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  1. I remembered an idea that @Benlefttold me and I thought to bring it here; The 3 tier instead of waiting 6 hours- they could be able to one genus to cast their ability (the major mutation one) to show off more their blood mage theme and the like; their mastery of blood arts, that's it. I think it could be a cool addition without using an ooc timer for such ability while giving more room for the blood aesthetic!
  2. "Are you feeling alright? Why are you laughing by yourself?" Another dark spawn asked in concern for her fellow comrade. She was worried about their mental health.
  3. This is actually beyond decent. I thought it would have been another "wait x ooc months before being able to do anything" kind of stuff but instead I was surprised. Shouldn't have doubted you, good job! 1+
  4. As I stated above, this "post" Isn't for me, I simply don't like the situation of the siliti as whole and how they live freerent in people's mind(I have a lot of side characters and whenever it would happen, i'm covered). I do appreciate your commet as loreholder and some of the people who plays and played Siliti up there. I do understand about the cooperation thing but in my opinion how they stand both in balance and what they can do, one month is a lil too much. Mind so that Lotc is a game regardless of whatever deep and poetic-like point of view people might have or say; sometimes things(Always on my pov) need to be lowered down as in there are many things that are too- hardcore around this server, and especially people's mindset. I would have done more if I had a chance in my position and I wanted to try it out. I'm sure my life wont change if it gets denied and through the post I already gathered some ideas and the like. I shall see to ask it to be denied to respect your idea of it. I hope I was clear enough but I really appreciate that you commented here, Zar. I'm gathering ideas in general and as I said this is an attempt. Once I return from england- I'll talk with you beforehand and laid down ideas. Since you are one of the lore holders, feel free to dm me on discord for any concern you might have and if you want to hear the idea I built around the things people suggested here, I would be happy to oblige.
  5. Do check the second opinion in the CD, which does change only one. I hope I was clear with that- I apologize. It is one week in the second one proposed, which seeing it now is way better! Peak human strength here is not that amazing but is better than nothing and tbh they don’t have a lot of murderhobos stuff. Good enough, Zar added a lot of stuff that invite you not to kill anyone, nor you'd get advantaged through killing(thank god zar exists). Even about rites, I feel like there could be more but it is all a bit uhh... lowered down? I don't know what happened in the past of siliti but that might be it. I know it isn’t a combat rp stuff but high reward high risk, yk? However, I hear your last bit. You have my discord, feel free to tell me about your abilities you'd like to see changed and whatnot. I'll be happy to hear!
  6. I talked with tentoa about it. I didn't mention anything about the coffin by the way and the regeneration itself is fine but not really the outstanding part of the lore. As I said, I'll see how this plays out. I do see a lot of people talking as if it would get accepted 100% but nonetheless, there's no character develop in waiting for a month and I don't know why Siliti are the only ones to uphold this standard. I gave my other stuff to Tentoa and we came to a conclusion, feel free to talk with him or dm me on discord. I have repeated myself enough here and I'm pain. I do believe we have a different concept of OP because Siliti are nothing but op and I'm not writing this lore for my own benift- I have my means. I'm doing this also as an attempt.https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1008381657029545995/1065704609139654676/Screenshot_20230119_173336_Discord.jpg Mordu explains some thoughts of mine well. Yeah, I agree on both your takes- it is somewhat what I talked about with tentoa. CD should scale with strength but this 'theme' is not quite uphold through CAs. I would be fine about a long CD if they were a menace. In that case, there should be more work on the spells side of the CA which once I return back home in a few weeks- Imma get help from zar, tentoa and whoever else is leading the covens. See this as an initial attempt. I really wouldn’t care if it'd get denied, like I said.
  7. Stupid death as in not they do something stupid. What if a group of human rpers(the stupid type) ganks you out of nowhere or the random aurum testing? You might forget what people are capable to do here. We both were forced under similar situations and especially for being 'spooks'. I'm fixing what I can here and slowly, once I return home I got plans in general, not just about Lore but it isn’t the place talking about it, yeah? I would focus on the numerous problems once I can and once I see there's a chance for them. Again, this is not my job- so in the end I do what I want and I write whatever goes in my mind that could improve something. In this regard I fix what I like- you dont see such a clause of one month if a wight, ghost, or eidola get killed through gold or other means that would make sense for their lore. I do think this is the wrong lore sections to go too in deep with this lmao, take it like Rukio's lore bm stuff that got accepted but it's a more life of quality change. Idk why Siliti need to be the only ones receveing this treatment
  8. I don't believe there are only creatures and stuff with fire abilities+ the other deaths mentioned, I gave small examples of situation which would lead to that and often is not you who make a stupid move but people forcing you their narrative through other means. Again, one number is not a huge deal, otherwise someone ought to fix all CaS without rituals or such things that are more of a problem in fights etc... How necromancers do is comfortable and in reality that's the one which is most "lazy"(For the record, I prefer that one tbh. I dont mean to say anything bad with lazy) and if someone would sense the death of a fellow Siliti and simply do one man or two men etc .. ritual after 30 min/their death, what's the point of the cds lol? It is basically the same thing put in a different way. I wrote a fix on what I thought was right, in my opinion. Whether it gets accepted or denied, we shall see. It's not my job but if the one number is "denied" I might try to write something to fix the ritual itself. Feel free do it yourself, if you think that's the thing that should be approached asap.
  9. Yes, they need a buff and this is would be the best way to approach it( i Edited this part to remark for now, I plan like I said in the other comments to do more with zar and co) for now. Please read the CDs, if the second one goes through- only one would be changed and one ooc month regardless of the lore excuse used is too much. One ooc week, however, is a better middle ground and would be similar to a CD of stronger CAs endgames such as WIGHTS etc... it's one year in character, anyways. If you think changing one number of an already overbalanced CA is a huge buff, then I don't know what to say. This is not a siliti problem but how things are written here. I'm not writting something to resolve a huge issue and I don't know if waiting one month promotes anything especially if you die by a stupid death. I changed one number with the second suggestion and one week is usually the time stamp of such CAs. I do think you might be overthinking it Jade.
  10. Because it isn’t working as intended and I'm not removing or loopholing it. The purpose is to make the CD less annoying and with the suggestion given above, I'm basically changing one high CD and that's it. Everything remains the same(Im talking IF it would be accepted). You should know what a real loophole/circumvent is. If I want to do such a thing, I would have written as if I wanted to remove things or the whole concept.
  11. Since many people, even in dms suggested that. I mase another Optional which does change only the monthly one!
  12. I regarded it in the post, yeah. It still doesn't work well and especially with how the community is built IC- it should not have high CDs like one month. I gave some examples, feel free to read the comments too and lmk what you think. It is a bit more complicated and the purpose of this- is also to find a middle ground. Edit: We should have more comfortable systems around these things- like frost witches, or well, Siliti- should have a better middle ground to make the CA less annoying and more fun. As I stated, there are stronger with less consequences.
  13. That's the huggest problem, yeah. I still feel like for what siliti offer- the other are too much too- since they are too common. I don't know how's the situation with fw but waiting games are something I personally dislike. Especially if they are needlessy complicated.
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