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  1. Ajax ‘The Nut’ Ironwood stands in his GOLDEN painted armour. He hears of the loss of arguably one of his best friends and comrades as he compartmentalizes the loss. One could say this displeases the nut, others hear the distant sound of trees being felled by a blade. The man knows no rest.
  2. Amathion casts his old armour in the forge, making something new of it “The best are recast in fire. God forgive us”
  3. what if we say something meaningful to discussion and people get mad, though that was not the intent.
  4. I see it as pretty unjust. He’s my friend, even if our nations are at war.
  5. Amathion is proud to know even farmers learnedto read
  6. Amathion protests, speaking out about how the Duchess is a tyrannical human being of evil nature “How can a disarmed nation destroy a caravan? You’re insane!” He shreds the parchment in his fury of hearing of Pierce’s death
  7. +1 a community player, someone who would be great at policing people and moderating the game. if you don’t accept him the staff will perish!
  8. Amathion “Oldman” Ironwood rejoices in the new Emperor, though is sad that a great man has passed on. He raises a fist to his name.
  9. Lord Ironwood tears as many missives as he sees, cursing out. Cedromar is seen entering the latrine with a few of them!
  10. Cedromar remembers helping put the fire out
  11. Ajax

    Capace's Render Shop

    +1 great guy would work for art team. should be added to the team guys!!!!
  12. Ajax

    The Eagles Vigil

    Application RP: Name: Dimitri Age: 19 Affiliations, or Past Affiliations (IC, not OOC): None. Experience, if any: Mercenary work Place of Residence: None Are you willing to PK if the proper roleplay permits?: Yes OOC: MC Name: Ajax_Kingslayer Discord (For an invite): you have it Any questions or comments you may have: none
  13. ((I will never forget my contribution in the Great Lag battle of Haelun’or. you know you’ll see me there lounging when I can’t get rp anywhere else!))
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