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  1. but who has the superior rat profile picture?

  2. Nummy's Art Lottery.

    guess im first :>
  3. PSA for you Haensboys :>


    1. TankM1A2


      well, I’ll be damned

    2. L0rdLawyer


      This server is a roleplay server, even though Telanir said he would fight for both sides to be equally represented. Yet thanks to the PVP drive to reform Oren, the staff just let the roleplayers get squashed as Tsuyose redeems himself. It's sad to see a playerbase leave, and it won't be the first group to depart LoTC this map. I wish the Haense boys luck wherever they find themselves.

       @Telanir @Harold @501warhead

    3. Nathan_Barnett36


      remember when wolfdwg actually have an affiliation? No, I don't either he bounces that hard.

  4. Raomir's WT Application

    +1 good choice for fixing up the wiki.
  5. -= Troubling Times =-

    "Peace breeds weakness, war births the strong." states Szoros as he flays a strung pig.
  6. An Olive Branch, 1655

    "Woe upon the bastards of Haense, for there can only be one crow." Comments Szoros a bannerman and butcher of House Ivanovich!
  7. In Nomine Dei, 1655

    "Glory be to god, for the apostate shall know fear." States a meat cutter.
  8. It'll be map end when the war rules come out. Calling it now.

    1. Harold


      I can delay them if you want 😉

    2. Wolfdwg


      Only if you want big boi.

  9. The loss of rescue raids

    time to kidnap king of Haense, and lock myself in a 1x2 hole house in which is inaccessible to anyone but me. Thanks Ioannis +1
  10. Never A Defeat

    "I think you mean southern, my geographically impaired dwarf friend." Szoros would state, after hanging a dead pig from a tree by a noose and rope.
  11. wish horses were somewhat faster than running :l

    1. HardstyleRaver2


      It's ridiculous of how they're slower than walking.

    2. DarkElfs


      When they're on the roads there not to bad but off them ya slow as can be it's better to kill any and all horses at this point, to be honest really. 

    3. Hyena


      Balanced pvp? !? 

  12. The Hamlet of White Peak

    Not bad lookin'

    1. Hyena


      omg I love your profile picture

    2. Dreek


      I roleplay, PvP has no place on my server

  14. so many skin swipers....