toe elves. I don’t think lore specifically states that elves have a sugar thing but it’s been roleplayed like that since Asulon. So... each subrace correlates to one of the four descendant races.
  11. I’m getting a dog. 

  12. It should be the responsibility of the ST to take lore that is currently being used (a staple since 2013) and work to help it rather than just say “tough ****.”


    Especially when effort, real effort has been put in to create a rewrite. 

    1. lev


      i am angry! angry about kah!

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