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  1. 2ZZUlwW.jpg

    1. Wulfery


      Ooo Gloria Victis. Played it well when it first came out, atm just not feeling it. Needs more polishing before I'll get back to it :v

  2. Wolfdwg

    [Prisoner Auction] Rose The Heartlander

    Godemir eyes the poster... something seemed similar to it's make...
  3. Wolfdwg

    Reformation of the Kingdom of Bogrin

    "Doomforged kingdom when." Asks Volkkas Doomforged.
  4. Wolfdwg

    Your View: Raids

    guys lets remove war too, that rarely even happens too haha xp
  5. Wolfdwg

    Your View: Raids

    Raids barely happen anymore, just remove them xd
  6. Well looks like no war.

    1. Hyena


      Better luck next time boys

  7. Wolfdwg

    Leitseg's Troth

    A Certain Camel Bandito smirks as his brothers and sisters ready for war!
  8. Wolfdwg

    Raiding and why it's tearing this family apart!!!

    remove raids n remove war rp only server haha xd
  9. Wolfdwg

    What is raiding meant to do?

    haha irl logistics in block game xd
  10. Wolfdwg

    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

    ngl freebuild is the root of this issue xd
  11. A certain camel bandit is none to happy war will likely not be waged, therefor he goes to pout in a corner until he's called on upon once more.
  12. Wolfdwg

    Goodbye halflings, Goodbye LOTC

  13. Wolfdwg

    Why I might leave LoTC

    Just leave if you don't like it?
  14. Wolfdwg

    Writ of Excommunication

    "Alright then. I look forward to the church warring us. It's time to show them their cannonist 'God' stop listening awhile ago." state Godemir, a true believer in the sun.
  15. Wolfdwg

    The Nordengradic Charter

    let it die narthok