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  1. Renata Alba surveyed the missive, blonde brows arching upwards. Her dear friend was just kidnapped and tortured for weeks, the earlier missive sat at her right - and her family disinherits her? What could Esfir have done to deserve such cruel treatment? The gentle rocking of a cradle sounded in the background, where her newborn daughter slept soundly, her husband peering over their sweet girl. With utter shock and dismay, the woman dipped her quill in ink and began to draft a letter, having every intention to check on her friend. It began with; "Dearest Esfir,"
  2. Renata Alba long had gifts prepared for her very first nephew. She cooed over the newborn, extending out painted nails to pinch at chubby cheeks - much to the dismay of her eldest son, Thiago, who stared grumpily in one year old fashion. "Little bebe-"
  3. 7th of Veronica's Strength, 107 D.R. The del Maravillas; a household formed via the initial familial lines of the royal household of de Pelear. Many firsts came to be had, and the first of their titles, of their generation - formed a house of their own to make a legacy for ages to come. Twins, blonde of hair, born to Prince Arman de Pelear and Princess-Consort Harmen de Pelear came to be. His Highness, Infante Rafael Arsenico and Her Highness, Infanta Renata Alba. Born into a grey area, in which they were royals and nobility alike, they toed the line of something new as they ventured forth into the world. The duo wished for and strived for more, and so as they came into adulthood, they were granted the title of Dual Barony of Soles Gemelos - thus beginning the household of Del Maravilla. TRADITIONS AND VALUES As is with any household, traditions and values are something passed onto the future generations. While the del Maravilla household is new in name, the traditions and values they have been raised with will move on and to the family, while leaving room for expansion. Meritorial Heirship The household values competency, which is showcased in their meritorial heirship. While the founding siblings are known for their party nature, hard work is always put first and foremost, which allows for the finer luxuries in life afterwards. The Value of Twins Following the experiences of the founders of the house, and in honour of the patron twin saints, Clement and Evaristus, it is generally believed that twins are lucky or blessed. Household Revelry Variety is the spice of life, and what better to spice things up by coming up with unique parties and festivities. It is common practice for del Maravillas to throw feasts or celebrations, often showcasing something new or exciting to the rest of their peers. A House of Luxury Only the best is expected of the household, and only the best shall be had. Whether the finest dresses, or the flashiest parties, the del Maravilla household is one of luxury and excitement - never allowing for a dull moment to take hold. CULTURE Rule of Two The House, wielding a dual rule over its land. They believe in the Rule of Two, which means that something should generally be governed by two overseers. This idea stems from the founders of the house, Rafael and Renata being twins. Having two people lead something allows for different skill sets and views to be at play, as well as keeping one another in line. Arboriculture While many houses in Hyspia practice traditional agriculture, such as wheat and corn farms, the del Maravillas pride themselves in their skills in Arbori and floriculture. Or better known as the growing and study of trees and flowers. This distinction comes about due to the house's wealth, allowing them to invest more into these resource intensive fields. Astrology The house founders having been the founders of the Hyspian Zodiac, the del Maravilla household holds stock in the zodiac those are born under. They keep meticulous track of their monthly fortunes, and will go as far as to plan their day to day around them. HEIRLOOMS AND ARTEFACTS These are items that have come to be of importance to the household. As the household is relatively new, there are few heirlooms and artefacts to speak of, until some time passes. Saqr Al-Nahash: A Qalasheen invention gifted to Princess-Royal Renata Alba upon the Qalasheens departure of Hyspia. Granted for providing friendship during difficult times. It is a crossbow with a crank and a carved sight for greater aim and accuracy. Signed, Her Royal Highness, Renata Alba del Maravilla, Princess-Royal of Hyspia, Duchess of La Dorada, Baroness of Clemente, Gran Chamberlan of the Girasol Courts His Highness, Rafael Arsenico del Maravilla, Infante of Hyspia, Baron of Evaristus, Ministro del Pais, Envoy of Hyspia, Court Astrologer Su Señor, Carlos del Maravilla, Baron-Consort of Clemente, Ministro de Interior Su Señora, Persis del Maravilla, Baroness-Consort of Evaristus
  4. Xiomara Araceli was now a big sister. The Grand Princess would half toddle and half crawl, making not so secret attempts to peer into her sisters bassinet. Should the baby awake, she'd find a face swimming above hers and squinted eyes, as if trying to make sense of her.
  5. A celebration was underway from a once desperate mother. Bottled sunlight is torn down from above, allowing them to clatter now uselessly to the floor. The Hyspian woman had turned, scooping up her boys and gathering them close - as she brought her children out beneath the Hyspian sun. It would be the first they truly felt the warmth that would cast over them - and worry fading away instead for joy, as she took in her sweet boys faces. -- The fussy cries of a young girl born on the day of the Blood Moon would peter out. Little fingers would extend outwards, head tipping back as light blinded her eyes. She'd close them, darkness coming once more but bits of light peeking past closed eyelids. Opened once more and . . She took in the beauty of the sun for the first time and found she enjoyed the golden rays from above.
  6. Discord: tadabug2000 Bid: $8 for Nouhad
  7. Ofeliya Weiss welcomes her husband in the Seven Skies. A jukebox began to let music filter out, allowing the duo once more to dance till they drop.
  8. MC Name: tadabug2000 Discord: tadabug2000 Image: Description of Image: Shop wares (Couch pillow) Dimensions: 1
  9. MC Name: tadabug2000 Discord: tadabug2000 Image: Description of Image: Shop wares (Couch pillow) Dimensions: 1
  10. MC Name: tadabug2000 Discord: tadabug2000 Image: Description of Image: Shop wares (Couch pillow) Dimensions: 1
  11. Renata Alba uttered something upon the study of this months Zodiac fortunes. "The blood moon is cursed.." Her gaze fell back upon her son, worry to her gaze. Her sweet baby has never felt the warmth of the sun. She could hardly imagine such a thing! The new mother made sure to check her fortune, alongside his, to assure she can protect him properly.
  12. MC Name: tadabug2000 Discord: tadabug2000 Image: Description of Image: Shop wares (Couch pillow) Dimensions: 1
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