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  1. What do you think LoTC has done for you over the last two years? What was your best experience on LoTC and why? Do you think you would still join LoTC knowing what you do now, if you could go back in time?
  2. Erik Edvard Colborn looked up at his father as he chuckled having taken the missive right out of his young boy's hands. "Fadir... brodir Carolus having that thing glued to him was rather funny. We should ask Aleksandra where we can buy another one, pranking brodir sounds like a good time." Perhaps having seen his older brother made by someone younger than him sparked a certain urge in the Colborn.
  3. Adrian Erik Colborn was one to always support the historical integrity of the realm, speaking with great approval. "Truly, its about time we fashioned forward facing history. I commend the Deputy Palatine for his work."
  4. "My kusins birthday? Mik will. . . have to find a gift." Erik started worrying as he wasn't certain what they'd like.
  5. "Valyris is hard at work as always. I am glad we have the time to flourish our culture amongst the stars, it is only right. Let's hope for a bright future for our people." Indris said as he read the contents in his study, on his desk lay open a large book of his own - worthy of publishing.
  6. The old and senile Adrian Erik Colborn had decided to venture to Vienne, or rather what he remembered to be its general location. His mind not being what it once was he'd entirely forgotten the fall of Oren. Perhaps by chance, perhaps by fate, or by accident, he wandered into the surroundings of Petra, noticing Charlotte and Renilde as he journeyed. "Oh, the young are so spirited nowadays. . ." He stopped for a while only to realize he was lost. With some shame he walked back to where he faintly remembered he'd seen Charlotte, asking for directions. It took him getting lost three more times to find his way back home, but he was still unaware of the war to come - nor its origins.
  7. This is the kind of thing I have always not only supported but hoped the server would adopt, and flourish for future detail and depth. I will do my best to learn all of this and get involved, if you get a discord going hit me up, I will be down. To make the server better we all have to try our best and find future avenues of improvement.
  8. I wish you the best and a good life. Hopefully we get to finish the Witcher sometime (even though the TV Series is kind of going downhill atm )
  9. Adrian Erik Colborn sheds a tear of not only pride but just at the cheer dedication and appreciation his descendants showed towards their culture.
  10. Adrian smiles Colbornly, standing proudly with his kin!
  11. Sipping on some tea and getting ready to head out and help my grandpa. But seeing as I was mentioned I thought I would throw my lot in for once in one of these AMA's. Curious to hear what you think was your favourite moment on the server between us two? (Too many years spent so always a cute one) Outside of the cooperative aspects of the server and lessons on how to communicate with a diverse cast of people, what do you feel is your greatest life lesson learned here? While the past is the past and some people are lost along the way I do ever so often think back to people I loved spending time with that are no longer on the server, or with us period. Who do you miss the most that you no longer see around? A honorable mention of a cool moment would always be welcome. Also, I can't believe they covered up the Cactus Raid of 2016. . . what could have been! (And for all that is holy stop calling me old.) Sincerely, Your Best Friend, Julius Aakerlund
  12. Somewhere in Bethlenen a Elder was dreaming of what once was and the ambitions of the past. He remembered when the fields had been woodlands and when a long forgotten continent once was their home. In his dreams he also saw what was to come and hoped only for the success of his people, for they had his heart - his hope.
  13. Adrian Erik Colborn, former Baron of Bethlenen and a fashion Queen of his day lay bedridden. Though when his granddaughters spoke of the recent Moda his dreams seemed to stir him happily. No doubt the elder was proud of what had been accomplished.
  14. DEEP IN A DREAM A CHARACTER SHELF SHORT STORY [Shelf] Hello dear readers, friends and besties who might be reading this. I will keep this little preface short so as to not waste people's time. There is a lot going on in my life currently and as a result, I need to make LoTC more casual. No doubt there is plenty going on in everyone's life and I don’t doubt that we’ll all make it through whatever we’re facing, know you’re not alone. In the short term, I need to take a proper break and really focus on what matters most to me right now, my mom. In the end, I thought it best to shelf my character for now so I don’t catch myself walking my way back into things. I hope everyone enjoys the little story. I leave Colborn in the hands of the many talented people who I know it holds. When all is said and done there is a legacy far too deep for it to be snuffed out by time. The Barony of Bethlenen is white and resplandant, overlooking the Lake Voron. 3rd of Tov ag Yermey 440 E.S. 'It was as bright a day as was usual for the Haeseni Hinterlands. The Rimeveld was still very much white and the Attenlund still starkly green, probably hiding some critter or creature. On the hills overseeing the territory sat the Castle of Vorenburg. Its tall towers and Hanso-Scyfa Architecture are a constant reminder that there were still other cultures who called Haense home. While the three Haeseni Mother Cultures of Hanso-Raev (Haesenified Raevir), Hanso-Waldeni (Haesenified Waldenians) and Hanso-Scyfa (Haesenified Scyflings) have been here since the ancient days of Athera, the Scyfling seat had remained largely dormant in recent past. The Vaeyl Wars caused tragic casualties for Colborn that only time could mend, from Palatine and Ducal Peers, they lost it all to fight for family and Kongzem. In the time they were gone the realm was beset by the Scyflings that had been parted with, hundreds of years in the past. Those stragglers who wouldn’t convert under the yoke of Haense and canondom when called upon by Carr Colborn. Truly, fate has a twisted way of playing pretend.’ - Page 32 of Adrian Erik’s Log Setting down his quill as he finished writing and looking at the large book that sat before him, Adrian Erik Colborn chuckled a little to himself. “I suppose if it wasn’t for our return that’s how it would have been. We and our people would have been remembered as bloodthirsty warriors rather than what we are, people who helped build this Kongzem before it was named. To think we narrowly missed the chance to meet our ancestral allies the Voliks… I was off by a short decade.” While contemplating what could have been as the old had a tendency to. Adrian brushed a hand over to a recently penned letter which he had cut open with a small knife, wax seal broken. He brought it closer as he began to read it aloud to himself with a smile tugging on his lips. “TO ADRIAN COLBORN, WISEST OF THE LAND, My father has recently tasked myself along with my siblings to seek out quests from our nobility to harden ourselves. I write to you as I have always know you to be one of the wisest of our lands and your family to be those who keep fine records and accurate accounts of Haeseni History. It is because of history that we learn our mistakes and it is why I would like to learn some more of it. There would be no better person to seek out to learn on this matter. If you have the time or will to, I wish to request that you and your family teach me the most. It is but the least I could do in honour of my ancestors and to better myself. I do hope you will accept this request of knowledge. -Best regards, Marius Audemar” Adrian idly ran a hand through his beard as he finished reading he could only smile wider. He could hardly contain the joy he was feeling at the mention of a Barbanov learning from the keepers of the book, in a way it was a return to form, a return to tradition. It had been the duty of Colborn since the ancient days to recount and record history, to maintain and make certain it was accurately passed down, to the next generation. While the Barbanov-Colborn pact was no more the Colborns were never ones to go back on a promise, still serving their lieges loyally. “I suppose I will have to pen a reply after the Potluck. I fear if I’m tardy Catalina will serve me an earful and my ears are already plenty full.” With a chuckle at his own joke which no doubt would flop if there was anyone to hear it. He gently flipped over the parchment in the Book of Colborns to a particular page, keeping it open there. The fingers on his right hand drummed the surface. “I suppose it's time I gave over my duties to someone, Anabel will do us proud - she’ll make a fine Book Keeper. I’ll read her a few stories and teach her how to navigate the many pages and that will be that.” Making his way down the living quarters’ many hallways and taking the elevator down to the kitchen, he passed the servants who were preparing the cultural cuisine, as they prepared it properly for the Potluck. Not one to disturb the hard-working Adrian opened the nearby oaken door which offered a slight whine, before the brightly light courtyard greeted him, beckoning him to go outside. His gaze caught the early arrivals, Georg Sigismund was speaking to Esfir Kortrevich, Ernst standing not far behind. To the middle of the grounds gathered Viorica Barrow, Anabel and Allyssa Colborn - those two could rarely part with each other. Clearing his throat as he found a nearby patch of elevated ground, Adrian looked to those gathered, just before speaking Maric and the recently legitimized Lorence stepped outside from the Castle Keep. “If anyone brought food you may bring it upstairs so that the servants might serve it to the many guests. I look forward to trying the cultural cuisine of the many citizens of the Kongzem. Though try to have some mercy as my appetite isn’t what it once was!” Though he was heard the many young in the courtyard seemed far too engrossed in talking amongst each other to move anytime soon. Adrian took no offence and if anything found it good, he remembered far too well how he was at their age. While Adrian was reminiscing about his youth a small lass walked up to him and tugged at his leg. Casting his gaze down he caught the fiery ginger locks of Alina Vilchyc. With an elderly smile that shined with kindness, he spoke softly, kneeling to be at her height. “You’ve come to partake in the Potluck I take it, little lass?” The little lady shot back a pout and fidgeted with her small fingers before casting a shy expression up at Adrian. “I came looking for friends… Tata says there are not a lot of children back home. I want to make many friends, this many!” The five-year-old child widened her arms out as far as she could, which only caused Adrian to draw into light laughter. “That many? It seems you’ve great ambition little one but we shall see what we can do.” Using his index finger to draw her attention he pointed over to Allyssa, who stood off in the distance. “See that lass over there? I heard she’s looking for friends, she even gives out duckies to each new one she makes - or so I am told.” He played it off as if he wasn’t speaking about his very own granddaughter, nor knew if what he said was true. “Don’t you want a ducky?” Alina’s eyes followed along with the movement of Adrian’s finger and as her eyes landed on Allyssa she seemed to bounce with some excitement. “Really! She wants to make a friend and she has duckies? How many duckies does she have? How big are they? Did she name them?” With excitement and energy which could barely be contained in the little frame of the girl, the elder patted her shoulder before speaking. “Why don’t you go ask her?” As the little girl stumbled away he closed his eyes in self-satisfaction. He had always enjoyed playing the matchmaker, putting friends together, making those that wouldn’t otherwise meet, meet. When he was about to turn for the keep door and make his way inside the very same doors opened as Catalina came outside with clear conviction. Taking on the spot next to Adrian she shouted out loudly. “Greetings all! I thank you all for coming such a far way to the Bethlenen Potluck. I am your host, Lady Catalina, if you all would follow me into the dining room so we might commence the festivities I would be most appreciative.” When the many gathered guests started making their way inside Adrian was reduced to the duties of welcoming them inside, greeting Barbanov, Ruthern, Barrow, Kortrevich and many others as they made their way inside. There was a shout from the two sisters Elia and Anabel as their travelling brother Steg had deemed it right to make an appearance, truly a once-in-a-blue moon encounter. Having shaken his head at the sight with his ever-present smile, Adrian finally made his way inside. The last thing he heard before the oaken door closed behind him was a loud “Steg! GET OVER HERE!” Walking into the dining hall and seating himself at the most populated of the two long tables, Adrian seemed satisfied with his lot in life. He might be old but he could still enjoy the youthful energy of the younger generation and plenty of them were willing to listen to his rambling. The atmosphere was lively and he could already tell Catalina had success on her hands. Looking at the woman and man seated across from him Adrian offered a few words to initiate a conversation. “It seems you young are still filled with plenty of energy, social to a fault. It makes an old man like myself very glad. Though I fear I haven’t had the chance to meet either of you before.” The lady across from him started off first as she spoke with enthusiasm. “We were just speaking about how beautiful of a place this is, truly eye-catching.” When she concluded her thoughts the man beside her spoke next during the small pause with a nod of agreement. “It’s as the lady has stated a lovely looking place, yes.” As seemed the rhythm the lady went next. “Ipera Ashford de Falstaff, wonderful to meet you.” She spoke to Adrian with warmth and a fine smile, well-mannered and concise with her words. Adrian took the opportunity to speak before the man beside Ipera introduced himself. His timing was impeccable as one that had been far too experienced in talking, former Palatine and all. “Adrian Erik Colborn is my name, truly a pleasure. I am the Lord and Baron of this humble place we call Bethlenen. The de Falstaff name brings back memories. Your family while not counted amongst the ancient certainly hold plenty of renown, not only in one Kingdom but a few.” His gaze went then to the man beside her as if waiting for his introduction. Following along rather neatly the next one made his introductions with a curt nod. “Sigismond Varoche, a pleasure likewise.” “Varoche you say?” Adrian seemed to have a jolt in some part of his old memory as he smiled brightly while speaking. “Another family with much history, though this one is more closely tied with Adria though no less prestigious. It has been half an age since my people last met a Varoche and that’s saying something considering our history. Hopefully, Varoche has found itself a place to call home during the current generation.” Sigismond kept chipper and gave back his response. “It was only around four years ago I made the journey here from Aeldin. But as you’ve said we have a history with…” As the festivities continued on and Adrian exchanged words with the many guests, it didn’t take long until it was time for dance. Making their way upstairs to the ballroom which sported the heads of many beasts and monstrosities slain by Colborns past and present. Adrian kept to himself mostly as the dance floor was for the youth. After he had informed Anabel of his intent to pass on the torch he roped her off to Elia for dancing, Catalina slid by and mentioned a dance with Prince Georg. It seemed all things were as they should be. With his back to the nearby bannister, he smiled an elderly smile of contentedness. He remembered a time when he used to dance in similar halls, when he had yet wed, even after, his wife sometimes joined him when she wasn’t too weak from her illness. She may have been born a Princess of Haense but her sickness saw her go to few social goings. Adrian let out a slightly wistful sigh at the thought, yet it didn’t reduce his smile, nor its shine, he only turned around and leaned on the bannister casting a gaze to the floor down below. It was there that he saw a far too familiar figure, his eyes widened in shock. It wasn’t entirely certain if it was the copious amounts of carrion black, or perhaps his old mind playing tricks, but he could swear he saw Godric - his dear boy. His hands gripped the bannister with all he had as if he was possessed, his months of delirium and the emotions attached coming right back, he had lost him once and he wouldn’t lose him again. Having forgotten his cane that so often supported his right leg that was injured in warfare, Adrian shot for the stairs. He broke into a hobbling sprint and it wasn’t long until his weaker leg caught nothing but air. He stumbled forwards towards the end of his run and rolled down the last steps, his head landing squarely against the spruce wood corner. His world went dark and his consciousness gone with it. He couldn’t hear the screams of his family or the worries of Viorica Barrow, who sought to heal him. Instead, he was deep in a dream. WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ADRIAN ERIK OF BETHLENEN In the coming days, his family found his will and testament which read as follows. “Should I ever die before my duties are done or fall ill and unable to speak for myself this will be my last will on this mortal earth. May it be honored and upheld and the duties of its contents be carried out by my Burgrave Rudolf Vyronov. For his family that once served us in ancient times is one who carries honor in their veins and as he serves us now, so shall I trust in him, as Eirik did Lerald.” What remained to be read by the family only once delivered by Rudolf was a letter each, sealed in wax and written by a pair of elderly hands. OOC NOTE ARTIEV EDRIC COLBORN MARIC ARED DIETRICK GERARD COLBORN FELYX FRANCYS COLBORN BETSY COLBORN MAKENNA GRACE COLBORN CATLAYA KARYNA COLBORN AREN ELLIOT COLBORN CATALINA ROSALYN COLBORN LORENCE ARVID COLBORN MARECK GERARD COLBORN BALDRAM CARR INGVAR COLBORN ALLYSSA COLBORN DOMINIC WOLFGANG COLBORN STEG OSGOD COLBORN ERNST DEITRICH COLBORN MATHIAS COLBORN ANABEL ELIA COLBORN ELIA ERYKA COLBORN ADRIAN ANDRIK COLBORN ADA NATALYA COLBORN CEDRICK ESKIL COLBORN
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