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  1. Here I am not only talking about your persona’s old age, I’m talking about missing out on important periods of their lives because they are too short for LoTC’s actual state. As an European, I spend only around one and a half to two hours daily RPing, the rest I spend doing nothing because people either aren’t online, RP is spread among cities that are 1k blocks away from eachother, or, simply put, I don’t have time to RP. So, as most people say here, should I not play a human, and play a long living elf that gets thrown into the category of edgies and is excluded from most RP? Not to mention that, as I stated above, RP is already lacking on LoTC, and you barely spend time roleplaying. Most of the time you just have to come up with ideas to explain what your persona has been doing in the past IC month since you last RPed with that person. Another thing would be – imagine a wedding that would take up to a few hours OOC, wouldn’t that make it a few weeks IC? Like, let’s be honest. And on top of that, after the wedding you log off cause it’s too late, cause you’re a plebian European, most of your IC friends are OOC Americans and you have school next day. You meet one of those people that were at the wedding with you and you start discussing of it as if it were yesterday IC, but in fact there’s been almost a month. I’m not saying that LoTC time passage should be as slow as real life, but at the moment it’s way too fast. It implies that you use your time spent on LoTC with 100% efficiency, as in, no time spent wandering between empty cities or time spent waiting for people to get on the server. Sorry to be spamming instead of making a single post, but it’s really uncomfortable for me to keep track of my ideas if I keep switching from one’s reply to another. Here I just want to say that, if you are fine, if most people age their persona differently, why not have a default aging system? Or why doesn’t the staff allow the players to age their persona’s a bit slower? Cause I’ve asked a few staff members if it is against the rules to slow down your persona’s aging, and they say it is even though I am 100% sure they have done it themselves at some point. Why does every staff member say it is against the rules, and why do most people act like “Well just don’t show your age do whatever you want.”. It’s there a server system or an anarchy when it comes to persona aging? I’m just not too sure at this point, and I wouldn’t like to be banned because I broke some rule when some staff members say it is against the rules, some do it themselves, some say it is fine.
  2. Just going to give you an example as to why aging is bullshit and should be lower. I started roleplaying my persona when she was 13, got into finals, only been able to RP for like an hour a day during which I’d just cross between empty cities – then boom, my persona’s 19, missed all that teenagehood RP in just a few weeks. Also the point wasn’t that. The point is that players and staff members still slow down their persona’s aging manually, so if they do that, why doesn’t it get changed to a default slower aging system?
  3. Don’t we all agree that LoTC’s aging system is a bit too fast? Like, having your persona age by a month every single day... isn’t that a bit too much? Why doesn’t the default aging system get slowed down? I mean, most players and staff already slow down their persona’s aging, so why don’t we make it a general rule? Just think about it. Maybe you have finals and can’t get on Minecraft for a while, and when you come back, your persona’s already 2 years older. How fun is that? Especially if you are a human, and you live a short life anyway. The lifespan of a human is indeed, longer than usual but I don’t think that is what LoTC needs, is it? Who even plays their human character after they pass the age of 100? When you start your character in your mid twenties, 75 years isn’t that much, just 17 OOC months. But how much of that time will you be actually spending on LoTC? I’d say not even 10%. So why does it have to be that way? Don’t you agree that LoTC should have a slower aging system?
  4. Umm.. I can't connect to the server. It's been like this for two days - I keep getting the message that I am not whitelisted to the LotC war server


    1. JessIsUnoriginal


      i think you need a newer version of minecraft

    2. Leviantae


      Not at all, if I try joining on 1.12.2 I'm getting the message that I should connect with 1.12.1 - and when I do, it tells me I'm not whitelisted.

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