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  1. Princess and Sheikha Esmae bint Saqr Al'Ulamah Al-Nabeel perked a dark brow at the cliffhanger, glancing back to her husband as they'd read yet another chapter in each others arms. "You ever did that to me, you'd be vomiting on the ground, Habibi." She drawled out. @ComicD
  2. Umi Leparda has had rumors funneled to her from her spa retreat in the wilderness, the Kharajyr studying her claws as she thought of possibly coming back to the group and what it had to offer. As one of her cubs came bounding forward, she'd scoop them up, crooning their way, as she padded off in search of her husband, hoping he might make her a meal of spicy goodness. Or if lucky? Bird ke-bab. @Rapture
  3. Chen Yunya took a look at the letter, pointed ears drooping back and sagging against the ground, distraught at the thought of her dear friend gone from this world. She still remembered when she met him, of that night of cruelty and chaos and just how many he saved with his actions. She could only hope he is happy now, pain-free.
  4. Princess and Sheikha Esmae bint Saqr Al'Nabeel Al-Ulamah flipped through the first novel of the series, marketdly taking in the details and comparing it to her own memory of the city, pleased as most seemed to be correct, back against her husband as they read the novel together. @ComicD
  5. Princess and Sheikhess Esmae bint Saqr Al'Nabeel Al-Ulamah scanned the invitation over, making preparations to attend with her daughter and husband.
  6. The Underground City Project A project intent on providing housing and amenities for the growing population of Yong Ping, an excavation will take place in our newly found mine within the confines of our city. Murals of marketable beauty will grace the streets, fairy lights strung up about the festival-like underground. For those wishing to usher in this project at a quicker rate, there is a few ways to do so and not without its benefits, of course: Anything below these on minas, honor your family and home with your contribution and be added to a tablet of those who
  7. Chen Yunyas gaze shifted over the well-made pamphlet, quite happy at the agreement of being partners in business and continuing plans of the upcoming Vacation Agency, soon to be offered to the masses.
  8. Morning Stroll - 90 @GoodGuyMatt
  9. Chen Yunya hummed something out as she'd glance the treaty over, offering a tentative smile Xiuyings way after the discussions, scrawling calligraphy moving over the treaty at the agreeance hereafter.
  10. For the moment, sorry to bother, could you remove me from the list? Made a big purchase and will have to wait on skins for a bit >.< <3
  11. Yong Ping Museum Oyashiman Collection Exhibition (6:00 PM EST Friday, March 26th) ([Real Art] Morning after the Snow at Koshikawa, Hokusai ca. 1830-1832) A new series of Oyashiman art will be unveiled soon at the Yong Ping Museum! The new exhibition acquired by the government is intended to highlight the vibrant Oyashiman culture, their unique history, and honor their heritage. (Unrevealed Mural, Various Artists, ca. 1813) The first piece being revealed is a mural created and provided as a joint work between the Chen and Watanabe families, two of th
  12. Beautifully done and sharing it in whatever Discords I can!
  13. - IC - Name: Chen Yunya Place of Residence: Yong Ping, Rong Hua 4 Describe Your Order: Looking to get male-specific Hanfus made for brothers/cousins use. - OOC - IGN: tadabug2000 Skin Link: Uh, is it able to be an outfit base or? Payment Method [minas, USD, art/skin trade]: Minas Discord: beautifulwatty#6584
  14. Seems interesting and always down to try another race!
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