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  1. Kalviin Ireheart scratches his head as he thinks of the Forest Dwarf city not long ago that was called Hefruth.
  2. I think this man is a wonderful choice for the team and his depth of knowledge and ideas will help spear head what I think personally should be a part of the lore team as he has spoken, technology. Medieval technology but technology at that and he'll do a wonderful job. On top of this I am sure he will branch out but overall a wonderful pick for his skills and the work he could do for the team and the dwarves as a representative of ours.
  3. Accepted. That activity time is what I like to see. keep an eye out for an add on skype
  4. I am replying to confirm my application has been updated sufficiently, I appreciate your patience towards my schedule.
  5. Dafuq bruh chill... Lion is a boss
  6. Accepted. Keep an eye out for a skype friend request.
  7. Not my King.
  8. I don't do empty threats, It was a promise.
  9. I feel like it's a good time to join everyone else in this and say that I have enjoyed my time on the server and appreciate everyone who has made my LOTC experiences amazing. I would just like to say that I think it's time everyone stopped whining about the server dying and quit without a post. ;p I'm not quiting... I'll take Axios with me to a single player server if I have to.
  10. Arh man.... It sucks to see you go. I really appreciate the time you put in to the server man, you performed amazingly in all categories you gave yourself to, from pvp to leading nations to boosting activity and many others. I wish you the best in all your future endeavours and despite your current feelings I hope for the day you wish to return once more. o7 My good friend Malgonious.
  11. Tibetan Mastiff is way doper then an English Mastiff. The extensive fur makes them look so much hencher.
  12. Kalviin Ireheart smirked slightly at the sharp point to the Grand King's feather, though as his old grey eyes read further onward, the thought of war befell his mind once more, his smirk turned to scowl as he thought of the death that engulfed the Dwarven - Orenian War. As he sat by the warm fire of his personal forge, gazing into its flame he wished for peace among all, man and Dwed alike. "May Aeriel Guide us in the coming days"
  13. Kalviin Ireheart scrunched his face up as he read the parchment with a brow raised "I'd dam well hope they have evidence of this, seems out of place for Dwed to be doing such a thing with little time of peace since our last ordeal with Oren" he said as he pondered for a few moments before shrugging and heading off to the mines with a lit pipe between his wonky yellow teeth. (P.S - Zamorak forever)
  14. Kalviin Ireheart raises a brow as he catches gaze of one of the various parchments about and seems interested as to further detail of this claim to creation of a higher society.