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  1. Ave Renatus! “Rickard would shout
  2. Ovin would be patrolling the roads but suddenly rush home to try and intercept his father “what the hell dad, you think you can just leave me again”
  3. “They were annoying, that's reason enough to kill the stupid race”. Rickard would comment preparing himself to kill more halflings
  4. Rickard would look up from his desk hearing the news “I'm glad that my lord has a capable man to help him, me and my barony will assist him in any way possible if that is needed”
  5. Richard Enthelor walks around the walls of his newly found keep hearing the news, he would mumble to himself “Maybe I should offer my kin the same. my father did it the wrong way. maybe I should take the title my father is unfit for and offer it to one of my brothers, thanks Rodrik even though you probably didn't mean to give me advise”
  6. Ave Renatus! “the new baron of Ikrein shouted!”
  7. “Don't think you can revoke a title of somebody who is also your enemy and not your vassal...” A peasant would wonder hoping for somebody to clarify
  8. Never heard nor seen them before “Ovin would comment”
  9. “good point, but it's still Curon we are talking about”
  10. “and you say that based on attacking the empire's most weak vassal?”
  11. Ovin applauds for Ser Rodrik proud of his actions in Ves “I hope Rodrik trains me to be able to do the same!”
  12. Ovin Nord nods in approval after witnessing the execution and duel during court
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