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  1. Pretty cool lore +1. I would imagine optimal player count for this would be 3-5. Tbh I think it works better as event/lore chars then a full on CA just because it seems like a niche that would be difficult to maintain for 5months+ [Cursed even less if you do not ingrain yourself into another]. I think the biggest difficulty that would come w/ playing such a creature is obtaining consistent roleplay if you're a player that typically bounces from place to place. One thing I would recommend is providing more consequential interactions w/ the Zakhrifa. Either by having a hard limit on
  2. Renault schemes a way to profit off of the new movement. He goes to show the men working on Luciensburg his latest idea. @ausubung@Lionbileti
  3. Would hope to see a GM involved or someone from the opposing side actually say something on a thread instead of just sweeping it under the rug when it is inconvenient.

    1. drfate786


      Yeah, they'll just ignore this and hope it goes away. The only way to hurt staff enough and force something to happen is to take player activity away from the server and there's really no way to do that.


      Edit: And yes, the only way to get what you want on LoTC is to find a means in which to quite literally cause harm in some manner. They literally don't care until something forces them to care.

      Edited by drfate786
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Drfate is correct. All of these dumb decisions staff have made in recent years were to coddle existing nations and boost activity, and they won’t change anything unless said activity drops.

  4. Seems less productive since the core of the issue is that GMs are present and allowing this to occur. Less worried about people being banned and more about preventing these things from happening in the future.
  5. Just felt it was necessary to bring up the recent issue where a group was allowed to get around the PVP lock and also teleport players away. Not looking to put anyone in particular on blast but this is a consistent problem. Issues that should have simple solutions are drawn out into hour long round table discussions that often result. The core of my issue with this is that the whole of the community should be held to the same standard and not be able to wear down the opposition for the purposes of avoiding consequences. The core complaints I have regarding this incident is that players were al
  6. It feels like a halfling reskin but this is one of the few CA's I'm not inherently against because I like the balance philosophy (short lifespan and weak with potential for interesting belief structures to develop). I will admit I worry that this CA will not stand the test of time.
  7. credit to anore for putting out positive changes to conflict rules

  8. !A new foe has appeared!


  9. race traitors man jokes aside have a good one man and hope to see ya around again once you're back
  10. "More good men burned by the Metropolitan politics." -RdS
  11. "It seems that both the Hangman and Pontiff have pockets deep with Providences gold." -RdS
  12. The Boy in Chains 7th of The Grand Harvest, 15SA The Sun Smiles on the Brave. In a show of cowardice the ISA has captured a child of twelve years on the false charge for being part of a unauthorized militia. Perhaps in Providence they employ child soldiers but in any land that knows GODs mercy this would be a sin. Upon a march of twenty good men the ISA sought to stall out their attempt to secure the young boys safety from the grasp of browbeating bureaucrats who would threaten to hang a child not yet even old enough to be a squire. When the demands of the men ralli
  13. *A Missive is Sent to all Companymen of the Metinan Company* THE METINAN MARCH 5th of The Grand Harvest, 15SA The Metinan Company internally declares the establishment of a contract with the rightful lord of Sedan, Louis de Joannes. After careful negotiations we have found them to be of sound mind and have come to an equally beneficial agreement. The Metinan Company is now contracted to protect both the citizenry and interests of Sedan until 5th of The Grand Harvest, 19SA. Report to MASTER Bernard de Salier for further details and deployment. -RdS
  14. Kinda wild how I can catch warns but am not able to appeal them. Really makes you think.

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    2. devvy


      We don't count warns earlier than 2020, they are set to soon expire. And warns received in the past 3-4 months and from here on out have set expiration dates. To get warning appeals back would have to go through the admins.

    3. rukio


      me too buddy its okay

      At least most of my more recent warns are just for three sentence replies to RP threads. 

    4. Aengoth


      Ah I see, thanks for the update Devvy I thought the system was still in rewrite phase!

  15. Feels good to talk w/ the OG emotional support boyfriend.

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