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  1. jyecarson

    [ Rules Amendment ] PvP Traps

    They aren't really traps anymore are they, because you can't actually trap someone with them.
  2. Any tips for finding roleplay? Apparently checking every city on the server for an hour and a half doesn't work.

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    2. LeoRabbit99


      I don't think you read what I said, because I addressed all those points in my reply. Also, I feel just bc we disagree doesn't mean we shouldn't come to common ground. If that were the case, nothing ever would be solved. But it's cool man, I won't force you. Just consider actually taking a good shot at looking at it from my perspective. Great rest of your day.

    3. jyecarson


      You said yourself the map size is what you're most passionate about on lotc. And clearly you're not willing to change your perspective. Nothing productive comes from a one sided debate. I read what you said and acknowledged it, you didn't address anything. Like you said, regardless if I agree or not it's apparently a fast travel debate not a map is too big debate, which I don't agree with.

    4. LeoRabbit99


      Not true. I'm one of the few on this server willing to change my mind, provided a compelling argument is given. On this server, I have conceded on several occasions, openly, and me being passionate about this particular topic does not change my standard. Listening to others is one of my core philosophical beliefs, even if I make mistakes sometimes. If I seem one-sided somehow, I apologize. I believed reaffirming that I was not trying to be a ****** time to time and being pleasant by saying to have a great rest of your day was enough to assert myself kindly. If you took that as sarcasm in some way or something, than understand that was not the intent.


      Onto your point. So, as far as roads are concerned, yes, this is absolutely a fast travel argument. Simply put, regardless if it takes 1 minute or 3 minutes to get there, you're still going to have your RP hubs. People are either going to stay in the main places of RP and not leave often, suck it up and travel to the spots of RP, start RPing in CT (or a place close to CT like Belevitiz or Holm), or set their ss to the pillars. At most, you'll have temporary scattering at times because people are traveling to the different places of RP, but that's about it. That won't really hinder activity too much. They'll eventually get there and remain for a bit. This argument seems more of a "I really don't want to travel all that distance" kinda thing. 


      Also on a side note, pertaining to the fast travel argument, I feel like traveling town to town is filler time. People don't necessarily RP the entirety of the time they're on. It's usually hanging out for a bit and then engaging. I feel like this "meaningless" time has at least some meaning. Simply walking around gives a sense of immersion, to me at least. I'd rather not be irp the entire time. My mind would likely get tired of doing so. I like looking around while I'm alone, shifting around at the world. I'm still in character even when I'm not directly irp. This is just me. 


      Also, a little personal advice, get a horse. They're cheap and wicked fast on the road. 

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  3. jyecarson

    Return of the Ferals

    We get it, you don't like the lore. But clearly a lot of people do and want to make it work on the server. Commenting let it stay dead over and over isn't very productive. Werewolf lore has been trying to worm it's way into the server for a long time, it's nothing new. If this isn't accepted another one will pop up eventually.
  4. jyecarson

    Return of the Ferals

    I think making them unable to use any magic does fix the situation. It keeps it out of the hands of druids who already have their own shapeshifting and don't really need this anyway. And it gives it to normal characters who don't have much going for them. I'd love to see a noble human house overrun by ferals. Also y'all need to be more sneaky about who is and isn't a feral, be illusive like strigae.
  5. jyecarson

    [✗] Clarifications to the Mani + Summoning Mani

    This is already a thing, lore was just needed to clarify the stuff that had already been roleplayed out. Druids are limited to the plants in their surroundings, if they are doing this screenshot and report them. People powergame magic all the time, instead of blaming the magic and asking for nerfs blame the people roleplaying the magic **** and report them. They are. A druid can't just summon these guys and roleplay them on his own. I believe Iconoclasts can effect deity magic, I'm unsure though.
  6. jyecarson

    RP situations

    If you run MCly after emoting without giving them a chance to type or respond then they can down you. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if people didn't give you a chance to type. Also, if someone is running behind my back I'd most likely hear it unless there was some other loud noise pollution.
  7. jyecarson

    Can we stop using meta birds

    I support the idea of removing birds all together and having messengers, as real players, deliver messages. Irl messenger pigeons fly between set locations, they can't just fly across several cities and to someones exact random location. Having NPC's in major cities would be cool in server downtimes when you wouldn't be able to find a messenger- However NPC's should take longer to deliver the message then if someone just walked, that way there is an actual reason to get players to do it if it's urgent.
  8. jyecarson

    Ban Consistency

    People who aren't in the right state of mind mentally often project their insecurities and anger on other people to try to make their own situation better. Someone can be potentially suicidal while still telling others to kill themselves because that insult is a projection of what they themselves are feeling. Now onto the actual point I want to make, is comedy is subjective. That is a fact. However what determines if a joke is funny or not depends on how it is structured and how well others receive it. If my friends are laughing at something I'm usually more inclined to find it funny too, so where you are when telling the joke is often taken into account. I love dark comedy however the person telling said jokes needs to be a godly comedian to land them well without upsetting their intended audience. If your A. Not following the proper structure for a joke like that or B. Saying it out of spite then you shouldn't attempt the joke at all because In both those cases they aren't going to be received as a joke by others, it's just you being an ass. If he sent the noose thing in a different situation I probably would have found it funny, however in this case it came from a place of anger and was in poor taste.
  9. jyecarson

    Magic Changes please :D.

    Actually the only time I'd agree a magic plugin is a good idea is in the PvE event with the September prince. It's hard to emote cool magicy stuff while being bombarded by hoards of Minotaurs, so some crowd control would have been nice.
  10. jyecarson

    make new player applications harder

    If a slightly longer application process scares them away then they are likely going to be weeded out or loose interest in the community anyway, those few who actually want to get in will keep trying again, and take the AT's feedback into consideration. I know when I first joined people pm'ed me to help me with my application before AT even saw it. 13 year olds should usually be skilled enough to write a couple paragraphs, and those that can't are probably A. Lying about their age or B. Simply not good at writing- On a server based around writing.
  11. jyecarson

    How to make Criminal Chars last?

    Also trying to make your attire suit the crime will often draw more attention to you. The best villains are the ones that can blend in with a crowd without standing out. Of course if you're doing common banditry a face scarf would be good, but remove it soon after.
  12. jyecarson

    Looking for Students - The Enchantry

    [!] A letter is sent in abnormally fast, the handwriting being decent but not the best, probably done in a rush upon hearing the student cap. "Dear Sarrion. Please teach me thank you. You should teach me because alike many mages I wish to expand my knowledge and enhance my capabilities in the arcane arts. Also magic is cool and no one will trust me with sensory illusion or arcanism apparently. From, that one guy Samuel. Also my arm needs recharging" [!] A large smiley face is drawn at the bottom of the page [!] 😀
  13. jyecarson

    Sprites and Sprouts

    I mean- I suggest buffing them both. Adding one more choice to both sprites and sprouts to allow more customization. Or removing the red text at the bottom of the major skills. Stuff like mimic is harmless and flavorful and shouldn't then limit defensive capabilities.
  14. jyecarson

    Sprites and Sprouts

    I'm dumb and can't read. Why so many restrictions on abilities. Sprites will often only get one if they pick a major. I'd say remove the restrictions and just let them pick one active and passive, and bundle the lesser skills into major ones. Still let sprouts pick three instead of two.