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  1. jyecarson

    PvP and Raids Generate RP: Change My Mind

    I think Sky got my point pretty well. Even if PVP generates rp getting popped at the end is just as bad as getting popped after loosing a CRP, the thing is with pvp the chances of me getting popped increases ten fold which is why I dislike it. I like to think I’m a fairly good roleplayer and can hold my own in a crp with a meat shield or two to cast behind, but when it comes to pvp I’ll be popped within five seconds because I have like –5 fps, which is a big mechanical disadvantage. I don’t think it’s fair that my hardware irl effects my characters livability. Another level of unfairness comes from pvp achieving things that would be impossible in rp like a child killing a group of orcs. I was a fan of nexus racial buffs because it mechanically made rp make a little more sense.
  2. jyecarson

    PvP and Raids Generate RP: Change My Mind

    Ok sure, Pvp generates rp, however only for the wining side. Getting clicked to death, loosing your rp items you spent a lot of time making, or spent a lot of mina on, and forgetting all the events before you got clicked to death generates nothing but sadness and makes you want to not log onto the server for six months and just stalk the forums instead.... Not speaking from personal experience or anything.
  3. jyecarson

    ooc chat

    A lot of the lotc community is younger and more impressionable, and some people may be suffering from mental disorders, etc. It is very concerning, yes, that they may be influenced by mineman words to go kill Jews. It goes back to Duck’s point about potential harm that could be caused in the future by allowing hate speech. Also hate speech is a thing, even if most people in this debate don’t think so apparently, yet use the term when it fits their agenda.
  4. jyecarson

    ooc chat

    Telling kids it’s ok to murder millions of people is different from telling them it’s ok to change your gender.
  5. jyecarson

    Air Evocation, Revised.

  6. jyecarson

    Comprehensive Imprisonment Reform

    I like this.
  7. jyecarson


    I think people wanted Nexus removed without actually taking into account how much of an impact it had on the server. And now that it's gone people want it back. I liked being able to make custom items on my own without the assistance of others.
  8. jyecarson

    Return of the Ferals

    We get it, you don't like the lore. But clearly a lot of people do and want to make it work on the server. Commenting let it stay dead over and over isn't very productive. Werewolf lore has been trying to worm it's way into the server for a long time, it's nothing new. If this isn't accepted another one will pop up eventually.
  9. jyecarson

    Return of the Ferals

    I think making them unable to use any magic does fix the situation. It keeps it out of the hands of druids who already have their own shapeshifting and don't really need this anyway. And it gives it to normal characters who don't have much going for them. I'd love to see a noble human house overrun by ferals. Also y'all need to be more sneaky about who is and isn't a feral, be illusive like strigae.
  10. jyecarson

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    This is already a thing, lore was just needed to clarify the stuff that had already been roleplayed out. Druids are limited to the plants in their surroundings, if they are doing this screenshot and report them. People powergame magic all the time, instead of blaming the magic and asking for nerfs blame the people roleplaying the magic **** and report them. They are. A druid can't just summon these guys and roleplay them on his own. I believe Iconoclasts can effect deity magic, I'm unsure though.
  11. jyecarson

    RP situations

    If you run MCly after emoting without giving them a chance to type or respond then they can down you. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if people didn't give you a chance to type. Also, if someone is running behind my back I'd most likely hear it unless there was some other loud noise pollution.
  12. jyecarson

    Sprites and Sprouts

    I mean- I suggest buffing them both. Adding one more choice to both sprites and sprouts to allow more customization. Or removing the red text at the bottom of the major skills. Stuff like mimic is harmless and flavorful and shouldn't then limit defensive capabilities.
  13. jyecarson

    Sprites and Sprouts

    I'm dumb and can't read. Why so many restrictions on abilities. Sprites will often only get one if they pick a major. I'd say remove the restrictions and just let them pick one active and passive, and bundle the lesser skills into major ones. Still let sprouts pick three instead of two.
  14. jyecarson

    Sprites and Sprouts

    Seeing as how easy they are to kill this is slightly worrying.
  15. jyecarson

    Zoe's Art/Commission Thread

    Do Caleb next! (This isn't a commission, I'm broke sorry)