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  1. “Suppose i’ll have to get something ready for it.” Muttered Corvac Aldin after finding out.
  2. “This heavily makes something hard poke in my pants.” Said Josef from the seven skies.
  3. Lareh’thilln (Silver Mountain) [X] Lareh’leyu (Beautiful Mountain) [ ] Lareh’siol (Lonely Mountain) [ ] Fi’astoré (New Astoré) [ ]
  4. Robert welcomed his beloved relative into the seven skies, for in the heavens all were but men before the might of GOD. “You had the tenacity to outlive many, may your afterlife be for your resolve to finally rest.”
  5. ALDIN INDER'INDEAL History The Birth of the Mali’thilln | Establishment of Elcihi’thilln Bygone were the days of Malin, no more were the times of united elveness. Larihei lead the Thilln to their inevitable future, destined was the creation of Haelun’or; motherland now and forever. With her that of the more historically highlighted were gathered, Sullas, Thar, Acal’aelor and the now ‘ata Izalith. Yet in the background were characters of less renown, people moved by maehr’sae hiylun’ehya; for not all had interest in fleeting power -- or direct influence in society and its many facets. These very many a mali, but for the context of this account one need only focus upon one; Finris Haterin. While others in their past forms had focused on the wisdoms of Malin, frolicked and upon the world bore children; this man was only lead by one singular charge. The unraveling of The Cataclysm, of which an eternal void had left in everyone's minds. His was not a Talonni for he was alone, his generation the first of the Mali; only humbled by Malin. While many thought of him an eccentric, his passion in pursuit of truth; wisdom and knowledge -- that which even the elves had forgotten never wavered. Upon a visit to Larihei’s library in search of further material, even the maiden herself had him acknowledged; these were mere remarks -- yet to the eccentric anything can heed their loyalties. In time while Malin still ruled he searched ruins, battlefields and any remnants that existed. In them based upon observation, logical foresight, record and undeniable fact -- conclusions drew hypothesis and they in turn theory. This itself birthed a profession, one still to this day unacknowledged by most; bringing little regard from the circles of the wise. The science known as Archaeology was from his eccentrics born, yet his patience and knowledge was not to be scoffed at. Today we his Talonni call it inder’indeal, for history is a book with no end -- as eternal is our charge. With frequent visits his physical state had changed, his eyes a deepened azure; though his hair still remained darkened they grew brighter. His locks taking on the now recognizable grey, for in this era long since passed; very few had the fair white of Larihei. Though his patience deepend with each bath, so did his eccentric mannerisms. When Malin’s old woods were to be lost to the now Thilln, he was slow to move -- projects unfinished. Hypothesis yet to turn to theory, his work and all that which he had grown accustomed; for the common Thilln had much more to lose. In these times not all had influence of which to gather strength from, stability to keep one's two feet firm. Yet dragged by a few thoughtful he was not left behind, to become a victim of rising tensions. Though a kind gesture Finris would describe it as anything but, yet I argue this thought highly illogical -- perhaps the onset rambles of our accursed aged insanity. But there he was when the city rose its lofty spires, where maehr’sae hiylun’ehya had found at last a home. The Schism | ‘Ata Lomal The Accursed Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years it was in such the pursuit of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya; was tarnished by the first ‘ata. In pursuit of progress he had forgotten health, though by the ramblings of Finris the boy was nothing but too prideful. His words were more accurately portrayed by profanities unbefitting of Thilln. It should then be clear that were it not for fates mechanisms, this ‘ata and his exile; induced by the bereft of the lives of two old. Then our fair people might still have in their midst the maiden of which our fairness stems from. This ‘ata, Lomal now known as “The Accursed” had no respect for his kind; unable to tell the difference between disagreement and distaste. But in this time most historical, Finris had little involvement. It was to him a time of studying and perfecting of his newfound profession, mastering his art. In elcihi he lived in its farthest flung corner, far away from where the divide formed; as walls were raised he find only further sanctity in his library -- his passionate projects. Unbeknownst to him was the corruption of the ‘ata and the spreading influence of the Daemon Tayl. Though by his own accounts he wasn’t “unaware” but rather too busy progressing the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya -- to spend time on such “civilities”. He seems to personally feel the ‘ata rude for intruding on his studies, of which I told him was a childish notion; only to further be admonished. While my personal mindful thoughts seem more clear, one cannot tamper with the eccentric; extending only the belief that my maln left the land -- begrudgingly only not to die. Had he perhaps not been a man of his craft, it would not have surprised me if he would had remained as one of the Vihai. I suppose I have this fact to thank for my own existence, for such is fate -- weaved as though with intention yet not. The New Beginnings | Aegis Once More Through the portal half were unaccounted and equally so was Larihei, even the staunchest puritan weeped; were it not for the eccentric few perhaps a flood might have formed. Though while the man that told me these facts has a flare for dramatics, I for one find it degrading. I wager that there were many reasons for emotional outburst. The families torn apart, those dead not to also mention the loss of our most beloved maiden -- fair and foresighted. Out of the few who had collected minds and emotions, this land was not unfamiliar; it was the land of Archaic Aegis. In its woods the mali born as well as their father Malin, his brothers influence still alive and remaining here. Yet even his kind was present, thus mali of all kinds found once more themselves in one and the same place. Their fates once again intertwined, like pieces on chessboard their journey laid out before them. The New Beginnings | Heritage Rediscovered While generations had passed and some had passed onto the great beyond, some had forgotten their origins; unlearned of Larihei’s truth of which our society is founded upon. The few who remembered were a minority or in the case of Finris, were too busy with their profession; their art. To them the thirst for knowledge side lining them from the sight of certain parents incapability in upbringing. However the course of times will would have this changed, for Aegis was not fated to last; its land sinking and the descendants long since left. In Asulon answers to age old questions were open for answers, Thilln ruins strewn throughout; their cultural heritage remained strong and bright. In their presence was the everlasting ideology of Larihei that of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. With the past rekindled, passions for sovereignty reaffirmed. The Thilln once again gathered in the Motherland -- in Haelun’or. It was in this place he would find his flame, one eccentric perhaps even more than himself; of the opposite gender and of which he would be wed. While history can confirm itself long past this point, so as well is that of my maln much longer than what is accounted for. I must cut short, for I intend to release instead a greater work -- more extensive and conclusive in a more appropriate place. Penned by Corvac Aldin Appearance and Traits Family Tree
  6. “I suppose he is atleast being semi-useful.” Corvac groaned as Farandil pestered upon him the news of Goan’s ambitions shortly after he awoke.
  7. The Light So Pure For Its Serenity Unlike Any “During the blossoming night sky, littered with stars and lights unknown; something trails from that which lies beyond.” In the far skies of Arcas a burning light and its tail trails down the ever-dark. The stars pale in their splendor and the vast black and blue, is brightened as though to repel the darkness. Its path cast from the far north to the far south, striking past Cloud Temple and Helena; before finally fizzling out above The Silver City. Unbeknownst to those not within the cities confines the very plateau quaked and shook, windows heaving a heavy rattle. As parents brought their children to whatever safety they could offer them, sillumir and brave elves gathered at the quakes source. There beneath the statue of Larihei a purple light began to crackle into existence, from its bosom two beaks puncture; with delight and anguish in grand contrast. As their wormlike forms and bodies which held many an eye came into view, they circled at the portal edge. The elves of many different a caste looked in awe and worry alike. With a strained stop the worms eyes came to a clear open, every single one small or large; tears of blood running from their greened sclera. From their beaky maws came an outburst of foreign language unknown to all present “Drak’thul” the entities cried in unison. Before questions could be raised, as though their stay had been overdue; wormy beaks and all drilled into the purple portal. Their wiggling tails the last thing seen before the gateway collapsed like sparks struck off an anvil. In their wake only a dark-purple rock was left, as though they hadn’t noticed it before. Credits to @puffyduck As the days go by many a magical phenomena takes place in The Silver City and once even in Llyria. The minds of citizens and visitors alike are infiltrated by emotions, heart beats, whimpers and for the most part a calm serenity and its humble tune. Many other oddities take place yet are kept from the public eye, those that visit the city hear the elves speak of a rock; it is quite obvious as never would an elf have been so excited over a mere stone. Many a mage visits the city and all that leave seem either excited or worried, but most clearly of all; drained and exhausted. As the weeks and months begin to pass, little over half a year; those with magics of any kind in Arcas feel their mind beckoned. It like a humble whisper within whispers, gentle warmth like that of a mother's touch; thoughts clearly not their own seeping in. It seems not invasive or aggressive, yet no matter by what means it cannot be stopped. The whisper grows clearer as one nears The Silver City, turning into a hum undecipherable yet ever-calming. “The Rock calls and so all must answer.”
  8. Josef only gave his wife a widened smirk. “In life or in death, forever yours goblin girl.”
  9. “Isn’t this guy a nazi?” Asked a totally serious helf.
  10. [Another Event Teaser] [This is a teaser for a big eventline, the date of this transcribing is much earlier of the other teaser above.] In Search of Malin “For his grace is undescribable.” In the cloud temple a common curator begins to showcase one of his findings, allowing people to read its contents. Though he does allude to the fact that he knows the location where the object was found he seems reluctant to say where it was. Perhaps only time will convince him that he won’t find anything else without help from the descendants. The field journal reads as follows below. Date, 1st of Sun’s Smile, 1605 I have arrived on this ancient land and have viewed many of its monoliths made in a bygone era. In the lands from whence I came i’ve left my offspring and on the same year my last son was born ablessed upon the land. Yet here I stand at 616 years of age, in search of my selfish endeavours. The lands I was born in has long since fallen to the accursed. My offsprings birthplace no less uninhabitable either, yet its aftertaste only makes me think Iblees did more than just curse our anatomy. I write not in hope of someone finding me, but rather to aid those in search of our father as I am. For I was at least blessed enough to bask in his presence in the past, as did I meet Urguan and Krug. If it wasn’t for the clear remaining presence and several findings pointing to this place, then I would have never came here. It certainly is a historical place, its foreign histories are naught things that many else than a few remember. For the land is mostly roamed by spirits of the past, those trapped as a consequence of ancient war. Yet somehow, part of me can tell that there are still inhabitants of this land, though i’ve yet to find any living my senses tells me otherwise. It might be the ruins who have not long abandoned camps or fireplaces clearly recently used. What could have survived that which wrought havoc upon the descendants? My ship is in disrepair and I cannot say i’m knowledgeable in shipwriting nor do I know if shipwrights even call this place home. For all I have seen so far is many a ship, wrecked upon the craggy bottoms of the tumultuous sea. I must make it further inland, lest I lose Malin’s trail and must start all over again; for it wouldn’t be the first time I had been forced into such a corner. Though I am uncertain why he has made it this far away from elveness I cannot exclude the possibilities that it entails. It should at least be a much simpler pursuit as in lands more clearly inhabited he steers clear of the descendants. In this land he has seemingly walked much more freely, though as ever cautious as he is beknown to be. I sometimes wonder if any would understand my plight? To search for our father as I have, in hopes to have him finally return to us and bring elveness together as one. To settle his fair childrens nonsensical disputes and petty squabbles, for I tire of the ceaseless fighting. If any truly believed in our fathers guidance then the death of our kin is a mortal sin. His magics have been bastardized, his ideology ultimately split into pieces and his disciples lead astray to form their own subcategories of our fair folk. What shall be next? Fire elves? Moon elves? Blue elves? This simper of a joke must cease for it is the expression of the deceiver. I can tell that our father has followed the rivers of old, perhaps to reminisce in the ruins of his people. Where he has gone from there I am not entirely certain as of now, but I leave here a copy of my findings; in hopes that other mali may find it useful. That my efforts might not be wasted and that we may all be reunited with our father in the near future. But… ….. to.. ..o…. The bottom of the writing seems faded, almost as though done on purpose but it’d seem to have signs of warnings left for the receiver. [I’ve added ET Event to the title, seeing as it’s otherwise difficult for people to know if an ET is posting an event or just personal writings.]
  11. Treacherous Is Time “One cannot escape it.” “Past me the wells of time quicken, in this wildland i’m stuck and from memory stricken.” Perilous is the journey we all take, for this place has no merciful tale to tell. In these lands mostly abandoned that I call now home. I search for the unsearchable, finding only the comforts of the self in my failures. The land littered by ruins long since abandoned and barely standing the tests of time. The waters beckon for the mouths which once held their thirst, trees sway to winds that once nestled between the hairs of the ancient peoples. But now it stands barren, land without purpose, land without faith. Monuments that stood harald to the era long passed; either crumbled into ruin or its many cracks overgrown with moss and mushroom. The wood welcomes back that it once lost, while the creatures of the wild mock the lost. I stand here in a world long forgotten but with ancient history, alone, abandoned and forgotten. Things are silent, silence infest silence and as though whispers within whispers and through tongues yet not tongues the eerie reality settles. Have I failed my last? Have I not the chance to correct my mistakes? Am I as lonely as i’ve come to believe? While my thoughts wander the hairs on my back shiver in fear, my spine and cranium tingles as though bewatched; my throat parched and unprepared for words to flow. Is my existence not as unknown as I had thought? Am I not a mere leaf in the wind? These subtle greeneries are endless, Malin.. this one only wishes to see you this last once. To have you speak your somber tunes for my long ears to hold comfort. For my peoples father to embosom me as I draw my last. I shared in your wisdom once, your mind so bright yet the past had you left disheveled and wounded. If it wasn’t for the trails you left, for your remaining presence I follow.. I would have thought you gone and myself a fool. Is this land what you saw last? Is this where you are? Sitting beneath a tree, in thought as you was last we met upon an ancient field. Nature whispers yet I hear not what it says, I may be blessed but the worlds spirit has long since had me abandoned. O’ father of my people, why must you hide from your own kind? Perhaps I know the answer, but I am unwilling to accept its truth divine. The trees curve at your path, as though they know you well. Yet to me they stand only straight and poised, almost as though defiant to my presence. Why was it here you went and what did you come to find or see? I am old beyond my years, yet even I cannot find logic in any of this.. for if there is any it's beyond me. These shores sing of long ears, the ruins half buried in sand proof of your children. Is it the wandering ghosts I have met on my travels that interest you? Is their ultimate curse what has earned your empathy? The betrayal that was to them unbeknownst? I shall find you one day, may the light shine upon my gray hair at the time. For now I have only time, time to travel, time to unravel and time to have your trail to tell its tale. Let us sit beneath the blue sky….. Let us peer at the stars while I see your smile……. Let me see you safe in these mortal lands we were both birthed in…….. “In midsummer we found joy and you spread your wings, dancing amongst the great wood which has always called you King.”
  12. “It seems you valah are incapable of reading, seeing as I never claimed it unknown and infact quite the opposite. I believe my exact words were ‘Though I don’t speak the ancient language and very few do nowadays’. I suppose by definition the clergy of the church would be the ‘very few’ i’m refering to as well as private enthusiasts.”
  13. “I am neither valah nor does the common valah speak the language either, it seems rather you draw your own interpretation of my words meaning. Nor did I call the language unknown or forgotten, though it is quite obvious by your account that you’re not a man interested in the truth. But rather to obstinate over your own prideful beliefs, one simple trip could easily confirm my findings. Then again I suppose you valah have always been prone to assumption based on your emotionaly borne state. It is not lost on me that there are several speakers of Flexio, clearly as I asked for persons knowing in the language to contact me.”
  14. The Ruinous City “Aevan de nova” Preface This analysis carries no proven theorem and is entirely hypothetical; thus conclusions should not be established as fact until proven so. The basis of my work is on clear material remains or artifacts, while also heavily investigating the remaining structures; it also tries to demystify the mural work and supplement with the few remaining linguistic artifacts. I once again express my clarity on the matter that this is a hypothesis, don’t regard yourself a expert on fact by learning the knowledge herein. Corvac Aldin Hypothesis Wandering upon the ancient lithic ruins, it becomes clear that these are ancient vestiges and remnant diagnostic artifacts. The pale and eroded lithic material strikes clear resemblance to the original cultures and heritages of Aegis, where the four brothers built their paramount states. This a tradition further carried on by the Cloud Temple monks to wherever we next settle, thus this should be no surprise to any with keen observability. This denotes either a connection to Aegis proper or clear connection to its period, though perhaps and more likely is the case that both these connections are at play here. Through the ruinous remnants around the base of the main structure; which can be concluded upon its size and position. It is with the remnants in place and assumption of its once former; much grander structure one can assume it was a citadel or core seat of the state. Sadly our interference has made the furbishment within the main structures confines mostly unrecognizable. Thus more cannot be garnered by its decor else than its purple and black flooring. If the size of the halls and their pristine state is anything to go by; it is that they were clearly made of the finest material and most skilled hands of the time. On the walls of the nearby structures are what remains of the mural work, these show carvings of dragons, large valah armies, as well as banners with the Horenic keepsake just aforementioned. Following a path leading to the direct left leading out of the main structure, one will find that at its top; past extensive mural work a tomb sits still in situ. It is on this tomb the words ‘Hic icaet magna Aevan de Nova Carrandal, generalis dominus in signum quod draco secundi, vindicem horen, me defensorum hominum.’ Though I don’t speak the ancient language and very few do nowadays, some words translation is not lost upon me as I can reference previous work. In Atlas we were all made aware of the Vaeyl Order, though few of us unraveled its secrets; many were known to its inner workings and core history. Thus one can garner that this text is not only carved on a gravestone, but also a monument which speaks of achievements. The words “Magna Aevan de Nova” stands out, speaking of a Great New Aevan what one might currently assume is the ancient settlements name. While words like “Generalis draco secundi” speaks of a general of the dragons second, which if connected with the closeness of Atlas and the Vaeyl most certainly speaks of the second banner of Horens grand army. Thus as Vaeyl was the leader of his banner, one can assume that whoever lies here is equivalent to him in rank and import. Then by analysing these contents one can come to quick understanding on certain, easily perceivable historic facts. The armies of Horen were active in this area, from the mural work that much is obvious. In these works one can clearly see that these valah were in fact warring against the uruk, which should stand as no surprise with Vaeyl history as reference. It would not be to my surprise that this army had followed the uruk, in an attempt to avenge Horen after Krugs heinous crime. To me it is clear that the natural terrain create appropriate defences as well as a key position for the control of the continent, thus making Aevan the likely seat of this human civilization. Further down the slopes of Aevan we can find buildings set on the precipice of waterways as well as further remnants of ancient monuments. It is here that one in specific stands out, carved with a never before seen symbol of a sun with wings; while the words ‘Glorian Aevan, Glorian Horen and Glorian Hominum.’ is clearly written into the lithic work. As certain words of the ancient language has changed little we can tell that the monument speaks about glory, Aevan and Horen though I myself know not the ancient word of Hominum I ask any people who speak Flexio for translation to contact me on the nature of its true meaning. This monument however does clearly satisfy much of the foundation of my hypothesis, clearly these men were zealous. It would be no surprise for a army directly beneath one of the four brothers to be zealous, nor that they’d wish glory upon both their ‘Aevan’ and horen. Thus to no surprise is Horen mentioned after this ‘Aevan’, another sign of militaristic natures as soldiers often speak of what is to them the closest at hand; what decides the fate of their livelihood. I will further study the nearby ruins across Arcas and try to find further materials and artifacts in hopes to substantiate my hypothesis into theorem. These works will be published as well to the public and I myself will provide a original book, to rest within the confines of the Eternal Library. Conclusion New Aevan was Arcas human seat of power, controlled by the second dragon banner of Horen; lead by perhaps a man called Aevan and being the city namesake. They themselves have their own key symbol just as the Vaeyl had theirs, a sun with wings spread at its sides. This second banner followed and fought in either one or many wars against the uruk. Likely in response to the killing of Horen and to avenge his death; similarly to what the Vaeyl had done in the distant past. In this fight much land was claimed and this second banner settled at this strategic point in an attempt to control the rest of the continent. It would also substantiate that Arcas proper is a ancient battlefield, or at least that at its peak it was a war torn continent. Alternatively I offer another hypothesis that they fought the uruk before Horens death and it only intensified after his death. That perhaps they had other devices for coming to the land, finding their long standing enemy here and to protect or in an attempt to claim their objective they fought. Postface I call for those of honorable positions in their specified fields to contact me should they have any valuable information to further the hypothesis or have it counteracted. I publish this publically in the hopes that the truth may be found, that knowledge may be preserved and recovered. That it awakens in you the furious thirst to find yourself in pursuit of the scholarly arts and its professions. I hope further that this finds you well enticed and perhaps that my approach may shed further light upon this land of which we settle.
  15. The Uruk Remnants “Behind the great walls it stands abandoned” Preface This analysis carries no proven theorem and is entirely hypothetical; thus conclusions should not be established as fact until proven so. The basis of my work is on clear material remains or artifacts, while also heavily investigating the remaining structures; it also tries to demystify the mural work and supplement with the few remaining linguistic artifacts. I once again express my clarity on the matter that this is a hypothesis, don’t regard yourself a expert on fact by learning the knowledge herein. Corvac Aldin Hypothesis Turning towards the south and along the coast of its furthest reach. I traveled in search of answers. In my most recent discoveries it became clear that the uruk played a vital role in this continents history. Thus I set out to their settlement together with my mal’onn Hennian. When we made way to the uruk capital, we found it a thriving bustle and many races were present. To our closest reach was a mali’ker which later became known to us as Tedyn. I had questioned this mali on the matters of nearby remnants, to perhaps further substantiate my hypothesis on what I call Aevan. It was then made aware to us that just nearby was a grand settlement buildt before the uruk had claimed the land as theirs. When we arrived it was clear as day that these were most definitely ancient ruins, for their time one could only marvel at their size. Tedyn seemed quite interested in the ruins himself and left me to my own devices, whilst my mal’onn went to explore on his own. In the ruin I counted a grand eighty structures, clearly able to hold a decently sized army or civilian population. Though I must admit I am rather certain the former is more likely than the latter, seeing as only a training grounds is erected else than housing; meaning this would have made for a poor living environment. While surveying the coast I found ample proof of former battles, the seabed was littered with what one might assume is valah seafaring vessels. It would also back my former hypothesis, seeing as the only opening to the fortification is the ocean itself while walls cover every other weakness. It cannot be substantiated from the site, nor the artifacts or archaeological approaches if this was a hastily made retreat; or a fully operable fortification at its peak. Though most definitely no matter which of the two it is, it comes only to amaze in its grandeur. It is perhaps not much compared to the current era but compared to that of the past it is most definitely a marvel. I would have to wager that the ruins themselves were never properly taken by enemy forces, as there is very little sign of successful penetration of its confines. It is more likely that either the population was starved to death during war, ambushed on their return or forced to leave by other means. This can clearly be defined by the pristine conditions of the walls and the lack of decimation of the main housing. If these uruks were slain in their homes, then I fear whatever enemy did so would be one we should all fear and prepare for. While not much else could be garnered from the site, I and my mal’onn covered a great tract of land around them in hopes of finding artifacts or remains. To us it became quite clear that shamanistic activity and various remains of magic could be easily observed. The nearby ‘Hennic stones’ as I have dubbed them, cover a vast field with dried out rivers running along and through its center. These stones are sharp and pointed towards the heavens, there is little nearby natural terrain to explain neither their position or logics of their creation. Thus it seems more accurate to believe them magical constructs for reasons still unknown. This belief only became more plausible as we were able to discover further evidence; in the form of an ancient shamanistic ritual site. The banners of Krug still hang heavy there, while a small hut with enough space for four individuals more than likely shamans were and still is present. The site itself hold clear evidence of this as the banner hangs off of two of the four spires of earthwork, that most likely were made by these shamans. Then again the presence of uruks should already have been enough to substantiate that shamans were likely here on Arcas with them. Thus I can only come to the hypothesis that the south with its heavy heritage of various uruk remnants, clearly was held by their peoples and civilization. Though it is not entirely certain where their capital was located, but the original site could perhaps have been such a place though quite unlikely with the little infrastructure present there. This also clearly strikes another interesting fact forward, that the second banner more than likely was unable to thwart; or remove these uruk. It is then only further uncertain why either of these two peoples are now lacking from the land; what have either killed them or forced them to relocate? It is harrowing to think of an entity or entities powerful enough to strike down both these powerful civilizations. Conclusion The uruk held strong the land to the south even during the war with the second banner of Horen. These uruks had shamans at their disposal and these shamans have influenced the nearby terrain, most clearly the ‘Hennic Stones’ aforementioned. These uruk as well as humans somehow were either thwarted, killed, left or forced to leave the land as little proof of a long war between them and a outside force is visible. Thus concluding that either the enemy was too powerful or something else is at play. I further believe that the site visited was a military fortification and it is likely that the uruk had a capital elsewhere. Though because of cultural differences between the clans of the uruk I cannot substantiate this claim. Postface I call for those of honorable positions in their specified fields to contact me should they have any valuable information to further the hypothesis or have it counteracted. I publish this publically in the hopes that the truth may be found, that knowledge may be preserved and recovered. That it awakens in you the furious thirst to find yourself in pursuit of the scholarly arts and its professions. I hope further that this finds you well enticed and perhaps that my approach may shed further light upon this land of which we settle.
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