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  1. Lady Aobh Black'hil soon found her sister, arms throwing around her and squeezing until a faint pop is heard before soon releasing her. "Come on, Al! Bop the rats." One might wonder what that meant, though, it was only known between the two sisters. Aobh bounced on her toes, head bobbing while muttering out the impromptu song and soon assist-dragging her sister to the barracks where it all began. "If you get more then me, I will even give you a slice of cheese!" She called tantalizingly, or it sounded tantalizing to her, shimmying her hips as a dagger is withdrawn, stabbing down with a thunk as it speared a silvery creature, watching it squirm beneath her blade before it finally stopped.
  2. Lady Aobh Black'hil cackled, preparing for her next appearance. Cows don't get themselves and she had a cheese addiction to fuel! Lady Marcella Ludovar could only breath a shaky sigh of relief she was not mentioned, trembling hands clasping together before her waist.
  3. Dona Johanne Vuiller of Aquilae is pleased to see an addition to the previous language missive. She never did have the patience to attempt to explain her wording to foreigners!
  4. Dona Johanne Vuiller is pleased with the extended Grangraza, as the newest tenant of her bazaar announces the Grand Opening of the Chrysalis Lounge. She expects great things.
  5. Petschs very pregnant wife Hannah puts up posters she made of her own volition, with a rough sketch of the man. She worries for her husband and their three year old son back home!
  6. Lady Johanne Vuiller, descended from Saint Harald Vuiller, the Saint of Priest Combatants and Demonic Banishment prepared for a crusade. Her cross fit at her neck, hair tied tight within a veil, stray strands of blonde peeking past to frame icy blue eyes. Potions of varying kinds sat at her hip, alongside a blade that's seen her through many a fight. "For the Eagles foresight, we reign victorious. Saint Harald, I pledge on this day I will do what is righteous and what is holy as your descendant and a proud canonist." The lady then signed the Lorraine and uttered a prayer.
  7. Princesa Sofia Camila Valentina Isidora Ravn De Pelear gaze absolutely lit up when she heard of a ballet! Instantly, the young girl was begging her parents to audition and a form is sent in soon afterwards.
  8. Lady Marcella Georgina Ludovar felt herself grow nauseous upon the list of those presenting being published coming to her attention. Pale hands trembled, clasping close before her waist as she knew what this meant. She'd need to present herself before the court. Marcella knew she'd been working on this for years, to rid herself of her stutter and to not wish to vomit at the very thought. She can only pray this goes well. Lady Aobh Black'hil of Cartref Mors hand settled at her hip, brushing back long hair in the process as she took in the list. A Miss? Her head shook at that, gaze flitting to the tiara her mother had left her upon her passing. This wouldn't do. Always the one to live for chaos, nimble fingers plucked the tiara up and set it atop her ebony head with a forming grin. "Time to attend!"
  9. Lady Marcella Ludovar signed over the Hussariyan cross at the news. It was only by circumstance, that had her late to the festivities, that she missed the feast itself. She'd arrive to the portion where those fought within the pit below, having sat beside her aunt and cousin. Fate had an odd way of things, and perhaps by the blessing of GOD, did she miss the feast that day, not having grown ill with the rest. She'd visit the basilica soon after, praying for those who'd passed and for those in recovery.
  10. Lady Marcella Ludovar wondered if she should send a bird to said Queen about the vampire who had attacked her within the palace of Haense.
  11. Princess Sofia Camila Valentina Isidora Ravn Monet-de Pelear of Hyspia raises her arms up towards her father once news came the tots way, squirming and very clearly waiting to be picked up. "Padre, Padre!" Brimming with excitement, her tiara shifted within dark hair as she'd bounce on her toes.
  12. Lady Johanne Vuiller looked forward to the coming events, ensuring her children had proper attire as the Grand Duchy made its way to that of Kingdomhood!
  13. Lady Johanne Vuiller has concerns for her son. Is he a womanizer already?
  14. Grand Lady, Olenna Gorgo is pleased with the creation of the missive and looks forward in aiding the Princess in her creation of the Courts!
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