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  1. I love these threads
  2. An old pale dwarf sighs, wishing he could help as he watched on from the skies, battling away as his stone sickness took him deeper and deeper into arcane sleep.
  3. What about finishing commissions
  4. z3m0s

    The Mages Guild

    [!] The Overseer welcomes you to an interview within Llyrian lands. Meeting himself or any of the Archmages around the grounds of the Mages Guild hall is all that is required to initiate the membership process, good luck.
  5. I had my jugular cut today IRL 🤙

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    2. Telanir


      Goddamn, I wish you all the best @z3m0s

    3. SoulReapingWolf


      @Telanir give this man /heal irl please!

    4. z3m0s


      Hahaha I’ll be all fine probably, thanks for the good wishes everyone

  6. [!] A pale dwarf screams and howls at the top of his lungs as darkness falls over the realm, dancing and chanting in circles around the great pit as it roared with voidal energy. Overcome with happiness as he beats a large drumb rythmically he’d chant in dwarvish “Da Olkodran Harath. . . Thamar Ath Haritz. . . Da Olkodran Harath. . . Thamar Ath Haritz. . .” “The Void comes. . . We are done. . . The void comes. . . We are done. . .”
  7. If you’re gunna add “Thanks” at least make it add to rep ratio plox. That’s my feedback

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    3. Trinn



    4. Fireheart


      That’s a good idea if people like it and the testing goes well. Thanks!

  8. MC Name: Z3m0s RP Name: Kalgrimmor Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal’Varoth Candidate: Atandt Irongrinder
  9. Brom smells funny though lmao gotteem.
  10. Ohh, it’s not just me. . . Yeah I am also fucked, but nobody responded to me in discord
  11. Pretty sure you onloy get one custom tag at diamond, I had the some problem a while back trying to set multiple and that was the answer I came up with.
  12. “Booo we want better server optimisation, server runs bad”

    Dev Team: *optimizes chat*

    Boooo we want our chat back, stop changing stuff



    1. Skyrunner


      Dev Team: Explains why the chat needed to be changed after changing it

    2. XFrostgamingX


      Tech team*, my poor old builders have no say...

      Yeah, I don’t know which server is better now Massive? or LotC?


  13. This wasn’t specifically directed at you as multiple mentioned it, and also dam that’d suck lmao, I thought iron was like the first one hahaha You got bigger problems if you didn’t understand that
  14. I get why people are complaining about their emote colors being taken away as non-vip but also lmao, just fork out a fiver, gotteeem. Thank you for your work sporadic, you’re a good egg, sometimes.
  15. Dam, I kinda expected this to be an ama
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