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  1. Raiding RP

    Raiding is quite fun activity in this server but I think it is quite unrealistic that raiding party can raid a heavily fortified settlement. I will tell you why it is impossible. In terms of realism raid is used for economic shock or confusion among villagers to demoralize the nation. Since cities and some towns are fortified with stone wall raiding party couldn't manage to pillage it unless they captured it after the siege so what they did was pillaging villages and small towns and farmland outside a wall. If you still want to raid a huge city no matter what then what about make this kind of scenario. Let's say that raiding party sneak into the city and a small group of guards noticed them and then those players can do PvP or you can fighting in any small village or near houses outside a wall. Let's say that no matter what raiding party can raid a huge city but if you manage to defeat the players defending them do you think you slaughter the entire force garrisoned in the city? If so how we just call it a siege event? Here is a thing. In a big city huge amount of soldiers are stationed and raiding party is small so if you are going to raid a big city it means even though you get to defeat all the players defending it doesn't mean that you kill entire soldiers in the city. There are still technically more soldiers in the city even though in Minecraft they don't physically exist. If you want to say that you killed the entire force of your enemy then it would be better to say siege not raiding. I am not sure if you agree but I believe that it would be great for proper RP in raiding. Actually it doesn't matter as long as you guys get to kill each other right?
  2. Markev Town Hall

    *Friedrich the guard would look at the poster on the Markev garrison wall and go back to his room and continue his nap*
  3. Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

    APPLICATION FOR THE 2ND ROYAL ARMY NAME: Fridrich Von Schwen NOBILITY (Y/N):n if not, GENTRY (Y/N):n AGE: DATE OF BIRTH (if known):1622 PLACE OF BIRTH (if known):Somewhere in Oren RACE:Human ETHNICITY (Highlander, Heartlander, etc. N/A if not applicable or unknown.): Highlander MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE:His father was a trader so he is not a good fighter PAST LABOR EXPERIENCE: He has a experience in farming. OOC MC name:traveler3599 TS,Skype: yes
  4. Npc for the better looking

    Better than seeing nothing aye?
  5. Well I have seen npcs standing on certain area such as mercenary camps or inside the city. It gives player kind of cinematic view. Mercenary soldiers standing or servant cleaning the room those are things that players can't do but if there is someone who is doing it or looks like doing it will give realism of the life. What I think is if the city requires or player want to decorate their land maybe staffs can help or they can buy the npc with mina. Donation is a good idea. It's fair but not everyone can do that. I wanted to get a npc but I don't have money to donate but I feel like it would be nice if I add a npc near my house to give realism. If the players can get a permission from staff after players tell staffs what the purpose is to use the npc they won't use for no reason but for better looking or they can buy one under certain circumstances in which players should use it for good reason. There are place where you need someone to stand for a long time for example gate guard should be guarding the gate but players can't do that because of their time zone or it's boring and innkeeper or bartender or black smith(well I guess black smith is not necessary) should be where they are suppose to be. I mean you can set the market so player can actually buy wine without bartender and sword without black smith but it looks nice. It gives realism. I am pretty sure many people won't like this idea but adding this features can make players to feel like they are living in actually settlement not a inactive place.
  6. Too Many Monkbread

    I agree
  7. Townsmen and villagers

    Maybe we could reduce factions
  8. Townsmen and villagers

    What I mean is npcs walking around the settlements I mean npcs walking around the towns
  9. Townsmen and villagers

    Maybe we can use quest npcs but maybe we can use normal minecraft npcs in settlements so it looks like it is an actual settlement. If we can than we should change those npcs to steve shape. Players can give npcs name and skins and give backstory and dialog or something. I have seen that in Wynncraft server(It's just rpg server you do quest and stuff not a roleplay server kinda like singleplay) there are settlements and there are npcs that give you quests but also there are citizen npcs that are based mc normal npcs but look like steve. We can give npcs certain jobs like innkeeper or gate guard because players can't stay there forever. We can use them as black smith or baker apprentice.
  10. Some times cities are empty and if the city is big it is still empty even though there are people so what i think is what if we add some npcs to fill the cities so the cities won't look like there is noone in there. It adds realism to the cities because there should be many townsmen walking around the town.
  11. Tech lock

    I don't want flint lock. I said hand gun. It's from late 14th to early 15th century which is considered as medieval weapon.
  12. Tech lock

    I just wanted hand gunners from empire from warhammer You think these two things are same? This is what medieval hand gunner looks like. Not this modern infantry.
  13. Tech lock

    What the hell did happen to tech-lock?. There was a vote for whether we should make it or not and I am hearing nothing. I really want to see matchlock musket or any type of renaissance hand gun. Why do we have to stick to bow and cross bow? What the hell is wrong with adding just some old muskets?. Warhammer is a fantasy story but empire has hand-gunners what the hell? Bretonnia is in 1300 with medieval units? It doesn't make sense. Why don't we add it?
  14. Tip of the Spear

    Does Oren have renaissance pike men and sword men? Do they have uniform from Warhammer Empire or Imperial army in 16th century of Holy Roman Empire?
  15. Your View: Techlock

    At least musketeers and Conquistador and pike man and hussar. At least renaissance and flint rock guns.