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  1. It's almost harvesting season...

  2. "It is too bad humanity will never be a force to reckon with. Rather they will collapse in due time, squabbling like rats, attempting to cling onto the legacy of the true sons of Godfrey." would comment Lyonel from the seven skies. He'd then go back to his mini golf tournament with Berenfroy.
  3. Always felt like a background character. Forgettable, useless, unwanted.

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    2. Malgonious




      I only remember the good times we had comrade, definitely not a background character lmao.  



    3. rukio


      Me too, but I like it that way

    4. ronjeremus



      I know that feeling dude, u just gotta realize that nigh everyone has felt like that at some point

  4. FULL NAME: Leland Doyle AGE: 17 RACE: Human (Heartlander) RELIGION: Canonism REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Regiment ((MC name)): Vulfye ((Time zone)): US CST
  5. War rules don't mean **** if the server can't even handle 30 people clicking in one location. Start with performance issues first. Secondly move onto raids and raise the cap from 3 people. 3 people can easily be smacked by any nation's guard force, make it like the old days of ten max during peacetime, and between warring parties/alliances/nations, 20. Next bring an actual warclaim system that is moderated by a, WAR TEAM, these ladies and gents should be unbiased in their opinions and follow the rules rather than have a play on them. Noted that this team will have no real pexs outside actual warclaims. Allow warclaims to be more in the sense of a ratio system. Having both sides rally their fullest and then go off a ratio i.e. 1(defender):1.5(attacker). This allows a safeguard for smaller nations to have some sort of chance against potentially the server vs nation. We'd get more smaller nation conflicts rather than having mega alliances scrap it out tearing the server apart in an aptly dubbed almost repetitive, world wars.
  6. anyone running a D&D or Pathfinder campaign?

  7. "Ay. Suppose it's time f'er me to aid moi kin once more." Stated Ekkaz, as he headed out from his deep hole he had hibernated in for over the past few years.
  8. @Salvo @Anderssn Benis :^)

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  9. Wolfdwg

    A DeNurem Rises

    “Throw a teuton down a well! So my country can be free...” a deranged strelt peasant would mumble of a time long forgotten.
  10. Wolfdwg


    “I’ve never killed a child, merely kidnapped one who was in a warzone. I believe her name was Lorena or something of the sorts. I do not have a High Keeper, as I do not follow the Red Faith of Morsgrad, I don’t believe there is a God or Heaven above. We all become food for the dirt we tread on.” Godemir would spit hearing a fly buzz in his ear. “I still don’t appreciate the Ruberni ***** mouthing off as if she has a moral high-ground, people die. Soon Haense will burn on the Saint’s Eve of tomorrow...” he’d continue to sharpen his sword eyeing the besieged city of New Reza.
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