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  1. [!] An old gray dwarf goes weak at the knees thinking about all the scout cookies he plans to consume.
  2. This year will be my seventh on LOTC and I don’t know how to feel about it.

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    2. Greener


      Bruh I was 13 when I enjoyed I’m almost 22 now 😕 

    3. Malinor


      Don’t feel, just drink @z3m0s

    4. z3m0s


      Hahaha damn all the old boys showing up. . . Maybe it is time for me to give in to the call and become a force ghost like you guys. . .

  3. z3m0s

    New Year New World

    Dam. . . Is this how I find out I’m off the team?
  4. If we could get organized we’d turn the tides of battle!
  5. Terraria I’m down for, never could really find a guild or anything to stick around for in BDO so I’d be down to try with someone else and Dota2 I’ve honestly not played all that much, I was a Lol boy for a few years before I knew better but I’m down to give it a go as well. Yeeeees, I love this game though I usually get bored without friends, would be good to get a group on there going!
  6. Ohh **** that’s a kinda sick idea, I wish I was good at Chess, I’d take that bet! Apparently Telanir is reaaal good at it, maybe you could play him for Chairman and save us all?
  7. I’M TRYNA PLAY SOME GAMEZ I was looking for F2P stuff we could play as a community together, any suggestions are welcome but most stuff I found was either trashy or kinda like a 2-5 person party exclusive so I thought instead I’d just throw out a bunch of games I’m down to play and maybe we can gather a party to pass some time while Telanir sleeps on us. The following games can be played alongside myself with a simple message to z3m0s#6599: F2P Steam: Neverwinter APB Reloaded Brawlhalla Creativerse Dota 2 Mortal Online Path of Exile Planetside 2 Rift Riders of Icarus Trove Unturned Warface Warframe Non-F2P Steam: 7 days to die Destiny 2 Dreadnought Eco Garry’s mod Rocket League Rust Squad Tera Terraria UNO (Thanks Harold <3) Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Ark: Survival Evolved Black Desert Online Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Blizzard Non-F2P: World of Warcraft Overwatch Diablo 3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Solo Client F2P: Star Wars - The Old Republic Runescape League of Legends Dauntless (Epic Games Client) Solo Client Non-F2P: Elder Scrolls Online That’s about all the relevant games I could think of that would be playable by a reasonable group of players, or in which we could make a larger group community like a guild to make LOTC groups easier to form. As I said above if you’re interested you can message me privately on discord OR alternatively feel free to comment below if I missed anything you’d like to play with the community and if you see a comment of something you’d like to play, go ahead and give that an upvote to show your interest. Let’s see if we can get some games happening.
  8. For christmas I asked for my lore items. . . Fk you santa

  9. z3m0s


    Yeaaah, the upside I guess though is that it’s so fked we can test freely without ruining much.
  10. z3m0s


    It’s unlikely the economy will be fixed this map, mostly there will be tests run for future endeavours.
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