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  1. z3m0s

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    You’d definitely be memed less and have less problems with the AT if it was just a tad duller as the AT aren’t super fond of letting people in with bright blu- sorry sky colored hair. who cares though, just admit you dye it weebs
  2. z3m0s


    Don’t worry, it won’t break me! 😄 If you had any questions and were interested in actually getting into it you can hit my discord anytime you like my guy but I can understand the confusion of the learning curb and not wanting to invest that time. I’m plenty happy man, thanks for the kind wishes, I hope your holidays are great. That is an epic gif man, makes me chuckle still watching it on loop. I’m about 700k xp off 116 firemaking so I’m starting to get along there now, yet to burn up but my phone has definitely not been far off a few times in this australian weather hahaha. Keep up the grind to comp, you can win 😛 look forward to chatting more with you as well man, stay safe. Sorry lads I missed a couple replies ❤️ hope everything is going well with you gandalf my good friend, have yourself a great christmas! Yes please, I always need more xxx
  3. z3m0s

    The Runescape Escape Fund

    I don’t really know much what to say, the support from you guys has been amazing and I’ve super underestimated how amazing you guys are, I was just looking for a friend on runescape haha. A HUGE thanks to Beast for going out of his way to do this out of the kindness of his heart, you truly are amazing man and I can’t thank you enough. I wish you all a very happy holidays/christmas/whatever you celebrate, I hope you’re all well and healthy, you’re incredible. Your messages alone have helped my morale massively in what will be the fight of a lifetime to come, the money also helps extremely toward medical bills and all kinds of other things that are placing a weight upon my back but in saying that please don’t donate unless you can! You should all treat yourselves for the holidays! Rest assured all your money will go to high quality runescape gold farmers. Jokes aside, thank you all so much, I’m in shock.
  4. z3m0s


    Arh man okay well hopefully I can get some decent internet and get it downloaded, that’d be cool to play along with someone 🙂 as for runescape, it’s no problem! I can totally understand losing interest in it, it’s a hard game to stick up with hahaha Thanks man you keep up the good work as well! Have a good Christmas Hey man, I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, no one’s fight is worse than anothers we’re all battling together 🙂 Keep your head up man, hope you’re well as can be
  5. z3m0s


    It’s great thinking back to all the fun we had way back when man I miss the gold old days, hope everything's going as well as can be for you. Don’t burn out on us to quickly now, the event team needs its strong core 🙂 I hope all goes well with those in your family touched my leukemia my man, it’s a rough spot to be in and not the best christmas present, but you gotta do what you gotta do hahaha. I’ll always be around on discord if you wanna chat, no need for runescape 🙂
  6. z3m0s


    Hey man, I appreciate the comment and hope you’re well. It is scary I guess but I’m definitely pretty cornered with no choices hahaha, I’m not gunna let it get over me mentally, I’ve done nothing but joke about it since it happened while everyone crumbled around me. Going to get a lot worse before it gets better but I’m sure I’ll be fine, if not you can take over my grumpy dwarf for me 😛 Any dono’s for rs gf are much appreciated hahaha, I hope you have a nice break and your ties with leukemia end well! Real **** happens all the time, just gotta handle it like everything else 🙂 Great to hear from you Hexe! I hope you’re well man, yeah I’ve not got much idea what’s going on with 07 they’re split so far apart now but I was chatting with a friend and considering playing 07 as well with my time at some point, only mistake I made was alting 07 on my rs3 main so I’d have to pick and choose or start again which is a bit of a bummer, but it’s not like I couldn’t if I wanted to time wise haha. I definitely should be advertising my discord more as I’m sucky at in game replies playing on mobile where the chat is barely visible and on my laptop where I’m just constantly lobbying and getting distracted by nurses and ****, but we should chat more there. As for how to start on rs3, they added some more f2p stuff recently that I think can make the game even funner to start without membership, it’s definitely a boost if you wanna be efficient, get a bond and jump straight into questing. Otherwise it’s enjoyable to just poke around, kill stuff and work it out as you go along like you would with anything else haha. Would be cool man, maybe get a friends chat or something setup to all chat in, who knows. Hope your finals and break go well though man, happy holidays 🙂 Thanks very much man I appreciate the thoughts, that’s real kind of you. I enjoyed rping with you and hope we can rp again sometime soon 🙂 I seem to of messed up on how much traffic this would get by giving my ign, probably better to contact me on discord at z3m0s#6599, think you might already have it but just for anyone else, I’m missing everything in game lmao. Easiest line of communication is discord 100%. I’ve been thinking about looking into like a real trash texture pack and horrid optifine settings to help me out, just been super tired and not had much time to sit and work it out but it’ll definitely be something I try, thanks for the reminder. Hope you have a great break man and if I could wish for anything this christmas it’s that you’d keep me from being irl pked by September’s gaze ❤️ I played a fair bit of neverwinter in my youth a fair few years ago but I don’t think I ever gave the normal version a good crack, I’ll have to check on it, how’s the community, I was nearly looking at lord of the rings online and stuff as well, I imagine they’re both kinda in the same boat as crazy old school mmo’s still kicking haha. Only problem will be downloading bigger stuff on my hospital wifi connection lmao. Hope to rp with you again soon man, keep up the good work Thanks for the compliments man 🙂 I’m still pretty good at the moment, only just got my first little taste of chemo last night for about half an hour, I’ve been trying to stay away from google to keep my head clear but the nurses and doctors have already briefed my on all kinds of horrible stuff that can occur as a side effect, I just gotta cross my fingers and hope I get a few and not all of them hahaha. Happy holidays fam. Hey thanks man it means a lot, in honesty I’m not the most religious person myself but any kinda prayers or offers people wanna make for me to what they believe in is an honor that I respect highly. He seems like a pretty chill guy until he does a woopsie and gives you the big luke 😛 Thanks Lucas man I hope you’re well, sorry I boarded that hole up in the wall buddy, we really had something special going but I couldn’t stand you staring at me all the time while I was working 😛 take over for me as the ******* dwarf with the god complex please, thanks x Thanks man! If you wanna message me on discord at z3m0s#6599 I’d be happy to answer any questions and help you along if you’re really interested in playing, otherwise a chat on discord does great all the same, hope your holidays are great 🙂 Thought I’d just add a huge thank you to all you guys here, the support has been super overwhelming and not the kind of attention I expected haha. Anyone who’d like to chat is probably better off going through my discord z3m0s6599 as my rs activity is sucky and temporary of course, discord remains supreme. I hope you’re all going great, your finals come out perfect and your holidays are amazing. I hope I can see you all online shortly once I workout how to real world trade runescape coins for a new laptop 😛 Hahaha I’ve no choice but to retreat to nerddom with all my free time, I only hope I can get online to upset your character in Holm more often 😛 hope your holidays are great.
  7. z3m0s


    I’ll hit you up on discord! Down to play man let’s do it
  8. z3m0s


    Hahaha that’s a sick banner man, might have to add that to mine lmao. Yeah another one bites the dust on rs, everyone’s jaded hahaha, got a player or two though that wanna come back or are interested in trying it so that’s more than I could ask. Thanks for the support fam
  9. z3m0s


    Thanks a lot man I hope you’re well and have some great holidays ahead of you. Yeah man I’d be down to chat back and forth across old school/rs3 might even have the time to make an osrs account now with my extra free time hahaha, I’m on rs3 mobile atm on my main however and the chats pretty bad/not visible most of the time on mobile, if you wanted to add “Sacred Guam” my alt skiller I can chat way more. Look forward to hearing from you 🙂 Yeah I know right, that was much the same reaction I had hahaha big ooft Hahaha don’t go missing me yet, I’m not giving up without a fight 😄 I wouldn’t mind hanging around lotc with some of my free time if I can get a usable laptop for it. Some of the community have already been asking me about a gofundme or something but I dunno how I feel about taking money from people, might just lurk on the forums for a while hahaha, guess we’ll see. Either way I’d love to chat with you more on discord sometime man, would be good to keep up with the orcs rp 🙂 wish you well.
  10. z3m0s


    It’s all just time man, means a lot for you to go out of your way to wish me well, I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy your holidays man
  11. z3m0s


    Would be cool to spark some interest back into the game for old players but don’t feel like you need to hop on for me haha, should be enjoyable not a hassle but thanks for the prayers man, all the support has been overwhelming. Hope you have a great christmas
  12. z3m0s


    Thanks for the kind words, I’m sure I’ll be chatting plenty on discord with people, this has already gotten a bit more attention than I expected haha. Yeah seems like there’s plenty of people jaded somehow toward the game hahaha I can’t blame you! I appreciate the prayers as well man, helps morale a lot Yeah it’s a fight I’d rather not have but I’m cornered really at this point hahaha hope your mums friend pulls through alright like myself! Yeah I’m sure I’ll be right, my aussie spirit is to strong to be taken out by cancer, I have to go down in the next emu war or something 😉
  13. z3m0s


    Thanks man, if you like massive grinds its a real tripper haha I’ll be right, just a looong hall and lots of down before I can go up. Hope everything is well with you As long as I can fletch or something while we fail to pull e-girls haha, gotta be efficient 😛
  14. z3m0s


    Arh okay cool, should save me if I really can’t handle it haha, thanks man