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  1. MC Name: Wolfdwg Character's Name: Khek Character's Age: 1 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Golem Creator's MC Name: Lhindir Creator's RP Name: Lhindir Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Golems are constructs of stone that have been forged by a golemancer. These beings are able to move due to a core that is made of thanium, which gives them the ability to move their body. The runes located on the sensory locations of the golem act like a nerve system, abling the golem to gain senses such as sound, feeling, and sight. This proves to be the golem's main weakness is its fragile core. Warhammers, and electrical evocation prove to be effective means to deal a swift and mighty blow to topple these stone behemoths. Golems are also very strong, though from this their trade off is that they’re heavy and slow. The idea of free-will is foreign to the thought process of a golem. Instead, golems serve their masters, commonly known as their ‘Impera’. This typically is the first being they see on the day of their creation, usually the golemancer, but they can be acquired by the highest bidder looking for a tool for war. Red golems are basically damaged golems, who want to destroy all beings. If a golem is damaged in this way, their runes will omit a red sickly glow. This must be tended to by their creator or another golemancer, for if not they will continue to be on a destructive rampage. If the thanic core of the golem is destroyed, their stone form will result to a crumbled heap slowly fading to dust. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  2. What faction on ESO, but yh damn sad to see yah go bud.
  3. Hi
  4. I mean the dwarf and orc player bases are pretty strong in activity.
  5. "Nay worth over ah't'ousan'd." Virim would grunt heading off to do better things.
  6. "1000 Mina on them fleetin' boots." states Virim
  7. Virim chuckles. " 500 on the boots of fleeting."
  8. Virim offers 230 minas on feet of fleeting.
  9. "A war for either faction can be detrimental. If Norland goes to war it can expose weakness to other human kingdoms. If the dwedmar do battle and go on the offense they can accidentally unite the human kingdoms." Muses a humanoid figure as he observes from afar. His staff clenched in his hand.
  10. +1 another good lore sub Smaw.
  11. MC Name: Wolfdwg Character's Name: Lánggǒu Character's Age: 39 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Hou-Zi Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: The Hou-zi are a creation Metzli who is none too proud of. At one point prior to the descendants arrival the Hou-Zi had a vast empire spanning all three continents. The culture of these creatures mimics real life traditional Chinese. They're divided into their own sects of sub races, such as the Laobai-Zhu, Hei-Zhu, and Fei-Zhu. Their form of combat revolves around pole-arms and martial arts. There form of common is similar to that of a broken English accent, usually they take either soft or deep eastern Asian accents. Their heights can range from 6'5" to 7' though this typically depends on their sub race. This also ties in with the longevity of these beings from 250 years to 300 years. Metzli was a daemon who longed for a race of her own. At this point the daemon had been conducting experiments to create mortal life that would praise and revere her, acting almost as servants. She had this divine quest which brought her to the isle of Asul in which many a life flourished in it's expanse. However, almost giving up on a suitable subject, she discovered the primates who harbored in the jungles of Southern Asul. Thus began the event known as the up-lifting. From this they evolved in sentience and thought. Within two years they forged steel, another four structures of stone and jade. Hou-Shen the first to be uplifted by Metzli headed the way of this enlightenment of their kind. And on the year fifty, Jing-Taiyun, the capital and center of Hou-zi civilization had been built. From then on Metzli ordered the Monkey King to conquer the ancient world of Axios. The first great conflict the Hou-zi faced were that of the ancient elves of the Kingdom of Malinor, lead by King Malin himself. This occurred as both sides grew suspicious of either and after numerous attempts of peaceful outreach by the Malinites, war would shortly begin. At first the Hou-zi took the Malinites by surprise and made massive gains in land expansion. Minor raids and skirmishes would happen until the siege of Asul'onn. The fighting was fierce as the city had been personally garrisoned by Malin's sentinels, and the Monkey-men being lead by Hou-Shen clashed. Malinite Druii would use their influence over nature and perform massive feats the Hou-zi had never experienced. Though drawn out and well defended, on the 70th day of the siege the walls crumbled to a combustible sulfuric substance in forms of dragon-rockets. With superior steel weapons, the slaughter was horrendous as the Hou-zi poured into the defenses. After this the Hou-Zi would trade with the Malinites in battles, but ultimately lead to massive territorial gains in Ceru and Tahn. Until they were stopped at the siege of Naeri’onn, a city in central Tahn. It is said that Malin himself led the defense of Naeri’onn. The siege was a decisive victory for the elves, a three-pronged assault which ended up slaughtering the entire Hou-Zi force. Both the Hou-Zi and the elves had been exhausted of men and resources, and thus Malin and Hou-Shen had brokered and uneasy peace. However this ceasefire only festered animosity and gave way to lick wounds. After 100 years war would break out once more. The battle of Malinor City was the result of the first battle and it was a fierce one. The plan was simple for the Hou-Zi, end it quickly. However this would prove to be their undoing. Hou-Shen and his three sons faced off against Malin himself. Though his death is clouded in mystery Hou-Shen died on the field. This was a massive blow to morale as the Hou-zi believe Hou-Shen to be immortal. Thus began the Elvish reconquista as the fleeting army of the Hou-zi fled back into their jungles with the Elven army in tow. As the Hou-zi prepared a defense spearheaded by the three sons of Hou-shen who were able to flee the battle, an ancient power known as the 'Poison' had risen. Red mist seeped into the halls of the Hou-Zi's capital forcing them to scatter into the jungle. Angered by the old god's interference Metzli captured the old Monkey King's soul and forged a new body for him to inhabit. Which she sent back to his people to finally complete her 'project' and finish it. The race of the Hou-Zi were invigorated by Hou-Shen's return that they reclaimed their old capital and rose back into unity once more. Now came vengeance, the Hou-Zi rebuilt their army, forged their technologies, and bared new armor of world-class resistance, but divine with artistic value. As the Elven race was divided between Ker, aheral, and ame, the Hou-zi set forth from their jungle and conquered. However it wasn't as easy as it was prior, for the Mali had evolved in their own right. Though initially conquered the aheral fell back into voidal wards which protected their cities, the ker hid under ground where they could not be reached, and the ame had formed nomadic tribes known as seeds, for they bore no home and lived off the land. With time the Mali united once more and fought back the Hou-Zi. A battle was fought at the old city of Malinor, however despite gunpowder and ornate weapons, the Mali were victorious due to their arts of Void, Druii, and Shamanism. Hou-Shen fled with his people to their capital and reconvened for a last stand, however no battle was fought as the Alliance of Mali formed a treaty of mercy with the Monkey King. Hou-Shen ruled his stagnating empire for the next five hundred years. With depleting resources the Hou-Zi turned on each other in the event known as the Jade Wars. Hou-Shen tried his best, but his authority had degraded to his failed wars with the Mali people. The Capital had fallen into disrepair as entire districts were abandoned, then an old power rose once more. The Poison returned. Infrastructure collapsed, Plagues rampant, wildfires tore the jungle. Hou-Shen, with the weight of nearly a thousand years of defeat on his shoulders, finally had enough. One day, he simply walked into the thick of the jungle, and was never seen again. With this the Empire of the Hou-Zi collapsed and the capital abandoned once more. Scattering into the Asul jungles. The city was then sunk into the earthen soil by Poison, which now only remains the ruins of a once grand city. Metzli had witnessed these events and became infuriated, however her rage was short-lived as she had came to the realization of the failed Hou-Zi people. She abandoned them and left for other pursuits. The Hou-Zi civilization had collapsed entirely once more. But the Hou-Zi had hope. They believed that Hou-Shen, their immortal lord, would return to them once more. That he would rebuild the great city of Jing-Taiyun and lead them into a third great war with the elves, one they would finally win. But, Hou-Shen never returned. Up until the modern era, the Hou-Zi never rose again. Religion of the Hou-Zi revolved around the Awakener, Metzli and the Immortal Monkey King Hou-Shen. Although Metzli made them who they were, she played a minor role in the faith as Hou-Shen received the praise of the Hou-Zi people. He's revered as a legend and hero to the Hou-Zi and many small shrines stand erected to his honor as they remembrance to their past achievements. To this day the Golden Palace is a husk of its former glory. It remains abandoned and only inhabited by the 'Poison'. No attempts thus far have been made to reclaim the ruins, as all attempts are likely to end in fatalities. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: no
  12. cool post, interesting idea! +1
  13. "800 Minas," says a dwarf.
  14. Minecraft Name: (If you have multiple, put which you want the pex to be added to.) Wolfdwg RougeStab Skype ID: (Can be put to private, however if you get an interview be sure to contact me.) Wolfdwg Time-zone: US CST Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: (Other servers included.) Nop Where do you grab inspiration from: (Games, books, etc.) Witcher Franchise Dragon Age Franchise LoTR Franchise WoW Franchise Warhammer Fantasy/40k Elder Scroll Franchise Fallout Franchise What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: Wolfdwg Virim Grandaxe - willing Basilis - Darkstalker - willing Free persona slot RougeStab Free Persona Free Persona Free Persona What race, or group, do your events best cater to: Particularly, I’d hope to achieve everyone's needs and get around as much as possible to as many groups as possible, ensuring each one is having a unique rp experience. Though if I had to choose, I’d be the most comfortable with Human events, being that I am quite familiar with the structure and role play that makes up that specific community. Though this by all means doesn’t hinder my willingness to experiment with other groups and organizations scattered about the server. What do you believe are they key factors for a successful event: I believe there has to be a sense of excitement, fun, and an overall sensational experience, that drives players wanting more! You have to have a good plot that is building, be it steps to uncovering a mystery or revealing of one's true character and intent. Then it has to lead up to a sensual feel, be it a uncovering of a terrifying creature, or the treachery of an individual. Then the climax, for all good plots have one, the showdown. You pitted against moral choices, the realization everything has a consequence, the world is grey not black and white. Then the resolution. The downward spiral of either escaping a dungeon, racing to thwart a dark plot, etc. I believe these crucial points in a events plot are necessary to a very successful event. One that includes everyone's participation, rather than specific individuals. What strengths would you bring to the team: (Knowledgeable in lore, great organizer, etc.) I hope to attribute my ambition and drive. I have a strong desire to change the image perceived of the ET within the community. I really want to see it reversed from being a thought, slacking and do-nothing group to a interactive and diversified group that can be relied on to create meaningful and impactful events that would leave someone saying, “Wow!” Lore wise I believe I’m average, but there are definite areas I can always improve on. I’m still new to most of the magics on LotC, even though being quite old on the server. I can always get clarification from higher ups, lore team, and the players themselves who’ve created and pitched said lore. Why do you want to be part of the team: As said before in the previous question I’d really like to improve the image that’s perceived about the ET. I wish to create and act impactful, meaningful, story driven events for all groups. I’ve heard numerous times how certain groups are looked over, or flat out ignored, I seek to change that and am gladly willing to put my time and effort into changing that. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: (Keep in mind that these pitches are to the managers and the lead, no the community.) (Group of 5-10): Unwariness has fallen on the grim and glimmer that is Metz. Something stalks the cool night air, mischievous and vile. Just the other day a sod known as Jimmy “Crow-eyed” Johnson had an anvil fall on his head after being lured by a beautiful woman. Numerous instances of ‘pranks’ have occurred, ending in fatalities, It is up to a stalwart, motley band of players to uncover this… Terror in Metz… Ideally this would be a small event, that would require the permission of the owners of the region. A gremlin stalks the streets of the human capital of Metz, playing twisted ‘pranks’ and sadistic acts, that have been causing a few deaths. The players are essentially lead on a wild goose-chase through the back alleys and winding streets, following numerous clues and hints to uncover this anomaly. Nothing will be linial, as the players can choose whatever action they wish to do. (Group of 10-12): A rumour begins to spread amongst various adventurers. Deep within the halls of an ancient cavern, lies a fabled blade that is said to shatter the heavens with roaring thunder and clashing lightning. In Karlsburg, or any other town, an odd frail man says to its residence in a nearby tavern that he’s found this dark dungeon. He warns those who are interested to bring their best of equipment, for there are rotters and abominations about. With this a band of misfit adventurers set out to find this cavern, and plunder it for it’s treasures… However there is a more sinister plot afoot… With this being said the player group that’s formed to find this cavern would venture out, with casual road rp, until they are able to find the cavern. There they would find a few rotters and ghoulish creatures, played by ET, or represented by mc mobs, and would have to clear the area before proceeding. The frail man would then open the door by some sort of key substance. This would be the first of the clues of betrayal. How would he know of how to open it? After venturing in a bit and emote would hit off about the entrance being sealed. The idea is to panic the players, and make them fear for their gear. Some might try to ss out, but will find their ss blocked by golden pillars. If anyone does need to leave mid event may inform of the ET, or GM running the event in which they’ll be promptly tp’d outside the sealed entrance. The player group then will proceed to the first obstacle. The guide would go first and fail immediately, falling into the darkness. The parkour would be relatively easy, and wouldn’t pressure the players too hard. From there on the group must traverse through the dungeon at their own pace to find a way out. Finding various clues and dark rituals scattered about. Eventually they’ll come across the main hall, and at the end there’ll be a exit. However in this hall they’ll see the frail man again, his mood will not be too happy if they’re are even one of the players left. He’ll reveal his malicious intent of sacrifice he wished on the group, to reawaken the ancient blade. There he will reveal that he’s an ancient barrow-wight and the remaining players, or full party, must work to end the dark creature. It won’t be an easy fight, as many of the players would likely end up injured, incapacitated, or even worse. After the wight is defeated, there the surviving players would receive a chance to roll 20, the lowest would receive the sword. Though the power would be all but gone, and the blade itself rusted and battered, every surviving player would be able to loot the main hall, as theirs stands of armor to a chest of mina. After looting the players will be free to leave. This dungeon is able to be repeated by new players, mostly inspired by Harrison’s dungeon crawler initiative. (1-Infinite): The streets of The Rock, or a busy city, will never experience true ferocity like any other than these next few days… Here sits Quinn the Magic goods vendor. He begins to sell his day to day item, be it a magic card set, enchanted amulet, and various books that are enchanted. Business is good, mina is flowing, the atmosphere is calm and lively with many characters of all sorts. Wait… what… There out of the corner of Quinn’s eye is Reginald. A posh man who is very ambitious and egoistic. There across from Quinn he sets up his own magical item stall… With his prices lower!.. For there is a deep rivalry between Quinn and Reginald, here the game of merchants will begin… Sabotage, Deceit, and Scandal will be raged between these two… Who will win?... Ideally this a non scripted, save for some backstory, event. A brutal rivalry between Quinn and Reginald will be waged through the players. The players are the factor here for deciding the outcome. One can report their malicious ideas to the guards, a court case can occur. One could encourage their rivalry, play both sides, murder! Anything goes in the Game of Merchants. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: About a year or so. Mainly for the reason that life has responsibilities, from work to school. However I intend to give my fullest for the times I am here. Tell me a joke: (Like jaeden’s building abilities.) The amount of times I’ve been denied to any staff position. ;-;
  15. Rsv'd till I get home.