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  1. PosidonX7


    @TamaraI don’t believe you are suppose to post this here. Your are suppose to post a lore submission in this thread in order to get it approved: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/529-lore-submissions/
  2. PosidonX7

    Atlas Epilogue

    As the descendants sailed away with it upon the ship it piloted, its being raged as it always had inside; but, somewhere, She would miss her friend, Vaeyl. Edit: (OOC) I want to thank Xarkly for the best and most heartfelt eventline I’ve ever participated in. I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it.
  3. An unspecific Demon does a scree.
  4. PosidonX7

    Transition Mishap

    Lol this event broke ALL of the vaeyl lore. All of it.
  5. PosidonX7

    Best Atlas Screenshots Thread

    I got bored one day so I took this screenshot of Fenn. Boy, does this one bring back memories..
  6. “You either die a Hero or live long enough to become the Villain.” Strength in Beginnings There was a certain chill in the cool air that most would not be to fond of, but it didn’t bother Her one bit. To Her, there was nothing more refreshing than the freezing winds of the southern mountains. She strove to always exert her best ability to forging her own future, and thus, she did so with heroic vigor. While others might have prefered a brand new dress or some fancy jewelry, she had a keen liking to armor and weaponry. Despite the position society had intended for her take, she had somehow managed to climb higher. Through unrelenting courage and feats in battle, she had managed to forge a strong bond of trust with those who lead the cold place she called home. The city was constantly under threat of attack from those that were no longer alive. For this very reason, she always carried an aurum blade upon her hilt. It was often that she put it to good use as intended. The downside was that such a blade had no strength in structure and frequently had to be sharpened or reshaped. Nonetheless, she always pushed forwards and cut down her unholy foes. Even though she could be harsh at times, she always worked to better the people she guarded. She truly did enjoy being their guard and the honor that came with it. She shone brightly and faced the darkness without hesitation. She was beautiful, but beauty is only such because it is temporary. She had no idea what would become of her future...
  7. PosidonX7

    [Poll] Thesis On Race & Culture

    I like the poll and the post, but will it do anything? @Sky
  8. PosidonX7

    Sung about Sutica

    A chaotic chuckle was given off at the sound of such a song, “It seems all is peaceful in Sutica. It has been for too long..”
  9. PosidonX7

    Votar's Shaati

    Application: Name: Zulmthu’Lur Race: Uruk Age: 20 Discord#: You got it bby
  10. PosidonX7

    New Player Guide Ideas

    Make sure they know to throw out any stereotypes they may think exist in the LoTC lore. Like the stereotype that all elves are good with a bow for being elves, or that this is medieval themed, and can not have items without the physical representation of them in their inventory. I ran into a new player that literally said he had C4 on his chest if we didn’t let him escape.
  11. PosidonX7

    Winter is Coming

    A rather chaotic being hissed in annoyance, recalling what memory of Axios they had left, ”A century has passed, and Frostbeards are still so annoying...”
  12. PosidonX7

    January Community Newsletter

    I see wut u did there 😆
  13. PosidonX7

    How’d you get your Username?

    Roblox, 7 years ago. Poseidon was already taken, so then I tried PoseidonX7 but that was taken too. Then I just got rid of the “e” and made it PosidonX7. The name stuck afterwards.
  14. I would only agree with giving the Orcs a place due to the snakey business that happened with moderation.
  15. PosidonX7

    [Creature Lore] Mirelurk

    I believe he is stating redlines for an ET only playable creature. Not creating a new race.