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  1. Sylvia will always be in my background as my favorite character, in whatever shape or form she takes.

    1. Licorish


      I have one of those characters too, sadly I'll never get em back :^(

    2. Vindicant
  2. PosidonX7

    The Hearth Guard

  3. PosidonX7

    The Hearth Guard

    A Hearth Guardsman preparing to defend Haensetian Law and His Majesty from criminal scum. The Hearth Guard The Hearth Guard is the official city guard of Haense who's duties are to protect His Majesty Sigmar Lothar, Haense, and its citizens. It is our duty to maintain peace and order within Haense, and to enforce the law upon those that wish to neglect it. We take our job seriously and will never hesitate to put our lives before our people and our nation. We have a system registry where we keep all crimes and reports so everything stays well organized if needed to be brought up at a later date. We always stay in touch with Lord Lyov II, Haense's Justicar, and collaborate to deal with criminal cases and prosecution. We've the means to remove any corrupt or dark beings from Haense, and will do so. No one is exempt from the law and no one is treated more harshly than another under this law. We are the Hearth Guard. Ranks: Commander: Watches over the Hearth Guard and makes major decisions as well as policies for the guard as their main leader. Captain: Can take over for when the Commander is not available. Leads the Hearth Guard actively in the field. Lieutenant: Guides new recruits and can lead parties of guards on patrols. Can manage multiple Sergeant patrols at the same time. Sergeant: Patrols with other Hearth Guards as a guide and as a veteran of the guard. Man At Arms: Trusted rank. A Man At Arms will actively patrol the streets. At this point, a guardsman has proven themselves worthy to defend His Majesty Sigmar Lothar, Haense, and its citizens. Initiate: Lowest rank in the Hearth Guards. It is the ranks received when one joins the guard. Our Laws and Jurisdictions: Laws Jurisdictions The Uniform: Application: IGN: Character Name: Character Age: Character Race: Character Sex: Discord####: (You can pm me this if you wish.) Why you wish to join (ooc): Ic letter to the guard as to why your character wishes to join:
  4. PosidonX7

    [Accepted] Top_Goon's Application Team Application

    He's a cool guy. He's rather kind in the Haense discord and on the server.
  5. PosidonX7

    Whitelist Error

    Ah okay. Thanks. I just figured that out. :P
  6. PosidonX7

    Whitelist Error

    When I try to log on to the server, it states that I'm not whitelisted. This is definitely an error because of the new update. I was wondering if I could be re-whitelisted soon. Here is a link to my long passed and accepted character application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166695-✔-accepted-lotc-application-posidonx7-sylvia-astri/