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  1. Renata Alba had echoed the words of the Canonist Princes within the Hyspian church, unknowing of what was signed. And yet, it would certainly come to effect her life in the future - for there was now a very high likelihood she may end up having a step-father! @teeylin
  2. "But . . .!" Renata Alba peered over the invite, having thought it was something her cousin had penned. Santana was the Princess of Sunflowers, afterall! "I guess I'll go, but only to tell her that sunflowers are for Sanny!"
  3. A child, no more than two, awoke with a keening cry. She could not understand what had happened, and little fingers pressed against her head, pressing into her temples as she'd curled up within her bed - images repeating of the prophecy seen, small body wracked with tremors. The young girl mumbles incoherently, repeating the words she'd heard and unable to be quite understood. She was terribly pale beneath the sliver of moonlight peeking in through her window, sickly looking - and once more, ignored, for she had awoken with cries for many nights now. She ignored the figure, unseen by others, on the opposite end of the room. Always, always looking. . .
  4. A babe within Valdev, having finally found some semblance of rest after the previous prophecy only hours earlier, awoke once more with a wail. She peered out into the darkness, clutching at nothing as her small form shivered. The young girl, just under two didn't understand these dreams, these prophecies. She knew nothing, in truth, save for that feeling of fright as she cried and cried. Would her mother tend to her or sleep through her wails still? Woefully unaware of the perils of her cursed child who wailed into the night.
  5. Within the confines of Valdev, of a house she has not seen the outside of since her birth, a baby - not quite two yet, awakes with piercing wails. Little fingers extend outwards, searching for someone or something there in the darkness. Her gaze fell upon something in the corner, empty to who all else would see it and yet, it seemingly calmed her. The childs gaze lingered, tears slowly calming. She stares, unblinkingly, into that corner for ages afterwards.
  6. Ofeliya Weiss marks the date. She is terribly happy to go and support her Uncle on his wedding day!
  7. Renata Alba avoided her twin like the plague after he so callously ruined his pair of pajamas for the sleepover! Hers had patches of white, after all, and she wasn't too sure they'd look good in orange . . .
  8. A FIFTH ROYAL NAMEDAY Of Rafael and Renata THE VICEROYAL HOUSEHOLD 11th of Javier’s Justice, circa 89 D.R. It is with immense joy that the Viceroyal family announces the fifth nameday celebrations of His Highness, Infante Rafael Arsenico and Her Highness, Infanta Renata Alba. They are of the first of their name, and we watch on to see the precedents they set for those to follow after them. The theme of the nameday celebrations is that of ‘A Night in Hyspia’, the meaning of such up to the attendees discretion, though heavily encouraged to come dressed in your best. The night will end with a sleepover for the children in attendance, so be sure to get your parents permission first! [A depiction of the celebrations to take place.] The Festivities The festivities will open with the introductions of the young royals to those in attendance, within the Palacio de Garisol. A series of tables will be set out, showcasing a series of different foods for the attendees to enjoy at their discretion, while a series of performances take place. Following this is a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Bull’, the unveiling of a new game invented for this very day and the beating of the traditional Hyspian pinata! The night will close off with a sleepover in the palace, where it is encouraged to bring your best onesies to wear! For those seeking to bring gifts, the Infante Rafael is known to enjoy anything to do with fighting or to do with music and the Infanta Renata is known to love all things purple and anything that can lead to adventure. [Thursday, 5pm EST]
  9. [!] A missive would find itself in the mailboxes of all Lords, Ladies and Commoners in the realm. THE BURNING OF THE LILACS; And Planting of the Marigolds Issued by THE WEISS HOUSEHOLD Naf zwy 14th hag i Tov ag Yermey i 516 E.S. [A depiction of the newly planted Marigolds within the Weiss Keep.] With the disappearance of the Viscount Walter Weiss, a challenge is set forth from his heir, the Lady Ofeliya Weiss. "I have told you some years ago that I will challenge you when I see that your blade has dulled. I have asked you, even, after what I’d overheard in the square before the Voidal attack if you needed assistance. And still, you have left. Come back to your family within two Saints days, father, or I will sit upon the ivory throne within Novkurskain." As I pen this missive, the lilacs that are so beloved to you, burn within our courtyard. Flames lick up their stems, being directed in a way that only these flowers alone, burn and burn well. I will have no more of ill luck for the House of Weiss, and marigolds shall take their place. Should you wish to find all in tact, as I systematically change our keep and for the better, come back and sit upon the Ivory throne. Until then, this is my Pride, Lord Walter Weiss. Signed, The Honorable, Ofeliya Fabienne Weiss, Viscountess of Novkursain, Baroness of Zvaervauld, Curator of the Crowns Jewels of the Esrova Court
  10. THE LION’S CUB Issued by The Weiss Household ON THIS 2ND DAY OF GRONNA AG DROBA OF 516 E.S. The Lion’s Pride expands. It was upon the wee hours of the morning within the Staalgrav keep, that the hustling of a harried Valet, Grayson Marshall had soon woke those of the Viscounty. He had made way down to the servants quarters with a clipped pace, ringing a bell that awoke those there. The servantry of the Weiss household, a well-oiled machine, worked prim, punctual and without mistakes. Water soon began to boil, fresh towels were brought to the heiress tower and a sound unheard heard previously keened throughout the keep. Wailing. As the blazing, yellow sun rose overhead, one of the four symbols of the Weiss household shown true - showcasing the majesty of the moment and the righteousness of the heir of the heir born. A wee babe, no more than five pounds, swaddled within Weiss blue blankets. He held his mothers olive eyes, hosting a full head of hair and a pair of lungs that he certainly got from his father. Mother and father peered upon their heir, their child, and gave him a name amidst joyous and exhausted family and friends alike. “Karl Varon Christopher Weiss.” @CasChaos --- It is rumored that the Viscountess, and newly made grandmother, banished anything of perceived ill-luck from the room. Lilacs, primarily, amongst what was removed. One would think Marian to be a general of war, as she commanded the servantry and those of the household with such fluidity. Many of the Weiss, especially the new parents, were not seen for many days - held up within the keep as the roaring of the Lion’s Pride echoed through Staalgravs halls. The Viscount Walter leading the charge amongst them in the celebrations. The child was welcomed into this world amidst much fanfare, a baptism then held, officially welcoming the Lion’s Cub into the pride. Signed, Her Ladyship, Ofeliya Fabienne Weiss, Heiress to the Viscounty of Novkursain His Lordship, Christopher Fabian Weiss
  11. Viktoria af Brasca gaze fell over the missive. She knew deep down, when she left, that he may go for the girl. A sigh left the woman, but she found she wasn't as troubled as she expected to be. Her gaze fell upon her husband, Sir Gaspard, and a smile formed - watching as he tilled the fields of the home they claimed in their self-imposed exile. The missive is folded, and tucked neatly away. Afterwards, she joins him outside with a freshly made drink for both - urging him to come inside for a break. @M1919
  12. Renata Alba, the infamous and only Infanta of Hyspia would often find herself peeking into the young Princes room. She was curious, that was for certain. Her face would stretch out, and she'd poke at her cheeks, making faces for her cousin to see. If anyone were to ask her what she's doing, she'd run off!
  13. Renata peered up towards her father, sensing that he seemed different. She couldn't put her finger o the how or why of it, she was but a child - but her arms extended out, fingers curling against fabric as she called to him. "Padre!" It was her usual request, to be picked up and set upon his shoulders, of which she ca see the world from greater heights. Once picked up, she takes in the dazzling sights before pressing a big kiss against his cheek. "Te amo, Padre!"
  14. MC Name: tadabug2000 Discord: tadabug2000 Image: Description of Image: A portrait of Ofeliya Weiss. Dimensions: 2 high, 1 wide [1x1? 2 maparts]
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