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  1. IGN: Juststan147 Character Name: Llewelyn Fawr Age: 36 Place of Residence / Street Address: Farmhouse IV Position: Maer
  2. Hey there, Im in the work of creating a small highlander subculture respresenting and inspired by the Welsh and Celtic culture. If you are interested in helping me out or joining please contact me on discord Juststan147#7503

    1. ItsMeDontWorry


      I am welsh, I approve welsh things

    2. Juststan147


      2 hours ago, ItsMeDontWorry said:

      I am welsh, I approve welsh things

      thanks for existing to inspire me I guess 😛

    3. lev


      adunia is scotland forever

  3. Llewelyn would shed a tear, having been unable to join the final fight because of his sickness “goodbye my friend”
  4. “Does the church even know nobody cares about what they say?” Spirit follower Llewelyn would remark
  5. “They aren’t even nobles, just upjump citizens of the empire with desk jobs, though I absolutely agree” Llewelyn added
  6. Hold on a minute! This woman has zero claim to the throne! As the heir of Joseph I hereby declare myself King of Marivesse! “Andrew Staunton would proclaim not having this bullshit”
  7. IGN: Juststan147 Character Name: Llewelyn Fawr Age: 28 Place of Residence / Street Address: HRA barracks Position: (Alderman, Tribune or Maer) Tribune
  8. Andrew Staunton would just shake his head “Alright never mind, my brother went mad in the same way my uncle and father went mad. Amazing. I should probably talk with the Church to repair our relations or else Courland is doomed once again”
  9. Andrew who has been spending his time in hiding since his uncle stole the crown from his father would look up to the sky dreaming back to the days in the capital “Brother has got back what was ours, maybe I should return”
  10. “We will continue the fight no matter the cost, long live Haense, Byth Eto!” Llewelyn would say trying to cheer up his comrades
  11. Ithilian Enthelor Lord Kastellan of Haense during the time on Atlas smiles from the seven skies
  12. Juststan147

    Haenseni Shores

    Llewelyn stood on the top of the siege platform next to the warcamp scanning the horizon while overseeing the practice of the ballista crew sighing deep as he knew somewhere beyond that horizon sails there enemy “I forfilled my promise father, I lead our clan to new lands, but now I must forfill my new promise. May the spirits give me strength and give me a true aim when the enemies arrive. Long live the King, long live Haense!”
  13. IGN: Juststan147 Character Name: Llewelyn Fawr Age: 23 Place of Residence / Street Address: HRA barracks Position: Maer
  14. Amazing, a perfect victory for the defendant “LLewelyn would remark”
  15. Conflict solved “remarks LLewelyn”
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