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  1. « The Forest Guard » « Okarn’ame » The realm of Cernunnos and Cerridwen on Arcas will be protected at all costs, as will its people. A century of division followed the fracturing of the Dominion of Malin, and along with it came weakness, slavery and death for the Mali folk, as they were taken advantage of by hostile forces in ways akin to the horrors of centuries past. Now, at the dawn of the eighteenth century, another centre of ‘ame, Alder and their wild kin rises. The worshippers of Moccus and Morea, Amaethon and Kwakwani, Nemglan, Hamatsa and more will take up the spear and the sword to defend their new home. The Forest Guard will defend its forest, and Irrinor which lay within its embrace. « Hierarchy » ‣ Annilir - One who guides The Annilir is the supreme commander of all military elements in Irrinor, and is a great leader and warrior appointed by the High Prince in order to run the brave warrior bands of the Irrinite realm. ‣ Medirir - One who helps The hands of the Annilir. They are expected to be able to handle themselves well, and to be ready to lead at a moment’s notice. They are the overseers of internal affairs in the Annilir’s stead should the situation prove necessary. ‣ Halerir - One who lights The fully inducted officery and ensigns of the Okarn’ame. They are expected to uphold the values of strength, valor, and professionalism in their position, as they are the influence of the lower rankings. They are expected to know how to run trainings, scouting patrols, and event defenses.The Haleriran are the hands of the Annilir in issues both internal and external. ‣ Siramir - One who is honourable The bulk of the Okarn’ame. The Siramiran serve as the core soldiery of Irrinor. These are the foot soldiers, guards, archers, and watchmen of Irrinor’s military. ‣ Sanir - One who speaks The initiates and recruits of the Okarn’ame. The Saniran are those who have not proven themselves, and will undergo supervision by an appointed senior member of the Guard. « Specializations » In an effort to decrease vertical rank bloating specializations will become a way for members of the Okarn’ame to gain notoriety and to forge a path forward within the guard. This list is open to expansion, or reduction, but can serve as a way for members to gauge sects they may join upon becoming a Siramir. ‣ Illerir - Quartermaster (1) An unarmed guard force is not guard force at all. Typically picked by the Annilir, it is the duty of the Illerir to ensure that the troops remain fed, armed and that their gear is maintained. ‣ Sulierir'Elame - Watchers of the Forest, Rangers of the Okarn’ame Serving as the elite vanguard of the Okarn’ame, the Sulierir’Elame are volunteers and recruits from the Siramiran for exemplary service and courageous action in the face of danger. They are expected to lead patrols and handle the day-to-day of protecting the realm. ‣ Fer'bilokir - Blacksmith While it may be the job of the Illerir to ensure the guards of the Okarn’ame are well equipped, it is the Fer’bilokir that are given the job orders. They ensure that the Illerir has enough gear for the troops and receive extra pay for completed orders. ‣ Walehir - Field Medic Every military needs medical expertise with them for whatever situation that may come. The Walehir are medics or aspiring medics being trained within the clinic to assist the Forest Guard on and off the field, further ensuring the survival of the fighting soldiers. These field medics typically serve as a support force rather than the vanguard, and are identified by an aqua blue and white band upon their left arm. They report to the Head Clinician as well as their ranking officers within the guard. « Apply for The Guard » APPLICATION MC Name: Character Name: Discord: Timezone:
  2. If you’re looking for the best Wood Elf RP out there come join Irrinor. We accept Wood Elfs of all walks of life, and have tons of opportunities for new players!

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  3. Kalius would scoff upon hearing of the latest drama, “Aha, hoes mad!”
  4. A Season of Hope The leaves rustled softly overhead as the cool breeze swept through the valley of the forest realm. Many ‘Ame lay in the shade of their mighty tree, watching the leaves turn golden and eventually cascade to the forest floor. The faint clink of hammer on steel and the strenuous grunts of the devote Okarn’ame training could be heard, softly echoing across Irrinor before dissipating. Others stood around the square, discussing various topics ranging from Druidic tradition to making dinner plans. They were a resilient people, steadfast and ever vigilant in the face of danger. But they were not as joyous as they once were. The welcoming chirps of the birds seemed lost, drowned out by the sound of the wind. The laughter and song became muddled with the sounds of steel. The conversations turned to nothing more than idle chitchat, a social chore. But they were not yet without hope. A young elf climbed up onto one of the roots of the great tree, a few eyes casting sideways glances at them as their movement briefly distracted them from their conversations. He brushed the dirt from his pants, crouching down as he rummaged through a small leather pouch he kept on his side. He pulled out a beautifully crafted war-horn, fashioned from an onyx-colored rams horn. The few rays of light that peaked through the trees bounced off the polished black surface and the band of steel, engraved with tribal patterns of the Emerald Way, that covered the outer lip of the horn. He put the horn to his lips and blew into it three times. The ‘Ame around him lept in surprise, several hands dropping to their waists as they reached for their weapons. But this was not a sound of war. The noise that resounded from the horn was an elegant tone, piercing the looming silence as it was blown three times again. Perhaps merely disturbed by the sound of the horn, the forest suddenly felt more alive. The birds felt more numerous, and the wind not as brisk and stiff. Slowly a small crowd formed at the foot of the great tree, standing in its glorious shadow. The elf gave one final blow into the horn, holding the note for several seconds as the pure sound slowly trailed off until it was merely an echo deep within the forest. “Brothers, Sisters! What is it that plagues your minds? What is the cause of your melancholy? Do not let the fruitless war from our impotent ‘Aheral cousin damped your spirits. Do you think we have naught to be happy for? Look around you, llir. Breathe in the forest in its eternal glory, she still flourishes under our tender care. Look to your neighbor, smile upon seeing their face. They would lay down their lives to protect you and this forest realm, just as you would for them. Yet they still stand here; proud, resilient and very much alive. I come with a task for you all today. Bring song again to this forest. Take two Elven weeks to write a song and we shall throw a celebration for the forest. Songs shall be sung, drinks will be drunk and festivities will be held. Go forth and draw your inspiration. I await your joyous songs.”
  5. Shut up dude, stop trying to rep farm.
  6. Nah i don’t particularly care about tofuus and 501leaving but you ain’t allowed to leave you fucker. ( I am actually mildly taken aback to see the other two of you go, I hope stuff works out for you tofuus. Godspeed gentleman.)
  7. just keep digging

  8. disgusted and disappointed tbh. @admins y’all a bunch of ******* cowards lmao. You all know there is much more evidence that was not leaked that is nothing short of substantial. do your jobs.

  9. Hargurr’Gorkil would laugh, shaking his head at the news of the “mighty” ‘Ker declaring their support for Haelun’or and their Oren dogs. “Deez darkiez get ztupider agh ztupider, mi zwear. Deez kuntz am nub real ‘Ker, dey am an affrohnt tu da zpiritz.” He would meander off, looking for a real ‘Ker, such as Tedyn’Yar or Dak, who understood his peoples culture and place in the world alongside the Uruk as worshipers of the Spirits and not as Elven master race propaganda shills.
  10. Upon review we are unable to accept this lore and require changes and edits to be made to it. Please have the loreholder/poster contact Story management for the reasons.
  11. Don’t forget staff mergers that completely fucked over several teams, followed up with admin incompetence in leading on multiple levels. For the most part, the map is fine. Whats not fine is the big ole **** you the players and nations get once they’re dropped into the map. Seriously, why can’t there be build support? The only “build support” is if you convince a CT to abuse LC, which they for some reason have access to and isn’t against policy to use.... Also this. FFS.
  12. -Sure, no public update I guess. But that doesn’t mean nothing has been done. The first loremag of the lore games has already been completed, and the results of it will be published/shared with the writers soon. As for things getting shelved, its not really about the lore games. Things get brought to our attention and they get dealt with. Just because it happens while the lore games are ongoing doesn’t mean its a result of the lore games. - God forbid there be character development outside of learning magic. If you have an accepted MA you are free to continue your learning, or to continue using the magic. Literally all you can’t do is teach or make magic items. - If the only thing you can think of as a reason to not take on a new student or make a magic item is “Gah, those damn skygods!!1!11!” then I really don’t know what to tell you. There are plenty of reasons you could come up with instead of blaming sky gods. -You’re kinda right it has. We have hardly kept it a secret that the Shaman community fell very short in their nearly year long rewrite process. Many things were not finished, and those that were finished had tons of issues ranging from not making sense lore wise to not fixing the issues of extreme vagueness. But that’s not to say that the players cannot submit their own rewrites which will be graded alongside the LTs versions. The LT is simply working on a massive project to overhaul all aspects of Shamanism, and have actually gotten lots of feedback, input and help from the Shaman player base. Shamanism is getting this special LT treatment because of just how much it encompasses, and how many pieces all need to fit together. There are several other projects being worked on by the LT, but Shamanism is a very special circumstance.
  13. MCName: Sykogenic RPName: Kalius Tresery Character Race: Wood Elf
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