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  1. Wolfdwg

    Goodbye halflings, Goodbye LOTC

  2. Wolfdwg

    Why I might leave LoTC

    Just leave if you don't like it?
  3. Wolfdwg

    Writ of Excommunication

    "Alright then. I look forward to the church warring us. It's time to show them their cannonist 'God' stop listening awhile ago." state Godemir, a true believer in the sun.
  4. Wolfdwg

    The Nordengradic Charter

    let it die narthok
  5. Wolfdwg

    Worn Down

    o7 [f] :^(
  6. Wolfdwg

    <=> Reiter's Run Rampant <=>

    -=- 5th Deep Cold 1674 Haense’s field -=- The sour and violent stench of blood and bodily waste radiated from Haense's square, beckoning flies to cautiously hover in mid air nearby, not too close but close enough to indulge in the nasal nightmare; they are cowards, they are survivors. Scarlet liquid had drenched one of the deceased's apparel. The light had left his eyes as the colour from his rosy cheeks vanished, to take on a grey tinged color. It was the same with every other dead person regardless of their race, all blue lipped with blank stares of horror and abhorrence. Dozens of scattered cadaver laid limp, left with eyes wide in horror, mouths rigid and open, chalky faces gaunt and immobile and torn nails digging deeply into their own palms. Screams and shrieks echoed throughout the city's walls, piercing the morning like the raid horns did a few minutes before. It resounded through the terraced houses, rendering the origins difficult to pinpoint, but they flooded the precinct nonetheless. The first cries were undoubtedly terror, but not the shrill cries of a stage act, the cries of ones who had their eyes locked wide and every muscle cinched rigid. The next were of pain, garbling and pitiful. Those who were taken prisoners of war dug their heels onto the concrete, resisting though to no avail. It was an avoidable consequence, one that had been so miserably wrought upon them by the man who they called king, the very man who had refused to hand himself in exchange for the commoners' lives. -=- -=- The streets were dazzled with the flames of war, Every now and again there’d be a duo of armor claded-men doing battle, a peasant being extorted for all their worth. Banners of the southern nation would be toppled and burned, destroying the Barbanov colors. A single banner would be raised over the gate of Markev. That of a crimson field bearing a black rider, these were the colors of the Reiter company. =-= -=- Cato Darius af Morr, captain of the Reiter company, strode atop a palemo steed plated to the bone with steel, truly an intimidating sight to behold, so intimidating that the mere sight of him caused many to flee for their pathetic lives. The merc’s sight fell on the Haensetic king, nervously surrounded by the shivering guardsmen who protected the meek king from the mercenaries’ might. He reared his horse and let loose a hearty cackle. This terrified the weak crow, sending him fleeting to the safety of his palace. Abandoning his people and those who looked upon him as their liege lord. Truly a craven act, for this simply seems to be a common trait among the Barbanov bloodline. One could say he abandoned his armor and blade, leaving it to the plundering opportunists. -=- -=- Woe onto the people of Haense for this cursed royal family that shepards them. Their weakness shall be their undoing. ((Thanks Boruto xD))
  7. Wolfdwg

    [Complete][Prisoner][Auction] Acacia Moonves

    "This woman has been sold to the highest bid of 750 coinage." states Godemir
  8. Wolfdwg

    [Complete][Prisoner][Auction] Therese Wick

    "She's been purchased for the sum of 1,000 Coinage." states Godemir
  9. Wolfdwg

    [Complete][Prisoner][Auction] Therese Wick

    "Very well, come to the Vrakai keep near the whispering crossroads for a total of 1,000 mina, and she's yours." states the auctioneer.
  10. Prisoner Info Name Acacia Moonves Details Blonde, petite, cute mali woman! Exiled dominion lass! An acclaimed Medic! A young woman! No familial ties! Starting Bid 300 coinage Buyout 750 coinage If you wish to contact for a private auction send a bird to Mr. Jalowetz ((MyGun)) The Miller Godemir Jalowetz ((MyGun))
  11. Wolfdwg

    [Complete][Prisoner][Auction] Therese Wick

    "Surly you can do better, this INDEBTED prisoner is truly a lucky catch!" the auctioneer would state.
  12. Wolfdwg

    [Complete][Prisoner][Auction] Therese Wick

    "I cannot go below the starting bid, I have to deny your bid." States the auctioneer
  13. Prisoner Info Name Therese Wick Details Wife of a noble baron, Arend Wick of Kerzenwick She can Sing, Dance, Sew, and play piano! She can cook too! Has one Daughter. Starting Bid 4000 coinage Buyout 10000 coinage The Miller Godemir Jalowetz ((MyGun))
  14. Can we have like a new map please.

  15. Wolfdwg

    Can't sell direwolf heads

    I was able to sell my heads just fine