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  1. JuliusAakerlund

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    *Inhales sharply* +1
  2. Schnitzelshnoorfian Empire when?

  3. JuliusAakerlund

    When Crow Weds The Hammerhead

    @seannie another man awaits the day when Gondor will finally form on LoTC. . . .
  4. JuliusAakerlund

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Nation status means a lot more than just someone being a nation, if someone says we won't be getting nation status it would imply a slew of things. This would include anything from that we won't be getting a green SS pillar, we will have to build everything on our own. We won't be getting as much land as we would otherwise, we won't be getting mines or auctioneers/bankers. I know you just said "it doesn't mean they won't have the opportunity for green pillars etc" but it heavily implies we'll have to get those on our own, through hard work and labour when really we should already have them. The Empire of Humanity does not rely 100% on their Emperor, The Emperor has a lot of power and influence but all the nations inside of it are vastly different. There is culture, history, grudges, political stances and geographical preferences. These all play into it, saying you want to put us next to our liege lord is logical if you don't know how humanity works. The vast majority of Human nations under the Empire basically work independantly, the Empire will talk to us in relation to some things and we give up only a small section of our independence by joining it. At the end of the day, this just spits in the face of all the years of hard work nations put in to stay relevant and create RP for this server. Me and Haense have literally put in 10-12 hours of every day, some of us less but me specifically I have put in ungodly hours daily to keep our nation active. This makes all of our efforts to make the server a better place for our community and the server at large all for nothing, nation status was a reward afforded to the people who put the work in. In the past all the nations underneath Oren were afforded nation status if they met the requirements, Axios changed that but the people involved instantly realized it was a massive mistake. That's the whole reason charters were opened up at launch, it was a bandaid solution to said mistake. In the end the very same nations that had their right taken from them were granted nation status, not only that it was quite obvious that this decision had detrimental effects on human RP. It can be blamed for a slew of the problems the Empire faced and credit much to its eventual downfall, as the forced centralization of humanity made cooperation amongst them extremely hard. If some freebuild nation that puts in 1/3rd of our effort gets nation status just because we're part of an Empire that should speak volumes. By this logic if @Jaeden had the Dominion join the Empire (theoretically) then they'd have their nation status revoked, that should in itself show how flawed the logic is. They'd still be the Dominion, they'd still have their own land, authority and be a nation. They have their own people, culture and government. It's honestly mind boggling how an actual nation can be **** on just for being apart of an Empire, literally this is a problem only humanity will face. It comes off as a way to try and just stiffle us and indirectly destroy human unity and the Imperium. @Narthok and @Kid Mackin has some great points, as well as @Xarkly Do I think every vassal of the Empire should get nation status? No I don't, but if any of those vassals have what it takes to be a nation and clear all the obsticles, then being a part of the Empire should not stop them from being one. @SeventhCircle
  5. JuliusAakerlund


  6. JuliusAakerlund

    The Midnight Ball

    Robert I Lothar sent some men on the way to provide aide to his aunts endeavour. "Let her find a man that suits her, it would do as all good." He commented in passing through the halls of the Krepost. His eyes looking to the various walled peerage paintings, Ruthern, Vanir, Stafyr, Enthelor and many more. "Who will succeed I wonder."
  7. JuliusAakerlund

    Karl's Hill Development Act - 1681

    Robert I Barbanov prepares to put the company beneath the Official Haenseni Trade Company
  8. JuliusAakerlund

    The Red Duke Ascendant.

    Robert is glad his cousin was kept in power.
  9. JuliusAakerlund

    A Warning to all that will listen.

    Matthew only knows that the Red Vaeyl means the descendants harm, luckily enough the White Vaeyl are on our side.
  10. JuliusAakerlund

    Decree of Abdication, 1682

    Robert approves the decision.
  11. JuliusAakerlund

    A Burning World ( OOC APP)

    [Champa Kingdoms Intensifies]
  12. JuliusAakerlund

    [Denied] Torky's FM App

    I fear for friends +1
  13. JuliusAakerlund

    [Community Review] Raids

    Not at all, but the point I was making is that raids and warfare are heavily favoured towards raiders as opposed to the settlements. This is something which would mean that a majority has less power to deal with a minority, in essence a lot of raiding basically comes down to if the raiders want to be good sports or not. If they want to ruin your RP and literally just stay around for months and harass your IRP they will and they can and there's nothing you cna do about it. IT's this sense of helplessness that has genuine RPers miffed about the situation, it's also the reason why a lot of these rules that can easily be abused aren't looked well upon.
  14. JuliusAakerlund

    [Community Review] Raids

    I mean that would be implying they haven't already moved all their loot already and the fact that making a new fort takes at most 2 hours for any decent raider group. I don't really think the comparison exists, especially when more conflict usually only benefits raiders.
  15. JuliusAakerlund

    [Community Review] Raids

    Historical arguments for a game such as Minecraft in how you are supposed to keep afloat a series of systems of fairness is nearly always redundant. When you say that siege weapons like siege ladders and rams were used in Raids historically you aren't wrong, yet historically there was hundreds of disadvantages to being a raider or mercenary. Nearly all of which are entirely non existant on LoTC, in real life raiders would be a vast minority and their equipment was not always but nearly always a great deal worse than that of the nation armies. There was an understanding between raiders/waymen/bandits and the state, that if they oversteped certain boundries (like attacking a city) they'd be rooted out. They'd be destroyed and killed and since in real life when you're dead the problem is solved, this allowed states to manage the amount of harassment they got against them on this front. Yet on LoTC none of these systems exists, you have endless lives, endless equipment and all of it is equal if not sometimes even skewed in the favour of raiders. If you warclaim a raider/mercenary group they can just make a new base, freebuild lets it happen with no problems at all. If they uphold honorary PK they can just make new characters and 95% of the time they won't PK. Yet when they kill anyone of stature on the other side they always want them to PK, raiders can focus down specific communities endlessly yet there is no punishment. Then you complain about the people that have no way to go against raiders trying to defend themselves by building walls, which mind you walls were quite literally an invention for that very same purpose. When it comes to your other points there can be arguments made in favour and against, but honestly keep the historical "accuracy" of warfare out of LoTC. If we were historically accurate then warfare would be really ******* boring and you'd need to have logistics divisions, armour divisions, supply trains, vast strategic planning, your state economy would take massive dips. Not to include the thousands of other parts to warfare. @Narthok TL:DR Minecraft is Minecraft not real life.