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  1. fastest event participation speedrun achieved

    1. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      RIP koteshi, no one knew ;(

  2. "Finally we get to kill the Mori." -Koteshi
  3. 172, SA This serene day we have received troubling reports of a malcontent yūrei wheeling around our territories. Unfortunately we have yet to capture it or ascertain a method of extermination. It is advised to travel in groups to avoid being run upon by this mischievous entity until its intent is determined by the state. Please report any findings of the Waru-Nūdo to the Shugo or a Samurai. KOTESHI of Tetsugawa
  4. 172, SA This serene day we witnessed a meeting of the leader of the Shugo and the representative of the Nekomen of Nor'Velyth Yhl'Kabuki. Unfortunately the meeting reached an resolution due to a lack of understanding of supposed sacred cultural norms of the diminished neko people. While dressed in fineries the representative lamented the persecutions of his people in past centuries and would not permit them to live in tax-free caravans. KOTESHI of Tetsugawa
  5. A hermit strips a leach from the backside of a aging and half blind mule in the westerly swamps, carefully sealing it within a jar and shipping it to the Apostolic City with a letter attached "'Lo and behold, a noble vestige of honored crows blood. Leges sanguinis et fidelitatis. -K"
  6. rule 7.2 mentioned

  7. the freaks argument is "we already here so may as well ban all the kiddies so we can run wild"

  8. 172, SA This serene day we witnessed the two sumo matches of gaijin outsiders to reconcile there silly uncivilized gaijin conflicts. The undercard bout proved to be the greater of the two. The woman yosei Primarch known as JENNY put up an entertaining fight with the large ash skinned orc Dom of the Grothzark clan. Both are celebrated fighters and welcome to future sumo events when they occur. The main card event proved to be a tiring bore that dragged on and caused many a spectator to depart. The green skinned Orc Lur of the Madoc clan was the favorite of the crowd even though he was a stranger to the lands. His opposite, the Pharoah Atemu-Ta, was widely disliked by the onlookers and his own entourage busied themselves arguging over the possession of a slave princeling that Atemu-Ta had supposedly seized from Norland. With the Pharaoh's knockout defeat the victor Lur of Madoc seized an eye to the protests of Atemu's entourage as a means of instilling a lesson in the spoiled sandling. None of the Pharoahs entourage was willing to fight off the greenskin from seizing his prize. However, a sudden contender and fan favorite of the enlightened Oyashiman crowd emerged. Yokozuna Kaziwashi found the act of pulling a weapon dishonorable and challenged Lur of Madoc. The two engaged in what was the match of the decade. While Lur of Madoc fought valiantly he was disadvantaged due to Yokozuna pulling on the crowds energy to deliver a final crushing powerbomb that knocked the greenskin out cold. The two are celebrated and welcomed with open arms by the Oyashi people to any future sumo events when they occur. KOTESHI of Tetsugawa
  9. Koteshi rode off from the welcomed calamity.
  10. It clearly was enough warning. Saying it evidently wasn't just means the players partaking disregarded the warnings. The notion of it being a PK zone means that there is an inherent risk that someone can/will die. Just because you/others assumed you wouldn't be the ones to die doesn't make that a fault of the staff. Gotta take accountability for your own participation in it. Having regrets for not taking the staff seriously doesn't mean they're mishandling a PK zone, by partaking in the event you took on that risk. @Xarklyby partaking in a PK event a player is opening them up to that risk of an unplanned PK. Some of the most significant events in the server have also been caused by players partaking in a PK clause outside of events. Sometimes you have to accept sacrificing your character narrative for the progression of others if it makes sense.
  11. very cool
  12. idk seems like there was more than ample warning that was disregarded
  13. dargrind is getting sent to the philippines now ☹️

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      he must do fruit contract underwriting for 10000 years

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