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  1. Don't monkeys kinda own? That's the only thing I'd worry bout
  2. Can you redline on Trading that it has to be done via one azdrazi spitting inner-flame into the others mouth.
  3. I just saw this, this is great! I've thought about doing this a lot lmao glad someone beat me to it tbh, appreciate you!
  4. Oi is this cope, or do people who're short IRL only wanna play tallies, while gigachads play a short king?


    1. Tav



    2. Werew0lf


      halfling sugarfoot god

  5. A deep sigh came from the darkness as a plume of smoke danced about the obscured figure. Stepping out into the moonlight upon a clear night, the cold mountain air kissing dark blue skin as the ancient figure lent forward onto the railing, flaming gaze looking out over the expanse. "Is it ever worth it all" the damaged voice croaked, glancing down at marred hands, each one a sacrifice he had made in Aeriel's name. Lent against a rail he would sit in silence as time marched on, deep in thought for many hours as the moonlight came and went. After it all he stood with another great sigh, making his way back inside as he grumbled to himself. "Fine, let us see what they have to say"
  6. "GOD SAID YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT ANYMORE" mocked a ravaged voice from private quarters, kicking a mug of ale from the table he stood upon.
  7. Jesus christ, I nearly just lost my account. Microsoft is the worst thing to happen to Minecraft, stupid account merger. . .

    1. Xarkly


      Microsoft one of the worst things to happen to anything ...

  8. Yeah some kinda staggered CRP entry would be good tbh, maybe break it down further into, immediate entry timer, staggered entry timer, and no entry timer? ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™‚๏ธ and remove the stupid invisible RP stuff.
  9. Kalgrimmor sighs
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