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  1. PLAYER NAME : Michaelhz CURRENT POSITION : A SUGGESTED POSITION : B REASON FOR CHANGE : you get raw-dogged every time we 1v1 PLAYER NAME : Sykogenic CURRENT POSITION : D SUGGESTED POSITION : B REASON FOR CHANGE : I am an ape and cba to do teamfights so ill take the penalty, but I raw-dog you in 1v1s (also I can usually beat most of the C tier and fights against B go 50/50)
  2. “The only inevitable change is that in 6-9 months you’ll abandon your post with all four of your constituents following suit,” quips Kalius Tresery. “What a world we live in that Fenn could only flourish under a cripple. How I miss Aldred...”
  3. Sykogenic


    Kalius Tresery sits somewhat slumped in front of the fire pit within Last Light Camp. His face is dirty and gaunt with small splatters of blood splashed across his face, deeply juxtaposed from his typical obsessive cleanliness. His lower thigh is wrapped in a bandage, soaked through with now dried blood. He runs his dirt caked hands through his hair, pushing the greasy strands back, fingertips hesitating slightly as he feels the hair on the sides of his head longer than he has felt in many, many years. Head resting softly on a closed fist, he reads over the letters sent out by the so called Princes. A fire lights in his eyes, but it is not an invigorating fire, burning brightly with the newfound hope of the Princes words. Rather it is a smoldering fire, fueled by anger and pity as it burns just beneath the surface. Anger at the incompetence and passive nature of the leaders of Aegrothond and Siramenor, and pity for those who they are meant to protect. He finishes reading with a loud snort, crumpling the paper into a ball and tossing it into the roaring fire. ”Fools, they’ve only doomed themselves. Fancy words will not save them now.”
  4. Only question I have after reading is about this... How is a forest a primary region type but a desert a secondary? Does this have to do with the frequency of the regions across the map or is this some random assignment? As someone who has spent plenty of time in deserts in the last two maps I would argue that a desert is a primary region, but it might not be a huge deal. Otherwise, looks fun! I hope that we will see more information on the professions and the full system before 8.0 release so that we aren’t all left scrambling to figure **** out.
  5. The Fallacies of Free Thought How free thought has bred ignorance, and how we may hope to rectify it. Kalius Tresery, 1784 Preface In these papers we shall explore how the multifaceted beliefs of Mali have led us to a crossroads in the future of our people. This is not to say that Freedom of Thought is inherently a bad thing, but rather that overtime our great people have become pulled in too many directions or unable to see a mutual ground in order to feel different and special. At no point should one believe that Freedom of Thought should be thrown out the window, for we should not be subject to tyranny and abuse from large governments and entities. But rather we should see that Free Thought should be leaned into at the core of what it is, and allow others to challenge your ideas and beliefs that are wrongly set in stone. With Free Thought one must understand that above all it is ignorant to believe yourself superior, or solely correct, because you are capable of corroborating your beliefs through data that supports them. Throughout the more recent several hundred years of recorded history there is a clear trend that can be seen among the Mali people when it comes to the success of their many nations and the elevation of religion. While there is inherently nothing wrong with devotion to one's God(s) and the virtues that can be gleaned from worship, therein lies a problem when a singular religion is enforced upon an entire people, and especially when this is done so in a manner that invalidates and places other beliefs on a pedestal of hate and disdain. As it would be unfair to the ‘Thill to fail to do so, we must also examine the impact that placing hatred at purely a cultural level has upon a people and on a race as a whole and how the means that drives one to can be divisive. However, we cannot be so naive to take this to mean that religions and belief sets are to be accepted without question. Those who act as conduits for the dark, eldritch energies that inhabit our mortal realm should be given no mercy or quarter. During my time spent as el’Annil of the Sulierir’Elame I spent many years hunting spooks and bringing them to a swift end. Their presence should unequivocally not be allowed so they are unable to sow the seeds of discord and chaos. We shall examine several key points that have been an ongoing source of turmoil within recent history. Through a retrospective, introspective and extrospective lens we may hope to glean insight on many topics. This includes, but is not limited to, the naelurir and their evolution and struggle with what it means to be truly wild, the splintering of the ‘Ker upon cultural and religious lines, and how vitriol and purity only lead to unbridled chaos and corruption of Mali.
  6. Kalius Tresery reads over the missive, bobbing his head slightly as he considers the young elfs words. ”Ti, well said llir. It is only through clear, forward thinking that our people will be able to flourish once more. We must come together, in the names of the kin we have lost and the cities left to rot,” he says aloud, more or less to himself.
  7. This is aight, woulda been cooler to have Israeli’s tho :\
  8. To the good people of Farrador, It is with a heavy heart that this missive is sent out today, for it is in the middle of an Inferi invasion that the Sohaer and other members of Haelun’ors council have seen fit to strike up a pact with those who wish to silence us and threaten the sanctity of our Firewatch alliance. The Azdrazi have found themselves threatening us within our own walls, marking our Ducem Corvus with their vile, twisted magic, and withholding information from the alliance in the name of personal gain. With the recent pact signed into action by the Silver council any known Azdrazi and member of the Silver Council of Haelun’or are hereby barred from entry into Farrador. Any guild members found allowing the aforementioned access to the Keep will face punishment via Court Martial. Kalius Tresery Ducis Legis
  9. the new t-swift album duh
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