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  1. Halflings should be able to shift click and go invisible

    1. _Jandy_


      so real bro

  2. Despite being the #1 Medieval Minecraft RPG, LOTC has made it clear over the years that it favors certain roles over others that might draw conflict or turmoil. It's quite hypocritical but as much as it stirs the pot 'villainy' (very broad term) will always be handicapped with heavy rules rather than holding free agency to accomplish what they have the potential to achieve.
  3. The Elder of the Lur Clan reads the news with surprise and shock. The article calls for the arrest of the Clan Honorary, and as he reads through the charges, a realization slowly dawns on him. He decides to seek out Madoc'Lur, who has closer contact with the honorary made fugitive by order of the Rex.
  4. The tale of Gob Ztabba-Zniffa has reached its conclusion. He met his demise in the manner and customs of his forefathers before him. He returned to the sacred desert and suffered defeat among his kin while the Elder held hope that he was sent to the Stargush’Stroh to face the judgement of the Old Father. Honor was restored to all parties involved. Afterward, Falum’Lur seeks out the Krimpgoth Drus to impart a gift upon him.
  5. Elder Falum'Lur was not present, but he had heard about the ongoing duel. He seemed to find it amusing that the Petra Orc had returned to the Sacred Desert after the Elder and Krimpgoth had wanted to fight over his place in the Horde. Falum let out a great bellow of laughter and happily said: "Gob may nub have had hiz gruk in the right place, but hiz heart led him back where he belonged. I do nub gruk of hiz repentenze to Krug, but may da Old Popo recognize his triumph to be dispatched in klomp like the ancestors before him. May Krug hab merzy on Gob's Spirit."
  6. @siglms_ Mi challenge the honor of Krimpgoth agh hiz decizion, uzing the negleckful example of the foreign Onizhiman Uruks, and pardoning the Petra whitewazh whoze faith iz in the burs gods of Krug's enemies, agh who iz nub committed to the zacred zpirit of Krug, the Old Popo and Spirit Popo. A collectiun of beliefz is more like a confuzed zpirit than one who grukz its purpose. Any Orc that does not conform to the path ub Krug and their ancestors is lozt and haz fallen to the darknezz. I intend to challunj Druz the Krimpgoth to an honor klomp until he exhibits regret for his actions and seeks absolution in Krug and the Ancestor Spirits. Forgiving a deluzional brudda is nub an act of compazzion but rather an affirmation of their diztorted world-peep and collekted religiouz beliefz. A zon of Krug ought to remain wit hiz kin and blood family who can better protect and guide him in life. If there is no honor among blood-bound relativez, then the blessingz of Krug have been lost from the Uzg. Unfortuunatly, an Elder haz to be the only ash to uphold the remaining honor among blood bruddas. Name the tik agh plaze. [This is a challenge to the spirit of the Krimpgoth decision to pardon Gob Ztabba-Zniffa (@MrMojoMordor) of Whitewash status despite his lack of faith in Krug and absence from the Fatherland of the Desert. If the Krimpgoth reverses his decision, the challenge will be resolved. It is not an attempt to claim the role of Krimpgoth.]
  7. Elder Falum'Lur receives news from a Lur goblin who reads the judgment of the Krimpgoth before him in shock. He gazes into the dividing flicker of the flames, and wonders what Krug would have done.
  8. I've been endorsed by Aesopian to become the next ST Admin. 🏴 

    1. Pancho


      We are so back

  9. Silent Night, Sacred Night, all is Krug all is Right

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      thank you, happy christmas, dan!

  10. Rule #1: Plant community lobbyist in staff to make rules, lore, etc. to favor your group instead of a cohesive game team.Β 

    1. satinkira


      if you know of biased ST/mods who are making unfair decisions for their friendship group and have proof then report it publicly on the forums through the feedback section

    2. Netphreak


      Well given that the ST have denied a whole plethora of almost everything for a good while, we'll see what gets accepted in the upcoming and we'll know who they're going for. *shrug*

  11. Falum'Lur watches the battlefield from a war camp on top of a hill after his features from the last siege. He eats and drinks by a campfire while observing, then speaks with his mouth full. "A hosh victory that will be blahed for da ages. The great spirits of valor and wagh possessed many of da bruddas and the allies on dis day."
  12. After reuniting with their ancient kin, Elder Falum'Lur returned to the goi with plans to prepare a War Dance for the Rex. As he writes more plans for the war dance, he reminisces about dancing with many Orcs who have long passed away and gone to Stargush’Stroh. A high honor to be granted deliverance to Krug.
  13. There should be a community meeting to discuss paths to return server box to a PvE capability. It would cure so many people's boredom. We talk about these things openly in OOC or forum posts yet it's never touched on by staff. Why would we as a community want our favorite server to functioning as if it wereΒ bottom of the barrel?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ReveredOwl


      its sad the state of the server doesn't even allow for natural mob spawning and moving in peak hours, let alone pve

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Anthos used to have mob spawning, i remember farming them and buying a farm plot for 1500 right by the side of orcish city. Come to think about it, I probably had the biggest house/plot.


      Then you had Nexus and you could nolife and grind it, I barely rp'd at a point because grinding was more enjoyable. I'd binge grind lumberjack without watching anything just listening to music for 8 hours somedays. Each log gave 8 exp, I remember ending a day with 150.000 more exp (thats 18750 logs)


      I remember discovering the cloth glitch so i'd sit with breeder and leatherworking on the Lur fortress and just afk there, shearing sheep and crafting multiple stacks of cloth, i hit top 1 leatherworker in a week too


      Sold a stack of caskets for 50$, used it to buy Diablo 3 for me and my friend, we had a lot of fun from that, I also asked all the way through to gold VIP and traded a lot of nexus items for diamond VIP


      Used to play a lot of LotC, I dont think grinding ever hindered roleplaying at all... because I wouldn't rp regardless :D


      Grinding and raidingΒ was fun, LotC probably feels like a much moreΒ roleplay-oriented server nowadays instead of a mix between factions pvp and roleplay, but it'd never hurt to have purely RP oriented plugins that can have a certain level of grind to them. I don't mean levels, no, but getting there by trial and error. I think that Anthos brewery plugin was a perfect example of this, I had this big ass cellar where I would experiment a lot with different drinks. Or a plugin that involves around crafting stuff more creatively, making cheese.


      The custom plugin that allows you to pick herbs from the wild and make potions isΒ great too. Something like that but for mining that gives you armor that has benefits/disadvantages on combat roleplay could also be cool. There are a lot of possibilities, but everything takes work


      Btw love you danΒ 

    4. Bonito


      best way to fix server issues is playing scp with tech admin

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