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  1. when the emperor kills thousands of people

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      merrows be like

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    👨‍🍳 Chef Rolando bids for the man with his entire life savings. “50 minas,” he offers in a letter to the sellsword.
  3. El Ricktador

    Transition Event into Arcas

    Maybe you should have built an actual team instead of stacking the Event Team with your friends when you were building it. Then it would be more organized after you left.
  4. i just realized screamingdingo is grimreaper98. how the hell after he world edited a playerbase nation land away in a hissy fit?

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      @Llir Those were good times.

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      april fools joke was based on my tantrum smh

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    An Announcement for Candidacy

    The Crown Prince cheers loudly by himself upon being given news of John’s announcement of candidacy from a messenger!
  6. El Ricktador

    Unwritten Rules

    So are you implying that the staff updated it and did not make a post to the bottom like has been done before? In other words, they snuck this rule in. This is meant to be more believable than the thought that the GM in question and yourself simply didn’t look closely enough for the rule or that you were deliberately attempting to mislead. Just give it up, dude. Admit you were lying to make a point. The rule’s been there since the beginning of October when I read them and likely long before that.
  7. El Ricktador

    Unwritten Rules

    Why do you have to so completely and utterly disingenuous? Look at the very bottom. Second line. Actually yikes dude. People like you should be punished for being so deliberately misleading for the sake of stirring up fake controversy.
  8. El Ricktador

    Nordengrad Imperialization Act

    The Nordengrad Imperialization Act Est anno Domini 1690 The title of Nordengrad still left a sour taste in the mouth of many, yet it was now once more bountiful land within the Emperor's holding. Thus, the Nordengrad Imperialization Act has been put in place to once more put this land, which is a vital settlement to remain presence in the North, to good use. Potential suitors to hand Nordengrad to were audited and no better option was found other than His Grace, Demetrius var Ruthern. A long serving and loyal Duke to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska who would then subsequently pass it on to the deserving House of Mournstone - a house who proved to be a great asset in the funding of Our Imperial Crown during the hard fought rebellion against the pretender King. Therefore, from the publication of this act Lady Valencia of the House of Mournstone shall serve as the Countess of Nordengrad and it’s sole ruler. The Terms, agreed upon by both nations, are as followed: In the event that the Earldom of Nordengrad claims itself as independent or begins to make it’s way down the road of rebellion against the Empire of Man, then the de facto leadership shall be stripped and the title of Earldom of Nordengrad, and all the rights that come with it, then will be given to the Lord-Patriarch of House Ruthern. In the event that, after the aforementioned title stripping at appointing to the Lord-Patriarch of House Ruthern, if the Ruthern Lord begins to make it’s way down the road of rebellion against the Empire of Man, then the de facto leadership shall be stripped of the title of Earldom of Nordengrad and all the rights that come with it, then will be given to the Lord-Patriarch of House Barbanov. To cement the land back under Imperial control the House of Mournstone will be expected to erect a church, or place of worship, to the canonist faith within or near to the newly granted lands. It is acknowledged that the worship of the Red Faith may continue within Nordengrad alongside the Canonist faith and the preaching of the Red Faith will remain confined within the lands of the Earldom. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Robert I Bihar, King of Hanseti-Ruska HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Augustus Horen, Crown Prince of the Imperium Septimus HIS GRACE, Demetrius var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus HER LADYSHIP, Valencia Mournstone, Countess of Nordengrad
  9. I think this guy’s got the guts and the know-how. He makes good music and gets his items at a good pace with free farm +1
  10. Horse PVP ResidentSleeper

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      g e t s


      b e t t e r

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    We cookin

    Get checked today.
  12. still my favourite ricky

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    This is for the people who may be somehow convinced by the barely intelligible attempt at an argument by Lionbileti. For the people who know how much sewage truly exists in that thread of his and for the people who want to know the truth. Warclaims are usually prefaced by optimism and hopes that they won’t be as laggy as the last one that took place. They draw players in with the hope for a good fight and a good time. This has been the cycle for some time now. We as players hope that the server will continue to work towards a better experience and make strides in ensuring that the connection at these massive battles is the best that it can be. Some examples of this are the war server, swing timers, and the removal of Nexus. Obviously, today is an outlier in the generally positive direction towards a less laggy experience. For the most part, the warclaims now have been better than they’ve been in a long time. There was lag and there were people (on both sides) crashing constantly and having to reconnect over and over. I know this because it happened to me too and it happened to a hundred other Affectionate-statused players. Like the defenders, the attackers were also being affected by this. However, this is not what the defenders saw or felt. It is okay to be displeased with the laggy server hardware. It is not okay to take it out on the staff who put up with the endless barrage of excuses from the Nordengrad side in the war chats. In their eyes and the eyes of Lionbileti, they were the terribly ignored and cast aside victims who did nothing wrong and were being scorned and unfairly abused by the staff team. The staff team was maliciously targeting them so that the Empire can reign supreme yet again! They’re the victims here! This is wrong, incorrect, and disingenuous. Their complaint on the forums can be boiled down to delusional crying or outright lying at best. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since this has been a pattern for the Nordengradic leadership thus far. I will continue by deconstructing his post point by point. This is where the lies begin. He ignores the fact that both sides’ players were being booted and and it wasn’t just their side getting the kick. The staff team can’t choose who gets removed. The server the one removing players through time-outs. They have no control over who gets removed from the server and they have no control over where they end up. I can state this with a lot of confidence because I was in voice with someone who appeared at the Reiver warclaim from the other week after relogging. Additionally, he argues that the “Imperial side was brought immediately after [the] kick.” This is just a blatant lie. There was zero preference for Imperial side to be brought back. There were players from both sides being brought back and to say otherwise is such a departure from the truth that it doesn’t even warrant discussion. If you have real evidence of preference then reveal it. You have the ear of a GM with Elrith in your voice chat. You continue this line of bullshit later in the thread by attempting to say that the GMs were just outright ignoring you. You then go on to try and be slick and slip in the irrelevant fact that their inventories were wiped. We know what you’re trying to do. We’re not being fooled. There was no foul play. There were players on both sides who spawned back in with no gear. This is an attempt at making a feels-based argument for sympathy and nothing more. Below is an image of the pool: https://youtu.be/20nOUNgThJ4?t=83 Let’s pull back a bit from that later quote to this part: The fact that you honestly believed that this belongs in a feedback thread is ridiculous. This is literally just you crying that a player is better at PVP than you are. You got beat fair and square and you have no evidence that Tornado was cheating. You have zero reason to make this claim and you attempt to justify that by saying he hacked in the past (which is not true and the only possible recollection of this fact is on another server, years ago). https://youtu.be/hpcwKgHX088 Above is a breakdown of the situation. Truthfully, the entire paragraph is drivel and an attempt to create anger against the staff when you imply that they were ignoring you and that their responses were “short and vague, not giving any room for discussion to be made.” What discussions? If anything, the staff has been extremely cordial with you and even outright overly forgiving at times. THREE DAY BANS FOR MOCKING THE DEATH OF A FAMILY MEMBER OF ANOTHER LOTC PLAYER REPEATEDLY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. BORDERLINE SADISTIC. Yet you still complained and harassed staff members. For those interested, screenshots of this will be at the very bottom. I list the following things that the staff did specifically out of the kindness of their heart to make it easier for you. Yet again, despite this, you **** on them and bite the hand that fed you. 1. The fact that you were allowed to add ridiculous MC factions tier defenses to the orc capital tomorrow when it has not been allowed for the entire rest of this map. 2. The fact that they went along with your attempt to push the warclaim back to December 1st despite your intention being transparent. You were stalling. They negotiated this on your behalf (without having to btw). Despite the fact that I denied the stall, they encouraged you and shouldn’t have. Below I will provide evidence of this. You go on to try this argument again when you say this: If anything, the admin (Fireheart) was way too forgiving with your side. He even allowed Elrith to get involved with the war chat despite him being an open member of your side. Did I complain in war chat? No, I worked with him and he worked with me. The presiding GMs on this warclaim were essentially Frott and Elrith. Frott is unaffiliated with us and Elrith is affiliated with you. Where are the leagues of Empire of Man GMs that are on our payroll? If anyone were to be allowed to make the argument that the war staff team was stacked in their favor, it’s you. If anyone is even considering taking the side of these people against the staff, look below and see for yourself what they devolved into in the warzone: Your post is a desperate attempt at garnering public support for the fact that you lost a warclaim fair and square and cannot handle the consequences of your actions in both OOC and IC. You cry when you’re banned for mocking suicide and you cry when you’re banned for making personal attacks. You cry when you’re warclaimed for rebelling and attempt to stall through disinformation and deceitful tactics. You claim that you refuse to join the team because you do not meet their below average standards. But it is you who is not up to the standards of this playerbase. Stop making the rest of us look bad. To use your own words against you, when you made your own post, it was clear that there was “little to no care nor thought given.”
  14. El Ricktador

    How do siege towers work.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helepolis These towers were built 40 blocks tall (40m) and are realistic, even dated from the Ancient Greece period so hardly modern tech.
  15. El Ricktador

    [✓]Deja Vu

    Treasonous Transgressions The Norlandic people have grown familiar with the yoke of Horen. Four score and hundreds year past, We have continuously benefited your line. Under our protection, the Nordenfolk have grown, prospered, and eventually, festered. We have enfeoffed your peoples with mercy and grace. Only treason has been returned. The only answer is fire and steel. Your ships were sunk at the Battle of Dogger’s Bay. The Krag was shattered atop the mountainous peaks. Ruriksgrad was laid to waste. No longer. The line of Horen will no longer allow the Norlandic people to rise as they have, recovering in meager number to once again bear treachery. The following are the crimes committed by the Earl and his Military leadership of Nordengrad: The breaking of the Emperor’s peace in assaulting the city of Markev, the killing of Haensetic soldiers, and the murder of Her officials. The refusal of yielding to Imperials officials and subsequent aggression. The demand of the Earl of Nordengrad to Kairn Ithelanen’s neutrality in his rebellion against the Empire. We, the Crown, give this final ultimatum to Nordengrad: You are ordered to immediately surrender the Earl of Nordengrad and his military commanders, so that they may face justice within the Imperial Capital. You are to immediately surrender all castles and keeps within the Earldom to the Imperial Legion. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in absolute and open rebellion to the Empire. Vested in power as King of Norland, We the Crown release all clans from their oaths to the Earl of Nordengrad. All who stay in peace in Nordengrad shall be spared; those who swear fealty to the Crown shall be spared. The hour has fallen. Let all true men declare their loyalty. Until you accept or deny this final ultimatum, it is war. Discord: Ricky#6002 and JuliusAakerlund#0658