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  1. -1 from me, you were a really cool dude but you are just so salty and immature when simple accidents happen, or when you lose, sorry pal.
  2. Ajax

    [W] MyLittleUnicorn's Game Moderator Application

    I trust Ali with managing a lot. Great help and great friend, I wish I could give +2, but its a +1 from me! ❤️
  3. Ajax

    The Caravan Company

    McName: Ajax_Manslayer Rp Name: Ser Magnus 'The Red Devil' Race: Heartlander Hometown: Arbor Duties that interest you: Soldiering, guarding, the basic guard rp no one likes. Discord: You have it.
  4. First Name: Magnus Surname: Ironwood Date of Birth: 1638 Order of Knighthood (Knight of the Realm, Royal Dragon, etcetera): Silver Knights of Arbor Epithet (Example: the Bold): The Red Devil; The Gallant Titles: Warden of the West Lands: N/A Knighted by: Baron Aragon Silversteed Liege Lord: Baron Aragon Silversteed Year of Accolade: 1656 OOC Username: Ajax_Manslayer Date of Knighting (if Possible):
  5. Ajax

    LOTC Is Full of Psychopaths, Sadists and Narcissists

    Stay Strong, brother
  6. ((They were with me last, sorry bro, did not know))
  7. "Your children, Belle, Theresa, and the two babes, are in my hold, friend, I suggest you hold your tongue while they still breathe"
  8. Laughs at the word Traitor and 'Bent the Knee' "We bent no knee to Curon, scum, and, I signed the Declaration in his place, I take full responsibility as acting Governor of Arbor. Might I add we protect your children, Thomas."
  9. Magnus reads it over as Governor of Arbor in his lord's place and sends a letter to HIS ROYAL MAJESTY "We raise our right hands to our hearts, Your Majesty."
  10. +1 great guy, always a good person to help with rp!
  11. Ajax

    An Open Letter to the People of Curon

    Magnus harks out, reading the letter "Keep Curon Great!"
  12. Ajax

    The Expedition

    -Application- IC Name: Ser Magnus 'The Red Devil' Race: Heartlander Nation: Arbor/Curon Any skills?: A Skilled knight of Arbor, has seen many battles in his time, a natural born leader and a great encouragement to everyone he wants to help. OOC Discord: You Have it Timezone: EST
  13. Ajax

    The fate Of Riviä

    The Aegis plants his blade in the snow, reading the letter "Alison, how you've changed......It seems material power has killed you, you were once a strong woman and now these ill times have made you what the world is going through; perhaps this is the fate of Atlas...." He Tears up the letter, lamenting in the snowfields
  14. Ajax

    [Denied]Dawsy's GM Application

    Good Man he is, +1 from me
  15. Ajax

    Condemnation of the terrorist attack at Human summit

    Magnus dons his holy garb, ready for a crusade "Deus Vult"