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  1. z3m0s

    Clarifications on Orcs

    Thank you, this made me giggle Edit: Having read this through I just don’t get what the big deal is about killing off orcs, four hundred was set as the average life expectancy due to early death in battle no? They are otherwise technically “immortal” like elves and dwarves. (who of course have their own expected death age) Back when I was a moderator the steps were put in place to allow players to choose or hide age from their player card (Possibly even set their own age?), alleviating the stupid problem of constantly trying to manage and kill off players characters from old age. Either list your age and pk when you hit four hundred OR don’t list it at all, do whatever the **** you want. You’re never going to get strict pk rules and ridiculously and unsuitably old characters will always stand out and be addressed in one form or another P.S I like the subrace idea a lot and everything else you wrote. Would be cool if you could include something about horns or whatever we’re calling them so it’s all grouped in this one post. (even if it was just a reference spoiler at the end with links I guess) @_Jandy_
  2. z3m0s

    Unable to Connect

    If you’re actually utilizing a VPN you might be being blocked by the server as I believe there’s an app you fill out now to be approved for using a VPN
  3. z3m0s

    Guide to not being toxic!!!

    Got it! I’ll never be toxic again
  4. z3m0s


    Changed Status to Denied
  5. z3m0s


    Your application has sadly been denied as you’ve failed to make the listed changes within 24 hours. Don’t fret though, you can re-apply with the needed changes and we’ll be happy to process your application again as soon as one of our team members is available.
  6. z3m0s

    5$ Head-Shot (Closed)

    I’ll take one please, if you’re still doing so
  7. z3m0s

    DNN #10

    I love reading DNN with my breakfast every morning 👍
  8. (My custom thumbnail wouldn’t upload >:C) The very first Game Of Champions has commenced and your first champion has been crowned! Two stone days ago the Dwarves of Agnarum competed furiously within the deep roads for a place among history and a weapon of great power. Your very own Gamesmaster Kalgrimmor offered his own abilities up for the victor, the new Champion able to choose the make of their own Runic Weapon custom made to order, fitting their every need! Let loose from the first dwarven foothold within the deep roads, the many competitors flooded forth, tasked with laying waste to the undeath plaguing the darkness. With no rules and an unlimited amount of time, their only condition was that to complete the first game and be crowned Champion, they must return to their Gamesmaster and place within his hands a sack full of rotten flesh. Foul play is encouraged and nobody can be trusted! The games are a harsh challenge with no place for the faint of heart, calling the hardest of seasoned warriors to compete against each other. Congratulate Utak Ireheart! Your first Champion of the Games Your Grandmaster thanks you all for your participation in the first of many Games to come. Should you happen to be interested in participating in future games you would do well to keep your eyes peeled for a future announcement, and keep your blade sharp and ready!
  9. z3m0s


    Changed Status to Pending
  10. z3m0s


    Congratulations on submitting your Application, I’ve placed it on pending as I’ve got a few things to speak with you about to get your application looking perfect so we can get you online and enjoying The Lord of the Craft! 🙂 Firstly your biography lacks any lore from our server, I’d recommend looking here to further flesh out your dwarven character. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Dwarves In the link above you can look further into the various dwarven clans, the various different types of dwarves, the dwarven pantheon, how dwarven minecraft skins look, and a host of other information. You have 24 hours to add more detail to your application, thanks again for applying and I look forward to working with you to get you online and roleplaying in no time. Feel free to drop any questions you have here or you can privately message me on my profile, thanks again.
  11. z3m0s


    This is cool
  12. z3m0s

    Winter is Coming

  13. z3m0s

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    You’d definitely be memed less and have less problems with the AT if it was just a tad duller as the AT aren’t super fond of letting people in with bright blu- sorry sky colored hair. who cares though, just admit you dye it weebs