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  1. ((John the 2nd is alive, Godfrey wasn't cremated
  2. Aengoth hangs his head solemnly as he watches the explosion from afar with what of his belongings he could collect before clearing the city. Within a tome he writes. Philip Frederick Horen - A boy put in the shoes of his dead brother meant to carry the burden and purpose his family had built over the past three generations. At times he faltered and at others lady luck showed him her ire, yet it can be said he didn't flee from his responsibility.
  3. The final view of Hanno Yar, caught not in the blast but rather victim to the ground beneath him giving way. His head caved in from the fall before his body was taken by the flames of the last Emperor.
  4. Why use tnt when you could've just used world edit and/or a couple et builders

  5. After reading the doggers post I think I might've also gone mental mental chicken oriental without realizing it


  6. "I'oim real proud t'at runt Caius earned Die Wanna Wanga." -Aengoth
  7. Seems counterproductive to have roleplay hotspots in areas in which certain forms of roleplay are shut down.
  8. This post was ******* painful to read. Let things happen naturally and don't seek out staff protection.
  9. My forum ban has been lifted.

  10. i miss you already #freeaengoth


    1. Ilyich


      Stay strong, Joey!

  11. I've put on my warface in these times of oppression