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  1. Umi Leparda mourned as news of yet another of those she considered her children reached her, being held in her mates arms. In the background, two cubs would be playing, loud laughter leaving them unaware of their parents distress. Hushed words are spoken and a gift is presented, a sad smile crossing the Kharajyr womans face.
  2. Umi Leparda stood within her home within the wildlands, next to her beloved husband and a cub at her hip. She’d have gotten news of her sons death, ears flat against her head as she hugged Savie close, eyes closed. Whispered words only meant for the couple to hear are uttered, quiet, as her tail swayed behind her, seeking comfort. She debated, perhaps, going to visit the rest of her children but remembering her life before the wildlands and the cruel reality, she wasn’t quite sure.
  3. Name: Maela Frostfire Age: 8 Areas of Study: Medicine and Culture [MC Name]: tadabug2000 [Discord]: beautifulwatty#6584
  4. [!] Flyers were put up around Sutica and some of the trees right outside of it! It’d read: Tricks and Mirages Palace is now looking to hire people for their next venture! Currently, we are talking of expansion into settlements or other nations and need more workers to do so. But, we currently reside within Sutica and Oren both. Job Descriptions: Crafter: A crafter makes the approved ideas for the pranks, no rename tokens required. Payment is 125 mina per week. There is room for future promotions and to make more mina but it all depends on the work put in and just how well everything keeps going. [!] A form is attached at the end of the flyer to fill out and bird in! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoN8kFKNctMl5YTQ7lkunXS_ggQ3ARwgYIixEkV4DIuywFkA/viewform The shop itself is located at Lubba Ward 3 in Sutica or Nauzica Stall 11 in Oren for those interested or just curious.
  5. A woman clad in armor agreed with the passing Elf, a young child being held at her hip, fingers smoothing through her hair and promising to keep her safe.
  6. Esmae looked Ismael over in thought, a mirthful smile coming to her face. ”Perhaps that nice jacket of yours? The blue one you wore recently?” She suggested, hands linking in front of her. ”I’d need to figure something out but nonetheless, I am sure this will be refreshing. I had spoken with Rha’kir as well and he plans on bringing food, so you know it’ll go well.”
  7. The First Celebration of Al-Hadirah [!] Invitations went out to all of Arcas, a invite to a festival within the Qalasheens new home. Preparations were underway, the island those of Al-Faiz found themself on bustling with activity as carts were moved, tents were built and some, going back to the habits of their nomadic ways. Their home was lost but not their faith, their will to keep going and fighting and making the best of their new situation. Defenses were set up, pits of quicksand found, a mascot declared, Lawrence of Al-Hadirah. The people of Al-Faiz were still in mourning, grieving for those lost, their precious home in flames, yet, they stood strong, strong in the face of adversity. As time went on and eventually, new lives were made, an invitation would go out, to all of those of Arcas. It detailed a festival, one to celebrate and mourn, laugh and love, all together within their new island home, Al-Hadirah. To welcome in and commemorate a new home for the sovereignty of Korvassa and for the lives willingly sacrificed to ensure the people’s survival, His Majesty, Sultan Al-Mujaddid, hereby announces the date of a festival within the new capital of the Sultanate, now known as Al-Hadirah. All the peoples of Arcas are welcomed and encouraged to attend, so we may all take this step into the future together, grieve for the lives lost but also celebrate the new lives made. We will make merry, with food and music, giving us a time during this calamity to both laugh and cry together. BY ALLAH’S GRACE SAYYIDAH, Sultanah Sapphira Al-Nabeel SAYYIDAH, Princess Esmae Bint Saqr Al-Nabeel
  8. Isottae Harkness made sure to stay close to her friends, partnering up whenever she’d go anywhere. She’d pale whenever her mind went back to Luna, the girl she met only briefly but didn’t seem to leave her mind. As Chomylla ate her candy and Alith complained about a teacher, her mind went back once more to the gruesome scene she witnessed and the one she suspected to have done it.
  9. Princess Esmae Bint Saqr Al-Nabeel had collected her things, glancing once more about her lab to be sure she had everything, pacing forward on quiet feet. Her fingers ran lovingly over her collection of books, sadness in her gaze as she looked upon her home. The shouting of men sounded in the background, preparing, always and with one last look, she packed away her last book, turning to her volunteered aid and sending them a strained smile. ”Let us go, Rafiqi. Some others will be meeting us, we’ll be going about the city once more for a night of fun.” The group of friends eventually gathered, moving about the city and talking about their memories there, history and laughing at times over the simplest of things. As the time drew to a close, she’d wish the city farewell.
  10. Discord: beautifulwatty#6584 Hou-Zi Hanbok – 1100
  11. Isottae Harkness waited out in front of the door an Elven hour before the shop would even open, talking with the other in line with her, as they’d bide their time before they could get into the shop.
  12. [!] A flyer is sent out across Sutica, depicting a hand-painted drawing of a seemingly bright shop just at the front of Sutica, with a large sign and confetti is strewn everywhere from its grand opening. [OOC: Front of Sutica, at Lubba Ward Three!] Attached to the flyer is some words, reading the following: Tricks and Mirages Palace, we got fun, novelty items that could amuse a person for a good amount of time. Each item is made to be limited in amount, meaning stock is changing constantly. Some are one of a kind pranks, so be sure to check often, as you never know what you’ll miss out on! We have plenty in stock, though, seeing as our first one of a kind item is sold out, along with others since, a new one is depicted. The ‘Bloody’ Handkerchief in all its glory is depicted here: Come and visit us today!
  13. Discord: beautifulwatty#684 Ruska Violet – 500 Discord: beautifulwatty#6484 Hou-Zi Hanbok – 800
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