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  1. Damn, my fantasies of Ever being a hot dude are ruined. . . This thread really should probably be nuked though. . .
  2. Wow nice writing as always Phi- wait a minute. . .
  3. [!] Kalgrimmor lets out a sigh of relief, setting his music box to play a quiet tune as the old dwed broke into a professional jig of celebration.
  4. I break into peoples houses while they’re at work so I can play mineman
  5. “Foolish Umros” grumbled an old dwarf “Khazadmar have guarded the realms of men since the beginnings of time, your childish attempts to look heroic in the eyes of your peers fall short. Elgus and Dwed see true. . . We see that you grovel and claw at the ground beneath you, desperate for a skerrick of glory before your insignificant lifespan comes to an end. There is no witchcraft among dwarves, your minds are merely too feeble to understand the ways of our people.”
  6. Jolagh’Braduk smashed his fists into the ground repeatedly in excitement, flailing about carelessly as he bumped into a hut, tipping it over with ease.
  7. I love that wonks somehow get priority to be accepted over a majority of other lore.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheAlphaMoist
    3. Harold


      cronyism and corruption

    4. z3m0s


      Wow, that really struck a nerve with you guys huh.

  8. An old gray dwarf chuckled heartily as he read what his servants had brought him “How very fascinating. . . I am most interested to see how long the Umros last with this order” he grumbled with a course gravelly voice. As he slouched comfortably behind a large wooden desk, his office dimly lit by crackling flame as smoke from the old dwarfs pipe ventured far and wide twisting about the air around him “Let us watch for now, we need not divulge anything yet“ he’d say plainly through a mouthful of smoke, waving his hand dismissively toward the servant who stood patiently awaiting his orders after bringing him the letter.
  9. Now it’s like hey we nerfed it and it’s 2 slots + why is it inactive??? 🤯
  10. I would propose an Archive section alike the forums where although they may not be apart of the current lore, players can still return back to them for history!
  11. “Ah yes. . . Let’s wreck our forges for some more profit ay lads?” grumbled an old dwarf passive aggressively.
  12. z3m0s

    [Bug] /edit

    They’re aware of it but thanks for putting an official post up.
  13. Looking for someone to play a magical barkeep – z3m0s#6599.

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    2. DarkElfs


      Where is this and how active? As if need a couple I can do weekend barkeeping on my Uruk lol

    3. z3m0s


      Don’t know if I want an uruk barkeep lmao, it’ll be for the mages guild.

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      Can I do it ?

  14. I wasn’t really intending to fight the argument of why would this be allowed when other stuff wasn’t, just curious if you had thoughts on the differences for if that situation arised, having skimmed it it is nice to know you added the MArt redline in there, though if I was nitpicking I would say a lot of your mentioned runesmithing/golem stuff was mostly MArt/event stuff as well, I mention this just to say that we by no means get a free pass (thought as always all the voidal **** gets a pretty clean pass because magic where all mechanical based stuff is scrutinised heavily down to the last nut and bolt. When I read this I was specifically thinking of the lore written by Arockstar28 for Golem beheamoth lore where in the end it wasn’t even accepted to be used as an ET creature, figured if that mindset was still in play it would be unlikely this would be passed considering that lore wasn’t, hopefully that isn’t the case.
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