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  1. Juststan147

    Veteran looking for work

    Tyrathian would read over the notice and nods “If the man is interested in some good old ranger work he can visit me in Haense”
  2. Juststan147

    The First and Last Journey

    10th of Malin’s Welcome (sailors preparing The Falcon for her first journey) “Load those barrels in!” Ithilian would shout towards Edward and Mablung “We are supposed to leave before the moon comes up” Ithilian would place his hand above his eyes looking up to the sky and then back to his personal pride, the ship The Falcon. “What a beauty you have become” he would mumble to himself. he would look back towards his brother and nephew “What did I just say?! Load those barrels in!” A few hours later the sails of the Falcon would be lowered and she would take for the open waters of the ocean. Mablung would walk up to Ithilian at the steering wheel “Didn’t Tyrathian wish to come with us?” Mablung would ask. Ithilian looked at him and replied “He has not yet reacted to my summon so I guess he had no interest in coming with us” Mablung would nod and looked at Ithilian with a concerned face “Is it really smart to be take those barrels with us, brother?” He would ask “You know how dangerous those can be” Ithilian would smile looking at his brother “We are too old to be scared now Mablung, nothing will be happening to us. Get the others to work and enjoy the weather” He would say before turning his attention back to the ocean in front of the ship. “Maybe those barrels indeed are dangerous, but this is the perfect moment to prove how good we are in what we do” he would mumble to himself. “Anarion, take over the wheel will you?” he would ask his Nephew enjoying the view from the side of the ship. “You never even told me where we are going” Anarion would answer “Santegia, that’s our destination. from there we will use a smaller ship to sail on the Czena towards Markev “Ithilian would answer. “But what are you going to do then? “Anarion would ask him with a raised brow. “I’m taking a nap, with my age it’s even a wonder I am able to build this ship. even sailing it is a wonder “Ithilian would stay going to walk down the stairs towards his personal chamber. Ithilian would open his eyes. looking towards the roof of his chamber, he would be wondering where he was. then he remembered “ah yes, of course. my own ship” he would mumble to himself. he would narrow his eyes wondering what woke him up. It would be quiet for some moments before he heard it. Shouting, people running over the decks. “What the **** is going on?” Ithilian would ask himself. Before hearing the word he would fear the most on a journey like this. “FIRE! THE SHIP IS ON FIRE! GET THE BUCKETS WITH WATER!” Ithilian would get out of his bed as fast as he could running towards the door and walking onto the upper deck. He couldn’t see the fire, but he could feel it. and smell the smoke. Mablung would be standing a few metres in front of him shouting directions towards the sailors. “MOVE IT! C’MON PUT OUT THAT FIRE!” Ithilian would run towards Mablung going to put his hand on his shoulder “What the **** is going on?” he would ask “The lower part of the ship has been caught on fire for some reason” Mablung would answer “Nothing to worry about though, the fire will be under control in a moment” he would quickly say seeing the worried face of Ithilian. Ithilian would smile “Thank goodness, I was worried about….” he would stop mid sentence looking at Mablung with a face full of fear “The barrels……” he would say “On the lower decks the barrels are being held! THE SHIP IS GOING TO…” he would shout before being cut short by the sound of a small explosion, instantly being followed by the sound of a second one and then a big one. and everything would fade to black Ithilian would slowly regain consciousness. trying to slowly open his eyes. his entire body hurts. and he couldn’t move anything. his face and body covered by burn wounds. “Where the **** have I ended up now” he would think to himself. When he finally succeeded in opening his eyes he would see it. He would be floating on a wooden plank on the middle of a river “The Czena? but how? “He would wonder “The ship?! Mablung?! Anarion?! Edward?!” Ithilian would panic. What happened after the explosion onboard of the ship. “seems you ended up in the **** Ithilian” He could hear a voice. not knowing if it was real or it was his imagination. “Who is there?” He would ask with a soft voice “Don’t you remember the person who is the reason for your existence?” He would hear again “That’s just sad Ithilian” “Father……” Ithilian would mumble “Have I died?” He could hear the voice reply “If you died you wouldn’t be floating on a piece of wood dipship, No you are still alive. but I must confess, not for long.” Ithilian would think to himself, he saw the end coming but not like this. “So this is the end for me? floating on a piece of wood in the Czena. I wouldn’t have guessed it” Ithilian would reply slowly gaining more volume in his voice “You deserved so much more Ithilian. Your loyalty too Haense is almost unmatched. This is why you are dying here. look just ahead of you” The voice would tell him. Ithilian would look infront of him. “That is atleast something… let’s hope they give me a nice funeral” Ithilian would say. infront of him at the river side he could see the high walls of Markev. the city he fought for. the city and the kingdom he served his entire life. “You remember everything you have done for them?” the voice would ask him. Ithilian would think back to all the adventures he had: Fighting dragons, killing krakens, surviving wars. slaying Vaeyl soldiers. patrolling the roads. “ Everything” Ithilian would reply. “In my eyes you are a living legend Ithilian” the voice would tell him. “every legend comes to an end. always” Ithilian would say with a sigh. “But I must say, Rhys and Rickard did a lot more than I did, but now is my time to rest” he would say slowly closing his eyes. “Let’s hope they remember you.” the voice would say, the sound decreasing slowly “They will remember me, but if not. they will remember my last name” Ithilian would say. letting out a big sigh. everything would disappear. every sound. everything….. Every person is a legend, but every legend comes to an end. Always
  3. Juststan147

    Common Man [CCP - Rutledge]

    CCP fully stands behind this candidate “The CCP campaign manager reacts
  4. Juststan147

    TheDragonsRoost, HellfireOfficial's Game Moderator Application

    I'm going to say no. you have been denied all the other positions already. listen to the people and just stop -1
  5. Juststan147

    Reaffirmation of Candidacy, 1688

    I like how he has high hopes of doing certain things without even knowing IF he can achieve them. atleast I know Rhys can achieve everything and more then Dominic can “Ithilian would state after reviewing the paper”
  6. Juststan147

    An Open Letter, 1688

    Rhys clearly is the better candidate, I have nothing against Dominic. but I know Rhys is made for this kind of stuff even when he is old, I'm older and would probably still do better than he does “Ithilian would comment reading the letter”
  7. Juststan147


  8. Juststan147

    The Academic Union

    ~Application~ OOC Username: Juststan147 Discord: Juststan#7503 RP Name: Ithilian Enthelor Age: 97 Race: Heartlander Place of Residence: Haense (Barony of Ihirion) Department: Professors of Academia Other Guilds: Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  9. Juststan147

    Vacancies !!

    “No thanks” said a Haensetic man who fought against the curonites after their betrayal
  10. Juststan147

    [Idea] Moving Structures

    Yes please, if we can get ships too move like this we could get some amazing things out of it
  11. Juststan147

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    what he said, big fat -1
  12. Juststan147

    Why not? Literally AMA!

    How many stars are there in the air and why?
  13. Juststan147

    TheDragonsRoost's Coder Application

    You said you quit, and you came back. Just leave and don’t come back if you are being like that. One big fat -1
  14. Juststan147

    The Words of a Victim

    you indeed aren't blaming the peasants, you are blaming Haense and Robert Sigismund, like you indirectly, and directly said before. and I guess everything is fine considering I am not a politician, but one of the officers of that army you guys failed to crush. you Renatians first need to look in a mirror before you can go and do something else “Ithilian would reply shaking his head at the nonsense this Renatian ‘Politician’ was talking about
  15. Juststan147

    The Words of a Victim

    Poor Renatian soldiers, guess they deserved it because of all the innocent lives they took. I would almost say I am proud by having been part of that slaughter “Ithilian would reply remembering the times Renatus murdered hundreds of innocent Haensetic citizens”