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  1. “For garnering connections is the lifeblood of any city.” Issued by the Courts of the Palati Monterosa On the 7th day of Peter’s Glory of year 9 of B.A. As the next generation of the Grand Duchy of Balian begins to reach the age of majority, it pleases the courts of the Palati Monterosa to announce the Syndesi Feriae Publicae, which will be more commonly referred to as the Syndesi. In any city, connections must be garnered so as to pump blood through its very being and this festival is meant just for this very thing. Courtships abound, friendships forming through the trifles of life and long-lasting allies are always sought through life. Join us in this celebration of life, old and new, as all are welcome regardless of status, age and otherwise. Invites are sent to the following: The Grand Duchy of Balian The Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Kingdom of Norland The Clandom of Daeland-Vistulia The Dual-Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania The Viceroyalty of Hyspia The Rashidun Sheikhdom The Principality of Celia’Nor The Crown of Elvenesse The Unified Domain of Vortice The Port Town of Akueli Those of Almaris are welcome to attend. The itinerary will be posted shortly following the missive of those attending. Sign-ups close on the 20th and the festivities begin the 22nd, ending on the 30th. [!] A sign-up form is attached for those wishing to attend. SIGNED, Her Excellency, Johanne Vuiller of Aquilae, heiress to the Barony of Aquilae, Procurator of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Palati Monterosa, Court Celebrant, headmaster of the Balian Arts Guild, founder of the Silken Lily, Senior Bee of the Balian Honey Courts, etcetera. F
  2. Why did you flirt with a chair Hope, why?
  3. With the previous collection of the Silken Lily, Honeycombs and Bees, dwindling down to a few sparse items - the cousins, once a duo and now a trio now announce their next collection, the Feeling Fruity Collection! Peruse a variety of items, each limited in quantity and some coming as a one-of-a-kind! ❧☙ ❃ Sleetsilk Melon-choly Handkerchief ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Grapes on the Vine Picnic Blanket ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Fruit of Spring Tapestry ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Fruit of Summer Tapestry❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Fruit of Autumn Tapestry❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Fruit of Winter Tapestry❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Cherry Sequin Coin Purse ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Sleetsilk Kiwi Coaster ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Cotton and Felt Pear-man ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Colorstone Pineapple Pin ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Dangling Blueberries Hairstick ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Felt Fruit Bowl ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Fruit Scented Cards ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ The Fruit Collectors Bag ❃ ❧☙ As of this announcement, the Feeling Fruity Collection can be found within the auction house and in the coming Saints days at Lothars Square 3 within Balian! Please do enjoy!
  4. Chamber of the Procurator 16th of Horen’s Calling In The Year Of Our Lord 8 B.A. From the Office of Procurator: “A thriving market is a prosperous city.” The Office of the Procurator can be many things, though it’d be widely recognized as the treasury of Balian. The collection of taxes, investment of items and the adjustment of budgets being only some of the many responsibilities. In this, a market needs innovation, ever-changing so as to bring something new to the picture and never allowed to lay stagnant. With this announcement, the following items will now commence: The hiring of the following positions: Assistants and Surveyors. The discussion of budgets for the Offices of Balian. Discussions on a government run stall. On family bank accounts. The auctioning off of a road name that has yet to be given an address. And Upon working closely with the Censor, Baron Rev Vuiller, the market square will be redone so as to better accommodate the growing market and allow for stalls of a higher quality. Current Hires Procurator Lady Johanne Vuiller Assistant[s] Vacant Surveyor[s] Vacant Signed: Her Excellency, Lady Johanne Vuiller, Heiress of the Barony of Aquilae, Procurator for the Grand Duchy of Balian, Lady Seneschal of the Palati Monterosa, Court Celebrant of the Palati Monterosa, headmaster of the Balian Arts Guild, senior bee of the Honey Club, etcetera.
  5. Lady Johanne Vuiller is certainly pleased to hear of the peace summit, and glad it had went so well later on!
  6. Lady Johanne Vuiller, now Procurator of Balian is certainly pleased with this development. She'd tuck the missive away, a hand settling at her hip as she'd glance the feather strewn kitchen of the palace over with irritation. "Where is that Court Chef at?" She muttered, moreso to herself.
  7. Edvard Kervallen Heial’mal Valmi’uhier Anarore, Court Mage of the Palati Monterosa Mister Edvard Kervallen teaches on the subjects of voidal theory and smithing, with undeniable experience as a Court Mage as he'd previously worked within the Arcanic Court of the late Empress, Anastasia I and had been a Court Mage under Ebonwood. His way of teaching is task-oriented, setting a task that must be completed in order to unlock your next lesson, alongside the lessons being open-questions. He may be contacted via bird for a meet-up. [Msg ECS1999 or dm on their discord, EduardC11#9634]
  8. Outfit Name: Vogue Piousness [RP] Name: Johanne Vuiller Bid: 350 minas [OOC] Discord: beautifulwatty#6584
  9. Outfit Name: Vogue Piousness [RP] Name: Johanne Vuiller Bid: 250 minas [OOC] Discord: beautifulwatty#6584
  10. Lady Johanne Vuiller, headmaster of the Balian Arts guild smiled giddily as she read over the written poem by her cousin Aldrych! With hope, more people will start turning in their initiation tasks. Excited, she'd tack up the poem next to Shoheis painting, decidedly making it into the wall of tasks!
  11. Lady Katerina Angelika de Sarkozy Lady Katerina Sarkozy teaches on the subject of poetry, with quite the experience as the former Court Poet. Her way of teaching is a personal one, preferring one-on-one lessons so as to focus on her student. She may be contacted via bird for a meet-up. [Msg Annie_Ann or dm on their discord, annanicole#0978] @annanicole__
  12. First Magister of Balian, Lord Ledicort Vuiller Lord Ledicort Vuiller teaches on the subjects of law, military logistics, smithing and the basis of magic and culture allowing for a more rounded-out education. His way of teaching is lecture-based with the occasional field trip allowing for a more passive approach. He may be contacted via bird for a meet-up. [Msg VERY_HIGH_FIRE or dm on their discord, high_fire#1060] @HIGH_FIRE
  13. Dame Diana neé d’Azor-Vuiller, Baroness-consort of Aquilae, Lady Chamberlain of the Palati Monterosa Court, Deputy-Director of Civil Affairs and Head Medic of Balian Lady Diana Vuiller teaches on the subjects of medicine, jewelry-creation, etiquette and musical instruments for those looking for skills to improve their way of life. Her way of teaching is hands-on but not too strict, with the occasional field trip to ensure something is learned in the end. She may be contacted via bird for a meet-up. [Msg rubyannastar or dm on their discord, annabanana1014#5467] @PrettyCuteAnna
  14. Davli of the Golden Path Mister Davli of the Golden Path teaches on the subjects of diplomacy, business, politics, tracking and world views for those wishing for life skills and a way to rise up in life. His way of teaching is a Dwarven style, rules are set that must be agreed to and followed beforehand and permission must be gotten from a parental figure as his way of teaching includes field trips. He may be contacted via bird for a meet-up. [Msg Count_Dutchula or dm on their discord, datweirdguy#3170] @Datweirdguy
  15. Fable Bastion Miss Fable Bastion teaches on the subjects of art, music and poetry for those of artistic values. Her way of teaching is based off a more laid-back approach, meant for those to have fun while learning. If any individuals taken on are to act in a rude or uncouth manner, they will be promptly removed and unable to learn from her again. She can be contacted via bird for a meet-up. [Msg Antiopa or dm on their discord, Spiders#8322] @antiopa
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