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  1. I think its a shame that less communities are willing to engage with PvP and use it to bolster there own narratives. Guard roleplay is such a good way of integrating new players into communities and the server at large.
  2. I remember the swap from CRP default to PVP that greatly increased the QoL of dealing with bandits/spooks as a guard back in 2013. I have found that CRP in bad faith is more often then not more frustrating then PVP in bad faith. While PVP has had egregious "metas" where you see stalling or item disparity (nexus) that push that beyond the norm these have typically been fostered by systems set in place by staff without corrections made fast enough. Meanwhile CRP in bad faith is always incredibly prolonged instances of OOC arguing and powergaming (be it intentional or unintention). Atleast when I am pulled into a PvP situation such as being robbed (be it in good faith or bad faith) it is 90% of the time a short affair that allows for a great amount of flexibility in how I incorporate that outcome into roleplay afterwards. The only time I've seen CRP proceed swiftly with minimal arguing is with two individuals who are acting in incredibly good faith or when rolls are used to determine outcome. Either way these arguments have been going on forever and both sides tend to view themselves as a majority of the community. Edit: Magic bloat has also contributed to a degradation in CRP quality. Atm there are 70+ accepted magic/submagics/creatureapps that each contain abilities/redlines which I can guarantee even the oldest of lore brains don't have comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of more then 50% at a given time. This makes near every encounter with combat magic roleplay involve some sort of confusion or argument that I have seen in the last 2 years.
  3. The heavy influences from other media are pretty par for the course when you consider that early LOTC was basically just a mashup of a myriad of media. Not a fan of its influence on the larger scope lore of the server. It worked better as a niche ideology for spooks with most spooks outside of it being unapologetically evil. Now that it is a dominant spook ideology I think it causes problems with morally gray aspiring godkillers being one of the more oblivious examples. I think we may have seen more interesting results if it had pivoted towards attracting non-magical roleplayers as opposed to spook roleplayers (I understand they're not mutally exclusive) as I think seeing . While in theory it may provide more depth for spook characters I think it results in a lower ceiling for a spook to garner infamy (outside of the spook community) as opposed to some of the pre-xionist spooks (2012 - 2013 spooks). Maybe that's rose tint but I do find Xionist spooks are not as interesting to interact with as there predecessors. It's still the third best player religion on the server even with its faults and the fact that it is crutched up by various independent staff members throughout the years.
  4. leave the gun take the cannoli

  5. @HaroldThe new map has rekindled some forgotten love of the roleplay experience that I thought was long dead for me.

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      Charles The Bald

      Let's join our forces.

  6. Ernst doubts this and scowls to himself in his damp dusty cave.
  7. Noviate Ernst stirs in his damp cave.
  8. man this place crawls

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      no one remembers del user 1-15
      they will be swept away in the fog of history

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  11. Created by Koteshi, survivor of the Mori assault on Tetsugawa
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