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  1. JuliusAakerlund

    Raid Rules Update

    I mean we pointed out the fact that it made no sense to the GM's present the other 20+ times it happened and yet we were told it was completely acceptable. I think if anything then there is a difference in your understanding of what is right and the GM's understanding of what is right. It might be best to make a rule for it seeing as right now the Haense raids usually but not always amount to *Swings Sword at [Insert name]* (LOOC: PvP! Tell me when you're ready for countdown xD).
  2. JuliusAakerlund

    In with the New

    You put in an extreme amount of work, you always wanted the best for LoTC. There has been many times where your idea of what is best for LoTC did not add up with mine, I disagreed with you a lot on many things. It however doesn't really matter in the grand scope of things, you did a lot of good for the server. Were there moments where you made small or big mistakes? Of course, but that's only human and any differences we have in personality or ideals is what makes us who we are. I wish you the best of Luck o7
  3. JuliusAakerlund

    [I] Sky's GM App

    Why are you doing this to yourself +1
  4. JuliusAakerlund

    Meeting of Minds

    "The Haensemen will be present, we are not blind to the worldly state. I will bring with me my closest advisors." Matthew made quick a letter to find its way to the dwed.
  5. JuliusAakerlund

    Returning after 3 years

    Welcome back
  6. JuliusAakerlund

    [Denied][I] 6xdestroyer's Game Moderator Application

    Worth a try. +1
  7. JuliusAakerlund

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    Sorry, but sacrifices have to be made. Past: Carr Colborn Present: Matthew Colborn I don't have one favourite though I can mention quite a few of note : ). "The Lord of the Rings", "Spirited Away", "Slumdog Millionaire", "Life of Pi", "Source Code", "Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger", "Kingdom of Heaven", "Arn the knight templar", "Inception", "Gladiator", "Letters From Iwo Jima", "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter". I overall believe that organic roleplay is an important staple, all my characters have a tendency to change slowly but steadily over time. It all really depends on what things happen to them and inspires said change to happen. I think people also need to be more open to the idea of creating roleplay, it is important to make sure your character to some extent fits into a category that let's you interact with others on a steady basis. There are a lot of things that can be done to enchance roleplay, I think one of the greatest mistakes people make is abandoning their characters if they aren't having "fun". If you don't invest time into your character and lead them through good times and bad times, then you'll never really enjoy your characters - your characters just like you aren't always happy nor always experiences excitement. If people have an average of 5 hours they can spend on LoTC a day in a summer, then if they keep giving up on their characters until they have 4 characters. They will only end up spending either most of their time on one of them (making the other ones redundant), or dividing their time on the characters which doesn't give them enough time to develop their characters at all. I can say for certain that when i'm looking back at my characters, the reason I feel nostalgia and happiness at what they accomplish. The reason for why I remember each thing that went down so fondly, is because there were bumpy hills and mountains to climb. If it would had all just been smooth sailing i'd overall probably not though of it with that much interest, it's the same thing in real life. We as human beings need obstacles in our way to overcome, if we don't have them we feel as though we have no purpose. I believe if anything, ironically enough the fact that people strive to create constant "excitement" and "cool experiences" for their characters, are more than likely the main reason why said characters get boring. If it isn't that then it's because the goal they have can't be overcome, there literally is no one that has 24/7 hours of excitement on LoTC. I think people should instead use the bad things to create good things, I think a good example of recent is how my character got bedridden. In a lot of ways you would assume sitting around in a bed all day is boring as hell, yet I just told people to come RP with me. There was up and downs, bad things happened and good things happened. I would say overall though that being bedridden was probably the highlight of this month, that isn't because my month was uneventful but rather because so much development took place in the RP related to it. I think roleplay just like real life will surprise people, you can't always get what you expect from the common excitements. I for one usually find a night in the tavern extremely boring, yet if you pull in a few of your characters IRP friends my opinion changes. It is the experiences, the ups and downs we've had together as people that makes us enjoy life. If you want to enjoy your character you need to be prepared to face those problems, or atleast have goals that needs to be overcomed. I think that would be my overall best advice, give yourself goals and use the journey to your advantage and as a whetstone to sharpen your experience.
  8. JuliusAakerlund

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    Shamefully enough I wrote up this massive thing for you yesterday and then it seemed to never post itself on the forums. I'll do some TL:DR of what I remember. @IncompliantLore The Community of Haense is my favourite part hands down, as for IRP aspects I love the sense of "Fighting against the elements" and being on the "Frontier" that Haense offers. It has also for a long time been the area that often has a lot of events that threaten or have impact on the LoTC map at large in it. There has been times where these trends have been shared with others, but overall I much prefer Haense approach. "Slavic woman's farewell" I personally prefer the Scandinavian Rendition, I suppose the Swedish one is specifically stellar. There are always things that can be fixed in any nation/community, when it comes to immediate matters then there has been a shortage of houses inside the walls of Markev for two days now. This is a problem we seek to rectify, but at large we ask for peoples patience in the matter. We are usually rather quick in solving problems and kinks in Haense, currently one of our few issues is the inactivity of the tavern. It isn't entirely inactive, but not active enough for our tastes and so solving this will aide the citizenry. Yesterday was great and a lot of things were accomplished, it was an overall productive day with a lot of laughs and scares to my own dismay. (I blame @TorkoalTom) It has been quite tiring to some extent, it seems Global Warming is starting to hit Scandinavia really hard and the rest of the world as well. I for one have never experienced a single summer with 32 degrees celsius in Sweden. We would joke about how 22+ degrees for more than three days was a rare summer, here we are today and every day is atleast 28+ for months on end. Hans Christian Andersen, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Peter Freuchen, my grandpa, grandma and mother -- these have been the greatest influences in my life.
  9. JuliusAakerlund

    Lotc Patreon

    As long as it doesn't get bogged down by crazy reward ideas, I personally would be fine with just having the Patreon donations building up towards the VIP tiers. So if someone donates 5$ ea/month if they eventually have spent 100$ then they get said VIP perk. It only makes sense tbh.
  10. JuliusAakerlund

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    Joining the GM team was your first mistake.
  11. JuliusAakerlund

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    Man they may have similar ideas, but at the same time they have their own charm. I love both universes in their own right and I was a huge Stargate/Star wars/ Star Trek fanboy. I would say that overall Star Trek had better content, at the same time though it was a lot more extensive. It had periods where I was bored out of my mind and many episodes that just made me want to go to sleep. Return of the Jedi Star Trek - Nemesis I didn't really watch the other movies else than the recent two, I was much more interested in the TV series.
  12. JuliusAakerlund

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    NOT I have many, in honesty though I think my most ancient cherished moment on the server was as an Archeologist on my High Elf. I ended up finding an ancient necromancers artifact and had the opportunity to release an apparition, my character decided against it. I found so many things and inadvertedly changed some history or had an impact on it. In recent history my most cherished memories are in the current Kingdom of Haense, though most recently i'm liking how Matthew is evolving as a character. I have seen him grow in so many ways and now that he is getting older, it's getting very interesting to see how all his actions brought him where he is. There's a lot of people I miss from the old days @Mythosaur @Sanguine415 @chuckhale @tobad34 @sadie @dave @Magicpastry @Starry •ε• @Diamond_Sky @Flapman @theflyingpen @maxgemini @xickenwing761 and countless others. As much as I know you know my answer to this question, i'll humour you. I have a tendency to interupt people by habit. When I was younger it was really bad and over the years i've gotten better, sometimes though I do it a lot more than usual. I mean nothing bad by it, but sadly enough it just happens naturally. If possible i'd like to remove this habit entirely. That depends entirely on how often you get me bedridden IRP.
  13. JuliusAakerlund

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    Your comment isn't original enough to be answered ❤️
  14. JuliusAakerlund

    First and only AMA 300 posts

    @TorkoalTom made one of these, I have never taken an interest even with my old forum account. I suppose this is a rare opportunity and hopefully we trump @TorkoalTom's AMA
  15. JuliusAakerlund

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]