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  1. @Knightie with Telanir’s new rules we are limited in how many people are allowed on the team as a whole. The people who are currently under review and interview are of course going to be given a chance. We would, however, had liked to recruit more of them than we’re allowed to.
  2. Three people who no matter what disagreements i’ve had with any of them; did tons for LoTC. I hope y’all find yourselves with a happy and succesful life.
  3. @Telanir They are talking about this
  4. “Suppose i’ll have to get something ready for it.” Muttered Corvac Aldin after finding out.
  5. “This heavily makes something hard poke in my pants.” Said Josef from the seven skies.
  6. Lareh’thilln (Silver Mountain) [X] Lareh’leyu (Beautiful Mountain) [ ] Lareh’siol (Lonely Mountain) [ ] Fi’astoré (New Astoré) [ ]
  7. Robert welcomed his beloved relative into the seven skies, for in the heavens all were but men before the might of GOD. “You had the tenacity to outlive many, may your afterlife be for your resolve to finally rest.”
  8. ALDIN INDER'INDEAL History The Birth of the Mali’thilln | Establishment of Elcihi’thilln Bygone were the days of Malin, no more were the times of united elveness. Larihei lead the Thilln to their inevitable future, destined was the creation of Haelun’or; motherland now and forever. With her that of the more historically highlighted were gathered, Sullas, Thar, Acal’aelor and the now ‘ata Izalith. Yet in the background were characters of less renown, people moved by maehr’sae hiylun’ehya; for not all had interest in fleeting power -- or direct influence in society and its many facets. These very many a mali, but for the context of this account one need only focus upon one; Finris Haterin. While others in their past forms had focused on the wisdoms of Malin, frolicked and upon the world bore children; this man was only lead by one singular charge. The unraveling of The Cataclysm, of which an eternal void had left in everyone's minds. His was not a Talonni for he was alone, his generation the first of the Mali; only humbled by Malin. While many thought of him an eccentric, his passion in pursuit of truth; wisdom and knowledge -- that which even the elves had forgotten never wavered. Upon a visit to Larihei’s library in search of further material, even the maiden herself had him acknowledged; these were mere remarks -- yet to the eccentric anything can heed their loyalties. In time while Malin still ruled he searched ruins, battlefields and any remnants that existed. In them based upon observation, logical foresight, record and undeniable fact -- conclusions drew hypothesis and they in turn theory. This itself birthed a profession, one still to this day unacknowledged by most; bringing little regard from the circles of the wise. The science known as Archaeology was from his eccentrics born, yet his patience and knowledge was not to be scoffed at. Today we his Talonni call it inder’indeal, for history is a book with no end -- as eternal is our charge. With frequent visits his physical state had changed, his eyes a deepened azure; though his hair still remained darkened they grew brighter. His locks taking on the now recognizable grey, for in this era long since passed; very few had the fair white of Larihei. Though his patience deepend with each bath, so did his eccentric mannerisms. When Malin’s old woods were to be lost to the now Thilln, he was slow to move -- projects unfinished. Hypothesis yet to turn to theory, his work and all that which he had grown accustomed; for the common Thilln had much more to lose. In these times not all had influence of which to gather strength from, stability to keep one's two feet firm. Yet dragged by a few thoughtful he was not left behind, to become a victim of rising tensions. Though a kind gesture Finris would describe it as anything but, yet I argue this thought highly illogical -- perhaps the onset rambles of our accursed aged insanity. But there he was when the city rose its lofty spires, where maehr’sae hiylun’ehya had found at last a home. The Schism | ‘Ata Lomal The Accursed Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years it was in such the pursuit of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya; was tarnished by the first ‘ata. In pursuit of progress he had forgotten health, though by the ramblings of Finris the boy was nothing but too prideful. His words were more accurately portrayed by profanities unbefitting of Thilln. It should then be clear that were it not for fates mechanisms, this ‘ata and his exile; induced by the bereft of the lives of two old. Then our fair people might still have in their midst the maiden of which our fairness stems from. This ‘ata, Lomal now known as “The Accursed” had no respect for his kind; unable to tell the difference between disagreement and distaste. But in this time most historical, Finris had little involvement. It was to him a time of studying and perfecting of his newfound profession, mastering his art. In elcihi he lived in its farthest flung corner, far away from where the divide formed; as walls were raised he find only further sanctity in his library -- his passionate projects. Unbeknownst to him was the corruption of the ‘ata and the spreading influence of the Daemon Tayl. Though by his own accounts he wasn’t “unaware” but rather too busy progressing the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya -- to spend time on such “civilities”. He seems to personally feel the ‘ata rude for intruding on his studies, of which I told him was a childish notion; only to further be admonished. While my personal mindful thoughts seem more clear, one cannot tamper with the eccentric; extending only the belief that my maln left the land -- begrudgingly only not to die. Had he perhaps not been a man of his craft, it would not have surprised me if he would had remained as one of the Vihai. I suppose I have this fact to thank for my own existence, for such is fate -- weaved as though with intention yet not. The New Beginnings | Aegis Once More Through the portal half were unaccounted and equally so was Larihei, even the staunchest puritan weeped; were it not for the eccentric few perhaps a flood might have formed. Though while the man that told me these facts has a flare for dramatics, I for one find it degrading. I wager that there were many reasons for emotional outburst. The families torn apart, those dead not to also mention the loss of our most beloved maiden -- fair and foresighted. Out of the few who had collected minds and emotions, this land was not unfamiliar; it was the land of Archaic Aegis. In its woods the mali born as well as their father Malin, his brothers influence still alive and remaining here. Yet even his kind was present, thus mali of all kinds found once more themselves in one and the same place. Their fates once again intertwined, like pieces on chessboard their journey laid out before them. The New Beginnings | Heritage Rediscovered While generations had passed and some had passed onto the great beyond, some had forgotten their origins; unlearned of Larihei’s truth of which our society is founded upon. The few who remembered were a minority or in the case of Finris, were too busy with their profession; their art. To them the thirst for knowledge side lining them from the sight of certain parents incapability in upbringing. However the course of times will would have this changed, for Aegis was not fated to last; its land sinking and the descendants long since left. In Asulon answers to age old questions were open for answers, Thilln ruins strewn throughout; their cultural heritage remained strong and bright. In their presence was the everlasting ideology of Larihei that of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. With the past rekindled, passions for sovereignty reaffirmed. The Thilln once again gathered in the Motherland -- in Haelun’or. It was in this place he would find his flame, one eccentric perhaps even more than himself; of the opposite gender and of which he would be wed. While history can confirm itself long past this point, so as well is that of my maln much longer than what is accounted for. I must cut short, for I intend to release instead a greater work -- more extensive and conclusive in a more appropriate place. Penned by Corvac Aldin Appearance and Traits Family Tree
  9. “I suppose he is atleast being semi-useful.” Corvac groaned as Farandil pestered upon him the news of Goan’s ambitions shortly after he awoke.
  10. The Light So Pure For Its Serenity Unlike Any “During the blossoming night sky, littered with stars and lights unknown; something trails from that which lies beyond.” In the far skies of Arcas a burning light and its tail trails down the ever-dark. The stars pale in their splendor and the vast black and blue, is brightened as though to repel the darkness. Its path cast from the far north to the far south, striking past Cloud Temple and Helena; before finally fizzling out above The Silver City. Unbeknownst to those not within the cities confines the very plateau quaked and shook, windows heaving a heavy rattle. As parents brought their children to whatever safety they could offer them, sillumir and brave elves gathered at the quakes source. There beneath the statue of Larihei a purple light began to crackle into existence, from its bosom two beaks puncture; with delight and anguish in grand contrast. As their wormlike forms and bodies which held many an eye came into view, they circled at the portal edge. The elves of many different a caste looked in awe and worry alike. With a strained stop the worms eyes came to a clear open, every single one small or large; tears of blood running from their greened sclera. From their beaky maws came an outburst of foreign language unknown to all present “Drak’thul” the entities cried in unison. Before questions could be raised, as though their stay had been overdue; wormy beaks and all drilled into the purple portal. Their wiggling tails the last thing seen before the gateway collapsed like sparks struck off an anvil. In their wake only a dark-purple rock was left, as though they hadn’t noticed it before. Credits to @puffyduck As the days go by many a magical phenomena takes place in The Silver City and once even in Llyria. The minds of citizens and visitors alike are infiltrated by emotions, heart beats, whimpers and for the most part a calm serenity and its humble tune. Many other oddities take place yet are kept from the public eye, those that visit the city hear the elves speak of a rock; it is quite obvious as never would an elf have been so excited over a mere stone. Many a mage visits the city and all that leave seem either excited or worried, but most clearly of all; drained and exhausted. As the weeks and months begin to pass, little over half a year; those with magics of any kind in Arcas feel their mind beckoned. It like a humble whisper within whispers, gentle warmth like that of a mother's touch; thoughts clearly not their own seeping in. It seems not invasive or aggressive, yet no matter by what means it cannot be stopped. The whisper grows clearer as one nears The Silver City, turning into a hum undecipherable yet ever-calming. “The Rock calls and so all must answer.”
  11. “Isn’t this guy a nazi?” Asked a totally serious helf.
  12. “It seems you valah are incapable of reading, seeing as I never claimed it unknown and infact quite the opposite. I believe my exact words were ‘Though I don’t speak the ancient language and very few do nowadays’. I suppose by definition the clergy of the church would be the ‘very few’ i’m refering to as well as private enthusiasts.”
  13. “I am neither valah nor does the common valah speak the language either, it seems rather you draw your own interpretation of my words meaning. Nor did I call the language unknown or forgotten, though it is quite obvious by your account that you’re not a man interested in the truth. But rather to obstinate over your own prideful beliefs, one simple trip could easily confirm my findings. Then again I suppose you valah have always been prone to assumption based on your emotionaly borne state. It is not lost on me that there are several speakers of Flexio, clearly as I asked for persons knowing in the language to contact me.”
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