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  1. Ajax

    Capace's Render Shop

    +1 great guy would work for art team. should be added to the team guys!!!!
  2. Application RP: Name: Dimitri Age: 19 Affiliations, or Past Affiliations (IC, not OOC): None. Experience, if any: Mercenary work Place of Residence: None Are you willing to PK if the proper roleplay permits?: Yes OOC: MC Name: Ajax_Kingslayer Discord (For an invite): you have it Any questions or comments you may have: none
  3. ((I will never forget my contribution in the Great Lag battle of Haelun’or. you know you’ll see me there lounging when I can’t get rp anywhere else!))
  4. ((AH))
  5. “Every tale ends with sadness Flora, no knight’s tales end happily ever after” The night was cool, on the sixteenth of Snow’s Maiden, 1728. The wind howled in the far north, and an old wandering knight patrolled the road, looking for something. That something, was a long awaited battle with a fellow man of honor; a man who’s blood boiled proudly under the right circumstances. These two men, as fate would have it, would meet up as they both traveled opposite directions; on a road less traveled. The first man, an olden knight by the name of Ironwood, and the second, by the name of Gawain Harkness; roughly a century before this meeting their ancestors fought an eternal battle that was left unsettled. These two men, however, had a choice. would they end the feud, or would they leave it unanswered? Ajax Ironwood the third’s tale would be a long and mostly boring tale of a man born from a knight and a noblewoman, in the year of our lord 1666. His upbringing was ended abruptly at the disappearance of his mother and father, leading him to be taken care of by mercenaries. Once he could wield a blade, he trained from that point on to be what he saw his father to be; a strong and gallant knight. At about the age of fifteen, his mercenary band moved to the north of the realm, and took in more orphans. Ajax found himself leading these orphans like a big brother; something he was also neglected of, as prior to his knowledge, his brothers were taken from him due to war. Ten years passed, and Ajax found himself leading the orphans to what was known as the ‘Iron Brigade’. This would be, however, Ajax’s first downfall. The Brigade was seasoned; ready and willing. The soldiers he had known to be brothers, uncles and friends were ready for battle; which they were victorious at. Many victories later, and their first, and final, loss was had. At the command of the ‘Iron Lord’, the brigadiers charged into an enemy shield wall; an outdated formation that was easy to destroy with head on assaults. Despite this, the enemy brigands countered the brigade’s charge, slaughtering half of the brigade in the process. A full retreat was on, but only one man survived; that man bearing the burden of defeat and loss on his shoulders. Not only did he lose his brothers in arms, but he lost a wife, and child. It was unclear to him if they escaped, or had died; and that unknowing would eat away at him for his entire life. Time would test the young man; and he found himself in a knightly troupe; as a squire. Unable to bear the burden of battle; he would do tasks for the assigned knight that seemed unremarkable; such as smiting from dawn to dusk; as well as maintaining the steeds. The young, defeated Ajax would eventually rise to knighthood under proper guidance; however the man who knighted him would soon find himself dead; due to a foolish war between family. Despite many failures and horrid things happening to the young man, he survived countless years until he came home to Avalain. He had not seen the city in almost his entire life; he had family that was adopted by his now deceased older brother, and to what he knew, a lover, in Warwick castle. A knight only did indeed, know how to love another knight. Dame Diana would be the only person Ajax kept dearly in his heart, aside from his niece Flora. All seemed well, until that current family of his started to hate him; Flora and Diana being the only two who remained at his side. This would turn the man’s blade in service to King Pierce, a noble and loving king who was a paragon of true virtue and honesty. He never had much dislike for the king, and would have given his own life for His Majesty. One thing recovered from Ajax’s body was a Curonian pin; it was engraved with the Devereux crest. Ajax kept true to an oath his ancestor’s made; serving until death. This in fact, leads to his death. The duel with Gawain Harkness. Their blade clashed, the two swordsmen fought with honor and skill; despite the one’s age catching up to him. The knight’s blade was damaged, yet in could pierce the finest of plate; and the young noble was all too aware of this. They traded blows, until Gawain drew first blood; going for the left leg of the old knight. Despite the injury, he stood strong and tall, piercing his right arm heavily with a forward lunge; then barrelled his shoulder and blade into Gawain; the attack slashing his eye in a mistaken attempt for a shove. This error; costed one knight his life; as Gawain blindly swung his blade. Ajax attempted to parry it, but the blade he carried was too damaged to hold; causing the noble’s blade to pierce his plate slightly, causing a shift in momentum. With this shift, the blade rips into the old knight; his vision fades as it does.... The knight drops his blade, falling to the ground. He was to croak his last words; which were not of hate, but gladness. The knight thanked his friend, and rival, and asked him to deliver his armour and blade to his son; assuming he had lived. Gawain, despite his injury, carried the knight’s body to Avalain, delivering him to the church there, with a note. The note, was a simple note, asking that GOD and country would remember the soul that was once known, as Ajax. Attached would be a short will, wishing to end the Ironwood noble bloodline from Curonia and revoking all oaths it once carried. ((OOC It was fun experiencing all of that rp; which was all throughout one of my favorite characters of LOTC. For those of you who know me to play Ajax II and III; I did that because I wanted an older experience of when I first joined and boy; did I get that. Big shoutout to @Farica16 @Cantonic @fieselena @Capace @KosherZombie @panda_bear @Renoks @Wulfery @MyLittleUnicorn @Bethinwonderland @Anime_Wolf @Dawsy @Sporan @Shmeepp @clonky and @every other friend of mine who i forgot to include who made my rp expeirence the first ajax and this ajax wonderful. No I am not quitting LOTC but this character was on of my favorite; so thank you all who every experienced him!))
  6. Ajax

    Erics farewell

    Balam weeps "The young lad never renembered me in my old age. The time will come when i go, and i pray I get to see my old friend." Ajax the Third grumbles in anger "such a noble man torn to shreds.... Someone will pay for his death..."
  7. Ajax recorded his ancestor's armour "May the Divine guide us"
  8. Ajax Ironwood Signs the Document “Iron from ash!” He uses an iron-infused ink, giving a red tint to his name
  9. Ajax

    [Your View] Costs and Raids

    Let's make rp cost mina
  10. A young, battle-torn nobleman smokes a rose scented cigar and sweats in german.
  11. I can’t emote during talking ?
  12. Ajax


    You can’t do that, as the Rules state. Silversteeds already are a noble house, and I lead the family, as the last surviving member. the rules specifically state “ You cannot create a noble or royal character. “ for this purpose. If you wish to join the house, talk to me on discord @ Ajax#0050
  13. Solaire remembers being the first one to stand
  14. Ajax


    I'm the patriarch of house Silversteed and im also the last, who said you are a Silversteed?
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