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  1. Sounds like a lot of the problems mentioned here atm are due to everything being put on top of the spawn in small quantities for testing during the transition map, a vast majority of these issues are going to be solved on the actual map. I'd encourage you to withhold judgement on the plugin until you actually see it, rather than looking at the trash tier transition map setup we threw together to allow people to have some fun with it while they wait for the new map to go live.
  2. It was fun RPing as enemies, but it was funner RPing as friends. I wish you all the best in life old friend, you're a good dude, stronger and better for the things you've endured. Hope to see you around sometime still.
  3. z3m0s

    DNN #22

    Kalgrimmor shits in his hands and claps.
  4. [!] An old dwarf sat alone within an empty tavern, an old book before him. . . His mind wandered off to old times, of his teachings and leadership within the void, he smiled a rare smile as he thought of Eliza, one of his first mentors.
  5. Where are the winners for October? Are they yet to come in another post or something?
  6. This resonated with me a lot, I love living to spite god, I wish you the best of luck dealing with the side effects coming down off steroids, mine was a super high dose so hopefully yours aren’t as bad get well soon, bud.
  7. z3m0s

    Is this Justice?

    “He’s right, we should kill him” grumbled an old dwarf.
  8. IGN: z3m0s Theme: Video Editing
  9. Stop it, I already made this joke
  10. Rip and tear until it is done
  11. Nice work, city looks great!
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