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  1. PosidonX7


    Toska simply said, "Let it begin."
  2. PosidonX7

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    Invildr Sigrunn grumbled as Karyssmov patched up her axe wound. Luckily, she had not been felled; however, she had faced quite the beserker alone before her allies rushed in and assisted her to crush them. She also gazed to her allies and fellow Gorundyr whom celebrated their victory, "Thaeti var en dapur syna laeta Rivia. Eyja var seira leida'de?"
  3. PosidonX7

    Raid Rules Updated

    BIG AGREE +1
  4. PosidonX7

    [Community Review] Raids

    BIG NO. While this may seem like a good idea at getting rid of smaller settlements, you have also just killed the influx of new players to the server. I'm not a fan of rampant free builds everywhere anymore than any other person trying to get activity in the major nation they are a part of. But, as soon as the new player makes their new place, or joins the smaller settlement, they will get absolutely destroyed. This will cause them to be less likely to stay on the server and they might even search for other rp servers. While is does seem like a good idea in the short term, it's long term effects upon the player influx of LoTC could be damaging and substantial.
  5. PosidonX7

    [Community Review] Raids

    There are many things I agree with, yet also many things I disagree with. I will only address my disagreements in my following posts. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section 2.0 Raid Mechanics 2.4 Any chest within the confines of the raided settlement may be broken open by the victorious offensive party provided the appropriate destructive emote is provided. Rolling is not required. Section 4.0 Cooldowns and Caps 4.2 If the aggressors are victorious the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Forty Eight Hours from the beginning of the raid. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a BIG problem. If you want to kill a smaller, yet growing settlement that you dislike, this is how you do it. Continuously raid this settlement every 48 hours because they simply do not have the connections or allies yet to defend themselves. While raiding, get into all their chests and steal EVERYTHING, causing them to have to restart gathering materials and supplies, therefore making it no fun to even try expanding. Not only that, but a raid every two days against a settlement will absolutely kill the rp. Furthermore, people will not feel safe in keeping their rp items there and won't wish to stay. So if these raid rules are officially added, we've successfully killed every settlement that isn't part of a major nation or empire.
  6. PosidonX7

    [Culture] The Gorundyr, Men of the Northwood

    I sense a comeback...
  7. PosidonX7


  8. PosidonX7

    The Railroad Revolution [Locomotive Expo of 1680]

    I mean... Haense - Holm in 20-30 years?
  9. PosidonX7

    One Day

    Truly wondrous. A good tale.
  10. PosidonX7

    Af Markev's diary

    Toska gazed down at the pages for a moment before the sludge, runes, and blood caught her glowing eyes' attention. She leant down as her large form idly flipped through the pages, scanning them. "Aranzolarrg..." she stated as she gazed over the many depictions of madness. She would have smiled if she could, but her structure didn't quite allow it. Toska closed the diary before speaking to herself once more, "O' hurthan-rud orpalu..." She left the piece in place before returning to her prowl.
  11. PosidonX7

    The Golden Crown Tavern Hiring!

    Application (OOC) MC Name: PosidonX7 Discord: Find me in the haense discord 🙂 Are you active?: Da' (RP) Name: Lars Age ( Must be 13 years or older!): 22 Past Experience?: "Always serving drinks and a good story wherever I go!" Why do you wish to work for the Tavern?: "For the money and the good stories, of course!"
  12. PosidonX7

    Malevolence: Event-Item Thread

    Name of Item: Razhaghul, Blade of Malevolence Rarity: Legendary Interactable: Yes Obtained from event: Yes
  13. PosidonX7

    ✍️ Important Census 〈Google Form〉 📖

    Done! Can't wait to see what you do with the data.
  14. PosidonX7

    Crow Chronicles, Vol. 1

    Sylvia gazed to the screaming man, quite baffled by his desperate efforts to prove an untruth, as well as responding to the Crow, "My words still stand. A while back, a group of individuals including His Majesty Sigmar Lother Barbanov and I, were tasked with combating the King of the Wyverns, Xodon. In turn, we ended up befriending him and each of us were given gifts to our very beings as a result. Mine has, obviously, caused me to grow in strength and size. As such, there is no trial, for you have but false rumors without any facts nor evidence. A such, if these seditious acts happen again, The Brotherhood of Saint Karl will be forced to respond."