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  1. jyecarson

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    It's not exactly hard or difficult to make a CA, and clearly ologs are the type of creature that would need one. We could take the argument of just screen shot bad rp and apply it to any of the current CA creatures, but at the end of the day it's important that they are moderated. A race notorious for being power gamed in the past should probably need a CA, what harm would come of it? In my eyes it would only do good for the race as a whole, as bad roleplayers won't even get through the CA process to even have a chance at PG'ing. Ologs are formidable foes- Who are extremely hard to reason with due to their stupidity which is both a strength and a weakness. I don't usually play beast like characters or larger brutes, but I commend people who do because it's not always easy to do it well.
  2. jyecarson

    Sprites Rewrite

    So is mine
  3. jyecarson

    Sprite Rewrite

    Yes please!!!
  4. jyecarson

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    This. If there is going to be time magic it should be given to cat people please. They don't really have a lot going for them right now. Every race seems to have it's own magic besides them. Like, even monkey people have their own magic, why not cat people.
  5. jyecarson

    Leaked Logs and You

    #EnoughIsEnough #FreeiMattyz
  6. jyecarson

    Applying Process Feedback

    I feel like the difficulty of the current application process could be increased, and that 13+ year olds are more then capable of doing something a little more challenging. I've also seen first hand what happens when a server has a higher population of bad roleplayers then good roleplayers, and it's not pretty. I feel like lotc should pride itself on the quality of rp provided and the unique experience it brings. I also think that it's far to say bad roleplayers shouldn't outright be denied, but more steps into integrating them into the server should be taken. A lot of people log onto the server for the first time not knowing what to do or where to go or what stuff does. Perhaps work on a tutorial island again or something similar could help. tl;dr If the application system is going to be so easy to pass then we need to help teach newbies more about how the server works.
  7. jyecarson

    Remove all magic

    It's also hard to change that mentality when it's the majority of magic teachers who are teaching this way, which I'm guilty of myself. You don't know exactly how much freedom you have so magic emotes essentially become copy and pasted, and are all the same. Magic in the hands of a good roleplayer really gives them the chance to stand out from everyone else, it's just a shame more people aren't taught well and focus on pew pew.
  8. jyecarson

    Remove all magic

    This is difficult to pull off however because people aren't taught magic this way, and don't have many if any examples to go off of. It's hard to create an emote that seems mystical because you're scared you're going to get in trouble for breaking some rule or get in a fight. Both the magic guides and lore don't give examples on how to create such aesthetics beyond pew pew shoot fire out of your hands.
  9. Yes, can we please focus on this issue? I hardly see it talked about.
  10. jyecarson

    Remove all magic

    It was just an interesting point I thought I'd mention due to point out those differences between the server and lord of the rings.
  11. jyecarson

    Remove all magic

    I'm desperate for Rep give me some. Also give me feedback.
  12. jyecarson

    Remove all magic

    So, a big problem with magic in general that gets brought up a lot, is that magic isn't mysterious enough or isn't rare enough. But, what does mysterious even mean? mysterious mɪˈstɪərɪəs/ adjective adjective: mysterious difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify. "his colleague had vanished in mysterious circumstances" Well, just by looking at the definition you can understand why it would be hard for magic to be mysterious on this server, seeing as all magic is well defined, to avoid being powergamed. I was recently browsing youtube and found two videos talking about terms I hadn't heard before, and it peaked my interest. It was about hard and soft magic systems, and what the difference between them is. Clearly after watching the videos I found out that Lotc falls HEAVILY on the hard magic side of things, despite being named after a universe with extremely soft magic. I wanted to share those videos with you today, and see what you think. Is there a successful way to implement soft magic into the server? Would it make magic more fun and mysterious? Or maybe we just need to strike a better balance between the two to make roleplay more diverse and less, pew pew my magic is stronger then yours. Or do you think all of this is stupid and we should keep the magic system as hard as possible? Also, I want to hear what universe you think has the best magic system? I personally enjoy the harry potterverse magic system.
  13. Excuse me- After a long couple months of adventuring there is a lot of dust and cob webs to clean, and why would I go around and clean everything when I could just blow it all away. Also I use air evo to dry my hair and clothes. One could easily open an air evocation hair salon. I mean it's not that tiring- If I'm using it out of combat it's much easier. If I'm trying to push a guy in plate armor then sure. Also- Don't be so rude. As Mr Fire mind stated I was right and all my statements are still valid.
  14. Both air and fire have loads of uses out of combat. I use my air evo to clean my home. And fire mages can use their magic to light torches or start camp fires. I think the problem is people just don't see a need to roleplay their magic for anything other then combat because it's rare to be in a situation where someone wants their house cleared of spider webs or dust. I know if you combine air and fire evocation you could make bigger flames, or like, possibly fire tornadoes. I don't know what the rules on mixing evocations are. A water + Fire combo would be useless, Unless you could use it to like- make steam easier or boil water faster.