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  1. PosidonX7

    Taking What is Ours

    found u bby ❤️
  2. Ingvildr snorted at the news of the Empire calling it a “training exercise”, ”How about I shove my spear up the Emperor’s ass?” she replied snarkily, “Can I call that a training exercise?”
  3. PosidonX7

    The Big Dogs are Back

    None of our Gorundyr characters know icly. So, I still don’t know where all of this is coming from.
  4. PosidonX7

    The Big Dogs are Back

    -Arberrang is attacked- -Nordengrad defends Arberrang and itself- -Empire claims a CB on Nordengrad for aiding an enemy and rebelling- -Empire conveniently forgot they were the aggressors- -Also, is Arberrang a vassal or an enemy? Seems the empire can’t make up it’s mind, so I’ll just say we aren’t a vassal and therefore have nothing to rebel against- xP
  5. PosidonX7

    Nidr Af Rahdonir

    MC Name: PosidonX7 Discord: You have my discord 🙂 IRP Name: Ingvildr Skarpefanger Age: 28 Race: Highlander Social Rank: Vordur af Yfmidar
  6. PosidonX7

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    Ingvildr snorted at the thought, ”If they were demons, I’d know and I’d cut them down. I just returned a litch to ashes earlier.”
  7. PosidonX7

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    Another reason may be because the RP provided by those “evil mages or wraiths” is not up to par. And I agree with you that it may just be them constantly flaunting their powers so much that is becomes a natural thing. This is why I bring my point, in to which I've actually been able to provide a good rp experience when it comes to causing fear in the characters of other players. Most people on LoTC have never seen a fully fledged demon. As such, I play it realistically. They have no care for the descendants of the world because they can’t be bothered with the little things that every day mortals do. When they do something, which is not very often, they make sure it is a statement, and that it is completely chaotic. So I believe this is the mentality that many other “villains and evil mages/creatures” lack when they are RP’ed. The people who RP them just do the whole “Haha you die now, next person!” thing every day. When they should actually be scheming to cause larger disasters like clearing out an entire population or city. Or perhaps taking down a stable government from within. This would be some really good narrative progression. I’ve tested it before, and it works. If “villainous” players can actually provide a good RP narrative when it comes to villainy instead of constant small attacks that do nothing but get the “normal” players used to them, then we may actually see some real fear rp.
  8. PosidonX7

    The First Trade Festival of Kal'Tarak

    Ingvildr Skarpefanger readies her people and their wares, weapons, and alchemy for the festival. She can not wait to visit the oldest friend of the Gorundyr people! The dwarves!
  9. PosidonX7

    VIP Forum Ranks

    MC Name: PosidonX7 VIP Rank: GOLD In-game screenshot of your tag and username:
  10. PosidonX7

    Community Meeting

    When will our Industrial revolution become lore compliant? x3 aka, practical steam engines
  11. PosidonX7

    Community Meeting

    Will we be able to have a schematic of the tile we get from the auction before the map is released, so we can go ahead and pre-design the starting area that GM’s will be pasting in?
  12. PosidonX7

    Community Meeting

    At what point is a group considered active/inactive enough for a tile?
  13. PosidonX7

    The Afturkvald Festival

  14. PosidonX7

    The Afturkvald Festival

    “Ooooo... Spoopy.” The Afturkvald Festival of Gorundyr The Afturkvald Festival is a celebration held once a year. It celebrates the idea of those that have dishonored themselves through death may one day be able to redeem themselves. It is believed by the more superstitious Gorundyr that if you die on this night in a dishonorable manner, you will be forever damned. Some have said you can hear the chanting of undead soldiers marching through the night of Afturkvald. A common activity during Afturkvald is for the village elder(s) to hide potatoes around the village. The children of the village will then go search for the potatoes, and the child that finds the most potatoes will prosper. For the adult Gorundyr, however, they usually prefer feats of strength by seeing who can chop through a log the fastest with an axe. Other events involve trivial spars between varying members of the village. OOC: The festival will be held on Sunday, October 28th. The festival will begin at 2pm EST and last all day. The festival will be held in Arberrang, about 300 meters directly south of Haense.
  15. PosidonX7

    Hansetian Census Act - 1687

    Ingvildr Skarpefanger snorted at the request, giving off a single, “Nei.” before continuing with, “I will not take such time out of my day to count so many dozens of numbers, especially in such a blizzard.”