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  1. I see it as pretty unjust. He’s my friend, even if our nations are at war.
  2. Amathion wonders which Councillors wrote this.
  3. Amathion cheers. He can’t wait for some spurs
  4. Amathion is proud to know even farmers learnedto read
  5. Amathion laughs “I just wanted some ******* chickens”
  6. Amathion protests, speaking out about how the Duchess is a tyrannical human being of evil nature “How can a disarmed nation destroy a caravan? You’re insane!” He shreds the parchment in his fury of hearing of Pierce’s death
  7. Amathion draws his silver longsword, slashing at anything he could, save people. His fury would be shown to all those who spectated; the older looking man clearly is not as aged as he appeared.
  8. +1 a community player, someone who would be great at policing people and moderating the game. if you don’t accept him the staff will perish!
  9. Amathion “Oldman” Ironwood rejoices in the new Emperor, though is sad that a great man has passed on. He raises a fist to his name.
  10. Amathion remembers reading about how he grabbed a peasant’s ass “Criminal Scum....No body breaks the law on my watch....” He grumbles, wishing he could arrest the man
  11. RP Name: Amathion Ironwood Username: Ajax_Kingslayer Discord: Ajax#0050
  12. Lord Ironwood tears as many missives as he sees, cursing out. Cedromar is seen entering the latrine with a few of them!
  13. Cedromar laughs “******* valah”
  14. Cedromar remembers helping put the fire out
  15. Ajax

    Capace's Render Shop

    +1 great guy would work for art team. should be added to the team guys!!!!
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