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  1. Feral Amendment

    I don't like the idea of limiting the amount of alphas to four. That's four people who control the entire player base. Maybe making it so it's a limit of four alphas per pack? That way people can split off and make their own packs and make more alphas. Idk, I know the player base for ferals is already pretty small- So I don't know how well multiple packs would work. Just an idea.
  2. Lotc Revival!!!

    I just like the stuff you could make with brewing. Not everyone can rename bottles. Forget nexus and make a new fun brewing plugin for alchemy and drinks.
  3. Lotc Revival!!!

    I would like my brewing and alchemy back pls thx. Also, second.
  4. [✓] [Idea] Add a snow pit to the resource isle

    Just farm snow with a snow golem, all you need is a pumpkin and two blocks of snow, and then you can get endless snow. It would be both faster and easier then getting snow from a pit.
  5. Character Resource Initiative [CRI Combat & Magic Balance]

    This could be great if we had a plugin to help, otherwise I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't want to be bothered keeping track of a system like this in the middle of any combat situation really. Without a plugin I don't think something like this would ever work on here.
  6. LT Announcement Pt. 1

  7. Are you able to shift objects past gates, glass, etc? I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.
  8. Fix Defender Default

    This ^
  9. Tidemanno's LM application

    +1. He tried to fix my mess of a werewolf lore, which I now look back on and cringe. He was also one of the first people I ever became friends with on here, extremely approachable and a nice lad who knows his stuff, usually my go-to person when it comes to lore ideas and questions.
  10. Magic "Rules" Vague

    https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/149801-a-clarification-on-mages-casting-time-and-physical-strengthability/ As a teacher of magic myself I always try to make sure my students use common sense, and I give them a bunch of examples and guidelines on how many emotes it would take to do something, however its important for them to decide how to cast there magic depending on what sort of situation they are in.
  11. My opinion, as both a voidal mage and a druid, is that this lore Isn't really needed, for reasons already pointed out above.
  12. [✓] [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    +1, maybe now i can live out my plant people dreams
  13. Feedback: Voidal Magic v2

    Voidal magics need to be brought down to the same level. As someone who is t5 in air evocation i know i've had a lot of confusion on what i can and can't do and everyone seems to have different opinions on what the magic is capable of, which often leads to debates mid RP on whats possible and whats not. A lot of the magic guides and lores are outdated, and more clear guidelines need to be set. For example i know the amount of emotes i need to cast a common sphere of air, however i don't know how long in seconds that would take, so this usually leads to me building it up for hundreds of emotes before striking, and when i finally do i've only thrown the guy 10 feet back, now that sounds like a lot but that's only around 3 blocks MCly, they just emote standing up and shaking it off and before you know it I'm dead. Tl;Dr -Voidal magic lore needs to be updated and more specific on magic limitations -Voidal magic needs to be nerfed and buffed in specific areas to try to bring a more equal balance when it comes to power