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  1. The Great Fall

    Aengoth is saddened to hear the fall of a dwarf he looked up to for so long.
  2. The Pact of Az'adar

    Aengoth scowls
  3. Thanhic Alloys

  4. You have an RP tradition of not locking chests and it caused you to be stolen from when you pooled all your resources into one vulnerable location. Sure it might be a **** move that the thief(s) robbed your settlement blind but we shouldn't have rules to block said "**** moves". Take the defeat in stride and have roleplay in which your community visibly struggles from this sudden resource deficit, perhaps it might even help with activity by encouraging the residents to work together to get past this thievery. To say that being stolen from is purely OOC and has no roleplay effect is unimaginative.
  5. Where the **** have you been you mong. We've got **** to stir.

  6. [Your View] Event Team

    I just want to see a new kahzo esq antag player(s) who has a spell or two and a shitton of health so that they're formidable and can take on a raid boss type role. Then just have the 1-3 people entrusted with this role to go to active places that will attempt to defend themselves and start a battle 1vX, not just a senseless slaughter of rando's [unless they seem okay with it] who can't defend but actually face off w/ soldierly characters so that you can have these impromptu battles that can actually engage people and give a reason to try to defend homes without being a script.
  7. chuckaboo returned to the server as an egirl what timeline did we enter while i was banned

    1. thankyousalvini


      the one where nelson mandela didnt die in prison


      crazy right?

    2. Hyena


      To be fair, I returned as a manly man.

  8. [Denied]iMattyz tries again

    What do you have against yourself to reapply to staff?
  9. [Denied] Z3r05t4r's Eleventh GM App

    He's been dedicated to apply for over four years now even after being passed up each and every single time. From all I've seen of him he's not a risky choice.
  10. how many shitposts does it take to become a creative wizard?

  11. Dwarf Aging System

    would I then have to shave ~450 years off aengoth's age (around 750)