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  1. “With the Eagles foresight, we reign victorious.” In the recent missive, ‘the Passing of Silver Eagles and the Gaining of New’, we detailed that of the death of the Count-Consort of Aquilae and its heir, alongside the consequent birth of a new heir. It has come to our attention that during the day of the siege against Cloudbreaker, when Lady Liliyana Vuiller had lay upon the birthing bed, the birth order had been switched. Entirely a mistake, we are assured, due to the roaming Undead and yet the Undead had been long in front of Balian itself at the time. This has come to light as the Lady Liliyana has moved forth out of her rooms after the grieving of her husband as a newly made widow and with this, we make two announcements. The first; The medic who had overseen the birth of the twins will be called in for questioning. Should they not show face within two Saints days, they will be brought in personally. And the second, Lord Edvard Baenyx Vuiller is not the firstborn of Lord Godric Ivan Vuiller, and therefore not the heir to the household. His twin and older sister, Lady Eirene Linh Vuiller is the heiress to the County of Aquilae, the Vuiller holdings and all that it entails. Let it be said, do not mess with the Eagle or you may find yourself far from your nest. Signed, The Right Honourable, the Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, Countess-Dowager of Renduzzo, Lady Procurator of Balian. Her Ladyship, Liliyana Sonia Vuiller of Aquilae
  2. The Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Vuiller glanced the pact over, satisfied it was much like the first that had been made between their respective Kingdoms. She made a mental note to visit again and see what new wares might be available within their allies, perhaps stop and speak with a friend or two.
  3. The Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Vuiller glances over the missive of her offices ward, arching a blonde brow. As a peer and member of the Duana, she made a decision then to bring this forth to the rest of the Duana Council to see their thoughts upon the matter and wondered momentarily how the Royal Balianese Academy might respond to this public missive, if at all.
  4. Johanne Vuiller, Countess of Aquilae directs the contact information of the interior worker she hired from Lurin to work on Aquilae her daughters way! Perhaps the woman could aid them both in their decor needs for their respective Counties.
  5. Princess Sofia de Pelear took note of her mothers missive, thinking a moment on whether she should attend today as she enjoyed her travels to a nation not of her own. As she sat upon the carriage, she neatly folded the missive, having made her decision.
  6. The Countess of Aquilae, Johanne Vuiller thought of the very pregnant refugee she is currently hosting upon her lands and nodded in turn to the Kings missive. Seeking to harm those who have lost everything is simply cruel, and for the often icy woman, she had a soft spot for those roosted from their homes as she was at the mere age of thirteen in the Brothers War. How time has flew since.
  7. Johanne Vuiller, Countess of Aquilae is pleased to see her daughter is doing well as the missive comes about Balian and otherwise. The woman, nonetheless focused on Aquilae as the construction was undergoing and she had a few different families she'd be hosting in the guest wings for the coming Syndesi Feriae!
  8. Dame Via Weiss, Knight-Paramount of Hoonseti-Ruska enjoyed the Zvaervauld Hineydrops TM! She wholeheartedly approved the new treat, forgetting all about the lollipops she usually munched on in favor of the honey goodness she so enjoyed!
  9. Jenkins is amazing, I'd offer to be a test reader but already am, so! XD If y'all enjoy hearing some LOTC stories and don't mind darker stuff, do the thing!
  10. Dame Via Weiss, Knight Paramount of Hoonseti-Ruska who is all of five years old grins ear to ear at the announcement! She thinks on who she will knight next and what quests she might hand out. Via also had Fort-Fort to protect! It's certainly a busy, busy time for the child. While she thinks, she enjoys a spoonful of Zvaervauld Lilac Honey TM within her hot chocolate!
  11. The Countess of Aquilae Johanne Vuiller is sure to prepare food from her keeps reserves to provide to those in need. Alongside this, an order is submitted to the local bakery so as to prove something a bit more flavorful! @WaveLincoln
  12. Princess Sofia de Pelear supports her fellow gossip-writer as he takes on the regency! Nothing truly made a bond like early morning talks at the gossip pillar in Haense.
  13. Via Weiss eagerly peered upon the missive, even as a certain person peered over her shoulder, squinting at him past her ladybug glasses. "Go away! This ist mea paper!" @WaveLincoln
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