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  1. I think the move is drop the st item requirement from golems and any other CA since they're already ST approved, and put the hard cap of creation on Atronachs that golems have as was suggested above.
  2. An Arcanium Atronach Limb giving people T5 magic is a bit much imo
  3. Hey! Sorry, timezones, yeah so in my editing I seemed to of removed the base requirements for Hard Sculpting, but they're added back now, so you'll need two magi and a greater source as a base, and I believe in general redlines it has a list of "greater" sources, basically just an obelisk, voidstalker, hearth, tear, etc etc
  4. I like this, I'll edit it down to two additional lesser enchantments.
  5. Ah, I thought I had set them to white, I have a dark filter on my webpage so they were white for me, my bad, I'll change em. Four enchantments in total, but outside of the T5 enchantment, they're only small utility spells, which I didn't think were that big of a deal personally, just sort of non-combatively useful flavor there originally for people to have magelights in their house and light fires quickly etc. Perhaps I used the wrong terminology, I don't remember the name for the weakest tier of enchants off the top of my head if they're no longer referred to as lesser enchants. I considered making it exclusively require arcanium so it had rolls as a precursor, but I wasn't sure if that'd be too exclusive for lesser magi yet to learn of Arcanium forging. This is why I put up questions though, do you think one would be more suitable? Would exclusively making the hard sculpted items require arcanium (have rolls as a precursor) be more suitable? P.S: The single person creation on Hard-Sculpting is an oversight and has been edited, thanks for that!
  6. Arcane Sculpting Whereas the magi of yore once conjured domes to defend cities, and harnessed pure beams of arcane energy to smite their foes, such potent arts have been lost to the annals of time, whisked away from the world at the fickle whim of the void. Nonetheless, attempts to recover such an art has been the aspiration of many magi since then, seeking once more to harness the esoteric force known as Arcanism to fuel their profound machinations. Such was the work of a small congregation of magi in the realm of Almaris, who in their desire to reattain the great works of Rivel, brought forth an art similar to that which had been lost. This, Arcane Sculpting, was the sculpting of mana to form objects of pure evoked energy, allowing mages to employ the art of "Arcanism" in their artificery’s. Explanation Arcane Sculpting is the process of altering and sculpting liquid mana to create a solid in which can be used to shape into a variety of things. This process enables the magi to form all manner of art, furniture, and even tools and weaponry by means of artificery. Arcane Sculpting requires a valid Transfiguration MA. Arcane Sculpting can be self-taught upon reaching T5 in Transfiguration. While sometimes contending with the likes of the more strenuous abilities to learn within Transfiguration, it doesn’t overreach similar study times to firmly grasp the ability to Sculpt the Arcane. One needs only a firm grasp upon the many concepts of transfiguration before first learning it, enabling one to teach themselves at T5 Transfiguration over the span of at least one IRL week, though likely over the course of multiple lessons. The process can at first be exhausting, though it may become more familiar over time, the ceilings of creation limitless. Altering and Sculpting Liquid Mana The process of altering Liquid Mana is a rather simple but tedious one for that of an experienced Alterationist, able to be done alone, with the aid of a greater source of mana (Obelisk, Tear, etc), or within a group for a greater outcome. Concentration is essential for this process, for should one's attention falter, it would sour the mana, using too much of its resource without completing the transition leaving it almost entirely useless. Its basics consist of utilizing Liquid Mana, whether conjured by the user or procured at an earlier time to fortify its state from a liquid to a solid via the Alter Density spell. Once the solidifying process has begun it is now ready for it to be molded to take the form of the casters will. This process often results in the Arcane Sculpture taking the color of the caster or lead casters’ aura, some finding the sculpture even pulsed this color. As the mana is woven into a solid form, the mage may begin to shape it as they wish, binding it as either Soft or Hard Sculpted Mana as expanded upon below. Soft Sculpting Soft-Sculpted Mana is generally much more malleable and translucent, ideal for basic enchantments or shapes, such as a vase, a hovering light, a musical instrument, or other artistic and aesthetic objects. In most cases It has the general consistency and durability of regular glass, and thus, may be shattered with relative ease, making it less than ideal for combat weight bearing objects. Soft-sculpted mana can appear with fine detail, though any visible “sharp” points would not do much to cause damage even if it was deliberately used to do such, at most only scraping against the skin, resulting in breaking itself. Finally, the process of altering soft Mana can also be elongated to create a liquid form much like its original appearance, capable of being utilized similarly in artistic and aesthetic objects, manipulated to appear thicker or more translucent alike it’s more solid counterpart, though it’s fragility similarly affects it’s inability to be used in any way to cause harm, resulting in it dissipating similarly to were it not first bound upon forming. Soft Sculpting Redlines RP Example [1] Algrimmor’s eyes lit ablaze with blue voidal light as he began to channel forth his ability. [2] The old dwarf waved a marred hand over the bottle of liquid mana, pulling it forth from its rest into action as he weaved and sculpted it into its destiny, the rough shape of a dagger forming before he then focused upon solidifying the Mana in place. [3] With the shape now formed, the surface of the mana bubbled and rippled as it was solidified, soon hardening into what would appear to be a vaguely translucent glass dagger of blue hues, unsuitable for combat, though perhaps a fitting letter opener. Hard Sculpting Hard-Sculpted Mana requires much more effort to perform, and requires multiple mages in a ritual, depending on the size of the project. Mana in this form can be made to take on the texture and durability of steel, making it ideal for Tools and weaponry, along with larger structures. Being as durable as regular steel, hard-sculpted mana can be as heavy as steel too. It is oftentimes less translucent than soft-Sculpted mana, though does glow slightly brighter as well. However, to bind this type of mana to the material world would necessitate greater aids, such as mage-gold or Arcanium, to effectively hold it. These applications of sculpted mana will require ST approval in order to be valid, with objects like swords requiring signing, and larger structures requiring ST approval or potentially an accepted MArt application. Unique Effect The reasoning one might wish to fashion a Hard-Sculpted Mana piece over an Arcanium piece would be the additional utility available to the user through the added purity of a piece pure of mana over what is effectively an alloy in Arcanium. That utility being the added ability to enchant additional lesser enchantments onto the piece alongside the regular single enchantment one would be capable of putting on any item. While an Arcanium enchantment can contain a maximum of one T5 enchantment within itself, the Hard-Sculpted piece would allow for an additional two lesser enchantments, often used for greater utility to suit the creator's needs as opposed to requiring additional items to fill such needs. Hard Sculpting Redlines RP Example [1] Balgrimmor took center stage at the altar, glancing amongst his peers as they prepared for the coming ritual, their eyes upon the item at the center of the altar, a large Arcanium hilt. As each member of the ritual honed their connection, they each began to funnel forth their energies for the main magi to utilize. [2] Beginning to work away, the magi central to the ritual called forth a strong flow of liquid mana, twisting and weaving the excess at their disposal, molding it vaguely into the shape of a blade that originated at the Arcanium hilt. [3] Fatigue began to set in amongst the group as the ritual further heightened, the ghostly blade solidifying slowly with great ripples and bursts of energy, its form hardening and solidifying both to the hilt and to reality itself. [4] Winding down now as the remainder of the gathered energies solidified the blade, those present felt the great weight of their efforts pull at their muscles, a taxing but worthwhile process as they now gazed upon the Arcane Sculpted Blade. General Redlines Purpose and Citations Questions Do you think it is necessary or would enhance RP to add a rolling system similar to Arcanium to this method? Or do you think the requirement of Arcanium as a potential precursor is sufficient? Off the back of the last question, should hard-sculpted items exclusively require Arcanium to have a rolling system included in the process alongside at least a day of exhaustion? Or do you think it should be left open for lesser magi to utilize magegold? Right now despite having example emotes, there isn’t a required number of emotes listed anywhere, do you think there should be? Or in the spirit of free form RP, should it be kept intentionally vague? Although only Lesser Enchantments and almost entirely non-combative in use, do you think two extra on hard sculpted items is too excessive?
  7. [!] An old dwarf sat meditating upon the Veil, ever watching with flaming gaze for the ebbs and flows of it's reality. A wave of familiar sorrow rushing over his form as the green star sailed the blackened sea, taking it's place among the ocean of the great void. "Another free from mortal coil. . . I can only hope you rest easy, old friend"
  8. For the sake of encouraging writing and more roleplay on the server, I'd encourage you to consider making an addition to Kha, perhaps another type for foxes? As it seems like that's the way you're leaning from the images at least. I think this is a much more plausible idea than entirely new CA lore being accepted, and I wish you all the best. Can't wait to have humanoid sized fox pelts to craft with
  9. I like that Haelun'or is accurately just a smoking hill in the background.
  10. Let off a large heaping of Dwarven rockets in celebration, exploding into a marvelous light show as they sawed high into the air, giving a large display, obscuring the vast amounts of shrapnel that surely crushed and murdered many below.
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