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  1. IGN: Julius55 RP NAME: Galifraec PERSONA ID: #10277
  2. IF YOU'RE READING THIS THEN YOU WEREN'T CONFIDENT ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR NATION UPVOTE TO REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE IN YOUR NATION (❤️ You're all loved and appreciated ❤️) Also, please tell me your favourite moment in your nation, and this post is lowkey a positivity post 😀 Optional second question: Tell me what you love the most about your nation.
  3. A Jolly old Colborn in the Seven Skies, one Adrian, simply laughed heartily. "Good, all things are as it should be. It seems Cassian II lives up to the name."
  5. I can't believe its finally real. I must say, massive credit to Greenh for making my dream a reality - Christmas came early.
  6. A KING’S LAMENT A rose to the fated, a rose to romance. To the good Queen Mother of Balian, The Kingdom of Balian has done you a great disservice unlike any other. For three decades I have devoted myself in service of my future duties as a husband, surrendering my soul and essence to mastering such a craft. Now, I find myself surrounded by nought but the hope for a wife most worthy--hardworking and steadfast. I thirst only for companionship, one equal and steeped in heartfelt consideration. I’m surrounded by my peers and my equals, friends and family, who all support each other with care and dedication. I see and respect your profound broad-mindedness and ability to stand up for your truth. Thus with a heavy heart, I write that I shall, as a lamenting King searching for his Queen-to-be offer a chance for the two of us to be. Your home may lay elsewhere as you’ve said, from Adrian I to Davyd I, in pursuit of true union--not emancipation. Where respect and the sanctity of GOD shall stand forever, without being tarnished. I shall preserve your right to your children, and be a father to them, unlike the one who attempts relations with a foreign monarch--souring relations with untoward advances. All I ask is to preserve my right to be the King to your heart, befitting my role as your stalwart partner. I pray that day will come, and I lament that we’ve yet to come together a KING to HIS QUEEN. My heart aches for you as yours do for the people. I reach you thus by letter as you’ve so graciously offered, I can only hope you offer me a chance--a path to your heart. A PATH TO BE YOUR KING! Signed by your ardent admirer, His Royal Highness, Davyd I of Muldav
  7. One Erik Colborn read the writ and couldn't stop himself from speaking aloud from atop the mountains, just above the Weiss lands - where he herded goats. "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL ****! THE WEISS ARE OUR ALLIES! I SWEAR IF ANY WEISS BLOOD IS SPILT OVER THIS I WILL SACK HIS HOME WITH A THOUSAND GOATS!!! OR ELSE MY NAME IS NOT ERIK COLBORN."
  8. St. Carr pulls along Cassian I to peer down from the seven skies. While jutting a finger in the direction of the ceremonies he speaks softly while patting his descendant's back. Their eyes are kept on the new Count. "To think you'd be the first one who'd have a second peer named after you. It seems he has much to live up to." While Cassian I remains silent and leaves without much disturbance, St. Carr stays still--gaze kept upon the earth below. "Cassian II, let's see what tale he'll write."
  9. Erik Colborn couldn't stop himself from letting out a loud whistle as he read the missive in passing. "By Carr's coins! What a striking donation, he must have inherited the bloodline thicker than I."
  10. So far I have participated in all the maps, though I took a rather lengthy break for large chunks of Elysium. I think we more or less agree in most regards at least almost 96% if not more. It seems more so that perhaps because we've not been able to talk at length about the depths of the subject we've made some assumptions - through no fault of our own. When it comes to bad faith actors I would say that there's been many groups who have clearly used these kinds of strategies in the past, causing great damage. While some of these names can refer to current day groups or not, I mostly refer to specific compositions, during certain points in time (specific maps). This could be anything from the Dunamites, de Salt Pans, Dreadlanders, Flays etc. Whenever there has ever been a easy way for people with bad intentions to create large damage readily, without much commitment - they've done so. I suppose I would point more specifically to the many assassination attempts upon NLs that are often a group effort, yet done on throwaway characters. These characters have not built anything in RP to facilitate the movement or their actions. Yet if you cut off one head of that hydra they return three more, each with the same title, played by the same player and with the same goal. This in my view is a level of harrassment many have experienced over the years that the server simply neglects. It's extremely difficult for staff to make a judgement call as these groups will then just alt if banned, or have already done the deed - prior to staff intervention. This is a tug of war that sort of began since the end of the Duke's War and has only gotten worse over the years. I think this is also what has caused the effect you've noticed, where people are not as willing to trust each other anymore. Though these are my observations from anywhere to having experienced it myself as a NL or seeing it done to entire communities. I think it's fair to say that you and I both remember the days when raids were a every day experience. This too had to be given a cooldown due to bad faith actors using it to simply bully or mob groups out of existence, none of which were good RP or really added to the server. I of course in the same breath commend good villainy RP and any time it takes place, such as the Ferrymen, who while infamous, have a penchant for RP themselves. When people are willing to work together and when mechanics are balanced properly the server is at its best. As I stated previous and as we both seem to agree. I think there are plenty of ways for Nomadic groups to participate in combat as it stands. In my case I just have a specific worry when it comes to warclaims. Though not a article used in the past this is also another mean made due to the evolving culture, much of which was toxic for a time. But, we could spend many paragraphs discussing that in specific. I think the conclusion I decide to draw from our back and forth is that we both love nomadic groups. We likewise seem to agree on the majority of points. It seems likely instead the few differences we have is due our different experiences. As always, I wish you none but the best, Sincerely, Julius
  11. While true that Nomadic Groups in real life certainly had less to lose than a hunkered down civilization, there were still stakes. What I try to point at more firmly is that in real life there's actual consequence to your actions. If you go to war and fail you've lost many precious individuals, someone's son, someone's daughter - perhaps your father. To the bad faith actor none of these elements matter, their characters are a service to a goal - not to roleplay. If they die they simply return with a new name and the same position, to fight another day - towards their goal. While to those of good faith the loss of their character is a large one, months of work and roleplay lost in a conflict - one without worth. To make a conflict worthy of someone losing such time investment, player, nation or otherwise there must be equal stakes. While I wish I could believe that a mechanic like this, if introduced, would not be abused by the bad faith actors. I fear it will and unless you make a overcomplicated system chances are slim it would ever see the light of day. I have myself lead a nomadic group (albeit peaceful). My words speak not towards nomadic groups having no place on the server, but rather as a war group. I strongly believe in the beauty and roleplay potential that nomadic groups can and have brought to the server. Do I think there are ways for Nomadic groups to participate in war in the current system? I certainly think so. Though most of those groups will have a piece of "land" or a location they call "home" that can be conquered. I think to me the question becomes more how would you prevent nomadic groups being able to warclaim nations from being abused? While promoting conflict and breaking SoL Roleplay is certainly a part of the greater experience of LoTC. I think it's also fair to say that there is a lot of stake in those situations. In my belief I wager to say that there are very few instances where a nation facing a horde of enemies that have no tangible assets, or any sort of consequence for losing, would be willing to bite this bullet, and why should they? We're all volunteers at the end of the day. It's important to remember that the stakes here are based around respecting the time and investment of the playerbase. While I wish I could be as hopeful as you on the subject I suppose I am more of a realist. While we have our disagreements I have nothing but respect for you, as I have had for many years. I hope you have a good week @Ibn Khaldun and at the end of the day, I am just a retired LoTCer. These are just my thoughts, no more, no less. Side note: I support raids and pre-planned battles or agreed upon warclaims. My critique is entirely based on and against the idea of nomadic groups (without land of their own) being able to Warclaim anyone wantonly.
  12. For event applications I can and have seen this been done before, may these events be player - or ST made. When it comes to sort of "Group" vs "Group" warfare it just dies in the womb due to griefers and abusers. I think the most important thing to consider first and foremost is how you yourself would abuse something. Though obviously it shouldn't stop us from creating good content, there's some mindfulness that needs to exist. I think unfortunately this idea is one of those that gets filed away in the cabinet under "Good on paper but not in practice". In the real world there's actual consequence if a nomadic group fails in their conquest. While on LoTC there's no real way for us to not make it a broken war / pvp fueled loophole that can easily be abused, bar making nomadic groups no fun. I think the way we meassure investment on LoTC that makes you worthy of participating in war also excludes groups that has nothing to lose. Likewise it makes me ask the question, how would a nation go about going to war with a nomadic group? What benefit would there be? There's been a few nomadic groups on LoTC and while they can't declare warclaims it seemingly fulfilled the enjoyment most of them were looking for. Anyway, always interesting to see these topics and just as interesting to theorize. This is just my two cents and obviously I'm not the fun police by any means. I hope you have a good week @Javert.
  13. Erik Colborn sticks his head out of a bush. "OH GUDI GUD! NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THE DAY!!!" He then quickly escaped before he became a real father.
  14. (Always a joy to see your lore take physical form. I'm greatful to CopOwl and everyone else who speaks to me, consults me and writes this into reality. I look forward to the many other pieces we'll be putting forward.)
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