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  1. JuliusAakerlund

    On Schism

    No one squinted his eyes terribly while honoring House One, No took great care to try and find out if Bottle was somehow Coltaine. Truly he missed the old man and hoped secretly he was still alive. . . .
  2. JuliusAakerlund

    Boats in 7.0

    The money should go to the owners of the ships to pay their crew or docksmen. Money just being funneled into a random GM account does nothing for the economy, nor does it significantly add to roleplay.
  3. JuliusAakerlund

    The Pontifical Enthronement of 1693

    Eirik Colborn nods in agreement to his old friend.
  4. JuliusAakerlund

    Valkrae's Event Team Actor application

  5. JuliusAakerlund


  6. Racial spawns create the same bias for those that have racial spawns, you’d only succeed in replacing the unbalance with something that is also unbalanced. Edit: If there is a neutral ground that the race can agree on to hold as the racial spawn, then a racial spawn would be acceptable.
  7. JuliusAakerlund

    Nordengrad Imperialization Act

    Robert I Bihar signs while aiding his vassals in rebuilding their state.
  8. THE MARCH ON ARBERRANG 11th of the Sun’s Smile, 1690 An artist’s depiction of the valiant soldiers of St. Karl charging against Arberrangian forces. The snow fell unabashed by the heavens, fields once green covered by the heavy foliage. Homes warmed by firewood and their chimneys let out smoke in defiance of the bitter cold. Markev stood stalwart and its people did not fear the ever-changing climate, amongst its bustling streets soldiery gathered, shields, swords and horses prepared for an assault. The pyres flames crackled and the light cast shadows amongst the passing figures, at the square podium stood Robert I Bihar of Hanseti-Ruska. To his left stood Lord Marshal Henrik Kovachev, resolute and poised. While the men below eyed them, foggy breaths came out through their mouths during the silence. Taking a step forward with his wolf cloak following behind, Robert eyed his men as they awaited his word. “We’ve always been a people to uphold our promises,” The King spoke firmly as his voice echoed across the Red City. “To treat others with the respect they show us...” His words were followed by a short silence, eyes growing ever firmer and lips twisted in slight agitation. “But to those who pay us back with disrespect, to those whom would plan against us. To those of Arberrang, we will pay back a hundredfold for what they are due. They spit upon us, and did not heed our warnings, come not when summoned, hide demons amongst their midst and collude with our enemies. . .” Lips twisting further, it was clear Robert had, had enough. His words were now spoken most passionately “It is unforgivable, it was only their mistake to believe I would be indecisive. It is this mistake which will cost them most direly and it is this mistake which they will forever regret.” Putting his hands behind his back, Robert turned his head to look leftward and then rightward after having concluded his speech. The first to walk forward was the Lord Marshal Henrik Kovachev, beside the King he began to speak whilst not holding back in the slightest. “They’ve cracked our trust, these oathbreakers. They renounced God in favour of their pagan ways, worshipping false gods. We shan’t wait till more Haensetian blood is spilled by their blade. Soon we march on Arberrang, countrymen. And we will prevail over these vermin.” As the Lord Marshal stepped aside Robert clapped his hands together crisply, striking twice they came to a halt. “Today we march on Arberrang, today we take back what is ours, today we go to WAR!” Robert shouted out while drawing his sword. With that the warmachine began moving, trebuchets carted across the river Czena, rams and food for the men. The army traveled atop Karl’s Hill and past Sigmar’s Cradle, through the lands of Vanaheim before finally setting themselves up before the gates of Arberrang. CBs: Rebellion, Betrayal Side A: The Empire of Man and Allies Side B: Arberrang and Allies. Actual Time & Date: Sunday 25th of November, 4 p.m. EST. Proposed Rules: Regular Server Rules. Location: (War Camp Location in Red) https://i.gyazo.com/ee6c29002c05cd8f71bbf98a97f13b8b.png (Arberrang in Yellow) Discord: JuliusAakerlund#0658, Ricky#6002
  9. JuliusAakerlund

    A Missive to the Children of Malin

    “An Interesting development, but not all that surprising.” Robert mused while sitting within the confines of the Krepost.
  10. JuliusAakerlund

    Writ of Indulgence

    “Deus Magnus” Chanted Robert from the Krepost in Haense.
  11. JuliusAakerlund

    Union of The Dragon and Crow, 1688

    “T’is a joyous announcement, I hope the wedding goes as you hope and i’ll make certain to try and make an appearance shouldn’t something hinder me.” Robert said in turn to his aunt Analiese as she personally delievered the news to him.
  12. JuliusAakerlund

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    No, instead we should all be put into spectator mode and any physical objects should not be approached by mortals. We must sit from a distance and only savour the beauty with our eyes, but never corrupt it with our vile touch.
  13. JuliusAakerlund

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    The King of Haense approves of and officially joins the Charter Gang
  14. No clue why this was posted in a group forum, but either way as one of the people that knew Nexus very intricately before its removal. I would be more than interested in helping the server create a system beneficial to all and ushering forth a more stable economy. JuliusAakerlund#0658
  15. JuliusAakerlund

    [Denied][W] EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    *Inhales sharply* +1