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  1. Denied. To much of a pleb.... joke
  2. -+A Cold Victory+- Many loses were had this day as the Orenian Palace exploded, plunging the surrounds into a frost ridden darkness for many years to come.
  3. Wtf is everyone on about? What exploded and who pked?

  4. Don't know what your on about mate *music begins to play*
  5. Minecraft name(s): z3m0s Skype ID: z3m0s1 Timezone: UTC+10:00 Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? Not on this server. What MMORPG/video games have you/do you play (past and present)? Dabbled in most mmorpgs to be honest even if for a short time, such as - Diablo series, Star wars the Old Republic, wildstar, rift, path of exile, Realm of the Mad God, warframe, Mount and blade: Warband, neverwinter, Tera, Guild Wars 2, ArchAge, Age of Conan, Aion, Allods Online, DC Universe Online, Defiance, Riders of Icarus, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Everquest Series, Fallen Earth, Firefall, Forsaken World, League of Legends, Lineage 2, Perfect World, Runes of Magic, etc, etc. (You asked) What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a event team member? My only currently active character is Kalviin Ireheart ~ I would sacrifice him for the good of roleplay if the situation allowed it. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain. I mean I would best cater to Dwarven/Orcish events because I know them best but my events won&'t be directed to them specifically. I do really like the idea of random road side events and interactions whether short or a little longer so I would like to cater to some adventurer types but also just travellers in general to make it more interesting as you run from place to place and hopefully even make it a little more common instead of players using teleports or soulstones. A mix of combat events as well as I am aware like myself people like to kill things and get loot, so I am happy to cater to that. Mostly just random little interactions I think I would do most but would happily plan and be involved in larger scale projects. As a side not with the bounty boards now implemented I plan to be involved with those as much as possible as I really like the idea. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? Fun - above all things is the main key factor Lore - it's the next most important, if the event isn't fitting then it can be hard for the players to enjoy the event and connect with it. Loot - Of course this is important and I am more then happy to acknowledge and oblige, although in moderation of course. Freedom - I think it's important for the players to have freedom during their event to be sure they can mould it sufficiently to their own wishes within reason while also having the event free to be replayed and distributed between different races and groups to be fair and allow for the most replayability. What strengths could you contribute to the event department? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organising? I feel like I could help substantially in off time activity, being Australian I strive to help with off time activity, hopefully eventually upping off time player count as players could see more activity and events in these times and want to be present for them. I feel like organising is quite easy for me having spent a lot of my life leading or being quite involved in team sports, also allowing for good skills working with other players and general teamwork skills all while giving a drive to allow me to press on and overcome possible setbacks. In regards to lore, my orcish and dwarven lore is substantial but my honesty compels me to say my lore knowledge in terms of human and elves is lacking although is a huge point I am improving on slowly… given the quantity of it. Though what I think is a huge encouragement for me wanting to become an ET member is the wonderful magical creatures LOTC houses and I look forward to making use of them all, just reading the lore I am bombarded with ideas that will quickly make terrific events. All this coupled with an unhealthy amount of creativity and free time I think I will make an excellent ET member. Why do you want to be part of the ED? I would like to have the ability to help off time players, creating events and in general activity in the off times, being able to create and host my own ideas for the server I would be able to help players enjoyment substantially, as well as helping support other ET's events and bring them to life to the best of my ability. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organise. These are pitches to the managers and the lead, not to the community. Note: not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. 3+ ~ Probably the minimum I would do this for would be three players but could be for 20 players+ or whatever, anyway I thought of a cool thing to help the orcs get more involved with their bloodlust. SO, someone for whatever reason dislikes the orcs or perhaps just this group of orcs? Who knows, so a toxin is made that is designed to aggravate the orcs and send them into a bloodlust, this is originally designed to inject into an orcs bloodstream directly and I will organise someone either a whitewash in disguise or perhaps an angry slave of the orcs or someone to directly inject it and begin the domino effects of all the orcs, reaping the outcome of a bloodthirsty orc that will trigger other orcs naturally and will be used to destroy the group from the inside, this can go a few ways, either the slave is found out and killed resulting in termination of the event or perhaps it could develop into a few slaves who seek outside help from an enemy and advance the toxin into a drinkable potion and inject it into the water supply which would trigger multiple events including of course the event for the slaves/enemy venturing out to inject the water supply with this toxin that might prove not so easy with an inside slave turning loyal or perhaps a guard(s) posted at the water supply which will lead to an assault and either further the event line or terminate it if the rebels are killed. Further bloodthirst events will be had if the rebels successfully plant the toxin and could end in destruction as ologs and goblins and uruks thirst and form grudges and become suspicious of each other which could end in the destruction of the group or perhaps the rally of all the orcs and the destruction of the rebellion. Regardless this will be a fun interactive group of events that can be replayed and muddled up to accommodate for different groups of orcs or even changed a little for any of the other races to make use of it. I wrote this and kept it vague for 1~ because I remember in my long few years as an orc the amount of events I went to was horrible, I remember only a very small few that were held by ET members and I would like to change that and accommodate further to the orcs even though I have stepped back from the race, as an Australian as well there is very little activity within the orcs from what I remember at my time so I would like to help them out with that, something like this or other smaller events to help over the long term boost the orcish roleplay in the off time. (I am in no way bashing the ET and of course I can't be there all the time, it is just a goal of mine.) 2~ I really like letting the players choose what they want to do, so as much as I am aware you wish to see events I wish to only display limited options and leave them mostly vague so in future I can hold this event and leave most of it in the shadows as to what is happening, though I am happy to discuss specifics further with anyone. (Contact me on the forums or skype ~ z3m0s1, also remember I am Australian and will get back to you as soon as possible.) 3+ ~ Again some kind of idea, I thought I would just jot it down here and you can count it or not but I thought for the kha I could run roughly the same thing but instead the toxin is designed to irritate the skin and cause rejection of their fur which is originally designed to eradicate the kharajyr in their entirety but could lead to feuds between what I would imagine was a human group though anyone really, fighting against the kharajyr and could lead to eventual targeting potency of the toxin which would cause the skin to shed but hold together allowing for the opposing side to have a reason to hold and house kharajyr slaves and use them to gather these furs to sell or use for crafts. This might lead to other races disagreeing or jumping on board and either furthering the farming of kharajyr fur or join the kharajyr and save them from this slavery, this could potentially lead to the extinction of the kharajyr or some nation wide conflict and war over the disagreement between the slavery and use of the kharajyr. Just thought to write it down, could be useful for future larger scale roleplay once the current war dies down. 3+ ~ Another general event that could be used with in any group of players and will be used more than once if it turns out well. So A group of an increasingly large amount of gremlins would suddenly begin to pop up from the start having on one or perhaps two and only consisting of a small encounter or sighting that would eventually lead to large scale attacks if neglected and could eventually wipe out or drive the player group from the lands. If the home for the gremlins was sought, a trail would eventually lead to a cave in which players would have to fight their way through the newly awoken and disgruntled gremlins desperate to defend their homes. At the heart of the problem having some how coerced the gremlins into abiding and following them would be a poltergeist (Level 3 evil ghost) if the group was able to defeat them than the problem may disappear if the gremlins were unable to find another host to guide them or if the poltergeist escaped the problem might pop back up for the same group or move to another to begin again terrorising the group until its last days. (This could easily be swapped out for any other kind of spook, same goes for the gremlins) This could be swapped out possibly for druids, a corrupted druid could use their powers to lead a group of spriggins or dryads or bryophytes or a mix to do their bidding, possibly attacking the druids enemies or perhaps building up a fort to protect the druid and his minions from outside threats that could lead to a rise in natural magical creatures and a better hub of roleplay for them and possibly druids if the intentions of such corrupt druid was wholesome or perhaps lead to fights between other druids and the break away druid or even if the threat was truly neglected and enough traffic was pushed towards the group it could lead in antag though I doubt a bunch of plants could do such things but I would love to be proven wrong. I am sure with enough activity this could turn into an active player base if enough effort was put into it. (I previously while attempting to revive the forest dwarves had started an event line with the help of Murdervish to hopefully bring back the bryophytes as a playable race as they were shown to be interesting and worthy though with Murdervish stepping down from the role of ET and myself being further involved with my mountain dwarf and the forest dwarf area being cut off from the rest and bull dozed over it has not progressed further..) This could also be held for a disgruntled dwarf who had been kicked from a position or been done wrong by who had if given the chance risen an army of golems which could make for some interesting roleplay for the dwarves and inner feuding as they struggles to fight against a group of golems with an angry impera. Again all of this is very vague though I would like to flesh it out as things come along and work with the players and their actions in roleplay to maneuver these ideas into wonderful events for players to enjoy all while keeping the concepts vague enough to allow for multiple replays with different outcomes for each group. Again, feel free to contact me, if you really need a hold your hand no options event written up I'm sure I can oblige or if you just want to ask about anything hit me up. How long do you plan to stay on the ED? I cannot foresee when I would finish my time on the ET, I plan on removing myself if my time becomes strained enough that I can no longer be active, or if I no longer felt I could no longer help the server. Tell me a joke! What goes in hard and pink but comes out soft and mushy? Bubblegum -- you should be ashamed of yourself. TL:DR ~ Me Australian. Me Good. Upvote. P.S Sorry about my horrible grammar and probably spelling, despite my creativity I struggle to properly form basic sentences some how...
  6. wtf.... I want rep.... what is this rubbish...

  7. Depends who you are, it might be very ooc for you but I use it all the time in roleplay and in no situation is there a skill that requires an xp hand out from another... Only a small amount of information needs to be conveyed from someone else to progress at a good pace in any of the skills. All I see this doing is enabling people to boost their alt personas or friends while they afk and gain levels without earning them.
  8. The radius in which they would need to be to receive the xp should be very short and the split should be small to avoid abuse. Also I feel like if it was implemented it should be used for roleplay teaching and all mines/resource isles are ooc so I think it should be kept unusable and removed from the list of commands to prevent future questions.
  9. It took only a few moments for a small pack of three dwarves to infiltrate the now desolate and dull lands of Johannesburg. The king sat upon the throne of his enemy and pondered on what he would do with the place once it was his in a short time, no fear or danger for himself or his faithful men, just decoration and judgement towards the poor structure of human buildings, it was all he cared for and all he needed to care for as the reputation of the Orenian’s plummeted to almost null. The Grand King himself Bastion Ireheart the Righteous and two of his loyal kingsguard walked within the walls of Johannesburg with no confrontation, nothing but respect was given to the dwarves as they marched deep within the city and bashed down the doors one by one until reaching the palace. What manner of blasphemy is this that the leader of the now tarnished Orenian empire defends his own palace as such, a true representation for his lack of care for himself, his guards, and most of all his people. “Fook dis chair is ‘orrible” - Grand King Bastion Ireheart the Righteous.
  10. Either someone abused it or it was taken away like the dwarves was after being paid for at a certain time, possibly just something wrong with it. Sounds like it was around about the same time so it could be a bug or found glitch. Would be nice to get a Dev or GM to comment if they have any information as to why it was taken, regardless of the post I am curious for the dwarves LC also.
  11. Boo hoo we need LC to help defend, helps us out because otherwise our GM's have to do it all! Really though the city is setup with a stupid amount of defenses anyway, just look at the path to the palace and the entry bridge.... Not sure when they were added in but I am sure it is legitimate O_O Like the mining of this hill.
  12. Lol yeah right, if staff broke terms of a warclaim to give a side 'a chance' it would defeat the purpose of it. Enjoy getting smashed. Oren has already had many many chances to clutch at GM protection.
  13. bloody hell, sorry mate I got a bunch at once and forgot yours :/ Accepted. Sorry for the wait. Look out for an add on skype, you should have a quota chest setup and door perms by the time you see this.