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  1. Yunya of the Chen household looks forward to the upcoming festival!
  2. Yunya of the Chen household clasped a raffle ticket against her as she'd patiently explain how the auction and raffle would work to her daughters. Amara Mareno just wants to be the one to do the auction. IGN: tadabug2000 RP NAME: Chen Yunya
  3. Created and published by Chen Yunya Transcribed by some poor passerby ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 小洞不补,大洞吃苦。 (Xiǎodòng bù bǔ, dàdòng chī kǔ.'small hole not mend; big hole eat hardship') — If small holes aren't fixed, then big holes will bring hardship. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛ ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 水满则溢。 (Shuǐmǎn zé yì. 'water full but overflows') — Water flows in only to flow out. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛
  4. A Skin Auction Yong Ping Edition So! I decided to try my hand at skinning recently and think I did quite okay and therefore, I'll be selling some skins I made! Rules No editing your comment, you have to make a new one. When bidding against someone, tag them in your comment. No last minute skin sniping. Starting bid is 100 minas, at least 25 minas on going up! Ends this Sunday at 9pm EST, 9/26/21! Form Discord Username Skin[s] Bid[s] Li-Ren Hanfus Crimson Rider Hanfu Peaches and Cream Hanfu Oyashiman Kimonos Permeating Mandarins Kimono Sun-faded Kimono Day in the Clouds Kimono Hyeol-yeon Hanboks Vibrant Melon Hanbok A Scholars Hanbok Happy bidding!
  5. Yong Ping Persona Creation A Guide to Persona Creation within the Jade State So! You are looking to make a persona within Yong Ping. There are a few questions you’d need to answer for yourself first, that being the following: Which of the current cultures do you want your persona based on? Are you looking to join an existing family or make your own? If looking to join, what are the current existing families? What is the backstory of your persona or what do you want it to be? And What kind of skin would you need and how do you get one? We’ll now refer to the first question, cultures. As of current, there are three cultures within the Jade State; the Li-ren, Oyashiman and the Hyeol-yeons. The IRL equivalent being that of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The first two mentioned have an extensive history, which there is a multitude of forum posts on while the last is relatively new to the nation but growing. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196044-culture-li-ren-culture/ The Li-ren people hail originally from Li-guo, having fled from the ever-warring state to go on to find a place of refuge and safety. They are a people of the arts, often seen with ornate fans and parasols in the higher classes and wearing Hanfus all-around. A diagram below depicts the stylings of a hanfu. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/203284-a-look-into-li-ren-fashion/ Fun fact, the first Zhu of the Jade State is Li Xiuying, the Li-ren who founded first the Tai Ping district followed by becoming that of a settlement led to Nationhood, the Jade State of Yong Ping. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/194066-culture-oyashima/?tab=comments The Oyashiman people originally hail from Oyashima, bound within the confines of a rigid caste-system. They have many special weapons custom to their culture, one of many being the Katana most often used by the Samurai, an honorable class of warriors. The Oyashimans most often wear Kimonos, the diagram of one depicted below. Fun fact, the Ishikawas are a well-known family of high status both in Oyashima and the Jade State alike. A branch of the family had been founded in a castle of their creation, Tsutenkaku, by one Tsune Hirano. She later went on to become a fervent ambassador alongside our Wise Minister of Education before her passing. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/203665-culture-the-hyeol-yeon/ The Hyeol-yeon peoples originally hail from the Cunyuan region and are found to be highly religious people who didn’t initially flee their home but have come to settle here. With a variety of religious rites, they are a fan of totems and statues; such as the Jangseung, among other things as they are superstitious people believing in that of Karma. They most often wear a Hanok, the diagram of one depicted down below. Fun fact, the Hyeol-yeon people were initially introduced to the Jade State through a series of pirate attacks that lasted years. Having been forcibly taken from their home, they had been enslaved on the Pirates ships and later freed by the Yong Ping Army and led back to the Jade State in order to recuperate, over five-hundred people were given their freedom and went on to incorporate themselves into the city. Before going into that of open families, it is always open to make a family of your own. Whether a lower class one within the slums or finding yourselves within the Port district as sailors, there are many options to those open to making a persona within the Jade State. The families listed below are ones currently open to accepting new members, though keep in mind to contact them first. The Tianrui family The Tianrui family is based on two cultures, Li-ren and Oyashiman, through a series of long history. Mainly that of Elves, there’d be some humans pocketed throughout, with a heavy presence in the military and merchant work. Leading the prosperous Tianrui Teahouse and with a member as Duhu of the Army, they are a family of great size to be reckoned with. Point of Contact: Tianrui Ren, Moo_Bot, Coffee.exe [BOT]#5456. The Chen family https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202483-the-chen-family-history-%E9%99%B3%E5%AE%B6/ The Chen family is one that mainly focuses on that of the arts. Known for their love for calligraphy, dance and poetry, they aim to bring further beauty to the Jade State. Keeping this in mind, if one were to watch them closely, they are a family of drama with a taste for the finer things due to their higher status in the caste system alongside many a Minister and Government worker coming from their family. Consisting mainly of Li-rens, there would be a few Hyeol-yeon spotted among their ranks, alongside elves and humans alike. Point of Contact: Chen Yunya, tadabug2000, beautifulwatty#6584 or Chen Wenping, Bemoblue, Samuel The Cannibal#9401. The Takai family The Takai family is an Oyashiman family focused heavily on religious and scholarly pursuits, priding themselves on being a family of prodigies and intellectuals. Able to be identified by their signature white hair, they are Elves who keep a firm grip of the fan alongside a firm grip on the going ons about them. Point of Contact: Takai Eiji, Feebis, TemporalShift#3708. The Wen family https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/201542-the-wen-%E6%96%87-family-introduction/ The Wens are a Li-ren family, focusing on smithing and martial arts, namely a military family. With various traditions kept close to their sleeve, they are still mainly a mystery to most. Oftentimes known for their matching outfits or orderly way, they’re a family of structure. Point of Contact: Wen Zi Shu, Peachlova, PeachLova#6617. The Zhi Family The Zhi family, though newer to the Jade State, are already making a splash in the economy. Artisans, entrepreneurs and people of business, they immediately come to run multiple successful businesses, including but not limited to; a lovely mask shop and ramen business who people frequent. Made up of Li-rens they are a family of humans, though come to have honorary Zhis that can be of any race. Point of contact: Zhi Wuying, beedyourlasthaw, Frott#4491 or Zhi Kemai, Gamma__Byte, Gamma#8181. We’re getting closer now to the full creation of your persona, though backstory is an important factor. Referring to any of the cultures above, of course any backstory can be created from that but for those who need a little help, here are a few events that have happened that may help towards creating one for yourself. The Tai Ping Massacre For those looking for a persona that’d be in their forties or above, the Tai Ping Massacre happened during a time when the two cultures at the time [Li-ren and Oyashiman] had founded a district within the settlement Talons Port. A group of serial killers had harassed the district for a Dragon's week, with the grand total count of deaths being 30 at the end. Bodies had been strung up from every crevice, laid across every roof and blood permeated the air leaving quite the traumatizing irp year. The Fleeing of the Refugees Nearly forty years ago now, when news of Yong Ping first being founded spread to Aeldin, alongside a new venture made to bring forth unity between the ever-warring cultures [Li-ren and Oyashiman], both had fled to the newly found settlement. Tensions were tight, having fled from the bloodshed only to be close to those they’ve fought for many, many years but with time and effort, the cultures have come to respect each other with time. The Freeing of the Hyeol-Yeon Nearly twelve years ago now, when the pirate attacks began and it was found they held Slaves, the Yong Ping Army boarded their ship and through a hard-fought battle, freed five-hundred people who then went on to incorporate into the city as refugees. The Brewing Tsunami Only eight years ago now, a great disaster and yet one that was a religious moment, Susanoo, a Kami, had warned the people of the Jade State of a coming tsunami and to rush to the temple. Those that heeded the warning were spared, the large waves crashing down, only to split before the temple and spare those within. The people who hadn’t found themselves in the temple weren’t so lucky, some children having been orphaned during this time. The Final Destruction of the Pirates Just under a year ago now, the Pirates encampment has been fully destroyed. Many had died due to the Pirates attacking and killing their own and during this time, there had been twenty-one orphaned children saved and brought to the temple to be cared for properly. A diagram of clothing of all three cultures. When going about seeking a skin for your persona, you have a few options. With the use of @skinner in our main Discord, you can commission a skin from one of our fine skinners. If unsure on that option, there are free to use skins which will be linked below, alongside templates for those wishing to make their own. Hanfu Templates Li-Ren Free to Use Kimono Templates Oyashiman Free to Use Hanbok Free to Use Any Free to Use If you have any questions as to further character creation, join the Yong Ping discord today and look under #information for more, alongside #characterreferences in channels. We look forward to having you! https://discord.gg/7sUf6WFXHJ
  6. Created and published by Chen Yunya Transcribed by some poor passerby ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 不作不死. (Bù zuò bù sǐ. 'Not do not die.') — If you don't do stupid things you won't end up in tragedy. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛ ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 塞翁失马,焉知非福。 (Sài Wēng shī mǎ, yān zhī fēi fú. 'Sai Weng [legendary old man's name] lost horse, how know not blessing'.) — Blessings come in disguise. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛
  7. Yunyas invitation lowered so Linli could get a good look, smile warm as she took in the invite for the vow renewals. "Xi, love! It'll be a lot of fun." She promised on a hum. "Del-yi and Ren-shu are so sweet, even after all this time, they want to renew their love for all to see."
  8. A depiction of the Chen Casino found at the port island of the Jade State. A Tuo Show What will be the first of many events planned within the casino, a Tuo Show is announced: An explanation for those not quite versed with the culture, it is a time when people will come in wearing garb generally meant for another gender. People are invited to come dressed as they wished and partake in provided catering alongside gamble to their hearts content with our three machines: Our slot machine, prizes guaranteed. Our spinning wheel, not as guaranteed but of a greater quality. Our roulette wheel, not guaranteed but in greater quality and quantity when won. Best dressed will win an undisclosed prize and all who wish to attend are welcome.
  9. A certain dyslexic Musin stares down at her crumb-ridden fur, the young Musin slumped over as they'd heard of the news. Toast was someone she looked up to and aspired to be like, having heard so many stories of his greatness. Sad mumblings are heard as the child Musin gorged themselves on food to eat away their feelings. Yunya of the Chen household heard the news through the grapevine, unsure entirely what to think but nonetheless, brought her two daughters to the temple, kneeling before the tatami mats settled before Hualian. Prayers are uttered and candles are lit and she knew she'd have to explain to her daughters that the Musin staying with them was no more. How could she ever think to explain?
  10. Discord: beautifulwatty#84 Skin(s): Farmer's Life For Me Bid(s): 225 Skinner: Neo
  11. Discord: beautifulwatty#84 Skin(s): Gobbo Bid(s): 200 Skinner: Neo
  12. Discord: beautifulwatty#84 Skin(s): Gobbo Bid(s): 150 Skinner: Neo
  13. Discord: beautifulwatty#84 Skin(s): Goboo, Farmer's Life For Me Bid(s): 75, 175 Skinner: Neo
  14. Another Elf looks to the piece with interest, glancing it over and calculating it with others with an awkward smile. "Negative one hundred and eighty five.. Is it possible to go down further?"
  15. Discord Name: beautifulwatty#6584 Character Name: Chen Yunya Character Race: Proto Elf/Li-ren Character Height: 4'9 Character Age: 51 Character features: Akin to that of a doll in a chinashop, pale, based off of the Li-ren culture in Yong Ping. General idea for pose: Unsure if it could be like, seeming like mid-dance, if not, holding her sleeve in front of her mouth Extras: (Please discuss for pricing) Character personality: Bubbly, wants others to amuse her Style: Realistic Pictures of Skin: Lemme know if you need any extra refs or if I need to add anything! Doing this while half asleep, admittedly
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