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  1. MC Name: tadabug2000 RP Name: Inkeri af Snjobarn Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: Yes, please o-o Master of the Catch?: No
  2. The Young Princess scanned the invitation over with a raised brow, settling it on her desk afterwards. Happy for Bernhardt, she marked a spot on her schedule, before returning back downstairs and to her lab.
  3. Esmae Al-Nabeel didn't leave her room for many days, the often detached girl mourning her Uncles passing. She rethought everything, many things going through her mind, of their time together. How she missed him already. How she would sit near him, pulling on his sleeve as she'd tell him about her day. His strong presence. She truly loved him.
  4. Gorgeous De’Caroka read this over, calling to any of those nearby her as she does. “And what of us Wonks, wishing for basic rights? The deal we had with the Princess was so that we could go about, without worry of someone killing us because they can. Now, even that protection is void, it seems.” A large fan flicked out, as she began to fan herself, worried.
  5. Gorgeous De’Caroka reads this in all her Wonk glory, dressed to the nines and heavily made up. “This must be quite the fan. I support her wholeheartedly if she is supporting us. Boys!” She’d call to those of her group. “I support this one, keep this in mind.”
  6. Hi, there! I’ve been making some persona playing cards for a bit and was told there were those interested in it, so let’s get started. Some examples: In order to get one, just comment these things. Minecraft username: Discord: Linked picture of your persona: Race: What you want the description to say: Number out of number [ex. 10/10]: Bottom text [What the number out of number will be of, ex. Toughness, Charisma, etc.]: That’s all! Costs 50 mina for one, if you wish me to message me on Discord it’s beautifulwatty#6584.
  7. Varkolu Umi Leparda signed this with a flourish, resolute but hoping for a safe future for her precious cubs.
  8. Var'Umi Leparda would tack something else onto this notice, it reading: ”By Order of the Varkolu, High Priestess of the Kharajyr, noone is to hurt or otherwise bother this blessing from Metztli, unless otherwise given explicit permission from the Varkolu herself.” This would be stamped afterwards with a mark of her paw, quite serious in this matter.
  9. Varkolu Umi Leparda would sign this with a flourish, agreeing with it and supporting it!
  10. Var’Umi Leparda fully approves of this message!
  11. Ji’Umi was the one to originally find Kai after the ordeal, the Kharajyr having fallen faint atop her. She was distraught to see her brethren hurt like this, calling for the others the only way she knew how, as she is mute, through a series of practiced noises. Kai was saved by Dele and then told Umi of the horrid details of what happened to him at a place they called home. She remembered their leaders promise, that of Rubern, that any Kharajyr citizen within Rubern would be protected just as any normal citizen and sought to get the lawful retribution needed for her dear friend.
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