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  1. I'm pretty sure these potions are made for those people who don't want to have any involvement with magic or spirits. It's quite redundant saying "Use this ability to do x aesthetic thing"
  2. A student dwelled somewhere, continuing to craft tools for the spirits. One must wonder how her teacher's death shall influence her. Nevertheless, she mourned his death; another one who leaves her as the curse continued to course in such a sorrowful cycle.
  3. “Before the healing, there is simply the surviving.” There, an elder and a bloodied daughter stood onto two different sides- one was a shadowy shore and the other was a looming waterfall; shining bright amongst the darkness, a beauty to behold but unable to seize it. Something that fell from her fingers, incapable to make a choice and step ahead. Unlike the bloodied daughter, whose steps landed upon the ethereal soil; the crimson ink that poured with each step created a path that could lead to a peaceful finale, a choice that the aforementioned was allowed to take. The Elder’s countenance found itself immersed in tears and sorrow as she felt powerless; the path she sought to create with her daughter to find eternal comfort in conflict and family was forever distraught since fate had other plans, cursed forevermore to witness those she loved to depart for she couldn’t do anything to prevent it. Albeit, the bloodied daughter bore no remorse, no sadness upon her visage. She truly found inner peace! But… ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ “Please. Don't go... I can't lose even you. L-Let me come with you!" ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ Indeed, the mighty and threatening elder of yore couldn’t stand accepting simple things like letting someone go. She wished to walk her daughter’s path if needed. Although it was her desire, there was only one way to follow her daughter toward the other side; she too needed crimson ink in her wake. Thereafter, a silvery blade was clasped into her hands as it slowly reached the deepest layers of her heart, but before the sharp tip could finally stab through her core; swiftly a hand reached out to grab her wrist. It was her daughter’s action that stopped her and for one last time, the said bloodied daughter gazed into the elder's eyes. She shook her head softly; the elder was shocked, her strength couldn’t match her daughter’s as she soon after enclosed the other into a motherly embrace. A gesture that sealed the family-bond they held. ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ “You have yet something to fight for here, Mother. Please, stand and continue living- I’ll be fine. I promise.” ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙ Briefly, The elder lost all the will to live, she didn't want to remain within this sorrowful and chaotic land of conflict, but the bloodied daughter’s words reminded her to whom she pledged her will; her family, the people she loved and swore to protect. How could she be so foolish and selfish? Her duty was not over yet. And so, she rose from her desperation after retreating from the embrace to step back into the darkness while her daughter grinned, before turning around to venture into the glimmering light of the waterfall. The duo were both ready to walk different paths and even though, they would be far away from each other: The memories and struggles that the both of them went through together shall always remain. With each bloodied step the daughter got farther away from the darkness of the shore as the Elder continued to spectate this farewell until she was left alone within that abyss. Whilst it’s a positive outcome that the Elder accepted her daughter’s departure. One must wonder; how it would change her and how the darkness she’s absorbed into may twist her sight and mind. Only time will tell what fate awaits for such a wretched Elder. However, one thing was dearly clear after this mourning: “I will live forever.”
  4. There, an elderly woman stood. Amongst safe ruins of silver and dried blood of her previous battles; pondering and planning for her family's sake, finally her weapon clinging to a wall until the foul scent of the crimson ink fell into her nostrils. A reminder of a fallen sought its way into her mind; an old rival who partook in the path of corruption in the past, nowadays both found the path of redemption. Alas, such an opponent would be found no more, for he was the aforementioned memory of the fallen. Only raspy words could be heeded crawling from her as ever exhausted voice; another reminder, but this one of a pact. "Unto Victory or Death." Her weapon was forever unbound to a wall, for her duty, could never be halted
  5. Username & Discord: Fooldude#7120 Skin: Sunset Robes Bid: 8
  6. Ah, that's why I couldn’t properly use my images well. It was ******* pain Fix the formatting and the forums plz. The formatting on the forum didn't use to be this bad
  7. (Dhavrak Spirit Of Life's Truth and Conquered Knowledge [Under Ixili]) ╔══ஓ๑ׂׂׂׂૢ๑ஓ══╗ The Student and the Teacher finally ascended into the spirit realm to begin their journey and for the student to explore the vast realm of spirits. Albeit, the realm chosen was the betrayer's but as soon as they were thrown into the previously stated realm, they could only see a broad library, lacking a real entity. However, in advance, the student and teacher knew the truth behind this lack of entity! Even so, they continued to pursue this final trial and connection regardless of what happened. Their exploration showed how vast and grand the realm and the world around them were, but alas, nothing could be found, until they appeared in front of a large door. A whisper called for them behind this wooden wall; the teacher stepped back, letting the student take a step forward to follow her fate. The door led into a wider path where a battered and ruined castle stood. A large door still stood before them. They walked through it to explore the castle. It resembled Ixli's realm but instead of a library, it was castle ruins. As they walked, they heard a large beast grumbling, and eventually. The student faced an entity she'd never witnessed before; A tall and humanoid Myrzym clad in battered armor that displayed in plain sight several carvings that told about many tales and untold knowledge of yore. From the gaps in the armor, ink poured out like blood crawling from. While the student took the mantle of the situation to talk with the spirit while the teacher translated. It was clear that both the spirit of life's truth and the student had something in common; their determination to conquer knowledge. Only a certain question was carved into the student's mind, rendering her thoughtful. "lat knows lat will be hated for peepin fuh such agh will lose da peepul lat care fuh?" For a moment, the student was doubtful but then accepted the consequences. A test was issued. The student bestowed the spirit knowledge of the betrayer, the red prince, the conflict with Lord Vlos, and what's happening throughout the world. The teacher was confused beyond imagination. Astonished, the spirit erupted in glory. Ready to see where the student's decision brings them both. A pact was forged for someone whose knowledge and wrath were unbound. Only time will tell if it was worth it to risk her life and freedom through this bond. ╚══ஓ๑ׂׂׂׂૢ๑ஓ══╝
  8. lemonke


  9. A Elder who had been planning many things with the prince awaited for his return. She was ready to create a home, to give purpose unto the lonely prince and her family; together standing against those of stagnation. Alas, her plans were changed. No planned how many times she would contact the prince, she could not yet feel his presence. How could a immortal being disappear in such manner? Did he die? Impossible. Only a new purpose in mind grew. To find the prince and seek answers through remaining in the illusion of her own self-lie.
  10. "Interesting." Said a elder, reading the missive. She'd collect it for future reference.
  11. Follow your dreams and do whatever you want and gives you enjoyement. It doesn't matter if there are other similar things, as long as it has your vision in it. People "warning" him while he wants to do his own stuff are cringe. It's a mineman server, a game.
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