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  1. Juststan147

    Tournament of Markev

    Sign up (RP&MC) Name: Juststan147, Aldrik Baruch Age: 14 Title: heir to the county of Ayr Holdings: N/A Heritage: grandson of Marius Baruch Events: Joust, one on one melee
  2. Juststan147

    Curon Freedom Festival

    Funny you are holding a freedom festival but you are not actually free but just a slave of the empire “Ty would comment”
  3. Juststan147

    Transfer of titles

    Transfer of titles By the orders of elected Baron of Ihirion: Tyrathian Enthelor all noble lands and titles previously owned by Tyrathian of the House Enthelor are officially transferred to the Count of Ayr of the House Baruch. Signed by Tyrathian Enthelor Baron of Ihirion, Commander of the Westguard, Admiral of the Enthelor fleet, Lord of the Crowsport and Crowsfort
  4. Juststan147


    more then just edgie “ty would reply”
  5. Juststan147

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    -1 don't think this person would be fit for the ET
  6. Juststan147


    “Death to the emperor,” Ty would mumble to himself, continuing his plans for the Anti Imperial Movement.
  7. Juststan147

    A Dragon’s Journey

    “Ty celebrates the news “That is atleast one Horen less the deal with any time soon”
  8. **** the Imperials “A member of the anti Imperial movement would say”
  9. Juststan147

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    The Anti Imperial Movement *A young man would walk to the middle of the camp shouting for his brothers to come closer* Come here you idiots, I have something to announce It has been some time we left, that we left imperial ground. But I just thought about something, something you guys should also have realised. That Empire that got created many years ago. is a bunch of bullshit. and I think it is time to put an end to that bullshit. Norland tried, and failed. The dwarves tried and failed, the orcs tried, and failed. but now it is our turn, and I am trying to do it. a different way. with force or without force has not been decided yet. but it will be done. so I hereby announce that from this day, the Anti Imperial Movement has been founded, and we will do everything to put an end to this cursed Empire, and everybody who wants to help is willing to stop by and have a chat with me at my camp. if you can find it at least. This new movement will have one goal, To put an end to the empire and all that is involved!.
  10. Juststan147


    **** the church “Ty mumbled to himself
  11. Juststan147

    We Came As Crows

    I always knew Curon was weak, but this even suprises me. Go grow some balls and continue the fight or else you are as worthless as those vaeyl we are fighting “ty replies”
  12. Juststan147

    Government of Colonia Aequium

    so many announcements about a place I have never even heard of “Ty would think to himself”
  13. Juststan147

    The will of a man

    The will of a man Tyrathian would walk up to the city square of Markev going to climb the stairs up the podium. after clearing his throat he would begin to speak People of Markev, some of you may know me, but also a lot of you probably don’t. so let me introduce myself, I am Tyrathian Enthelor and the grandson of Ithilian Enthelor who you may have heard of. It is my grandfathers will that I would run for the office of Maer because he wants me to continue what he did. my grandfather served Haense long and honourable and he wanted Haense to become greater then it has ever been. He died with that dream but I will continue dreaming this. I want to take the office of Maer so I can make part of this come true, to make Markev greater then it has ever been. During these these dangerous times we need strong leadership and I wish to strengthen our current leadership, with the threat of the south becoming even greater I wish to make more food available for the people and give shelter to those who need it. We need to work together to make this possible so we can survive this long winter and come out of it stronger and greater then we were before the cold came, for we are highlanders and we are strong and with me as Maer this strength will increase within Markev and maybe even in all of Haense. So remember vote for Tyrathian Enthelor and I will make Markev stronger. I wish all the other candidates good luck and I hope that the winner of the votes will do everything he can for Markev.
  14. Juststan147

    Land Auction Annoucement

    Could you please explain that? I don't really know how the charter system works