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    (Hallo~ Thought i'd make my first character profile here just so people know i'm about...cause i'm new...and a tad social awkward) Character’s name: Theodosia (Rosaline) Darcmora. Her gender: Female Her race: Human Her age: 21 Sexuality: Heterosexual Relationship status: A Single Pringle Backstory (In rough): Theodosia Rosaline Darcmora, or Simply Theodosia Darcmora was born in the capital city of Aleksandria within 1616 – Just after the Kingdom of Courland was dissolved into the Principality. For the majority of her childhood she grew up in a small household of Heartlander humans which concluded of her Mother, father, Aunt and Uncle and whilst her Uncle and Father worked within one of the Blacksmiths; Theodosia liked to spend time with her Mother and Aunt at home. During these years she found her joy in singing, and often performed small melodies for the family whenever they all happened to be at home – which opted to be a rare occasion within busier times of the year. Within the year of Theodosia’s sixteenth birthday, her mother passed after a several week spout of Illness. After this tragic loss Theodosia started to gain a stronger bond with her Aunt, sharing most of her secrets and time with her. From the next years leading up to her nineteenth birthday Theodosia spent her time travelling within and from her home city to the nearby residences to help sell her father’s blacksmithed goods or aunt’s woodwork to the willing citizens to earn her family some income, often being good for week at a time to explore these places also. Personality: For those who simply meet Theodosia as an acquaintance, she would seem to be a rather self-preserved, polite and almost timid looking person, but if you were to get to know her personally or seek a conversation with her she is seen as cheerful and welcoming and can almost seem to have a slight flirtatious nature within her. But not everyone is perfect and at times she can be seen as being rather rudely blunt and hot-headed. Goal in life: Even though Theodosia feels a reasonability to take on her Aunties woodwork, Theodosia dreams of travelling the lands in order to for fill her dream of being a widely known ballad and to hopefully one day settle down with her own small family. Likes/interests: Theodosia Enjoys the company of her friends and family, she is also quiet keen on reading most preferable song books, cooking for her family, travelling around places. Food: Bread Drink: Milk Colour: Orange Dislikes: Theodosia dislikes any loud or sudden noises, especially shouting and prefer to be in quieter places if possible, She strongly hates most forms of violence that is unnecessary, Arrogant individuals. Strengths/Talents: As it might just be obvious Theodosia has a rather beautiful singing voice, her Auntie would often describe it as sounding as if the prettiest flower could talk. She also has quite a good skill in cooking, often preparing meals for her family. She is also rather decent at playing the flute. Weaknesses: Being a rather petite girl in figure Theodosia isn’t very strong and when it comes to combat she is pretty much as useful as a two legged horse - so if you befriend her don't expect her to be helpful backing you up if you get into a fight. Appearance: Theodosia isn’t the most beautiful of girls, but nor is she one of the ugliest, merely an average type of attractiveness. She stands at around 5ft4 tall, weighs around 165 lb, has an almost hourglass figure and an Ivory skin tone. She has long curly black hair that reaches past her shoulders to the small of her back, Olive green eyes complimented by a small gathering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks, and a small smudge like birthmark located on the upper side of her left arm. She is often seen wearing a rather outstanding orange and brown gown, with long sleeves down to her wrists and the skirt down to a couple of inches above her toes, revealing her small brown shoes to fit the outfit. The dress was passed down by her mother, who worse it the majority of the time, so in respect of her mother, Theodosia choose to do the same thing. She also has a small vine styled necklace around her neck centered with a beautiful blue crystal, a present bought by her Aunt just for her. (Didn't let me upload the proper images so heres a link to them: https://imgur.com/a/DjuCJ)