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  1. Feliks hefted their greatsword out of the sheathe they rested onto the ground, raising it high in a two-handed grip and giving a great “URA!” at his brother Zvonomir's words.
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    Feliks of Metterdan was born between a Snow Elf father and a Highlander Raevir mother. His childhood was extremely troubled given that his birth was of forced conception, with his father being extremely absent (more so vanished back to his fortress), and his mother left to deal with the shame of a half-breed child. Whilst his mother, Anastasiya, didn't get rid of the child, she failed to raise him for the first few years of his life. He was handed over to a local orphanage in Metterdan ran by the local monastery, and given the remote location of the duchy, along with the lacking intelligence of the religious converts in the monastery, Feliks was misidentified as a pure human. Whilst he grew up sickly and pale, as well as lethargic sickness as a child, they merely took it as why his mother abandoned him to an orphanage; he was a sickly child, and wouldn't survive with a poor family. Despite the hardship that one might experience from being a sickly orphan child, Feliks remained optimistic and hardly thought about his parents. Given that the rest of the children around him found themselves troubled, he entertained himself by trying to make friends with those outside of them, and so fell into a friendship with the local woodsman's son; Svonimir. The two often played together after his standard chores at the orphanage, and it soon become a trio with the inclusion of Svonimir's brother, Ivan. Due to the intervention of these two souls, Feliks' childhood became something of an unlikely event, given that he grew up as a happy orphan. These three often came together to think of themselves as three heroes, playing and bashing each other with sticks and playing rough that would lead into Feliks' mercenary life later on. The monks of the monastery began to teach Feliks scripture, and indoctrinate him into the practice of Cannonism. Growing into his teenage life, Feliks took to a band of local mercenaries. Since he was approaching his adult life, Feliks needed work fast, and so began to train under this mercenary band with a two handed Raevir sabre. They also taught him the act of dirty fighting with hand to hand, closing the gap, fighting distance and so forth with dagger and sword. As Feliks grew into his adult life, he began to realise the truth about his heritage after travelling around some of the outer regions of Metterdan with his mercenary band. This inner conflict seemed to grip him, and so he sought to sate it by serving his country, taking to Svonimir and Ivan even more after dropping from his mercenary band and aiding them in leaving Metterdan with their artefact. After reaching Haense, the trio continued on to the Capital of Man, Svonimir and Ivan seeking out their heritage and Feliks trying to carve his way through the world.
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