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  1. P.S. If you’ve ever seen that movie Left Behind, you will understand what’s about to happen.

  2. Sorry, i’ve played that game on LoTC before. I despise the political drama that comes with game of thrones rp. Would be a merchant, but then i’d just get killed for pixels. That, and, oh wait. Maybe I’ll take a day to rant about all the magics and the ways they can be abused. Then they’ll all get shelved! I’ll do you one even better than that. Let’s get rid of all magic entirely from a high fantasy based server. Then we can all go to somewhere better. ;) I don’t expect the lore games to be done for another year or so. I don’t see a reason in staying anymore. There are other alternatives we can put our time into.
  3. Sakura awaited the many upcoming events. She’d gaze over the many schematics for future constructs, “Many things to do for Llyria.”
  4. ((MC Name:PosidonX7 )) What is your full name? Tsagukan Sakuramichi From where do you hail? The Concord of Llyria What is your racial descent? Farfolk
  5. And we’re back! This week’s numbers: The Llyrian Lowball: 30, 29, 43, 99, 20 The Balancer: 923, 832, 876, 634, 893 Dragon’s Breath: 1246, 6758, 1356, 3411, 5901 These numbers will be valid for 1 week from this comment.
  6. Get light grammar edited, son. +1
  7. The demon tilts it’s head, remembering that the entire scenario was a meme about someone leaving two npcs on a roof, only for those npc’s to be removed by a moderator a few moments later.
  8. A Demon hummed, ”As a sword and military soldier, I will thoroughly enjoy enforcing the law where the shields are incapable.”
  9. lol there goes the dwarves’ CB.
  10. A Demon hummed, ”Yay. I get to kill spider people if they don’t leave.”
  11. A Demon wiggles its fingers while speaking in a bland tone, ”Ooooo, scary bad-bad dark magics. Ooooooooooooooooignoranceooooooooooooooo.”
  12. An actual demon tilts its head, ”We have spider people?”
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