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  1. Kalius Tresery pens his signature.
  2. thank you, god damn how hard was that? @Luminaire you’re pathetic
  3. Don’t pull punches. You can do better.
  4. I really hope you don’t expect me to read whatever word vomit just came out of your peanut sized brain and found its way to this post.
  5. 2. I disagree with that frankly. If anything that mindset just furthers the apparent divide between nations and crazy grinders and everyone else. If nations are the only ones running around with full kits and with access to consistent nodes that actively prevents the average player who may want to get involved from being able to get involved. 4. yeah I think people have. But we went from “yes this will only be a basic profession plug-in” to “btw whole new pvp system and we’re gonna cripple building and lock things behind confusing UIs and unique ways of gating content.”
  6. Day 2 of asking for “mundane” or basic Minecraft building materials like woods and stone to be made into some sort of resource pit or similar system so that I can worry about something other than figuring out the best node path to ensure the most efficient harvesting of 50 logs every 2 hours. 

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      You can get more than 50 logs in 2 hours but it's a pain in the arse. Being a builder sucks in this map so far.

    3. Cloakedsphere


      I can agree it does suck at its current state. But dont expect a volunteer position to give up their lives to come onto LotC and cater to your every need. The elitism and entitlement of people on this server is insane just by looking at the OOC chat in game. Of course its not great at the moment. Its only the 3rd day of the map. But quit complaining about it and lets find some solutions. Everyone keeps saying "I cant RP till my X Y and Z are built." Why? What is stopping you as a player from going to a new nation or city and interacting with the server like everyone else does and asking for some help gathering resources? I'd gladly help for free if someone came up to me IRP and asked for it. Yet no one wants to search for a solution. Only complain.

    4. Unwillingly


      1 hour ago, Cloakedsphere said:

      Yet no one wants to search for a solution. Only complain.

      There have been multiple feedback posts detailing what makes this all so frustrating since Friday, and theres even one still on the main page that Aidoro posted. The criticism is there, and so are the suggestions to improve, but it's nice to see the dev team has listened to the complaints with their most recent post 

  7. Eyo what the **** lmao, get outta here.
  8. make non-nexus materials not a pain in the ass to get

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    2. DixieDemolisher


      All materials are non-nexus materials.

    3. SquakHawk


      @NotEvilAtAll i dont know how you maintain top ******* banter with each post

      wxrld team might consider it, given its a popular idea of the public. I think its ******* annoying to spend time getting 50 stone by clicking my mouse about 150 times before leaving an area. Not to mention with tool durability being ******* awful.

      Even though stone is "Commodity", it already is selling in stacks for 1-3 mina. It's not and likely won't be, it's just a pain in the ass to get. Hopefully ec*nomy team will come to conclusion with this. 

    4. altiar1011


      Yes, let me get my mundane materials so I can renovate my tavern without it taking multiple days just to get enough dark oak to make room alterations and ****. 


      This is legit painful.

  9. Eh. This seems to me like it just further alienates new players and smaller groups, strong-arming them to join nations or face an uphill battle far too steep to climb. I understand the desire to want to reduce random charters and lairs that could be under nations, but I don’t think the blind “stick it to charters” attitude need apply to Mina and basic economic functions. Even if we assume that people will be able to make decent Mina with a little work, the arbitrary cap just winds up blindly benefitting nations and people with alts and VIP persona slots. Nobody will put 501
  10. shitpost still somehow more useful than any information techs have given out
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