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  1. Call me Dj! And she's gonezo(luckily enough) but I'd advise you to roleplay with me to find out more
  2. I'm a very indecisive person. Therefore, I listen to many type of music minus trap! From Heavy metal and Jpop to the most classic like Beethoven and the like; it depends from my mood and what I'm doing tbh. But I've a soft spot for Jazz
  3. Can't help. I was mold by it, I was born like this
  4. I'm italian! We pay only with spaghetti and pizza here
  5. Quite a few AMAS are out and about. Therefore, I thought I'd make my own! After all, why not? However, I encourage you all to keep it civil and ask questions that don't involve others in an offensive manner, thank you!
  6. “When the weak court death they find it” -The Hierophant [x] Amongst the tumult of the unquiet battlefield, Ava's comrades and apprentice, Ranni, mounted a llama into battle and were preparing themselves physcally as well as mentally for the coming conflict, their hearts echoed out strength and courage, perhaps anger as well, because the orcs once dared to lack of respect and act wildly as a whole- she had reason to exact revenge. From this moment on, the commanders of Malinor ordered them to charge forward, and they did not hesitate. Small groups of xionist berserkers under the guidance of a ferrum woman would wound certain parts of the horde, so that each ally would be able to simply kill them! By choosing to give the pedestal to Mali'nor's army, they only acted as supportive squads for the elven ones. No matter whether they were chavaliers or infantry. Although the battle was rife with blood and cries, with the utmost steadiness of Malinor's commanders, the battle was won. While the horde were destroyed, the darkened plates of the xionists shone in a crimson hue of the sons and daughters of Krug with each swings that were claimed against their foes! Battlefiled bleats ceased in their loudness to be replaced by cries of joy between these xionists. The victory was seized at ease, so there was at least a moment of peace. Since the war was still ongoing, their leader would remain in the shadows forevermore, allowing those of Malinor to receive the glory. Those xionists though might not have been crucial to the army of the elves, at least they contributed to the aforementioned charge guided by the commanders of Malinor, giving volume and sheer numbers to push through!
  7. "Be Gay. Do crime. IGNORE THE LICENSE" Says a random figure.
  8. Do you regret joining LOTC? Purple or Pink???????????
  9. lov u

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  10. "Give man A truth and he will think for a day. Teach a man to reason and he will think for a life time." [OST] [!] Many vellums and papers of old and rusty appearance were flying across the many towns bearing crooked words and a handwriting that could be described as accursed and distorted. Perchance, It was done on purpose to give some depth on what bore the text. At least, It was plain and clear to a small extent. However, a sentence of sort written in the black language was carved at the end of each paper. "A shadowed flame; The symbol of Primeval Man, the chaotic banner of change and freedom which is however harnessed by those who uphold servitude and slavery, the henchmen of the Aengul who've stolen the flame of The Lord of Embers to wrought it into a brighter form; a facade of illusion and safety only to hide their contorted nature, their lowly attempt to copy perfection and liberty. They show off to be paladins of justice, slayers of the evil- blinding themselves into pride and stubbornness without releasing that the world surrounding them is soon to see their true colors, for what they truly stand for. For they don't realize that most mortal kind of this world seeks help in darkness, for the shadow of the Lord of Embers and view of xion is truth, is freedom, and is the real balance of this world. Heed my words, Heed my call and stand up for the falsity of the light. Help mortal kind to retake what was stolen and behold the age of Primeval Man. Be equal, be stronger. Furthermore, for those chained by the Aenguls, do take this as a memento, as a reminder that our great lord, the darkened flame shall always bestow upon you fatherly a chance of redemption. A possibility to gaze unto the truth and reason in order to find equilibrium in both." OOC:
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