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  1. William would smile and nod, knowing his friend will be a great leader.
  2. William Caunter smirks and leans back in his chair "The only reason Alvar would try to take away our right to the throne is because he is a coward and he fears the Caunters. That's good. He should be afraid."
  3. The new application is very nice for getting rid of non serious players. As for the time it takes, the biggest problem is not in the application, but in understanding the culture your character is from. The wiki is full of useful information that is necessary, but hard to navigate for new players. If there was a page set up that would be specific for new players and would funnel them down to a single page they needed to read. For example: the new player would have the choice to click on on the links Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc. That link would lead the to a page that has the subtypes with a brief d
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