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  1. I never found an issue with plate armor itself, as it can be easily countered. I found more issues with people with orc/olog strength or a weird mix of magic and ST weapons altogether with some CA. Or heck, even magic being cast on horses by a huge group of people who kait and were unable to be stopped, those are very overwhelming issues(the latter is a old thing I've seen myself).However, plate armor might be overwhelming if worn by very strong-type characters(I.E. such as orcs or ologs), but overall, it's easily manageable, unlike certain things and an easy tool for your common joe to defend themselves against lore stuff or powerful creatures, and so on. I won't hide; I've seen people powergaming it hard by making in a impossible fortress of steel to break, but an easy fix is to really specify what can damage it, how ranged weapons have an effect on it, and, to be honest, just punish those who powergame. It's going to be another HUGE problem to handle for everyone if plate armors are given mechanics or certain limitations, or heck, even sorts of 'stats' might bring more issues than fixing em. It's better to remain simple. That's my opinion at least.
  3. A normal Oyasha woman remembered those friendly azdrazi! She will be sure to prepare more tea for them...
  4. What nation or group would be good enough for diplomacy roleplay? I know most of this stuff is pre-planned OOC, but I wanted to do some politician type stuff IN CHARACTER, even if it's not as important. I'm not a fan of military things, though!!


    For context, I have a character who prefers speeches than outright being violent and I'm struggling to find anything worthwhile with him!

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    2. lemonke


      Will contact y'all soon!

    3. Onnensr


      I've been trying to find the answer to this question for over a year now. I did political rp exclusively for years before LoTC but.. it's a different animal.

    4. Hunnic


      Probably small nations tbh. Big nations have established OOC links & just sit in vcs

  5. The pale and horned holy templar was surprised by such notice! She started to wonder if she was a dark creature herself. "THANA! FETCH ME SOME SALT! I AM AN EVIL DARK HAG NOW!" She screamed for her cursed naztherak pupil. They needed to deal with this right now! @Heart_Spam
  6. lemonke

    The Cursed

    I'll have to tell you that the archetype of a tielfling paladin or cleric has been there prior to Baldur's Gate 3. Karlach has nothing to do with what people would like to do. Making "those" entities edge towards being evil due to discrimination doesn't really offer more roleplay other than pushing the theme into one niche that someone else wants; it offers a straight and direct line. One narrative, and that's all. You could say there are other ways to approach it, but we know these "different" ways are just small flavors and doesn't change a lot. Giving more RP opportunities would be a chance for the "devil" to actually prove on a soul-level that there is redemption, giving them a choice that can end up even in failure, but at least there was an attempt; at least it wasn't a red-line on a post blocking them; they failed and must live up to this. Forcing people on a path because you think it's right does not offer "more roleplay." It just tires out people who play x thing, as we've seen so many times. No one has talked about being "a cute tielfling" without consequences. There are already enough consequences, as they are of little to no benefit. They are literally just normal people with mutations, and now their roleplay is being limited to only a few places for the recent happenings with some nations alraedy being so difficult to get involved with a normal character. Hence, forcing them to go through the average dark mage mentality is not helping. Which again, it's an "IC-ISSUE" but it is to consider nonetheless. Reasons can be easily made for some gods to accept them regardless of their behavior (I may have mentioned some in my post). Lore should be something fun to interact with, not some barrier behind a wall of text that must remain stagnant. Lore can change if the people behind it want to. We've seen so many times how certain redlines or lore pieces are properly ignored for fun in certain circustamances, whilst being given a good reason of course. I do not see the problem if a cursed child has not interacted with spooky stuff, shown their worth, and so on... been given an opportunity. Heck, even removing their curse through a divine connection could be worthwhile. In the end, these cursed children are not a programmed NPC for someone to control to follow a precise route. Obviously, I'm talking about those born with it. Not those turned into one. All in all, I do understand what you're saying, but I realized that in the end, I'm just playing Minecraft roleplay, and all I want to do is have fun rather than build strict paths for other people. I used to criticize others a lot for what they do and their RP, if they didn't follow the norm (while I myself was extremely bad roleplayer in the past), but then I asked myself; why do I care if they don't harm anybody, and isn't anything crazy that breaks the aesthetic of the server? Perhaps, I simply don't see what's up in the background and the bigger picture. So, I could be wrong or I could be right, I don't know. I'm just a small brain dude. This is a genuine question since I've been given a odd response. Why don't spirits or aspects care? Since the cursed child's soul is tained and claimed by another entity? What is your view on that? (I apologize for the whole yapping of text.)
  7. lemonke

    The Cursed

    Firstly and foremost, I would like to say that only in LOTC you have things like tieflings being utterly complicated for some reason. This way of making things isn’t always fun, especially if you put in some restrictions that don't add layers, just walls. If x god is like that, it isn't because the god chose it. If x god does y, it isn’t a decision of its own, but the people behind it. Also, if the cursed children's marks get removed through a divine connection, I don't know why some gods wouldn’t take advantage of it. It’s a way to cuck Ixli. After all, if they are connected to a deity magic, after their death the mark of Ixli does indeed get removed. Hence, the x god's domain claims it, no? Secondly, you can say, MUUH, IT'S A CONSEQUENCE OF BEING A CURSED CHILD. However, you are simply a normal dude with mutations without things in-between, and you may still learn druidism and shamanism, but they aren’t the same. I don't understand why only templarism was taken down, though. This is a fantasy server; it's not unusual that people want to play Paladins Tieflings, or similar things lmao. Okay, magic doesn't define our characters as per usual, but these magics are goals, and again, this is a fantasy server. Don't be surprised if people want magic for their characters or some more common archetypes that only LOTC is against. Furthermore, this lore has been around here for a while, and for months I have been planning things with another person's character (who is a cursed child) to make them become a templar and step away from dark stuff. Now, all these months of progress have been thrown into the bin by one simple red-line, which I and this person found out through a discussion in a private discord, and now our IC stuff is just "I cannot do that." Magic may not be what defines a character, but it could be the final journey for someone since all this server has to really offer is either magic or nation RP. Sure, you can say whatever consequences you want, but this Redline wasn't here before, and again, these dudes aren't demons or have incredible powers. Plus, I can say that ST should actually let people choose rather than enforcing tiny things, such as the curse getting removed if they get connected to precise magic and the like. The implented redline doesn't really add to anything, it only furthers the narrative that these tieflings should be all evil and away from holy-esque magic rather than giving them an opportunity to show they are worthy of a holy blessing. It could've been something more dynamic, such as the tiefling proving their worth to x god or something. Something that drives them further into that path and gives character development, because these lore pieces should be pushing the character on a path of development and not being another target to kill IC because they have horns. These are my 2 cents. That red line is just limiting. You have such a FA with little to no advantages, impossible to cure (when it should have a cure), that’s barred to the most common of fantasy (dnd) archetypes.
  8. "WHY IS MY PUPIL ON THE LIST, RAAAGH!" Screamed did a elderly templar woman in her manor as she fell from her chair like a fool.
  9. "How dare THEY call my grandiose lord, a bandit?! We shall respond to this istantly Minas-Sama!" The hag-like Oyashiman ferociously waves her hands, she was utterly shocked by this claim! Soon after, she ventured to look out for her teacher. "My evil masterplan shall begin. I will steal all of their housepets or something." (Good post btw! I am on the phone, so I apologize for the format).
  10. "Paladins..." A soldier of Amathine and templar mumbled beneath her breath. "Lizard people..." She continued to grumble like a old woman inside her manor.
  11. A certain Oyashiman whose gaunted and horrific body dwelled away from civilization crept a smile. Wherever she was, she knew that her teacher, Minas-sama would ascend and show them all how they were mistaken. Alas, it was not her time to witness his unholy glory. Not yet.
  12. "Church people don't want us to be happy?!" Ava commented, not quite knowing the true meaning of the word for she thought it merely meant happy, or rather, another word that meant happy. Alas, she was a old-head and knew not of such meanings! Regardless, she cared naught of whatever happened around. She'd continue to be happy with her not!fiancée.
  13. "HAUS! WHAT!?!" Said Ava Ranaleth, very surprised. "Wait no, perhaps I should not trust the rumors and letters of some strangers." Quickly did she change her mind but with her focus landing upon the fact someone had made public knowledge some tactics. For sure, a certain darkspawn will be enjoying this.
  14. An Elder known as Ava Ranaleth who thought briefly about Lanre's regard, smiled. He was a free-spirit who did whatever he wanted to achieve his goals and protect his people, no matter the sacrifice or if he were to look evil. That's something she respected, he was the only Cerusil she did not see as futile. Alas, with his departure(if rumors were true), she had lost a possible rival or a worthy fighter to challenge one day, that brought her sadness. "Stand proud, Lanre Cerusil. You were strong."
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