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  1. z3m0s

    The Mages Guild

    [!] The Overseer welcomes you to an interview within Llyrian lands. Meeting himself or any of the Archmages around the grounds of the Mages Guild hall is all that is required to initiate the membership process, good luck.
  2. “You got some balls”
  3. [!] “Borin is the one who killed that boy. . . To decide he was ready at his age to honor duel the Starbreaker. . . What a coward” grumbled the pale dwarf “Why don’t you honor duel him for Clan father, release your anger upon him and lead your clan properly. It would be unwise to use your position to force a grudge when the book holder has decided otherwise Fili.”
  4. z3m0s

    A Grudge Declared

    [!] “I am left with little choice but to assume that Borin has fallen from grace. . . He has collected two grudges against himself and therefore the Grandaxe clan within the last stone month and yet I’ve seen nothing of him, no confession, no rebuttal, no explanation. . . Nothing. How unfortunate” sighed a gravelly scarred old voice. Sitting deep within the Under-Realms in the darkness of his chambers sat a pale dwarf, grumbling away as he looked over the recent grudges, shaking his head as an expression of disappointment filled his face. “As for his boy however. . . I fear for Bianca’s sanity if he has already begun to stray from the path following alongside his father, he would do well to listen a little closer to the motherly advice she so graciously provides, heed her warnings or join Borin in his dishonor” he spoke softly while lingering slumped behind his desk within an old decadent silver gem encrusted chair, a sigh echoing out into the abyss of the room as he lifted the copies of the grudges up, the parchments engulfing in blue flame within his gauntlet’d hand without a moments notice as the flames dimly lit his face, the heavily scarred pale face of the old dwarf took on a visage of irritation. “Truly, truly. . . Disappointing, Borin.”
  5. z3m0s

    The Mages Guild

    [!] The Overseer welcomes you to an interview within Llyrian lands. Meeting himself or any of the Archmages around the grounds of the Mages Guild hall is all that is required to initiate the membership process, good luck.
  6. I’d argue it’s far from trivial being probably the most used key while online, and complaining endlessly online via takes no energy, I can do it all day.
  7. z3m0s

    The Mages Guild

    [!] The Overseer welcomes you to an interview within Llyrian lands. Meeting himself or any of the Archmages around the grounds of the Mages Guild hall is all that is required to initiate the membership process. Good luck
  8. Please for the love of Tythus is there anything we can do about keeping / instead of ******* #. . . You know how many years of / everyone has had. That’s going to **** everyone for ages.
  9. z3m0s

    The Mages Guild

    Theme "Magic is often times referred to as the art. This is no coincidence, magic is perceived by many as an elite discipline, requiring artistry and talent, and indeed very few possess the ability to utilize its full potential. Those with magical talent can use it to create things of awe and beauty, wonders without which the world would certainly be a more miserable place. Therefore, those who name magic a beautiful blessing brought forth from the void are in a sense correct. Magic has also been called chaos incarnate, a primal, dangerous force, merciless and destructive. In the hands of the unwary, it becomes a key that can open the forbidden door, behind which lies ruin and destruction. Therefore those who label magic a curse, born of chaos spawned from the void that will doom this world, are also correct. Finally according to the others, magic is science, that is knowledge which can only be acquired through extensive study, discipline and hard work. In this view, magic is progress, it's the process of constant advancement, initiated within the void, which brings development, eliminates the ailments of the world, provides answers to the questions that plagues mankind, broadens minds, and introduces innovation. It is therefore also fair to say that magic is it's own particular science. In the end magic is all three of the above, it is art, chaos, and science. A blessing, a curse and progress. It all depends on who calls upon it, and for what purpose.” Which path will you choose? The Mages Guild has seen fit to entirely focus its efforts upon the education, research, and advancement of the arcane arts, serving as a safe haven for all mages from Aspiring to Master to flourish in a safe and rich environment. This doctrine serves a twofold purpose: firstly that the best and brightest among the descendants are not shunned for social standing when there is the potential for their works to better the world and secondly it provides a common place and fellowship of scholars devoting their attention toward a single field of study. Such studies include: Elemental Evocations Arcanism Conjuration Telekinesis Transfiguration Voidal Translocation Voidal Shifting Arcane Displacement Sensory Illusion Celestialism Mentalism Cognatism Artificerys Deific Arts From the beginnings of reconstruction of the guild within the lands of Arcas, the guilds Overseer has been in talks with the head of the Celestial Order, various plans spoken of in great detail over the time until a conclusion was had. The Celestial Order will Align with the Mages Guild, living within it’s halls under our protection, the leadership of the Order freely able to watch our members and hand pick those with potential for the Celestial Order. The lectures listed below will be exclusively for guild members only and will consist of useful information regarding the Arcane as well as other topics deemed helpful. This is in no way a chance to begin practice on any of the listed magical topics. Shamanism/Alchemy - Thurak’Yar (Ilikefooddude) “How not to die” - Naffog (Filthypeasant1) Runesmithing/Golemancy - Kalgrimmor (z3m0s) Void Pockets - Erebus Tartarus (Jenny_Bobbs) Arcanism - Saeldur Asul’Ailer (_Princeton_) Alteration - Steven (Spodokaiba) Cognatism/Voidal Horrors/Secondary Effects of Mana Usage and Manipulation – Ithrendas (Tahmas) The Theory of Sensory Illusion – Lotha Scylla (Demotheus) A small listing of currently planned events that The Overseer and his Triumvirate intend to run for guild members exclusively. The Triumvirate Cup A series of challenges designed to best and fairly decide who should be seated within the third seat, completing the triumvirate of mages the guild holds as it’s leadership. This will continue on for as long as multiple competitors remain within the competition. The Grand Feast A large banquet organised by The Overseer and his Triumvirate to celebrate the newly adorned guild hall and welcome it’s new members exclusively. This allowing a chance for guild members to speak on ideas for future endeavours, personal concerns and any other matters they wish to bring up along with being informed on the guilds long term goals and intentions. Time Trials This will be a great test of creativity under pressure in which skilled members of the guild will go against each other using their knowledge of enchanting to creative something as simple or as complex as they desire within a given amount of time, after which they will be asked to present their enchantments to the judge/s which will most likely consist of The Overseer and/or the Triumvirate. A winner will be crowned with a special title and their enchantment will be immortalised alongside their name within the guild as the first of this new guild tradition. The Overseer Tasked with the spearheading and safeguarding of the arcane arts and all that practice under the guise of the guild, it is The Overseer that not only ensures the guilds success and each of their mages safety, but above all to maintain magical progression in each given field. This rank exists to hold the necessary authority to protect and serve the guild in hopes of keeping it safe from ill mannered outside forces. Part of this job is acting as a member of the Triumvirate when necessary, while otherwise reserving themselves to higher duties. Triumvirate of Archmages The archmages are the main source of leadership within the Mages Guild below The Overseer. Three Brilliant minds forming the Triumvirate, responsible for the everyday financial, structural, intellectual and social upkeep of the guild. They are also responsible for the sorting, review and acceptance of applications as well as the interview process, alongside the promotion and installation of instructors, guild masters, and archanix. Archanix The archanix is the librarian and record keeper of the Guild. Serving to order, manager and often write many of the articles and tome’s within the ancient library of the guild. If this position lay dormant it falls upon the Archmages to ensure these duties are maintained. Arcane Master Arcane masters are most commonly senior personnel inside of the Institution, but have also been known to be incredibly accomplished mages who have attained the rank through impressive feats of the Arcane. Serving as voices of experience for the Acolyte’s, they’re often able to address most primary concerns, if those concerns cannot be addressed by an Instructor. Instructor Instructors are mostly veteran Sorcerer's that enlist to teach guild members a method of the arcane arts or choose to lecture on a chosen topic with the approval of an Arcane Master or above. While also participating in the education of Acolyte’s, instructors assist their fellow instructors where necessary and instruct Sorcerer’s and Acolyte’s for the furtherment of their studies. The secondary duty of instructors is research, compiling records of experiments and findings for the Guild’s archive which is a duty shared amongst all members of the Mages Guild, though along with many other ranks the Instructor makes a significant contribution to the libraries stored knowledge and records. Vanguard Serving as peacekeepers within the guild the Vanguard are small in numbers but are vital within the guild in ensuring safety and allowing the guilds members to focus upon their work without worry of ulterior factors. It is not a requirement for the guilds Vanguard to hold magical abilities of any kind, though it is recommended. Sorcerer An Acolyte who now walks the path of the void having mastered a magic beneath the study of an instructor and received their Honors -- a chosen casting implement and a diploma -- as proof of their achievement. Expectations lie for Sorcerer’s to be able to continue research and delve deep into their mastery of their respective magic as well as expand their horizons into new magics, hone their skill with their chosen implement and strive to in great time become Arcane Masters. Sorcerer’s are most commonly large participants in stocking the shelves of the Guilds Library with helpful knowledge, often immensely useful for Acolyte’s of the guild. Acolyte An individual seeking the knowledge, practice, and ethical use of the Arcane who has shown promise, being granted membership into the guild by The Overseer or a member of the Triumvirate. Acolyte’s are entrusted to be exposed to numerous magical arts, feats, and constructs with an air of hope; investments made into Acolyte’s are efforts made to ensure future advancements within the field of the Arcane but made carefully in the fear of dissenters, defilers, and agents of chaos. Acolyte’s are observed closely to ensure their learnings go unhindered and that they strive to avoid delving into the forces of Light or Dark for the Void is the one, true neutral. The primary Guild Hall is currently situated at the Crest of the Llyria Concord, a city hosting a wealth of knowledge and potential. Llyria will act as a bastion and haven for the Mages Guild and all its members and associates for the foreseeable future as the guilds leadership works closely with the cities to ensure everything is under control. X -1265 Z -73 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1091-the-llyrian-concord/ The Mages Guild reserves the right to deny any applications without reason and suggests it is most likely that your application isn’t up to par should you fail to receive a response. OOC ((MC Name: )) ((Discord: )) ((Timezone: )) RP What is your name? Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? What is the extent of your experience with magic? What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? When is the best time to contact you for an interview? +1 or you don’t get in
  10. Yeah I still don't have any of my lore items, same deal, been checking plenty but I trust we're kinda in the same boat of having some high tier items that're probably causing problems/taking longer than others to handle, but it has been a long while. . .
  11. z3m0s

    A Grudge Declared

    [!] A knock is heard at the door, with the snap of a lock the old heavily looking wooden door creaks open, a young bearding servant stands in the door way staring intently toward the back of the room with a letter in hand. Within the depths of the dark room appeared an old pale dwarf sitting elevated within a large silver throne behind a silver gem encrusted table of expensive taste. Delivering the letter to the table the servant gave a low bow before being shewed off with the dismissive wave of a scarred pale hand. Crinkling and slicing could be heard as the inquisitve dwarf took to the letter with a small dagger, carefully relieving the letter from it’s paper sleeve so that he might gaze upon the latest news with his cold pale blue eyes. Among other troubling notices and ventures the dwarf paused for some time upon reaching the announcement of the new grudge, with his usual blank expression he simply shook his head at the words before him, seeming disgruntled as he grumbled faintly.
  12. I’d like a chibi and what I think will be a simple animated sprite pleeeease. ❤️
  13. [!] An old dwarf draws a crude drawing on the charter
  14. Kalgrimmor grumbled as he lit a golden flaked cigar with a bank note for one thousand mina “Fookin hell, I want my face on that mountain. . . But last time I made a deal with the crown it took em a century to construct that bloody giant statue in my honor”. After a while as the shadows of flame within his fireplace danced against his image he’d stand with a huff, tossing a heap of bank notes into the fire with an annoyed grumble before stomping off into another room.
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