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  1. Ajax

    Third Alcalde Announced !!

    Reynauld would look to Augustin, offering a hand behind his helmed appeared “Good show, chap”
  2. Ajax

    Ducal Writ of Abdication

    Says someone who never showed up to war claims
  3. Ajax

    Ducal Writ of Abdication

    Twenty five years ago, Lord Arthas Silversteed, the Duke of Umbra, and Lord Wilhem Devereux, the Duke of Curon, united their duchies in an eternal bond, swearing to uphold one another’s cultures, lands, and titles. As Lord Wilhelm rose, the two Duchies grew closer and closer, eventually resulting in the diplomatic annexation of Umbra by Curon, through regency. Years later, I, Lord Reynauld of House Silversteed, Count of Arbor and rightful Duke of Umbra returned, pledging my allegiance to Curon and Lord Wilhelm for protecting the Arborians in my absence. But for a Duke to serve as a vassal of a Duke violates the nature of the lord and vassal agreement. Thus, I gladly and willingly abdicate the Ducal throne of Umbra to his grace, the Duke of Curon, now the Duke of Curon and Umbra. Signed, Ser Reynauld Silversteed, Count of Arbor
  4. Ajax

    Curon Freedom Festival

    Ser Reynauld reads this after coming back from his sea venture, nearly vomiting at this “Vile.”
  5. Ajax

    [Rewrite] Necromancy, Fourth Generation.

    gib dark stalkers. my pee pee is hurt because of it ;-;
  6. Ajax

    [Rewrite] Necromancy, Fourth Generation.

    -1 no darkstalker
  7. Ajax

    Alcalde Speeches

    Reynauld would send a letter from his ship, the Curonia, with his Black Eagle stating his intentions to run for a second term.
  8. “Long live the Kardarsi, long live Ibraheem!” Reynauld shouts out ((out of all seriousness, the kardarsi are like a second branch of friends I made on this server, some of the greatest minds on the server live within this “INACTIVE” nation. Bullshit. Give them land already. I love you.)) +1
  9. +1 luv is lovely. Give +1 or die.
  10. Ajax

    Revival of the Global Assembly

    Reynauld notices his grandfather in the paintings “Oh cool it’s my gramps, Ajax. I’d join this ****.”
  11. Ajax

    [Denied] Bluee's Forum Moderator Application

    +1 this man or else I will falcon punch you all. BLUEEEEEEE for FM or else. He is a smart and nice man; does great events and helps me out with issues all the time. Good man. Would +2 if I am allowed.
  12. Ajax

    First Letter to Parliament

    Reynauld booms his voice throughout Curon “We must save the bees my fellow men; for; bees are our friends; unlike wasps!. The duke calls for a conservation of not only bees, but a way of life for farmers!.”
  13. Ajax

    A Dragon’s Journey

    Reynauld would feel at loss; not being able to be knighted by the Emperor; and at the fact that his hero growing up is leaving.
  14. Ajax

    Out With The Old

    Reynauld Weeps for the old man “Too Damn soon. They took one of the best men of the Church from us today.”
  15. Ajax


    Thoughts and prayers are with you; I’d love to play runescape however I; much like some have said; cannot touch that game anymore. It is lovely yes; but in prior years is when I consider myself a runescaper. I hope to God that you get well; and will keep you in my list of prayers for the night. God bless you, and have a wonderful adventure we call life! If you so chose to message me on discord, I am Ajax#0050.