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  1. MC Name: Zoslore Character's Name: Tobias Millerson Character's Age: 26 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Human Highlander Transformed form: Graven Creator's MC Name: Bromadan Creator's RP Name: Alaric Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Gravens are Undead spectral beings bound to a specific task, typically something they didn’t finish in their mortal life. They usually return after a particularly violent or unlawful death in order to continue their duties. It takes several hundred years for them to rise initially. The semi-corporeal nature of Gravens means they can be harmed as easily as any mortal while also having the normal weaknesses of other Undead. Aurum, steel, and other weapons can harm them. If they go too long without working on their task, they may flicker or fade. They also have an aversion to sunlight, which weakens and harms them. Because of this, Gravens usually wear cloaks or armor to protect themselves. Gravens appear as Undead or spectral beings. The aesthetic of Gravens varies greatly, but some may have blue or green flames for a body, rotted skin, or appear ghostlike. If someone were to look a Graven in the eyes, they would see the spirit trapped inside. This can cause the viewer to go insane, depending on their character. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes! Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: I do. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope! I have played a Graven before, here’s the app link: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/160661-graven-ca-zoslore/ I’m not sure if you guys wanted me to completely rewrite my summary of the lore, but I went ahead and added some more detail.
  2. Commissions are still open! Get your friends some dank art this holiday season! https://butteredtoasterart.weebly.com/

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      You somewhat remind me of EA's Battlefront 2, special effects and a background both cost in total 15 dollars, which you could always use to buy 3 copies of Kung Fu Bunny

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      @TheLemonHead It takes an extra hour for backgrounds and special effects. You're paying for my time. 

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      Lol at people who think artists should just pay a flat rate for everything no matter how long it takes them or what resources that have to use.

      #TheStruggle xD

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    The Rangers of Castle Frozenheart

    I got u bb pls forgive my sins
  4. The Rangers of Castle Frozenheart Serving under the Warden on the isle of Tahn lies Castle Frozenheart, the home of the Rangers. The Rangers are a group of people from all societies, bound together by tasks given by the Warden. They seek purpose, and find that purpose within the guild, completing quests and bounties. These tasks may be given by allies or by the common fellow for a price. The Rangers will never refuse a task given by someone, with few exceptions. Lore The guild started with only the Warden. The Warden, Maeven, traveled the Island of Tahn looking for those who would help her achieve her task. She stumbled upon the first ranger, a small broken child. Taken under the Warden’s wing, the child was given red clothing and a purpose. So it went with each ranger- Windigo, Caster, Cross, and Fox. Each aided in The Task, and now take on their own. Ranks Tier 1 ~ The Protected The protected are those taken under the guild’s wing. These members will usually will never see combat until we feel they are either ready for it. When the time is right they can be ascended to the rank of Ward. Tier 2 ~ The Ward This rank is achieved by loyalty to the Rangers. They will personally be assigned a ranger that will guide them through training. They will be given more choices in the tasks they can take, but will be advised or even ordered to take certain tasks. Each ward is a part of a team, operating together with their other wards. Tier 3 ~ The Ranger The highest tier possible for any Ward to achieve. There are currently only 5 Rangers. The Rangers hold high authority over all Wards with no exceptions. The only one who will ever hold any authority over a Ranger is the Warden. Each Ranger has an expertise that they will teach all Wards assigned to them. They are given access to the armory, storage, all of Castle Frozenheart, and a direct say in what decisions the guild will make. Tier 4 ~ The Warden The current leader of The Rangers of Castle Frozenheart. Absolutely everyone in the guild answers to the Warden. They have absolute authority on everyone in the guild, their word is law. The Current Warden The current Warden of the the Rangers is Maeven. Little is known about her other than her quirky habits and general spookiness. ((Zoslore)) Rules Never harm, kill, or threaten a fellow member. Doing so is a severe offence and will be met with punishment- even dismissal from the guild. Do not steal from a fellow guild member. Do not question the authority of a superior. If a Ranger is causing a problem you will report it to the Warden. No guild member will commit an act of treason against the task of the guild. When dealing with an outsider who wishes to give the guild a task the guild member must treat the task giver with respect. If a task goes against the will of the guild you must quickly resign said task. A guild member must always keep the guild’s secrets to themselves. If any secret is spoken to an outsider who is not an approved ally or protected member then you will be punished harshly. As we are allied with House Serene, no guild member will hurt their town or family. OOC Information Thanks for taking a look at our post! We’re a group of friends who started banditing to generate RP, but since then we’ve grown quite a lot. The entire point of this guild is to provide RP outside of nations and alliances, focused on tasks and events (Leap also wants me to add that we’re the “Tinder of LOTC” meaning ¾’s of our members hook up *wink*). We’re looking for people ready to develop their character, work in a group, and RP semi-regularly. For more info, PM Zoslore here or on discord (Zoslore#0908). A big thanks to @asimulum for the amazing castle and general awesome-ness, and @leap1games for helping with the post. Sign Up Form ~ OOC ~ MC IGN: Discord (required): Teamspeak: Timezone: ~ Role Play Information ~ Name: Age: Race: Skills (Nexus): Any Allegiances:
  5. Commissions are still open! Drop by the site for more info!


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    [Denied] [Trial]Leap1Ghosts' Second GM Application

    Heck yes. Leap is a good lad, and has always been there to talk me through the rules. 12/10, +1
  7. I have a commission website now! Swing by if you wanna help me move out. 


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    [Self Denied] aqua goes for that pink tag

    Awesome person, has always made me feel welcome on lotc. +1
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    [Denied]Leap1Ghosts' GM App

    +1 helpful and chill dude. 10/10
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    [Request]1,500 MINAS for a skin!

    I was summoned! And sure, I got your back fam. Might take a bit longer than usual, since school just started.
  11. "We've sorted out the issued involving crashing"

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  12. LOTC not crashing? I don't know her. 

  13. And just like that... poof. No server.