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  1. Kalviin pondered on the short trip to the old city Kal'Nikaer... "The stench of death was truly remarkable in that place, wouldn't be wise to ponder around the area until it is cleared of undeath.
  2. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.
  3. Your Application has been [ACCEPTED] This application is accepted. On the behalf of the application team, we welcome you to the server as a whitelisted player. Please wait patiently; an Application Team member will implement you to the server shortly! While you are waiting you are more than welcome to browse the forums and/or Wiki to refresh your mind on server events and lore.
  4. Your application has been put on [PENDING] for the following reason(s): - Your date of birth and age do not line up with the current date, being 1604 -You will need to login once before being whitelisted, you will be invisible and be allowed to fly around the map and have a look around - The island of Malin is our spawn island, I suggest looking at the wiki for wood elves to find a location for your character to live within. The page can be found here: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Wood_Elves -You need more lore in your biography, not much more, but more. What this simply means is that your application is good! Do not fret; however, in order for this application to be accepted, there are some minor details in your application that will need to be edited. You should not make a new app, simply use the 'edit' button at the bottom of your application. If you want help or need me to review your application again once you have made the necessary changes, please visit my profile and send me a private message simply asking me too. You have 24 hours to make the changes, failure to do so without providing good reason will result in a denial.
  5. Full name: Kalviin Goldhand Age: Two Hundred and eighty nine Race: Ascended Mountain Dwarf Gender: Male Current residence or place where we may contact you: Private residence within Kal'Omith's upper quarters. Any known medical conditions: Completely healthy. (No) Any known magics: T1 soulfire (silver sect ascended magic) T1 Electrical Evocation (Golemancy also, although its classed as artificery)
  6. ||RP|| Name: Kalviin Goldhand Chosen Craft: I specialise in Stone Masonry, being of the best in Axios, Golemancy goes hand in hand with the Masonry and to a lesser extend smithing. Looking to further branch into woodworking. Experience: I have ran and overseen the mining/smithing/engineering guilds within Kal'Omith for decades and crafted personally as a golemancer and general smith since I could hold a hammer. (Seems everyone is listing their professions so I am number two Stonemason on the server and legendary blacksmith) (Also number one miner if you guys need resources :^D ) ||OOC|| MC Name: z3m0s Skype: z3m0s1
  7. This application has been denied. Moved to the Denied Applications forum.
  8. Although he had known him for a short time James Montoya had left a mark of a true friend upon Kalviin, A solemn mood fell over him as he heard of the passing of Ser James. "He was a dam good lad... E' shall truly be missed by many" he said as he thought to himself before closing his eyes, mumbling to himself he prayed for the safe passage of James Montoya through into the afterlife.
  9. I would like to see this man on the team, he do good work. +1
  10. I would love to have this man on the team with us, all great experiences and his depth of knowledge is something we need within the team!
  11. Minecraft name/s: z3m0s - Grojak Age: eighteen baby Timezone: Straya baby UTC +10:00 Skype/Discord: Skype: z3m0s Discord: z3m0s#6599 What is your availability: mostly 3+ hours a day - Around 5+ on the weekends. Jokes I don’t have a life I am always online :C Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: Off time activity is something I struggle with on lotc a lot and would like to work towards improving. I think although a smaller player base it is important to keep activity so players aren’t going else where at certain times because there is little to no activity on lotc. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: I feel a casual friendly position of authority is needed to best face the community. This shows a down to earth staff team that is understanding and there to help while also making sure the right respect is given while overall acting in a mature manner. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: I feel like a kind supportive environment would help within the GM team as its established as a place for responsible players to flourish and show their colours to the community. Having a place where the GM’s can learn from their mistakes and be helped back onto their feet rather than cast out is what I think an ideal GM team environment would look like. Please list three players who will vouch for you: I feel these people can accurately portray me to whoever may contact them~ Gusano Arentonio Jallentime Lefty_bojengles What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I don’t believe I have had the honour to work with most of the GM team though I haven’t had a bad experience with any of them and I would like to think that extends both ways. I might of memed a bit with the GM’s in the past although I don’t expect that comes off as a bad experience, but I would hope I get the chance to work with them all in future. What are your finest and worst traits?: Finest I think my determination is by far my best trait, allowing me to overcome problems that occur in anything I try to create or be a part of it is what drives my passion and creativity to its borders and helps me succeed in many fields. A strong background in team sports gives me great teamwork skills to work well in a team environment, working as a team in both a leadership role, mediator role and general team role I have worked with all types of people and meshed well in working as a team, bending to suit the leadership and others around me. Many other traits such as sacrificing for the team, empathetic tendencies when dealing with team members or players in general, a hard working mentality, and most importantly social skills. Finest/Worst Combo I think being a perfectionist is both a fine and worst category trait as in many cases it allows me to go the extra mile to get what I am doing done perfectly and put extra time into making it as good as it can be. While on the other hand it can also be troubling in that I struggle to finish up and want to present projects sometimes if I feel they aren’t to my standards. Worst Going along with the perfectionist tendencies I struggle sometimes with letting others handle parts of my own projects, this doesn’t happen when helping with others projects but I tend to baby helping participants sometimes with dealing with parts of my own projects. This is something I am very conscious of and work to overcome. I think a struggle a bit with boundaries, Australians are pretty chill with most topics and talking a bit of rubbish but I find especially with the lotc community it can sometimes be taken out of proportion or just taken seriously in general when most often it's a joke, it's not so much of a problem now as I limit myself but every now and then I can go too far. FYI to everyone, I am always joking. I would like to extend this last spot of bad traits to any players that might like to comment something they dislike or a trait I have shown as I can self explain all I like, what is important is what others see and feel about interactions with myself. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: Overall I have really enjoyed my experience on Lord of the Craft, up until a few weeks ago I identified as joining in early Athera but I found out I actually joined in mid Anthos so that was a bit of an identity crisis but I have recovered. In my time on Lord of the Craft I have nothing but good memories, sure there may have been some things that upset me at the time but overall my biggest disconnection with the LOTC community is this mentality of so much toxicity within the community. Sure I can understand people get upset and some people are a bit weird, there is biased as everywhere else, though I find most of this is people upset they weren’t catered to, so the person that disagreed with your rule breaking is toxic and the GM that banned you was biased and the players not giving you magic are apart of a circle jerk. I personally love the server and although there is struggles at times overall I have no bad outstanding memories, only good times. I enjoy the diversity of all the players coming together for one cause, even if it is raging at a staff member because they voided some rp that benefited them. I have recently joined the Application Team and have enjoyed it wholeheartedly, my in game resources also help a lot with welcoming new players to the server and the new “New player discord” (credits to Rella I believe) is a huge help, with helpers from all nations in to help cater which player group new players might want to get involved with. Being involved with this and in general the Application Team has been a great experience and shall continue to be for a long time I am sure. Part of the reason I wish to join the GM team if I am honest is being able to further help players as it’s a huge enjoyment for me within lotc, overall good experiences and good memories, i'll stop there although I could write pages more. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: I am extremely interested with the lore of LOTC, its vastness is a haven for me as I can endless read through brilliant player made lore and further improve my knowledge of the game every day. I would have to say I am also quite interested in the plugins and development although being mostly dev illiterate I am interested to possibly learn in future as I find minecraft would be a nice platform to develop some skills in coding. Much like lore I have many ideas for plugins and general server development I would like to share in time and who knows, maybe even make myself. :o All this tied together with such a rare community where all the roleplayers of minecraft can come together for a great experience, I am interested in just watching the way everyone reacts to server events and happenings such as war and events and notable deaths and such, the player behaviour I guess is what it is. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: Sky: I would like to see sky on the team, as a fellow Australian I feel good vibes from this man and from previous interactions he seems like a genuine guy doing hard work, I would like to have him representing the team and the server. LegoXbox: Working with this man as he is the Application Team lead I personally enjoy his company and his hardworking attitude is something we should value and want within the GM Team, a definite must have in my opinion. (I swear it's just coincidence he is also Australian) Chaw: A great guy if I have ever seen one. Nothing but awesome experiences with this dude and I would like to see him enabled to perform to the best of his ability to benefit our community as a whole and create great experiences for all players he interacts with. Leric: Having interacted with him via the ascended and in general via modreq’s and some other ooc interactions I feel like he should be put back as a GM and once again allowed to perform to the best of his ability as I enjoyed his previous work and overall good attitude. Link me a good song: As I didn’t want to “cheap out on you” and I also couldn’t pick just one I made up a few different genre picks. (I hope you appreciate this took me about an hour because I couldn’t just listen to a few seconds then stop, I couldn’t help but listen to the whole of each song) Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9KxqBiE_YQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTWphzaKoXo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeMVDuIO3J0 Feels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8ir8rVl2Z4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV1Rmz_TAi4 Old but Gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h66V1hYAjG0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=437IeAFyZyQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPRonG87eKw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJqKK6o0TNc
  12. Probably don't go all out with knee problems... cardio is best for just being healthy, you could maybe do some light weighted leg exercises like some light leg press (helped me with ankle/knee problems) I was able to work up from not being able to apply weight to leg pressing 600 kilo's without knee/ankle strain. Body weight exercises will also help a lot with injury and you can ease into it all the same, but in general a casual walk/jog/run can help build up strength. All that for rehabilitation on your knee but pretty much the same **** everyone else said, swimming is great but make sure your diet is right most of all.
  13. Whitelist application has been accepted, player is now whitelisted in game.