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  1. I will give it a read! I will wait a lil bit to see If anyone else would offer something. Thank you regardless!
  2. I have already a lot to do with my main character and my second ones are an automaton and Zar'ei. Yet, these two aforementioned characters hadn't given me enjoyment like my one. I have gotten into a mood for a Viking-esque character but at the same I would accept to be in most any community with this theme and I'm open for suggestions; my discord is Fooldude#7120 If you have any offering or ideas, no matter what It is. Let me know!
  3. Somewhere, a Ranaleth will miss Illarion...
  4. MC Name: Djdolin Discord: Fooldude#7120 Image: Description of Image: an artistic representation of Ava Ranaleth, the royal advisor of Celia'nor to place it in exposure within the halls of the palace. Dimensions: 2 tall one wide EDIT: There's a problem with a link and Idk what's it. I can send the art on discord, If needed
  6. Powerful post. There's always room for me to learn more, thank you!
  7. Ava felt a disturbance somewhere. She wondered where Mary did go...
  8. Ava, a blood mage and seer who is 500 years old or something like that; she is an astralogist and poet. She's your classic charmful and altruistic leader with strict believes of freedom(she is a sort of anarchic) and sometimes she gives too much trust. She used to be extremely evil and connected to the naztherak but nowadays she is a sort of moon worshipper who prefer spreading good in her twisted way. There’s more but it should be enough
  9. What is your name: Ava Ranaleth, Of The Astral Storm What is your age: Ancient What is your race: Elf Where do you reside: celianor What powers do you have to fight against this great evil: I have a very big hammer and enough charm. What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words: Be yourself and Never kneel.
  10. Ava will be sure to challenge Remy and test their might...
  11. Good points. I usually start things around whenever there's nothing but sometimes my attempt to do rp or offer cool interaction is ignored or being memed upon and It is really annoying. I wouldn’t blame other people if they feared or didn't know how to "create rp" to avoid facing these things because it's very frustrating.
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