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  1. Mathieu de Flieve would smile as he and his many brothers would go about surveying their plot of land. Here they'd erect a structure dedicated to GOD.
  2. Skin Name: Lauren Discord Tag: Mead#7648 Bid(s): 200 Mina
  3. Discord: Mead#7648 IGN: wolfdwg Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Conquistador - 50 mina Conversion: No
  4. oh god... not again...
  5. Uskogg pouts having apparently not been invited to the slaughter of the twiggies.
  6. Discord: Mead#7648 IGN: wolfdwg Skins: peachlova, Kaz, 75
  7. [[RP]] First Name: Marvick Surname: N/A Age: 22 Reason for Interest: blood for ashford [[OOC]] Username: wolfdwg Discord: Mead#7648
  8. Old player looking for a group/nation to join for 8.0.

  9. wolfdwg

    Surge PvP

    This is very painful to watch.
  10. Hobo as always the father of the dwarves build style, good work sir.
  11. Same soup just reheated. Same rp different characters. Same cliques nothing new.
  12. “War it seems, I hope I see some payment atleast...” would state a new blooded memeber of the Hangman.
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