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  1. oh wow you still alive?

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    2. JuliusAakerlund


      Biggie da real g

    3. CommissarVoop


      Ayy man, we should talk more in discord.

    4. JuliusAakerlund


      I don't have access to a PC, haven't had one for 6+ months. If you want to talk to me you'll have to add my temporary phone discord: Julius55#0077 


      I can't get onto my original discord since it has 2FA as a result of me activating it when I was a ST MANAGER. 🤣

      Edited by JuliusAakerlund
  2. @Junar you and the WT really outdid yourselves with the new map, it looks great. When I left 6 months ago you were going at it and things looked really promising. I'm really happy to see that the rest of the map kept that same quality going if not even better. Thanks for all the hard work my guy it's really appreciated.

    Edited by JuliusAakerlund
  3. @Lliry'all been making the schmooves while i've been gone, there's plenty of great progress being made. Keep it up, love what you guys have been doing.
  4. My VIP rank on the forums was removed for some reason. Haven't been around for a good while so not sure if I missed something? Anyone that can help?

    1. Kuila


      “/freja sync” in game and that should help you out :) 

    2. JuliusAakerlund


      @Kuila unfortunately I don't have access to a PC atm but ty anyway 😊

    3. snoopie12


      Heya, sorry Im late. But you can DM me to get it sorted. snoopie12#8195

  5. My phones discord below for anyone that wants to catch up.



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    2. Mojo


      He has awoken

    3. Hephaestus


      Nigh, is his slumber no more.

    4. JuliusAakerlund


      Gang gang, hit me up on discord if you haven't already goys and gals. @Sorcerio @Mojo @Hephaestus

  6. please come back

    1. JuliusAakerlund


      Probably will, haven't had a pc for 6 months though. I'll have to move into my new apartment first. Catching up with people on my phones discord though 😉

  7. I miss you bro

    1. JuliusAakerlund


      Miss you too bro ❤

  8. Obviously very late by now and we had been told your situation was under control by top brass as well as those leading it. I’m sorry to hear that things went that way and it sounds like a huge let down. Who was supposed to carry through the event that was carrying over to Arcas? I could try to speak to them and get it operational again.
  9. ATHERA The ST has gone through a lot since the departure of Mystery and changed extensively since as we move towards the future. Yet we’ve not forgotten the promise made nor our duty to carry it through. We ran into extensive troubles that complicated our work and delayed us from an early April launch. The reality, however, is such and I doubt Mystery ever expected things to go this way when he said early April. It is however with a smile on my face and likewise the team that we announce the 24th to be the new launch date. To those of you in
  10. I personally don’t like firearms but i’d also fight to the death for your right to have them if that’s what the server wants. That is the responsibility we take on as staff members. We are here to serve the community and to do right by them. That’s just my piece on it ?
  11. @axelu If you leave then i’ll delete the server
  12. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for the server.

  13. FROM ME, TO ALL OF YOU HAPPY HOLIDAYS Hello LoTC! To most of you, I am a stranger, to some, I’m an acquaintance and to others, I’m a friend. But to all of you, I’m a fellow community member. It is during this rare period of the year where spirits are high I’d like to take some time to reflect. We’ve come far since 2011 and the fact that we’re still here today was not something I foresaw nor expected. I joined this server after being uninterested in roleplay my friends goaded me into it. I made a promise to them that I would only join if they accepted my applicatio
  14. @Rickson all creatures on the beastiary have clarification on if they can be played or not by players. The bestiary doesn’t only seek to provide parameters for players but also for the ET to use for events. TL:DR some of them there ain’t able to be played by players.
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