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  1. Ovin, now grown up and a seasoned warrior sheds a tear when he remembers the good times with his teacher Rodrik when he trained Ovin when he was a young squire in Haense
  2. “Finally an actual army again, let's hope this Marshal is not going to keep us down like his predecessors” Rickard would say sharpening his sword ready to enlist again
  3. “We are not giving up milady Ester without a fight!” Lord Rickard would say training his newly found defence force for the encounters to come
  4. Rickard is sad that he failed to save his Duke from Morsgrad when he invaded the city while his brothers in arms were fighting
  5. Anybody looking for a new character please contact me to join my super duper cool noble family

    1. Zyhaveus


      Well 'en, out with it.

  6. "Since when can a random member of a House make a agreement for their entire house?” Rickard would ask “Even better why can that random member claim titles that are clearly not his”
  7. And since when are you important and should we care about what you say? “Comments Rickard “
  8. Seems like Morsgrad is going mad again
  9. Guess we have to remove your entire city to fix it then 😛
  10. The bright lord claims this post
  11. Lotharingians were never important in the world “a marshal would comment”
  12. Dont post in black, it’s hard to read, and I also don’t like the idea. We don’t need elven races for every biome. just play high elves and have a browner skin because of the sun
  13. Thanks Man, Atleast that is funny
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