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  1. dsdevil's Game Moderator Application

    He's on the other team in rp so I hate him oocly +1
  2. Buying Bulk Iron

    [!] An aged white haired dwarf dressed in polished golden armor strides down the street, noticing the note he'd rip it from it's post "A suitable offer, I'd be happy to oblige if they could contact me somehow" the dwarf would shrug as he folded the post, dropping it into one of the various pockets that lined his belt.
  3. Lord of the Meme, VOL. 1

    "What's it like taking a big step back professionally?" I fuckin died. Bless you
  4. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    If you under 6 you short fam
  5. Lower the price of Heads

    Anything we could do about a chat option or something to buy more than one at once? Getting a bunch is a pain (May of been updated without me knowing, but I doubt it)
  6. [✓]I need Pex to make Content

    Don't make me threaten you old man
  7. Current Username: z3m0s Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): "You got it" (z3m0s#6599) Timezone(s) you mainly play: Australian (AEST) What group/nation do you consider to be your main? I hold the hearts of the Dwarven people Have you held a staff position before? I've been a GM for probably like a year in total, I was AT before that for a couple months Do you currently hold a staff position? Nope Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? Not unless I need more pex for something Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? I was banned once a few years ago for Xraying What kind of media formats would you like to support with your acting (Videos/Screenshots)? Videos Provide three examples of your previous acting, may it be in screenshots, videos or audios: Well first of all I'm gunna do a bit of everything but uhh. . . Why do you wish to become an MST-Actor Member? So I can make content. . . What strengths would you bring to the team? Literally any content whatsoever would be a strength compared to what we have now. . . Which is no content What are your weaknesses? Not making enough content How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? As much as I'm awake for, if I care enough
  8. The Democratic People's Republic of Urguan

    big mood
  9. Impurity Amongst You

    The Runelord sits back within his large chair, his feet stretch up onto the edge of the finely hand carved golden gem encrusted table. He sighs to himself as he mostly skims over various parchments his servants collect for him to read. Throwing them over his shoulder as they're deemed unimportant. Coming across this particular parchment he'd pause as he spotted the symbol, his lips began forming into a smirk, slowly widening as his eyes dashed across the letter. "Knife ears" He'd chuckle to himself as he began unbuckling his belt. Ripping his finely made pants down he'd wipe his ass with the parchment and reseal it, calling for a servant as he did his pants up once more. "Do return this to the elves with great haste" He'd joke to the servant who could clearly see the **** stained folded parchment via the backlighting of a large fireplace "Right away my lord" The young servant would chuckle in reply as he took the parchment from his lords thick ring wearing sausage like fingers. Passing by him he'd drop the parchment into the fire, the lovely aroma of **** filling the room for the remainder of the night.
  10. The Mages Guild

    ((MC Name: z3m0s)) Name: Kalviin Ireheart Known Arcane Arts: *A short note is scribbled in rather elegant handwriting, sounding as though written for him, not by him* "The following listed arts are unmistakingly mastered by Lord Kalviin Ireheart" Runecrafting ((TA)) Telekinesis Arcanism Electric Evocation Transfiguration Relevant Feats of Merit: Golemancy ((TA)) Voidal Feeling Position Desired: "Lord Kalviin Ireheart writes in interest of a position as Arch-Mage. Though a beneficial seat as a benefactor would also sufficiently entice him." When is the best time to contact you for an interview: "The location of my Aviary is attached, all communication is quickly sorted and replied to within the day" ((AEST)) ((z3m0s#6599)) *The bottom of the document is signed with the seal of Arcadia*
  11. New Dwarf Video

    "Founder of Kaz'Ulrah" Hahahahaha - Nice vid though, glad to see you've joined the Dwarven Master Race (P.S You look exactly like an Ireheart, nothing like a filthy frostbeard ecks dee)
  12. [Accepted] put me in coach

    Nobody reads these comments, they'll accept you regardless +Giraffe