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  1. Wolfdwg


    “URGUAN FOR THE DWARVES! NAVARK OZ URGUAN! URGUAN FER’EVAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”, a proud Gandrik would proclaim, letting loose the cry of bagpipes, a hymn and tribute to the days of old! ((Snowflake warning this is loud))
  2. Gandrik would shout cheerfully for his kin’s new found homeland, and newly forged unification! “NAVARK OZ AGNARUM!”
  3. Wolfdwg

    The Mercenarial Free Company of the Black Reiters

    Mate simply picks at his teeth, after eating a delicious hesburger, cooked by Mr. Sniffles!
  4. Wolfdwg

    Bring Back Twenty Hearts

    My thought process behind the suggestion is that fights are over after a few well placed bow shots, 3 fully pulled back hits with a bow can down someone in full iron. Whether you’re a pvper or rper this is really aggravating. I wouldn’t mind if bows were nerfed dmg’d but I thought it’d be easier for the devs to just re-add our extra bar of health. Edit: I know the use of shields negates bow dmg, but if your trying to run away or get away it’s hard to raise your shield and run at the same time for most ppl.
  5. Wolfdwg

    Bring back the flint recipe

  6. Just as title says. Wanted to know the communities thoughts.
  7. Wolfdwg

    The Arcas Landing Festival 1706

    “Perhaps I could offer a custom sword to the winner of this joust!” the opportunistic Helmer Olberich, town smith of Reza, would state.
  8. Wolfdwg

    The Royal City of Reza

    “GOD bless our new home!” Johnny Dogs would state proudly.
  9. Wolfdwg

    Snow Elven Trailer

    This is why the snelven genocide needs to be every map! TO prevent them from creating good content! Nice vid tho buff +1
  10. remove my FM tag, leaving LOTC

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    2. Medvekoma


      See you in two weeks.

    3. Fireheart


      See you dude! Best of luck in whatever you set your mind to.

    4. Nathan_Barnett36
  11. Wolfdwg

    The Thairic Conclave

    “Foolish wishes from an old and decrepit mali,” would state Edymr as he lit the forge in Gladewynn, churning steel for the coming feud.
  12. Wolfdwg

    Please Ban Me Vol.2 [Art]

    Sometimes I wonder, if we Reiters should've let them red cloak fellers kill off the dominion
  13. Wolfdwg

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    Re-add warzones b/w skirm wcs and siege wcs