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  1. Shame to see you go bud. But also good for you, too many people get caught up in this ****. While I only really got to know you during this final tenure as Story Manager, I’ll miss ya. You were a plethora of knowledge and could always be relied on for some witty input or banter. Safe travels, and you better come back to share your book with us.
  2. I unironically miss Fireheart at this current point in time. Might have fostered and enabled Pun, but at least he remembered to use Discord once a week. Also, I do not accept your apology you snake.
  3. Just an FYI. The Story Team is not currently recruiting. Very few apps will be left up and put into the que for when recruitment does reopen. 

  4. @ Safety Team hello i feel unsafe
  5. The only Karen is @Kaelan, don’t steal memes.
  6. Give appeals back to mods, and leave report overhaul to same. ty.
  7. Sure DSE, if someone was only a mild problem child many years ago and has since shown a clear trend of being more mature and capable of being apart of the community then that is a different story. But we’re not here to psychoanalyze every single person going through ban appeal or when deciding on how hard to come down on someone who broke rules. You break rules, you get hit. You have an extensive history, you’re prolly gonna get hit harder. But we both know that’s not what Joel is talking about regardless. If I continuously eat bans over the course of a year or two, especially if those bans are for toxicity, harassment or community guidelines issues, and then right before my next appeal date I suddenly turn into a knight in shining armor, preaching about self love and empowerment, then it’s usually pretty clear that it is a rouse to get myself unbanned. You’ll see the player in question be much more warm in public chats for a little bit, before the facade is dropped and they’re back to their old ways.
  8. [!] The following announcement would be hung around Irrinor, and sent to allies of the Forest Realm. [!] The Second Tournament of the Omentahu The High Prince of Irrinor Lyemar Aureon and el’Annilir Kalius Tresery invite all of the Forests allies to the grand tourney to be held in Irrinor! In the Second Tournament of the Omentahu warriors will be pitted against one another in a fierce battle for fame, glory, and coin! The tournament will be done in the traditional fashion where warriors will be randomly assigned a bracket and pitted against one another with the victor moving onto the next round! The final round shall be the best of three, with the victor walking away with a prize of 2,000 minas! The tournament will happen this coming Sunday, December 15th at 1pm EST. Please fill out the form below to register. Late registration (After 12 EST the day of) will be charged a 100 mina fee to join. MCName: RPName: Character Race: Nation:
  9. Kalius would chuckle to himself upon hearing the news, a faint smiling tracing his lips. “It took you long enough, llir. The Priesthood has been stagnant for far too long now.” He would pause a moment before quickly muttering a prayer. ”May the Aspects bless your reign as High Priest until they see it fit for someone else to breathe life into it. May they bless those of the Sanguine Fire for their support in this matter.”
  10. will these donations go to getting a better server host? :^)
  11. make welf join tresery ty

    1. Apostate


      check discord

    2. TheNanMan2000


      Why are you copying KBR’s character name dude wtf

    3. FlemishSupremacy



      more like...

      trashery hahaha xd gottem

  12. Housing Laws Housing Banished persons are prohibited from owning housing within Irrinor. Full-blooded elves will be deemed as first priority housing, with all other races being deemed as subsequent. However, exceptions can be made by the High Steward or High Prince. If another Mali wishes to stay together in an already occupied home, the owner and the new occupant must notify the Stewardry. Failure to do so will result in a fine of one hundred minae. Expansions that are deemed too big are strictly prohibited and one should listen to a steward about how big an expansion can be. Failure to contact a steward or failure to follow expansion rulings will result in the demolition of the expansion. Squatting and Construction Squatting is defined as living in a home or makeshift home without Steward or higher approval. Any buildings constructed or structures dug without approval is prohibited. Both acts will be met with demolition and fines. Stalls and Shops Banished persons are prohibited from owning property within Irrinor. Any race can own a stall or shop within Irrinor’s lands so long as it is approved by the Stewardry beforehand. Stalls are defined as establishments that only sell common goods. Undocumented changes to shops, such as expansions, are strictly prohibited. In order to make such changes, one must go through a steward to get approval. Undocumented changes or expansions will lead to the confiscation of goods and property. Shops are defined as establishments that offer alternative services. Undocumented changes to shops, such as expansions, are strictly prohibited. In order to make such changes, a mali must go through a steward to get approval. (OOC NOTE: Shops are different in the sense that they are not AUTOSHOPS but active roleplay hubs that offer something new.) Undocumented changes or expansions will lead to the confiscation of goods and property. Taxes Taxes are mandatory and are required of all houses, clan halls, shops, and stalls. An individual may be exempt from tax if they are apart of the Forest Guard. Failure to meet the demands of the Forest Guard will be met with the removal of tax exemption. Council members and guild leaders may also be exempt from tax or may see a reduced clan hall tax. Failure to pay taxes for three taxing cycles will lead to eviction. Punishments Confiscation of Goods Restriction on Keys Demolition Fine Eviction
  13. Magical Laws Usage Usage of all Dark Arts, including but not limited to; Necromancy, Shade, Mysticism, Dark Shamanism, Fjarriauga, Blood Magic, Puppetry, Soulbound Golemancy, Demonology, and Fi’hiiran’tanya is strictly prohibited. Ichorian Druidism is allowed, so long as it is used responsibly. Usage of any form of Wizardry, including but not limited to Voidal magics and Shamanism, that are not Druidism are strictly prohibited without explicit consent from the Oaken Council or High Prince. These magics will be allowed should the user come under unlawful assault. Possession Possession of any items enchanted by the Dark Arts are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate confiscation and destruction. Possession of any items enchanted by non-Druidic wizardry is allowed.
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