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  1. Ajax

    The Grand Reopening of Arbor

    Reynauld reads the missive on his door "I'm sure uncle would be happy about this..." He continues on his path as he closes his visit.
  2. In Character Information: Name – Ajax Ironwood II Current residence – The City Age - 98 Out of character information Ign: Ajax_Manslayer Discord: Ajax#0050
  3. Ajax

    L0rdT0mas's Event Team Actor application

    +1 if not more. Tommy was one of the main reasons I stayed on LOTC for so long and had some feuds rply with other nations. Seeing him go green would mean a lot; sure RP was not always present when he would rp; IE there may not have been something to do; but he’d try to get something going whether it would be asking an ET to go hunting or just tavern rp. I feel as if Tommy boy got ET he would make for some Events that people could enjoy. I would consider him greatly; He’s a good man with a good heart. He knows what people expect out of LOTC and how to deliver.
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    County Of Cyrilsburg

    Ser Ajax recalls his time in the brigade during the Czena Conflict.
  5. Ajax

    All Hallows Eve

    “I believe the Purifiers shall aid in this Harvesting season. It would be a shame to have such a nice head on our shoulders and not put it to the fields.” Magnus says after helping post one of the missives in the Western Keep.
  6. THE HOLY ORDER OF PURIFIERS Wrath of the Father A painting depicting The Purifiers raid on a tainted coastal settlement. Circa; 1625. “I speak as Thoromir, no doubt a name unknown to many if not all. But through me, I spread the word of the Lord.” ~Book of Ramblings : Thoromir : 15 - 16 The Duties of the Order The Purifiers serve as the militant branch of the Red Faith. Hunting down apostates and heretics on behalf of the All Father and his Prelates. The Purifiers serve as the fist of the Faith, with the Lord Purifier at the helm. As the fist, the Order is charged with organizing and leading the various martial missions of the faith. Be it a holy crusade, the tracking of a tainted soul or the giving the Father’s Mercy. The Brothers of the Purifying Order devote their lives to pursuing the Unworthy, those with tainted souls who have turned their eyes away from the light. They are sent forth as hounds of war, doggedly pursuing the enemies of the Hearth and the Father. They interpret the Red Scrolls literally and serve the martial interests of the Red Faith. The duties of the Purifiers are primarily concerned with hunting down and purifying various unworthy creatures. Be it those unworthy of body, mind or soul. In addition to this the Purifiers serve as the primary defenders of the faith. In fulfillment of this duty the Purifiers serve as the garrisons of the various Temples of the All Father while also escorting Pilgrims and Heralds about their tasks. Though a very rare aspect of their order the Lord Purifier and his warriors are expected to organize and lead conquests of the faith. During the rare event of a crusade Purifiers are expected to serve as virtuous examples to the rest of the faithful both in their martial skill and vigor on the field of battle. “Tolerance is Cowardice. Suffer no Evil.” ~Book of Mission : The Code : 1 RANKING The hierarchy that binds all, and brings together order throughout the Purifiers. Ranks of Ordermen Lord Purifier The Lord Purifier is one of the penultimate servants of the All Father. An ancient veteran, having spent a lifetime leading the battle against heresy, apostasy, daemons and the tainted. The martial burdens of the High Hearth rest entirely upon their broad shoulders. The Lord Purifier is answerable only to the High Chieftain of The Herald’s Blood and the Patriarch Himself. Executing the day to day administrations of the Faith Militant and ensuring any hints of rot, heresy or wytchcraft are stamped out immediately and without mercy. Zealot The Zealots of the Order are the revered band of Veterans. Grizzled and experienced warriors to a man who have survived the rigours of serving the All Father. Their entirely lives consumed with a religious ecstasy and fervor, the veteran Zealots of the Order serve to lead their greener brothers in their daily affairs and into battle. It is also from the ranks of the Zealots that the specialists of the order are drawn. With the inquisitors, armorers, chroniclers, Chaplains and Torch Bearers being drawn from their venerable ranks. Hearth-Brother / Sister The Brothers and Sisters are those who have taken the leap of Faith and dedicated their entire lives to the service of the All Father’s Grand Purpose. Having engaged in endless hours of drilling, study and service as Neophytes the Brother is inducted into the Order proper. They shall take a holy oath permanently dedicating themselves to the All Father. Once they have done so they will be reappointed into the faith, born anew in the service of the All Father. One cannot take the holy oath until they have been released from all other Oaths with the exclusion of their marriage oath. Neophyte The Neophytes occupy the lowest rank in the Purifiers. They consist of the various assortments of Freemen, Oathed men and low Gentry seeking to join the Order. To be inducted into the Order as a Neophyte one must display a knowledge of the faith by publishing a series of written works about the Hearth and the Scriptures. Ones they have done so to a degree that Satisfies the Lord Purifier or the Keepers then an aspiring Purifier will be inducted as a Neophyte. Ranks of Specialty Zealot Inquisitor To serve as an Inquisitor one must satisfy two criteria. Firstly, one must have no regard for their own lives, for they will almost certainly fall pursuing their duty. Secondly the Inquisitor must be well learned in matters of witchery and beastcraft. Only they are granted access to the most forbidden depths of the Order chronicles that they may learn how to go forth and cut out the rot of the mortal plane. Inquisitors thus pursue their special charge, hunting down apostates, heretics and rooting out any inklings of Demonry or Wytchcraft. Upon finding them if they are unable to purify the taint themselves they shall summon the full might of the Order. Lest the cancer be allowed to grow. Inquisitors are elite Veterans who have specialized their training to the end of hunting Wytches and Fighting Demons. They will often bear blades of slayer steel and arbalests tipped with the same, employing a variety of devilish tools to bring down their devil spawned prey. Valkyrie Wives of the All Father, these holy women dedicate themselves to the service of the All Father. They forgo children or husbands and dedicate their lives entirely to spreading the faith, healing wounded ordermen and fighting the Father’s battles. Along with their vows of eternal dedication they also take vows of chastity upon their initiation into the Order proper. Valkyrie are revered, having forgone the ultimate blessing of a family to serve the greater good of the All Father’s Grand Purpose. Zealot Chaplain Veterans of the Order who have dedicated their lives to the study of the prophets and the wisdom of the All Father. These venerated individuals wade into battle as properly ordained priests of the Hearth. They equip themselves in the full regalia of battle and forge their Flamebrands into great and terrifying weapons of war. Each is equipped with a great tome of scripture, bound in a cover of thick leather and iron. In the midst of battle the Zealot Chaplain will preach to his brethren igniting their religious fervor and raising them to even higher highs of ferocity. Zealot Armorer The exploits of the Purifiers require adequate arms and armours to properly carry out their tasks. Thus a Zealot is assigned to acquire and distribute the proper equipment to the various Ordermen. Ensuring that the Order always has an adequate stock of equipment and that it is kept to a proper standard of maintenance. While not as glamorous as the other specialized offices it is far more important in supporting the mission of the Order. Torch Bearer During large scale missions and pitched battles the Brotherhood will make their presence known by bearing the massive Holy Flamebrand of the Order into battle. An immense length of wood topped by a cage containing the Holy Hearth Fire of the Order. Thus is a high honour and a great burden to bear this responsibility. Generally the Torch Bearer is the strongest most adept warrior of the entire Order, as losing the Flamebrand would be a grievous sin in the eyes of the Faith and a great dishonour upon the Order proper. Zealot Chronicler Generally the Chronicler is the most elderly of the Order, perhaps bordering on infirmity. These elderly Ordermen fill their final years of service by collecting the histories of the faith, the Order and the Children of the All Father in general. They gather all the information they can acquire and file it in the grand library of the Order. But of their duties the most serious is compiling and safeguarding the forbidden lore of the Father’s enemies. Ensuring the Order will be adequately informed as to repulse and purify any such beings they may end up encountering again. Zealot Paladin Those few Brothers who join the Order, entering as Thanes or Nobles of their own right are rendered Zealot Paladins upon reaching the rank of Zealot. These renowned warriors of higher blood are the cream of the Order, having spent their entire childhoods being trained by their elders for their role in leading the fyrd into battle. The Zealot Paladin often wades into battle in the full plate vestments provided by their family. Repainted to display the regalia of the All Father. However it is tradition for the right pauldron of one’s equipment to retain the colours of one’s clan. That all may see how pious the clan is to send one of their greatest sons to serve the All Father. Eschewing the subterfuge of the Inquisitor the Paladin prefers to lead from the front, meeting their foes head on in a contest of skill and strength. Paladins may style themselves as Sir, bearing the same status as the secular thanes of the realm. Badges of Acclaim Mark of Bjorn An award granted to those valiant individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty in the service of the All Father. Generally granted for extreme valor in the face of overwhelming odds. The acclaim would take the form of a small sword pin to be attached to the cape or forged onto the breastplate. Sigil of Thoromir An award generally given to those individuals who have repulsed a siege upon a Fatherist fortress or settlement. This acclaim takes the form of a small hammer pin which is to be attached to the cape or forged onto the breastplate. Badge of Eirik The Badge of Eirik is granted to a select few Zealots. The reasons behind it are entirely unknown. It takes the form of a small open eye wrought of iron. It serves as a cape brooch. The Red Scar The Red Scar is granted to those Ordermen who earn their scars in the service of the All Father. Granted to those individuals that sustain grievous wounds in the service of the All Father. The men of the Order bear this badge proudly upon their breast as a symbol of ultimate dedication to the Grand Purpose, willing to go to any lengths to serve the Grand Purpose. Those who have earned the Red Scar will add a single red teardrop to their cuirass. It is possible to earn multiple Red Scars at the discretion of the Lord Purifier. The Crimson Fist The Crimson Fist is a very rare and highly sought after honour amongst the Order. Granted only to the select few who have managed to slay a foul demon. Its presence is almost never seen amongst the ranks of the Order. But those who have earned it bear the Badge upon their breast proudly. The badge takes the form of a long Iron pidge with a flattened pommel taking the shape of a fist, painted in red. The White Skull The white skull is the only honour of the Order that can only be earned posthumously. When a Brother of the Order falls in battle, in glorious service of the All Father and the High Hearth. Only then are they conferred the revered honour of the White Skull. A badge carved from the salt bleached driftwood into the shape of a skull. This badge is placed upon the Funeral Pyre of the recipient prior to their cremation. That the Father may know that its bearer was an individual of the greatest valour. The Purifiers Flame An embellished badge of iron and flame to be pinned upon the breast. This badge is granted to those who have granted the Father’s Mercy to a Wytch, a Demon or an Apostate. “The Father comes as a light of salvation to those of us wandering blind in the dark.” ~Book of the Dawning : The Breaking Light : 1 - 2 Provisions and Conduct of Ordermen The Seven Tenets of the Purifier’s Code TENET I Ye shall keep faith with the Father TENET II Ye shall be a Bulwark to the Faithful TENET III Ye shall not steal TENET IV Ye shall spread the Father’s Flame TENET V Ye shall honour the Hearth and its servants TENET VI Ye shall hold the Father’s name sacred TENET VII Ye shall shun the heretic “His progress slowed by the foul demons of cold and wind. He cried out in despair, for his life was all but spent, and his people starved and cold gazed calmly at the gaping maw of death.” ~Book of Mission : TFSTT : 2 -3 Traditions of the Faith Militant The Faith Militant of the All Father have a long and varied history. Their origins centuries ago retaining the brutal primitive roots of the Highland tribes. A time of vengeance and wrath where men were consumed with holy fire and purifying the world. Times have changed, centuries have past. Yet there are some traditions that remain strong amongst the many varieties of Fatherist holy orders and brotherhoods. The Anointing Upon induction into the ranks of the Purifiers a Brother of the Order is born anew in the service of the All Father. In the days of yore aspirants were doused in the blood of a prime bull, alerting the Father of their entrance into his service. In respecting the traditions of old the inducting Keeper shall anoint the Neophytes with blessed oils before inducting them into the Father’s service with the witness of their Flamebrand. At this moment some particularly penitent aspirants will choose to take on an entirely new name to symbolize their new identity before the All Father. This anointing cuts all prior ties as one has dedicated themselves entirely to the All Father. However some particularly bonded clanfolk have been known to retain their extensive clan ties at no detriment to their service. The Send Off Upon the expiration of an Orderman an elaborate ceremony is conducted to send the soul of the fallen to the arms of the All Father in full glory. The fallen brother is wrapped in a shroud and placed in a coffin. The coffin is carried to a grand pyre, decorated with the possessions and acclaims the fallen had earned during their life. The coffin is placed atop then the whole pyre is lit on fire. Each of the fallen’s friends say a brief farewell before leaving a gift. Once this has been completed a priest will send the man’s soul off to the beyond, beseech the Father to save the fallen’s soul from the Abyss. “A man without faith is as a ship with no sail, rocking aimlessly on a stormy sea as he fruitlessly attempts to navigate the treacherous waters of life.3 I cannot, for the life of me feel anything but pity for those poor souls so inflicted.4 Those that do not hold the light of faith within their hearts must surely live dark and horrid lives.” The Fel : TTOTBM : 3 - 5
  7. On Life As the scrolls tell us, menfolk came from what some perceive to be clay body’s with souls of fire. What could this actually mean? For one, it could simply mean the bodies were inept and not ready to take the land for which the All-Father gave. With their new bodies, the first men not only had the fire inside of them as their soul; but their body was filled with it. As one who has seen combat firsthand; I have felt the warmth of blood and can agree that the flesh of today is quite literally filled with the fire of the soul. The thing that could not be left being however is the sin of the old body; and whatever else lies beyond. To be alive is to be an All-Fatherist; as the flames from the Ashen tree personifies what it means to be faithful. With life, of course, comes death; with fire, comes water. Water extinguishes flame, and creates an everlasting darkness within all; this could allude to the darkness of the night. The Flame of man will never end; even in war it is remembered. What Thoromir taught us; Endure. -Initiate Magnus Ironwood
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    Jewitch's Lore Moderator Application

    Is it possible to +2?
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    Holy Ser Martin Reads this and cries tears of true sadness
  10. PAUPERES COMMILITONES SANCTI PETRI Order of Saint Peter Saint Peter Patron Saint of Order and Victory Circa 1400s SECTION I - PREFACE SECTION II - HISTORY SECTION III - IDEOLOGY SECTION IV - FORMATION SECTION V - OATHS SECTION VI - RECORDS SECTION VII - PATRONS SECTION VIII - SACRED TRIALS PREFACE “Thou shalt not lie idle or inactive, nor forget thy duties in favor of sloth” -Horen 4:4 Throughout the History of the Holy Mother Church, there have been numerable Holy Orders. All founded with the singular purpose to Uphold GOD’s Virtues, and Protect the Canon, the Clergy, and the Flock of GOD. It is with this intent, that countless souls have been safe guarded, or snuffed out, and it is with this intent that men of great faith in GOD have once again come together, to stand as Brothers-In-Arms in defense of the Faith, as the Holy Order of Saint Peter. HISTORY At the turning of the Golden age of the Monastics which had been fostered and astutely guided by High Pontiff Jude I, the Holy Sisterhood of Blessed Catherine and the Holy Order of Saint Lucien began to dwindle amongst the flock of GOD. Their works and service to the Holy Mother Church waning until their eventual dissolution, with their presence being entirely removed from the great flocks consciousness in the year 1665, with the death of the honourable Grand Master Rakim Yar of the Order of Saint Lucien. In the years shortly preceding, and following the absence of these once great and expansive Orders, the whole of Humanity was left with a very real and deep seated yearning for their works to be continued. Thus, it was only natural that in the immediate interim, within this great vacancy, came rise to Orders of men seeking to carry on their great works. Most notably an Inquisitorial body which had once served the Church in a menial capacity alongside the Holy Order of Saint Lucien came to prominence within the world, as well as others such as the undesirable ‘Red Men’ to which many Canonist felt reservations towards, and the men known as the ‘Chantry’. It was then, through the lack of a strong, willful, and united Canonist ideal, that rot began to appear within the once immensely devout lands of Humanity. The first most tangible sign of the fruits which were born to this laxity came with the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, whereby the once High Pontiff Clement III, though with usage of his given name Jack Amador through his writings after his resignation of the Pontificate, along with Anselm Gerhard spun vile and twisted disgraces to the Pontificate and Holy Mother Church. Their actions and teachings spreading across the whole of the Kingdom and tainting it wholly with impurity leading to their own and the Kingdoms Excommunication within the Second Golden Bull of Saint Judeburg in the year 1662. The second most tangible sign of these same fruits came with the signing of Lay Investiture into the Law of the Duchy of Adria. The two councillors, Broos Wellis and Sabo Gradic, being cast from the light of GOD through the Excommunication Writ of 1669 for overstepping the authority of the Pontificate in the election of Diocesan Bishops and Priests. It is with this backdrop of religious decay that Holy Ser Martin Ironwood, the so called ‘Bread Saint’, saw it most evident to bring order back to the good world through service to GOD once more. Thus, reigniting the fervor of Faith to rekindle the embers of the Faith Militant through anewed and unquestioning devotion. Through this iron resolve, men from across the Canonist world would come to his simple call and form the Order of Saint Peter to which his patronage of Order and Victory called forth images of the countless triumphs of GOD over the sinful, and unbeliever alike. Through this great resurgence of the Faithful to once again bear arms for no Lord but The Lord GOD has the Order of Saint Peter been graced by High Pontiff Siegmund I as the Holy Order of Saint Peter, in the blessed year 1683. Their service being marked for the spreading, maintaining, and defending of the Light of God throughout His world by might and proselytism. IDEOLOGY The Order of Saint Peter, from their undying loyalty, to Church, and the Lord. To their bravest of hearts and will so they may withstand against evil. The Order of Saint Peter is to be known for their faith and loyalty to their brethren of the all mighty God. Their mission is of holy significance, for they serve as the sword of the faith, the protectors of all Canonist folk. One must be of pure heart to serve such a valuable mission, one must work with humility for those who seek with greed will only be left with less in the end, one must be able to abandon their worldly desires and devote themselves, for their wealth in the Seven Skies will be of more importance, one must be virtuous and follow the virtues delivered to us by the Exalted Horen with passion, thus he is to not stray from the path of righteousness. It is of the utmost importance their braveness and will must be as strong as their passion towards God, for to be appalled in the sight of their enemies is not an option. DRESS The Order of Saint Peter keeps a strict uniform regulation as to keep the order in regularity and formality. They keep the uniforms simple as to display their humbleness and their non interest in the worldly desires. The Proselyte being the first of the ranks is provided with a standard hauberk underneath their white tabard. They are given black gloves, a helmet, leather boots and their significant green cape finally on top fit for colder environments. The Armsmen are mostly equipped with the same following hauberk, boots, helmet and the gloves but their tabard is decorated with green and white. The Armigers are given a hauberk, the green and white tabard, a helmet, gloves and boots and an additionally a plate armor for their chest area as their name suggests they shall be involved in situations with the need of added protection. Squires of Saint Peter share a similar armor with the Armiger but additionally they receive a gauntlet and plate armor for their arms and shoulders. The Kngight of Saint Peter is given the same set with additional reinforcements to various parts of the body for added protection and for their worth while also receiving white crosses on their tabard. The Honored Knights of Saint Peter have a similar uniform to standard Knights of Saint Peter, but also receive a single golden cross on their tabard signifying their authority while the Standard-Bearer has a golden cross embedded on his tabard instead of white and a full plate armor representing his superior authority and being second in command of the Order. And lastly the Grand master wearing a full plate armor with gold linings on shoulder plates with the final addition of a navy blue sash denoting his supreme authority within the Order of Saint Peter. HIERARCHY Knighthood Grand Master - The Grand Master is the hierarchal head of the Order of Saint Peter, elected by his brother Knights, and answerable to the High Pontiff. He is the guiding hand, the unbreakable courage, and the brutal force from which all deeds of the Order of Saint Peter derive. Through his will, the Order persists. Standard-Bearer of Saint Peter - The Standard-Bearer of the Order of Saint Peter is perhaps the most staunch in his Faith and able in his martial ability. The Knight who bears this honorific stands as a testament to the dedication, resolve, perseverance, and sacrifice that the Order demands of any who would carry its banner into the fray, and a prime example of the Knighthood for the Faithful, Squires, and even Brother Knights who stand alongside him. Honoured Knight of Saint Peter - Those men who bare the weight and accomplishments of upholding GOD’s will and creed through deeds of great renown create the Brotherhood of the Honorific Knighthood. Each man who carries this title is of immense moral character, and is a pillar from which the Order draws its strength. Knight of St. Peter - A Knight of Saint Peter is a man who has fully and completely embraced the teachings of the Holy Mother Church, and has sought out the virtues of Saint Peter through his deeds. Each Knight stands not for himself, nor his brothers-in-arms, but as the sword and shield of the Faithful who bare none of their own. Squire - A Squire is a man dedicated to the service of the Order of Saint Peter through his training beneath a Knight. He is formed and molded through both martial, and virtuous lessons into a man worthy of bearing the Cross in defense of the Faith. Men-At-Arms Armiger - The Armiger is a man entrusted with the full heraldic emblem of the Order of Saint Peter. His station being elevated above that of his fellow Armsmen, through diligent service, he awaits a knight to foster him into the Order through squireship. Armsmen - The Armsman is the backbone of the Order of Saint Peters unknighted fellowship, and are bestowed the privilege of bearing the Orders insignia upon their person. Their martial skill and faithful devotion being the hallmark of their position. Proselyte - The newest man to devote himself to the service of GOD through the Order of Saint Peter, the Proselyte is the uninitiated and untested blood. Through training, and teaching do these men gain the prominents necessary to be called Armsemen. OATHS ☩To defend the faithful with self☩ ☩Refrain from owning a dwelling☩ ☩Refrain from becoming inebriate☩ ☩To never falter in GOD’s name☩ ☩Do not cave to insult☩ ☩To Master thee Self☩ THE TRIALS These sacred Trials are what separate the Faith Militant, from the Holy Ser. Those few who have passed these trials are to be granted the ashes of a Saint to be in their safekeeping. Duly anointed, these ashen Holy Knights are the virtuous servants of GOD the ALMIGHTY. ☩FIRST TRIAL☩ The Trial of Faith - It is known that, through great effort and dedication, one may improve themselves and embrace that which is considered humbling. It is with this ideal, that those aspirants who wish to dawn the frock of the Order of Saint Peter take upon themselves the Grand Pilgrimage. Through dedicated and methodical marching alone in a world of many, the Aspirant realizes that although he is of the almighty God’s world, he is apart from its sinful and selfish ways so long as he follows the path of GOD. ☩SECOND TRIAL☩ Trial of Charity- The Knights within the Order of Saint Peter have given themselves to the people of God and his church, and the aspirants do this by helping fellow church goers. Charity upholds the ideal to give to the faithful so that they may prosper, when giving charity one solidifies one own treasure in the skies themselves, strengthens your own faith with the faithful among you and in death. ☩THIRD TRIAL☩ Trial of Temperance- With the lessons given to us, the Faithful of GOD, through His works and His word we acknowledge that we live in a world of iniquity and impurity compared to that envisioned in the seven skies. Thus, it is paramount that the Knights of Saint Peter do not stray from His path through the lusts of man for the Carnal desires which surround us. It is with restraint, and self discipline that the Knights of Saint Peter withhold themselves so that, through Faith, they may rise to a more enlightened place among GOD’s flock. ☩FOURTH TRIAL☩ Trial of Diligence- Through careful adherence to the principles of the Faith, through the teachings, scriptures, and lessons passed down through the Holy Mother Church and unwavering commitment to them, the Knights of Saint Peter strive for thoroughness within the application of these teachings in their lives. It is with this ideal that the Aspirants set themselves apart from others, allowing the Holiness of GOD into themselves through great and small works alike. ☩FIFTH TRIAL☩ Trial of Patience- In the Seven Skies, there is no sense of urgency. An understanding of patience and prayer will allow the Knights of Saint Peter to reconcile the difference between GOD’s time, and their personal time. Time should not be devoted to waiting on GOD to deliver us, but rather time praying that His perfect will be done at any time he chooses. When those considered for the knightship have peace with God, they may also find peace with themselves. It’s through self-reflection that they will isolate themselves from sinful tendencies by bridging the gap to a better understanding of emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. ☩SIXTH TRIAL☩ Trial of Humility- Pride has terrible consequences; humility brings blessings. The Knights of Saint Peter are servants beyond all things to Our Creator. A servant should not expect earthly riches, fancy titles, or even a pat on the back. In comparison to Our Creator, GOD, our righteousness is filthy rags. Only when a candidate for the knightship renounces positive reinforcement and ego will they fully fit the part of a servant of GOD. Self-reflection is not only needed to achieve a high level of patience, but also to become completely humble. When we recognize our sin, greed, impatience, and our Lilliputian status, we will finally be shaped into the warrior The Creator requires us to be. Application To those faithful who wish to stand with the all mighty GOD and the Church, we welcome you, pious men with open arms. Though it is no minor thing to pledge yourself thusly, know that Salvation awaits all who serve true in the almighty GOD's holy name. Seek out or send bird to; Standard-Bearer James Kowacz or Grandmaster Martin Ironwood with your name, gender, age, race, and a little about why you wish to commit yourself to this holy path. Those of you who seek to defile the Canon, flee. There shall be no salvation for any man, elf, dwarf, orc, or what the abyss spits out that deigns to transgress GOD’s Chosen. To apply now please give: IC Name: IC Reason for Joining: IC Experience: IC Age: Previous Allegiance: Discord: (Optional) OOC Name: OOC Age: Comments,Concerns,Questions?:
  11. Ajax

    With love, from Knox.

    God Bless you, man. I hope your life continues to be a wonderful one, may God light your path. o7
  12. Ajax

    The Ironwood Armada

    Ajax Ironwood II ponders this "Hey, I'm an Ironwood, thanks for naming a fleet after me!" The Imperial knight continues on his way after placing third in a tournament, following Ser Seth, and Alder, the champion of the tourney.
  13. Ajax


    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Ser Magnus Silversteed Age: 49 Knighted By: Duke Aragon Silversteed Moniker: 'The Dragon of Arbor' Liege Lord: Arthos Silversteed (When of Age) Lands: N/A Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Aye Coat of Arms: N/A Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Ser Ajax Ironwood II Age: 90 Knighted By: King Avalon Silversteed of Old Arbor Moniker: 'Golden Eye' Liege Lord: Arthos Silversteed (When of Age) Lands: Eastern Mountains of Umbra Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: O' Fuckin course mate Coat of Arms: https://rpg.uplink.fi/heraldry/render.php?type=coa&coa=a:12:{s:8:"mantling";s:2:"or";s:7:"lineing";s:5:"azure";s:5:"field";s:5:"azure";s:7:"charges";a:1:{i:0;a:8:{s:5:"angle";s:1:"0";s:3:"pos";s:1:"5";s:4:"size";s:1:"0";s:2:"cg";s:4:"tree";s:7:"heading";s:1:"0";s:9:"variation";s:1:"9";s:4:"base";s:6:"argent";s:7:"details";a:1:{s:6:"leaved";s:6:"argent";}}}s:8:"division";s:0:"";s:7:"divline";s:0:"";s:7:"divcol1";s:6:"argent";s:7:"divcol2";s:0:"";s:4:"name";s:14:"House Ironwood";s:2:"gr";s:0:"";s:6:"banner";s:18:"Domus Ferrealignum";s:10:"ordinaries";a:1:{i:0;a:2:{s:2:"tp";s:4:"bend";s:3:"col";s:6:"argent";}}}&format=png
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    Arbor's housing papers

    MC NAME:Ajax_ Manslayer RP NAME: Magnus Silversteed Number of adults (including yourself) who live in your home:1 Number of children who live in your home:0(?) Are you planning to have more people living in your home in the near future (state how many adults and children if so):nope
  15. I give him a solid +1, most people write him off with 'he's a reiver' but honestly, great guy oocly, makes sure the salt levels are down, great GREAT rp man, I loved the small duels which were sadly ruined in rp with pvp, but I think Mister MC can agree with me, it takes skill to rp a duel correctly. Most Rp combat with him is wonderful, I think he can do it!