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  1. My character has an obsession with Gremlins.. and now, now it will be real. 😆 Infestation for the win!
  2. [!] A flyer is tacked up wherever is legal. On it, is a looming building, in the back alleys of Marsumar. The words ‘The Crimson University’ printed across it. Find Professor Ilkri Fawoukh, if you are interested in learning the following: Medicinal Practices Musical Instruments Basic Life Skills such as Reading and Writing [OOC: This is an unofficial post of the University, only a teacher looking to teach willing students. The Crimson University resides within Marsumar, coords added down below. x-1653, z 1260.]
  3. Hi, there! Are you still accepting requests?
  4. Hiya! Are you still accepting commissions?
  5. [!]--X--[!] Fawoukh Vendor [!]--X--[!] [!] A poster is roughly tacked onto any surface you may be looking at, so long as it is legal. It depicts a market stall, surrounded by the wares sold on all sides. Pictures of candles with funny quotes, animals hiding within Tokeballs and a variety of other items. Written in the end, as if an afterthought, it states. “Find this stall in Marsumar!” [!] The stall sells quite a few things, including: In The Moment Comedy Candle’s: 15 mina Featuring: ”Die in a fire.” ”Congrats, you’re a cannibal!” “What do you mean I’m green?” ”Why is the sky crying?” ”Hoot, Hoot, motherfucker.” ”Clearly, you’re just a gentlemanly freak.” Tippens Root: 50 mina Blissfoil: 50 mina Serpent’s Stalk: 50 mina Freshly Baked Walnut Bread: 4 mina [Warm bread made from scratch, walnuts are mixed within. Caramelized apples scattered over the top and the bread itself coated lightly with cinnamon. A good taste lingers even after you’ve finished.] Cactus: 3 mina The Edict Ghost V.1: 30 mina The Edict Ghost V.2: 30 mina Sensory Therapy: 30 mina Grizzly Bears Claws: 20 mina [What you hold in your hand is an adult Grizzly Bears sharpened claws. Three inches in length, the bottom of it is in a triangular shape, tapering upward into a fine point. Black in color, it weighs in at one and a half pounds, often seen hanging above a fireplace or in a frame on the wall. If used as a weapon, it'd simply shatter within one to two strikes.] Feathers: 2 mina [OOC: Coords are X -1648, Z 1254. Or use the Marsumar map circling around. If you are having trouble finding it, bird tadabug2000.]
  6. Is this an accepted race? Can anyone make one or is it a CA?
  7. Ilkri excitedly read the flyer, only getting part way through it, before she’s bounding down to Gobbo town, the shouting of, ”Dukky! Ziztah! Mi peep ztore, vere lat bi?” Her words echoed as she made her way down below.
  8. tadabug2000


    Sable was born a Human of the Heartlander variety. Growing up, her parents taught her many things. One of them being, to be a devout follower of the Faith, Church of the Canon. She spent much time learning of the religion, though she didn’t pick up much of it, as she gazed out the window. Sable was very much a wondering body, wanting to explore the world and clasp what it has to offer in her small hands. When she wasn’t learning of the Faith, she was learning her domestic duties. Mannerisms, proper etiquette, you name it, her parents saw to it. Eventually, her wondering spirit died out, though a flame still remains. From time to time, she would sneak out of her home, exploring Empire of Man, Carolustadt, on the days she is free, appreciating things such as Art and Music. Her parents didn’t allow her to leave often, as she has a very frail constitution and too much excitement would cause her to be faint or get sick.
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