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  1. where do you think it came from panda
  2. Aengoth ponders with some regret if he might've been able to be more persuasive of the young boy who spoke eagerly to him of his studies briefly as he dutifully mines through the earth under the feet of the Westerlands men. After a few moments the thoughts subside back to the monotonous blank mindset he occupies, losing himself in the work and losing focus upon the boy he had but briefly encountered.
  3. Aengoth c. The Amber Cold 1598 Deep under the crust of the earth rang the steady beat of a pickaxe as it clashed with stone, relentless in its pursuit of deeper riches. The old dwarf wielding the pickaxe wore upon his brow the sweat of his labor and upon his back a shirt styled with pineapples and palm trees once a bright green but now stained earthly colors by the efforts of the geezer. From his once shaved chin gradually did a beard grow anew, stained from the mining but still showing the same grey of his elderly years. Hands not long ago soft and plump from years of retirement and lack of purpose grasped the handle of the pickaxe with newfound vigor long thought lost since the days of his youth past, gripping ever more firmly with a new sense of faith and resolve. *Letters are sent to old friends and new* "What is a forge without it's father to stoke the fire?"
  4. It has become increasingly difficult to track down old threads on the forums. It appears that no results appear from older archives. Also when searching through past activity it doesn't go that far back. Example: Example:
  5. *Posters are spread throughout the reaches of the Isle of Axios* Dangerous Criminal Youth Reward of 64 Iron Ingots with proof of death (head required) Payment provided by Aengoth of Aengoth Co.
  6. *Posters are spread throughout the reaches of the Isles of Axios* Sun Smile Press is always looking for more ways to satisfy its customers. Today we bring to you a survey to gauge customer interest in a new rare commodity! Let us know how to best aid you. -Aengoth, Founder and CEO of Sun Smile Press
  7. Aengoth is ready for a shitkicking.
  8. Not saying you do. Just pointing out the inherent flaw with how runesmithing currently states on the prereq's to learn it in the first place (blank soul). You misunderstand. A user of runesmithing should only be able to use golemancy. Not that the any runesmith can apply runes to golemancy creations.
  9. Runesmithing shouldn't be compatible with anything asides from Golemancy. Mixing and matching magics that are thematically different shouldn't have been put through by the lore team in the first place and it was done on a technicality rather then said technicality being fixed like it should've initially been. The gongshow that is the Kal'Varak should be example enough as to why thematically different magic shouldn't mix. As for the runesmith druid bit, wouldn't it be peculiar to have one soul being attuned to two very different entities (the aspects and the aengul/daemonic force controlling runesmithing). RPly I would see why dwarves might attempt it due to there IC interpretations of Anbella and Aspects being one and the same however why would the two actual distinct entities both leave a mark. Also in regards to the blank slate soul bit, that shouldn't be true considering (as far as I'm aware) if a golem smith is involved in any form of soulbinding golemancy makes the target vulnerable to ascended magic supposedly. Clarifications and changes need to be made as currently Runesmithing's interaction with other magics is a mess.
  10. Minecraft Name: Aengoth jihadi_in_pradi Skype ID: someone has it Time-zone: the shadowrealm has no timezone Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: FM, FM Manager, GM Where do you grab inspiration from: mostly /pol/ What type of building are you best with: ruskan What are some of your most treasured builds: my shitposts Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: si Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Underground Organic Ruskan How long does it take for you to complete a build: you can't rush perfection Additional details: world edit Tell me a trick about building: you can really spice up a build by adding melons to your palette Tell me a joke: here's a shitpost I made regarding ET work
  11. if we rebrand and whatnot can I shitpost there
  12. give the game rimworld a go, good times