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  1. Thanks, story took some time to think up so I hope it's informative enough. Also nice one spotting me, I run about the road a lot at times. Y'know, usual thief behavior lol
  2. Bayek Valimar Details: Gender: Male Race: Human (Farfolk) Age: 20 Appearance: Dark-skinned. Is 5 ft. 9 in. tall. Has curly black hair and dark brown eyes. Is well-built from rigorous training. Has several unseen body scars. Skills: Strengths/Talents: Swift: Can run pretty fast - for a thief. Strong: Was vigorously trained, and is no pushover in strength Survivalist: Easily picks up on how to survive in foreign places. Archery: Was taught by bandits the basics of archery. Swordsman: Learned in wielding a blade. Sneaking: Is no stranger to being elusive. Weaknesses/Inabilities: Deep Scars: Has several battle-scars that are prone to ache when strained. Personality Traits: Positive: Solemn: Is deeply earnest and serious. Patient: Knows how to wait till the moment is right. Cunning: Know when and how to use good information. Intelligent: Is knowledgeable, can read and write. Optimist: Tends to see the bright side of situations. Practical: Is efficient and level-headed in serious situations, is a no-nonsense person. Merciful: Will spare a life if the occasion calls for it. Friendly: Is sociable, enjoys a good conversation Discreet: Knows when to keep information private. Negative: Fierce: If provoked, is inclined to react violently. Hard: Is difficult to deal with, control, or overcome. Hard-hearted. Idealistic: His thoughts and conduct is guided and influenced by his own ideals. Overambitious: Has strong desires for success. Overzealous: Intensely devoted to a cause. Sceptic: Is quick to question others. Troublemaker: Intentionally and unintentionally stirs up trouble. Biography: Born in 1626 on the 20th of the Grand Harvest, Bayek is a commoner hailing from a distant Farfolk settlement, having immigrated from the isles of Axios, seeking prosperity in the new land of Atlas. At a young age, his family was living their lives in poverty, earning money whatever way they could, and would put all there efforts into raising him as normally as possible. He was intelligent, and when he got older, around the age of 13, he soon realized the cause of his family's suffering was due to the nobles of his land, imposing harsh taxes on their people to further benefit themselves, and learned to hate said nobles despite the feigned compliments about them he'd heard from his parents. This unrelenting greed eventually killed his family, leaving him nothing as he became both orphaned and homeless. He then vowed to avenge his family and all those who suffer as he does, and to rob the rich to profit the poor, once he came of proper age. He wandered, for a while, resorting to petty thievery and scavenging to survive, until a a group a bandits came across him. Originally wishing to rob him, they saw him and pitied him, seeing the troubles he had endured. They made him into one of their own, and he was trained in the arts of thievery, combat, and survival for many vigorous years. At 18, he soon became one of their best, being both young and full of great potential. He then sought to fulfill his vow, and for 2 years he liberated many of the rich of their wealth, possessions, and, in some cases, their lives. Then tragedy stuck. As his party were about on a bridge preparing an ambush, they were routed and waylaid by company of soldiers patrolling the road. He only survived as he had been pushed into the river by one of his fellow bandits, and was swept downstream. He drifted, then, unconscious from blood loss from his wounds, when he was picked up by a riverboat crew passing by. Unaware of who he was, nor of the battle fought further upstream, they bandaged him and took him with them. He woke, and found he was at the coast, and a great gathering of ships were set there. There he learned that a new land called Atlas had been found, and was being quickly colonized by many noble folk. With his group slain, and nowhere else to go, he decided then to try his luck in this new land. There he hopes he can lead his own gathering to accomplish his goals.
  3. IRP Name: Turin Aldamir IGN: AndurilGames IRP Race: Farfolk Skype: Don't have one, Discord is AndurilGames (#9282) Time zone: US EST (Eastern Time)
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