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  1. You will be LOYAL to my nation OOC and IC. You will not roleplay your other characters against my nation. You will not have fun with characters not under my nation's control. You will follow the nation's narrative. You will not play your character how you want.

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    2. Pancho


      This guy gets it

    3. lemonke


      For whoever gets mad over this. I'm memeing!! I stand neutral with my own opinion!

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      This is a Schrödinger's Shitpost, ain't it. Someone lock him up before he hurts himself 😭

  2. "They will go through Adria and reach us! I told them, I told them all of such humans politics, to stay away from trouble. RAAAGH, It's time for a vacation. One elven month and they already doomed us all!" Ava, the noble of Celia'nor who seemingly was the only one of her kin having seen this coming, opted to protect her family and take her things elsewhere out of safety. "I'm sure Idril will host my family in her land for a little while!" But before doing that, she had to heed her family's opinions on what to do.
  3. "My leaders are failing my people, again. Why have they brought us into this conflict? Why have our citizens need to witness more blood and sorrow? The innccent, my people will only suffer from this." Pondered did, a noble of Celia'nor(Ava Ranaleth) at seeing her people and allies being seemingly slaughtered. Fortunately, a member of her family sought not to partake in the conflict, so she had nothing else to do but wonder. "What If Thana had followed them?" A grim thought followed through, she would never want to see her family dying for such a needless cause. Utter disappoint grew for the leadership of her nation. We just built back what we lost, why are joining already a war without consulting anyone but themselves? Only thoughts over thoughts as she slept in her manor. "Idril was right. This is a lost cause."
  4. "I see... we are surrounding ourselves with violent and blood-spilling allies. What is conflict If there is no honor, what is war If we start to butcher even the ones who have nothing to do with such? No one had to die. They proved no point but only that they were wrong. Alas, my people will understand the consequences when It ought to be too late. I cannot help who is blinded by the past." A Noble of Celia'nor; Ava Ranaleth remarked in her manor as she went through the missive with an annoyed visage. Indeed, those of Petra and Celia'sul had done some things against her people but such conflict was truly needed for a name to be stolen, was It worth to eternally hate them over a wynery? Was It worth having such wicked human allies? Questions she couldn't get an answer from. Nevertheless, she shall continue to have her own opinion on the conflict as she is finding both sides Petra, Aaun, or whoever else to handle things poorly. However, she ought to never bend upon the noble-system's mindset. "Gaaah! Politics."
  6. "I'm not surprised of Lanre's actions for every false Celianorian soon or later falls in the grasp of Azdromoth. However..." Ava Ranaleth smiled upon the missive at hand in her keep. Whilst she despised the young Cerusil, she couldn't but respect him for his tactics to escape a large army of people and mages alike. Was he perhaps, the worthy opponent she sought for? A mere bandit? A mere voidal mage? Or rather, a strong-headed Cerusil? "It is a surprise to be sure. I'm quite disappointed but relieved he escaped. Perhaps, they should thank Lanre as he showed them their flawed military force and tactics... I wouldn’t call this a victory." She stored away the missive, gazing upon the Horizon of Celia'nor. She foresaw trouble but not coming from Lanre.
  7. “A true warrior doesn't need a sword.” Today, two families found a public friendship to craft something that was previously prevented by external forces. Unity. Unity to achieve a dream to find, to create a land of peace where our many lives may prosper, where the future of our children will always be bright under the shining stars of the sky, Celia’nor shall be that land of peace where no blood is spilled, where no death or slavery exist, where flower blooms and birds sing in joy under the chorus of nature, a perfect utopia. Henceforth… Embracing this creed, the Ranaleth Family pledges to fulfill this long-lasting dream and build a prosperous land in Celia'nor. No matter what conflict arises, they will stand together. They will prevent the wicked from arising again, and protect each other. Embracing this creed, the Py’lrie Family pledges to fulfill this long-lasting dream and build a prosperous land in Celia'nor. No matter what conflict arises, they will stand together. They will prevent the wicked from arising again, and protect each other. Ava Ranaleth , Second Matriarch of the Ranaleth, Cleric of Moon & Stars, Beacon of the New-era Ranaleth, Reader of Cosmos, The True Celia'norian, The Horned, The Royarch’s Voice & Fist. Former Aratir Of The Crown, Former Military Officer of The Okartennallar, Councilor of Knowledge & FOOD. Irelia Py’lrie , Second Matriarch of the Py’lrie, The Oversight and Head Clinician of the Celia’nor Health Institution
  8. "I TAKE HEED, MY FRIEND! I'M READY." Ava Ranaleth echoed in her manor all-alone, talking to the missive in her hand. All of her servants and other family members would be able to gaze upon such a crazy act. Needless to say, they were weirded out.
  9. Why are harmless comments being removed because ppl don't add their character's name but ones that cause arguments and toxicity not? What's the point with this rule lol.

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      I'm not gonna continue fighting over this but even if someone mass reports people who forgot to put their character's name and instead used their title; it seems a bit much to warn all of them. I could understand it if they did a semi-ooc remark though. Should probably revisit that rule because it isn’t helping anyone

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      literally just read a forum post of a mod warning about this, but then several posts later, someone doesn't put their char's name or anything with a mere short sentence and its not hidden. XD 

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      I had a 2 Year Forum Warning because I didn't put my name on a comment for a post belonging to a small community who definitely knew who I was. This was back in 2021 and it only expired two months ago.

  10. [!] A painting of a pallid Elven warrior bathed in the ethereal glow of moonlight, their very presence banishing the shadows and sins of Descendant-kind that are presented like a twisted dragon chaining a mere man, as said warrior strides resolutely along the path of their own fate. “You can be born with a title, but not respect. You have to earn that.” What are the titles for Mali’kind? Their sole purpose is to cover our failures, and they bear nothing but the weight of our futile empty paths. We consider ourselves princes, arch-princes, or high-commanders– but such titles are built upon nothing, crafted only to satiate our fragile prideful hearts. We lead nothing. Humans have fostered heritages of preposterous nature; they have short lives, yet their names live more than our eternity and ageless souls, and their titles have meanings. They do not succumb to the void, they do not swiftly change faith. They will and continue to fight for their only GOD. Although orcs fought many wars, both between themselves and those they considered lessers, their titles were respected within their kingdom for their strength and power. Their sound made the pride of the orcs rise, and their spirits never waned. Regardless of the faith they follow, their minds are set on improving the raw power of their kind, as they also allow those less than them to become equals. Their curse is their blessing. Gold is the currency of the dwarves; their grudge-filled books and affinity for currency have extended their trade ways across the globe, so their actions have meaning. In my long and distressing journey– in my elderly age– I, as an elven descendant have come to respect the titles and strengths; the culture of those that some of us Mali do consider lessers. Their names, their actions, and their families will continue to echo, unlike our desire to collect meaningless names and titles. An unmatching reputation that expresses how we should never look down upon other descendants for they being but for their deeds. Henceforth, I wonder if our kind will still consider being called princes of nothing important. Arch-princess of emptiness, sitting on their weightless, and futile thrones of false metal. I invite any Mali who desires power to learn from the other descendants; to understand and adapt from their ways to become better, stronger, and to learn respect and the true MEANING of a title; to stop dwelling in stagnation. Earn your respect, and always fight to protect your influence and home. We never bend, We never break. Seek The One Of Golden Horns. Seek the Horned to learn the true ways of Mali’kind. Steel and Progression.
  11. "Caelia... I wonder if they got inspired by the great old Celia'nor! I sure do hope people will not get confused like me, because I was about to call Idril and do another Heed the warning." Said the old woman Ava, always preparing a letter for when the day may come, glaring unto Illyria from afar. She truly hoped in her heart that the other descendants were not as silly as her! @JJosey
  12. How do you know that as a player with 30 minute of playtime? Every magic in lotc is like you explained as there is no easy way to approach it, and this AMENDMENT isn’t going to make teaching easier. Seer actually has a good way to approach this, which is through posting a FA that lets know you're about(The server is big and with our mechanics+it'll make easier for us to create a bridge of communication). As a genuine question, on your POV. How is it going to help the seers? How is it going to make teaching easier than it already is. If you would like to learn more magics; ppl also make post of recruitment. Like the necros shrine stuff or voidal mages/alchemists looking for students.
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