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  1. "Evil oyashimans.." curses Ernst
  2. have a good one, sorry the castile baby suffocated in an ender chest
  3. Ernst feels a distinct glow from this proclaimation.
  4. power of thought can't be shelved if i believe it isn't

  5. need the independence dlc pack to be able to use the allies mechanic
  6. held the other staff teams together when others dropped the ball
  7. We are nearing a year of Almaris and somehow it feels even less complete then it did when it launched. 

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    2. TryaxReck


      i like the map :)

    3. Aengoth


      Pretty much agree w/ all you said @SquakHawk. I do think [from an outside perspective] that some staff teams are too passive when it comes to the issues they're facing. Or in the very least they could communicate when they've hit a roadblock and the reasoning behind such rather then leaving the entire community in the dark.


      I am not confident in the map coming online before feb

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      restrictive war rules + settlement rules also being very restrictive + lots of lost effort from tech team making a vortex plugin that is later removed = map that doesn't change much


      I miss older maps like Axios that would be dramatically different a year down the line from map launch

  8. dream team was a lie

  9. "Maybe if this gal had some balls she would've done something about it rather then cry on a piece of paper." remarks Jon
  10. Jon visibly sweats upon seeing the missive be talked about in Du Loc.
  11. treating crp like a card game is why I'd rather just get clicked to death

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    2. FlemishSupremacy
    3. Aengoth


      @Livwell you see, b/c ive been training to master the blade for 200 years and I have a specially designed armor [see this google doc w/ source videos and adjustments made along w/ all my enchantments + athin/padfoot treatment] it simply isn't possible for you to win sa'vi

    4. Liv


      I go to the gym and I go everyday. My strength alone can snap your blade like it was paper. I have mastered all types of fighting styles because I roll'd a 20 and legally allowed to powergame @AengothYour enchantments mean noting to my based roll of 20!! please get good and PK so I can then RPly feel better about myself!!

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