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  1. "This, this has me inspired. It is a document worth reading that's for certain." Adrian Erik Colborn would note after he finished reading.
  2. What time and what place on LoTC did you guys enjoy the most?
  3. ELECTORAL SURVEY FOR THE PEOPLE OF HANSETI-RUSKA RESPECTED IS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE Written by Adrian Erik Colborn The city of Karosgrad in its bustle were men and women handing out papers for any who went along its streets. They offered a smile, even a warm drink and bread for any reader so they may find some respite from the cold weather and famine. At the bottom of the paper is attached a survey ready to be filled in so you may share your views with the writer. GOOGLE FORM (The Survey) https://forms.gle/GsbVjbnPBRVRHaFCA May
  4. "I prefer the word Haensetian or Haenseti, always made me giggle." Robert I says to Otto II as they converse peacefully about the doings of their descendants. @Pureimp10
  5. IGN: Julius55 Character Name: Adrian Erik Colborn Age: 20 Place of Residence / Street Address: Koenastriet II Position: Alderman
  6. DONATION TO THE CROWN By House Colborn We, your filial servants of House Colborn in service to the crown and as our ancient duties edict will with wholeheartedness, donate our resources and capabilities to the crown. In speaking to the Koeng’s most loyal retainer the Palatine Maric var Ruthern, we’ve been told to work with one Ser Brandt Barclay. We call upon you Ser Brandt to cooperate with us so that the goods may be delivered swiftly, in your trusted hands sit our efforts. It is our hopes that this donation will serve to hasten the construction of ‘the expansion’ as our Koe
  7. THE TREE RETURNS TO ITS ROOTS An Unexpected Journey & Return I At sea, the waves clamoured to strike against the bows of sturdy ships. The wind carried the fleet forward at a fast pace its force keeping the ships unsteady yet unbroken. Though it is nothing but the norm even the most seasoned of sailors hold but respect, perhaps even fear for the sea and its monstrous depths, each unrelenting wave a gruesome reminder of this truth. The largest of the ships at the center of the fleet stuck out like a sore thumb, on its deck sat cargo of varying size,
  8. @Luciloo might be worth pushing for some system where you can switch the improvement type as long as you already paid for it. To make it fair there could be some sort of cooldown on how often you can switch it. Just a thought but that could potentially help your situation. + There will probably be more people regretting their decisions later.
  9. "I think I know this guy." Says some random old high elf
  10. oh wow you still alive?

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      Ayy man, we should talk more in discord.

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      I don't have access to a PC, haven't had one for 6+ months. If you want to talk to me you'll have to add my temporary phone discord: Julius55#0077 


      I can't get onto my original discord since it has 2FA as a result of me activating it when I was a ST MANAGER. 🤣

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  11. @Junar you and the WT really outdid yourselves with the new map, it looks great. When I left 6 months ago you were going at it and things looked really promising. I'm really happy to see that the rest of the map kept that same quality going if not even better. Thanks for all the hard work my guy it's really appreciated.

    Edited by JuliusAakerlund
  12. @Lliry'all been making the schmooves while i've been gone, there's plenty of great progress being made. Keep it up, love what you guys have been doing.
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