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  1. banned for shitposting
  2. how many shitposts does it take to become a creative wizard?

    1. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Kim, I love you

    2. Cloakedsphere



  3. would I then have to shave ~450 years off aengoth's age (around 750)
  4. back from the hospital what up folks

    1. Dewlox™


      Ohsh*t, why you've been there, fam?

    2. Aengoth


      got my appendix removed due to acute appendicitus

    3. Dewlox™


      Dang, hope you're feeling good now.

  5. Here's an image displaying my credentials for the position
  6. +1
  7. where do you think it came from panda
  8. +1
  9. Not saying you do. Just pointing out the inherent flaw with how runesmithing currently states on the prereq's to learn it in the first place (blank soul). You misunderstand. A user of runesmithing should only be able to use golemancy. Not that the any runesmith can apply runes to golemancy creations.
  10. Runesmithing shouldn't be compatible with anything asides from Golemancy. Mixing and matching magics that are thematically different shouldn't have been put through by the lore team in the first place and it was done on a technicality rather then said technicality being fixed like it should've initially been. The gongshow that is the Kal'Varak should be example enough as to why thematically different magic shouldn't mix. As for the runesmith druid bit, wouldn't it be peculiar to have one soul being attuned to two very different entities (the aspects and the aengul/daemonic force controlling runesmithing). RPly I would see why dwarves might attempt it due to there IC interpretations of Anbella and Aspects being one and the same however why would the two actual distinct entities both leave a mark. Also in regards to the blank slate soul bit, that shouldn't be true considering (as far as I'm aware) if a golem smith is involved in any form of soulbinding golemancy makes the target vulnerable to ascended magic supposedly. Clarifications and changes need to be made as currently Runesmithing's interaction with other magics is a mess.
  11. Why use tnt when you could've just used world edit and/or a couple et builders