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  1. z3m0s

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    “The humans will never bow to this force. . . And what a shame, they only learn from death” sighed a robed figure, moving off into the dark of night with the not quite parchment in hand.
  2. z3m0s

    The First King of Agnarum's Speech.

    “And so it begins” grumbled an old dwarf from the back of the crowd, nodding as he watched Fimlin take the stands “Narvok oz Fimlin. . . Maybe he reunite us all for the good of dwed kind”
  3. z3m0s

    A plea to forgive

    “Wise words” mumbled an old dwarf, his tone stricken with age
  4. z3m0s

    Counselor Team

    Sounds like the AT but they have to actually help memes
  5. z3m0s

    [Event] The Shifting Tear

    Ohhh shiet DragonsRoost gon claim Voidal Shifting through the ET!
  6. z3m0s

    New player looking for general information

    The Roleplay Section and the Lore Section are your friends. All the race lore, world lore, creature lore, diety lore, magic lore and the outdated lore archives are under the Lore tab as you’d expect, while more up to date lore and current events can be found in the Roleplay Section such as different families/clans/whatever else of each race and their happenings, representations and members as well as festivals, politics and all other manners of stuff. If you have a hard time finding either of them at all you just need to click forums on the main tab of links at the top of the page, and scroll down to the top of the second section where the header says Atlas and you can find it all there. It’s all rather simple but if you have any more questions or want to join the Dwarven Master Race you can hit my discord at z3m0s#6599 I’m mostly around off times, or as said above chat with some AT or any other staff or friendly player. The new player discord would be a good thing to join also, have fun. Figured I mose well drop links to save you some time Roleplay: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/8-roleplay/ Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/176-lore/
  7. Why are FMs suddenly the same color as admins?

    1. Sky


      They aren’t.

    2. z3m0s


      Hmmm, you’re right now I look at both of them at the same time though the FMs red seems brighter, though now I think about it maybe it’s because I f*cked with my monitors brightness lmao, played myself.

  8. z3m0s

    Challenge to the Dominion, 1688

    “An attempt to solve violence with violence. . . How clever. There is no victor here, this will only bring further death to the elven people.” mumbled a grumpy old dwarf, shaking his head at the poor form of what once was a great nation.
  9. z3m0s

    Just got in a fist fight with my trashman

    Yo f*ck that guy up, no joke. The f*ck he doing messing with a man in a suit, just empty the garbage, what a tw*at. . .
  10. z3m0s


    The old dwarf chuckled happily, twirling within a bright field of green as he chased a young boy sharing his image, yelling and roaring playfully the boy and his father enjoyed time together for a few brief moments as a dark cloud began to fill the sky, shadow blacking out the once vibrant sun that lit up the dwarfs bright golden armor. Dashing quickly off to their picnic, he grabbed an umbrella to keep his boy from the coming storm, turning back as his eyes wandered to find his son playing in the now darkened field, a figure stood behind him. Black abyss walked towards his playful son as he sat toying with a wooden sword, slashing at the nearby green grass. Something was wrong. . . The dwarf couldn’t move, despite his best efforts to run for the boy he remained still as the figure drew closer. Crying out, his loud screams of panic and desperation fell to silence as he stood idle, helpless as he watched on. Reaching behind its back, the dark figure drew a long blade, churning with energy. Clutching at his throat the old dwarf struggled for breath, clawing at the nothingness before him as he exuded all the energy he could summon to reach his boy, yet remained still. Collapsing to his feet the old dwarf could only watch as the black figure drew back his sword, with a flash of light as the dark figure swung his blade, the old dwarf gasped with bated breath as the scene turned to black. Panting desperately he looked about the black abyss he stood within, unknowing of what had become of him. A moment of clarity struck him. . . He was lying down, but he was covered, what? Silk linen? A great sigh of relief washed over the dwarf as he realised he had been dreaming. . . The fire within his room had gone out, drawing his quarters into darkness. Standing from his bed he walked over toward his fireplace, his form still stiff from rest as the wooden boards creaked beneath him. Activating a rune to restart his fire he drew back in horror, dropping to one knee before the fire. It was true. . . there was no escaping it, he thought to himself as he dropped to sit upon his floor, the beginnings of the fire now lighting it’s surrounds poorly. I cannot escape what I have become. . . What I do is for my people. . . I bare this mark so that they may live in peace. Many thoughts of assurance and sacrifice filled his head as he sat, staring at pale grey skin. Running a finger across his forearm, his pale blue eyes watched on, scowling at his own complexion. “Kalviin?” a gentle female voice cried out from within the darkness that still lingered within the room. “What did I tell you. . . Do not call me that any longer” his gravelly voice replied out into the darkness, filled with sorrow and pain. “What you did. . . Many could not, would not. You sacrificed yourself so that they may live happily, in peace. . .” her figure emerged from the darkness, love and warmth she brought for him, as her beauty made its way into the light to be within his arms, warming his soul. “Everything will be okay” she whispered “You did the right thing. . . Kalgrimmor”
  11. z3m0s

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    What are the afk timers going to be set at?
  12. z3m0s

    Please help a lonely little dwarf

    Message me on discord – z3m0s#6599 and I’ll guide you there. You can see the coords when you hit F3 though, on the top left in the middle text there’s a blank line than XYZ: followed by three sets of didgets seperated with brackets. The first and last are the main positions to follow, the middle one is just how high in the world you are, which isn’t needed if you have the first and last coord. P.S if you happen to be on a laptop you might need to hit the Fn key as well as F3 to display it.
  13. z3m0s

    -= Reflection =-

    “How could I forget” a rough old dwarf mumbled beneath his breath as he passed by the poster.
  14. z3m0s

    Community Meeting

    no bully 😡
  15. z3m0s

    Community Meeting

    P.S Someone shoot the person doing in game broadcast announcements.