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  1. I will just show you guys what it is like to be in a tercio here.
  2. Tercio De Nueva Esperanza Friedrich's New Plan " Friedrich is on his journey to find available volunteers for his mercenary group. When he was 26 years old, he found a book about Waldensian mercenary's tactics in which group of pikemen form several formations with pikes in their hands. The purpose of the tactics was to take a defensive position against a cavalry charge or to take an offensive assault against enemy infantry formation.He believed that it was a great idea because it does require a professional sword training for each man, instead, several pike formations, but that was no use for him. He was just a Haenseti footman. The thing he learned that day slowly disappeared from his head. After the destruction of Barbanov dynasty, he had to leave his home country for the best He had nothing more than a few coins, so he decided to join his old comrades who are trying to take their home back.He was not a royalist, but at least he had something. Everything was going fine until another nobleman restored their homeland in his own right. It was unexpected, also Friedrich discovered that it would take longer than he thought to liberate their hometown from whoever occupied it. He wanted to see an action. He could not just hide in his house from whatever out there that might bring him the great luck and the richness. He decided to leave his comrades for a new life. On his way to a crossroad tavern, something came out of his mind. It was the text about Waldenian mercenary he read years ago. Afterall, people are living in the chaos. He thought that making a mercenary group might be a good choice. He hoped that it might bring him some gold. After he decided to make the mercenary group, he paused for a while to think about a suitable name for the company. He finally came out with a name after a few hours of silence. He named it "Tercio De Nueva Esperanza" which means "The Company of New Hope" in Santegian. History behind The "Tercio De Nueva Esperanza" is based on 16th-century European armies such as "Landsknecht" and "Tercio".The Landsknecht is a Swiss mercenary group, famous for their huge amount of victories.Tercio was an army that consists pikemen, swordsmen, and arquebusiers. They were effective against heavy cavalry, similar to Landsknecht. Unlike Landsknecht, tercio was the army of Spanish monarchs. "Tercio brought victories to Spain in the war against France and Turks. For more information, I recommend you click this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tercio. Player I prefer Anyone who is interested in joining the Tercio is welcome, but I suggest you read this wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tercio just to make sure you understand what it's like to be a tercio infantry. It is not necessary to read it, but it would be nice if you do.I prefer players who like European history, especially from 16th to 17th century. Ranks Captain: Field commander of the company. He is in charge of commanding his/her soldiers in a field battle. Sergeant: The sergeants served as second-in-command of the company and brought the captain's order to the soldiers. Pikeman: A standard line infantry carrying a pike. Pikemen form several formations according to the captain's order. In a melee fight, they will be ordered to draw their rapiers to fight against enemy infantries. Crossbowman: A marksman unit within the company. The duty of crossbowmen is to damage an enemy infantries as much as possible before they come close. When the pikemen are engaged in a battle, crossbowmen can support them with their ranged weapons or they can support the melee engagement. Format for Application Minecraft Name: Character Name: Job: Age: Gender: Race: Brief Description:
  3. Ranger


    I mean 17th century regimental European army
  4. Ranger


    Is it possible to make an army like this one?
  5. Ranger

    Raiding RP

    why not raid villages than?
  6. Ranger

    Inflation and free food

    It is not just a It is not just making it realistic(which ordinary players would kill to remove) but providing more options for military action for monarchs, for example, you can ruin your opponent's kingdom by killing their civilians thus reducing the money you get from taxation, you can pillage farmlands and make them starve. I am trying to ask you to do this thing because most of the players just want to act, eat, and pvp but I am pretty sure there are people who know how things go. I want to know what they think about the definition of medieval roleplay.
  7. Ranger

    Inflation and free food

    I didn't say we should this is just my opinion it doesn't have to happen.
  8. Ranger

    Inflation and free food

    No you If you don't like it then just say I don't agree with you. I don't even have a right to say what I think?
  9. Ranger

    Inflation and free food

    It is good for new players but how about teaching how to get food by themselves like farming, fishing, and hunting effectively rather than just giving them free food right away
  10. People getting free money will draw people to vote for the server but the thing is it is causing inflation. If you get can get free money and be able to buy more items the price will go up. If you think that if the price doesn't go higher everything will be fine but what is the point of working for money if you can just get it for free. There is no meaning in bandit activity. There is no option to ruin faction ruining its enemy faction's economy because they are getting free money. Since there is no meaning of selling things there will be no trading, taxation, or other economic activities which means the currency will be gone and the mina will be worthless. Why should I sell my stuff if i can just get free money. The server will end up being factions warfare server with zero rp involving in there. I suggest that instead of giving people free money what about giving them ooc stuff that people can enjoy like fireworks, magical affect that has limited time or anything that looks really cool like getting drunk and seeing weird things or jumping really high for a while. There is more thing. I hope that I could experience realism in this server but the thing is I don't have to work my way out to escape from starvation because I get free food. It might be a good thing but I don't feel any realism. Removing free food will increase the value of farming activities, fishing, and hunting and etc. I know that you won't agree with me I am 100% sure every single one of you will hate this but think about it. Just suggesting.
  11. Do you think getting massive amount of money is fun? You will see some kind of event that is similar to great depression. German Empire printed huge amount of money and people tried to spend a lot of money which caused prices to go really high. Well in LOTC, because of the retarded situation of constant income there is no meaning of being a merchant and the currency will be gone forever. If you want to earn something, work really hard. Is clicking vote really hard thing? I mean if you want to help the server you can just vote at least once a week regardless.
  12. Ranger

    Raiding RP

    Raiding is quite fun activity in this server but I think it is quite unrealistic that raiding party can raid a heavily fortified settlement. I will tell you why it is impossible. In terms of realism raid is used for economic shock or confusion among villagers to demoralize the nation. Since cities and some towns are fortified with stone wall raiding party couldn't manage to pillage it unless they captured it after the siege so what they did was pillaging villages and small towns and farmland outside a wall. If you still want to raid a huge city no matter what then what about make this kind of scenario. Let's say that raiding party sneak into the city and a small group of guards noticed them and then those players can do PvP or you can fighting in any small village or near houses outside a wall. Let's say that no matter what raiding party can raid a huge city but if you manage to defeat the players defending them do you think you slaughter the entire force garrisoned in the city? If so how we just call it a siege event? Here is a thing. In a big city huge amount of soldiers are stationed and raiding party is small so if you are going to raid a big city it means even though you get to defeat all the players defending it doesn't mean that you kill entire soldiers in the city. There are still technically more soldiers in the city even though in Minecraft they don't physically exist. If you want to say that you killed the entire force of your enemy then it would be better to say siege not raiding. I am not sure if you agree but I believe that it would be great for proper RP in raiding. Actually it doesn't matter as long as you guys get to kill each other right?
  13. Ranger

    Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

    APPLICATION FOR THE 2ND ROYAL ARMY NAME: Fridrich Von Schwen NOBILITY (Y/N):n if not, GENTRY (Y/N):n AGE: DATE OF BIRTH (if known):1622 PLACE OF BIRTH (if known):Somewhere in Oren RACE:Human ETHNICITY (Highlander, Heartlander, etc. N/A if not applicable or unknown.): Highlander MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE:His father was a trader so he is not a good fighter PAST LABOR EXPERIENCE: He has a experience in farming. OOC MC name:traveler3599 TS,Skype: yes
  14. Ranger

    Npc for the better looking

    Better than seeing nothing aye?