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  1. Renault de Salier looks down from the Seven Skies and smirks. "It did not take long for him to find his dagger."
  2. From the House of Bessol Avenue I a sudden commotion is heard as a chair is overturned. Jacque of Hogslow would be found hanged dead with a stool overturned by his feet. It appears the man's mind broke and he took his own life after learning of things he was never meant to know. OOC: Failed a sanity check after learning about spooks from the Bestia Conlectia
  3. CRP is so much fun i love it.

    1. Shorsand


      pvp is so much fun i love it

    2. Aengoth
  4. birds ain't real. I don't think building a system off of a plugin is a good idea but using a bird in any combat scenario should be prohibited. As for meeting up w/ others to RP, I don't think there is any issue w/ just msg'ing them "hey meet at x in 5 for rp" as you're not meta'ing to get an advantage, nor do I think the staff expectation would be for staff to ban folks organizing meetups.
  5. I hate the flavor around this lore. Genuinely reads like it was ripped from anime and has main character syndrome. I could get past that if it had interesting mechanics but it's literally just "sword not in hand but in air". -1
  6. every server update I get to see kowaman age 5 years but i think this one may earn him a seniors discount

  7. hmm, nodes may need to be nerfed a bit seems a bit op ngl
  8. Jacque gets whiplash from the sudden change of Urguani policy on slavery. "Maybe the Rexdom refused to pay for the permi- fine."
  9. i'd bet money on vortex being removed, it's prob just been a slower process due to nickrocky dippin

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      @monkeypoacherso, basically in a long friggin' time then since WT hasn't even started next map yet?

    3. Shorsand


      @venstreniFOR WT AND TECH TEAM

    4. Aengoth


      @drfate786 @monkeypoacher as i said i'd put money on it

  10. In the last few saint years Renault de Salier had been seen less and less. Spending much of his time in isolation fretting endlessly over various problems he was ill-equipped to deal with. Much of his life seemed to have flown by spent consumed by worry and unfinished plans. As Renault neared his 39th year still without child or wife he hid the signs of his deteriorating health until finally in the dead of the night it had caught up with him. Gripped by a final sharp pain in his chest and a shortness of breath he collapsed within his tent. Renault died of a heart attack on the 12th of The Deep Cold during the 31st year of the Second age.
  11. genuinely put a smile on my face to go on a nostalgia trip
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