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  1. Great idea, very creative thinking, but that's not allowed on lotc
  2. Yeah is there a world where we get advantages? A lot of the random outcomes from dice rolling don't make any sense at all
  3. The current wing designs give me gross minigame server vibes, I like the shields though, but I feel like the old shields were totally fine
  4. z3m0s

    PvP Plugin

    Thank god, pvp goons weren't strong enough!
  5. Wait not 10 notables in the entire thing, right? That doesn't make any sense? Was this just 10 notables out of all the humans stuff? Which you said above it had the most cultural shit? Wait wtf, could I of had those redeemed still? I had more than three myself. . . P.S When can I have my Loregames vault, Flam won't get back to me 😞
  6. You make a lot of good points here, I suppose I'm just cynical based upon past experiences as to the slog it can be to match up timezones and get people around specifically to do something for someone else solely, and I've seen this used as a trade tactic for people to get things they want. Regardless I'm willing to support it and give it a try in hopes it works out better, with the caveat that you'd be willing to alter it again later down the line if reality shows it's not working out! Maybe the Eidola could sculpt the body from Menhir and then the Mystic could perform a ritual to bind it, requiring both of them. This way they both play a part. I quite like the idea of Eidola being stonemasons in a sort, and I think it makes sense for them to do the labor, but I also understand it not carrying the same weight if it was entirely up to the Eidola to make.
  7. I like most of these changes, especially the mental ones, though I will admit I really really dislike the idea of requiring someone else to have their body remade. Although it might seem to make sense, it's absolutely going to suck to have to deal with waiting on someone else, and such for the mystic to have to commit continually to recreating bodies. I'd propose the Eidola themselves have to commit to making future bodies before their demise, akin to the Animii CA, and maybe a Soul fragment cost for this would be suitable to finalize the body as suitable to be housed in in future. I feel like there's not enough good uses for Soul frags at the moment and I'd love to see some more use for it. On the topic of Palelords, I think they're rare enough, have suitable enough risks, and are hard enough to create that they're fine for now, though maybe down the line if there's too many active or they're being blatantly abused, I can definitely see something being required to adjust this. Overall thank you for your efforts!
  8. Bro did you read my app and post this. . . Good move, take the initiative, that's leadership material baby Sorry I'm hijacking this one cause I wanna answer and I have a Matta related answer! For me the golden ages were when Rocky was ET Lead, he had some of the coolest event lines I've ever been apart of with some of the most in depth story. Very very cool times, I miss those days heavily, always thought his creativity was wasted on Moderation.
  9. Fascinating, I appreciate you sharing! I don't believe the wiki even states how your fall to the dark came about, only that it happened after a disagreement with the guild, making Cataris look like far more of a bad guy than it seems in reality he was. These little intricacies always fascinate me about stories before my time, there's always so much more nuance than is written for the history books. I appreciate you sharing very much and wish you all the best. The offer to welcome your return is always open!
  10. Good to see you return! As a now long running leader of The Mages Guild, I thought I recognized your name! The history books (AKA the wiki) only usually tell one side of the story. I'd love to hear more about your original days in the guild, alongside the Cataris Treachery! Alongside any golden days of powerful magical events or creations that stick in your mind! P.S You're always welcome back if you ever wanna RP again, would be good to have another Aussie around.
  11. "It does my old eyes well to see the youth of my kin creating for themselves. . . I will watch this space with great anticipation"
  12. OOOOOO great recommendation! I'll definitely be adding that both to list and to my personal MC! Thank you!
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