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  1. Mathijs

    One last saga [PK]

    Reikan would let out a slight tear. He'd comment "Farewell, father".
  2. Mathijs

    The Westguard

    Mablung would see the recent applies to the billboard and would summon all of them to Haense for a recruitment talk in the Dancing Crow. (PM me on discord with a time to meet, SirMath#4302).
  3. Mathijs

    The Westguard

    Rp section Name: Mablung Enthelor Age: 61 Race: Human Birth place: Adelburg Reason for joining: I am your ******* brother. Do you swear loyalty to House Enthelor. the Barony of Ihirion and the Kingdom of Haense and will you fulfill your duties when needed?: I am already part of House Enthelor, but sure! OOC Section Mcname: SirMath Discord: SirMath Here you also have a selfie with my brother!
  4. Mathijs


    What friend?!
  5. Mathijs

    Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    STATE YOUR FULL NAME: Mablung EnthelorSTATE YOUR AGE: 51STATE YOUR RACE: Human, HighlanderSTATE YOUR ORIGIN OR BIRTHPLACE: AugustonHOW IS YOUR FIGHTING ABILITY? CAN YOU BE USED AS A SOLDIER?: I used to be armsman in the royal army of Haense before Renatus came.LIST ANY OTHER SPECIALTIES OR CRAFTS YOU HAVE MASTERED: Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining
  6. Mathijs

    Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

    NAME: Mablung NOBILITY (Y/N): No if not, GENTRY (Y/N): No AGE: 26 DATE OF BIRTH (if known): 1632 PLACE OF BIRTH (if known): Auguston RACE: Man ETHNICITY (Highlander, Heartlander, etc. N/A if not applicable or unknown.): N/A MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE: Soldier in the army of the Empire PAST LABOR EXPERIENCE: Soldier