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  1. The redo needs to be called off. Renatus was forced to deal with the consequences of hard-line calls leading up to the warclaim, but there’s no redo of all that. Oren should have to deal with the consequences of the hard-line call made during the end of the siege. Failing calling of the redo, Renatus should at least be compensated for the cheating and hacking against them. War Mod or not, I was completely uninvolved with the moderation of this war. I have been just as blindsided and shocked by the decisions leading up to this Siege as the rest of the playerbase. Perhaps it’s my bias as RO of Krugmar, but forcing this redo just seems like another bone being thrown to Oren.
  2. So I realize that this report is not against me. But as I was involved in the situation, I’m just gonna share my story. This isn’t meant to be evidence for either side, just an account of my involvement to hopefully shed light on the situation. So, I logged on yesterday a little after 6 EST. A few rescue raid tickets popped up, which Potts had been dealing with the start of. A little while later a few more tickets popped up, asking for a manager to handle some mod behavior issues. As I am not a manager, I did not claim those 3 or 4 tickets. One however did not specify that it was about the same situation, so I took it and asked them what it was about. They said it was about the same situation, at which point Pun noticed I had claimed it andasked me to handle the other tickets anyway despite them requesting a manager as Kae was not around and Pun felt it best to not be involved in this situation given OOC issues with the playerbase. I TP to the ticket, and there’s about 30 people there in various states of armor/status. Aidoro seems to be captured and about to be executed, and Potts is in vanish flying around above. It’s at this point that **** starts to get crazy. As I just claimed 4 tickets about the same thing, I start getting a bunch of messages about the situation. I slowly manage to piece together that there was some alleged metagaming, and Potts and Aidoro took an incredibly long time to discuss the issue, which resulted in the other sides rallying having plenty of time to show up. At least, that was my understand of what was happening. I’ll be honest, I was a little confused at this point. At this point in time, I was unsure exactly which staff member the issue was with. I wasn’t sure if it was Aidoro stalling, or if defenders were accusing Potts of being biased. I was simply confused. Potts has decided at this point that there is no meta, and PvP is to be started. However, the defenders think the situation is fishy and are not willing to start PvP. There’s some back and forth in mod chat about the situation, Pun being very reasonable in my eyes and trying to simply make sense of the situation as it was very chaotic. In LOOC people start calling bias despite not even knowing that Pun was involved, so I take it upon myself to reach out to Kae and started a chat with him and Pun. Despite being in the middle of something IRL, Kae gets on to address the situation. After reviewing logs for a couple minutes, Kae agrees with the defenders that this rescue raid is bullshit and voids it after “running it by” me and Pun in the call with him. Our reason for agreeing with this call was metagaming on Auriels part. None of their logs lined up with what they were claiming they did, and it was believed at the time to be a 2 bird emote. Kae showed us the screenshot of the omni logs and it did seem that Auriel did not make a 3 emote bird. However, it became clear that the bird issue was the minor issue. The bigger issue was Auriels apparent knowledge of what happened in Curon, and his bird never said where they needed to go or where to rally. As was confirmed by Kae, and later Potts, the location data of Auriel did not seem to line up, and the chain of events seemed off all around.
  3. The law is optional until you get caught. Drive faster coward. :^) 5-10? Those are rookie numbers. If you’re pushing double on the highway, then you’re a real man.
  4. If you drive below the speed limit you’re a coward. Especially if you’re in some nice sports car. Why the **** are you going below the speed limit?
  5. Muslims invented intermittent fasting confirmed?
  6. IC ― Name: Aren Ault Age: 27 Race: Human Past Affiliations: None OOC ― MC Username: Sykogenic Discord ID: Sykotic#1867
  7. I have to agree with my boy Kary on this one. The threat of being shelved really makes being involved in rewrites, or just practicing a magic, feel like your life is in the hands of whatever the ST feels like doing that day. I personally think that most magics are more or less fine and balanced. Yes, some could use minor tweaks, but complete rewrites for every single magic is an unnecessary step. The issue is the abundance of magic RPers, and the overall quality of the RP, not the lore. Make getting an MA harder, just like getting a TA is harder now. If we cut down on the amount of people with magic, and actively work towards improving the quality of magic RP, we achieve a similar goal without directly stomping on players. Perhaps this is something that also needs to fall on moderation shoulders, but lets hold magic users more accountable. Players need to report blatant abuse so that the proper means of punishment (Warnings/Blacklists/Bans/Whatever) can be followed through on.
  8. can I be included in your manifesto? does your manifesto have a good meme:non-meme content ratio?
  9. Accepting all debate topics, hmu
  10. Bless your heart, I’ve only been playing minecraft for like 9 years. You can’t expect me to be know the game.
  11. I might just be missing it in the resource pits or in the CT shops, but what about regular Netherbrick? I saw red netherbrick but you can’t do much with that in this current version.
  12. Week 3 or 4 of several “nation charters” having more activity that several “full nations” :thinking_emoji:

    1. Fireheart
    2. drfate786


      Could it be that.. No.. It’s not possible is it? Could it be that some of these nations are inactive and are in actuality very unattractive to some people?

    3. blago
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