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  1. Ajax

    [Your View] Costs and Raids

    Let's make rp cost mina
  2. A young, battle-torn nobleman smokes a rose scented cigar and sweats in german.
  3. I can’t emote during talking ?
  4. Ajax


    You can’t do that, as the Rules state. Silversteeds already are a noble house, and I lead the family, as the last surviving member. the rules specifically state “ You cannot create a noble or royal character. “ for this purpose. If you wish to join the house, talk to me on discord @ Ajax#0050
  5. Solaire remembers being the first one to stand
  6. Ajax


    I'm the patriarch of house Silversteed and im also the last, who said you are a Silversteed?
  7. Ajax

    The King's Ultimatum

    "Good" solaire states as he approaches his homestead "they know why i sacrificed my life now". He lights a cigar, watching the Sun set.
  8. Solaire signs le letters “I like Pie”
  9. “I didn’t know Rentaus supported undead men” Solaire states as he recalls killing Alexander for treason
  10. Solaire mobilizes the Black-Legion “For Marna! For Arbor! For Curonia!”
  11. Solaire shakes his head as he douses his face with a rag, to cool his scars as they were irritated from the stressful Saint’s day. “May God have mercy on us....” He would state, muttering silent prayers to himself.
  12. Ajax

    Unfair Bans?

    although 11th can be a bit much, he told me he has not touched anything lotc related since his ban; sure he has had influence with people but that’s different. He’s not someone to normally challenge authority to get **** extended
  13. Solaire Affixes his coat of arms and signature to the letters, affirming his vassalage to Curonia
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