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  1. norland lol

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      woah frig off rickster.

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    4. rukio


      Survived better than the warhawkes. ?

  2. If you upvoted Esterlen’s post or agree with his argument against Llyria but engaged in OOC avenues to stop the War of Two Emperors or cried about conquest destroying RP hubs when it was against your community. You have absolutely no integrity.

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      @Imperiumi know the struggle of being jewed out of your shekels... I sympathise, brother ? 


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      Good thing I’m not a hypocrite, I spoke out against the OOC of both! 

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      I too enjoy calling out abstract demographics for rep.

  3. An aged Augustus also wonders how Stefan is listed rather than Philip.... He thinks that perhaps this is a result of some sort of delusion on behalf of the currently listed 10th captain.
  4. A lot of mental gymnastics went into this to avoid asking the community if Renatus should be allowed to keep their fort. Impressive.
  5. @seannie
    cant believe you’d do this

  6. I will be replying to this post mainly because it caught my eye in how shoddily constructed it appears to be on the surface, containing many disjointed arguments that really read like a stream of non sequiturs. You contradict yourself many times. However, I took some time with your post and recognize it now for what it is. There is a recurring theme of absolving the staff of the blame for their mismanagement of the war and the warclaim itself despite initially recognizing the faults of the staff. I believe this is done to curry favor with the staff while attempting to influence any “anti-staff” readers who would agree with your initial complaints into a moment of false introspection. You begin this by first grabbing the attention of anti-staffers by stating something seemingly innocent. It’s the easiest pill to swallow for an onlooker so you begin by stating that you believe “nobody responsible for holding this event actually prepared the event.” Nobody rational would dispute this. You further hammer this home by digging into the popular laggy war server sentiment by describing it as “thoroughly broken” and “extensively botched.” This is almost entirely irrelevant to the assertion you make directly afterwards when you argue that holding the throne room cannot justify RPly holding the city. You use this to insinuate the ridiculousness of the war system and to further exaggerate the impact of the staff feeding “misinformation to prematurely end the warclaim.” The final defense point has as little to do with RP as the war path does in war. The point of the final defense point is to serve as a traditional game objective for the attackers. Almost every war system in the history of the server has had to make compromises between the RP nature of the server and the gameplay/mechanical aspect of the server. This is never going to change. The defense point being as small as something like a throne room is necessary so that it can serve as more efficiently quantifiable goal for both moderation, attackers and defenders. Making warclaims easier to manage for the staff is what you spend the rest of your post arguing for. It has been precedent for quite some time now that Fireheart is a huge aspect of warfare. It is a natural progression from him being the moderation admin. Managing a warclaim incorporates the same as moderating a raid or skirmish on the main server but with higher stakes and more pressure on the staff member. Naturally, this means that a warclaim requires the presence or hand of the moderation admin himself. This isn’t a controversial statement. This is the reason why Fireheart began to take such an active role in the management of warfare during Atlas. It was even to the point where Fireheart himself would manage the war chats and disallow other GMs from doing so. To insinuate that we’re sharks circling around Fireheart in open water is ridiculous and indicative of having absolutely zero knowledge of how warfare has been conducted on the server for quite some time now. You’re literally white knighting him in the most ridiculous way imaginable. If the lore on the server was a problem, it would be Flamboyant’s issue. If community outreach and a small media footprint was a problem, it would be Tarren’s issue. When the server is having an issue with GM team moderation of a warclaim, it is entirely within Fireheart’s realm of influence. It’s honestly such a ridiculous argument that I’m glad your post starts to transition at this point into an outright emotional appeal. You justify the staff failing to respond or even failing to act impartial with us (which is something both sides have been desiring) because you “sympathize” with them for getting “bitched out.” This is a horrendously ridiculous thing to say. You’re not only saying that if a staff member feels attacked that they may use their position to lash out in anger towards the playerbase but that they are morally justified in doing so. You’re conveniently overlooking the fact that the toxicity may be coming from a subset of a nation but nowhere near the entire population. You’re doing this so that GMs reading this who feel attacked by Renatus will feel more empowered to continue making almost purposely bad verdicts which you yourself have admitted they have done the entirety of this war. This sets the tone perfectly for you to up the ante in your absurdity. You actually imply that they should either cancel warclaims or outright “declare a victory for one side or the other” by saying what you would do if assailed in the same way that poor Fireheart has. One side or the other? You lost the warclaim and you’ve lost every battle minus one. In no universe does that even begin to suggest that a victory should be declared for you. However, I honestly don’t know what I should expect from someone who somehow “reads” this thread, absolves the staff of all wrongdoing (minus the low-hanging fruit of saying ‘war server bad’), and attempts to flip it that it is somehow the fault of the players for the lack in quality of managerial decisions. The only thing that we can even attempt to control in warfare as a regular LotC player is the actual declaration of war and the toxicity levels of it. Both of which this post is not complaining about, or even discussing in any capacity. Finally, the fact that you even have the audacity to say that we failed to negotiate with staff is incredibly disingenuous and transparent of your obsession to absolve the staff team and Fireheart of any possible wrongdoing— accidental or not. Our post literally shows logs upon logs and screenshots upon screenshots of us negotiating and communicating with staff to clarify the war and get our bearings with the whole situation. You don’t even actually engage with any of our arguments. Your face is so full of boot undersole that you’re failing to read what is right in front of you.
  7. You gave away the city to a new PRO and got sold down the river. The situation lies on you and your vassal lord/PRO lord RP and OOC. The staff doesn’t factor into equation this anywhere except for maybe being in charge of the rules that give PROs that much power in the first place. These two are literally incomparable. The staff had no hand in the burning of Ves. The players did.
  8. global warming has ravaged the population...
  9. when the emperor kills thousands of people



      merrows be like

  10. ?‍? Chef Rolando bids for the man with his entire life savings. “50 minas,” he offers in a letter to the sellsword.
  11. i just realized screamingdingo is grimreaper98. how the hell after he world edited a playerbase nation land away in a hissy fit?

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      @Llir Those were good times.

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      april fools joke was based on my tantrum smh

  12. The Nordengrad Imperialization Act Est anno Domini 1690 The title of Nordengrad still left a sour taste in the mouth of many, yet it was now once more bountiful land within the Emperor's holding. Thus, the Nordengrad Imperialization Act has been put in place to once more put this land, which is a vital settlement to remain presence in the North, to good use. Potential suitors to hand Nordengrad to were audited and no better option was found other than His Grace, Demetrius var Ruthern. A long serving and loyal Duke to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska who would then subsequently pass it on to the deserving House of Mournstone - a house who proved to be a great asset in the funding of Our Imperial Crown during the hard fought rebellion against the pretender King. Therefore, from the publication of this act Lady Valencia of the House of Mournstone shall serve as the Countess of Nordengrad and it’s sole ruler. The Terms, agreed upon by both nations, are as followed: In the event that the Earldom of Nordengrad claims itself as independent or begins to make it’s way down the road of rebellion against the Empire of Man, then the de facto leadership shall be stripped and the title of Earldom of Nordengrad, and all the rights that come with it, then will be given to the Lord-Patriarch of House Ruthern. In the event that, after the aforementioned title stripping at appointing to the Lord-Patriarch of House Ruthern, if the Ruthern Lord begins to make it’s way down the road of rebellion against the Empire of Man, then the de facto leadership shall be stripped of the title of Earldom of Nordengrad and all the rights that come with it, then will be given to the Lord-Patriarch of House Barbanov. To cement the land back under Imperial control the House of Mournstone will be expected to erect a church, or place of worship, to the canonist faith within or near to the newly granted lands. It is acknowledged that the worship of the Red Faith may continue within Nordengrad alongside the Canonist faith and the preaching of the Red Faith will remain confined within the lands of the Earldom. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Robert I Bihar, King of Hanseti-Ruska HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Augustus Horen, Crown Prince of the Imperium Septimus HIS GRACE, Demetrius var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus HER LADYSHIP, Valencia Mournstone, Countess of Nordengrad
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