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  1. remember to always double check that the medication in your house is properly sealed to prevent children from opening it

  2. I don’t see why they cannot continue the legacy of the Wilven Monks as long as they act to help new players. Things will naturally evolve and move past where they were many years ago. We see this most commonly with family names on the server that go beyond the original owner of it. Sidenote, a staff member should toss this into feedback
  3. dm me your paypal
  4. Name of the Artifact: Deleted Email Is this a combat related Artifact? If marked as “no”, it will not be usable in combat situations: Depends on the target MC Name of the person(s) currently in possession of the Artifact: Aengoth  RP Name of the person(s) currently in possession of the Artifact: Aengoth Starbreaker (buried in his grave with him) MC Name of the creator(s) of the Artifact (N/A if not applicable, e.g. for event items): n/a RP Name of the creator(s) of the Artifact (N/A if not applicable): n/a Screenshots showcasing the attempted creation of the artifact (use an imgur album or a spoiler please | if an event item just screenshot the item itself | If you're resubmitting an old MArt put N/A: MC Item description (the exact description that will be used for the MC item if this MArt is accepted): An ancient tome sought to be destroyed by old corrupt gods who sought to protect one of their own. Effect(s) of the Artifact: Protects those under the age of 18
  5. Aengoth smiles proudly from beyond the grave
  6. My first thought is I really like the approach and mindset taken with the work put into this race. It seems interesting conceptually but at the same time very vague. I worry this type of race would fall into flavor of the month status before falling down to less than a dozen dedicated individuals playing them. I think this predominantly comes from the lack of direction they have as a collective. You have some interesting character traits but they’ll become a sort of niche side character type race rather then something that grows and develops into its own unique culture. At least that is my interpretation I may be wrong. I’d have to say overall I’m neutral on it as a whole.
  7. FULL NAME: Osric AGE: 18 RACE: Human RELIGION: Cannonist REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st ((MC name)): Aengoth ((Time zone)): MST
  8. Reminds me of when my dad drinks tequila +1
  9. someone deliver my boy @Heero a glass of water he is really dehydrated

  10. At the cusp of his 907th year in the mortal realms, Aengoth passes his last hours beside a campfire with roasted pork and good company. His final days of his ripe old age spent sharing ancient stories with those who would see the next dawn without him. Aengoth was blessed to have called many places home. From his humble start in Kal’Dwain and Solace in Asulon where he busied himself amongst the smallfolk providing what he could as he began his Blacksmithing trade. Soon after his many treasured years spent in Anthos, be they fighting alongside the Dwarves, Salvians, or the White Rose. To his days spent amongst kin and as a Lord of Kal’Arkon in the Fringe where he spurred the Starbreakers onto a golden age while facing the internal conflict of having to choose between his family and the comrades he had found amidst the White Rose and Order of Saint Lucien. Then onwards his years spent perfecting his craft as the Forgefather of Kal’Akash in Vailor during the 18 year war before his exile where he found refuge amongst the Court of Oren as the Court Dwarf. The final last few years in Helena of Arcas where he lived peacefully as a humble Blacksmith finally reconciling with the Clan he cherished deeply as he saw humanity enter a new era he could not have ever imagined. On his final night he lay in a cot as Zadrik and Crumena prepared him for the journey ahead. They hoisted him into a wagon, aiding him as old age and sickness had robbed him of his strength. Peacefully he laid in the back of the cart as the three shared tales and stories while traversing down the long road ahead of them. As his last breaths had passed, Aengoth’s final rune would slowly turn his sick and old frame to stone from whence he came. And so his traveling companions of the last four centuries did escort him on his final journey back home under the mountains.
  11. -1 An interesting lore concept that was created by the dwarven community for the dwarven community to give a unique magical flair to the race that has been turned into a star wars (ex: immortality, ruhn blades, ogradhad tokens, velkan gauntlets) knock off that is heavily controlled by an incredibly small amount of people. Runesmithing is in dire need of a complete rewrite due to the unwieldy and vague nature it currently has that leads to absurd situations in which players can gerrymander it into pulling off feats that were never intended to be possible. After reading this whole lore piece I get the impression that it is ripping off and adding multiple various jokes and adding it to the lore on the assumption that nobody will bother to fully read the entire piece. I think this piece has been written with the assumption that it will pass and continue to be unmoderated so that this lore can further devolve .Below I will list each section of the lore that seems to be problematic to me and give a short reason as to why. Tenets of Ogradhad – An OOC means of maintaining power within the central group. The reason I list this is OOC is due to it not being a created player group but rather a group that is included in the lore piece itself to give it more legitimacy and authority then any opposing sects that may arise. This addition to the lore seems to be in direct response to the elves gaining access to golemancy in years past which caused an excessive inflation in the amount of golem smiths on the server. Tools – Minor annoyance here. The importance of tools has always seemed to either be far too much to the extent that people would jokingly claim they would steal other runesmith tools to pseudo disconnect them or the opposite where they would hardly be mentioned and would be downplayed. It just seems like a piece of the lore that has always been problematic to effectively adhere to in a literal sense even though it thematically works. Binding Connection – The rolling is stupid and easily circumvented by players just mass attempting. It’s a gamey mechanic that shouldn’t be part of the lore. Ritual of Shattered Stones – Falls into the same trap that all “Must be taught by someone who knows” lore piece. Who will initially know (Just the Lore Writer or All current Teachers)? Doesn’t this just put more power into the hands of senior Runesmiths to maintain a stranglehold over those under them. Further the line “may only be successfully spiked after having broken one of the Tenets of Ogradhad“ easy to see how this is going to result in bending the definitions of the rules to protect those who are liked by the central controlling group and those who are on the fringe. This gives further power to a group OOCly vetted and enforced by those in charge of the lore. Ritual Altar – Only able to be created by those that know, basically even if you put in the work for a TA you still need someone to walk up to you and say ooga booga now you can actually teach others with my schematic. Runes – Man runes either are ******* amazing to the point of being powergaming (lava) or suck. There are very few examples of well balanced runes and this section needs a large rewrite. I will say though that the better clarification of tiers is a great addition so kudos for that. Khorvad Rune – What does this actually do, its always been listed as event rune but where is the documentation of what it can do. Is it just a mcguffin for ET or is it that Time Travel Rune used to regain lost artifacts (Also what the **** was that time travel event). Thanhic Alloys – more thanhium make bigger boom Dwedohin Stailininn – Ruhn Alloy + Soul Anvil = none of the reprecussions thanhic alloy was supposed to have Bolstering a Rune - No longer all that relevant due to the powercreep from all the implemented alloys created Recarving Runes – Couldn’t seem to find a section dedicated to this topic but I still wanted to touch on it. Recarving runes seems like a shoehorned implemented redline to satisfy individuals outside of the dwarven community critical of dwarven lore but in practice is a nonexistent repercussion. It doesn’t fit thematically with the idea of a dwarven craftsman who has reached the peak of his craft that is able to create heirloom artifacts. Rather these craftsmen have to essentially recharged a rune every “x” (these times are often inconsequential and picked out of a hat) for the purpose of getting lore approved. Dharok Gems – The amount of messages I got as soon as these were added to the lore is absurd. Originally it was just the infinity stones that were controlled through events. A good example of why staff making additions to magic lore via events should be heavily discouraged to avoid blatant favoritism (notice how the only players to get floating castles are always close to staff) Ruhn Blades – It’s lightsabers. It’s a hot blade that grows/shrinks from the handle. This really highlights how out of control the lore has gotten from what it was originally meant to be. Initially dwarves only really wanted to have a culture specific type of enchanting lore which was heavily stomped on at the time. Now left with minimal supervision we see that instead of just trying to fill that niche of neat enchantments its gone to the point of having lightsabers. I understand this server does take inspiration from multiple sources but atleast those inspirations atleast adhered to the idea of a fantasy server. Forgedwed mask – Is this a scuba mask or just an air ventilator. Ogradhad Token – Star wars hologram. It allows for absurd meta-gaming by having it replace bird written messages in which you can send something that a character cannot disprove and just serves as a OOC way to stomp down on illicit behavior. This artifact does have the potential to be very interesting in a similar vein to the opportunities Ogradhad runes can have, but it seems that it is far more open to being abused then its predecessors. Velkan Gauntlets – Google unlimited power. Isle of Ruhn – Please stop with the floating castles that cannot be destroyed. Instead of having that massive Admin/Lore Team approved Thanhium pit you’ve just shoe horned in Dharok Gems (Lore Team / ET approval required) to once again get back floating citadels. What proof are you sending out that you are recarving. Further why is it that they slowly descend, shouldn’t there be severe repercussions for this type of absurd feat. This just seems so blatantly overpowered and no other magic would ever get away with it (unless they had a pocket admin). Flesh Runes – While I do agree that Flesh Runes should be part of Runesmithing some of the redlines seem off. the whole implanting process without a Rune Smith seems odd, does this mean you can stockpile these flesh runes and sell them to surgeons. Seems like a kinda joke idea of having a organ harvest kinda vibe with the whole surgeon and blood flow mentions in it. Rune of Fire – Torture rune, just kinda seems like an odd thing to include. Doesn’t really thematically fit with all the previous bits of the lore. Not to mention torture roleplay is almost always bad. It often devolves into “give me the info” and the person screaming “never” while they outwait the antagonist who will then eventually just kill the person to be done with it. Also why would the person with the rune imbedded in them activate it? Or does this mean that Runesmiths can choose to activate Flesh Runes on other individuals and force Runes upon them. Rune of Strength – Midget hulk runes. It seems like the repercussion is purposefully written so that you can say its not OP while also being easily sidestepped by having your friend hit you in the back of the head and you going “oh no I’ve been incapacitated”. Rune of Life – Immortality Rune, really doesn’t fit thematically at all with the original intentions of Runesmithing. You see this in combination with all the previously mentioned artifacts to culminate in a Sith Lord knock off. Rune of Enhanced ____ + Rune of Well Being – Ancient Chinese Dwarven Runic Medicine to keep you nice and strong. Honestly these are just filler pieces that will be barely used. Rune of Pestilence – Another torture rune? Just seems like a filler piece to be the opposite of the previous Rune of Well Being. Same concerns as Rune of Fire. Rune of Voidal Severance – I do wish Runesmithing Dungrimm runes were not so ****. Although this seems like a weird solution and is even more egregious when you consider that Runesmiths can be handing out these runes to dwarven medics to then go and capture a elven mage and force this rune upon them without a runesmith present. At least that is the concern I have with the outcome of how these are being introduced. Rune of Hearth/Wyvurn Grasp – Seems like filler content that will just up being used to either ignore consequences or torture individuals. Runic of Vigour – Runic Viagra. I think this confirms my earlier suspicion of some ancient chinese dwarven medicine meme being added into the Runesmithing lore. I’m all for these sorts of in jokes within the community (dwarf cops) but having it part of a Lore piece meant to better the dwarven culture just seems poorly thought out. Tl;dr – Runesmithing has seem to devolved from what it was originally intended to be (speaking in the context of the discussion that were started in 2.5). Instead of being a thematically fulfilling piece of lore that is meant to create heirloom artifacts that will have a storied history and are passed on from dwarf to dwarf as a means of community recognition it has become into an Outcome focused lore piece that is used to create joke/OP items stolen/inspired from other works of fiction (Star Wars/Avengers) or Culture (Ancient Chinese Medicine). Many of the redlines introduced are purposefully done to avoid real repercussions which seems to have been done in response to the initial struggles Runesmithing had (which are legitimate and were bullshit). Rather then trying to fulfill the niche of an accomplished dwarven craftsman creating a specialized item for figure of importance (ex – sword with fire enchantment for aesthetic purposes) the lore has turned into Runesmiths being able to become Sith Lords that can wield lightsabers, blast lightning, and hulk out. I would heavily encourage those who have given this lore a +1 to give it another read over and truly scrutinize it rather then think about what niche interesting thing a Runesmith has promised you. -1
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