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  1. The bright lord claims this post
  2. Lotharingians were never important in the world “a marshal would comment”
  3. Dont post in black, it’s hard to read, and I also don’t like the idea. We don’t need elven races for every biome. just play high elves and have a browner skin because of the sun
  4. Thanks Man, Atleast that is funny
  5. Weird sense of humour I suppose “Rickard would say scratching his head” luckily it did not interrupt the training, but please next time just fight us in battle. It takes less effort to wipe orcs from the earth than to clean up these toes
  6. Rickard would read the invitation while working on a new project, “guess I’ll pay my Lord a visit”
  7. New 42 minutes ago, Pureimp10 said: New nations new laws, old ones don’t count “another noble commented”
  8. Good thing I adopted a **** load of children and let them take on my name before this law passed “a noble would comment from his chamber”
  9. That also would be a problem, but last time I checked we did not settle anywhere close to a dwarven ruin. Just a solid mountain with nothing underneath it
  10. That surely would be a problem, but luckily we didn’t settle in your ancestors ruins
  11. Hold on, the dwarves threaten me and my people, and attack us openly. And WE are insulting them when we tell them they need to **** off or face war? “Rickard Enthelor Lord Regent of High Peak and the Skylands would mumble not knowing dwarven IQ was this low”
  12. “Aldrik Baruch, eldest son of Marius sits quietly in the cabin of his ship he looks at the document as he was thinking about the past “Maybe I should have been at his side, his decision made me leave but maybe it is time to say my final farewell, I am sorry father” Aldrik stood up and walked on to the deck calling to his crewman at the steering wheel” Johan! Set sail for the shore, I got business to attend in Reza”
  13. I know Stafyrs have stolen many ideas of the Enthelors in the past, but this does it “Ithilian Enthelor would say in the seven skies”
  14. Glad to see the empire is willing to protect it’s vassals against dumb dwarven aggression “Rickard Enthelor would comment, knowing about what is going on”
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