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  1. GGs to the tech team for finally pulling off a smooth war claim. A long time coming and I’m glad we finally have the capabilities and personnel to pull it off. 

    having no dog in this fight, trebs need some tuning even if it’s just a cap on how many you can have cus goddamn 💀💀💀


    helena got demolished with less I’m p sure 

  2. keemstar was right,,,

    1. rukio


      I'm fast as **** boy

  3. Holy **** you're alive

  4. The Gàidhealach Tachartasan of 1855 The Gàidhealach Tachartasan, more commonly referred to as The Highland Games in the common tongue, is a series of events that is held approximately once every Elven month to celebrate the Daelish culture. The events represent cultural values that the Daelish people hold close, such as brute strength, unwavering perseverance, and deadly combat ability. The winners of each event will receive a reward, something that represents both their glory and skill alike. The Events Sreap Chraobhan - The Log Climb A thick wooden log taken from a fallen tree is stripped of its roots, limbs and canopy, reburied into the ground so that it sits 9 meters tall. Grooves are cut into the wood every 1 meter. The participants of the event are given 8 planks ((ladders)), each capable of being placed securely into the cut grooves with enough force. The contestants start on the ground, jamming a plank into each groove before climbing onto that plank. The first to scale the wooden pole, not skipping a groove, is the winner. Sabaid Dhorn - The Fist Fight Perhaps the simplest and most straightforward event of the Highland Games, the Sabaid Dhorn is exactly what its translation sounds like, a fist fight. The format may vary from year to year, but at its core the game remains the same. Last man/team standing wins. There are several variations of this event. Typically the event is a 1 on 1 fight, the first to draw blood being the winner. However not only has the event been held in teams of two or three, or even an all out brawl, but it has been played on a platform standing over the sea, the loser being the first to be drenched by the cold, foamy water. Comórtas Lámhach - Archery Contest While as straightforward as the Fist Fight, it is not nearly as simple. In the Archery contest the participants must hit all targets indicated by the Tiarna Fabhcun (or whomever is hosting the event). Contestants are either judged on the speed in which they hit all the targets, regardless of overall accuracy, or judged upon how few shots it takes them to hit all of the targets. ((OOC: The Highland Games will commence at 4 PM EST on Wednesday, January 12th in Daeland, located at (167, 82, 2021). ))
  5. A smaller letter would be pinned to the original open letter... "Shut the zkah up. Ang Gijaak-Ishi."
  6. Jari Eiriksson let’s out a long sign as he walks over to his closet to pull out a belt to discipline his son with.
  7. How much do I need to donate for you to revert back to 1.7 pvp
  8. Can I have all your grandfathered TAs
  9. To understand what Order and Guardianship mean to someone, you must first understand them as a person. No life, mortal or otherwise, is lived in the exact same way. People may find similarities that draw them toward each other, but it is ultimately our personal experiences and individual achievements that mold us as a person and influence our perspective on the world. With that in mind, here is my story. I spent the majority of my first half-century within the Forest Realm of Irrinor. It was an honor to call myself not only the Chieftain of the Tresery Seed, but after a while I was given the honor of ascending to the position of el’Annilir within the Forest Realms military. I defended those who were unable to, alongside many valiant kin of mine, from the treacherous grasps of my ‘Thill cousins and their Valah overlords for many years. After the war was finished Irrinor enjoyed many years of peace and prosperity thanks to the valiant efforts of those willing to bleed and to die for their friends, family and city. After a time High Prince Lyemar Aureon found himself unable to lead any longer. Without a stalwart leader to guide the Irrinites through troubling times, the city eventually fell and became one with nature again. From there I found myself lost for many moons, little more than a wanderer with no ambition, not finding myself fitting in amongst my kin in their new home. Hope can often come from the most unexpected places, and it was Farrador that gave me hope again, an outlet for my passion. An order devoted to the protection of the realm and the extermination of the twisted and corrupt. Yet my stay here was relatively short, the Order becoming more swept up in petty drama of the flesh than their duty to the descendant races. Yet one good thing, of sorts, did come from my time here: my introduction to the then Paladin Lefkos. While many unsavory things about him have come to light, he was the first to guide me down the path that I have now devoted my life to walking. However when Lefkos was disconnected and I no longer spent my time in Farrador, I found myself lost yet again. I wandered for many years, enjoying my time spent by myself. Yet I did not find solace in this loneliness for long, as our realm was beset by horde after horde of Inferi. So I did the only thing I could do: fight. Fight for those who would not fight for themselves. Fight for the glory of the mortal races, so that they would once more see the sun rise on an age of peace. Yet it was not the glory that I hoped for that awaited me, only suffering and pain. Casualties of all types were sustained, many avoidable and some of my own negligence. Becclain and Dresden, two names that will forever carry more weight than they should. For their fate will always rest upon my conscience. Order and Guardianship are not something that one can become a savant overnight in. They are not something that you can wake up one day and expect to come naturally. They are things that require a lifetime, in my case quite literally a Valah lifetime, of devotion and exemplary personification in order to master them and to act in their interests with every waking moment of the day. They must become the very motto that you live your life by, or else they are a meaningless facade used to garner attention and false praise. Order is to not only believe in what is just in the eyes of Xan, but to act in his will and see actual change made in the world. But most importantly it is to do so with integrity, both when easy and when faced with difficulty. On the other hand, Guardianship is a far more simple concept in theory, yet equally if not more difficult to carry out. Guardianship is to defend all who are incapable against the darkness in the world. Be it Azdrazi, Inferi or Void Slinger wishing to cause harm, one who possesses the trait of Guardianship must be ready to fight and protect those who need it at a moment's notice. "I do not love the sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only what they defend.” Penned 14th Deeps Cold, Year 35 of the Second Age Kalius Tresery
  10. “An upstanding paper that I am proud to support! Much better than the fake news and swill pumped out by some of our neighbors,” comments the young Eiriksson Chieftain as he purchases his yearly copy.
  11. based and objective take. Though I dont necessarily want to see map-wide free build again there should be a substantial wildlands area for players to use so that they can avoid WT chokeholds on land.
  12. I don’t remember giving you permission to mention me.
  13. 40k is for betas, fantasy is for chads. TW:Warhammer 1+2 are genuinely so fun and incredible inspiration. Bit pricey to get all the damn expansions and **** but no game puts me in a world building mood like it does.
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