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  1. Christ is King. God guide us in these coming years.
  2. Christ is King

    1. Hunnic


      of course my horse

  3. So uh... can we nerf lances now???
  4. Wish I could be edgy stone man…

    1. TheWhiteWolf
    2. z3m0s



    3. Zarsies


      Anything for the OG

  5. Ottar, the mountain dwed, would hear of the news from his homestead in the alps near the capital. He’d pour an ale out for the MIGHTY Grand King.
  6. Simply leaving it to moderation to investigate and determine if you are being targeted oocly is not, blanket-banning. As for the rp situation, why adhere to reform? Take action and call for schism? You’d likely have the backing of 4 Nations? Nothing says you have to listen to these people and adhere to their personal biases, you owe them nothing. My advice is to take risks if your character fundamentally disagrees with something. It may work it may not. But outright banning referrals to homophobia in roleplay via ooc methods is just not how you enact change.
  7. I don’t understand why people don’t have a backbone anymore. Instead of doing something about what they don’t like in roleplay they immediately go to the forums and try to get it whatever aggrieves them removed due to a perceived OOC prejudice. Have some ambition in rp and do something to change it. It’s basically how the Canonist Church was formed since it was a schism. If you think someone is attacking you for your OOC, real life sexual preference or skin color, REPORT THEM. This server is not a medium for OOC political discourse, this is a game in which acts as a roleplay medium for our community.
  8. Sometimes I wish God had made me Russian.

  9. "Wot evah. Just dunnae go sayin' men gettin' pregnant or sometin'. That'd beh just factualleh incorrect..." a reserved hermit within the dwarven highlands, Ottar would remark.
  10. "Navark oz Urguan! T'is beh a re-awakenin' ov dah faith! Ah Renaissance oi say!" would remark Ottar as he tended to his newly acquired homestead. Things were looking bright under this new Grand King.
  11. "Id iz hozh twu hab layt bayk bruddah. Togetha' againzt dah endless zwarm." Jreg would be one of the first to welcome the legendary uruk back into the fold.
  12. "Hozh blah yung piggeh. Gow git dem and gore dey inzidez owt!" Jreg'Gorkil would wipe a singular tear from his eye. As a father who would be proud of their young broodling making a name for themselves.
  13. "Ib may juzt bi an uruk lookin' at diz zilleh Kannonizt logic, bub ain't dah connection wit dey GOD zuppoze twu bi perzonal? Why du dey eben neeyd a mowfpiece... I meayn dey juzt ah oomie aftah all," Jreg'Gorkil would ponder for a moment at this question before feeding a severed arm of a Petran to his armored-warg. He would then toss this 'missive' into a blazing fire filled with corpses.
  14. "Oh my zug diz am hozh un approved by dah zpiritz," Jreg'Gorkil would comment after hearing Gaspard's speech. He readies his war-warg and lances for the coming battle.
  15. “The whinez un death throwz ub ah dying dog,” remarked Jreg’Gorkil as he sharpened his axe for the eve of battle that was yet to come.
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