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  1. Adaephon is still dead but appreciates the paper on his grave nonetheless
  2. "If onleh it were Jorik Grandaxe, conqueror of Oren greatest grand marshal ove all toime who pushed forward t'ese changes raf'er t'en t'is nobodeh." mutters Aengoth
  3. dont you ******* tempt me like that harrison
  4. where do i buy 1.5k rep
  5. chuckaboo returned to the server as an egirl what timeline did we enter while i was banned

    1. James2k


      the one where nelson mandela didnt die in prison


      crazy right?

    2. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      To be fair, I returned as a manly man.

  6. What do you have against yourself to reapply to staff?
  7. He's been dedicated to apply for over four years now even after being passed up each and every single time. From all I've seen of him he's not a risky choice.
  8. : ^ )
  9. how many shitposts does it take to become a creative wizard?

    1. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Kim, I love you

    2. Cloakedsphere



  10. would I then have to shave ~450 years off aengoth's age (around 750)
  11. back from the hospital what up folks

    1. Dewlox™


      Ohsh*t, why you've been there, fam?

    2. Aengoth


      got my appendix removed due to acute appendicitus

    3. Dewlox™


      Dang, hope you're feeling good now.

  12. +1
  13. where do you think it came from panda