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  1. I will just show you guys what it is like to be in a tercio here.
  2. Tercio De Nueva Esperanza Friedrich's New Plan " Friedrich is on his journey to find available volunteers for his mercenary group. When he was 26 years old, he found a book about Waldensian mercenary's tactics in which group of pikemen form several formations with pikes in their hands. The purpose of the tactics was to take a defensive position against a cavalry charge or to take an offensive assault against enemy infantry formation.He believed that it was a great idea because it does require a professional sword training for each man, instead, several pike formations, but that was no use for him. He was just a Haenseti footman. The thing he learned that day slowly disappeared from his head. After the destruction of Barbanov dynasty, he had to leave his home country for the best He had nothing more than a few coins, so he decided to join his old comrades who are trying to take their home back.He was not a royalist, but at least he had something. Everything was going fine until another nobleman restored their homeland in his own right. It was unexpected, also Friedrich discovered that it would take longer than he thought to liberate their hometown from whoever occupied it. He wanted to see an action. He could not just hide in his house from whatever out there that might bring him the great luck and the richness. He decided to leave his comrades for a new life. On his way to a crossroad tavern, something came out of his mind. It was the text about Waldenian mercenary he read years ago. Afterall, people are living in the chaos. He thought that making a mercenary group might be a good choice. He hoped that it might bring him some gold. After he decided to make the mercenary group, he paused for a while to think about a suitable name for the company. He finally came out with a name after a few hours of silence. He named it "Tercio De Nueva Esperanza" which means "The Company of New Hope" in Santegian. History behind The "Tercio De Nueva Esperanza" is based on 16th-century European armies such as "Landsknecht" and "Tercio".The Landsknecht is a Swiss mercenary group, famous for their huge amount of victories.Tercio was an army that consists pikemen, swordsmen, and arquebusiers. They were effective against heavy cavalry, similar to Landsknecht. Unlike Landsknecht, tercio was the army of Spanish monarchs. "Tercio brought victories to Spain in the war against France and Turks. For more information, I recommend you click this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tercio. Player I prefer Anyone who is interested in joining the Tercio is welcome, but I suggest you read this wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tercio just to make sure you understand what it's like to be a tercio infantry. It is not necessary to read it, but it would be nice if you do.I prefer players who like European history, especially from 16th to 17th century. Ranks Captain: Field commander of the company. He is in charge of commanding his/her soldiers in a field battle. Sergeant: The sergeants served as second-in-command of the company and brought the captain's order to the soldiers. Pikeman: A standard line infantry carrying a pike. Pikemen form several formations according to the captain's order. In a melee fight, they will be ordered to draw their rapiers to fight against enemy infantries. Crossbowman: A marksman unit within the company. The duty of crossbowmen is to damage an enemy infantries as much as possible before they come close. When the pikemen are engaged in a battle, crossbowmen can support them with their ranged weapons or they can support the melee engagement. Format for Application Minecraft Name: Character Name: Job: Age: Gender: Race: Brief Description:
  3. Ranger

    Tip of the Spear

    Does Oren have renaissance pike men and sword men? Do they have uniform from Warhammer Empire or Imperial army in 16th century of Holy Roman Empire?
  4. Ranger

    Your View: Techlock

    At least musketeers and Conquistador and pike man and hussar. At least renaissance and flint rock guns.
  5. Ranger

    Your View: Techlock

    Please. At least make musketeers and pike man. I mean just look at the warhammer. It's based on fantasy world but ehy have pike man and musketeers. Just make army that has technology in middle of the 17th.
  6. Ranger

    The Grandaxe Clan

    mc name: traveler3599 character name: Robert Grandaxe age:58 profession: chef appearance: red hair with kind of brown eyes. He also has long bear. He is wearing some normal dwarven cloth. Blood line: Blackaxe skin