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  1. El Ricktador

    Fiesta de Fantasma

    Fiesta de Fantasma All around the Empire, a simple flier and drawing is passed around. On the back would be a date and invitation to Carolustadt. Drawn by Allieice/Deonia October 27th The Empire is a melting pot of many human cultures. To kick off an Imperial celebration of the reunification of all these groups of people, we will be celebrating and introducing an old Santegian holiday. The Fiesta de Fantasma will be a Saint’s Day long event in which the capital of the Empire will be fully transformed into a festival ground. Games and festivities galore! Entry will be a sum of twenty (20) minas unless you come with a costume. There will be many competitions, contests and attractions. Fortune-telling: Get your fortune told and discover your future! Bust a Pinata: During the entire fiesta, you will see pinatas running about the city. These pinatas are kill on site and will drop candy for anyone. (PVP always on if they’re a pinata) The Undead Tournament: Organize a team and participate in a solo tournament with a spooky setting. Half the combatants signed up will be marked as undead with the other half being marked as survivors. The winner will be given a reward appropriate for an undead or survivor. Murder Ally Sprint: Traverse a neighborhood that has been transformed into a hellish wasteland. Make it to the end without being caught by the Pumpkin Slasher or dying to the dangerous monsters that have been placed within. [The Empire waives all responsibility for any harm that may come upon any who enter.] Costume Contest: The final event of the night will be a competition for whoever came with the best costume. And for those with some minas to spend… There will be several stalls around the city set up to sell you themed fiesta goods! Such as: Pumpkin Slasher Plushie A terrifyingly well-stitched toy by the finest seamstresses in the Empire. Perfect for all ages! Assorted Candies All sorts of candies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Hallow’s Candy Bin Carry around all your candies! And MUCH more! Make sure to keep an eye on this post as it is updated to better reflect the event as the date draws near.
  2. El Ricktador

    this is a new level of dumb

    the staff accidentally deleted the entirety of our capital
  3. El Ricktador

    this is a new level of dumb

    listen i know the city is going to get added back in somehow but the fact that a mistake this large happened is such a huge mess up its actually unreal listen i know its a meme that the staff is incompetent but my ******* lord this is a new level of dumb EDIT AFTER FINDING OUT IN OOC: Tofuus is the one who made the mistake but he is in the process of fixing it. Will edit this when the city is restored. UPDATE 1: The city is back but it is half completed because the entire city was built in survival and the rollback is more than 20 days old. A lot of our storages are erased because we moved everything from the old city to the new city. RIP [*] UPDATE 2: Freebuilds in a large area around the capital have also been completely ******* removed.
  4. El Ricktador

    The Frozen Expedition

    The Frozen Expedition 20th, of Harren's Folley 1684 A forgotten land just before a wall. A valley frozen and cold with a story to be told to only the few chosen. The wasteland stretched out around them for as far as they could see. Weak sunlight peeked through a perpetual blizzard and gray cloud cover. Augustus Horen and Rhys var Ruthern pressed onwards despite the elements that sought to push them back, away from the secrets they held. Around them, their followers leaned forwards to force themselves through the endless storm. The expeditionary force was one of many but one that Augustus hoped would stand as a pivotal group responsible for southern expansion. “The stronghold is just ahead!” Rhys barked above the decibels of the blizzard. His black fur pelt blew all around him, struggling to free itself from the shoulders of the Haense Marshal. Despite the strongest winds imaginable, the expeditionary force eventually made their way before a seemingly old but broken bridge. There weren’t many things that surprised Augustus but seeing the mass of the ice wall with a stronghold within it was one of them. “Your Imperial Highness,” said Ser Seth, the Imperial Knight, as he returned to the party from ahead. “The bridge is collapsed, and the keep impenetrable, sturdy ice blocking its entryways.” He turned, peering up at the gargantuan ice barrier. “It’s become one with the wall.” Even with no immediate threat in sight, lesser men would have turned and gone home then and there, but the Imperials were steadfast. They had a purpose here amongst the ghostly white winds of the southern wastes. They stood at the edge of a bridge high above the ground, close enough that a powerful enough breeze could push them off. There is something more at play here than just mages, Augustus thought. “We are going to look for a way in, your Imperial Highness,” said one of the prince’s knights, Ser Seth, as he turned and ran down the bridge alongside Demetrius, a man of Haense. Augustus and Rhys discussed potential ways into the keep for some time before eventually turning around and returning to an empty valley. “There is almost a strange beauty to it, isn’t there?” Augustus asked Rhys and those who had come with them: Demetrius, Seth, Mason, Aldrick, Quillian, and Almisael. “Agreed, sir,” Ser Seth responds. “Like a still, piercing image gazing back at us.” “It’s a frozen hell,” answered Almisael. “In a brutal, horribly uncomfortable sort of way,” said Rhys of Haense. Augustus watched the winds blow over the dune of snow for some time longer before his face, just as frozen as the wasteland around, broke into a smile. “I shall give it a name. I will name it after the coldest person I have ever known,” he began. “The Frozen Valley of Ophelia.” ENTRY FROM THE JOURNAL OF AUGUSTUS HOREN 20th, of Harren's Folley 1684 I have gone and seen the wall in the wasteland. The world that far south is truly dead and ravaged by attacks and assaults by the Vaeyl. Even still, I know it in my heart that it is proper for the Empire to expand into the wastes. It is our Divine Right to claim all of the frozen wasteland for the Imperial Crown and her people. Yet, I have laid eyes upon the expansive wastes and seen a snowy mirror. It showed me a reflection of myself and seemed to challenge my very existence that far south. ENTRY FROM THE JOURNAL OF Rhys var Ruthern 20th, of Harren's Folley 1684 As we came closer to the Last Hope, the ice and snow felt like knives piercing our skin. We finally reached the end of the bridge, hardly could see much in front of us, besides the looming wall before us. Last Hope was built into the wall, and with the bridge collapsed, so was the only hope of entering. The castle stood before us, taunting us. The Wall rose up above the clouds, none of us could see the top. It almost seemed to be watching us, as we approached Last Hope. Last Hope, itself was silent, empty. . . but we knew what laid inside, our enemy waited for us. Knowing we would have little hope seiging in this GOD forsaken waste.
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  6. El Ricktador

    The August Office

    THE OFFICE OF AUGUSTUS 1683 Augustus sat diligently in court and tended to the men and women of the Empire. Not long after, he realized that there could be a more efficient way to discuss some of the matters that were brought before him. He set about establishing his office in the empty room above the bank. Humble but appropriate. “It’s perfect, Mason,” he said to his young squire. Couriers quickly spread notice around the capital. Should anyone have anything they wish to bring to the notice of the court that they deem too secretive or not worthy enough to present in front of the many, they are invited to discuss with me within my office. -AH An artist’s depiction of the office’s location would be attached to every flier that the couriers distributed. OOC Discord: Ricky#6002 OOC Clarification: This is basically a way for you to speak to Empire leadership in RP in a more informal way if you can’t make court dates or don’t want to deal with the long lines that the court often has to offer. Only one may enter the office at a time. This does not replace court sessions. It only offers more ways for your voice to be heard.
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    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

    I remember Leo making threads and them having 80 thread rep within 40 minutes with people agreeing with him. He's losing power.
  12. El Ricktador

    The Secret Under Khel'seth!

    It was a strange night that was made even stranger with the disappearance of one of the chieftains. Had it not been for the map in the center of town, the people of Khel’seth may have never uncovered the mystery that rested beneath the city. The small group of dark elves was puzzled by its strange writings and depictions of creatures. Eventually, they solved its mystery and followed the map to a cave. This is where they encountered all sorts of creepy bulb creatures. And something…far more sinister…
  13. this interview has to be satire
    theres just no way

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      El Ricktador

      501 saves us from knox

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