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  1. Let off a large heaping of Dwarven rockets in celebration, exploding into a marvelous light show as they sawed high into the air, giving a large display, obscuring the vast amounts of shrapnel that surely crushed and murdered many below.
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  3. Wanna do some spooky RP? DM me z3m0s#6599

  5. Looking for skinner - z3m0s#6599

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  6. "Curious" grumbled an ancient dwarf.
  7. An old blue dwarf scoffed as he read the missive "Red bed sheets, how last Era. . ."
  8. "Death in my near future? WHAT THE FU-" the old dwarf screamed in terror before his heart exploded out of his chest.
  9. Your theme songs are god tier! Pog lore as always, need to bring my paleknight back
  10. "Oh good heavens!" an old blue dwarf shrieked before fainting.
  11. As of The 6th of The Amber Cold Year 55 of the Second Age, Adeptus Veneratus Eliza will be formally reinstated as Archmage Scholarch of The Mage’s Guild to lead the Order to prosperity alongside Archmage Rector Kalgrimmor. Per the Accords of Ordership, the following private holdings of Archmage Scholarch Eliza are designated as Orders under The Mage’s Guild: The Ivybride Coterie and The Mage’s Lounge. The following passages chronicle the nature of the aforementioned Orders. The Ivybride Coterie: Primarily based in intellectual context, the Coterie serves as the umbrella label over all of Eliza’s current and former apprentices in the Arcane. Under the guidance of the Matron, these apprentices are trained to the highest degree in Arcane mastery. The Mage’s Lounge: Established Circa. 1600, The Mage’s Lounge existed as a private venue for a select few persons, handpicked by the Matron. The Lounge grew in partisanship through the prosperity of it’s guardian state Sutica. Magi and those adjacent to the realm of the Arcane enjoyed an escape from the bustling streets of Sutica here. The Mage’s Lounge fell with Axios and has not yet been revived in Almaris. [!] An artist’s depiction of the Lounge’s common room. Signed Year 55 of the Second Age, Archmage Rector Kalgrimmor Archmage Scholarch Eliza
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